Transplant (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

Hospital Beige

It was so clean when I got back.
I felt like you hadn't been
home once all weekend.
I'm Theo. I'm a doctor here.
Hey Theo Doctor Here,
I'm Siobhan, patient here.
Siobhan Carlyle,
14-year-old lupus patient,
she's waiting on an experimental
bone marrow transplant.
I found a way to get you to Ottawa.
Just have a good time up there, okay?
- I'm going to Turkey.
- What's gonna happen
- while you're gone?
- Rotating attendings to cover
and then you figure out all the rest.
- You're dropping out.
- No! No, I-I don't
- I don't know!
- So, that's going well.
Our FX board approval
says anything that develops
during the course of our study
has to be included.
I don't like being backed into a corner.
What if I just I don't
know how to feel anymore.
I want us rethinking our entire approach
to patient interaction.
I'm sorry, Bashir, but for you,
that means not training as a surgeon.
I'm serious, Saleh, say yes!
Amira wants to sing at my wedding.
You should be lucky to get
this kind of entertainment.
What are you? Her manager?
- Good workout?
- Hey.
Amira and I made plans
to walk her to school.
So I brought Timbits.
Thank you. Good thing
I worked up an appetite.
I told Saleh I'd perform at his wedding.
The Worst Pies in London.
If he moves it to Turkey,
we'll be citizens and can travel.
We can't do that!
Yeah, you can't sing
about cutting up people
and putting them into pies
at a wedding, Amira.
Oh, come on! It's a crowd-pleaser.
And it's my school audition song.
Oh, yeah, Amira thinks
that if she keeps saying
"audition" it will actually
happen. Here, I'll take that.
You see my life?
- Yeah. Okay, say bye!
- We'll work on him together.
What, you're leaving?
Now, after all this time?
But the border with your work,
it will be dangerous.
You need to think this through.
I am. We are.
Like you did, Bashir.
The only reason I'm where I am
is because a truck crashed
and I saved a man's life.
Okay, right place, right time.
I was lucky, Saleh.
Do you hear yourself? Lucky?
You've just always been lucky?
Tell me you don't actually believe that.
That's not why I told you.
You know why I have to leave.
Tell Amira I'll, uh, meet her outside.
Wait, you can wait in the house.
No, I'm good.
I'm gonna spare you the lecture
on her school,
but if she asks
- I'll tell her you tried.
- Thanks.
Hey, Rania.
Amira told Saleh that
we're becoming citizens?
That's why he doesn't
want me sending money,
because it would violate sanctions.
I know it's hard, being
here while he's there.
But he wouldn't want you hiding
your good news, Bashir.
Which is why I, uh
I should tell you.
I'm seeing someone new.
- Yeah!
- Rania, that's great!
I'm seeing someone too, so
I'm happy for you.
And you're allowed to be happy
for yourself too.
How many patients
do they have you balancing
at once in cardiology?
As many as I can carry.
Actually, could you
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
So uh, this thing with Bash,
how are you managing to fit him
into your usual metric
of giving 200 percent?
By downgrading to a 75-75 split?
You? As if.
Shut up.
- Theo?
- Siobhan?
What happened to your face?
Uh, I see they're letting you
charter your own flights now.
For business, not pleasure.
Theo, my foster mom, Gloria.
Gloria, this is
- The famous Dr. Hunter.
- Oh. Hello.
I'm guessing you're not here
- just to visit me.
- Transplant surgery.
I thought you already had
a bone marrow transplant.
- She did. It went well, but
- My kidney didn't get the memo.
Nine lives currently down to one.
And we have a kidney here for you?
Uh, my colleague, Dr. Leblanc.
On its way, so we'd better
motor. Nice meeting you.
I'll see you before the surgery.
How are you, Theo?
John's memorial go okay?
I was still home recovering.
It was rough.
Glad you're on your feet.
His widow was hoping to meet you.
Maybe give her a call?
John's the pilot who died in the crash?
- Are you gonna reach out?
- You think I should?
I mean, you're the last one
who saw him alive
and she's gonna want closure.
You know, you've always
known how to take care
of people like that.
Yeah except lately,
my radar's been a little off,
I just wouldn't wanna
make her uncomfortable.
I'm sure that's not true with you.
Oh, my chart! Thank you. Sorry.
I need help!
I could use a little help!
If you could, uh, hold these.
Excuse me, are you alright?
So I can figure out what hurts.
Is someone with you?
Ari. Arianna.
Now she's gone.
Take these.
I told security to stand down.
Okay. Um
- Can you go find a gown or a
- Blanket.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hi, I'm Bashir, I'm a doctor.
Uh, can you tell me your name
and maybe why you're here?
Well, I
I think I was wondering if it's okay
that my heart is beating
so fast? And um
why it hurts my stomach?
Well, I'd have to listen to be sure.
Well, then listen.
Okay. Deep breath.
Ari would love this book.
Can we keep it?
Uh, may I?
I am a bit frosty.
Her pupils are dilated.
Is there something in her system?
- Let's do a tox screen.
- Yeah.
Um, what's Ari's last name?
- We can get someone to page
- It's the same as mine.
I have her phone in here somewhere.
Um, maybe you can tell me
what you've taken that's making
you feel this good?
Maybe I could.
Battery's dead.
Maybe you could resuscitate it.
So you said you passed out?
Yeah. On my way
to the bathroom at two AM.
Which also makes no sense
because I had my last tea at eight PM.
And them bam, the thing
in my chest shook me awake.
You're sure it wasn't
just the fluttering
from your Long QT syndrome
we talked about last time?
Uh, more like an earthquake.
If I wanted one of those,
I'd live on the west coast.
Oh so we move directly to crazy
lady imagining things.
No, no, of course not. It's just
Part of the ICD study is data
feedback and we didn't
The system shows no
indication it went off.
Or that you had any change
in your rhythm at all.
Then your system doesn't work.
I know what I felt.
Okay well, we'll run a few labs
and confirm what happened.
You do that.
Long QT can cause fainting.
But almost always with
an accompanying arrhythmia
- which would've been logged.
- You think she's lying?
I believe she felt something.
Do an echo.
But don't let her suck you in.
Lily's been my patient for years
and she's a malingerer.
I'll also run diagnostics on her ICD
to make sure it's still working.
Yes, let's log it as
a potential glitch either way.
I thought we shared
a preference for texting?
It's harder to say no to a face.
What's the ask?
I went to pay tuition with
the cheque you gave me.
But financial services says
I need a fancy bank draft.
Even if I knew what that was,
she says I can't do it online.
So you're saying that YouTube
doesn't teach you
how to do that? That's weird.
Ha. Since you're Dad's executor,
you need to do it.
But I was hoping you could show me how.
Why is it that every time you call,
you have some kind of jam
I need to pull you out of?
Why is it no matter what I do,
you're disappointed in me?
Is it my fault they use
ancient technology?
Might as well ask for an IOU
on a stone tablet.
Shay. When do you need it by?
Today or I lose courses.
I can meet you at the bank
whenever's good.
No, it's just easier if I do it myself.
At least tell me something
I can do in return.
Make us dinner? I saw a video
about deep-frying chickpeas.
No, the last thing I need
is my kitchen on fire.
I gotta go.
- Isn't Novak back from Turkey?
- Next week.
Which means a random surgeon
correcting me at every turn.
You're half-right.
Dr. Singh, are you covering today?
Don't look so excited.
Okay well I, uh, will page you
if there's any action.
I cleared my schedule.
Thought I'd go take a look and make sure
we're properly set up.
Dr. Singh. I'll walk with you.
You weren't at the staff
meeting this morning.
I thought that was tomorrow.
Last minute a change.
The e-mails sometimes go to Spam.
Gave everyone a chance to talk
about me behind my back?
Uh, general consensus is,
they don't know what to make of you.
Thank you for covering
in Trauma OR today.
There's been some uh, growing pains
- Ha!
- And I'd like to get another
surgeon's take.
Someone less opaque
than Mark Novak, you mean?
That. Plus, I understand
that you've been a critic
of the incentive from the start.
Your sources are correct.
Good. Then you won't pull
any punches with your feedback.
Make any sense of that teenaged brain
you've living with?
I think I'm starting to get
what you're balancing.
Oh, that wasn't about Amira.
Oh. So it's just me then.
No. I'm sorry, it's just you
remember my friend Saleh?
Yeah, the white helmet guy
from Syria. Is he okay?
Yeah, I'm trying to send him
money but Canada
has sanctions that can
make it frustrating.
So no e-transfers?
The point of these rules
is to stop funds
from getting to the Regime
or opposition forces,
but they cast a wide net
so personal transfers
- are blocked too.
- Money in a birthday card?
It's a good way to get it stolen.
- They open our mail.
- Oh.
There are couriers who can
help get cash overseas
through random networks.
- Is that dangerous?
- Not for everyone.
Plenty of us still use them
to help our families
back home but now, if it got
connected it back to me
You're still applying to be a citizen.
Yeah, you gotta be careful.
What if I did it?
June, uh
I have to go out anyways.
Plus, Singh is in Trauma OR
and he's just making a whole
long list of grievances.
I have no idea what
I've gotten myself
into. Sorry, I know
that's a sore spot.
Just uh, let me know
how to do the money thing.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Yeah.
How did you get this phone?
I'm sorry, it belongs
to someone named Ari, I'm just
Who are you?
I'm a doctor at York Memorial Hospital.
Oh God. Is it Krista? Is she okay?
She called from this number
last night then didn't answer.
I've been scared to try hospitals
I'm sorry, I can't divulge
any patient information.
Is she alive?
Thank you. What department?
Emergency. Ask for Dr. Hamed.
I think her name's Krista.
Blood came back. Full of ketamine.
That explains her high BP
and heart rate
Things people put
in their body these days
I mean, some guy came in
last week after licking
a poisonous toad. So
Well, let me know if anybody
comes looking for her.
Meet at the place by the thing
in an hour?
Claire, could you find Lily a bed
until all her bloods are in?
She had a rough night.
It's bedlam down here.
Can you get her in upstairs?
Oh, no go. Her boss kicked me out,
but Dr. Leblanc is a renegade.
Yeah, Dr. Fisher
doesn't think she suffered
- from a cardiac event.
- Even though I did.
Which is why I want to run
a wider set of labs
and need a spot for her while we wait.
It's really a madhouse today.
Um, the best I can do is hallway gurney.
That's perfect! It's great. Stay here,
we'll get you settled.
I promise it won't be long.
Okay, and when the new labs come in,
are we looping in Dr. Fisher?
She doesn't really think
they're necessary
- so just me for now?
- Yep.
What happened?
The transplant kidney has
a bacterial infection.
My guess is someone put
their lunch in the wrong cooler.
I'm so sorry, guys.
Um another one could come up.
They said I could hold out
a few more weeks on dialysis
Definitely not enough time
to finish my memoir
I'll be right back.
Please tell me you're not
gonna run off to cry
in the hallway too.
For better or worse,
I am comfortably numb, so
Apparently not.
How else can I be of use to you?
By discussing anything
but kidneys or my lack thereof?
Well, you're writing a memoir?
I'm thinking of calling it
Shades of Beige
in honour of hideous
hospital walls. Thoughts?
Could use some work.
I'm scared, Theo.
I know.
But we'll think of a better title.
Right behind you, Bash.
Matt Ellis, 34!
A truck hit his motorcycle.
Skull fracture, collapsed lung,
abdo shredded. We had to pack and seal.
He was a block away from
our house! Please help him!
Our surgeons have it, ma'am.
What do you need, Dr. Curtis?
Uh, O-neg blood and
I'll take him straight
to trauma OR. Page Singh.
June's got this, Dr. Hamed.
What's going to happen to him?
Let our surgeons do their job, ma'am.
They'll take care of him.
Right pupil's blown. Page Neurosurg,
interventional radiology.
Chest tube's in. Dammit,
his liver's exposed.
- I'm gonna need suction.
- I've got blood.
New porter took it
to Trauma Bay instead.
Claire, prep to transfuse.
Theo since you're here, intubate?
Got it.
Massive abdominal hemorrhage.
I'm guessing from more than one spot.
- He's bleeding out.
- Get a clamp in there.
- I've got it, Kelly.
- Claire, there is no point.
I can't see anything.
I'm suctioning and sponging
as fast as I can.
I've got a difficult airway here.
So much blood.
I'm in
but he's hypovolemic. I don't
think we're gonna be able
to transfuse fast enough.
Pressure's tanking.
Dr. Curtis what do you need?
There is too much blood,
we're not keeping up.
I see that. Make a plan
to deal with it, or I will.
Alright, abdo's the priority.
I'm gonna use a VAC, Claire.
On the backup cart.
You don't know what negative pressure
- will do to the liver.
- Well, Dr. Novak taught me
how to pack properly, so unless
you have a better idea?
Extra hands!
Pack thoroughly.
- Pressure's ticking up.
- That's a good sign.
Just about ready for the patch.
One twenty-five Milli continuous.
So, is that always like this in here?
Only on days that end in Y.
We should get an ETA on Neurosurg.
There's no point in moving
heaven and earth
if there's no brain function.
You think he's gonna pull through?
Krista, I was panicking!
You said you're with friends
then stay out all night in some k-hole?!
That's not at all what it was!
- It's therapeutic.
- Oh, come
Controlled dosage by a psychiatrist
and it's completely legal.
When I left the clinic, I was fine.
I I've never rebounded
like this before.
And how are you feeling now?
Just tired and embarrassed.
I thought I I called you?
Yeah, in the middle of the night,
from her phone, which
apparently you kept active?
And then I have to come back here,
- to the place they brought her
- She has a name, Tavi!
And you're allowed to think about her.
Our daughter Arianna died two years ago.
She was 17.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Anyway, I think that's why I came here.
To feel connected to her again.
I thought you came in
because of your symptoms.
Symptoms? What symptoms?
A racing heart, which makes sense
considering your high blood pressure.
And stomach pain?
Yeah, uh
Now that I'm officially back in my body,
I do feel that.
The symptoms started a few days ago.
Lie back for me, please.
If they're administering
controlled substances, they
should be checking vitals.
They do! Always! I was fine when
When you took a bunch of ketamine?!
Okay, I hear you're angry,
Tavi, but it helps me!
It breaks down barriers.
- And Ari even talks to me.
- Okay
No, she does! And she says
we're allowed to move on.
- She wants us to move on!
- I don't wanna hear that crap!
Um, you have a pulse here.
Isn't that a good thing?
Not when it's in your abdomen.
We can run some tests
to see what's causing it.
The fiction that we are somehow
at our best after a 12 hours
on the floor.
So all my years of pulling
12-to-16 was what?
Wasted effort?
Still four weeks on,
one week off, right?
'Cause I live for that week.
This way you wouldn't have to.
Around the corner, Mags.
You can't miss her!
You settled in.
I like to be comfortable.
Do we know what happened last night?
All your labs came back normal.
So maybe you were just lightheaded.
You're on team
"it's all in her head"?
Thought you were a renegade.
Lily, is there a reason
you don't want to go home?
Living alone with a heart condition
means choosing between
locking the deadbolt
and the paramedics being
able to get to me in time.
No, I'm not asking for pity.
I like my life.
But all I have is how I feel
and I won't be made invisible.
Well I mean, if we
were going to look wider
than Long QT, any family
history of stroke
- or high blood pressure?
- I went through all that
with your boss's previous
lackey when I signed up
- for this study last year.
- Well, the only other thing
I can do is collect your tropes.
They'd give us a definitive
answer on a coronary event.
Can I be there when you tell
Dr. Fisher I was right?
If we find something.
Her insistence
on the infallibility of a device
over a human being?
Must be a pretty lucrative
hunk of metal.
What, does she get some kind of cut?
It's a fire hazard.
Before you say anything,
I know I lost control.
It was just for a second.
A second is all it takes.
- If the chaos is getting to you
- Yeah, you know
there's a woman out there
who's going to find out
that her husband is hanging on
by a thread,
so it is not just the chaos.
It's everything, and it's all on me,
so that's why I wanted you covering.
So, did I bite off more than I can chew?
You had structure and a clear
path, and you left it.
I can't answer for you, June.
You chose this.
June Curtis? I've been easing
her into being friends
for the past two years
and you reap the dividends?
- That's so annoying!
- She insisted.
But she can still be traced
back to you though, right?
I mean, if anyone followed the money,
wouldn't she still be breaking the rule?
Saleh's like my brother,
Mags. I have to help.
Even though he told you not to?
Anyway, we were talking
about your conflict of interest.
Oh, so we're just done
with you now? Okay.
I mean, I don't know how
it didn't occur to me that Fisher
stands to profit from the ICD.
That doesn't mean she doesn't
care about her patients.
She's your cardiologist.
Yeah, and she always
wants me to do less!
And I walked away from a career in Emerg
I'd been building forever
because it didn't feel right.
What if cardiology is wrong too?
- Um Kind of spiralling here.
- Yeah, I'm thinking.
Can I think for one second? Please.
Okay, you know your patient
who's spread out in the hallway?
You do that too morally.
That's what you came up with?
My morals take too much space?
What? Do you think I'm naive
because I want to be happy?
No, I think you burn things
down when they don't match
- your impossible standards.
- And I think you're risking
your citizenship to help Saleh
for the same reason
you won't fight for Trauma OR,
you think you don't
deserve things.
Same time tomorrow?
Dr. Hunter, I've been paging you.
That chart you requested came back.
Thank you.
Any updates on Matt?
Still too much swelling
on the brain to see
if there's any executive function. Why?
I have a kid who lost a kidney
and Matt's a partial match.
- You screened without consent?
- No.
Surgeons prescreened for transfusions.
- I just looked.
- Okay. Well,
Matt's still alive. And
his very worried wife
doesn't really need you
floating this right now.
I know, it's just he's not
a registered donor.
All it would take is
the transplant nurse to go in
and ask if she'd be willing
to put him on the list.
There are really good reasons
why we don't do that,
like not wanting patients
thinking that we make less
- of an effort with organ donors.
- I know you'll do everything
- you can to save Matt.
- Yeah, and if I'm unsuccessful,
then we can ask.
There won't be enough time
to organize by then!
A kid's life is at stake here!
Look, I know I'm skirting the line,
but as supervising doctor,
if I want us to look into this,
- we look into this!
- Seniority or not, doctor,
you are way over the line!
And I shouldn't have
to explain that to you, Theo.
They said that the ketamine's
mostly out of my system
but that my blood pressure's still high.
That's because in the part
of your aorta that runs
through your abdomen,
those walls have weakened.
It's an abdominal aortic aneurysm.
Ketamine raises blood
pressure. I looked it up.
- Did it cause this?
- Not necessarily,
but it may have
exacerbated the aneurysm.
Aren't aneurysms deadly?
They can be if they rupture.
But many of them remain stable
for years with regular imaging.
Some patients have opted
for a surgical intervention.
It's a more definitive solution
but not without its own risks.
What kind of risks?
Heart attack, kidney damage, clots.
Well, I
I'd vote for surgery.
Why go straight to the riskiest option?
- We should wait and see.
- Why pretend it's not there
when I can face it right now?
He said they'd monitor it,
you could be okay for a long time!
- Fine. Do what you want.
- Don't! Don't disappear!
Stay here and fight with me!
If I do this now, I can move on!
Live my life!
Why won't you stop punishing yourself
and learn to want that too?
It's not true I never think of her.
Her body on that gurney
it's burned in my mind.
And I will not survive
if it happens to you too.
Sorry, I need some air.
Um, I can read you the options
again if you like.
Yes, please.
How much time does she have left?
On the on the machine.
Two more hours. I've arranged
for transport home.
She wouldn't want to
To go out surrounded by hospital beige?
Yeah she's uh, she's mentioned that.
Have you ever fostered before?
A few times. I've never
really bought into the whole
biological imperative, you know?
You always love them. But I told myself
I could keep up the barrier,
and that I was good
at saying goodbye, but
Not like this.
Not like this.
Can you delay transport?
Have you found another kidney?
It's just a lead, it's
Don't get your hopes up.
Ah! I'm, uh
If this works, we're gonna need
a giant cardboard cutout of you
with a cape for the living room.
You guys need to get
out more or find a
Just don't tell Siobhan, okay?
This could still be nothing.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- The favour has to go.
- Yeah, I know,
I'm on my way to tell her
her tropes are negative.
So, we were just talking about you.
We'll be right back.
There is nothing medically
wrong with that woman.
Yeah, I know, Dr. Devi, but
she was scared to go home
and I needed to make sure she was okay
- because I tend to kind of want
- Fear is its own sickness.
The one that our system
sucks at making room for.
Okay, but we already have
a four-hour backlog of patients
with physical symptoms.
Has anyone been updating her?
Because that can add to her anxiety.
Well, she's not even an Emerg patient.
I'll talk to her. And um,
maybe we can move her
to the waiting room until
she's ready to go?
Hey. Your courier called.
- He asked a lot of questions.
- Like what?
Like where I work, how I know Saleh,
what the money's for
I didn't say anything about you
but are you sure you wanna do this?
Hey! Hey! Something's wrong with Krista!
She started wailing
in pain then passed out!
- Wanna catch me up?
- Low-grade triple A.
Pressure's 60 systolic.
She's not low-grade anymore,
she's full of fluid.
- Maybe it's dissected?
- Whoa does that mean ruptured?
- You said that was unlikely!
- Okay, we need to act now.
We need to stop the bleeding.
- Is she gonna be okay?
- Move aside, Tavi.
We've been packing all month.
I took a job in Denver, and
Matt dropped everything else
just to come. Just to support me.
Now it's my turn to be there.
To get him healthy.
There are resources here
to help you, Jenny.
But I came to ask
Matt isn't a registered organ donor.
Oh my God, did you come
to tell me that he died?!
No. No. Um
But if he did,
if you, on his behalf, would
like to donate an organ
to a patient in need,
we can bypass the list.
Are you trying to harvest
one of Matt's organs?
- He is still alive!
- And his surgeons are doing
everything they can to keep it that way.
But if you thought he
had a chance, you
wouldn't be asking me this, right?
I am not on Matt's team, okay?
I can't tell you what's going to happen.
All I know is that there is a young girl
who is clinging to life
right now, just like Matt.
No! No!
No! It is my turn to be there,
and Matt is gonna live
no matter what you say!
Continue MTP.
- Call the blood bank.
- I'm gonna need suction.
Ah, good thing this happened here.
Eight times out of ten
a rupture will kill you
before you get to the hospital.
She's in hemorrhagic shock.
Go higher, June.
We need superphilia control.
He's not wrong.
Thanks for the sign-off, Dr. Hamed.
I'm gonna compress the aorta
and stop the bleed.
In a more orderly fashion this time?
Crossed clamp. I'm
gonna need retraction.
Dr. Hamed can retract.
You've lost interest?
As per Dr. Devi, I'm not meant to assist
- on trauma surgeries.
- As per Dr. Curtis,
we need help and I agree, so
Up to you. In or out?
That's it.
Need me to hire movers for that woman?
Oh, Lily? No, that's okay,
I'll take care of it.
Um, what you said about
fear being a sickness,
I completely agree.
Also I read all your academic
papers, so
Always nice to meet a fan.
is something a person who publishes
medical research papers says, never.
Can I ask some advice?
I mean, I'm not your supervising doctor,
but shoot.
Is it a conflict of interest
if a physician stands to personally gain
financially from her research?
That happens all the time.
But I do think it's wrong.
My advice, however, is ask to yourself
why you're not asking
the physician the question.
We heard from Neuro on Matt Ellis.
Cognitive function are negative.
Nothing more they can do.
I'm sorry to hear that.
If your patient still needs a kidney,
I'm about to inform the wife.
Don't tell us the girl didn't make it?
Uh, no, um
Jenny already said no.
You spoke to her after
I asked you not to?
- Dr. Hunter!
- I know!
It was a stupid mistake.
One Siobhan's gonna pay for.
Look, just Where are the donor forms?
- June.
- Well, I doubt she's gonna
change her mind, but I'll ask again.
Hey. Not for you, for your patient.
- Right. Thank you.
- Yeah.
Tell me what else you need.
To make Trauma OR work for you.
Okay. But earlier you said
that I made the wrong choice.
You did. But I still want
you to succeed, June.
And this shouldn't be all on you.
Plus I look bad if you fail.
Personally, I think you should start
with your surgical cart
workflow, but think about
what else you need.
Hey, I can ask someone
from janitorial to do this.
Oh, so a patient waits
another 20 minutes
when it takes me five?
You've heard I'm looking
to change nursing shift hours?
I was hoping I could count on you
- to sell it to your team.
- Mm
Then why don't you tell me
what's behind it?
To improve overall patient experience,
we're revamping waiting
times and communication.
I'm aware that a lot of that
burden will fall on nurses.
And, uh
you think shorter shifts
will make up for that?
I know. Change is anarchic.
But I'm willing to be unpopular
if it improves things long term.
I think this will, Claire.
Well, doctors make decisions
and the nurses eat the consequences.
That's always the way it's been.
Hi. How is she?
So we clamped the bleed but
Krista needs another surgery
to repair her artery.
This is my fault.
I said no to surgery before.
This is not your fault. Okay?
We would've had to deal with
this before we started anyway.
Krista's right, you know.
I haven't let myself move on.
Even the little things
we used to do as a couple
Watching dumb TV, going for walks, I
I can't.
She believes she can beat it
one day, you know, the grief.
She talks about moving on
like there's a finish line.
If she works hard enough
Krista's called it a thousand times.
Leaving messages, uh
"Hey, I baked your favourite
cookies today".
"I read this book,
you would've loved it".
Things about her day.
I found the text message
Ari sent me that night.
"See you tomorrow, old man".
I forgot she used to call me that.
It used to make me laugh,
but when I read now, I
It hurts.
It's torture.
Even letting the good memories in, I
Krista's still here and she
she needs to me try.
You should go be with her.
Today's trauma log for your review.
Thanks again for stepping in.
If you've got any feedback
Novak isn't your problem. You are.
You've got big ideas and
that's why they hired you.
But if you also want allies,
I've got a suggestion.
I want to hear it.
Go straight there,
if you lose this, I can't
get another until Monday.
- What's this?
- That fancy pressed sushi
you like. You don't want
me to cook, so
Hey, you were right. I should've
brought you with me
and showed you how to do it, but I
Whoa! It's supposed to be a cheque!
No, no, that's not for you.
This is for you.
You're not moonlighting as some backdoor
Craigslist doctor, are you?
Thanks for the sushi!
I have the cash
Ms. Tang is out of a-fib, and
we can probably discharge
Mr. Londra in the morning.
Good. Mr. Coel in four?
Dilated cardiomyopathy?
He fills an age gap we're light on.
Do an intake and see
if he's interested in the study.
Also, you should know
that I kept Lily Jameson
in Emerg until all her tests
came back negative.
I understand you wanted her
discharged but did you know
that her father had a fatal
coronary embolism
when she was 15?
Lily came back from school
and found him.
- She told you that?
- It was in her intake form.
extended patient history.
Anyway, she needed to stay
long enough to feel safe, so
Well, I'm glad she's okay.
Thanks for letting me know.
She looks so happy here.
You'll have to do two rounds
of plasmapheresis
because it's a half-match.
They'll clean your blood
so your antigens
don't do Battle Royale
against the donor's.
It's okay to be optimistic, Siobhan.
This kind of transplant has good odds.
Odds someone else had to die to give me.
That's true.
But you didn't cause that to happen.
But I was happy.
When you told me. Doesn't that make me
some kind of monster?
It makes you human.
We are wired for survival.
You get to be happy this is
happening. You hear me?
What about next week?
Or next year? How will
I feel about it then?
I don't know.
But you're gonna be around
to figure it all out.
Don't tell Gloria I cried.
'Cause I'd hate to have
to write you out of my memoir.
I swear on hospital beige.
If you're gonna tell me to leave,
we've done that dance.
No, I'm not.
But there's a decent chance
that someone might.
Let them try.
I was 50-50 on whether
you'd order and camp out.
I'm trying to take some
advice and moderate.
Just a little.
Why do I still feel like you gave
her your cell phone number?
- 'Cause I'm still me.
- I did the thing.
With the money.
And you're still you too.
Everything okay?
I think so. It's easier
than doing a bank draft.
But the woman didn't give me
a receipt so how do I know
- if it went through?
- You just hope for the best
and wait. Thank you so much, June.
- I really owe you one.
- No, we're even, okay?
You clamping that bleed in Trauma OR
was the only sane part of my day,
but you should know, though
There were some consequences to that.
Hi. I'm sorry to interrupt
but um, I heard Dr. Singh
wants me training as a trauma surgeon?
To support Dr. Curtis.
As long as you're willing
to start from the bottom. Again.
He also said that he was the one
who pulled you into Trauma OR today?
I could tell you I was
in the right place
at the right time,
but I did choose to stay.
Well, I still think you should
focus on other skills.
But if you want this it's up to you.
- Welcome back Chief.
- Thank you.
I will do everything in my power
to assist in your return.
But that might not include surgeries.
I can do all the duties
of Chief Surgeon.
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