Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e33 Episode Script

Duel on the Asteroid

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters DUEL ON THE ASTEROlD Scorponok is cruising through the asteroid bet.
Checking the propulsion system? - Maximus could catch up With us.
- We´ll arrive at our planet soon.
The asteroid bet ies between Mars and Jupiter.
t is fu of asteroids circing the Sun.
Scorponok has vanished into the asteroid bet and anded on Asteroid Paas to repair its propusion system.
Do you think the ninja Will return? He´s been disposed of.
There´s noWhere for him to come back to.
- Wouldn´t you say, Wolf? - l guess so.
Everybody! Something´s approaching! What? What´s that? - Sixshot! - We must tell the Emperor.
No need for that.
l´ll go myself.
Emperor, l´m at your service again.
Welcome home.
We´re stuck on this asteroid and struggling.
But l believe in you.
With your poWers you can help us.
You´re indispensable to the Decepticons.
You´ll have your Work cut out for you With our assault on Earth.
But rest for noW.
l´m in debt to you.
Meanwhie, Fortress Maximus continues on its course into the asteroid bet.
A report comes in from Pointbank, the Targetmaster.
They earn that Scorponok has anded on Asteroid Paas.
wi return after sounding out Scorponok´s movements in more detai.
Take care.
- What is it? - We´re surrounded by the enemy Watch out - Pointblank! Sureshot! - What´s happened? Yes, sir! Let´s go! Transform! The Autobot Targetmasters are besieged by the Decepticons.
- Let´s go! - Yeah! Transform! Transform! Transform! Transform! lt´s a raid! Sixshot, bring doWn one of the Headmasters.
Any one Will do.
- lf so, l think l should go for the leader.
- The leader? lf l can get Chromedome to duel, We can totally obliterate them.
l see.
That´s one Way.
But can you challenge him to a duel? Don´t Worry.
l have an idea.
l´ll leave it to you.
- You´re safe, noW.
- Thanks for saving us.
We´ll take the front three, you guys take the rest.
Let´s do it! - Damn it, Wait! - Sixshot! Let me handle the Headmasters.
Transform! Head on! Six transformations, attack! Damn you! - Chromedome! l Want to settle this one-on-one! - One-on-one? Take your punishment.
Will you rise to the challenge? What? Are you scared? Don´t talk rubbish! l accept the challenge! l knoW you, Chromedome.
Okay, it´s a deal! Until then.
Don´t et them get away Don´t go after them! WithdraW! A due on Asteroid Juno? wonder if Chromedome wi come.
l´m bound to Win.
This is about pride and valour.
Appealing to his self-respect? That´s a good idea, Sixshot.
Please excuse me.
Excuse us, too.
Wait, Duocons! l have something to say.
Set this on Asteroid Juno.
- What is it? - A time bomb.
Meanwhie, in order to sound out Scorponok´s movements, Fortress Maximus ands on Asteroid Ceres.
l cannot alloW a personal duel.
But l have a score to settle With Sixshot.
Have you forgotten Who you are amidst all this aggression? We have to stop Scorponok from bloWing up Earth.
This is a crucial time.
[ Skipped item nr.
89 ] [ Skipped item nr.
90 ] l don´t Want to turn doWn the challenge and be seen as a coWard.
A duel between Chromedome and Sixshot? The Commander is trying to stop it, but Chromedome Won´t listen.
One or both of them could die.
We must stop it! Please don´t duel! Sixshot is one of the Decepticons Who Want to bloW up Earth! - Chromedome, stop it! - Chromedome! Whatever you say, my mind is made up.
- lf you have to do it, l´ll be your second.
- Go to hell! - What are you doing? - Don´t belittle me.
ltll soon be daybreak.
Chromedome, your days are numbered.
- Halt! - Sixshot! Where have you been this late? - NoWhere.
- Patrolling on the Emperor´s orders.
- We´re in a hurry.
Excuse us.
- HoW annoying.
Transform! - You´re going ahead With it after all? - l am.
Hot-headed courage is different from the courage of spirit.
l´m not trying to be reckless.
He killed my friends Abel and Jack.
And Ultra Magnus too.
l Will avenge all three of them.
You´ll be expelled from the Autobots if you insist on going.
What? - Do you still Want to do it? - Never mind expulsion.
Better to bear the dishonour of expulsion than be a coWard.
l see.
l Was once like that myself.
When l Was rash, the Commander told me off.
l understand.
lf that´s your decision, l Won´t stop you.
l´m sorry.
Damn you, Sixshot! Transform! - l Would have stopped him by force.
- FolloW him.
Wait! lf you go, that´s What Scorponok Wants.
They´ll attack Maximus.
Transform! Head on! l´ll bring doWn Sixshot, even if l perish in the attempt.
Chromedome is our friend.
We can´t let him do this.
That´s right.
lt´s not coWardice to refuse to fight the Decepticons.
- Chromedome is no longer an Autobot.
- What do you mean? - Chromedome has been expelled.
- What? You can´t change a mind that´s so resolved.
All prepare for departure.
Scorponok has blasted off.
- What? - lt Was a trap.
Having competed repairs, Scorponok basts off from Asteroid Paas.
They´re rushing to Earth While We´re distracted by Chromedome.
Daniel! Strange.
Where´s he gone? - Daniel! - Wheelie! Where are you going in that Excel suit? - To stop the duel.
- What? Chromedome and Sixshot have to call off their duel.
- Don´t be unreasonable.
- l´m not.
Sixshot Will listen to me.
- Stop it, Daniel.
- Get out of my Way! By wearing an Exce suit, Danie is abe to transform.
Transform! Stop! Daniel, don´t do it! - Daniel´s gone to stop the duel? - Please bring him back.
What have you done, Daniel? lf We don´t stop Scorponok, there´s no Way back.
But We can´t abandon Daniel.
Please, Commander.
Bring Daniel back.
- Commander! - All right, folloW Daniel! - That´s the Way.
- Please Wait.
Please pursue Scorponok.
l´ll bring Daniel back.
Commander, let Pointblank go after Daniel.
lt´s as good as his oWn father going.
All right.
l understand.
- l´m relying on you, Pointblank.
- Aye.
Fortress Maximus goes in pursuit of Scorponok.
The time for Sixshot and Chromedome´s due on Juno is approaching.
Hey, Sixshot! So, you came, Chromedome? - Today l´ll avenge the friends you killed.
- Today you´re the one Who´s going to die.
Come on, then! Stop, Daniel! Damn! Transform! Transform! l´ll get him! Transform! Head on! Damn you! Electro-gun! You´re going to hell! - Stop it! - Daniel! NoW! Damn you! - Chromedome, stop! You too, Sixshot! - Daniel! Stay aWay! - NoW you´ve had it! - Don´t shoot! Daniel.
Sixshot, We´re friends.
Listen to me.
You´re no friend of mine.
- Move it.
- Shoot me, if you have to shoot.
- What are you doing? You coWard! - lt´s not me.
lt´s Scorponok.
- One of Scorponok´s traps? - Daniel, the duel is in your hands.
Sixshot! Chromedome Get Danie and escape He Was insubordinate anyway.
NoW die! - Help me! - Daniel! - Chromedome, he´s yours.
- Got him.
Damned Scorponok! You Won´t get aWay With this! Oh, no.
Too late.
What´s that? Chromedome and Daniel? You´re both unhurt.
Sixshot saved me.
He´s a friend after all.
Sixshot! Chromedome´s expusion was ifted when he returned on board.
- Are your Wounds all right? - They´re just scratches.
That´s typical of you! What´s up, Warrior? l´m Wondering What happened to Sixshot.
What? Don´t Worry about him.
He´s not that easy to get rid of.
Of course! Chromedome and Sixshot´s due was a draw due to Scorponok´s vioent interference.
But Fortress reaises that behind the despicabe attempt on Sixshot´s ife ie more of Scorponok´s devious pans.
Step by step, the Earth´s crisis and the fina boody batte draw coser.
Rise up, Headmasters Fight, Headmasters Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform yoursef Any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer