Transplant (2020) s03e10 Episode Script

Unstuck in Time

- You don't want me to be happy!
- You have no safety net,
and you're just so unafraid
of doing what you believe in.
Debby doesn't love you.
And you know she doesn't
have years of stable Theo
to counter the recent record.
I used to cut myself, and
I managed mostly to stop.
- Shay, you need help.
- No.
So, the patient we should be
discussing right now is you.
At my capacity as your cardiologist.
Actually you're not anymore.
The owner of my place is
selling. I have to move.
- Well, you can stay with me.
- No, I wasn't saying that.
No, it's just that when Amira
comes back it might be
This morning, Mags and I
tried talking about the future
and I couldn't see it.
Even though I want to.
I think I'm gonna find
some place else to live.
- Are you excited?
- Yeah.
Did you memorize the oath?
Will you relax? Really?
They said we didn't have to.
I wish they could see this.
Since we're getting our passports,
maybe we could plan a trip?
New York's a short flight.
And you want to see a musical?
We can buy discount tickets
at that booth in Times Square.
- Hi!
- Hey!
Can I? Am I allowed to be in this room?
There's a place for friends and family.
- Okay, okay.
- If we stay in New Jersey,
it's cheaper and we can
take the train to Midtown.
- You guys look so nice.
- Thank you. So do you.
- And take the train where?
- Manhattan. Wanna come with us?
- If you'll take your places
- Holy crap!
I'll ask you to stand
and raise your right hand.
I swear or affirm
I swear that I will be faithful
and bear true allegiance
to His Majesty King Charles
the Third King of Canada,
his heirs and successors and
that I will faithfully observe
the laws of Canada which
recognizes the Aboriginal
and Métis peoples and fulfill
my duties as a Canadian citizen.
Ceux qui désirent prononcer
le serment en français
peuvent le faire maintenant.
Keep that certificate safe.
It's proof you're a citizen
and that you now share
the same rights and
responsibilities as all Canadians.
Welcome to our family!
O Canada ♪
Our home and native land ♪
True patriot love ♪
In all of us command ♪
Car ton bras sait
porter l'épée, ♪
- Il sait porter la croix ! ♪
- I wish they could be here too.
- Ton histoire est une épopée ♪
- I'm moving back home. Okay?
Des plus brillants exploits, ♪
O Canada we stand on guard ♪
For thee ♪
Upper clinic's doing well.
Yeah, great turn out.
Hey, Theo!
Is Devi recruiting Bergeron to
do the job you currently have?
You mean, the job I was
covering temporarily?
No, it's more of a trial run
to see which of us she wants
as senior supervising doctor.
Is it a little insulting?
Yeah, it is Mags.
Hey, man. I've had to fight for
every position I've had here so
What are you up to? Four by now?
Look, I I just need
to talk to a doctor.
- This is a vaccine clinic
- So what? Like,
that is just dumb!
Hey, what's going on here?
Okay I threw up after
taking the morning-after pill
and I can't afford another.
Look, I get this is a vaccine clinic,
but like, I thought I
could get it here because
it's 100% an emergency.
Okay. How old are you? Why
don't you just come with me?
Why, so you can lecture
me about having sex?
- I'm 16.
- Okay.
And you've been sexually active for
I don't know A year?
Are you on any birth control?
I got a prescription for
this injection, but
Where is it? It's like $45 a shot.
And your parents can't
help you with that?
Yeah, the only birth control my
mother believes in is abstinence.
Okay, uh Hey. Excuse me.
Can I get a quick-start dose of
depo-provera please? Thank you.
Okay, Sadie, so, uh
I can do it for you since
you have a prescription,
just come with me. It'll
last about three months,
maybe long enough for
you to talk to your mom?
You're like, saving my
life right now. Doctor
- Will it hurt?
- It'll just pinch a little.
Ready? Just take a deep breath for me.
Here we go. All done.
Now, you just gonna wait
15 minutes to make sure
- that you feel okay.
- And if I don't?
Then you just you tell someone,
and they'll come get me.
- Holy crap! Are you okay?
- Yeah.
There's no blood. I should be fine!
- Are you sure because
- Yeah, yeah.
Code orange, emergency!
- Sit tight.
- Emergency. Code orange
- What do we know?
- Some angry gunman opened fire.
Multiple people wounded
We're told at least three
major traumas routed here
and a bunch more minors
injured in the panic.
What do you have, Daniel?
Jane Doe, GCS 8 at least two entries,
one in the abdomen, one in the head.
BP's 80 over 60, O2's falling,
but she still has reflex response.
- She was getting married?
- Right on the steps outside City Hall.
That's where this happened?
All right, she needs Trauma OR.
I'll get June Dr. Devi?
Bash and Novak. June's upstairs.
- I'll set up a mini-triage in the suture room.
- I'll cover Trauma Bay.
- Arnold!
- Yeah?
Um, see if you can get more
details on what happened?
Yeah, for sure!
- Activating MTP?
- Yes, go
Okay, one clear entry
in the abdo, no exits.
And one in her head. One, two, three.
One exit through her back.
Head entry left lower occipital.
No exit. We need imaging.
Lower her on three.
One, two, three Ma'am,
can you open your eyes?
Claire, two large bore IVs
Let's page neurosurgery.
Oh! Pain response, that is something
What's going on with the abdomen?
There is signs of
extensive internal bleeding.
She needs an ex-lap
to clamp any bleeders
so we can prep her for the OR.
On-call neurosurgeon's
already in surgery.
Okay. Set me up for a craniotomy.
- Why?
- Brain stem is intact.
Bullet is logged up against the
temporal lobe, but hasn't pierced.
That is a hell of a hematoma though.
Craniotomy here?
She's already losing blood
Evacuating the hematoma
without knowing all the facts,
that would risk a larger bleed, no?
You'll notice her ICP's increasing,
her GCS is decreasing, her
left pupil is blown out.
These are all signs of
dangerous pressure on the brain.
So if we do this now,
she stands a chance,
that's why it's worth the risk.
There's risky, and then there's stupid.
Can you put these rings somewhere safe?
She's gonna need them when she wakes up.
Okay, let's gown-up!
21 minutes! No change.
Charge to 200! Hang more blood!
Blood bank's low on O-neg.
There is still a
shockable rhythm people!
Sir, all the blood in
the world wouldn't help.
She stroked out during the craniotomy.
Are you saying that I caused this?
It's okay
You want to quit?!
Fine! If that's what you want!
That's it, everyone
She's been down too
long. No resp effort.
No response to stimuli.
Time of death 11:54
- Let's take this moment to
- We could have kept going!
Don't stop! Please, you can't quit!
What the hell is he doing in here?
I told them I wouldn't consent
to treatment until I saw her.
- Have you been shot?
- His vitals are stable.
Hugo and his fiancée were
separated in the panic
Sir, we did our best. Her injuries
were too severe, I'm sorry.
We'd only just found each other again.
I want to see her one more time.
- Sir, please, you need medical attention.
- She's dead because of me!
Can you hear me?
Didn't you just get out of Trauma OR?
Bystander injured at City Hall.
I thought all the
gunshot vics were through.
A good Samaritan walked him in,
he was trampled by the crowd
when everybody panicked.
Seemed okay, then complained
his heart was fluttering.
Passed out just as they got here.
Did we know if he has any
underlying heart problems?
Only that his name is Percy Campbell.
Hi, Theo. Need a hand?
Unstable heart rhythm from
a knock to the chest
Let's get a pulse ox, O2 and
put him on a monitor, Claire.
Impact arrhythmia usually
happens right away,
- and it's much more acute.
- Yes, but in some rare cases,
it can cause erratic heart
rhythm for a while first.
Amiodorone drip to stabilize?
Yeah and cardioversion
if that doesn't work.
Let's get the crash cart ready.
Uh Theo?
- Wow.
- Uh, okay
Let's just keep treating him,
just no extraordinary measures.
- Let's get a rhythm.
- You're going to honour it?
- He's in V-tach.
- Which means we still have time
to try meds and check the system.
Can we see if there's a DNR on file?
Hold on, he just went into V-fib.
- Okay, then we need to shock.
- It's clearly not what he wants.
Theo, you know first-hand people
change their minds about tattoos.
I also know first-hand what it's like
not to respect a patient's wishes!
Look, we don't need to like this,
- we just need to respect it.
- Actually we don't.
Our policy is very clear when it
comes to DNR tattoos, as is the law.
Failing paperwork we do
everything we can to save him.
This isn't your code, Liz, it's mine.
Well, somebody has to decide and fast!
Are you really gonna let him die, Theo?
Charge to 200, Claire!
- Everything you need's in there.
- Thanks.
- Do you want the protocol sheet?
- No.
What happened?
Needle-stick at the
Vax clinic. It's fine.
- Did you take bloods to confirm that the
- Yeah, of course.
It's just a hazard of the job, right?
No need to worry before
you get all the facts.
Mags! The confirmation
from your mortgage broker
that you wanted printed?
- I made an offer on a condo.
- What?
When? I didn't even
know you were looking.
Yeah, no, I wasn't, and then I was.
- Okay, but Mags
- If I compromise on the down payment,
I can close before I have to move.
Just because we're not moving
in together doesn't mean
you need to buy the
first place that you see.
Did you know that Amira wanted
us to go on a trip with her?
If the passports come through,
we can talk about it then.
Nothing I'll see you later.
No, I can't find them.
She's 5'7 " with dark
hair and he's 4'9".
Okay. Yeah, I'll just try
calling Western again, thanks.
- Was it your family?
- They were getting mini donuts
- at the food truck on Queen.
- Oh, across City Hall.
I've called all the hospitals.
I know there's nothing I can do.
But you can't stop
your mind from cycling.
Which explains why I
thought it was a great idea
- to bring Hugo into Trauma OR.
- Look, I would have done the same thing.
- Is he awake?
- Yes, but not quite himself yet.
We're taking him for
extensive imaging right now.
Let's monitor him closely.
And can you tell me
what happened between you and Novak?
We heard you arguing
Dr. Novak wanted to prioritize
Kate's cranial bleed.
And you felt otherwise?
Percy, your heart stopped.
We reset its rhythm
by defibrillating you.
You saw my tattoo and
you still shocked me?
He didn't. I did.
Then you are the one
who made the right call.
Thanks, lady.
My pleasure.
- How are you feeling, Hugo?
- A a little foggy.
Oh, that's perfectly normal after
a fall and a knock to the head.
CT scan shows no sign of cranial
bleeding or fracture. Which is good.
As far as the hip is concerned,
we're still waiting on more
imaging to locate the bullet.
I don't have any idea
what you're talking about.
I hurt my hip?
Okay, uh What's the
last thing you remember?
I was about to get married
Is Kate here?
I'm very sorry for what I'm
about to tell you, Hugo
This is Phoebe. Leave a message.
Claire, can you find out if there
are more incoming from the shooting?
- There aren't.
- You're sure?
- That can't be everyone.
- Yeah, direct from the radio.
You were in Trauma OR
when we lost Kate Parker?
I'm looking for context
on Novak's decision-making.
I know it's uncomfortable, but
I need to know what happened.
Then I'd invite you
to read the trauma log.
Your rhythm's held since we shocked you,
but the impact on your chest
has caused blood to pool
which will require either
drainage or surgery.
- Okay.
- So is that something you want?
You think you could help me get a DNR?
One doctors can't ignore?
I'm confused Earlier, you
were happy we didn't let you die
and now you want to make
sure that next time we do?
- Which is it?
- Both.
- This isn't a joke to us, man.
- No. To me either.
What happened today
isn't how I plan to die,
but when I'm ready,
I want things to go off without
a hitch, not like last time.
Wait, were you trying to
get trampled out there?
He means last year.
Were you out there working today, kid?
Spreading the word,
badgering corporate types.
- You know the drill, Pop.
- I'm sorry What happened last year?
Percy tried self-immolating
on the steps of Parliament
during a climate summit.
You tried burning yourself
alive as an act of protest?
Cops charged me with public
nuisance and my dear father
- got me on a psych hold.
- I did that out of love.
He thinks I have a death wish.
He won't see my plan for what it is.
You can't protect me, Dad,
or anyone from the slow
overheating of the planet
by living in denial.
I just want my son alive.
What's wrong with that?
Nothing, from your perspective.
But the world you grew up
believing in doesn't exist anymore.
So your perspective,
it's kind of extinct.
The court created a guardianship.
Which means that I have power
over his medical decisions.
