Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) s01e35 Episode Script

The Final Showdown on Earth (2)

TRANSFORMERS THE HEADMASTERS With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters THE FlNAL SHOWDOWN ON EARTH: PART 2 We have a report that a third Death ToWer has appeared in Washington.
ln the northern hemisphere too, as suspected.
The Aerialbots have been sent, but there may be nothing they can do.
Just as Fortress and the Autobots return to Earth, the third Death Tower appears in Washington.
Scorponok Won´t shoW his face.
He´s just a coWard.
lf a fourth location is attacked, l think it Will be around here.
lt could be possible that Scorponok is at the bottom of the Mediterranean.
The Decepticon attacks have been concentrated on Athens and Lisbon.
- More likely for the gliss.
- lt´s got to be Scorponok´s hideout.
What do you mean? The city of Demonia is said to have sunk into the lndian Ocean.
- Commander! - Stand by for sortie.
- Scorponok is heading for Egypt.
- For Egypt? Yes.
We intercepted a warhead fired at Washington from Santiago.
Scorponok has set a the Death Tower energy induction boosters.
Energy induction boosters? Egypt must be the fourth target.
Pease get there before Scorponok.
Let´s go! - Where are they going all of a sudden? - On a sortie, maybe? - We´re Warriors, too! - Yeah, they shouldn´t leave us here.
Don´t be disappointed.
You´ll see them again When the injured scientists are transferred here.
- Really? - lt´s just to transport the injured.
Meanwhie, Sixshot is scouting the Egyptian desert.
Transform! There´s no doubt about it, Scorponok´s been digging around here.
[ Skipped item nr.
44 ] This is Soundblaster from the Alps.
Do you read me? Sightseers Welcome! Batteship Maximus is on its way.
Be aert.
l´ll tell the Emperor right aWay.
Just as planned.
- We´re approaching Cairo.
- Alert surrounding areas.
- No Decepticons in sight.
- Look, it´s them! A Welcoming committee of only three.
Let´s capture them and get the Death ToWer secrets.
lf they´ve shoWed themselves, it may be a trick.
Take care.
- lt´s brave of you to come here alone.
- What shall We do, brother? Don´t make me laugh.
We´ll shoW you our trio formation.
What´s the trio formation? lt´s a confusion strategy l´ve come up With.
- What are they doing? - ls it some devious trap? - We´ll really beat them noW! - Shut up and get on With it! Transform! - HoW do you like that? - Forward! What´s that? [ Skipped item nr.
64 ] [ Skipped item nr.
65 ] Of course.
l spent a sleepless night thinking it up.
We´ll join in too.
Transform! l can´t take it any longer! NoW! We´re being blasted aWay too.
Don´t hang on to me, you idiots! That taught them! Oh, it´s the pyramids.
ln the vicinity of the pyramids? You´ve come, Fortress.
lt´s still small-scale.
Deal With it before it groWs.
- Yes, sir.
Leave it to us.
- l´m counting on you.
We have to gain some time.
Let´s do the trio formation again.
l´ve had enough! QUEEN WORLD Hurry.
You´ll be all right.
Hang on in there! - Are you all right, Mum? - l´m fine.
- l´m so proud of you.
- Mum Daniel! Metroplex has just received a message from the Commander.
ls it time to go? Don´t Worry about me.
- Yeah, but - Daniel, l´ll look after your mother.
- Don´t be distracted from your task.
- l understand, Dad.
- Let´s go, Wheelie.
- Leave it to us.
Take care, Daniel.
- Get Well soon, Mum.
- Shall We go? - Be brave.
- Don´t be reckless.
Has it stopped groWing? NoW everything is ready.
We´re installing the last energy induction booster.
Once set, it can´t be stopped.
All the Earth´s energy Will be ours.
Oh, no! Were We too late? So, you´ve finally shoWn yourself, Scorponok.
Scorponok, it´s not too late.
Abandon your undertaking.
Don´t talk nonsense.
The countdoWn has started.
l´m only Waiting for docking.
Decepticon Warriors, all aboard! You Won´t get aWay! Transform! Head on! Master SWord! l´m coming for you, Scorponok! You have a part to play in my plan.
You mustn´t die too soon! l have a role to play? l never heard such nonsense.
l´ll see you at the North Pole! The North Pole? Wait! Commander! Commander! Commander! Hang on in there.
Meanwhie, Scorponok dives into the ndian Ocean.
He said he Was going to the North Pole, but he´s come here.
HoW deep is he going? He´s vanished.
Where on earth am l? Lebelia? Soon the giss wi penetrate the Earth´s North and South Poes.
We´ve come this far.
We Will succeed.
But We can´t afford to make mistakes.
Our battleship is on its Way to the Moon.
Sixshot! Surprised to see me? Or surprised to see me alive? Your sense of humour has improved in the time We´ve been apart.
And you´ve become an even better talker.
Don´t make fun of me.
Look at our beautiful plan instead.
This is it.
There´s so much of the legendary gliss.
lt´s a Wonderful metal that Will unleash tremendous destructive poWer.
So, Earth Will definitely be destroyed? [ Skipped item nr.
130 ] l just came to bid you fareWell.
l´m going noW.
Damn you! Are you going to betray us, noW that you knoW the secret? You´re the traitor, not me.
l´ll destroy everyone on Earth! Emissions from a the Death Towers have intensified, and a fifth Death Tower has appeared at the South Poe.
t´s as though the Earth has been encirced by a spider´s web, and its peope are destined for he But Fortress is determined to save the Earth.
He mobiises the entire army and sets off for the North Poe.
When he said We´d meet at the North Pole, Scorponok had the last Death ToWer in mind.
But it´s nonsense you having a role to play in his plan.
- Yeah, he´s making fools of us.
- lt could be trap.
Be on your guard! Commander! lt´s them! Damn! Scorponok has increased his size.
We´ve repelled attacks before.
l´ll repel Scorponok come What may.
- l´ll find the plans for the explosion sequence.
- Understood.
- We´ll definitely stop their plan.
- lt´s gliss! - lt doesn´t seem to be enlarging or discharging.
- lt must hold the key.
- Sixshot isn´t here either.
- He must be hiding someWhere.
He doesn´t fight any more.
Sixshot is not a Decepticon any more.
Let´s go! Be on your guard! Run amok until the countdoWn ends! But don´t forget the countdoWn! - Fire! - Don´t panic! Zarak Shield! Energy field! Damn you! Zarak Shield, full poWer! Let´s go! As blind as a bat in battle, you Will be At him! Big mode! Don´t Worry.
There´s much more to come.
- What do you mean? - Our fortress overhead.
- Fortress overhead? - You fool! - Shoot him! - Take that, Scorponok! Damn you, little boys! Stay back, both of you! Damn you and your childish tricks, Scorponok! There´s nothing childish about it.
You´ll find out very soon.
l Won´t take that from you! Daniel! We´re saved.
But Who did that beam come from? - lt´s Sixshot! - Sixshot? Sixshot! Where are you? - Don´t come close.
lt´s dangerous.
- So, you´re all right, Sixshot? Where are you? ShoW me you´re all right.
lf you see me noW, parting Will be hard.
l Won´t cry, Sixshot.
l have things to talk about With you.
- Sixshot! - Daniel, you must look after yourself.
Take care.
- Sixshot! - Are you all right, Daniel? - lt´s directly above us noW.
- What is that? - Come on, Fortress.
- Right.
l´m coming! Do you see, Autobots? lt´s the end of the Earth.
- All retreat! - Yes, sir! Commander! Save the Commander.
Head Formation! Fortress! Daniel! The Autobots have strong bonds of friendship.
They must unite.
- Yes, if We unite all our poWers.
- Eh? - Let´s all do the PoWer Formation.
- All of us? Yes.
We have to combine our poWers to rescue Fortress.
Let´s do it.
The PoWer Formation, everyone! lt´s the PoWer Formation of friendship, everyone! Let´s go! Final formation! - lt can´t be! - We did it! l´ll destroy the Zarak Shield.
The batte between the Decepticons and the Autobots is over.
Scorponok had potted to destroy not ony the Earth but the entire universe.
But his Zarak Shied has been destroyed and he has eft the Earth.
And now the Autobots are aso preparing to eave.
Chromedome, is it true? Are you all going back? Don´t Worry, Daniel.
Peace is here to stay.
We still have Work to do making the universe a better place.
We´ll meet again.
Tears don´t befit such valedictions.
Smile and let´s bid our fareWells.
Daniel, take care.
Come to Earth again, Wheelie.
- l Will.
- Promise.
Don´t forget.
l Won´t forget.
Goodbye! Goodbye! With your hep Together we can create A future without wars We can eave a beautifu universe For the ones we ove Transform Headmasters Fight Headmasters This pain and suffering That we´re going through now Wi bring good fortune For someone in the future Transformers Transformers Headmasters Are you ready? Three, two, one, zero You can transform yoursef Any way you want Make a dash, step on the gas You´re a supercar Rumbe across the earth You´re a tank Taxi out and take off You´re a jet fighter Circe round and hover above You´re a heicopter Transform Transform You are a Transformer