Transplant (2020) s03e04 Episode Script

Multiple Choices

- You won't feel a thing.
- No, no, no, w-wait, wait!
You pinned me down and you
assaulted me with that needle
and I don't want you treating me.
Is it a conflict of interest
if a physician stands
to personally gain
- financially from her research?
- Yes.
Is this gonna be a problem,
this desire you have to go all in?
I heard Doctor Singh wants me
training as a trauma surgeon?
As long as you're willing to start
from the bottom, it's up to you.
There are some hoops
to jump through still,
but we qualify for citizenship.
Oh, my God, that's amazing, right?
You have 30 minutes
to answer 20 questions.
All questions are multiple choice,
even if you don't know
the answer, circle one response.
Your citizenship test begins now.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me, sir?
- Does yours look like this as well?
- Shh!
Ma'am? I don't understand this.
You're not supposed to be here.
You told me to wake you up for rounds.
So here we have Mister Mohan.
He joined us last night through
ED after falling off of his roof.
We treated his hemothorax
by inserting a chest tube
and then took him to OR
for a fractured hip.
Monitoring includes amount of fluids,
regular CTs and, of course,
labs every six hours.
Moving on.
This gentleman is currently post-op
from an incarcerated hernia.
As there was a bout of necrosis
but no perforation
Whose resident is this?
Uh, mine, sir.
Doctor Hamed was just attending
to your patient because
I noticed some bubbling in his tube.
And you decided to fix it yourself?
Uh, actually, Doctor Hamed
inserted the chest tube
last night in emerg.
He's starting a dual
residency as of today.
Novak's Trauma OR recruit.
Well, young man, most of us
will have your head
if you jump in without permission.
Isn't that so, Doctor Curtis?
Absolutely and it won't happen again.
Kelly, can you take point?
Bash, what the hell was that?
Instinct? I didn't think
Well, you need to start.
Listen, in surgery,
hierarchy is king, alright?
You're not just Bash the
emergency doctor around here.
If you wanna make any decisions,
you have to run it by me first.
Uh you think I'll recover from that?
Well, hopefully, we both will.
Doctor Olsen comes across as calm
but he's not your average surgeon.
Well, I know he's
a Chief Medical Officer,
he's everyone's boss
and he still sees patients?
Well, he likes to stay hands
on for a couple days a month.
You'll find out when he's in by
checking that board over there.
- Sorry, it won't happen again.
- I get it, alright?
You just got thrown into the
middle of a surgical rotation,
you're trying to rep
both Trauma OR and emerg.
Plus this experimental residency.
Things are gonna happen.
I appreciate you taking me on.
It isn't charity. You're
a surgeon and I need help.
Look, cross-reference prescriptions,
follow-up on these and find me in 30?
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Sum up the data,
on abnormal left ventricular
ejection fractions
and throw back to me for
our big finish on next steps.
I guess I'm nervous.
Don't be.
You've done good work
building patient engagement,
and the deck looks great.
I noticed you carved out my
slide on lead detachment risks.
It's in the printed disclosure.
But our talking points
today are on results,
we need sign off on our
phase for funding.
What, Mags ?
You own stock in the company
that's marketing the ICD.
Are you sure that that's not a conflict?
Not according to the ethics board.
It's just if I'm gonna
be getting up there
in front of an executive committee,
I need to know I can stand
behind what we're doing.
The hospital is fine with it.
Do I have to remind you
they weren't fine with you
switching residencies
until I went to bat for it?
And that one of the conditions
of that was you doing this study?
So we can't even discuss this?
Are you holding my residency hostage?
No. But this isn't
a collaboration, Mags.
I don't need you to agree with me
but I do need you to trust me.
If I don't see you in the boardroom
at 11, then I'll assume you don't.
When did the Canadian Charter
of Rights and Freedoms
become part of the
Canadian Constitution?
Okay, team, let's uh let's
make camp over here, okay?
Hey, our medical students are
getting younger every year.
No, normally I fly them home but,
Mel wants to grab them here.
Meanwhile, Abigail has volunteered
to make bracelets
for anyone who'd want one,
Grace has some studying to do
- and Dad is supplying all the Fanta.
- Abby, I'll take a bracelet?