What happens to me
if I refuse treatment?
- Legally, you can't.
- Medically?
Uh, blood collects around your
heart, building in pressure
until eventually it
stops beating and you die.
Dr. Hunter, tell him he
can't play it this way.
I mean, you said it yourself, Percy,
this isn't how you planned on going out.
But I can't make that ultimate sacrifice
if I don't have the
freedom to make this one,
so I don't want the surgery.
And I'll sign whatever you need
to make sure he gets treated.
Booked a last-minute
trip to South Africa
and the safari guide said I need
malaria, yellow fever, and
Typhoid. But you need
to go to a travel clinic
- and pay for those yourself.
- But I'm flying out tomorrow!
I thought we were supposed
to have free healthcare?
Unfortunately, it doesn't cover
vaccines required overseas.
- So
- Unbelievable.
Well, the good news is that as a citizen
you now get to act as
entitled as the rest of us.
Feel any difference since the ceremony?
Not really. Thanks for swapping
out early, June, a patient needs me.
Yeah I heard about the woman in
the wedding dress in Trauma OR.
Yeah, her fiancé hit his head
and is experiencing
post-traumatic amnesia.
I've had to tell him three times
that the woman he loves died.
Oh, is there any way to just not
mention her? Until it'll stick?
Every time his memory glitches,
he resets, asking for her. It's
like his brain can't hold onto it.
But his body remembers.
- Hi!
- Hey, can you help me?
I need to find the doctor I saw earlier?
She said her name was Mags.
Yes, actually, she's back
in the emergency department.
- What is it you need exactly?
- Like I said her.
Look, she gave me her
number, but I lost my phone.
Okay, well. If you can
tell me what brought you in.
- She just said to find her if there's an emergency!
- Is there?
Fine. Just follow me.
You just couldn't leave
us alone, could you?
Cecily, please, I know you
don't approve of this wedding,
- but it's what your mother wants.
- Wanted!
Past tense!
I'm Dr. Novak. This is Dr. Hamed.
- Can you just tell me where she is so I can
- Kate's here?
- Can I talk to her?
- He doesn't know?
- Know Know what?
- Mom is dead!
You were both shot, but
you lived and she died!
- That's not possible.
- What is wrong with him?
He's had a concussion that's
affecting his ability to remember.
It's usually a temporary state.
- I don't understand
- Yeah, Dad, neither do I.
Look, my mother, can you
can you please just
tell me what happened?
She suffered an intracranial hematoma.
It was a large brain bleed.
And severe injuries to her
abdomen due to a bullet wound.
Which one killed her?
They were both contributing factors.
Killed who? I'm sorry, but
Cecily? What are you doing here?
- How did I get to the hospital?
- Oh my God! Seriously?!
Why are my legs tingling?
Hey, Hugo, can you just
press against my hand?
Good, and lift.
Your imaging results came back.
The bullet is lodged
against your nerve bed.
If we don't remove it, you
could wind up paralyzed.
- That's what we came to tell you.
- Peaches,
- call your mom, please?
- You haven't called me Peaches
since I was like 7! And no, I
can't call her because she's dead!
- Mom is dead! And it's all your fault!
- All right, that's enough.
- All right, that's enough.
- Can we speak outside please?
Look, I can imagine how
hard this is for you,
but confronting Hugo
with a truth like that
will only make him more confused.
Hugo's been confused his whole life.
As you heard, Dr. Novak
says we need to operate,
but given his current
level of awareness,
he can't consent to
medical decisions so
So you're asking me?
I don't even know him!
I only came for my mom.
And if you can't tell
me exactly how she died,
I'll find someone who will.
Dr. Hunter, you may have to
prepare for Percy to resist.
- You mean forcibly?
- I hope not?
But he's always been a
man of deep conviction.
I wish we didn't have
to be on opposite sides.
Yet you two seem close?
I admire how deeply he cares.
But when I saw how far he
was willing to take it all.
I guess you could say that
keeping him alive is my conviction.
We were just kids when we had Cecily.
"Broke and in love," Kate used to say.
She wanted to get married,
but I was raised to believe that
a real man provides for his family.
You went to earn a living.
Oil rig, off the coast of St. John's.
Long stints.
Yeah, I was providing, but
Every time I went, I
missed more of their lives.
Eventually, I could feel
Cecily detaching and
it got harder and harder to repair.
Well, that itinerant life takes a toll.
How come I can remember
20 years ago like it was
yesterday, but this morning is gone?
Okay, it could be a reaction to the
shot or it could just be the flu.
Either way, best thing to do is to
go home and sleep it off, all right?
No, wait. What if it's more than that?
What do you
- Do you think you're pregnant?
- I mean
The guy I've been seeing,
he tested positive for TB.
That's very unlikely, Sadie.
- Tuberculosis is mostly limited to the
- He was in jail a few months.
For drugs. He thinks he got it there.
Even then, it takes time to incubate
and three days to test for and
you were just with him last night.
Not just last night.
I stay at his place sometimes when
my mom thinks I'm with friends.
Okay?! He only told me today, and then
you stuck yourself with
that needle and I'm sorry!
Okay No, it's okay.
Um Come this way.
Tell me more about how
you're feeling physically.
Sick. Everything hurts.
And when you say everything,
do you mean your head, your neck?
If it's my neck, is that bad?
Well, you're gonna need to come with me
to negative pressure isolation.
We need to quarantine you
until we know for sure.
- I'll call your mom.
- No!
Sadie, you could be here for days
and you've been in contact with a
very serious respiratory illness.
She already thinks I'm a slut.
- Did she say that?
- Please, Mags!
She won't understand!
Can you put that mask
on? I'll come with you.
Here we go.
Cecily says she can't
get a straight answer
from either of you on what
happened to her mother.
Maybe she should step
up and help her father,
who can't consent to surgery and
needs to start making decisions.
I don't know, creating advocates,
isn't that kind of your thing?
She just lost her mother, Mark.
She deserves answers
and Dr. Hamed agrees
that you made a choice in there.
I challenge you and
you cry up the chain?
That's not what happened.
I pressed him for his
opinion and reviewed the log.
Without that craniotomy,
Kate may have had a chance.
Surgeons make calls, that's the job!
Sometimes, we lose people!
So how about you go back to
measuring everyone's feelings
or whatever it is that
you do around here!
You're off the floor
for the rest of the day.
- Are you serious?
- I am. Go home, Mark.
Oh, my God, oh, my God!
My phone died.
It was raining, so we went to a movie.
We didn't even know what happened.
As soon as I saw the news,
we came straight here.
- That movie was boring
- Good.
That's just what we want today. Boring.
Are you okay?
Almost there, Sadie,
you're doing great.
- Do you have kids, Mags?
- Nope.
Any chance you want to adopt a
teen who may or may not have TB?
So we are done over here.
You did really great
and I will be right back.
Tell me that's not your
needle stick from earlier.
- I'm an exposure risk for TB.
- Okay then why the LPE?
Because I'm worried about TB meningitis.
Is she symptomatic for that?
Neck stiffness, joint
pain, light sensitivity
- Fever creeping up.
- Even if she does have it,
there's no way you could be infectious.
- How long have you been in there?
- Since she came back.
She's all alone and she's afraid, Bash.
What, so you're risking yourself?!
Because I'm an all-in
person! You know that!
What happened earlier, when
we were talking about New York.
Your ceremony was was perfect
and it was so beautiful. And
Citizenship is this thing
you've wanted so badly,
and now that you finally have
it, you still can't trust it.
- Okay, if the passports come in
- No! When!
When they come!
See, every time we get
somewhere, you reset.
I'm trying.
You have to be able to see that, okay?
- We don't all work at your pace.
- I know that.
And what do you mean "reset"?
When Amira invited me on
that trip, I got so excited.
- Yeah, she likes you.
- Yeah no, it's just
You were so terrified to tell her
about us, and now that she knows
and she's happy and you
still, for some reason,
don't want us to go away with her.
Not now doesn't mean never.
My point is that you're
hiding yourself again
which you know makes
me need to chase you.
- And what if that cycle's just toxic?
- Toxic? Okay then don't,
Mags! Just stop!
Well, you once asked
me never to do that.
Toxic?! Seriously?
What if we don't know any
other way to be together?
Then maybe we just don't work!
Yeah, I guess we don't!
The thoracic surgeon
wants Percy upstairs
and I'm told his father
wants us to restrain him.
He won't consent to the
life-saving surgery he needs.
So you okayed it?
This morning, you didn't
even want to resuscitate.
The guardianship's real
and the father has the power
to make those decisions.
That doesn't obligate us to
forcibly operate on the guy.
You shocked him back to life before,
but now, you want me to let him die?
- I recognize it's complicated.
- Well, I'm trying to do the right thing here,
and you just seems to
have a problem with it?
My problem is you not
knowing our protocols.
You were wrong about the DNR
tattoo and you're wrong again.
- Don't patronize me, Liz.
- Then stop relying
on moral logic and making me have to.
- If you need me to get clarity, I will.
- No, I will do it!
- I need you to stay in bed.
- I can't,
I waited my whole life to be with Kate!
- I know, I know.
- This can't be true!
- It's okay, Hugo.
- Did you tell him again?
Yes I did, but he's having
trouble accepting it.
It's because none of it makes sense!
Why wasn't I with her?!
Hugo, I understand this
can be disorienting,
but until we operate you, you
need to try to remain still.
How? Being lost in my
own mind like this
- none of it feels real!
- We know.
You gotta try.
Sadie is HIV negative, Mags.
So that's one less thing to worry about.
Any word on her other labs?
UH, CBCs back, hemoglobin,
lipase, chem 7, proteins.
What about the rush on her spinal?
Lab says no go.
Hopefully tomorrow. How's the kid doing?
She asked me to adopt her.
I think she was kidding but
- The girl from the Vax clinic?
- Yeah.
- You should run the other way.
- So should you. I might be infectious!
Mags! Mags! Mags,
look, I know you're worried about
the whole TB meningitis thing
Yeah, no, I am aware
that the incubation period
is too long for me to be
infectious. Bash said the same thing.
No, I mean, she doesn't
have TB so neither do you.
Okay, how do you know that?
She caught it from her boyfriend
in jail and we both know it
spreads like crazy in there.
Well, she sized me up
in a hurry when we met
- and I guess I did the same.
- Meaning what?
Meaning that she's working you, Mags.
She is not. She's actually sick.
Those two things aren't
mutually exclusive.
Plus, she already lied to me
about losing her cellphone.
- Why would she do that?
- I don't know.
But one thing I took from Shay
is that teenagers will hide
the whole story in order
to get what they want.
That's the one thing you
took from opening up your life
to that girl like a
sister? That's sad, June.
Look, all I'm saying is that
if you invest emotionally, Mags,
- you can lose perspective!
- Yeah, well, I'm not like you!
Maybe she sized you up as someone
who doesn't feel things, but I do!
Creatinine! Yeah, look
at her kidney function
and tell me you think TB's
the cause of her fever.
I didn't even tell her
when I got laid off.
They had their lives.
I didn't want to repeat any bad patterns
or mess it up.
But you did reconnect.
We ran into each other about a year ago.
She said she missed me.
That we'd wasted all this time and
that we should just be together.
Oh no no. What have I done?
Hugo. You don't remember,
but there was a shooting.
I do remember!
Walking up to City Hall
I froze.
Like my brain was unstuck in time.
What do you mean?
I was alone on the rig,
missing her, I was also
with her back when she was
pregnant and I was so scared
that I wasn't good
enough until I saw her.
I waited too long.
But you came back for her.
- She saw you, she knew
- I was too late.
I lost her forever, and now
Cecily will never forgive me.
- How are you feeling, Sadie?
- Really tired.
I googled it, and tiredness
is a symptom of TB.
- Mm-hmm.
- What's that?
You need an ultrasound. Can you
lift your gown for me, please?
- Of my stomach?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, Sadie.
It's gonna be cold.
Okay, there is fluid
around your kidneys,
and your serum creatinine
numbers are elevated.
Is that from the TB?
No. That is from a blunt
force kidney injury.
That's why you're not feeling well.
- Aren't I contagious?
- Sadie
Is this whole story
about jail and TB a lie?
You think I'm some kind of psycho?
- Why would I lie about that?
- I don't know.
But if it has anything to do
- with the bruising on your side.
- That's nothing.
Okay. You know you don't
have to tell me, but this room
- is for infectious risks and you're not one.
