Transplant (2020) s03e13 Episode Script

The Luxury of Memory

I'm going to Lebanon. It's
just something I need to do.
Doctor Curtis, I didn't
know that you were
- working, this morning.
- She's picking my brain about Western.
We're looking to open up our
own trauma OR and could use her.
I used to cut myself.
Speaking of things that can't be fixed,
I'd like you to help me die.
Percy tried self-immolating
on the steps of Parliament
during a climate summit.
Antiseptic, bandages,
blood pressure cuff
- Thanks for checking in.
- This kind of bruising
is often evident of a sexual assault.
Identify my husband, you mean?
- Oh my God, it's Claire!
- Out of the way! Out of the way! Out of the way!
I take responsibility
for what happened, Claire.
I stand behind my decision
to close the doors.
- Do you stand behind me?
- Based on what you heard,
do you think there's a
problem with the valve?
- You can talk to me.
- Only I can't.
I got used to my life
being bigger. And now
What about you? Are you finding
what you are looking for?
You must need to hear this to move on!
I knew there would still
be some valve dysfunction,
but I didn't think it would be that bad.
A residual leak is
steadily getting worse.
Dr. Fisher seemed to
think I was bouncing back.
Dr. Fisher should've
listened more closely.
Your heart is dilating and
ejection fraction is decreasing.
If we don't deal with it eventually
we're on the road to heart failure.
Are you about to tell me that
I need a heart transplant?
Am I even a candidate for that?
There's a case to be made, yes.
The surgery would put you out of
commission for at least a year,
but it's the only permanent solution.
What if I don't want that?
Well, then we take a
management approach.
I stay on top of your
monitoring and you do your best
to prioritize your energy
and your exertion levels.
Prioritizing, meaning do less.
I'd re-frame it as
do things differently.
Okay, except how? Because
I've tried that before,
and I keep getting
pulled back to baseline.
Then maybe it isn't sustainable.
What, my job?
Are you telling me to quit?
Look, I'd never say that, Mags.
But if you keep going the way
you're going, you're gonna die.
Like what am I supposed to do with that?
Take some time. Talk it over
with your support system.
You held your own in there this morning.
I could've done a better job
avoiding the epigastric vessels.
No, no. Something to practice,
- unless you're planning another trip?
- No.
Good. I'd hate to see
you getting distracted
now that they've finally agreed
to count your Trauma OR hours.
Must feel good. You're
gonna be surgeon again.
To be honest Dr. Singh,
I've never let myself
believe that would actually happen.
Does that mean I can't
trust you to handle
- post-op with this patient?
- No, that's not
I just meant
She had pneumonia six weeks ago.
We thought we'd weathered it
but the coughing flared back up,
then she was up all
night with this fever.
At least you had each
other to spell off.
We're not together, Dr. Hunter.
This was Mike's week.
Uh, Theo. Um, so Kira was a preemie?
Yeah. Born at 28 weeks.
They had to give steroids
to help her lungs along.
The hope was there wouldn't be
any residual complications, but
Every little bug hits her so hard.
Doesn't matter how careful we are,
we're powerless against exposure.
Do you think the pneumonia is back?
You don't have to pull
punches. It's better if we know.
Let's just
I think Kira has
bronchiolitis obliterans.
It's a very serious inflammatory
response in the lungs.
There's gotta be something you can do.
For now, bronchodilators, high flow O2,
fluids and close observation.
She'll bounce back.
We're gonna do everything
we can to help her try.
But sounds like Kira is a fighter.
Any pain?
Won't really matter in
a few minutes, will it?
I mean, I guess not. But I
can make you more comfortable.
What'd I say about fanfare?
- Right.
- Do your job.
Run down next steps.
You asked for an injection,
so I'll administer the
medication through your line.
The first one will put
you into a deep sleep.
And you won't feel a thing while
the medication does its work.
Protocol requires me to
ask you one more time.
Do I have your full and willing consent?
- You do.
- And you don't want a witness?
Is there anything else you want to say?
Thanks, Curtis.
We're covered for tonight?
I talked a few residents
into swapping shifts.
- Smooth otherwise.
- Great!
I was surprised to
see we're back to uh
wait time monitoring?
With IT's help to display
it on screens this time.
Nurses only have to update
the system once an hour.
Admin's way of playing ball
after what happened to Claire?
They had no choice but to admit
some changes needed to be made.
So um, does this mean that things
have settled between you and Olsen?
Meredith, there's fluid
compressing your lungs,
making it hard for you to breathe.
I thought it was a panic attack.
No, um, this is called a
Pectus Bar or a Nuss Bar.
It's a steel rod used to
treat chest wall deformation.
I have a metal bar in my chest?
It's usually implanted in kids
then removed a few years later.
Do you remember getting it?
How long has it been hurting?
I guess a while,
but lately, I've been feeling different.
Sort of like something shifted
Well, it almost certainly has.
I'm going to have to put in a
chest tube to drain the fluid
but it would help knowing
why it was never removed,
so can you ask your parents or ?
- No. I can't do that.
- Well, if it's okay with you,
could you give me access
to your medical records
so I can get the full story myself?
I don't even know my real name.
Well, you can talk to me. Or
we have people here that's
Three days ago,
I walked away from the man
who calls himself my father.
He also happens to be the man who
abducted me when I was a child.
Wait, are you saying he stole you?
I don't know if he had that bar put in
or if my real parents did or
I thought my life was normal.
But I've always had these nightmares.
Once I acknowledged they might
be real, I couldn't unsee them.
Then one day I just
I took the emergency money
he keeps in the drawer and
Have you tried calling the police?
- Or telling someone?
- No.
You can't either.
Kid in Exam 3, what's the story there?
Uh, popcorn lung, as much
monitoring as we can handle.
Did you want me to show
the parents the family room?
Yeah but when it comes
to making decisions,
they're not actually together
so it could get a little messy.
So then it gets messy, Theo.
- Welcome back.
- Hey! You too.
- Are you back?
- Part time, admin duties only.
Checking labs, playing traffic cop,
oh and babysitting
the wait time monitor.
Claire, I was so sorry to
hear about what happened.
Bash, uh Meredith Watson.
Yeah, um, are you keeping
an eye on her drain?
Fluid's still yellow. Uh
But she says it feels that
her body is rejecting that bar.
Yeah, because it's been in
there five years too long.
An adult with a chest stabilizer?
Yeah, her explanation was uh
Can you see if she
needs more pain relief?
Hey hey! The prodigal returns.
Ah. Three weeks late. We were
getting worried about you.
Speak for yourself. Cholera
outbreak under control?
Uh, it's improving, but
they still need more help.
Well, that's never not true.
There's always a few that stick
in your brain, at least for me.
Yeah. There was the woman with
endocarditis I wrote you about.
She's in Amman post-op.
And a young couple who went
through an ectopic pregnancy
that asked me to help them try again.
Discharge in A needs your sign-off.
That's gotta be weird. Leaving
home just to come back home?
Yeah it's
Oh, Percy!
- What?
- His father texted from City hall, nothing.
You said he's tried this before?
Yeah once, on Parliament Hill.
But the news said something
about the Environment Minister
being there for meetings.
And you've been helping
him outside of the system?
Yeah, with expired meds, and
supplies that are damaged,
things we would have thrown out anyway.
- No!
- No! Theo don't.
Don't! Let me go! Let me go!
Theo, don't!
It's too late.
- Amira, hi.
- Hey, uh
Am I allowed to wait here? All
the chairs in reception are
Full of sick people? No, let's
go invade the on-call room.
You know, I couldn't sleep last night
and I tried your soufflé
recipe like three times
and mine keep collapsing. I'm like
Oh, sounds like you didn't let the eggs
- come to room temperature first.
- Ah Mags, good.
Novak's looking for you.
Something, something, car door lady.
Okay uh. Can you help
Amira find her brother?
I think I can handle that.
- What do you need?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Yeah, I jus
I just wanted to say hi.
- "Car door lady?"
- Oh good, both of you.
Uh, Beatrice here caught her finger
in some kind of late model SUV,
never check your texts
when slamming your
Hey Beatrice, can you
tell me your pain level?
Or is it just the blood?
- Don't touch me!
- Don't have an MI now, Leblanc.
At least not before she calms down.
Okay. Let's get her into trauma.
Every patient can hear this.
So wait, what did you want us here for?
Emotional pandas? You know
what, I haven't even started.
- Why haven't you sedated her?
- Kind of a bad look, no?
Male doctor sedating a hysterical woman?
Maybe don't say hysterical.
Sedate her, Mark.
The EMT guys wanted to take
him right to the morgue.
Are you sure you want to see this?
I need to. I need to
I'm so sorry, Ren.
Oh, Percy would remind us
this was what he wanted.
I have to try to see it that way, Theo.
Hey Bash! Your sister's looking for you.
Doctor Hamed!
- What are you doing out of your room?
- I saw him!
- What Saw who?
- My dad. At the nurse desk.
- Are you sure it was him?
- I don't know how he found me,
but what if someone told
him what room I'm in?
- I can't stay here.
- Okay, you need to try to steady your breath.
- Okay?
- Bashir!
Habibti! Hey!
Hey, um, I'll be right back.
Okay? Here, come with me.
- Is that your daughter?
- That's my sister. We've uh
We've been apart.
Uh, this man, can you
tell me what he looks like?
Tall. Brown hair. Green jacket.
- Okay. I'll find out.
- Thinking I could just walk away
That he wouldn't come looking for me.
All right, uh
Don't leave here until I come back.
Who's that girl afraid of?
It's complicated.
Okay but you said you
had to tell me something?
- Yes, I do but I
- I can keep watch!
- Amira.
- I'll sit right there,
use my phone camera. I can help Bashir.
Okay. If anybody comes or
goes you don't approach them,
you don't talk to them. You
just text me immediately?
- Okay? Immediately.
- I'm on it!
Hey. Have you seen a man, with
a green jacket, brown hair,
he'd be looking for
his daughter Meredith
There's been like 50 guys
looking for 50 patients
- in the last half hour alone.
- Okay..
Well, if you do see him, don't
give him any information all right?
Why? Is he some kind of threat?
Bash, you need to call security!
Wait, wait um
That green jacket guy?
He was asking for ice chips for his mom.
He's been with her all morning.
Okay, I guess my patient made a mistake.
Yeah, obviously she did!
Claire, I'm so sorry, of
course this is upsetting uh
- Are you okay?
- No, yeah. I'm I'm fine.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Did you catch up on your sleep?
My jet lag is somewhere
over Portugal right now.
Um, actually can we walk? I
have a severed finger situation.
How was the appointment
with the cardiologist?
It was difficult. Um,
did you find Amira?
Yeah, I actually deputized
her. Difficult how?
I hated being apart.
- I mean
- I missed you.
I didn't mean that as like
- Can we talk later?
- Okay.
Nobody's gone in or out.
Okay. Just give me 10
more minutes, all right?
I think you grew again.
Ugh, I'm taller than all my friends.
Hey! Did you get my note about
removing a Pectus Bar in Trauma OR?
- I need your sign-off, June.
- Yeah. I just
I just need a minute.
Hi. Uh, this message is for Joel.
I, uh need to talk to you.
It's about your father.
Six-O nylon? I'll get them to Novak.
Here are the sutures you asked for.
Oh, thank you. Just put them
besides the tray, please. Thank you.
Shouldn't we be waiting for
the micro-surgeon at this point?
Devi said he only needed 15.
In 2011, I spent six
months implanting digits
for a plastics guy at Saint B's.
I can help repair the extensor
tendon, I've done it before.