And Gracie, maybe, uh Bash'll
help you learn the Prime Ministers?
Everything okay with the girls?
Yeah, yeah. They were supposed
to stay till Sunday but
Grace called Mel and asked
her to come pick them up.
Uh she said she wasn't feeling well
but I think she just could sense
something was off with me.
Anything I can do?
- Amira's always happy to babysit.
- Thanks.
Okay, I promise to keep this brief.
I've made no secret of the fact that
I was brought on with a mandate
to keep us at the forefront
of patient-centric care.
But what does that mean?
If you've ever visited
an ED as a patient,
you'll know that it's a series
of waiting rooms, exam rooms,
imaging, maybe surgery.
Through that time you see
doctors, nurses, support staff
While we can't always control the wait,
we can improve
how the patient experiences it.
Doctors and nurses
will keep patients informed.
- Not just on the waits but
- You hear this?
No. We have a double trauma.
Let's go.
And that's my cue to wrap it up.
Okay, battle stations everyone.
This is the parachute error?
Actually, a double parachute error.
Diana Albertson, 32 years old,
skydiving accident,
multiple contusions. Her heart rate
is 135 and her O-two is dipping.
- Her chute didn't open.
- You hanging in there, D?
Boyfriend Nicholas has pulled his chute
and guided them to safety.
Evidence of a left ankle fracture.
It's more like human error. I panicked.
- Nick saved me.
- Some anniversary.
- You landed directly on your ankle, sir?
- Argh! Ah!
- It's your anniversary?
- Yeah.
We met a year ago today. Skydiving.
One of those singles excursions.
Talk about falling into a relationship.
Why does it hurt to breathe?
Well, looks like you broke some ribs,
that would put pressure on your lungs.
Heart rate climbing. Hemopneumo?!
- Yeah, let's put in a chest tube!
- What's happening?
We need to make an incision
in Diana's chest so they
can re-inflate her lung.
- We need to get you a room.
- No, I'm not going anywhere.
Are you squeamish with blood, sir?
No, no I need to know she's okay.
- It's okay.
- Claire, let's get 25 ketamine to sedate.
Bash, why aren't you prepping
for the chest tube?
- Before, with Olsen
- Different rules in emerg.
You're not a first year here.
Starting incision
That's it, keep pushing, I got you.
- O-two's down to 89.
- Okay. I'm in.
O-two's up, but temp's still high.
We'll find out why.
Bash, when you're done, can you
take Nicholas to radiology?
I will coordinate next steps for Diana.
Next steps? You didn't fix her?
Well, because of the way
Diana's ribs broke,
she's gonna need surgical stabilization.
So vascular, orthopedics
and general surgery are
all gonna have to weigh in.
With all those doctors,
who do we talk to?
We are in luck.
Doctor Curtis is also a surgeon,
so she'll be Diana's point person
for any questions you have
through our system.
Right, June?
Uh, which floor's nuclear medicine?
Eight. Elevator's faster.
Not for me!
You okay?
Guess I uh, I miscalculated.
- Did you lose your footing?
- And my rating.
Uh, I need to make my
deliveries to stay on track.
No, no, no, no, no, don't.
Okay, well, once everything
stops spinning then.
Okay, were you dizzy before you fell?
Yeah, uh, a guy doored me
off my bike last week.
Uh, I came here actually,
they said I was fine.
How many fingers?
Uh, blurry three.
Okay. Um
Oh, you have somewhere else to be.
Don't worry, it'll wear off in a minute.
And if it doesn't, I'm I'm in
a hospital, I'll find a doctor.
Actually, well, you just found one.
I think we should send you for a head C
and get you all cleaned up.
- Oh, that that must be a sign.
- Yeah. Must be.
Any chance we can uh
swing by nuclear medicine?
Just get up slowly. You okay?
Yep. Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks. Thanks.
I found out what's causing
Diana Albertson's fever.
- Wait, this is ?
- Yeah.
- Are you sure?
- Oh, yeah.
I have syphilis? Seriously?
Your blood tested positive
for the antigens.
That's why your uh, temperature
was elevated as well.
And why we offered to talk
to you separately.
What's the difference?
It's an STI I mean,
if D has it, I have it.
Um, not necessarily.
We'll have to screen you too.
Okay, wouldn't have I known?
Symptoms can be hard to spot in women.
Must've been Brian.
You know, you think you know a person.
Well, Dana could've given it to you
and you could've given it to me.
Hey, sorry.
Uh, are you talking about
other sexual partners
'cause we're gonna need a list
of everybody that you've been
- Okay, relax, it's just two other people.
- Right.
- Not everyone south of Bloor.
- Okay.
We decided to open things up last month.
It's just that Public Health
needs to create a trace list,
so if you can give us their
numbers, we can get in touch
We can do it.
I mean you know, uh,
when you prefer to get the call
from someone you knew.
This won't affect the surgery
on my ribs, will it?
I don't think so, it shouldn't, no.
Um We have you
on targeted antibiotics.
That fever should come down
and we'll get you up there.
This is Sylvia Fisher.
If this is a patient with an emergency,
please hang up and call 911.
If your meeting already started,
why didn't you just
leave him with a porter?
Because there was a wait at CT and
I was afraid he had a brain bleed
and now Fisher's at lunch,
then has appointments
at her clinic with people
and that means she won't be
back for a couple of hours.
Or answer my texts.
Okay, well, I stashed
Damian in a patient room
and uh, his imaging just came up.
Thank you so much.
I know you had a busy day
so cash in a favor whenever, okay?
Do you think I use this
patient as an excuse
to sabotage things with Fisher?
Because if I did, why am I trying
so hard to find her and fix it?
Do I need to be here for this?
Because you're already
arguing with yourself.
Bash. Three intakes
before afternoon rounds.
Charming new boss you have.
What's it like being a surgeon again?
Well, Mags. All they do is
ply me with scut work which,
with all my training,
has me pretending to know less than
I do just to not step on any toes.
Meanwhile I don't have to do that
in emerg, so kinda confusing.
- I just think
- What, what do you think?
I think your delivery guy
has a mass behind his ear.
- What the hell?
- Have you eaten?
Don't forget to eat, Mags.
Love you, girls. Oh.
See you guys next week, okay?
Yeah? Eh?
Girls, go pick out treats
for the plane, okay?
Has uh has Grace said anything
else about wanting to go home?
Ah, just that she felt weird.
Do you know what happened?
No, I'm doing my best to be fun dad.
I mean we went for spaghetti,
I bought crafts.
What's that mean, doing your best?
Well, I I've been
all over the place, Mel.
I guess Grace noticed.
Look, I'm slowly coming out of it.
But I don't know to what and I'm
not sure how to navigate the come down.
Well, I'm I mean maybe we
keep your visits to our place.
For now.
No, I just want No.
Look, I I can I can talk to her,
try to help her understand.
Look, there's gotta be
a better solution.
I wish I had one Theo
but it has to come from you.
Yeah, and I'm trying, Mel.
I'm sorry you're going through this.
Really. But all I can do is
what's best for the girls.
Diana, we'll be taking you
upstairs to prep for surgery.
And Nicholas, your uh, antigen test
came back and you're
negative for syphilis.
Guess I just got lucky.
- Dana'll be relieved.
- Yeah.
You know I haven't called her yet.
Is it necessary if I'm negative?
I mean why scare her for no reason?
You should still inform her
about the exposure
and confirm your results.
Okay um, yeah.
She should probably hear it
from me anyway, right?
"You'll hear about an STI scare.
Obvs don't worry. Will explain".
I think you texted the wrong D.
What do you mean "obvs don't worry"?
Okay look, um don't
be mad at me, okay?
Dana and I have never had sex.
All those times you said
you were with her
You know, often we'd just play
video games. You know?
Or I'd kill time alone. You know.
I'm pretty sure you can't get
syphilis from that, right?
Is it so wrong that you're
the only one that I'm into?
Well, we wouldn't have done this
if you had been honest with me.
Nicholas. Let's get you to imaging.
Okay. I'll just go ahead and check
for bowel lacerations. Sound good?
- Hm.
- Got an audience.
Thank you for checking in, Neeta.
Doctor Curtis, did you need something?
- Uh, Diana had a fever earlier.
- Is that on the chart?
- Yes.
- I think we have it covered.
I know you want me
to stay with her, just
Of all the surgeons, you're the
only one who actually knows her.
Doctor Olsen, Nicholas's
imaging came in.
Looks like I'll be pinning his ankle.
It's a while to take for imaging to come
after someone fell out of an airplane.
Oh, he wanted to wait with his
partner until she went into OR.
Since his pain was managed,
seemed reasonable.
Only now he's gonna have
to wait even longer
because the window I had for him
this morning evaporated.
He'll be ready when you're ready.
- Hey, June.
- What?
This dark circle here. Does
that look like an infection?
Bash, why don't you say something?
Because you said uh, hierarchy
and okay so sometimes
I should, sometimes I shouldn't?
Bash, you're supposed
to use your instinct.
You told me I can't do that
either so which one is it?
June, should I go and tell him or
should I do a bone scan to confirm?
You should do the reading.
MRIs are more current, okay?
Besides if you and I point out
that Olsen missed this,
it's just gonna backfire
again, so just
Look, just wait for the MRI results
and hope you are wrong.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- June.
- You know, I need 30 minutes.
- What?
- Thirty minutes.
- Just don't talk to anyone.
- Okay.
Look, I am aware that Hamed's
field experience is solid,
but uh, double residency means
he's stretched pretty thin.
It wasn't my plan for him, but
Singh and Novak pushed hard.
Then why did you sign off?
I need to win hearts and minds.
Inside my department and out.
Except allowing a patient
to dictate his own waiting
time on imaging?
They sometimes know what they want,
they rarely know what they need.
It's just one piece of a larger
puzzle I'm trying to put together.
And and the reason you hired me.
It is.
And also because we knew you'd
approach change deliberately.
When it comes to systemic shifts,
I can always shed light on the nuances.
Just so we don't have
to backtrack later.
Could it be an aneurysm?
What are the chances that kills
me like, percentage-wise?
Let's not go down that road
until the radiologist weighs in.
Yeah, well, five minutes ago I was
worried about making my quota,
- now I'm worried I won't make it to 30.
- Damian
I have a math degree which, so far,
I've only used to figure out exactly
how many food deliveries a week
pays for my student loans.
- What are these?
- Hives.
My apartment's a hole full of allergens.
That wouldn't make my brain
bleed though, would it?
No, um, any hearing loss?
Uh, yeah, actually,
my right ear feels a bit full.
- It's just I I promised myself I'd
- Just hold on.
only do this until I could figure
out how to pay for grad school.
- Ow!
- Oh. Oh, I'm sorry.
Ah. Say, that was like six years ago.
now if I'm being honest I
Okay, you're gonna feel
some more liquid.
I'm just gonna ask you
to hold this for me, please.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Putting this right here. Hold it.
- Alright. Yeah.
- Okay?
If I'm being honest I
I kinda got ah, stuck
where I didn't belong.
Kinda feel like I sabotaged
all my hopes and dreams.
Okay, I'm gonna ask you to
stop talking for a minute, okay?
Ah, ah, ah.
It's not an aneurysm, Damian.
Yeah, those weren't hives.
They were bites.
I know they come out
of the walls at night.
Does that mean that one
of them got into my ear?
Yup. But you know what?
The good news is you'll
definitely live to see 30.
- Hi, I'm Arnold.
- Hey.
- Heard you had a tattoo removal gone wrong?
- Yeah.
Why don't you have a seat?
And just uh
It's uh really, really painful.
- Like
- Oh wow.
- Yeah.
- Uh oh, sorry. Sorry, it's just
More like a fifty out of ten pain.
So, the bandages are stuck
and everything.
- I promise not to rip it.
- Okay.
- Um, maybe I'll just start with the edges.
- Yeah. Go ahead.
Oh. I've always wanted a tattoo.
Not sure Baby Yoda is
as timeless as I think it is.
Well, hey, this is the way.
Alright, almost there.
Okay, so um
At this point, you'll wait
for a doctor to take a look.
And that's gonna give us a better idea
of what's gonna happen beyond that.
- You're sure that's what it was?
- Yes. Unfortunately.
He tried getting rid of it himself
but even a half-swastika is still
Yeah, still a swastika. Um
- Did he say anything?
- No, he was he was fine.
It's just seeing it?
And I still had to do the communication
stuff Devi wants us to do and
I think he could tell that I was thrown.
I don't blame you. Thank you, Arnold.
I will warn whatever
doctor picks him up.
- Uh, I'll do it.
- Yeah? Thank you.
Um he seems okay, but
do you want security with you?
- Just in case?
- I'll see how it goes.
What year was the Charter of
Rights and Freedoms signed?
I know that one 1981.
Are you nervous?
I thought you could dress the part.
You know, for good luck.
And thank you for not wanting me
to wear a beaver pelt.
- I was at the mall anyway.
- Mm.
Shopping for a costume for
my art-school audition video?
- Amira.
- Bashir.
It's a public school.
They teach regular stuff too.
Math, science and everything
else you think matters.
Okay, look, I don't want you
limiting your options
or being pushed into the wrong stream
because you were into
musicals for six months.
Okay, when I was your age,
I really wanted to be
a professional soccer player
I'm not you. I know who I am.
Why do you think I'm
taking this exam? Mm?
Ah it will open so many
doors to both our futures.
But I'm trying to tell you something
that will make me happy now.
And you won't even listen.
Good luck on your test.
What are you doing home so early?
Please tell me nobody
knocked. I've been trying
to get a plumber to come in here
to fix the basement leak,
he emailed back and said
he could be here for 2.
Oh, and you didn't think
I could handle letting him in?
I thought you'd be in class
but apparently, you're here
doing whatever this is?
I can't believe this is you
playing the piano!
Experiencing pure joy!
We should sort these into
albums and digitize them,
- like a project!
- Did you need a project?
'Cause there is always the bomb
that seems to have gone off
in the kitchen
I just thought it would be fun
What? Rifling through a childhood
that doesn't belong to you?
I don't
What are we doing, June?
I'm searching for some way
to connect with you,
but it's clear you want nothing
to do with me so why
am I even living here?
'Cause you needed help. Just What?
- Are you still on lunch?
- Why?
Nick's MRI. Turns out
it is a bone infection.
You know, if all you wanted to
do is make yourself feel better
by helping me then why even bother!?
Look, you need to find Alex Vaughan,
that's Olsen's resident.
You need to put the imaging
directly in her hands
for Olsen to review,
check the board for windows
because if he does want to operate,
we're gonna need to schedule. Alright?
Don't do anything else
until we hear back.
When I bought the home laser kit,
they said it would hurt,
but half-way through I just
I just couldn't take it
It's a third-degree burn.
You may require a skin graft, Tommy.
Look, I know Okay? I know!
The graft, do you think
it could take it off?
It could, yeah.
Can I ask
why did you get it in the first place?
'Cause I felt lost, okay
in high school. I didn't have
any friends, and then
I met the wrong friends.
- Are you cold?
- Yeah, I'm freezing.
Okay, can you just layback for me?
Oh God!
I didn't bother to go to a professional
removal clinic because
Because I knew they judge me
for good as soon as they see it,
like everyone, like your nurse did.
Not that I blame him, it's just
Look, I'm not that guy anymore.
Well, your temperature is
two degrees below normal.
Usually, it would require a bigger burn,
but it can cause hypothermia.
Your skin isn't able to keep the heat
in when it's injured this badly.
What do we do for that?
Blankets, fluids and painkillers.
And if that doesn't work, we may
have to use a warming catheter.
How come you're not freaking out
about it like everyone else?
People should get a chance
to fix their mistakes.
Let's get you covered up, Tommy.
Nice threads, Dr. Leblanc.
Yeah, we're presenting data today.
Well, at least I was supposed to
until I accidentally
picked up a patient.
So you stuck with the study?
Last we spoke you were torn
by the profit motivations
inherent to research medicine.
I I know. I was trying
to find a way to make that work
until my boss made it clear that
my residency hung in the balance
Your boss has a goal. Her ICD.
She needs to keep the people
that she reports to onside
and the people who
report to her in line.
For example, when you're seeing
patients in my department,
I want to see you in scrubs.
Yes, of course
No, it's just I thought I was
going to be a real part of this,
instead of her grunt, you know?
But I guess our values aren't aligned.
Which I know sounds super naive
Or maybe just idealistic?
Sometimes when people recruit you,
they just tell you
what you want to hear
And the question is, what do you
do with that when it happens.
That is the right question
- Dr. Leblanc? Sorry.
- Yeah?
That cockroach crawling up my brain
making me think I was gonna die,
it was like an awakening for me,
you know like a a lightbulb.
And I know there's like a zero percent
chance of this ever happening
'cause you're you and I'm me,
we're like different worlds.
Um, would you go out with me sometime?
- Oh, Damian, no, thank you.
- Are you sure?
Because we both agreed
this was kind like a sign
Once the Ativan wears off,
you're gonna realize this was
just only an ear cockroach.
And you don't need a sign
to tell you how to live your life;
you just make choices and you
do your best to stand behind them. Okay?
Take these prophylactic antibiotics
and you go and you make that happen.
Thanks, there's always grad school.
- That's the spirit.
- Thank you. Sorry.
You know, I think you can trust
your instincts, Dr. Leblanc.
Thanks. And it's Mags.
Diana seized?
It took us pausing her rib
stabilization to quell it,
not mention of neurological
damage on her chart.
She didn't have any!
Well, something got missed,
not to mention the hack job
on this chest tube incision,
the positioning was two inches
east of effective.
- Very sloppy, June.
- That was me, Dr. Roche.
At least you're training residents
to throw themselves on grenades.
Is there any way the medications
that we administered for syphilis
could have caused hydrocephalus?
No, it's more likely
the syphilis itself
if she's had it for a while?
Doesn't really track, she was
only exposed for like a month.
- Huh.
- Maybe there was an underlying condition?
What? Are we guessing now?
You need to CT, shunt her and
place an IC monitoring probe.
By which I mean now,
Dr. Curtis. Let's go!
Not so fast, Hamed.
That bone infection that took you
so long to tell me about
is a debridement at minimum.
So I want you scrubbing in
so I can see you in action.
Uh, do you know when
that procedure will be?
Do you have something
better to do Dr. Hamed?
Just be ready when Dr. Olsen pages you.
You wanted to see me?
Good talk today, I'm actually
on the side of reform.
PR flagged this tweet.
Another abuser empowered by the system
hashtag Dr. Theo Hunter;
hashtag York Memorial.
Roberta Mattheson
So, you know what this is about?
She was afraid of a needle.
Rabies prophylaxis.
I put my hand on her shoulder
to keep her still, she got upset.
I thought maybe she'd
make a complaint
but instead she rallied a Twitter mob?
It's hardly a mob with 16 likes.
Have a seat, Theo.
Is there any truth to what she's saying?
I didn't think so? I held her down.
Gently, but I did.
I was trying to help her through it.
My radar's been off lately,
and I just
I guess I really shouldn't
be that surprised that
well, that there's some consequences
- This was right after you got back?
- Yeah
I've been doing everything
I can to get back to baseline.
Look, what do you think
I should do about Roberta?
Nothing is safest.
But next time you feel
like your radar's off
Keep me in the loop?
- Yeah
- Thank you.
Diana has fluid in her brain?
What does that mean?!
Is she okay?
They stabilized her seizure
but they're still trying to
figure out what caused it.
Has she been asking for me?
Nicholas, your MRI confirmed
something called osteomyelitis;
it's an infection in your bone.
An infection. No
My accident was today,
and I barely bled
Well, your accident just
alerted us to it,
it's been there for quite some
time, was it hurting before?
A little, yeah. Can you treat it?
The surgeon will either debride,
which mean to clear out the infection,
but if it's too extensive,
they'll have to
remove part of your bone,
which might affect
the length of your leg.
I'm just not a casual sex guy!
- Okay?
- Okay
Diana didn't know that because
things with us were always so easy.
Of course I just went
along with it 'cause
and now I'm about to lose
a piece of myself.
Look, it's it's never too late
to let her see the real you.
I meant losing a piece of my ankle.
That surgery How do I make
a choice like that?
Look, all you have to do is consent.
Okay, and we won't know
until we get in there.
The infection's causing
your temperature to rise.
We need to get you to
the OR before it spreads.
Whoa, whoa! You'll be there to
help them decide, though, right?
Hey, I am not hating this lumberjack
look on you seriously
Thanks. You sure you don't
mind me calling in my favour so soon?
No, no.
Can you just keep an eye on Nick's temp?
Are things with June so bad
that you can't loop her in
on whatever this is?
I mean, if you miss OR time
with the CMO,
she'll definitely hear about it.
My test is today.
Your citizenship test?
Bash! How could you
not tell me about this?
Are you okay?
Do you think you're not gonna pass?
Look, I know your way is
to just spill out everything
that's in your head but
Okay, okay, okay. I'll let it be.
Does it make me a hypocrite
if I ask about Fisher?
- Yes.
- Okay. Did you decide what to do?
Also yes. But just don't worry about me.
Or Nick, I got it.
Okay, here's my pager if Olsen
comes looking for me.
- Thank you.
- Hey
I got you coffee if you wanted.
Okay, you were right about me earlier.
It's just
wherever I go today, I'm not
sure where I'm supposed to be,
or who I'm supposed to be.
And just
Three deep breaths.
It's what I used to do in exams
to calm me down.
Okay. Thanks.
I went to bed thinking
they were fixing my ribs
and I wake up with a tube in my head?
We have to monitor your cranial pressure
until we find out what's
really going on with you.
Um, I have a few questions.
Have you ever sustained
any head injuries in the past?
Maybe jumping out of another airplane?
- Never.
- No.
Pneumonia? No
You have a history of stroke
in the family?
- Could be anything
- There've been six doctors in here!
All asking me those exact
same questions.
So, you all officially
know more about me
than I know about my boyfriend.
Speaking of
Can guilt cause brain fluid?
Because I don't need
14 surgeons to diagnose that.
Do you want me to get Nick a message?
Not unless you know how
to tell him I cheated on him.
Isn't that the whole point
of open relationship?
No. I actually cheated on him.
I've never been a monogamy person but
With Nick? I wanted to try.
Well, you know it's sometimes it
it's good, you know, to get pushed
outside of our comfort zone?
Except six months ago, I stumbled.
And instead of coming clean,
like I should've
I suggested we see other people
You think I'm a bad person.
I'm just wondering
if you're still in touch
with the other person you slept with?
No. I wanted to forget
so badly I deleted his number
- Alright
- Why?
Well, you could have had
asymptomatic syphilis since then,
which would explain
the fluid in your brain.
Is Nick in surgery yet?
I'm not sure but I'm gonna find out.
And your temperature's almost normal.
We're just gonna get something to
numb the area and then I'll irrigate.
And that's to prep me
for the graft, right?
I ask those surgeons, they
don't wanna tell me anything.
They're not going do a graft.
What? Why?
You're gonna stay here
until your temp's comes up,
but they're confident that
your burn will heal on its own.
If you could do something
to avoid surgery, you should;
it's very painful.
This is good news, Tommy.
No, no, it's not good news!
You know I bet they saw it
and decided not to help.
That is not true;
it's a medical decision.
No, it's true!
I could feel them judging me;
you're the only one in
this place who hasn't.
You'll be able to get it off eventually.
Our social worker can find you
some support, someone to talk to
I don't want support; I want a graft!
Okay? It's my only way to move on.
No, it's the easiest way.
Look, do the work! That's the right way
and if you don't want
to do that then maybe
Maybe what, man?!
I don't deserve help?!
What do I got to do to
Okay, Tommy.
No one's saying that, Tommy. Sit back.
Do what you got to do to me
so I can get out of here.
- Hey!
- Hey! Um
His temp's up and there's
fluid in his abdomen;
I think it's ascites but I don't
know what's causing it.
Yeah, you don't know what
causing it because Nicholas
isn't your patient?
You know, I told Bash
He's at his citizenship exam, June!
It's not the kind of
thing you just miss.
You serious?
You know he didn't say
anything about that to
Am I really that much of a tyrant?
Have you met Bash?
He feels like he can't tell
anyone anything
Thank you, but
I've been paying forward
my terrible modeling all day.
Bash is tough; he can take it.
Well, Shay can't.
And I can see it in her face
every time she looks at me
and I know that look is
the same look I used to give my father
and it means that nothing
is ever good enough.
And this time, I'm the one
Are you okay?
Yeah, my boss is back so
are you okay?
Is this okay?
Mags told me: acute ascites?
Came on fast, progressing
faster. How was your exam?
- She told me about that too.
- June, I need to apologize.
I shouldn't have left
without telling you why.
Look, I was at home
waiting for the plumber
when you called with Nick's
MRI results, okay so
I guess we could both do
a better job of communicating.
I have a theory about Nicholas,
- you wanna hear it?
- Yes.
Okay, so I was writing my exam,
and everything was going well
and then all of a sudden,
I thought syphilis,
if ignored, it can lead to osteomyelitis
which would only fit if Nicholas's
exposure was months ago and
I think it was.
She cheated on him,
she hasn't told him yet.
You know I would bet good money
that the syphilis test we gave Nicholas
is going to come back false negative.
We can't send him to the OR
with a belly full of fluid.
We've been letting everyone
down in surgery.
Only to get back to the same diagnosis
they came in with this morning
Olsen's been waiting for us
all day; he won't stop paging.
He can wait a little longer.
Our responsibility is to
our patient, not to Dr. Olsen.
So put the politics aside
and just tell me the best
way we can help Nicholas.
We drain the ascites here,
take the time we need to
get him ready for surgery.
- Yeah, I agree.
- Great.
If Olsen gets impatient,
just send him to me.
Dr Devi
You wanted me to keep you in the loop.
I thought if Roberta maybe
had some context
so I messaged her, but she just
took a screenshot of it
and then posted it.
"Look who wants to get me
alone in a room"
I specifically asked you
to do nothing and you do this?
Your radar is clearly still off.
I don't know what to do.
Well, the first thing to do is
to make sure all your decisions
- are now subject to sign off.
- You're demoting me?
Dr. Devi, you you said
I could come to you for help.
And I'm offering it.
I know you've been trying
hard to get past this,
but I have a responsibility
to the department
and the only help I can offer you now
is structure and consequences.
And Theo, if you can't live with that
it's your call.
Doctor Fisher.
I got all your texts
Food delivery guy ear cockroach
I really don't want excuses
or explanations.
You asked me a question
this morning. Do I trust you?
And obviously, I've been
thinking about that,
not just today but for weeks, and
and the answer is no.
I don't trust you.
I'm sorry to hear that, Mags.
But does it have to be an ultimatum?
If I don't trust you, I lose
my job, and if I do, I keep it?
Do you feel okay? You're breathing fast.
Yeah, no, I'm fine.
I'm trying to tell you
that instead of running away from this
- maybe there's some way
- Mags. You seriously don't look well.
- Maybe you should sit down?
- I'm fine,
it's just a mild panic attack.
I don't usually get them but
It's not a panic attack.
Are you feeling dizzy?
And some pain in my jaw.
Mags, I'm not your boss right
now, I'm your cardiologist.
Sit down and let me listen to you.
I think
I need a gurney in here now!
Nicholas, how did you get here?
We've been waiting for you
to take you to surgery.
Look, if I can jump out of an airplane,
I think I can wheel
myself into an elevator.
I guess Diana filled you in?
And in a weird way, we realized
that everything we did was us
fighting for our relationship.
We're not gonna let this
destroy what we have.
Or what we could have.
They're ready for you upstairs.
Can they bring him back down after?
So we can recover together
- Absolutely.
- Okay!
- Alright!
- Thank you doctor.
Look, I'm gonna order some burgers.
I found this place they have
that fake meat stuff you like.
You want some?
Okay, look, I know I can do a better job
at letting people in,
you're right, okay?
That's why I asked you to come
and live with me, I just suck at it.
I really think we should have
this conversation face to face.
So, I'm gonna come in,
okay? Don't freak out.
Oh, Shay
Doctor Hamed. To cardiology.
Hamed. Cardiology.
What happened?
A massive arrhythmia, out of nowhere.
We've cardioverted twice.
We won't know the extent
of the damage for a day or two.
Can I stay with her?
You should know; you're the
only person she'd let us tell.
- Hey!
- So did you pass?
- Uh, I passed.
- What are you going to do to celebrate?
Amira, I'll call you later, okay?
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