- Okay, fine! I'll leave!
- Sadie.
- Look, I'm not lying!
Okay, if you want to send
me out there to infect
the whole world, what do I care?!
No, you know what I want, is
for you to tell me the truth
- so I can actually help you. Right?
- You act all nice,
but really, you're just
a manipulative bitch!
Good, you haven't left.
There's no way of knowing
what would have happened
if we chose differently.
But more than that, put
in the same situation,
I'd make the same choice. I'd
make it every time because
- it's who I am.
- Look, Hugo's finally cogent enough
to consent to surgery.
He's lost a feeling in his leg.
We need to take the bullet out now.
No, you heard Devi. I'm benched.
Also, now you want to take a risk?
I need your help.
Thanks for doing this, Your Honour.
If you haven't had a chance
to read the medical summary,
- Dr. Hunter can.
- I read it.
You're really waving your
right to counsel, Percy?
My lawyer's vacation
apparently doesn't end
just 'cause I'm bleeding out.
So yeah, let's get into it.
Dr. Hunter, we have you to
thank for this emergency hearing?
Yes, Your Honour. Percy is
refusing life-saving surgery
that his father wants him to get.
And you need legal clarity
on how or if to treat him.
Okay, Percy. It's been a
minute since we last spoke.
How have things been?
On a personal level, I'm fine.
- On a global level, we're all
- He encamps outside City Hall
or Queens Park on a near daily basis.
He's had the words "Do not
resuscitate" tattooed onto his body.
I have not been arrested or
violated a single ordinance.
But you're still planning to die, Perse!
Dr. Hunter, you must see
patients who refuse consent.
Where does Percy fall on the continuum
of grounded to not so grounded?
I think he's one easy procedure
away from walking out of here,
and to choose death on principle?
Why is his opinion relevant?
He's not a psychiatrist
and I googled him,
he's got allegations of abuse.
That was on Twitter!
That has nothing to do
It's the public square.
No offence, man. All's
fair in love and war.
Percy, Dr. Hunter isn't on trial.
Anything to say before I decide?
I'd say the same thing
about Theo's opinion
that I would about yours.
If you're ignoring the
truth that I care about,
then you're not a part
of this conversation.
The only conversation that
anyone should be having.
Meaning you're not relevant.
To my world or any world.
Be that as it may, you
need this procedure.
Dr. Hunter, if the
hospital won't restrain him,
- I can arrange to have court officers to
- That won't be necessary. I'll do it.
Okay then.
I guess you don't
need me here after all.
Thanks, Percy. Take care.
You as well.
- Why'd you cave?
- I don't want to put you or Dr. Hunter
through the trauma of
having to restrain me.
Wait for me in the caf?
We'll watch a movie or
something when I get out.
Are you really planning on
Lighting myself on fire? Yes.
How do you feel going
through all this trouble
trying to save me knowing
I'm just gonna die?
Well, like you said
Well, you're a nice guy though.
Don't think I can't see that.
Careful with that nerve.
Now let's stitch-out that sheath.
Vicryl 3-0.
Blood pressure's
dropping fast. Ultrasound?
There's fluid in the pelvis.
But that wasn't the trajectory.
I bet this bullet probably shattered
when it hit the bone.
I don't see any more pieces.
Maybe a fragment went
into a blood vessel.
Let's start rapid transfusion
and image further up the
body, see what we can find.
You know, when I first went overseas,
it was for a girl.
We were dumb and reckless
in all the right ways.
Until armed looters came in
to the clinic that we were at.
She refused to give
them supplies and they
they shot her.
And she died in my arms.
- Dr. Novak, I'm
- Yes, it was a long time ago.
Then you think you're beyond it and
These things have a way
of unsticking you in time.
Whoa, there's some damage to that iliac.
I could stent it, but
the fragment is gone.
It must have travelled.
It's in the inferior vena cava.
That could embolize the heart
or lungs if we don't remove it.
We could use a guide
wire and snare catheter?
There's too much bleeding
in the damaged vessel.
He's not gonna survive the removal.
Okay, so we repair it first,
and then go after the fragment.
- Dr. Novak?
- Let's do it then.
Okay, stenting now.
Pressures stabilizing
Good. Okay, let's get that fragment.
Deploying the snare.
We're close.
There's contact.
Closing the snare.
Got it.
V-tach? V-tach out of nowhere?
Get the pads!
Maybe that guide-wire
irritated something?
Let's leave the why for later.
We've taken him this far,
- we're not gonna lose him now.
- Charge to 200!
I didn't lie about everything.
Just the TB.
I wasn't feeling well
and I really did want
the morning-after pill.
And my boyfriend really was in jail.
But he's not a bad guy,
he's just kind of an idiot.
If he hits you, he's a bad guy.
He doesn't! We actually have fun and
he lets me crash at his place.
But his roommate came back.
is it home that you're afraid of?
Things are not good with my mom.
We always argue, but
lately it's way worse.
She hates who I'm becoming.
Way worse as in physical?
She gets mad,
and I fight back.
- I'm a terrible person.
- No, Sadie.
No, she's your parent.
Her job is to protect you.
I tried a youth shelter
a couple of times.
It was terrifying.
A kid there had TB and
he went to the hospital
and you were so nice.
And I know, I know I should've
just told you the truth,
but all I wanted was a couple nights.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
Let's get him to ICU.
I see you, and how you've
managed to put it all behind you.
I'm not sure about that.
You make an excellent
trauma surgeon, Bashir Hamed.
- Is he stable?
- He is.
- Did his daughter stay?
- No.
Mark, my office the
minute you scrub out.
- Heard you saved Percy.
- Me? No.
I mean, he consented,
but in his own words
I'm not part of the conversation.
Well, you are a straight white male.
We're all here to replace you.
Remember that night the
group of us went out?
I was a first-year
resident. You were a 4th
And you wound up at my place.
You looked so terrified
even though I knew you
wanted to go for it.
But you're bringing this up now, why?
Just I never apologized
for running out and
You think I'm holding a grudge? Or
no, wait, you want me to know that
- you've always relied on your moral logic.
- No! No, it's just..
I mean now that we're
working together again,
I'm trying to be above board here.
By reminding me that I once
wanted to sleep with you?
That night, I know you
were married, but
was leaving what you really wanted?
Or was that you trying
to do the right thing?
I don't know.
And now?
I'll see you tomorrow, Liz.
I got your message.
There were
There were two bad
options with your mother.
And we had to make a choice.
You could have called to tell me that
instead of getting me to
come all the way back here.
Actually, I wanted to
speak to you about Hugo.
Is he
Did he die too?
No, no, no, we were able
to perform the surgery
and we got the bullet out.
It's just I know
you're upset with him,
but there's still time to fix things.
He spent so long convinced that
he wasn't good enough as a father.
And now that he's ready
I don't know if I can ever
be good enough as a daughter.
Thanks for trying.
Your family. I didn't realize
that you were dealing with that.
And you figured I was too busy
How did you put it?
measuring feelings for a living?
I'm sorry, Neeta, I was out of line.
You know, I refuse to
beg for your respect.
But if you can't find a
way to accept my authority,
then I invite you to quit.
You were right.
Sadie has kidney injury
which caused an abscess
which needs percutaneous
drainage from a surgeon
and also a social worker to
help her find a place to live.
You want me to stay and do the drainage?
I'm sorry, what's going on?
It's just Bash and I, we just
You don't have to say
anything, I'm like
No, I do feel things, Mags.
You know with Shay gone and the
house empty again. I feel things
more than I want to.
Is that why you don't want to go home?
Any chance you wanna go
in on a not-so-bad condo?
Why? Are you buying
on a resident's salary?
I'm losing my place so
Seemed like the right thing to do.
you could come stay with me.
I mean, why being broke and miserable
when you could just be miserable, right?
And it might be
good for me to have a friend around.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Are you serious?
Okay, let's go drain the abscess?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Amira, I'm so happy that you
are ready to come back home,
I'm going to have to ask
you to wait a little longer.
Wait? Why?
If our passports come
When our passports come in,
I've decided to go back home.
I mean, not exactly, but close.
I'm going to Lebanon.
Near the Syrian border.
To a refugee camp that needs doctors.
I'll be careful.
But that's basically where we
worked so hard to get away from?
I know it is.
It's just something I need to do.
Look, the only thing that
matters is that I love you
and I'm coming back.
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