Transplant (2020) s03e12 Episode Script


Due to a systems failure,
this department is closed.
You're going to take heat for
closing those doors though.
I am aware.
Oh my God! It's Claire!
Out of the way, out of
the way, out of the way!
I used to cut myself.
I used to think the
problem was everyone else,
but the problem is me Hating myself.
I'm still married, Theo.
I can't be the one
who comes between that.
How do you feel going
through all this trouble
trying to save me knowing
I'm just gonna die?
Well, like you said, irrelevant.
The patient we should be
discussing right now is you.
- In my capacity as your cardiologist.
- Actually, you're not anymore.
I don't want a doctor
who blames her patients
instead of listening to them.
You been in a camp like this before?
Yeah and practiced there.
So why'd you come back?
They held me for almost a year.
All because one of my
best friends gave my name
as a doctor supporting the
rebellion to save his own life.
- Hey! You want some?
- Yeah.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Don't do it.
Nothing good ever comes of that.
They're gonna try to sell you somethi
Hey! Aw! You're early, Mom.
- Hey, sweetheart.
- Hey, good to see you. Come on.
I'm sorry I completely
forgot to tell you
that she's coming with me
to meet what seems to be
the only cardiologist in Toronto
who's taking on complex patients.
Oh, well, it's always good to
have a buffer. Hi Ms. Leblanc.
Yeah, for the doctor too,
knowing Magalie. Hello, June.
Oh, yeah, we've been dealing
with hum, a few leaks.
More like not dealing with the leaks.
Okay, so why don't you both come
stay in my hotel room tonight
and I'll call a
professional to fix this.
Yeah, I'm sure Dad would love
that, crowding your space.
- Do you want some coffee?
- Maybe, he didn't come?
Uh He's in the country.
He's been living there, actually.
I'm staying in the city.
Is she trying to tell
me that they split up?
- I'm trying to find coffee.
- What happened? So suddenly?
Nothing happened, sweetheart,
and it was not sudden,
it just took until now to admit it.
Okay so, un-suddenly, you
just happened to walk away
from everything you've
built in the past 30 years?
Magalie, my point is that
neither of us were happy.
And now I get to try
things I'd forgotten
even existed outside marriage.
- And so does your father.
- Uh
I'm sure eventually we'll all
still have family dinners
- Okay, no, Mom!
- I should go.
- No! Why?
- Why?
Sweetheart, I know it's
a lot for you to take in,
but can you look at this?
Oh, my God, Mom, you are not
buying a loft in the Mile End.
Your father's emotionally
attached to the house,
I need something of my own.
And you're emotionally
attached to nothing?
How did he take it? Dad.
- Not great.
- Well, yeah.
It's nice being able to
talk to you like this.
It's been over a week, but the
IT department tracked the virus
to a malware email
opened by an ED staffer
who obviously didn't take his
cyber training very seriously.
Yeah, we've had several
incidents of compromised care,
and we're fielding
complaints as they come.
Frankly, it's a miracle
that no one died.
Well, no one died inside the hospital,
but there's no way of
knowing who didn't make it in
and what the consequences
of that may be.
Well, we do know we've
come under media fire
almost daily since then.
I think we can all agree
the virus wreaked havoc.
But looking forward, we can't
be one tipping point away
- from total collapse.
- Yes,
we have systemic challenges to address,
but your most senior Nurse Manager
was attacked by an individual,
not the institution.
And legal recommends avoiding
any admission of fault
until we have more
details about the incident.
Claire was brutally
attacked after our department
was pushed to the brink and
you're worried about a lawsuit?
How's she doing? Claire.
She's had a long week,
multiple surgeries. Look
I stand behind my decision
to close the doors.
Do you stand behind me?
- Who's the suit?
- Oh, hospital keeps sending them
to ask if I remember anything else.
- Starting or ending?
- Ah, neither.
I just had some time to kill
before an appointment nearby.
- Does this say your creatinine's up?
- Mags.
Yeah, yeah. Sorry.
I'm guessing that you don't
remember much still, do you?
When I think about who else
he might be out there hurting
because I, 'cause I can't.
Except that's not on you and they
shouldn't be bugging you about it.
You okay?
Yeah, just some mild spasm,
my doctor said it's
normal after what happened.
Your doctor didn't note
spasms in your chart.
Brevity seems to be his main skill.
Hey, you're awake! Morning provisions.
Aw, you guys don't
need to keep doing that.
Is that baby food?
Fibre's good for the kidney
and since you're down one
Hey, your temp's up.
I thought you had a
problem with ceftriaxone?
Did you say that to Doctor Brevity?
A doctor deferring to a nurse?
What are you new here, Mags?
Okay. Think I'll just
Ah, I didn't get it.
- The second in command job.
- Meaning Liz got it?
- I'm sorry Theo.
- Honestly, it's fine.
I mean who'd want that job now, anyway?
- You're just trying to make me feel better.
- No, I'm not. I'm not.
Mags, you have been
in this funk for days.
- Is it because of
- Yeah, it's because of everything.
Okay, well, I mean, at
least he's vaccinated.
- And, anyway, I know he's gonna be home soon
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What are you talking about?
- Bash.
Vaccinated for what?
He didn't tell you.
He didn't tell me what, Theo?
There is a cholera
outbreak at that camp.
But, I'm sure he's fine.
Oh my God, I could remove a gallbladder
in the time it takes you to bet.
And yet you're back every
day for more. All in.
See, this is why I only
play for real money.
It just doesn't cost
enough to make stupid calls.
Then let's raise the stakes.
If I win, you stick
around for Olsen's check-in
and let me do my thing.
Dude we've already gone over this,
I can't lie to the CMO about
getting a competing offer.
Doctor Curtis. Didn't
know that you were
- working, this morning.
- Yeah, I was uh, just
Picking my brain about Western.
We're looking to open up our
own Trauma OR and could use her.
Well, as for you, William,
the swelling from your
pelvic fracture is down,
but unfortunately is not
healing as well as we had hoped.
Yes. Well, my immune system's
been otherwise engaged.
About that. The
neutropenia from your cancer
is presenting some challenges
keeping infection at bay.
Now, normally,
I'd want to go back in and
realign but in your case
Then, you would agree
that both Curtis and I
should carefully consider our options.
Hi, I'm Theo. And I hear
you're having some pain?
Food poisoning, I think. My
husband cooked last night.
Any vomiting, diarrhea?
Bad cramps in the middle of the night.
- Threw up a couple times.
- And your husband, is he sick too?
He has an iron stomach.
And for once I'm relieved
the kids refuse to eat
anything but mac and cheese.
Yeah, my oldest just outgrew that phase.
So you're telling me there's hope?
- We have four under eight.
- Wow!
Why don't you sit back for me.
- Right. Any pain there, no?
- No.
All right, I'm going to give you
a solution called the Pink Lady.
It'll help with the indigestion.
And if you're keeping your fluids down,
it should run its
course in about 24 hours.
Do you think you could give us
a urine sample, just to be safe?
- Okay.
- Perfect. Come with me.
- Oh my God!
- Uh, is it time for your period?
I'm on birth control,
I don't get my period.
Ah, Rhoda?
We are going to run some
bloods and do an ultrasound,
- see what's going on. Okay?
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- It's gonna be all right.
Nothing gives you leverage
like a real threat of leaving.
You're in the power seat now.
And you're welcome, by the way.
You know, if he calls
to check your story
I'll admit to being the prick that I am.
Believe me, it's a freeing
concept to just accept.
And messed up.
Speaking of things that can't be fixed,
I'd like you to help me die.
I've seen my case a thousand
times as an oncologist.
Infection keeps getting
worse. Pain increases.
I lose any shred of autonomy.
Why are you asking me?
In case you haven't noticed,
I'm not exactly drowning in loved ones.
And I don't want a big
production. Quick and clean.
I mean take some time to mull it over.
It's only the end of my life.
I'd want to be in control too.
18 Gauge needle for adequate flow?
Two litres the first 30. Good.
You can stop the infusion when
she's strong enough to sit up.
And then, we free up the bed.
Good to know your muscle
memory for cholera's intact.
Or maybe bad to know you
still carry it around.
He was alone in his tent, maybe all day.
We need to get people checking tents!
Start a line!
He hasn't said a word since I found him.
He needs intraosseous fluids.
Sir, can you hear me?
Could be kidney failure.
No pulse.
V-fib! We have to shock.
Okay. Prep epi.
Charging to 200! Clear!
- No pulse.
- Push epi.
Start another round of fluids!
Charging again!
Still no pulse.
He was just too dehydrated. He's gone.
Get rid of your clothes
Saleh, wash yourself down.
