Transplant (2020) s03e11 Episode Script

A Sort of Homecoming

As a Canadian citizen
I'm moving back home, okay?
- I need a doctor
- It's okay. I am a doctor.
- No, get off me.
- Ah!
You know, I do feel things
Mags, more that I want to.
Remember that night the
group of us went out?
I was a first-year
resident. You were a 4th
And you wound up in my
place, you were married but
was leaving what you really wanted?
Every time we get somewhere, you reset.
- Look, I'm trying.
- You're hiding yourself again,
which you know makes
me need to chase you.
Then don't! Just stop.
What if I'm not capable of
separating damaged from good.
I've decided to go to Lebanon to
a refugee camp that needs doctors.
That's where we worked
so hard to get away from.
I know it is.
- Hamed?
- Yes.
- Bash. Bashir.
- Denise Garneau.
We could've used you yesterday
when you were supposed to be here.
A GI bug ran through
a cluster of families,
and I've been on call every night.
Are they okay? I'm sorry. My
connecting flight got cancelled.
It took us a while but
we got them hydrated.
- Munich or Frankfurt?
- Frankfurt.
Oh the gate chairs
suck for sleeping there.
You done a stint like this before?
Where'd you say you were coming from?
Toronto. And no, not exactly like this.
Well, it's pretty straightforward.
We have one medical tent,
some staff, like me, stay put,
others go between camps.
The unofficial ones, which
this is, have less resources.
We have about 2500 displaced
residents, give or take,
mostly Syrian, some from
other parts of the region.
The government curbed registration
meaning they can't
access social services.
We have two physicians, six
nurses rotating in pairs.
We see a lot of mental health
issues, NCDs like diabetes,
hypertension, family planning.
- You can stop me if you already know all this.
- No, no, this is good.
Good you speak the language,
though it's afternoon now.
Toronto via where?
Syria. Just over the border
a few hours from here.
Ah, that's a story I'd like to hear.
Here's your tent.
If there's something you need, we
probably don't have it.
- Hamed, you with me?
- Hmm?
Yeah, it's just the uh
The travel it has a way of
taking away your bearings.
Hmm. Get some sleep.
Come find me when you
remember who you are.
What's that?
Ah. It reads data from my pacemaker.
Cardiologists use them to keep
logs of rhythms, and vitals
and it's supposed to automatically
upload to my tablet but it's just
Shouldn't that be going
to your cardiologist?
Yes, it will be, once I find one.
- You still haven't?
- Why do you look so nice?
Oh, um, I have a meeting.
Remember about a month
ago, there was this
What do you mean, you can't sync?!
- woman who pushed me.
- Like what do you mean?
A little game on our way
to our morning classes.
Hi, Mr. Spurling?
I'm a nurse calling from York
Memorial emergency department.
You registered yesterday
with abdominal pain
- but left before seeing a doctor?
- Hey! When are we going to get helped?
Yes, no, I'm aware the
waits were very long
No, it's just as busy today.
I'm trying to make sure
that you're in a position
to receive care elsewhere.
Yeah, you were telling us that you
Yeah. Where are the
labs for Mr. Rusinsky?
Because what came up is
urinalysis not chem 7
Okay, well I can give you the
number for a walk-in clinic.
Oh! Or you can hang up on me.
Oh, sorry what? Wrong labs?
I have been here five minutes.
How is there an already
"impossible to get to
everything" pile of patients?
Okay no, you do not
get to be cranky yet,
I have been trying to take a single
bite of this protein bar for hours,
- every time I go to unwrap it
- Does anybody actually work here?
I know you've been waiting, sir.
We have the results of your EKG
but the doctor hasn't had a
chance to look at them yet,
- but I'll check again.
- Okay, thanks but I think they need help.
Right. Stomach pain lady,
who's been in agony by the way,
finally puked, and then
this lady here tried to help
clean up the mess but
something's wrong with her knee
- so she can't get up.
- Hey, what's your name?
