Transplant (2020) s03e02 Episode Script


A person could make a romantic
assumption about a movie ticket.
I just walked, through the
woods. Nine days, that's it.
I don't know how to feel.
I want us rethinking our entire
approach to patient interaction.
I'm sorry, Bashir, but for you, that
means not training as a surgeon.
Is this gonna be a problem?
This desire you have to go all in.
You better put distance between
yourself and that circus.
We're one of only a handful of
trauma OR in all of North America.
You'd be getting in on
the ground floor. I don't know.
- I thought maybe you'd be down for some chaos.
- Maybe I am.
I'm here for you, Amira. Always.
When you were sent
to live with the cousins,
it was only because of how much
Mama and Papa loved you.
Hey, are you okay?
Yes, no, if they drive you home
No, I'm on tomorrow, too.
I'm sorry!
Amira is staying at a friend's.
Ah So, does that mean
you can stay here tonight?
All this mess for an omelette?
I don't mind the mess
You said kidney stones
run in the family, Mr. Cook?
Yeah, my dad would go into the
basement, sweat 'em out
until they passed
then come back up a new man.
- I tried to do that but
- They can be pretty painful.
Any discomfort when you're urinating?
Nah. Just a bit of blood,
but that's nothing new.
Nothing new meaning this
been going on for how long?
Every few weeks for years.
And you never told your family doctor?
It's a lot, so no.
Okay, well, I'll need to run
some tests. Okay, I'll be back.
My dad used to say,
"Tell a doctor you sneezed
and he's gonna find cancer".
Don't go proving him right!
Hey, Arnold, somebody called
up for a cardiology consult?
Yes. Thank you, Mags.
Patient in 4 is 16 weeks pregnant.
Too early for OB but
rate's up and rhythm's off.
I know this might not be
your speed but
My parents are in town
and they'd like to meet you.
I know it's way too fast, but my mom
and I don't really keep secrets
and she was like, you're seeing
someone and I was like, yeah
- I don't know
- Really, you don't have to, it's okay.
You okay, June?
Yeah, I have a headache.
I don't usually get them
You blew up your entire five-year plan
for a speciality with
Novak of all people?
Bet it's a migraine.
You need sumatriptan?
I'll be fine, thank you, Mags.
Let me know about the thing.
How does she do that?
Just tell you how you're doing,
a tiny emotional conqueror.
Trauma work still hectic?
Novak and structure don't exactly mix,
but I figure if I survive this,
I can write my own ticket.
You know, we all think it's a
mistake, Devi keeping you out.
- She knows you want trauma surgery, right?
- It's fine, June.
You could march back in there,
convince her to reconsider
Or you could keep your head down
and let the work speak for itself?
So what were you doing when
your heart started racing?
I was delivering nachos
and I lost my breath;
I couldn't hold on to the tray
and the customers ended up
covered in jalapeños and cheese.
My manager only let me off the hook
when he found out I'm pregnant.
That's one way to share the news.
I hoped to keep it quiet longer; I
didn't want them cutting my shifts.
Isn't that illegal?
You've obviously never worked
at a restaurant
- Okay
- My baby looks okay?
- Yeah. Nice and strong.
- We were freaked at first,
but when we started talking
about how to make it work we
realized we were also excited.
So I picked up shifts and Trevor's
on the road pulling extra hours.
Is there someone else I could
call to be here with you?
Our parents don't know
about the baby yet.
Trevor wanted to tell right away
but I made him wait
until we had some kind of plan.
Does anyone in your family
have a heart condition?
No. Not that I know of Why?
Your atria is quivering, not pumping.
Rare congenital malformations
can cause something called
Mitral Valve Stenosis.
It's the valve that allows blood
into the main pumping
chamber of your heart,
well, yours is narrowed.
Wouldn't I have noticed
something like that?
It can be dormant or even feel
like normal stress until aggravated.
Sometimes by pregnancy.
Usually it doesn't ramp up until
later in the second trimester
but considering your symptoms,
I'd like to admit you,
start bisoprolol and see
how you react to the meds.
I'm not going back to work today?
Well, I'm not sure you'll be
able to go back at all.
But I have to!
Our plan has me working
until my 8th month!
Nice slow breaths.
I know this is a lot,
but it's important for you
to know that
if you decide to stay pregnant,
you'll need to be on bed rest
Are you saying I shouldn't
keep the baby?
I need you to understand
the reality of the situation
is that women with your condition
are generally advised
to not become pregnant.
I I need to call Trevor.
I'm gonna check you into cardiology
so we can monitor you overnight.
And in the meantime, if there
is anything at all, just text me.
Blue's for radiology,
pink's for gas men,
and neurology and orthopedics
are both green for some reason?
It's your staffing calendar;
shouldn't you know the reason?
There's a complex matrix
that goes into deciding
who does what in the Trauma OR
but trust me when I say
the math checks out.
I do trust you Mark,
but for my own education I'd benefit
from seeing your calculations?
If it helps I'll make
orthopedics yellow.
Oh! Crap, that was my fault.
No. Did it get on you?
Just the sleeve.
Never happens at the end of the day
when you don't have to look good
If you need an extra lab coat,
they're in the locker room
if you can't get that out.
Thanks. Oh, while I have you,
Dr. Hunter, the schedule
No gaps today, coverage is solid.
I connected with admitting and they
said occupancy's good this morning.
I meant your shifts. You
you have a lot of them.
Don't get me wrong.
It's been a real asset
you stepping into emerg
as a supervising doctor
while still balancing pedes.
I just want to make sure
it's not too much too soon.
My therapist says
the more normal the better.
I don't get to see my girls for
a bit, so work's a good outlet.
I know that balancing act well
You have kids? How are they
dealing with being uprooted?
A son. My partner's turn
to take sabbatical.
Find a sub for Tuesday
and at least half of Friday?
- Sure.
- Great.
Hi, again, Andy.
Are we talking chickpea
or golf ball sized?
I need to know if I'm a hero or a wuss.
Huh, actually, it's not kidney stones.
Oh, my God It is cancer?
No. Andy, you have ovarian cysts.
That's funny.
To have ovarian cysts,
wouldn't I have to have
- Ovaries.
- Yeah.
- And a uterus.
- And that.
Which explains the bleeding you've
been experiencing every few weeks
A period?
You're saying I'm a woman on the inside?
Because I have plumbing
that says otherwise!
I fathered a kid! She has my ears!
No, that's not what I'm saying.
You have a rare condition called
Persistent Müllerian duct syndrome.
It causes someone with both
XY chromosomes
to have a male-presenting body
but to also have internal
reproductive organs
like ovaries and,
in some cases, a uterus.
I know this is a lot to take in.
I'm a man, Dr. Hamed.
A man who apparently can't
handle menstrual cramps
No, it's likely your cysts
causing you that pain,
but cramps can be severely debilitating.
Yeah, my daughter has those.
She'd use them as an excuse
to skip school during
her time of the month.
It can run in families.
The good news is that these
cysts often resolve themselves.
I can give you Toradol
which is an anti-inflammatory that
can help you deal with the pain
Great, then I can go?
Um, no, I've asked a surgeon
and an endocrinologist
- to come speak to you
- I'd rather not.
Andy, you have to make sure
your hormones are under control
so you can decide how to manage
this moving forward
Buddy, I don't want anyone
else knowing about this.
Just get me what I need to go home.
Looks like triage
gave you the VIP bling.
When I said it was a raccoon bite
they just rushed me back here,
which has just been kind of
freaking me out;
I was just trying to
help the little guy.
Most people in this city have
far less empathy for raccoons
I guess I was a little naive
He was stuck under my porch and
I was just moving a few bricks to,
you know, help him get out. And
then, as soon as he saw me
he just lunged and I
felt his teeth sink in.
That sounds horrifying.
Animal control said that he was probably
sick or something so, you know,
but we don't know with what
because he just ran off, so
Are you going to have to give me
rabies post-exposure prophylaxis?
You're a nurse?
No, I just googled it
while I was waiting.
Is it really 21 needles in the stomach?
No, that was years ago.
Now it's one shot at the site,
and then a paltry four more
over the next two weeks.
Um, okay, I'm
I'm really afraid of needles.
I mean the last shot I got was my
HPV vaccine back in eighth grade
even then, it took three tries
and my mom
holding my hand and singing so,
we hoped I'd grow out of it but
It's a totally normal phobia
and very common in adults.
Still, letting rabies go
untreated isn't an option.
Once the virus sets in it's too late,
so we're going to have to start
your treatment tonight.
Inactive files live here,
each numbered with a priority
scale you'll need to memorize.
And here's one more
for the top of the pile.
Hi, Dr. Hunter, this is Nancy.
She's doing her placement with us.
Oh, a nursing student?
You're indeed familiar with IVs and
Oh! Have you checked in at triage, sir?
Don't think I can walk much further.
- Whoa, okay!
- Nancy, go find Dr. Novak.
I think I'm going to be sick.
- Okay, I'll find him.
- Can I get some help here?
And she's so young and
underwater financially,
she'll be lucky if she
even carries to term.
- I have to leave my phone on.
- You always take it home, Magalie.
I worry about what that does to you.
- I know.
- Oh, it's bitter and a bit astringent.
And not at all how you described it.
- You're in town for a client?
- Legal aid conference.
Yeah, your father was jealous
I'd get to see you without him
so he tagged along.
You remember the rule, right? You
have to be happy with the next one
Sorry. Dance lesson carpool crisis.
How old's your sister, Bashir?
God, Magalie and her sister
were both tornadoes at that age.
Constant talking. Never got a word in.
I still don't, you see?
Were you sponsored
by a family when you came over?
Well, I do a lot of work
with non-profits
I was just curious.
It's fine, that was
a government sponsorship.
Oh, I'm sure that wasn't easy.
At my firm, if a couple junior
copywriters start-up,
they're supposed to disclose it.
It's not like that for residents,
especially one's working
on different floors.
And don't have a tyrant for a boss?
Do you like old-world wine, Bashir?
No, he's not much of a drinker actually.
I bet he's considering it though.
Just to get through the evening?
You know what? It's healthier
never to touch it.
Let's see what other secrets
we can dig up.
We see our fair share of
knife wounds this year,
but this has got a certain flair to it.
Like I was betrayed by Iago,
except it was my dishwasher.
Say what?
I'm a props master.
We're striking a run of Othello
and I brought the knives
home to clean 'em.
They're dulled but I guess blades
up was a rookie move.
- By the way Ow!
- Sorry, Otto.
Rebound tenderness.
Ultrasound is showing blood in the
abdomen. I think we should open,
repair the bowel and source the bleed.
Positive shake test and distention;
both signs of peritonitis.
- He's gonna need an ileostomy.
- I don't think so.
Knives went in clean so
we should be able to repair.
If that doesn't work and we waste time,
we're not going to be able to stop
the other bleed or curb the infection.
He's hemodynamically stable
which means the bleed is small,
so I think we should try
to save his bowel.
We both know that the
priority is to avoid sepsis.
- I don't think you're hearing me.
- I hear you.
- Just disagreeing with you.
- Excuse me?
Which one of you is the decider?
That would be me.
Otto, your bowel is severed.
Now we're going to confirm
that when we go in,
but odds are we're going
to have to attach part of it
to the outside of your body
temporarily, just until it heals,
and we're going to go in there
later, and try to revert, okay?
- Okay
- Alright.
June'll walk you through it
and I'll come back when
we are ready to start.
You two aren't on the same page?
Oh no, it's just
he invites pushback,
he wants me to join him.
- We'll get you prepped.
- That's good.
So, Bashir. How's it been having
my daughter boss you around?
She's brilliant.
Bashir has actually
more experience than me,
and most other residents.
Did you always know
you wanted to be a doctor?
Both my parents were doctors, so
I'll never forget the day
Magalie decided.
She had just spent her 11th
birthday at a hospital.
We don't know if she's even
told him about that.
She was a very difficult patient.
Though I'll assume by now
he's seen your scar
- Challenged the staff at every turn.
- Papa!
Claimed since she knew more
than her doctors anyway,
she might as well become one.
Okay, he doesn't need to hear this.
Our daughter is a force of nature.
- Not everyone can keep up with that.
- That's so true.
Okay, enough! Both of you, seriously!
Forgive us, Bashir, we're just
excited to meet you.
That's fine. Mags tells me
that you're in advertising?
He's choking. Does he need it?
Yeah, you do it, you're taller.
Are you okay? Can you breathe?
Go ahead, Nancy.
Is this going to numb the pain?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Ready to get this over with?
Hi Dr. Hunter.
No, I'm really, really not.
Doesn't that needle seem a little big?
Exactly the size it needs to be
to supply the antibodies
that your body needs to get up
to speed and produce its own,
which you will, in response
to the vaccine regimen
you start tomorrow. Okay?
In two seconds, you'll be done.
Not to brag, but I am very good
at this and you won't feel a thing.
Okay, okay.
Close your eyes and
tell me about a place
that you'd love to go and why.
Iceland. To see the sheepdogs.
I will choose not
to take offence of that.
I'm sorry, no, I really can't.
Isn't there some kind of pill I can take
or can't we just rub it in or something?
Unfortunately, no.
Look, I know this sucks,
but it's the only way.
And you were doing great, okay?
- I've got you, I promise.
- Okay.
No, no, no, no, wait!
All done. You didn't even bleed.
Roberta? Are you okay?
Hey, I know it was scary
but you did great!
You just take it easy today,
and come by tomorrow
around lunch for round two.
I'll drop whatever I'm doing
and make sure we get you
out of here quickly, okay?
Thank you.
Can we get you something
to drink? Some water?
Okay, so what happens
if the food won't come out?
Well, let's get him into a room and see.
- We're almost there, Dad.
- Okay, Mags.
I'm just going to see who's on tonight.
Bashir, come on, I need
my whole team, okay?
- I think he needs a scope.
- I think a scope's overkill.
You want to stick a camera
down my throat?
Are you feeling dizzy, Mr. Leblanc?
Um, no.
- Say, "Ah".
- Ah.
- Okay, close.
- So?
I don't think he needs a scope.
To make sure he didn't
aspirate into his lungs!
Open. I know you're worried,
but there are less
invasive ways to do that.
Where does it feel stuck, Dad?
- My chest.
- Aspiration. That can happen?
Yeah, and it can lead to serious
inflammation and pneumonia.
Okay, breathe.
No elevated temperature
and his chest sounds clear.
I think the best course
of action is likely
Shot of glucagon?
I don't know if that's enough.
Would you like to check for yourself?
No, but one X-ray, just to be safe.
Mags, these are your parents.
You're not allowed to treat them.
- But they're my parents.
- I know, I just said that.
- That's why yes.
- You want me to do imaging?
I'll do imaging first
then back to the hotel.
Okay, I take it back: you can
handle her.
Why don't you come to Montreal
for Easter dinner, Bashir?
And we'll all promise
to chew our food slowly.
- Maman!
- I've just never been
I heard we may need an IV
in here, Mr Leblanc?
- Mags, are these your parents?
- Yes.
- Hi!
- Hi!
Night at a restaurant gone awry.
Hi, Bash.
Hey, Arnold.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It was a bit of a shock
to wake up to a bag attached to me.
- Right.
- But you said it was coming so
How long am I going to have it for?
Uh, probably about six months,
but these things can be permanent.
I'm sorry, I'm not usually a crier
Oh, it's fine. You know when
the anesthesia wears off,
patients have all kinds of emotions.
It's just that I sleep on my stomach!
And the nurse says that I have
to drain it multiple times a day?
It's just not something you put
on your Tinder bio.
Or maybe you do
I don't know?
Hey, huh, you don't want to
irritate that while it's healing.
It's already irritated. Is it
supposed to be this itchy?
- Do you mind if I just?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, uh
Yesterday when I asked you
if you were allergic to latex,
I thought you said no.
I didn't know I was, so, uh
What the hell happens now?
Dr. Hunter? The lab
called looking for you.
A sample you sent yesterday
didn't have the right authorization.
Because it's my own.
I kept checking the status
and all it said was pending
because self-exams need sign-off
from someone else on staff
Are you okay?
I think so?
My hands have been feeling numb
on and off, ever since the forest.
Could be my head, I just figure
I'd stay vigilant.
As an NP, I can order labs?
Thanks, Claire.
That's it? Hey?
Dude. You and Mags?
Am I that out of it?
Oh, no. It's just
It's new and we hadn't told anyone.
Are you upset?
Because two of my favourite
people in the world
are together?
Dude, it's like Christmas
on my birthday!
No, I'm just I'm
really happy for you.
Dr. Hamed?
When Doctor Hamed gets here,
we'll have a chance to
Oh, you're the one who sent him home?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
He tried to get me to stay.
It was me who wanted
No, no, it's his job to at least
try to protect you from yourself.
Meet my daughter, Dr. Hamed.
I know how little the ER cares
about women's pain
so I guess I should commend you
on your equal opportunity dismissal.
Alyssa's dealt with ruptured
cysts before
and has had challenges being heard
so she wants to make sure her father is.
I'm sorry I'm just catching up.
Andy what happened last night?
He calls me out of the blue,
begging me to come over,
which is weird, because we
haven't spoken since Christmas
before that my birthday and he
would never call my mom about this
or admit that he needs help.
So when he called me, I
Okay, kid, they don't need
the whole novel
And lo and behold the man
who told me to walk it off
when my cysts ruptured
is clutching the toilet,
vomiting from the pain,
convinced he was dying of his own pain.
I was just trying to make sure
it wasn't an emergency.
Translation? Yeah, he's embarrassed.
I know you're not used
to dealing with it, Dad,
but trust me if you want their help,
you're gonna have to get loud.
I don't
want to deal with it.
I just want it all out of me.
Andy, we're going to do what we can
We'll formulate a game plan
and we'll be right back with you.
I promised her extensive
imaging and a surgical consult.
We do see ovarian cysts pretty regularly
and standard treatment is to just
let them resolve themselves.
Why, even if Andy was a standard case,
Alyssa's experiences are proof
that our standards have room to evolve.
Okay, I-I'll order another ultrasound?
MRI's proven to be a sharper
diagnostic tool for cysts.
I'll call OB. I'd like you
to keep Alyssa involved.
She knows the system and she's vocal,
which he clearly needs right now.
Uh, I'm not sure Andy's comfortable
with that level of attention.
Then it's your job to show him
why he needs it.
I don't know how long
We'll figure it out together
No, stay on your route.
Here's the doctor, I'll call you back.
All night, this thing's been beeping
Okay. Let's have a listen.
Okay, let's get her on supplemental O2.
That's the same look all the nurses
have when they come in here.
Lola, you have fluid in your lungs.
I thought the problem was my heart.
Well, when it struggles
to circulate blood,
fluid collects in the
sacs of your lungs.
You're not responding
to the beta blockers,
which means we need
to consider surgical options.
What kind of surgery?
Um, gold standard is valve
replacement, but
you're at a critical
decision-making juncture.
Open heart surgery while
pregnant is extremely risky
I know, I know, I heard
what you said yesterday, but
I'm keeping it.
I used to roll my eyes
at this stuff but now,
I don't know, it's like
I just feel connected to it.
Like it belongs to me.
And Trevor does too; we talked,
and we'll do whatever
it takes to have our baby.
Okay. Well, in that case,
valvotomy is the best option.
We'd put a balloon in your damaged valve
and blow it up to increase blood flow.
- Will it fix me?
- No.
It'll take some pressure off,
but you'll still need to be
on bed rest afterward,
and it means an involved
regimen of medications
some of which are expensive.
Do you have prescription drug insurance?
We'll figure it out. We always do.
Okay. I can call Trevor
and relay this if you want?
- Oh, that's okay, I'll do it.
- You sure?
'Cause I'm pretty good at speaking
stressed out loved ones
Oh, I'm sure. Thanks.
I'll call when he hits a rest
stop so he can absorb it all.
Dr. Curtis! Is the do-over
ostomy our mistake?
No. Uh, no, he was unaware
of his latex allergy, so.
And you can't just replace the
bag with a latex-free version?
Not this time, he used
a latex drain internally
so he really does needs
a whole second surgery.
You and Novak talked him through?
Half of us did
You know he was obviously,
you know, upset at first,
but he's on board now, so
How do you feel about taking
on that kind of emotional labour?
Part of the job for any resident.
As long as that's not the only part.
I can't get a clear picture
of resourcing across our
emergency department
without a better sense of how
things happen in Trauma OR.
Uh, quickly and decisively;
that's what the patients
who come through there need.
But if it also means Doctor Novak
does what he wants and you wear it?
I may not be a surgeon
but I can be an ally.
Let me know before you open up
your patient again?
That's a cool endometrioma
but the anatomy doesn't make sense.
- Because it belongs to a man.
- Huh!
That's a long story. How's your father?
He threw up three times
from the glucagon, but uh,
he woke up this morning
with his throat clear
and they decided to celebrate
with brunch, so he's fine.
That's good.
And I know that last night
was kind of like pfft!
But it was a real success
with my parents.
Like, they really liked you.
Yeah, I liked them too. A lot.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
You don't seem too happy
that it went well.
No, it it was good.
Okay, well it's just that family's
really important to me so, um
Mags, of course, it's
it's very important to me too. It's
I know you want me to tell Amira
- and it's, it's
- No, I didn't
It's just she'll get invested and
She's already lost so much.
I'm just, like
Well, are you already planning
for us to not work out or ?
No, no.
I just, I'm
Just forget it. Okay.
- I'm sorry.
- Okay.
Welcome back!
How's it feeling today?
And, uh, sorry if you've been
waiting around long,
somehow your chart
didn't get on my pile.
Uh, the nurse said they were
sending another doctor.
Who, Claire? Ah, no need.
Roberta, I promised you
I'd make you a priority
and since you're a pro now
we can get this done
No, no, no, I said no!!
What's going on?
You assaulted me, Doctor Hunter!
You pinned me down and you
assaulted me with that needle.
And I-I-I I don't
want you treating me.
- Allô, maman.
- Allô, Magalie.
- Is Dad doing okay?
- He's completely fine.
- I put him on the early flight back.
- You didn't go home with him?
A little time to myself is healthy.
How's Bashir after everything?
Mm. He's good. He's good.
- So you liked him?
- Very much.
- So did your father.
- Yeah?
But Magalie are you sure you
know what you're getting into?
What does that mean, getting into?
Only that a boy
with a past like his
- I know how much you take on.
- Mom, please don't.
You can't even go to dinner without
leaving your phone on for a patient;
I just want you to be smart.
Okay, first, I'm not taking
him on, I want to be with him.
And second, I don't want you to worry.
Never gonna happen, ma chérie.
Okay, I gotta go, I have a patient.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I just offered a resident
my parking spot
in exchange for a latex-free
catheter he's been hoarding.
- You?
- Meeting with the social worker.
One of my patients can't
afford her post-op meds
but somehow isn't unwell enough
to qualify for disability?
That's because healthcare is only free
if you can afford to get sick.
I guess you heard about Bash and I?
Ah, actually, it's about time
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, okay, so he's not loving
the idea of everybody
knowing you guys are uh
Ah, it's more than that.
I-I-I think I pushed him too
fast to meet with my parents
and now like, the more I dig
The man's like a fortress, and I'm
Okay, so just give him some space.
Let him figure it out, you know.
Before you storm the fortress.
Um, who are you?
- What've you done with June?
- Okay. Quiet.
When the bed pans and the kidney
bowls are stacked lower than this line,
you drop everything
and you call for more.
Once we were running low
and a cluster of norovirus
patients came in
Oh, my God. Fluid nightmare.
Roberta Matheson asked
for a different doctor?
Uh, yeah and you were busy anyway
so I figured I'd just handle it
Well, I didn't know that, so I
went in and she ambushed me.
I assaulted her by putting
my hand on her shoulder?
Look, I mean, she's worked-up
because of her fear of needles.
Or because a man in a position
of power used physical force
to make her do something
she didn't want to do.
Is that how you really see it?
Could you give her the shot, Claire?
Accusations like that are a big deal.
So then he just gets away with it?
You will say and come
to see that most of us
can't go a few hours without a patient
yelling at us about something.
That doesn't mean that Roberta's wrong.
He could've just taken
more time with her but
Instead he made a judgement call.
Which is not an easy position
but it's what we do.
And Roberta is welcome
to file a complaint,
if that's what she'd like.
Does she know that?
Nancy, you're new.
I'm trying to help, I promise,
but your life will be much harder
if doctors are not on your side.
Latex-free drain's ready to go.
Is there something that
you need, Doctor Devi?
- Just pretend I'm not here.
- I invited her to watch.
Actually, we did our friend a favor.
I think that we can reattach
his bowel instead.
What? No.
Oh, I changed my mind so you are too?
We should sell popcorn.
You told me to tell him
that this could be permanent.
That was yesterday.
He's more stable today
so we have the time,
there's less edema
so I've a way better view.
An ostomy reversal isn't even
usually attempted for months
Usually we don't get
a second look so soon.
- You're the decider.
- I like it when you agree with me.
Am I supposed to lie to you?
I like you to take a look for yourself.
Can I get a light, please?
And uh, retractors, please.
Thank you.
Alright. Tell me when you see it
It's pink. Healthy.
But will the anastomosis hold
after such a short time?
- I can make it.
- What about the latex?
New drains are polyurethane.
So hopefully no reaction,
and reversingly it will actually
reduce the risk of dehydration.
Aaah, I think she likes it!
Does this mean you agree?
Oh, I can walk you
through it if you want.
I'll leave you to it.
Latex-free for all,
let's get him in and out so Curtis
can give him the good news!
Okay, so all of a sudden,
you're a doctor?
And you're not even listening to me!
- You need to calm down!
- I can't take this fishbowl!
She has every doctor
in here running tests!
I get you hate the attention
but Dad, it took me going septic
to get even an ultrasound, okay?
I'm just trying to get you
the help that you need.
By talking my surgeons
out of the fix I wanted?
Hysterectomy's off the table?
I raised our family history
with adhesions and they agree
there's no easy fix and
rushing into surgery
might only make things worse.
You actually are running a fever.
Andy, are you feeling okay?
I'm actually kind of dizzy.
I was dizzy when my cyst
ruptured; could that be it?
It's, uh it's possible.
I mean, a fever could suggest
inflammation or infection.
- Has the pain gotten any worse?
- Yeah.
Okay, we'll do another
ultrasound just to be sure,
but if we're right, we'll have to
get you into surgery immediately.
If you're going in anyway, why
can't you take everything out?
I-I-I-I know hysterectomy is
not the right thing for you,
you still need your uterus.
You haven't had kids yet.
- Yet?
- Yeah.
You have no idea how I feel about that!
The system won't let me remove
mine in case I regret it.
So you resent me and you're
punishing me? Is that it?
You think that I would
wish this pain on anyone?
I would never.
Which you'd know if you had ever
bothered to talk to me about it!
Maybe I didn't because I couldn't
stand seeing you in pain?
Well, maybe I needed you to!
But all you ever did was retreat!
Now you have all the options I don't
and you still won't talk to me!
This isn't the same thing!
This uterus isn't even functional!
Right, Doctor Hamed?
Could you get pregnant?
It's highly unlikely.
- Oh. Unlikely?
- Good!
Your unborn children thank you!
Okay. Alright.
I'll get the surgeon back but um
Alyssa, maybe it's best
that Andy speak to him
on his own this time.
Is that really what you want, Dad?
Don't worry.
These are happy tears.
But I don't understand;
you said it'd be months before
you could reverse it.
Yeah, I mean, normally,
it would be months.
But Doctor Novak found a way.
I would like to thank him.
Oh. No.
No, he's not good at uh, like
personal, like
- Stuff.
- Yeah.
Well, in that case,
being as you're the face of the
operation, you get the honour.
Thank you, Doctor Curtis.
Thank you.
Yeah, you're welcome.
Doctor Devi?
Andy is getting the hysterectomy.
His daughter left. She's very upset.
After I specifically asked you
to keep her involved.
Andy wanted her to go.
Look, Alyssa has every
right to her anger.
Which our system created
by ignoring her.
Yes, but her way of helping
was to amplify that anger.
Look, you told me to make
sure Andy had a voice;
I made sure it didn't get drowned out!
Okay as in you agree?
As in you make a fair point.
I know you're disappointed
that I took away your chance
to be a trauma surgeon
I'm a fan of honesty, Doctor Hamed.
You made a judgment call about
me without really knowing me.
I did. And I was hired for my judgement.
