Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e34 Episode Script

The Final Showdown on Earth (1)

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters THE FlNAL SHOWDOWN ON EARTH: PART 1 Scorponok pans to destroy the Earth in order to stea the energy reeased.
As Batteship Maximus heads for Earth, a strange incident occurs at an ancient site in Athens.
This immense theatre Was built 2,200 years ago.
Most amazingly, the actors can perform on stage Without the need for microphones.
Transform! This is ony the beginning.
n the Atantic, something is about to Help me! What? Another Decepticon raid? The Queen Word has been attacked by the Decepticons! - Where? - About two kilometres from Lisbon.
A report´s just come in from Athens.
The enemy´s underground base must lie someWhere along this line.
And l thought that We´d Wiped them all out.
The restoration scheme for the Earth is at its most crucial stage, too.
The reconstruction programmes must go ahead as planned.
l Won´t let the Decepticons stop us! With the Commander aWay, hoW do We support the Autobots on Earth? We must get rid of the enemy before it turns into an all-out War.
We´ll monitor the enemy´s movements.
l Want to avoid any unnecessary destruction on Earth.
- Keep this in mind.
- Yes, sir! l´m depending on you! Meanwhie, Fortress is obivious to the incidents occurring on Earth and is sti in hot pursuit of Scorponok.
Present speed: 503.
lf We don´t catch them Within ten minutes, it´ll be much harder in deep space.
All findings to be reported to me until We locate the enemy.
Understood, sir.
Let´s go! We´ve increased speed.
We must´ve spotted the Decepticons! l Want to be in the thick of it, if there´s a fight! Daniel, What are you thinking? - Oh, nothing - Liar! You´re thinking about Sixshot, aren´t you? - l guess so.
- l Was right! You´ve not been the same since you escaped that asteroid belt explosion.
Yeah, l knoW.
But l thought Scorponok had disappeared from the universe.
- No Way! - Back to your seats, you two.
On the Commander´s orders, seatbelts must remain fastened.
After the asteroid explosion, he doesn´t Want to give the enemy any advantages.
Think so? lf War breaks out on Earth again, it´ll be terrible for my mother and father and everyone.
You´ve groWn up so much in such a short time.
Hey, Daniel l think of others too, don´t l? Well, say something, Daniel! By my reckoning, Scorponok must have reached Earth by noW.
l guess We lost some time When l accepted Sixshot´s challenge.
l accept your apology, but don´t lose your fighting spirit.
- l´ll make up for the past.
- Don´t dWell on the past.
Look to the future.
Keep your spirit free and flexible.
Catch you later.
What Were you two talking about? - Nothing.
- You and Pointblank seem pretty friendly.
He´s Won you over since you Were caught in the asteroid belt.
- Nonsense! - l´m not saying it´s a bad thing.
l don´t get it.
One minute you´re fighting, the next you´re best buddies! Stop Wasting time! We´ve three minutes before We enter the atmosphere.
As Pointblank said, Scorponok may already be there.
- Earth HQ, this is Fortress.
- Commander, we´ve been expecting you.
- The Earth´s in troube.
- What? Not Scorponok, surely? No.
Decepticon remnants.
They´re everywhere.
Decepticon remnants? We´re about to enter the atmosphere.
- ls the angle of entry correct? - Yes, sir.
We should be fine.
Just as Batteship Maximus enters the atmosphere, something very mysterious occurs on Earth.
As soon as the Autobots hear the news, they head for Canberra, Austraia.
- Danger! Everyone get aWay! - What is it? Transform! - lt´s the Autobots! - They´ve arrived! At last, you´re here.
But the Death ToWer can´t be destroyed that easily! Transform! Assemble! - l´m going to crush you! - l´ll get you! Speed-change! However, the enormous Death Tower that has appeared in Austraia is not the ony one So, you´ve arrived, Autobots! Meanwhie, Fortress and his troops touch down on Earth Daniel, noW you are a true Warrior.
l hope We have the chance to meet again.
Welcome! You´ve done a great job.
Fill me in on What´s been happening.
After Australia, South America Was also attacked.
They´re moving fast.
Any neWs on sightings of Scorponok? None so far.
We´ll go and investigate this mysterious Death ToWer.
We´ll accompany you.
We don´t knoW What might happen next.
Stay here in case there´s an attack.
Understood, sir.
Let´s use all our poWers to destroy those Decepticons! l´ve no doubt the two Death ToWers are linked somehoW to the destruction of the Earth.
- But hoW? - That l don´t knoW.
- But there may be more than two.
- HoW come? They´re on the same latitude in the southern hemisphere.
So, there´ll be two in the northern hemisphere? They may not be explosive, but We should be cautious.
- Something´s happened, Commander! - What? - Spike´s aircraft has - What about my father´s aircraft? Arcee? You can tell me, please! Come on, tell me! - Daniel must be Worried, too.