Lenore Callahan. Audrey
here is really burning up.
Please, just call me a taxi.
I'll be better off at home than here.
Audrey, I'm sorry we can't
let you go by yourself,
but I will change your fluids and I
will try calling your sister again.
And Miss Callahan, you need
to stay on your gurney, okay?
Are you okay?
Yeah, you don't need to worry about me.
Um, I know the waits are long,
but everybody has been
triaged according to how acute
their situation is and
you will all get seen,
we're just asking for some patience.
So, feel more like yourself?
You been in a camp like this before?
Yeah and practiced there.
And in your Canadian hospital?
Uh, emergency medicine and
trauma surgery residence.
Right. So why'd you come back?
Um, I got a passport and
I can travel again so,
the timing seemed right.
So you don't really know.
Westerners come for
all sorts of reasons.
Adrenaline. Conviction.
Curiosity. Being on the lam.
Not sure I qualify as a westerner.
- Hm.
- And what about you?
Neurology in Lyon and hated it.
Got married to an internist
and hated that too.
Met someone in an airport five
years ago who got me into this.
And you've been doing it ever since?
Well, it's easier when
nothing ties you home.
Don't forget to hydrate.
So, I know that uh,
coming forward wasn't easy.
Did Doctor Devi explain why
I wanted to to sit with you?
Yes, she said so that I would
know the surgical department
- has my back.
- As does hospital admin.
We take prejudicial behaviour
directed at our staff
very seriously. The instigator
has been suspended without pay.
Uh, I mean I didn't mean
for her to lose her job,
I really just want to move
on and put this behind me.
Oh well, we didn't fire her
but we told her very clearly
that she will not be
getting a second chance.
- Okay.
- June,
you did not deserve
to be treated that way.
- Thank you.
- Uh, sorry. I have to ask,
are you, um, satisfied with the action
that we have taken on this matter?
I'm sorry are you asking me
for like a star rating or ?
Fair enough.
So while we have you here, there
is another piece of business.
Mark, could you um
Yes! Well, in light of your recent work
in this novel specialized residency,
we have created a title, Acute
Care Surgical Response Fellow.
And it comes with a bursary
$6,400 to be precise.
Uh, sorry. I'm still a resident.
Just for a few more months.
We're jump-starting next steps.
Let's just consider it an
investment in keeping you on.
Ah, pelvic fracture.
Just saved me tracking down
the on-call orthopedic surgeon.
With me, June.
EMT says you fell off your roof?
Trying to adjust my uh TV
antenna to pick up the ballgame.
You know the cable company could
solve that problem for you, right?
I'm just gonna lower your
trousers a little bit here, okay?
- June?
- FAST shows an enlarged spleen.
Let's get sharper eyes.
- Get me up to speed, Mark.
- Abdomen and pelvic pain,
lower extremity numbness and tingling.
Major ecchymosis visible. No
hypovolemia, fluids at the scene.
What'd the neuro say?
Is Babinski up or down?
Okay, open book fracture
with retroperitoneal bleeding.
External fixation?
Was thinking open reduction
with internal fixation,
- am I set up?
- I would want to fix that bleed first.
- Obviously.
- Uh, June can you rewrap that sling?
Hi. Babinski's negative.
Uh, but about the spleen,
I do think it's a concern.
One that's way down
our list of priorities.
I disagree, sir.
- Okay.
- Which has been noted, June.
Well how about, you let us do our thing
and we will have you ambulatory, uh,
that means walking again faster.
If that's okay with
Dr. Curtis, of course?
I yield to your obvious expertise.
Fantastic. 5mg of midazolam please.
I cross-checked results
from 50 labs we sent out
in the last few hours and 35 are wrong.
- Wrong how?
- Wrong test, wrong patient.
Sometimes it's obvious who
got whose but even then
So they all need to be redone?
Claire, could you
look after Mr. Maxwell?
- He just got out of Trauma OR.
- Notes are on the chart.
Doctor Devi, you look different?
I was at a concert when Claire
called about this system glitch.
Doctor Olsen, have you had any
reports from other departments?
No, must be ED specific,
you better hope that one of
the tech guys answers the phone.
Um, but before you call.
Can you walk with me?
Province is releasing
data on ED waiting times
and ours are frankly embarrassing.
One of the reasons we
brought you in Neeta was to
help us with this exact issue. So
I'd like to see comps
from other hospitals,
- I bet they're similar.
- And irrelevant.
We are a level one trauma centre
with a reputation to uphold,
so I am going to need you to do better.
There's a nationwide shortage
of both funding and staff
that's been 10 years in the making.
So it's not the free healthcare
utopia that you expected, is it?
Well the one saving grace is Trauma OR,
it's proving to be the cutting-edge tool
that Jed Bishop said it
would be so, nice work Mark.
- Thanks, Neil.
- What concert?
- What? Oh, it's this punk band that I
- Oh. Then I won't know them.
Fever's high.
What's your protocol on IV hydration?
If they can drink, we
try to conserve saline.
I think it's chicken pox.
Yeah, you see it from time
to time. Have you had it?
Basil? What happened?
Put him here.
Okay guys, we'll take it from here.
- Tourniquets?
- Trauma bag, behind you.
- Get me the bone saw.
- No, no, no,
we can do a vascular shunt.
- You have cannula?
- No, we're not set up for that.
It needs to come off.
But, if we reconstruct
the brachial artery,
then we can save at least some function.
And cause him to bleed out?
We have three units of O-neg at best!
- So we'll cycle his back through.
- What about a sterile field?
We sacrifice sterility for
efficacy when necessary.
But he would need one to one monitoring.
We could save his arm!
Maybe you forgot how it works in a camp.
We need to save his life. Bone saw.
My house, my call.
Assistant teacher.
But next week I start university
to become a real one. In Beirut.
You're leaving this place.
- I'm Bashir.
- Bayan.
Do you have a medical question, Bayan?
Yes, but not for me.
I don't know, but she gets
nauseous and dizzy a lot.
And she can't walk five minutes
without needing to sit down.
I told her that I wanted
to ask you questions
about getting to Canada,
so she's not suspicious
that I'm worried.
I thought maybe this way
you could observe her?
I'd be happy to. Give
me one minute, please.
I came to see you. I
have your wedding gift.
We were best friends at 16.
You know, to go from that
to lovers to everything else.
Anyway, we just, we made plans so young.
Lovers is not a word
you should ever be using.
What about you and Jonathan?
Where did things go wrong there?
Let's not talk about our ex-lovers.
Oh, so you get to say.
I get to say whatever I want.
Don't take it too
close. I like it scruffy.
Now would it be the
worst thing in the world
if I got back from work
and you were still here?
I-I know that when we started
this up we said we'd just
But I We should be more.
- Theo.
- I'm serious.
Theo, you're the first to
admit you haven't exactly been
making level choices recently.
Yeah, but this is not what this is.
And with you, there is clarity.
Or you've had one 20-year
relationship and then me.
And you're more comfortable
as a serial monogamist.
Well, I will be back in the morning.
And if you're here, then I'll know.
And for the record, you do
not get a say in my beard
until I get an answer.
Antivirals. Are those for us?
She's uh, she's resigned
to my convictions.
Hey. Tell her that's
the toll of knowing you.
Maybe it's for the best, Saleh.
- Starting over isn't easy.
- I know that,
- but
- Shoot.
The teacher here.
Um, I've been invited for a
house call pretending to be tea.
Want company?
More like an accomplice.
Turn around. Seriously.
Run as fast as you can
away from this place.
Who are you and what
have you done with Mags?
Hey! Hey! He just got here!
How come she's seeing him?
- I'm a doctor, sir.
- Oh, well then stop flirting
and help me! If I can't get a
break from my pain why should you?
- Hey. You said you'd get me something!
- Hold on.
Miss Porchnick? Is there
a Miss Porchnick here?
It's malware, also called ransomware.
Meaning they want money so
we can access our system?
- Who'd do that?
- They said it's always cross-border.
So, untraceable. It's a new epidemic.
Now joke's on them, we
clearly can't afford to pay.
Yeah, IT says it started down here
so they want to sever us
off and contain the damage.
Our entire department has a virus.
- Which means we revert to paper.
- Ugh.
Flying blind with labs and imaging
is only going to add to our
already insane wait times.
- Can we just call in more staff?
- For a last-minute night shift?
- Good luck.
- On the bright side, fax still works.
Did one of you call for
a list of cardiologists
- accepting new patients at the big five?
- Yeah. That's me.
Well, hopefully your patient is
patient because each one of them
has a six-month waiting list.
Okay, she just called a lady
who got here way after me!
If y'all don't start
getting your asses in gear,
- I'm gonna
- Sir!
I understand that you're frustrated
but one more threat like that
and you'll have to leave, understood?
What you're gonna herd me
like a common criminal? Fine!
It's you, isn't it?
The patient who needs a cardiologist?
One of them is on mat leave. Two
others are not taking any referrals.
So what are you going to do?
Handle it on my own apparently,
because as evidenced by tonight,
our entire system collapses
if we don't put everything
in our lives second.
Well, hang in there?
Sorry about the wait Miss Callahan.
The sickest go first. If you think
I should come back another day.
You are here for arthritic
knee pain, right? May I?
I've been on the elective
surgery list 18 months,
only I fell and I twisted it,
and the nurse on the
hotline said to come in.
Okay, yeah. It is pretty swollen.
Were you alone when you fell?
- Well, my husband was with me.
- Okay.
Is he here now? Because
he may want to hear this.
He is. Though not how you mean.
I'm in a committed
relationship with the Lord.
Ah, with the Okay. Open
your mouth for me, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm sure it sounds ridiculous
to a woman of science,
but it just means that I've
chosen to centre my life
- according to doing good works.
- Yeah. Well I gotta tell you,
the line for imaging is
long and even if it wasn't,
getting a radiologist to actually look
at a non-acute X-ray
during a night shift is
Not a priority.
I see resource crunches every
day in our church mission.
Well, you are running a bit
of a fever, which can happen
when arthritic fluid gets infected.
I'm just lightheaded. I guess I
haven't eaten since I got here.
Yeah Not even from
the vending machine?
Oh, I was afraid I'd
miss my turn and then,
I'd just add to the chaos
you're already dealing with, so.
Yeah, I shouldn't have said that
about no one reading your X-ray.
If you are willing to
wait a little bit longer,
I will make it happen.
And in the meantime, we will
also get you something to eat.
- Oh thanks, that's very kind.
- Of course.
- English please, Doctor.
- Auntie, my English is fine.
Because we practice, practice, practice.
She needs it for university.
Do you still have
family in Aleppo, Bashir?
Only a brother from another mother.
Um, my parents, they uh,
they were doctors there before the war.
I didn't realize you two lived together.
My husband and I never had children.
When he passed, the war was slowing
and I thought I would go
live with my sister in Douma,
but then Bayan came and
she needed to learn English.
You came alone? How old were you?
I was 10, and Talia took me in.
We hoped to get an
apartment in the city but,
- the jobs don't pay enough.
- And the children here need us!
You're going to be a success
story. No more living in tents.
Are you parents?
My wife and I are waiting
until we can build a
life somewhere else.
And you?
You built a new life but where's
the family to show for it?
My hands are full with my sister.
Uh, does she like Toronto?
In some ways, I think she feels
more at home there than I do.
Almost time for afternoon class.
Auntie, stay, we will get it.
There is a wash station down the path.
Whatever you think is wrong with me,
you need to lie to her.
I don't want anything to
get in the way of her chance
- to make her own life.
- Ah.
Have you been experiencing
any joints pain?
So your pelvis has been reduced
and your internal
bleeding is under control.
And the gods among men don't
even show up to allow us
to bask in their reflected glory?
Seeing your enlarged spleen I
was actually able to get labs
which trust me, tonight is a miracle.
- Hah.
- Turns out you have thrombocytopenia,
which means a low platelet count.
You should also know
that it's been associated
with some other underlying conditions.
Like Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
- Yeah. Do you
- Stage 4.
I'd chalk the blood disorder up
to my recent chemo which failed,
and by the sounds of
it caused my platelets
to throw a party in my spleen?
That would make sense.
Yeah. It also means
you were right earlier.
I'm impressed you got there,
it's the kind of differential
that can get lost in the noise.
- Are you a doctor?
- Oncologist.
20 years at Western. And before you ask,
no friends or family
you should be calling.
You didn't want to go
to your own hospital?
Why'd you back down in
there whatever your name is?
- June Curtis.
- Hm.
You know how this works. I'm a resident.
Promise me you won't go looking
for self-worth in
their opinions, Curtis.
You won't find it.
I never really helped
any of my patients,
at least let me help you.
I don't mean to be rude,
but I don't even know you.
Yeah, but I know you. And a
hundred other residents like you,
ones I ground down just like those
onanistic clowns that call
themselves your bosses.
Is that really how you
view your life's work?
- You didn't help anyone?
- When I look back,
all I did was tell
people they were dying
- or saddled with terrible options.
- Transfusions,
that could get you strong enough
for another round of treatment.
I cancelled my cable
because I thought watching TV
was the wrong thing to
do with my remaining time.
Turns out ballgames and
movies are all I want.
You can't save me Curtis.
So don't waste your energy.
Maybe, but at least I
can buy you some time.
I said no.
- Any idea what's wrong with Talia?
Fever, crackling lungs, low pulse.
She's bradycardic, it
could be endocarditis.
I'd want to do an ECG but
I'm worried about heart block.
Talia's heart is blocked? From what?
We don't know anything for sure.
But she didn't tell me anything.
- Because I didn't tell her.
- Because you can't help her?
We can give her antibiotics
for an infection.
But we don't have a
pacemaker to keep her heart
Okay, so get one. You can call
your fancy hospital, right?
Bayan, it doesn't work like that.
Well it should! You
have to do something!
I promise we'll find
a way to help, okay?
It doesn't work like that?
You won't even try
asking your colleagues?
I can't just make a pacemaker
fall off the supply shelf,
- I'm still only a resident.
- With a direct line you've used
- for me more than once.
- It's not the right solution.
What's going on, Bashir? What's wrong?
Why are you really here?
I just don't want to get their hopes up.
Hi, I'm Doctor Hunter.
Um, I know you've been
waiting a while, sir.
Look, all I know is a million hours ago,
they said they were waiting for
a doctor to read me my tests.
It's been hectic with the
system glitches but fortunately,
I was able to track down
your results manually.
So you can tell me why
my heart was racing?
My co-workers forced
me to take an ambulance,
saying I looked so pale and nauseous.
They also said anything
heart-related gets seen first,
but that's clearly not true.
Well, our neurologist
looked over your EEG
and your blood work and
concluded that you have epilepsy.
- Oh, my God.
- I know it may seem frightening
but many people do live with
the disease, it is manageable.
Wait, doesn't that mean seizures?
What does that have to do with my heart?
Right, well uh,
heart palpitations can
be a marker of uh
Do you have somewhere else better to be?
Uh no, sorry. I'm
sorry, Mister Bertrand.
- What we'll do is refer you to a specialist.
- Braunstein.
Bertrand's my first name.
Your name isn't uh
- Shaun Bertrand?
- No, man. My name's Bertrand Braunstein.
- Did you just read me the wrong results?!
- Ah, you, you
You got an EKG. Not an EEG.
- What's the difference?
- I mean the good news would be
that your brain is fine.
And uh, and your EKG's normal as well.
I'm very sorry about this the mix-up.
It's just, it's been a day.