It's gonna get worse
before it gets better
I'm going to stay and see this through.
I'll change my flight.
We need to bathe him in bleach
and put him in a body bag.
Well, I'll be on desk
duty for at least a month.
I keep telling them
to put Rhoda in charge
but the union's
refusing which is stupid.
Yeah, shouldn't you be
telling my sister this?
Apparently, she's who
you call in a crisis.
It's been a while since you
and I did more than text, Eric.
As an NP you got better options now.
Some swanky plastic surgeon
who works 4 days a week.
Oh, I thought this argument
died with our marriage.
Aren't you angry about
what happened to you?
Of course I am!
I just thought we could
After all this time, I mean
when I heard what happened
I miss you, Claire.
When you said you
wanted to offer support,
I thought you meant getting ice chips.
Hey! I'm locked out of
the online medical journals
- we usually have access to.
- New IT rule. No cookies.
Oh. Um, and who are they?
Uh Med students.
Yeah and to whom do they belong?
- You, I think?
- Well, I'm not
I'm not-I'm not even on today. I'm
And yet
- Hi. I'm-I'm Do
- Doctor Leblanc.
- Yes.
- Graduated med school in three years not four,
two years in the ED, switched to
cardiology before returning to emerg
which is why you're
still PGY-2 instead of 3.
- I'm Carmen and this is uh
- A mistake.
Yes, um, okay, you stay here,
don't touch anything, um
- Doctor Devi?
- Hmm?
About the students, I'm
I thought your relentlessness would be
a good introduction to the system.
Plus they can help with physical
tasks outside your limits.
Not without me training them to.
I told them you wouldn't
be in until tomorrow
and to catch up on reading
today. Why are you here?
I came to see Claire.
- I heard she's awake today.
- Hmm.
Um, even if I knew how to
teach that relentlessness,
I'm not sure I'd be the
best choice right now.
As a resident, training
is part of your job.
Yeah, I know, I know, but I'm
And also what you fought
for when you made a case
to come back to this
department. Has that changed?
I think it would be better
for her if hospital admin
would stop asking questions
about what happened.
They're just trying to
track down who did this.
Which is for them.
Not her.
I had no idea I was pregnant.
With the others I-I felt it right away.
What happens now?
If your pain-level changes, tell me.
We'll make sure to make you
as comfortable as possible.
I'm very sorry, Crystal.
Oh, you don't have to be.
This isn't We weren't trying and
It's just better this way.
- I should call my husband.
- Before you do that,
when we did your pelvic exam,
we noticed evidence of bruising.
If you wanted to talk to anyone,
or need any kind of support.
For what?
Uh well, this kind of
bruising is often evident of
a sexual assault.
And if that's the case,
we have a protocol here
that will give you time to
consider all of your options.
What's involved in that?
We collect any identifying evidence
that would back up a report.
Identify my husband, you mean.
If that is what you wanted to do, yes.
Can I think about it?
Of course.
It seems water in the south tower
was not properly chlorinated.
Then with latrines busier than usual,
the contamination spread.
Plus flies plus bad luck.
Nasser's our camp manager and
Johanna's with the NGO MedHelp.
We've met.
Doctor Hamed's been a vocal advocate
for getting Talia Ali's valve
replacement surgery funded.
The man who died, Qasim,
he'd been here five years.
Cholera can be a manageable
disease if you hydrate early.
We need to tell anyone symptomatic
not to wait it out because
We also need to do a public
health messaging campaign.
Spread the word about proper
handwashing and sanitation protocols.
Hopefully faster than the disease.
We can only hold 10, maybe 12
severely dehydrated patients
in the hospital tent at once.
Last time I went through this
we built temporary stations
to hold less severe cases.
- Where are we on water?
- Usage is high
and will keep increasing,
keeping up with chlorination
and de-sludging the latrines
- will be a challenge.
- Financial aid is limited.
- Because of other outbreaks?
- Because of other everything.
We should be stockpiling
cholera vaccines,
I said this months ago.
- I may be able to source some.
- Good.
Though they won't help
the sick population now.
Which leaves us with
prevention and mitigation.
Vaccination. Zinc.
Plus as many antibiotics
as we can get our hands on.
- As for treatment
- There has to be
- more we can do about the water.
- Staffing is the problem.
We need to hire more locals to
monitor, chlorinate, distribute.
- I don't have funds to pay additional crews.
- Can't you divert?
All the money comes from
somewhere, Doctor Hamed.
Food. Sanitation. Expensive
surgery in Amman
She's right. Every cent
is already allocated.
- Then we get more volunteers.
- And who's going to train them?
- You?
- Why not?
I know how to monitor and chlorinate.
You're here as a doctor, Bashir.
That's just bureaucracy. If the
help isn't coming fast enough
I can't allow someone I just
met to take responsibility
for an entire camp's water supply
because he told me he knows how.
Hey, you used to be
a hospice nurse right?
- Yeah.
- Okay, so you ever help
with Medical Assistance in Dying?
There were a few MAID
patients along the way.
I mean, I couldn't perform it.
Has to be a doctor or an NP.
- Why?
- Well, this guy came through emerg
a few weeks ago for a pelvic
fracture, and he also has cancer.
He needs someone to witness his request
before I can start the process.
- Uh His family won't?
- He doesn't have any.
Wait, you're talking about
William Maxwell, right?
- Yeah. Why?
- His son's been calling.
Tried every hospital in
the city looking for him.
I keep sending word but
the ward nurses keep saying
William's refusing visitors.
Unbelievable. He lied to me.
Uh, do you want the son's phone number?
I know. I know. This isn't
my fancy hospital and
I should learn to accept
the things I can't change
and do our best to
help ease the suffering.
Actually I was thinking
about when we were 17.
The Air Jordans?
- The sneakers you stole?
- Tried to steal.
I was a block away when that
store clerk came at me
With a tire iron!
Yeah! And you bolted,
didn't take a second to think,
just left me there to meet my fate.
Yeah well, I don't think
I could run that fast now.
Even with the Jordans.
Why are you thinking about that?
You know, you don't have to see
this through just because I am.
She's leaving?
OB came down and cleared her..
Was it before or after
her husband got here?
You offered support, Theo.
If she's not ready for
that, that's her choice.
- Be gentle, okay?
- Okay little monsters,
Daddy's gonna take you
to the vending machine
while I finish up with the doctor, okay?
I'm gonna circle back and
I can help you to the car.
- Perfect. Thanks babe.
- Okay.
You don't have to leave yet.
The other doctor said I could go.
Okay, um
I'm, I'm not sure that's the right call.
Why? Did something else
come up on my tests?
No. I can tell your husband
that we missed something
if you need more time to
think about what we discussed?
- I don't.
- Crystal, I'm worried
that you are just going back
into an unsafe situation.
- I am trying to help you here.
- I don't want your help.
Well, what about your children?
If you're just trying to
make yourself feel better
about "doing the right thing", don't.
- Hey, that is not
- You don't know me,
and this is none of your business.
- Hey, you ready?
- Yeah.
How have things been since
your most recent heart event?
Mostly steady. Some
tachycardia here and there.
She's also been fighting fatigue.
We were wondering if that
means more valve problems.
If we follow you, I'd
want a workup from scratch.
Stress tests, echo, possible holter.
Well, you have all that.
I find another clinician's bias
evident in their diagnostics.
I'd also want to hear where you are now
and where you hope to be in five years.
I know, you didn't think
you'd booked a session
with a life coach.
I hope it's not inappropriate to ask
- why you need these things?
- I'd build a treatment plan around them.
Doctor Leblanc, is emerg the end game
or do you plan to pivot to
something a little less demanding?
You'll learn fast that with
Magalie, work-life-balance
- swings heavily toward work.
- Not as much lately.
No judgment.
I'm an advocate of getting
life to work for you,
but if I know where you are emotionally,
- we can plan.
- That makes a lot of sense.
Doesn't it seem a little
antithetical to science?
I don't think that's what he meant.
I would like to get his assessment,
based on the data available.
And I choose not make one without
your willing participation.
Look, my strategy isn't for everyone.
All right, well thank
you so much for your time.
- That's it? Magalie
- Yeah, I don't have any more questions.
Well I do. Which is why you brought me.
Why don't I give you two a minute?
I'm uh
I've got a patient doing
a stress test next door,
I can look in on.
He's a doctor not an oracle,
you don't have to be so deferential.
And you're an adult,
not a stubborn child,
- so act like one.
- Oh I'm being a child?
You're walking out on
your entire life on a whim
and you're supposed to
be the grounded person
- I brought here to help me!
- Which is why I'm reminding you
that you've fought your whole life
for a doctor who listens! And now,
one is finally asking you what you want
and you can't get away fast enough!
- Hey.
- Hi.
I-I didn't know if you wanted to
Yeah. I know, I know. It's just
Theo said something about you
staying to help with an outbreak?
Yeah, we're seeing a steady
flow of severe dehydration,
- but I'm fine.
- Okay. Okay. Good.
It's a low-level risk of contracting
cholera from a sick patient.
Or that's what I read.
Are you on your way home
or What time is it there?
Or at least it should be low-risk,
- as long as the water supply isn't
- We're trying to ration the potable.
Well, we have a rotted pipe
and you don't have enough to drink.
What, at the hospital?
No, at at June's.
At the hospital Devi wants
me training med students.
You're not excited about the students?
Look, I know things between us are
But you can talk to me.
Only I can't.
I got used to my life
being bigger and now
The things I used to want
And I'm alone with that.
- Mags, I'm
- No, and don't say you're sorry,
because this isn't only about you.
What about you?
Are you finding
what you're looking for?
They need help here.
Why can't you just admit you're
there for yourself, though?
To figure out your own thing
Because even if it's
selfish, it's fair. You know?
I haven't always been this way.
My mother told me today
that life is just phases.
That whatever you think
it is or are sure it is,
it's only ever temporary.
Why don't you try to get some sleep?
What the hell?
You never came back yesterday.
You're not supposed to be
in here. Or out of your room.
I bribed a porter. If you got cold feet,
you could've told me.
I'll telling you now. Find
another resident to manipulate.
Manipulate? Curtis, I
thought we saw it the same
You have a son!
Okay. I do. And?
Seriously? You told me you
didn't have anyone else.
If I drag him into it, it'll just
be a messy grief-fuelled nightmare.
Yeah, well maybe that's what he
wants! Or at least the option!
The option to sit at my
beside quietly crying?
Or worse, talk me out
of it only to resent me
when he has to walk me to the bathroom.
You know that's how this goes!
No, what I know is if
you cut him out like this,
all you're doing is paying it forward.
- Know what, forget it.
- No. Wait.
Paying what forward?
The kinds of choices that mess people up
and make them like us. And
I won't be a part of it.
Vitals checks, bane of my existence.
Yeah, sorry, but since you're up,
can you open your eyes for me?
Not good, huh?
Any other symptoms besides fever?
Hum, swollen legs and tight muscles.
Your creatinine spiked higher.
When was your last kidney scan?
- What's happening?
- She's seizing.
Her kidney's failing. Go to
the closest nurses' station
and tell everyone and anyone, we
need ativan and bedside dialysis.
- Right. Okay, uh Where do I go?
- Just figure it out! Go!
Just let me know, okay? Thanks.
I uh, hear congratulations are in order.
Senior supervising ED doctor.
I tried to call with the news
but you've been screening.
You put up a good fight, Theo.
Did you maybe just try a
little bit harder to beat me out
for the job because of
what's going on between us?
Oh yeah. Totally wasn't
for the pay or career boost.
- Nice making it all about you, though.
- No, Liz, Liz! Hey! What
Why am I the bad guy for being
upset about breaking up a marriage?
Because that's giving
yourself way too much credit.
And it's not what's
upsetting you either.
Oh is there anything I can
do to stop you telling me
- what is upsetting me?
- What happens between me and my husband
is entirely up to me which
means you have no power.
You don't like that
you don't have a say.
But I do, Liz.
No clots.
Return is good.
Access is clear.
Closing the circuit.
That was amazing.
Are you supposed to know
that as an ED resident?
The dialysis will only
work if we can figure out
- what's causing her infection.
- Want me to recheck her labs?
Go back to emerg. Join your cohort
in the suture room for practice.
Is she okay?
- I'm Eric, her ex.
- She's stable for now.
Kidney failed?
My sister has lupus,
needed dialysis growing up.
That's why Claire only has one.
So she gave one of her
kidneys to your sister?
Two months after we met.
Just quietly went out and got tested.
- Didn't tell anyone until she matched.
- Sounds like her.
Now she's paying for it.
This place took everything from her.
I'll never understand why
she gives it her whole life.
Can I get the kit, please?
She must've been
downplaying her symptoms.
- Could it be bacteremia?
- No, they ruled it out already.
- Maybe a septic stone?
- No, would've shown up on her CT.
- Doctor Leblanc?
- Yeah, I told you to wait in the suture room.