Oh! Yeah, okay uh What the hell.
They're pushing her out, you know.
Your BFF, Devi.
Seems like her little escapade
of closing the ED doors
was just too bold for their
delicate procedural sensibilities.
But it was the right call to make.
- Am I dead again?
- Someone's gotta wear the systemic problems.
- What do you mean "dead again?"
- Since she's been here to fix 'em.
Dr. Novak maybe you could go
get us a surgical microscope?
Ah! Okay. I guess I'm going
to get a surgical microscope.
Patient sedated and
finger's almost reattached.
Thank you, Mark.
But I looked right at him.
The man you saw was tending
to his elderly mother.
Okay? I saw it with my own eyes.
Is this what it's going
to be like now for me?
How am I supposed to
move on if I'm haunted?
Um, what do you know
about your life before?
Not much,
flashes mostly.
It's not like he kept me chained up.
I had a life.
Maybe it wasn't the right life
but I made the choice to run
without really thinking
the consequences through.
And I now can't go back
and I don't want to go back but
maybe somehow I also do?
Why am I so warm?
I think you're fighting a
chest infection, pneumonia.
- That bar has to come out.
- Good. I want it gone!
Hey, um, prosthetics like these
usually have a serial number
and we can use that to
find out about your history
and maybe your family?
No! No, no, no, no.
I'm not I'm not ready for that!
- But without them you're alone.
- I said no!
Meredith, are you okay? Can you hear me?
Arnold. Can you stay with her
while I page on-call psych?
I just thought if I made
a connection it would
Hey. If his own father couldn't do it
I brought you along so that
you could help me stop him.
I thought you were supposed to be
the guy who runs towards the fire?
Maybe Ren's right about
this not being a tragedy.
How can you say that?
Look. Finding that kind
of passion and purpose?
It's hard not to respect.
- You're Dr. Curtis?
- Yeah.
I'm Joel.
William's son?
Hi. I thought you'd call.
Well, I had to see the face of
the person who killed my father!
Look, I know
the news was a shock, but
William was out of options,
- he made an informed decision.
- One that involved dying
without so much as a phone
call? Who-who does that?
Who helps someone do that?!
Somebody who understands
that's what he needed.
If you even bent a rule here, I'm
suing you and everyone you know!
Joel, he was perfectly aware of the fact
that going out like that was selfish!
You knew him for a whole
minute and you're defending him.
I'm not defending him. There's
just things about your father
he'd accepted that he'd never change.
That's honestly what you're
taking away from this?
He was okay being a cold selfish
prick, so I should be too?
- No
- The two of you deserved each other.
- Are you insane!
- Yeah! I know it seems weird
but I promise it's a
recognized treatment,
they prevent unnecessary blood
loss and help your veins repair.
See the swelling on your finger?
Well, edema this soon suggests a
condition called venous congestion.
Basically blood isn't flowing properly
and it can lead to tissue death
or thrombosis which means blood clots.
That's why you want to bleed me
like we're in the Middle Ages?
Leeches have an anti-clotting saliva,
without which your wound
would not be able to heal.
So either I get an
insect's saliva in my body
or I lose my finger?
And that's the best so-called
medical science can offer?
They're actually parasitic worms.
Can you give us a second, Carmen?
You take your parasites
with you, please.
I know it looks like two bad
choices here. But Beatrice
Look, no offence you
seem nice. And weird.
But I can't trust you.
When you were sedated, you said
something about being "dead again"
and then mentioned a surgery
about a deviated septum
a couple years ago.
- I told you about that?
- Yeah.
Did something go wrong?
I woke up to them
shocking me back to life.
I was legally dead.
They said it would be routine.
Then I had a reaction to the medication.
You went through a medical trauma.
It makes sense that you don't trust us,
but Beatrice, the reality
is you need treatment.
No. Sorry, but I just can't.
She seems to be in a state
of catatonic dissociation.
You said she thought she saw her captor?
She was scared but
cogent until I told her
I could find out who she
was before he took her.
- And she panicked.
- And that surprises you?
After everything you've
learned about trauma?
She was second-guessing. I
thought maybe reintegrating her
with her past might be exactly
what she needed to move forward.
She's likely repressed her
history as a defence mechanism.
Her sense of identity shattered.
And because she doesn't
have the luxury of memory,
she'd have to build it all from scratch.
The fluid in her lungs is getting worse,
we're going to have to take
out the bar in her chest.
Good. Medical help is the best
thing we can give her right now.
You stopped coming to group.
I mean, you knew I went to Lebanon.
I didn't think it was that big a deal
because I never spoke
in there to begin with.
Everyone made the same commitment.
To show up.
I've never really thought
of memory as a luxury.
Percy's on his way to
the funeral home now.
You can take your time getting there.
The police keep calling.
I guess what Percy did,
- it's a crime?
- Ren,
why don't you let me take
care of the police all right?
Isn't Lucy supposed to
be with Children's Aid?
I guarantee the one
job doesn't pay enough.
Are we really back to collecting
patient survey comment cards?
Devi's trying again
with all the changes?
Not sure why if they're pushing her out.
Novak told me.
Better go down swinging.
Really? You know he only
shares that kind of information
- for a reason right?
- Yeah, to troll me.
No, he wants you to try and stop it.
Why would he want to do that?
Doesn't he have a huge
power struggle with Devi?
He probably just decided
he doesn't want to have
a new power struggle
with whoever replaces her.
Plus, weirdly, I think he respects her.
Well, I don't know what he
thinks I can do about it.
I'd be the one person
spitting on a dumpster fire.
Okay! It unsettles
me to see you cynical.
And it unsettles me to see you not.
Anyway I thought her touchy feely
brand of optimism repulsed you.
It does. But she's also had my back so.
Which you repaid by
helping Novak undermine her.
Yes, Mags. Both those
things can be true.
Besides don't you love-slash-need Devi?
- Normally you'd be rallying the troops.
- Yeah. I'm kind of busy
dealing with the fact that my
cardiologist told me I had to quit my job
because doing what I love is killing me.
- That's Mags!
- I can't take this on right now.
If your fancy hospital
needs a field consultant,
I'm very busy and important.
How's the uh, cholera situation?
What do you really want to know, Hamed?
Fatima and Hakeem. Has
she stopped bleeding,
has there been any movement
on the specialized ultrasound?
- Hold up. You don't want this.
- Why, is it bad news?
- Because I've been thinking about how
- Don't think.
You don't want any
news. You're not here,
so don't be.
- How long's she been down?
- 12 minutes.
Her parents pressed the
button, she stopped breathing.
- Still a shockable rhythm?
- We're giving it everything we have.
48 joules.
- Ready.
- Clear!
- No sinus.
- Carmen, resume compressions.
Shock again, Rhoda. This is my
patient Liz, I'd like to run this.
- Charged!
- Everyone clear!
No sinus.
I told the parents she was a fighter.
Theo, Fighter or not, I don't think
we have a say on where this is headed.
Don't stop until I tell you, understand?
- Carmen, if you get tired
- I'm good.
- Charge again, Rhoda.
- Charged.
Thanks Winnie, I didn't want to remove
this chest bar without thoracics.
It didn't put up much of a fight.
I would have liked to
get all the wires out
but with all this scar tissue
Probably would've caused
more harm than good.
I can, uh
I can close too if you need to.
- Pressure's down to 70 over 50.
- She's in V-fib!
Start compressions. Get the pads!
- Did we tear something?
- We didn't do anything wrong.
Doctor Hamed!
No change. Resume compressions.
Temp's high! Septic shock.
The pneumonia was under control.
No bleed or obvious infection.
I've heard of the
stabilizer wires fragmenting
- and causing abscesses.
- Then they could be anywhere.
We need to get her stable and regroup.
- Charge to 200 joules.
- Bashir.
Dr. Hamed, we're losing her!
Sinus rhythm. Okay.
Let's close her up and get her to ICU.
Oh God.
So here's where we are.
Kira is no longer breathing on her own
and her heart has stopped beating.
We've shocked multiple
times, with no response.
I'm so sorry
Our team has done
everything in our power.
And I want you to be prepared
for what happens next.
Now, you can stay here or you
can come with me in the room.
We have time now for me to
answer any of your questions.
Mike, Sepi, in a moment,
we will stop doing CPR.
When we do, we'll
declare a time of death,
remove any tubes and wires,
then you'll be able to have
some time alone with Kira.
I can take over compressions, Carmen.
All life-saving measures
have been exhausted.
Time of death, 5:18 PM.
Let's take a moment to
acknowledge the loss of a life,
the family, and our
team's efforts today.
The bar code did have a serial number.
And with one phone call I could
find out about the life
that was stolen from you,
so you could rebuild it.
But, you don't want that.
Beatrice? You said yes to the
Don't say the word.
We're pretending they're not there.
Okay. Fair enough.
What made you change your mind?
Well, Lucy talked me through it all.
Then, the guy who did the surgery
he said the same thing as you but,
having a buffer who
wasn't a doctor helped.
No, hey, that's great.
- Thanks, Lucy.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, Beatrice if you
need anything, uh
Oof. Just to figure out how to
get through the next two days
without looking at my hand.
All right.
Doctor Leblanc. Hey, um
Wasn't trying to step on any toes.
- No, you didn't.
- Because Dr. Devi asked
if I would take on some
patient advocacy work.
Thought it might ease the burden,
seeing as your staff is stretched thin.
Yeah. We are.
- Hey, uh, are you okay?
- Yeah, I just
I heard about Percy.
What you did for those parents,
and our student,
protecting her from trauma
- of being the last one?
- It was just my job.
It was so much more than that.
You wanted to see me?
Come in Theo, close the door behind you.
I got a call from Patient Services.
There's been a complaint about some
- extracurricular activity of yours.
- For Percy Campbell?
All I did was getting him expired meds
and things we were going
to toss away anyways.
Well, news to us, but
this isn't about him.
It's about a patient
named Crystal Vincent.
She says you told the police her
husband sexually assaulted her.
I mean, he did.
She's denying it.
- Says you misinterpreted.
- I didn't.
I examined her after it happened.
She wanted to think
about what to do next.
Did you get her consent to report?
Oh, Theo!
Reporting an assault is
a very personal decision,
trauma-informed care means taking
cues from the patient, you know this.
She was heading back to
a dangerous situation!
And not to mention their four
kids. I had a responsibility.
Without her corroboration,
it's a violation of privacy.
- Is that how you see it?
- And so will the College of Physicians and Surgeons
- Are they
- who supposedly she informed as well.
- Will this affect my license?
- Most definitely.
They could suspend your
license, or take it away.
And until that's resolved Theo,
I'm sorry but we're
revoking your privileges.
- Uh so, what what do I do?
- Go home.
Wait for the College
to formally notify you.
And get a lawyer.
That was not an easy call to make.
I wasn't sure if you'd have my back.
You should know several people on
your team spoke up on your behalf.
It was hard, because good leaders care.
And that's why they respect you.
What a mess, so much infection.
We would have got the
fragments out before she coded.
Begin image.
Crazy how some tiny wires
can wreak such havoc.
Her heart rate is holding
steady which is remarkable
considering the severity
of the infection,
although I'm worried she
won't remain stable for long
Still more fragments.
But none of those are
surrounded by infected tissue.
- Give me the ultrasound.
- If there are abscesses,
- they can track away from the wire.
- True.
Maybe if we combine clinical
observation, skin changes,
palpation with ultrasound
and then we cross reference with
the wire fragments on the x-ray
We'd have a better shot at
sourcing infectious material.
Yeah. Here it is. See?