W-wait that's it?! I
sat around here all night
for you to tell me nothing
happened? I felt something!
Okay, but your blood work
doesn't show any signs of an MI,
so unless anything concrete showed
up during the EKG, which it didn't,
all we can do is recommend
that you follow up with your GP.
And I just go home praying
that I don't die in my sleep?
You really expect me to
live with that uncertainty?
So the teacher has endocarditis?
- Roth spots, Janeway lesions?
- Classic presentation.
I'd have to confirm with echo
but she could need pacing.
- I was wondering what the odds are
- Slim to nil.
There's no way an NGO could
get their hands on a pacemaker?
Well, maybe if you applied the
right pressure, kept it up for weeks
and gave up something else
they don't have funding for?
What about a hospital in Beirut?
One might take her but only
if an NGO foots the bill.
So, same dance.
How the hell did anyone keep
track of patients before computers?
Yeah, speaking of chaos,
what would you say if I asked
to borrow the C-Arm in Trauma
OR for a non-acute injury?
I'd say I just let you move in
and you're already
trying to get me fired?
I know you were trying to tell
me about this big meeting earlier
- and I just wasn't
- Turns out it wasn't a meeting.
Just a piece of performance art.
Come on, Mags.
I know she doesn't want to
speak with me right now.
Then why are you bothering her?
- I need advice, heart patient.
- Seriously?
You just bailed on her to
fly halfway around the world
and she takes it in stride
to create some distance
and now you can't even
let her have that?
Call someone else.
Yeah, that's not what I meant.
Look. A 60-year-old
woman with endocarditis,
it could be causing a heart block.
We have broad spectrum antibiotics
but I can't get my hands on a pacemaker.
It's a $30,000 piece of equipment.
I was thinking I could stop gap
with external pacing
until it gets here.
- What?
- Externally pacing for more than 12 hours
risks electrical burns.
On the other hand, the body will view
the intravenous pacer
as a foreign object
and it'll collect infection
just like the heart valve.
She probably needs surgical
valve repair not pacing.
- Did you get that?
- Yeah. Yeah. I did. Thanks.
- How is she?
- Just don't do anything stupid over there.
Hey I was trying to
freeze him out for you!
- You could've held the line.
- Yeah, I can't let a stranger suffer,
- I'm just incapable of that.
- You're allowed to feel upset.
Yeah and I am! I'm sad
and hurt and confused.
But it's not just all about him.
Okay, so how do you
process these feelings?
Uh, lately? By talking it out with him.
But since I can't do that, I guess
I'm right back at pouring
it all into this place.
- Why, how do you ?
- Oh I just push it all down until it rears up
in destructive ways. Like
letting you use the C-arm.
I need help here!
- She's not breathing.
- Okay.
Maybe she aspirated? Help me turn her.
Yeah. One, two.
Okay, I'll get something to suction.
Did anybody see her choking?
All right.
Hold on, I think I
Says she was supposed to be sent to OR.
- Did we lose track of her?
- We have no way of knowing that.
Doctor Devi, if it keeps on
like this, someone is gonna die.
Can I have your attention, please?
Due to a systems failure
beyond our control,
effective immediately
unless you're a patient
requiring level one care,
this department is closed.
Our triage nurses will be going
through who can stay, who should go,
and they'll be handing out
lists of the closest available
EDs and clinics.
Are we really closing to new patients?
And sending less acute to other
hospitals until our systems are back?
IT is saying it could take all
night to get our systems back online,
call the other EDs let
them know we're diverting.
We're supposed to call
them before we close.
I'll do my best but, we're not
the only ones with a bed shortage.
Yet according to Olsen, this
massive structural problem is on me.
Are you even allowed
to do what you just did?
Claire, can you do another
EKG on the guy in Exam room D?
And if it's clear go ahead and
discharge, I'll sign off later.
I'm not saying that she
should be doing my job for me,
- it's just that
- No, you trust her judgment.
And why should he wait hours for me
when you can get him out sooner.