Please continue.
- Yes, sir.
A report has just come in that While Spike and Carly Were on their Way to South America, their plane had to make an emergency landing in the Andes.
- And? Are they safe? - l don´t knoW.
But an emergency landing doesn´t mean that they crashed! My parents must be alive! Arcee? Arcee, talk to me! [ Skipped item nr.
118 ] [ Skipped item nr.
119 ] We´ll check it out immediately.
You stay here and Wait to hear from us.
- l Want to go With you.
- lt´s too risky! l´ll be all right.
l Want to search for my parents.
- Right.
lt´s decided.
- l´m going, too.
Daniel, take care! - Thanks.
- Right, hurry! And Scorponok´s location? l´m afraid We lost them before We reached Earth.
l don´t think they´ll pick us up on their radar, but Watch the enemy´s movements.
Yes, sir.
- We took our eyes off them for just a moment.
- The Straits of Gibraltar.
Lisbon´s close Just give me more time and We can find out Scorponok´s strategy.
They may knoW of his presence on Earth.
l´ll take care, sir.
HoW do you like that, then? Just at the crucia moment, the Targetmasters arrive on the scene in South America So, this is it, eh? l´ve seen this kind of device before.
Sureshot, use the sensors on it.
Out of the Way, you damn Autobots! We´re the finest Warriors in the universe! You Won´t forget us in a hurry! Take that, Decepticons! The sensor´s reaction is getting stronger! What´s that? Where can such incredible energy be coming from? We´re almost at the emergency landing site.
Over there! lt´s the rescue team! The Autobots have arrived! Mum! Dad! Oh, Daniel! - Where´s Mum? - Your mother´s doWn there.
She´s all right.
She just fainted.
Hold on! lt´s no good.
lt´s too narroW for us to get doWn there.
- We must hurry or they´ll freeze to death.
- Get them out one by one.
That´s the only Way.
Bring them out one by one! Hurry! The temperature´s dropping fast! What about Carly? She can´t move by herself! - Dad, you can´t go, you´re hurt.
- Your mother can´t move by herself.
- l´ll go.
- You? Yes.
l´ll do it.
l´ll rescue Mum.
- Chromedome.
Quick, loWer me doWn! - Who´s in charge here? - Keep your spirits up, you two! - Good luck! - l´ll be fine, Dad.
Leave it to me.
- Daniel l´m depending on you.
- Oy! Wheelie! - Right.
Meanwhie, in Austraia and South America something phenomena is about to happen Damn you! Take that! Your life is about to end! - We´re pulling out! - What? Just When l Was having fun! We have to intercept the Autobots.
Let´s go! lf you say so! Wait! What an idiot! Moreover, these strange beams of ight are causing damage over a wide area.
Daniel, you´ve only a little bit further to go! Come on! So, they´re trying to extract energy from the Earth´s core.
ls there any Way to destroy those Death ToWers? We don´t knoW What the consequences Will be if We destroy them.
We have to Wait.
- Yes, the Commander´s bridge? - t´s Chromedome.
- We´ve been Waiting for Word from you.
- Everyone´s safe.
Thanks to Danie.
Daniel? [ Skipped item nr.
184 ] [ Skipped item nr.
185 ] - Roger.
- What a relif! - lsn´t that the ninja officer? - The Australian mission is complete.
- After the next task, We head for the North Pole.
- The North Pole? We rendezvous there With Scorponok.
Didn´t you knoW? Well, We had to take separate paths to fight the Autobots.
Oh, really? - You go on ahead.
- Aren´t We going together? - l´ll catch up With you! - All right! See you later! Why are they leaving me out? NoW l see.
The Emperor has planned everything to perfection.
- We carried out the orders he sent from space.
- l see.
The satellite that Will collect the plasma energy is already in orbit.
l saW it on my Way to Earth.
- Will you be heading for the North Pole? - Of course.
- But l have something important to attend to first.
- Really? FareWell, then.
Thanks for everything! FareWell! - Spike! - l´m glad to be back safe and sound.
- Daniel Was extremely brave.
- You did very Well.
- You can tell me all about it later.
- l´m embarrassed, noW! Pointblank! Commander, We´re in trouble.
What? Those Death ToWers are made of an ancient substance called ´´gliss´´? - A secret substance from beneath the sea? - l´ve heard about it but never actually seen it.
Once it comes into contact With energy, it emits highly dangerous electro-magnetic Waves.
Really? Then there´s no Way of destroying them? However, just at that moment the third Death Tower appears in Washington.
Fortress knows that these Death Towers are constructed of ´´giss´´, a substance from an ancient continent.
But is there reay no way to destroy these towers? Scorponok´s evi scheme to bow up the Earth is reaching its fina stages.
Autobot warriors, you must find a way to save the Earth Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform yoursef Any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer