Transplant (2020) s03e05 Episode Script


I'm not sure I can keep coming here.
Bashir. Let's talk about this.
I don't think you can help me.
You're demoting me?
I have a responsibility
to the department.
Did you need a project?
'Cause there is always the bomb
that seems to have gone off
in the kitchen.
I'm searching for some way to connect,
and it's like you want
nothing to do with me.
You own stock in the company
that's marketing the ICD.
Are you sure that that's not a conflict?
Not according to the ethics board.
I need to know I can stand
behind what we're doing.
Do you feel okay? You're breathing fast.
I need a gurney in here now!
Help! I need help in here!
Call Doctor Fisher,
tell her heart rate's 190!
No change in rhythm.
Her pressure's dropping!
Get her to the cath lab!
Three, two, one, lower.
Get her on a rebreather!
50 ketamine, IV push.
Dr. Hamed, we've got this!
I just heard, Bash.
100 joules, synchronized.
- Charging!
- No, no, no, one of her pads is loose!
Anyone not part of the
cardiology department leaves.
- Now!
- No! I'm not leaving!
Bash. Come on.
Bash, let's go, man.
Let them do their job.
I was asleep! Okay?
Her rhythm jumped up and
I didn't hear it in time!
What would you have done?
Call the nurse a split second
- before the monitor?
- If I'd been awake
Bash, Bash! Get a grip man.
How many times have we told
patients and their families
not to blame themselves?
What's going on?
Guys what the hell is going on?
She keeps jumping in and out of A-fib
which her pacemaker can't pick up.
What? Mags has a pacemaker?
She never said anything about
a heart history.
- Yeah, me either.
- I guess maybe she thought
it was behind her
Okay, I I have to get back.
Uh, you can
You stay, I'm just gonna
- I have to go cover.
- We're going to have to open her up.
(SIGH) You're sure you don't mind
taking Amira a few more days?
It's not me minding
you should worry about.
She knows, Bashir.
That Mags and I are ?
- Yeah.
- You told her?
(SIGH) She had already figured it out,
and I didn't lie when she asked
me what was going on now.
I knew she'd be upset, that's
why I didn't say anything.
This is not why she's upset.
Come on, Rania, if this is
about art school again
(SIGHS) I don't mean to pile on.
So this is where patients
come in from an ambulance.
Whoa, heads up guys.
The aquarium tickets are timed,
I cleared 12 to 1.
Oh no, I could only get 10 to 11.
Does that mean you can't come?
Who do sharks see when
they need doctors Mama?
Whales. I guess we'll divide and conquer
and I will take you swimming later?
You're still interviewing
nannies today right?
Oh, is this the little family here?
Yes, it is.
Bowie, Phoebe, this is Dr. Novak.
Hey, buddy. You wanna to go
see the Trauma OR?
It's where all the coolest
stuff happens.
Actually we've got to go.
All right.
- Uh, can you just hang on one sec? Mark?
- Yep.
It's a cute kid.
Did you not check email overseas?
I did. I wanted Dr. Hamed for
Trauma OR in the first place. So
I also wanted us to put our heads
together around efficiencies.
I've already ran a few things past June,
maybe we could meet later this week?
Yes, okay. I'll look forward to it.
Was that him?
That was him.
If I get to the nannies
next week, will you be mad?
Yes. But I love you anyway.
Come here!
Oh, I've got to go.
- Alright, have fun guys.
- Ciao.
- (SHAY): This is Shay, speak.
- (BEEP)
Hey Shay you didn't
come back last night.
I know we had an argument
but you can come home,
so call me when you get this.
Oh well, well, well. If it isn't
Team Trauma OR. Looking
- emotionally roiled?
- How was Turkey?
Actually, I ended up in northeast Syria.
Huge displaced population
in a camp there.
You were in Al-Hol?
I mean there was no water
supply, so most of the time
was spent helping with distribution,
but we did do four kidney transplants.
I guess you can't cross that border yet?
Not without risking arrest.
Even if I had a Canadian passport.
Well, we need you here at home anyways.
At least one good thing
came out of the ground
Dr. Curtis ceded to Devi in my absence.
You mean by reporting to the boss
who was holding down the fort
- for the one who wasn't?
- No, I mean
by setting a precedent that she gets
to have an opinion on our process.
Which I now need to undo.
It's getting crowded out there in emerg.
How often does the residency board
want you training in surgery?
Every third shift, otherwise it's ED.
And always on call to Trauma OR,
'cause I get first priority.
Let me know how it's going with Mags.
Gurjeet Sran? Sorry
to keep you waiting, sir.
I hear you're having trouble swallowing?
It hurts right here
when I eat or drink something.
Let's take a look.
Your scarring. IED?
Afghanistan, 2010.
Went for the sunshine, came
back with a shrapnel fragment
lodged in my neck.
That was it for active service,
now I work as a drill instructor.
I was with the recruits this morning
when the pain really started to spike.
I already don't look like them
so fainting with pain
doesn't really (INHALES)
make it any easier to earn respect.
I bet you know what that's like.
So uh, you a vet?
You clued in on the IED pretty quick.
Uh, no I was a trauma surgeon in Syria.
Um, I think the shrapnel
might be pressing
up against your esophageal tract.
Does it still mess you up?
I'm sorry?
The war. Syria.
Your people spoke up and asked
for the lives you deserved,
and they took your country
away to punish you for it.
Um Uh, you need a scope
to see if there's an obstruction
in your throat and
we'll need to sedate you.
Do you have any friends
or a family member
- we can call to pick you up?
- The base will send someone.
And the paramedics gave
him a shot of benzo, Dad?
But he kept low-level seizing.
Are you sure you can get that line in?
I am sure.
Are you okay holding him?
Nancy here can help.
No, no. It's better if I do it.
Caleb you're gonna feel
a little pinch. Okay?
Matthews, Marner, Bunting
Kerfoot, Tavares, Nylander
Leafs fan, eh?
Memorizing all the line combos
calms us down.
- Nancy, supplement of oxygen please.
- Mm-hmm.
- And a bedside glucose?
- Yeah.
When did Caleb get diagnosed
with Niemann Pick Disease?
He was one when we started
noticing loss of eye control.
It's been progressive from there.
Nancy, are you familiar with it?
Caleb's type C,
his body can't break down fat
and it's a chain reaction
of muscle deterioration.
There's no cure.
Sorry, I'm never sure
who needs it explained.
No, it makes sense. Nice job, Caleb.
Has he been put on any
of the experimental trials?
We've tried a few, but no success.
There's a new one
but it's for kids under five
and Caleb turned six last month
We went to the hockey game.
Bet that was fun!
Sometimes they can make exceptions
if his team makes a case for it.
Hey, hey buddy.
Should we do the power play?
Yeah, let's do the power play.
Tavares, Nylander, Matthews
Code for meds-peds? Elizabeth Bergeron?
Thought I still had her number
from when we were residents.
Oh, I think she read your mind.
Wow, there she is.
Caleb Pasternak? Avrum texted.
- Yeah, uh, hi Liz.
- Hi.
Caleb's been low grade seizing
for 30, I just wanted to check
before swapping to a second-line
Maybe valproate?
Caleb's last seizure
was almost refractory,
we weren't sure he was gonna
pull out, but he did.
How long do you think he has?
Usually when it presents this young,
they don't make it to five years old.
Not that you'd know it
from Avrum's stamina.
- Mom still in the picture?
- No.
Most parents in his position
can trade off.
You know one hopes while
the other one despairs,
but Avrum, he
He's left doing both all the time.
You know you could have
just swapped the infusion, Theo.
I mean last I heard you were
moving up in the world,
supervising doctor across emerg?
Yeah, well, then you
probably also heard about
the roller-coaster year I had?
Divorce, helicopter crash,
twitter pariah.
Oh! Are you the reason
for the email we just got
about looping HR into
social media interactions?
And now I am required to get sign off
on even simple infusions. (CHUCKLES)
So, how do you dig your way
out of that brand of purgatory?
Maybe by not pulling on my restraints.
Uh, if you need anything,
you let me know.
You specifically told me
I'd be here an hour
- and it's been six.
- I'm sorry Ms. Kachinsky,
the doctor wanted some different tests
and we had some very urgent
patients come in.
Rhoda texted about Mags, she okay?
It's still a wait and see and
Hey, Arnold if you're late,
you really got to call.
Actually, I'm early. Between
the wait time communication
and the patient satisfaction
surveys that Devi wants.
You've got less time to do more?
And in our transition from
12 to 8-hour days,
there's been gaps in shift change.
So, Rhoda and I have been
taking turns covering them
until we get it sorted out so things
don't fall through the cracks.
- Unpaid?
- Told him to keep a log.
Curtain 2 needs fluids,
curtain 3 is still waiting
on OR transfer. Should
somebody be getting that?
Bash you told Ms. Kachinsky
she doesn't need labs but now
- she does?
- It's because her fever wouldn't go down.
Okay, hold on a second, I'll ask.
OR's looking for a patient, they're
supposed to be upstairs by now?
That's a transport issue, they
need to start calling the porters.
Never mind, I'll deal with it.
Dr. Hamed to cardiology.
Hamed cardiology.
Atrial arrhythmia from a valve leak
which a pacemaker can't regulate.
We replaced your battery, ablated,
and attempted valve repair.
And where are we on lasting damage?
Some new scarring
and the valve problem could recur.
Is there anything we can do
to make sure it doesn't?
Same as before. Remote monitoring.
- And frequent check-ins.
- When can I go home?
- In a couple days.
- How about tomorrow?
With a Holter monitor?
The fact that you're disagreeing
with me again is a good sign,
but I'm not comfortable
sending you home alone.
She won't be. Her sister's on her way.
Since when?
Let's see how tonight goes first.
- You called Cam?
- Of course I did.
- Why?
- Mags, you (INDISTINCT)
There is no need for
my sister to disrupt her life.
Look she said you'd say that
and she's not going to
leave you an option.
- Bash
- I'll clear my patients for the day.
No seriously, please, don't do that.
I'm just gonna be sleeping all day.
Which is what I should be
doing right now.
I'm gonna go get your doctor,
okay? Stay tight.
Oh Bash, Mr. Sran's back from his scope,
he's still a bit out of it
from the sedative, though.
Okay, thanks.
Sir our GI confirmed that
the shrapnel is pressing up
against your esophagus.
If it breaks through it,
it'd cause severe damage
if we don't removed surgically.
So hopefully,
that will take place this week.
Nadir, you're back.
I'm Dr. Hamed. A surgeon will
phone you later today
to schedule the operation.
Okay, Mr. Sran?
You never did call me Gurjeet,
even when you were alive.
Nadir, you have to kill me.
You're confusing me
with someone else. Okay?
The effects of the sedative
should wear off soon.
That's an order, soldier!
Nadir, you have to kill me!
- Bash?
- Try taking deep breaths, Gurjeet, please.
We took everything from you!
Maybe you should go,
he's obviously reacting to you.
- No, please! - Bash.
- It's okay.
- Please. You have to kill me. Please!
- Go, Bash!
Don't leave him alone
until he calms down.
You have to kill me, Nadir, please!
Please! You have to kill me!
You have to kill me, please!
Magalie Marie Leblanc that
does not look like taking a nap.
My mind has been racing too much
with everything I've been letting slide.
I think the gas company will
forgive your week of bed rest.
Hey! You promised me
coffee and croissant
once I was back on my feet. That
does not look like croissant.
How about expensive
heart-conscious take-out
and bad TV tonight?
Since I'm going back
to Montreal tomorrow.
You sure you won't come with?
Stay with Mom and Dad for a bit?
No you can't really think that
would be good for my heart.
What about your soul, Mags?
Not once have you told me
how you feel about all this.
'Cause I've been here before, Cam.
Yeah, as a teenager who
kept up with school from home
before there was even Zoom!
But now, in the middle of
a busy residency,
it's okay if you're daunted.
Look I'm just going to the hospital
to meet with Fisher.
And hopefully she can clear me
in the next couple weeks.
And what does your super attentive
doctor boyfriend think of that plan?
He doesn't really know yet.
I get it, I do.
The overprotected kid only ever
wanted to feel normal.
- But Mags
- Look I'm gonna ease into it.
I just need to do it
on my own terms, okay? Please?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Dr. Esfahani? I'm Dr. Hamed.
I was hoping to connect with you
about one of your patients,
Gurjeet Sran? I treated him
in emerg last week.
Call me Karim. Gurjeet
spoke to you about me?
Uh, no, not exactly, I did some digging
and saw that you were a prescribing
psychiatrist on some past medication
and saw that you were
on site today so
And you decided to stalk me? Why?
Gurjeet was supposed to come
back for a surgical procedure
but he never did, I wanted him
to know that it's very important.
He knows. He doesn't want it.
It is I'm surely aware that
patients with PTSD
After they've been triggered
their lives can lose shape and
And you think you triggered him?
He wanted someone
named Nadir to kill him.
- He spoke to you about Nadir?
- He thought I was Nadir,
I'm assuming it's someone
he knew in Afghanistan?
I can't divulge personal details
Dr. Esfahani Karim,
he won't return my calls.
So if you speak to him, can you
tell him to at least come see me?
Most emerg docs wouldn't
follow up after he left.
He doesn't have anyone in his
life to come see him
and just the way he was
talking, it uh,
it stuck with me.
I don't think pressuring him
is the right approach.
- I'm not
- But,
Gurjeet may be willing to come
back if he gets a chance
to say what he's been needing
to say for a long time
To Nadir.
You want me to pretend to be Nadir?
No, I'm not even Afghani.
You two seem to have connected.
So much so that he projected
his dead friend onto you.
You'd be acting as a kind of
interweave to help him
unstick the memory.
And you think that will
get him to reconsider?
No promises, but it may get
him through the door.
Activate MTP, two large bore IVs!
Imaging's up.
Dr. Devi, you're joining us?
Relax Mark. I'm not
picking up a scalpel.
We have Stanley Popavich,
gunned down in his pawn shop.
Single gun shot wound. Let's
pack cells through level 1!
Mr. Popavich
you said the shooter was 5'10?
Stan said. I didn't see the guy!
You got to get out of here.
Go now, get out! Go, go, go, go.
- Come on.
- Catch me up on the imaging, June.
Looks like the bullet grazed
the gallbladder
and lodged near the spinal column.
But the trajectory makes no sense.
Irrelevant. All that matters
is where we focus.
I guarantee you that bullet
will create a hematoma
pressing into the spine.
These dressings are soaking through.
You're more than welcome
to redress them.
Look there is information
on the gallbladder
which means the infection is
a serious concern.
Plus the paramedics said there
was sensation at the scene,
Babinski prints out.
We're gonna have to move
faster than that.
Dr. Devi? I'll do it. Just
because he has sensation now
doesn't mean he's gonna
have it in the future.
And the fact that you would
ignore spinal compression
and risk neuro deficit makes me
seriously question your judgment
He has massive hypotension
and coagulopathy,
plus the fluid collecting
in his abdominal cavity.
We can ligate the extrahepatic duct,
we can control the bleeding,
find out what else got hit.
Dr. Curtis is right. This is
why the bullet path is relevant.
But wrong about the priority.
Deal with the hematoma
and decompress the spine
before touching anything else.
I'm going to intubate him. Dr. Devi,
you're more than welcome to stay
and work the bone drill?
I think suction is more my speed.
(MAGS): Hey!
- Hi.
- What's up?
Our regularly scheduled
noonish heart check in?
All's good on the Holter.
Just like every other day this week.
Rania said she'd be happy
to take Amira again
so when Cam leaves, I can stay with you.
And be my nurse?
What was that?
Wait, Mags are you Are you here?
Fisher called me in for some imaging.
I didn't want you messing up
your day distracted by me.
Mags Please.
Look, I'll find you later. Okay?
Caleb had a rough night at home?
Yes. It started with cramping,
and then this fever that
got away from
He couldn't even keep down Pedialyte.
We're rehydrating him now.
Dr. Bergeron may have some solutions.
I doubt it.
Something happened between
you two last time you were here?
Nothing happened! That's the problem.
That drug Bergeron won't
fight to get Caleb on it.
Did she say why?
Something about intense side effects
he wouldn't be able to tolerate.
Well, if that's the case,
I'm sure she's right.
Yeah, but it's like she's given up.
After his seizure,
I asked her to admit us.
She said, "Home is better
than a hospital". But for who?
Is there anyone around that
can help you?
My wife left when he was two.
I already took a leave of absence
from work but that ends next month.
Was Caleb been diagnosed
with an enlarged spleen?
That's common with Niemann Pick. Why?
I'm seeing fluid and
rupture can happen.
It seems so unfair that there
is a drug that could help Caleb
and he can't access it!
His entire childhood is just this.
I'm gonna get Caleb admitted
and will see where we are
with his spleen. Okay?
Come on, Shay.
We're gonna need access
to your security cameras.
That camera hasn't worked in years.
Your own business was robbed, sir.
Do you have anything
that you can tell us?
I wasn't there! Stan said
the guy was too far away to see.
Do you have any water or something?
Mr. Popavich? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey! Okay, let's get this guy in a room.
Just this way.
Okay, just have a seat.
Just give us a minute?
How's my cousin?
We found the bullet and
we controlled the bleeding.
And now he's dealing with a fever,
so I guess it's wait and see.
What about you, hm?
You almost fainted out there.
Nah. I just needed to get
away from that cop.
Right, 'cause your story's bogus.
You know, the way the bullet
entered your cousin's abdomen
and in a downward direction,
It's kind of hard to do it from
far away. Wouldn't you say?
(SIGH) Tell me I'm wrong.
There was no robbery.
Did you shoot Stanley, Leon?
- No! Stanley shot Stanley!
- What?!
You're trying to tell me that
idiot shot himself in the gut?
- Do you have any idea how
- Hey!
It was supposed to graze his arm
but the gun kicked!
We're under water financially
but we got insurance.
I lobbied against it
but Stan had this dumb idea
that if a robbery looked real
You guys could get a payout.
- Your blood pressure's fine.
- It shouldn't be,
cause I'm freaking out!
You gonna tell that cop?
Cause I heard doctors are like
lawyers with confidentiality!
You're right. I can't say anything.
Stan's going to be mad I told you.
Your first impressions of the guy
obviously weren't ideal but
We're family.
Well your family's irresponsible choices
just made you an accomplice. Okay?
So if I were you, I would
tell the cop the truth
and cut your cousin out of your life.
I mean even if you're right, I
Would you do that if you were me?
Why not? You really need this mess Leon?
The EMDR light will pulse,
grounding Gurjeet in the present,
that'll prompt him to speak.
I'm surprised he agreed so quickly.
Gurjeet blames himself
for the death of Nadir,
it's affected every area of his life.
He wants to move on
but the past won't let him.
- And this is how he does that?
- In my experience,
it's a safe way to reprocess trauma.
With you invoking Nadir,
Gurjeet may better engage
with his reaction
to the traumatic experience.
Shouldn't I know more about Nadir?
He was a local translator,
but the details matter less
than the emotional connection.
For Gurjeet to engage,
it has to get to a real place,
so whatever you feel
in the moment, don't bury it.
Imaging and blood work look good.
Any headache, weakness, syncope?
Just some dizziness. Always
happens with anti-arrhythmics.
Dr. Fisher I wanted to thank you.
You're my patient, it's my job.
It's really important for you to know
how committed I am to this residency.
And I've taken steps to ensure
it'll be here when you get back.
- How long were you thinking?
- Four months should do it.
- Four months! For a pacemaker battery?
- And a valve repair.
But the intake phase of the study
will almost be over by then.
And you'll go back into
the general cardiology pool.
Okay but I put together a plan
for managing study data remotely,
- and monitoring patients over the phone and
- Mags.
You came to me a week ago very
upset at how I was running things.
Not to quit! To make it work!
By trying to change my process
to suit your own needs?
That was never going to work for me.
I honestly thought you'd be relieved.
Okay, if you don't want me
to be on the study,
I can do remote charts,
I can do dictation
It's a full-time hands-on
job, you know this.
Rest up,
come back when you're past this bump.
Someone will be in to remove your IV,
then you can change and go.
- What are you noticing?
Before now?
In the Humvee, you and I
are kidding around in Punjabi.
You were the only one
who spoke my language.
You tried to teach me a lot
of Dari but I learned nothing.
You don't remember that, Nadir?
We pulled over. Just
an easy roadside stop.
Nadir got out, spoke to locals, we ate.
Waiting for the green light from the CO.
You know what drill
we're gonna do, Nadir?
No, I don't.
What's coming up now, Gurjeet?
I'm scared.
When you asked me
what was wrong, I lied.
I knew the raid was gonna be dangerous,
I just didn't want you
to know I was afraid,
it's like if I said how I felt
and it went bad,
it would all be my fault.
When we got to the house, we sent
you in first to get the civilians out.
You were nervous but
I said it was gonna be okay,
and you trusted me.
I did.
There was a hidden IED in the house.
You took the worst of it.
Could you see anything
before it went off?
You called out for your Mom in Dari.
I know enough to know that.
Did you feel it, Nadir? The explosion?
Not at first.
But after a minute.
It's all my fault!
I'd do anything to give you
your future back!
You can't! Okay? You can't!
- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
- Wait, wait.
Is there something you'd
like to say to Nadir?
- I can't breathe.
Dr. Hamed!
The shrapnel's perforated his esophagus.
He needs surgery right now.
- He hasn't consented
- Go get help, now!
Hey, I'm sorry, is there any way
that you could remove this IV
for me please?
Oh, you have to wait your turn, ma'am.
I'm actually a doctor here,
I'd do it myself but it's just
So just see the triage nurse,
he can help.
Are you sure Thank you. (INDISTINCT)
Oh! Hey! Mags? What are you doing?
I was supposed to wait but
I just I had to get out
of the gown and that room
and I got dizzy and
Can you please distract me by
complaining about Trauma OR
- or Novak or Shay?
- Yeah, I mean Shay's been gone
for like five days and I
haven't heard a word.
- That's a while.
- Yeah, I know right?
I mean she spent couple days
at her friend
Kenzie's house last month
but they were doing some
kind technology cleanse.
Well, if she used to doing
that stuff why are you worried?
I don't know I think I might have
gotten with bargained with
this kid, you know?
I feel like I should be calling
a grown-up but also,
am I the grown-up?
- Well
- I don't think I am the grown-up.
Why is that bleeding so much?!
(SIGHS) Blood thinners.
Heart condition, remember?
Who would've thought you'd be the one
with the bigger secret
of the two of us, huh?
How are you doing?
Yeah, don't answer that,
Bash is been keeping me up to date.
Yeah, you should call a grown-up.
I'll text you?
- Hey!
- Hey!
Leon Popavich said you were
sending him for tests?
- I can't find him.
- He didn't need more tests.
- So you lost him?
- I didn't lose him.
He decided to leave, that's not on me.
Uh, officer? Hi.
Um, how long should one wait
before reporting someone missing?
- You
- No, no, no, no.
It has nothing to do with Leon or Stan.
Do you have a specific reason
to be worried about this person?
No. Uh, maybe
She's like 19. She's a college student.
A bit of a disaster and
normally she checks in
but she's been gone like
five days this time so
(SIGHS) Okay, if you
think she's in danger
or prone to doing something reckless,
act sooner rather than later. Okay?
Making incision along
the sternocleidomastoid.
Self retaining retractor.
Please, Claire.
Let's get all the shrapnel out
and repair the esophagus.
Okay, this looks like
a difficult dissection.
It's probably why they left
the shrapnel in. Forceps please.
All veins and vessels, one wrong move
I can see the shrapnel.
Okay, got it
Pressure's dropping!
There is a tear in
the carotid. We need to clamp!
Clamping the carotid risks stroke.
He's hemodynamically unstable.
Bleed's a higher priority!
Hang bags of blood, please.
I can't see.
You're gonna have to feel for it.
Dr. Hamed?
Hold on. Okay, got it. Clamp!
Pressure's holding.
Got that bleed under control.
Well done guys.
- V-fib!
This guy is bound and
determined to let go, isn't he?
We're not going to let him!
Alright, Claire,
prep pads, 150 J!
- Charged!
- Clear!
Nothing. Try 200 joules!
Resuming compression.
Sinus rhythm. Pressure's coming back up.
Let's remove the other fragments
and finish up before
anything else happens.
He's gonna owe you his life, Dr. Hamed.
I know there's a rule about proper
notice of schedule changes
- in our collective agreement.
- I like the shorter shifts.
Sweet summer child, you still
don't see the glory
- of a four-day week.
- It's not just the shifts, Nancy
Care to fill me in?
Oh come one! I'm still a nurse, guys.
And a managing NP who reports up.
We were maxed out before
these policy changes,
not taking breaks, barely
keeping up with charting.
And now we're getting
yelled at for misquoting waits,
and having to chase down doctors
for treatment plans in advance.
Has anyone tried talking to Devi?
You saw her earlier, she sees it
but she's not doing anything.
This isn't working.
Look Claire, diplomacy was
fine when you had Bishop's ear,
but things are different now.
So are you with us?
When have I ever not been?
That time, with the peach scrubs.
Or when we switched the chart
pile to the other side of the desk.
Okay, just hold on.
- Emergency.
Some guy forced his way
into the drug dispensary
demanding a specific drug.
Said you knew which one.
(SIGHS) He scared the pharmacist.
He's pretty volatile.
We were able to remove the shrapnel
and repair the rupture.
He's sedated right now
and tolerating it well..
I know he wanted me to let him die.
Without a DNR, you had no choice.
Where we went in that moment
His body gave up, it nearly killed him.
Are you blaming yourself for
his shrapnel breaking through?
How could his physical
reaction be your fault?
And where you went,
Gurjeet needed to go.
Will he be able to go back there?
It's my job to try, Dr. Hamed.
Look, things clearly
got personal for you too.
If you're scared to go back
with him, I'd understand.
Avrum Avrum, I'm coming in.
- Open it.
Just tell me where you keep it!
We don't have that drug here.
And even if we did,
- we can't give it to him
- Then order it and I will!
I've learned how to do IM injections,
how to position him
for seizures, do CPR.
I've done more for him than anyone
here and I will do this too!
Look Avrum, I never should've
asked you to press Bergeron
- without all the facts.
- I need somewhere to put my hope!
I know. But this isn't the place
Then there's nowhere!
And Caleb is going to die!
But not today. Look I
know you're tired man,
but you can walk this back
before it escalates.
I'm no better than his mom.
There's this part of me
that wants to go to jail,
just so I can have a night off.
What kind of father am I?
One that's in an impossible
situation he doesn't deserve.
But I can help.
Caleb's spleen rupture is graded low.
Which means he'll recover
without any surgery.
But we'll keep him here,
bear the burn for a few days.
I just need you to come out.
I'll be with you, every step.
Come on.
We're coming out!
We're okay!
Hey, no! What are you doing? Let him go.
Mr. Pasternak, you're under arrest.
Theo! Don't leave Caleb alone please!
Look his kid is sick, okay?
Where are you taking him?
I'm sorry, Theo, we had to call it in.
Kenzie? It's June Curtis.
Uh, Shay's sister.
Uh, now this is weird,
but she says she hangs
out here sometimes,
I was wondering
if she might be with you?
Or if maybe you know where she is?
I was gonna come see you, I just
hadn't gotten around to it yet.
- Is Cam here?
- No, I took an Uber.
And before you tell me
that that was a risk,
it obviously wasn't, because I survived.
And now you're cleaning out
your office for some reason?
Because I don't work here anymore.
Wait what?
I'm out of the study and
on a mandated four-month leave.
Okay, I can see why that's upsetting
but if your cardiologist thinks
that's a good idea
She's taking the opportunity
to push me out!
Okay. If that's what happening.
- Yes, it is.
- I wasn't trying to
We can find a way to fix it.
- Here why don't you let me.
- No! Stop! Stop it!
- Stop what? Trying to help?
- No!
Stop looking at me like that!
Like I'm some breakable object
that you're afraid to touch!
See? Like that! That's what I mean.
You won't even fight with me!
I'm the same person!
I don't want to fight with you Mags.
The people I care about get hurt and
Well, this isn't about you!
I've always hid this part of myself.
And now that this happened so
publicly I can't do that anymore.
I need space to be
the messed up one right now.
- What the hell?
- Cardiac arrest.
Massive septic shock.
Bullet may've greased an abscess.
On the gallbladder?
What if there was a
pre-existing infection.
Anyways, the full resus team was here
and there's nothing they could do.
Leon, I'm really sorry.
Where were you? You told me to leave!
If I'd stayed, maybe
we could've caught it.
- No, no
- This is your fault!
What? No.
He's on a recovery floor, there
are three dedicated nurses.
(SOBBING) Thank you.
I can't believe
you didn't stand up for me,
I was the one who pointed out
the inflammation
and I wanted to prioritize
his gallbladder.
Even so, the cardiac arrest
took everybody by surprise.
What am I supposed to do, pile
on the guy? He just lost a relative.
You know, the only reason that
he's even blaming me for all of this
is because this was all part
of some stupid insurance scam
and he knows that I know.
So what!? How is that your problem?
What are you so worked up about?
Well, either you're like all over
me in Trauma OR
or you're not paging me down at all.
Is it some kind of a punishment,
for how I handled Devi while
you were gone?
Wow. Uh, maybe.
Why, are your feelings hurt?
- Oh God.
- What happened to June Curtis
- with the balls of steel?
- Don't do that!
No, no, no. Listen, listen.
We can use this melodrama
to solve both of our problems.
- No.
- Devi hates me.
- Yeah.
- You're annoyed with me. So listen, listen,
let me finish. Go to her,
complain about me,
get it off your chest and
make her a friend.
Why would I do that?
Well, do you think a guy like me
is gonna survive her politics?
And if I go, what happens to you?
Listen, if you care at all
about the Trauma OR
that we hoped to build,
then we have to use
every check in our book.
Okay? Just think about it.
We gave him something to sleep,
but he's been asking for his dad.
What was he thinking?
That he's being punished
for his choices?
And if it's out of his control anyways,
what does it matter if you take
your hands off the wheel?
What do you even say to that?
Well, the Theo you knew
when we were residents
would have told him everything
happens for a reason.
You don't believe that anymore?
As soon as I stopped punishing myself
for wanting out of my marriage,
that helicopter crashed.
So if I still believed that,
that would mean that crash
was meant to happen,
and that somehow
You deserved it.
I can stay with him.
I cleared my schedule.
I wanted you to let me die.
I couldn't let that happen.
You can't put that on me, Gurjeet.
I'm putting that on me.
I did this to you.
Me and my war you didn't ask for
I don't want to carry
the weight of your past.
I don't want to be a victim.
Yours, or anyone else's.
Let me go.
Could you at least stay until
I fall asleep?
Hey! Where the hell have you been?
Tasha and I decided
to skip a few days of classes
and go camping and my phone died.
I didn't even see your texts
until today. 26 messages,
- June that's a new record.
- I've barely slept!
Don't you think you could've
let me know?!
But June, I did. I left
a note on the desk at home.
- Next to your charts.
- Look, I went into your room,
and I found your antidepressants.
And panicked?
Those pills are nothing new.
Okay but it would be nice
to know beforehand.
I was supposed to wear my "I have
depression" t-shirt when I moved in?
No but this it's affecting
my work, Shay.
Okay? I'm a completely different person,
- I can't have that here.
- Are you asking me to leave?
No! No, I just
Oh my God! You actually care, don't you?
- Shay, don't do that.
- You do! Tell me I'm wrong.
Just don't do that again.
Okay. Well
- Thanks.
- Are they gonna press charges?
"Public mischief",
although my lawyer says
they could be talked into
dropping them down the line.
He also said you gave a statement
which is one of the reasons
I've been released without bail.
I just told them the truth.
Thank you.
How's Caleb?
Asleep, and in good hands.
You should head home, get some rest.
What I said earlier
that's not really me.
We get punished for breaking
into drug lockers Avrum,
not for being human.
Oh Neeta, I won't be able to
make our sit down later today.
Well, we'll reschedule for tomorrow.
Tomorrow, that's even worse than today.
Okay. Um, you wanna propose a time then?
Sure. I'll find out and
I'll get back to you.
Do we have a problem here, Mark?
Not from where I'm standing.
Dr. Leblanc?
- Hi.
- She's all better, Mama.
I came to find you Dr. Devi
but I found this young doctor instead.
You want to go to my desk and
draw while I talk to Dr. Leblanc?
How are you feeling, Mags?
Like I need a job. (CHUCKLES)
Dr. Fisher said I could get back to mine
when everything else is behind me.
But you don't agree?
Well the thing is,
I'll recover from the episode
but it'll never be behind me,
not in any real way.
And even I've been in denial about that.
So that's why I was kind of hoping
that you would let me
come back to emerg.
I'm sure you've heard things
are kind in flux right now.
Yeah, I'm not denying that I would need
some kind of accommodations but
I believe in what you're doing
and I think you could use a doctor
who knows what it's
like to be a patient.
And also maybe an ally?
Are you sure you want to
make yourself that vulnerable?
But I don't think I have a choice.
(BASHIR): Dr. Esfahani!
Hi there.
- Quite a day.
- Yeah.
Uh, what you did with
Gurjeet, what we did,
I hated it.
Yet our day ends as it began.
With you stalking me?
What I said to him about not
wanting to be a victim anymore
You're right. It did get personal.
I know it did, Bashir.
So do you think you can help me?
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