Oh and it's Bertrand Braunstein.
- Not Shaun Bertrand.
- Okay.
- He might have a point.
- About my judgment?
Claire, um how comfortable are
you with the C-arm in Trauma OR?
Because June says I can use
it for Miss Callahan's knee
but all the techs are
busy and I'm like
If no help is coming, we help ourselves.
Bayan, I was wrong. Talia needs surgery.
One that she can't get here.
It has to be in a proper hospital.
I'll advocate for
resources to get her there.
- Until then
- Good thing I'm not leaving.
You should undo that.
- Hey, there are others who can help.
- Who? You?
You will leave eventually. And
if I don't stay, she could die.
- It might take a minute.
- Quick pinch.
One, two, three.
It's not right, skipping the line,
I can still hear Audrey crying
for help when I close my eyes.
You need help too. The colour of
the fluid does suggest infection.
- Mags!
- Yeah?
I think you should
Lenore, you don't drink alcohol,
do you? Or overuse painkillers?
No alcohol. And I only use pain
pills the way my doctor says, why?
Well, there is scarring on your liver.
My liver? I thought you
were looking at my knee.
Yeah, we checked a wider area given
your lightheadedness and jaundice.
Cirrhosis primarily comes from
toxins but it can also come
from the kind of
mission work that you do.
I'm not sure I follow.
Well, we see hepatitis
in unhoused communities,
it is transmissible and it
can cause loss of appetite,
bruising and eventually liver injury.
Can you treat it?
Well, we'll need to do
typing once our labs are up.
But Lenore, for your
liver to get this bad,
it would have taken a long time.
You doctor didn't notice anything?
I mentioned some tiredness and bloating
and she just told me to slow
down but, you know it's not my
Incoming! Parking cop!
Some guy snapped and
ran him over on purpose.
- Hello?
- Doctor Novak, my patient needed an imaging
and everything was backed
up. We'll get out of your way.
- Forget it, no time!
- Trauma Bay's open.
Thought we weaned you off
this kind of excess, Leblanc.
Will that man be okay?
Your doctor should have caught
this! You should file a complaint.
She's busy and I didn't press it
Well, you should start
since you can't rely on her.
- I don't need to, I have God.
- Lenore,
isn't that kind of thinking
what landed you here?
- Mags!
- I've devoted my whole life to Him
- and I trust Him to take care of me too.
- Yeah, except what if a life of service
- isn't enough anymore?
- Mags!
I think you made your point.
What happened to you
either waiting at my place
or going home to yours.
I'm still married, Theo.
As like, you're still legally married?
- Because plenty of couples let that linger.
- No.
I mean, according to
Jonathan, we're still together.
Six months ago, you were
telling people he moved out.
Six months ago he did.
And then he moved back,
ostensibly because the cost of
two households was bleeding us dry.
But, full transparency, he
also thinks we're working on it.
Full transparency?
Well, he thinks you're working
on it because you are or
We sleep in separate rooms.
We've been on a few dates
Liz, you guys have a kid, okay?
I can't be the one
who comes between that.
Theo, I haven't done anything wrong here
and neither have you.
Does this change what you said earlier?
Do you want to fix things with him?
I don't know!
You paged me up here, why?
I couldn't take him to Trauma OR
because of a woman with knee problems.
And that is an act of compassion
I understand that you sanctioned?
Yeah, well your guy was stabilized
and rushed into surgery, so?
Okay, that's not my point.
Then what is your point, that you
get to use your gut and I don't?
You do understand
that we bill O-HIP like
$5,000 a minute for Trauma OR, right?
So maybe you should use my bursary
blood to money to pay for that!
Yeah, I'll even write you
a check for the balance!
Okay, June, I see that you are upset.
And uh, to be honest
I wasn't expecting it
You guys cooked up this fake
position to try to pacify me
and you made me feel like I
shouldn't have even reported
the stupid incident.
Our timing was justifiably terrible,
but Olsen approached me months
ago about it and I wanted to wait
until I was sure you
liked working with me.