The fluid's actually below the
wire fragment that the x-ray caught.
You're just really good at this.
All right Hamed, Benny
finally called back.
- He's on my phone at the trauma desk.
- Now?
Uh, he's a hard man to
track down, so yeah now.
He says he's got about
six minutes to spare.
But with public health worriers
like him, it's how it is.
- I'll cover you.
- Can we try an LPO image?
You and I need to chat.
You wanna do this now?
I just heard from our
no-longer-erstwhile chief.
So this morning
Devi's head is on the chopping block,
and now that I hear that
you proposed a reshuffle
in which you report
to her instead of me?
You're the one who told me to
build a relationship with her,
- and earn capital.
- Yeah.
On behalf of Trauma OR,
not to spend on yourself!
And how did you get Olsen
to go along with the idea?
A friend of mine taught
me about leverage.
Look, Olsen saw my point, okay?
Checks and balances keep
Trauma OR progressive.
Oh, I thought we had a
good thing going here, June.
Yeah, but only if you're in control.
That's a job description I earned!
Yeah true, I like working
with you. Okay? I respect you.
I just can't keep tying my
self-worth to your opinion.
Oh well, just in time,
because I'm don't know
if I like you anymore.
Are you going to clear the tissue
or should I call someone else?
She's been having difficult periods
and since ectopic pregnancies can
be associated with inflammation.
You're Syrian. You do public health
with Novak in the camps there?
No, I work with him in
Toronto. But this couple,
they won't be held back
by their circumstances.
They want a new life,
they want a family.
Text me the info. I have a
contact who'll do specialized care
but I don't speak NGO, so when it
comes to the battle for resourcing
I've been trying to learn that language.
You left during the war?
How'd you manage to get out?
Sorry crap, gimme a minute.
Mags? Are you off?
Yeah, I just finished
with my last patient.
And you're sitting here because?
Because, I'm totally paralyzed
about the massive
decision I have to make.
What-what if I can't
live with either choice?
Well, I spoke to Olsen and
told him he was gonna have
retention problems if Devi left.
And it does seem like she's staying.
I mean, I doubt that's
the only reason but
I'm sorry. I don't
know if this is helping
or complicating your decision.
You did that for me?
And for me.
It probably cost me my
relationship with Novak.
Thank you.
Have you told anyone else?
Don't let it build up too much.
Can we talk? And walk? I have a thing.
I wanted to apologize for
unloading my grief on you and
Say thanks for letting me do it.
You know, I'm sorry that you lost him.
It seems
he wanted you to have this.
You sound different.
What do you mean you have a thing?
Uh, I told Amira that
she can go to art school.
- Uh, that was an earlier thing but, uh
- Why?
The weight I carry, it it isn't hers.
Is that what you wanted to tell me?
- Actually I wanted to talk to you about uh
- Us?
Well, that too, but also another thing.
Another decision I'm making.
I sound different how?
Amira must be thrilled.
She is.
Dr. Viri, you said that was difficult.
- Is everything okay?
- I think we should end this.
- You and me. For good.
- What?
I mean it's become clear to me that
it isn't what either of us needs.
You sound lighter.
You know, when you call a
meeting, you should be there first.
Yeah, sorry. I just, um
Anyway, thank you for making the time.
Everything okay, Dr. Hamed?
Yeah uh, I've decided
not to become a surgeon.
Didn't you spend the
better part of a year
fighting for the opportunity?
And I'm grateful for
it, sir, it's just
Thanks but no thanks?
All we can do is show 'em the path.
You were right when you said
there are other skills
I need to be focusing on.
Look at me, not gloating.
She said coming out of the anesthetic
was like coming back into to her body.
And you? Coming back home again,
are you back in yours?
When she is ready to
do more than survive,
she'll want the serial number.
You're at the beginning
of something, Bashir.
Don't look away.
Hey, about Percy, I know
you two made a connection.
Yeah. And even knowing the
outcome, I'd do it all again.
All right. See you tomorrow?
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