I know but Claire's chart
mentions muscle spasms,
so I cross-referenced
infections that cause those
while also affecting
kidney function and I j
Spit it out, intern.
Just wondered about
her last tetanus shot?
- Tetanus?
- Lotta people forget to stay up to date.
If she's already at the point
of seizing we need to move fast.
Yeah, I'll talk to her team,
we'll target the infection,
start TIG and muscle
relaxants right away.
I'll check her history.
- Not bad.
- Does she kinda not like me?
Don't find your value there.
Glad I caught you.
Look if this is about the
whole Western thing, I
No, that you're in demand
isn't news to me, Doctor Curtis.
I'm here about William Maxwell.
His medically assisted dying request.
- I'm just surprised he didn't ask you.
- He did. I just
You think he has a case for it?
Well, I got his consent
to call his oncologist,
who it turns out he recently
fired, ornery prick that he is.
And his cancer is all
through his lymph nodes.
And William's been around long
enough to know what comes next.
But I see you two got uh close.
So I can do it if you'd rather not.
It's hard, accepting what we can't fix.
But bearing witness is maybe the
most important thing we can do.
Bashir, um
They didn't exactly let us
take phone calls from prison.
But even when I heard that, that
That you'd made it
to the camp in Turkey,
and then to Canada with Amira.
Bashir, I wanted to
message you so many times.
It's, it's just
Tariq, we don't have to do this. Okay?
Then why else did you come
here after all this time?
I mean you must need to
hear this to-to move on
Look, they knew we were at the protests.
They would have killed you
if you didn't comply. I
Hey there.
Heard about today.
You up for a visit?
Yeah. All distractions welcome.
I take responsibility
for what happened, Claire.
We let you down.
I let you down.
And I'm sorry.
Careful. Somewhere legal's
hair just lit on fire.
Let it.
You deserve to hear someone own this.
Um, your ex is here, asking to see you.
Um, will you tell him
visiting hours are over?
You changed your mind?
I don't want to be like you.
Meaning I don't want the
cynicism to control my life.
You're my patient. And you
were wrong when you said
that we can't help people.
Whenever you're ready.
Hey Theo, thanks for this, really.
I'm glad I can help.
Antiseptic, bandages,
blood pressure cuff
The sugar test kits
are technically expired.
Well, that's good. 'Cause
these guys will only use stuff
that they know will
be disposed of anyway.
Look your friend who's a diabetic,
he really should be seeing someone
just to make sure that
there's no complications.
Yeah, I know. But he won't.
These are for friends you
made doing activism work?
Yeah, only they're off grid.
So everything they have is
either earned or bartered for.
No credit cards, no health cards. So,
you need to accept this.
Yeah, I just, I wonder how they
know they're making a difference.
I guess they're just doing what
they know they can live with.
- And how are things for you, Percy?
- All good, man.
Thanks for checking in.
Thank you for fitting me in so late,
especially after I was so blunt before.
- It's no problem.
- What you said about factoring myself in?
- That really got to me.
- Yeah, I picked up on that.
- I'm going to listen to you again.
- While I run?
Well it's non-standard,
but I find it valuable to listen
at every stage, kind of like
Collecting anecdotal
evidence direct from my heart?
You ready for me?
Mags this is my colleague,
Doctor Sam Levesque.
We're at threshold.
Thought I heard a rhythm ramp up.
You're right. SVT at eight minutes
lasting for 30 seconds
- Sending you the data now.
- Thanks, Sam.
When you're done, I got a toddler
with a murmur I need your ears on.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
- You two share a practice?
- Sam's a genius
at analyzing pre-existing data,
and I can often predict a
pattern before it fully presents.
It's a good balance.
And based on what you heard
Do you think there's a
problem with the valve?
No prognostications while
we're painting the picture.
Next up, echocardiogram.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
So the young couple, cholera?
They thought it was, but I'm
thinking ectopic pregnancy.
- Based on what?
- Shoulder tip pain and instinct.
- Did you tell them?
- Not yet
They did sound like they were trying.
I figure transvaginal
ultrasound is not an option.
Um, no. If you are right, and
assuming it's not ruptured,
we have methotrexate
for medical abortion
And what if it does rupture?
You were supposed to
leave days ago, Hamed.
At some point you're going to have to.
The man with the vaccines.
You know, the Jordans.
I wasn't the only one who ran that day.
I went to see him.
Were you able to move past it?
I'm going home.
My wife misses me.
People must miss you too.
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