Why can't you see this for what it is?
It's a reflection of your ability.
You're taking Talia home, to Douma?
Yeah. As a Syrian, the
hospitals will treat her.
And she has a sister there.
That area is regime controlled.
I wouldn't even risk going there.
I know that's why I'm asking
to borrow your truck, I'll go
You could be arrested!
If we try to help
everybody, we help nobody.
Look, I made a mess, this is
the only way I know to fix it.
Can't you just once stop
taking everything on yourself!
You say you're here for me? Why?
To talk me out of leaving
because you're worried
- that I can't make my own life?
- No, no, it's not
Look, you don't know what it's like
Being the one that left.
Whatever part of you is missing,
it's not in Douma, Bashir.
You told me not to seek
validation in their opinion of me
but this is how this
entire ecosystem is built.
- Then you have to resist it.
- Except every time I try,
it's the same garbage cycle.
Either people end up hating me
- or they tell me not to help them!
- So give up.
Enough already, right?
Right, like that's why
you were on your roof.
You don't care what
happens to you, anymore?
You know what? You
wanna die so badly, fine!
You know, we're not so different.
I used to think the
problem was everyone else,
but the problem is me
Hating myself.
Listen, I do not
It's not that I want to die.
But I am.
So if you really want to help me,
you can distract me from that. Hm?
Asthma attack admitted and stable.
And the kid with the glass in his eye
is waiting for ophthalmology who
still insists he's on his way.
Uh, sorry.
You know anything about curtain
five? Can't find the intake.
Um, give me five seconds. I'm just
gonna change an infusion in E first.
Well, looks like we weathered the storm.
You're going to take heat for
closing those doors though.
I am aware.
But hey, Olsen was out of line before.
Ah, the cavalry arrives
after the battle is lost.
Arnold you said five, right?
Yes, Claire. It's five.
- How's Mother Theresa?
- She has hepatitis
which wasn't caught
for who knows how long.
I hope we didn't screw you up
with our little stunt thing.
No. Actually, they tried to promote me.
- What?
- Help! Help! She's bleeding!
Someone! Someone help!
- Oh my God, it's Claire! It's Claire!
- Call a code blue!
Pulse is faint. Multiple stab wounds!
- Gauze! Gauze! Gauze!
- Now, Arnold!
We need her in trauma OR now!
- Move!
- Did anybody see who did this?
- Claire, can you hear us?
- Got the board!
Board roll on three. One, two, three.
Lift on three. One, two, three.
Out of the way, out of
the way, out of the way.
- We've got you, Claire.
- Clear! Clear the way!
I told her if she didn't leave,
I won't accept any treatment.
I'm not going to let her stay for me.
Okay look, when I left home
I left with this weight,
to live for those who couldn't.
And if you make Bayan do the
same, she'll have to carry it too.
Doctor Garneau. Will you
introduce me to the NGO reps?
Talia needs resources and
a trip to the hospital.
They're coming to test
the water chlorination.
Those gastroenteritis cases I mentioned?
They're looking more like cholera.
An outbreak? Are you sure?
I sent samples to the lab in Beirut.
If I'm right, we'll know in a few days.
There's a lot of fluid,
likely organ perforation.
- Which one?
- C-arm.
Heart rate's rising.
She's showing signs of shock.
BP's on rapid decline. MTP?
Yeah, let's hang as
many units as we can.
One gram TXA, we really need to
figure out what organ got hit.
Imaging confirms free fluid,
spleen and right kidney.
I need more gauze, I can't
get a handle on this bleed.
- What about her left?
- She doesn't have one.
- No left kidney? Claire only has one?
- Does anyone know why?
No. She doesn't really talk
about personal stuff like that.
- V-tach!
- She's hemodynamically unstable.
- Rhoda, crash cart!
- We gotta to open her now, source the damage.
Yeah, I'm going to start a central line.
V-fib. She's in v-fib, we need to shock.
Charge 200.
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