So our relationship is gonna have
to halt your disappointment.
Baby looks good so far.
I feel like I got hit by a bus.
Yeah, that's normal.
But the balloon placed easily
and your rhythm is stable.
So now it's up to me to stay
off my feet and manage this?
I rounded up some medical
samples to get you started
and printed off the paperwork
you'll need to apply for assistance.
Okay thanks. You can leave the forms.
I just want to show you, since
there are some big hurdles
But uh, public disability
insurance is the best option,
but there's a lot of hoops
to jump through
in order to keep it from clawing back
your mat leave hours
so you might want to
Doctor Leblanc, stop, okay?
All I need to know is
if I'm allowed to hope
that my baby's going to make it now?
Yes, you are, Lola.
Trevor and I are going
to call our parents now.
Everything else, we can
figure out together.
Okay. I'll leave this here for you then.
I didn't even realize
I was holding her down
I did wonder about that.
It's just like everything
feels so heightened lately.
I'm either completely numb or I
I get these hits of adrenaline
Like there's danger around every corner.
For yourself and your patients.
Your tingling hands
You were right. There's
nothing physically wrong.
Not sure if that makes me
feel better or worse.
Well, at least you know and can adjust?
How about you? How have
you been adjusting these days?
I mean, with Bishop gone, it must be
Yeah. It is.
Your new nurse, she's um
And a bit naive. She'll toughen up.
But they said they'd take it out
They tried.
They got the cyst and one ovary,
but the uterus and the other
ovary were fused to tissue.
Well, can they go back in
and finish the job?
Every time they go in, they
risk creating more scar tissue.
You're saying I'm keeping the uterus?
Which means more cysts?
We'll uh we'll suppress
the menstruation hormonally
and you'll see a specialized
to see what you can do down the road.
- My daughter was right.
- Andy, I'm sorry.
She thinks I don't care,
um, it's just
I'm horrible at talking
about all this stuff,
how I feel, how she feels.
But then when I called, she came
willing to put all that stuff behind us.
All I had to do
was open up and admit
that I'm scared of what all this
means but I couldn't.
You know, I just saved you
from all those tearful thank you.
I didn't sign up to be
your emotional buffer.
Then why are you?
Keep learning like this,
hopefully it's worth it.
Since I'm a giver not a taker,
you wanna buy me a drink?
I always need one before flying.
You're getting on a plane?
Uh, yeah.
Tomorrow, to Turkey.
I-I owe some time
to Doctors Without Borders.
It's okay, it's just
for a couple weeks, champ.
What's gonna happen while you're gone?
Rotating attendings to cover,
and then, you figure all the rest.
You know I gave up
a much saner future for this!
I didn't ask you to do that.
Actually, you did,
you did ask me to do that.
I don't mind you politicking
with Devi by the way.
'Cause that might buy us some time
before she chases me off for good.
Or you could just play ball?
The drinks thing wouldn't be
a date, if you were worried.
I wasn't. Worried.
Thanks. But I No thanks.
Suit yourself.
Don't burn the place
down while I'm gone.
Look, I know I kind of um
like, I drag people over lines
that they're afraid to cross.
And I'll try to stop doing that, okay?
I'm not going anywhere.
Uh, did you buy extra firm?
Yah. But it came out mushy,
not crispy and
what did you call mama's
tofu bites, Bowie?
Did you use corn starch?
You didn't say to do that.
Read my text. Corn starch,
light soy, olive oil.
Forty minutes at 450.
Bowie, don't put your hands there.
Where are you right now?
Ah, feeling like it's been over a month
and I need to start
showing some results?
Okay, but do you need to show tonight?
Because I was really
hoping to go for a run.
What if I made us move here
and I end up failing?
Come on. I'll order something
I know, keep it swirling or it'll burn.
I haven't seen you all weekend.
How were your sleepovers?
Did you want to watch
West Side Story with me?
The old one.
It's just musicals with you
these days, huh?
- They make me happy
- I see you made dinner too.
Yeah. Yours is in the fridge.
It was so clean when I got back;
felt like you hadn't been
home once all weekend.
Why don't you get the movie
started? I'll clean up in here.
Forget the mess
or you'll miss the best parts.
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