Transplant (2020) s04e01 Episode Script


I want us rethinking our entire
approach to patient interaction.
And that means making some changes.
I mean, according to
Jonathan, we're still together.
Six months ago, you were
telling people he moved out.
- Six months ago, he did.
- This kind of bruising
is often evident of sexual assault.
I don't want your help.
Did you get her consent to report?
And until that's
resolved, Theo, I'm sorry,
but we're revoking your privileges.
I feel things, Mags,
more than I want to.
You could come and stay with me.
I know I put a lot of pressure
on you to be a mentor to me,
and maybe in some ways
that you didn't wanna be.
Debbie's head's on the chopping
block. Now I hear that you propose
a reshuffle in which you
report to her instead of me.
You're the one who told me to build
a relationship with her, earn capital.
I just can't keep tying my
self-worth to your opinion.
Oh, just in time because I
don't know if I like you anymore.
- Oh my God. It's Claire.
- Out of the way!
- Out of the way! Out of the way!
- Clear!
When I think about who else
he might be out there hurting.
Your heart is dilating and
ejection fraction is decreasing.
If we don't deal with it, eventually,
we're on the road to heart failure.
Are you about to tell me that
I need a heart transplant?
- You can talk to me.
- Only I can't.
And I'm alone with that.
I haven't always been this way.
- I think we should end this.
- Mags.
I mean, it's become clear to me that
it isn't what either of us needs.
You're at the beginning
of something, Bashir.
Don't look away.
My surgical residents
are no longer residents.
Take a moment and reflect
and how you got here.
Somehow, despite
everything thrown at you
over the last few years,
you made it to shore.
So, take these words
- Hi.
- Hi.
Real doctors never stop learning,
so don't let the power go to your heads.
June's a real doctor.
Next year, that'll be us.
Did you apply for one of the
emergency medicine fellowships?
I was gonna remind you but
There's four spots open.
Um I think we're both
in pretty good shape.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
So, that sorry display make you
wish you'd stuck it out with surgery?
No offence but no.
I guess you didn't have to
come. Singh didn't even bother.
Congratulations, Dr. Curtis.
How does it feel?
Back to work, guys.
Double Trauma flying in.
Double Trauma flying in.
All available emergency
personnel to the helipad.
All available emergency
personnel to the helipad.
Double Trauma flying in.
Double Trauma flying in.
- What happened to them?
- We pulled them out of Algonquin Park
at the base of some tough terrain.
Male, guessing about 50 years old.
Sir. I'm Dr. Hamed.
Can you tell me your name?
She's my responsibility
More or less all he's been
saying. He's still in shock.
- Name or ID?
- John Doe for now. BP's 95/75.
02's 95, pulse 110. GCS 12, temp's 34.
They both have hypothermia,
but she has it worse.
When we found them, he was
trying to keep her warm.
- Any idea what happened here?
- To his foot? No.
But hikers getting in over
their heads isn't anything new.
- Okay. He tied his own tourniquet.
- Either that, or the girl did it.
No name on her either,
she looks about 20.
She's 19. Is that your daughter?
Can you tell me her name?
I need to
I need to get to her?
I need to get to her.
I need to get to her.
Dr. Leblanc, I really need you.
My patient got very upset
when I called for psych
- Can it wait?
- I've got this, Mags.
Here we go, folks. I want
them both on monitors,
warmed saline, no wet clothes.
Tag him, screen him and tell
the blood bank to stand by.
Antibiotics, tazo 4.5 grams.
Bash, call vascular, we need
them down here immediately.
Nothing happens until they get here.
In the meantime, let's
keep him stable, people.
I'll page vascular. I
have a situation in two.
- A resident upset a patient.
- I should probably stick
- with June
- I got this.
Hey. I can't really talk.
Have you had any patients
looking for scrip refills
try to tell you their
family doctor is retired?
Uh, I don't know? Maybe.
I've had like, three
in the last week alone.
Makes sense, there's a
huge GP crisis right now.
Most of the virtual
patients I've been seeing
have been on a wait list for months.
Which makes it hard to know
who's just drug seeking.
- Yeah. No doubt but
- And no one is doing a thing about the problem!
Hey. At least this virtual
walk-in's keeping you busy
until you hear about your status.
Yeah, that's actually why I'm calling.
Even if the College doesn't
suspend or revoke my license,
I need to convince Memorial
to reinstate my privileges.
Which means I need to see
my chart notes from that day.
Uh, you mean from that woman who
says you breached her confidence?
I knew it was complicated.
I reported her sexual assault
because she was too afraid to ask,
but she implied she wanted my help.
But after a month in limbo,
I just need to see them.
Theo, am I even allowed to do that?
They're my notes. Memorial was
supposed to send them weeks ago.
Busy today?
Uh yeah. Chopper brought
in a guy who lost his foot.
Buckets of blood in trauma bay.
Never thought I'd miss that part.
It can slip away so fast.
Yeah, hey, Theo, I really should
No, yeah. Don't let me keep you.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
Hi. I'm Bashir. How are you, Linus?
Not trying to off myself, which is
what your resident accused me of.
I came in because I had
this gut feeling I was dying.
But that kid missed all the nuances!
Okay. Why don't you try
some of them out on me?
It came on last night. This pit
in my stomach, this certainty.
What were you doing when it happened?
Uh. My girlfriend and I were
Well, we just got back
together so we were you know.
Making up.
Not exactly something
you say during sex
And this feeling
I tried to ignore it,
but it got so strong
that as soon as she left my place
I found myself driving
here. I know how this sounds.
No, no. It's a good
thing that you came here.
Everything that you're
describing can be a signal
from the body that something's wrong,
which is why we ran so many tests.
Deep breath.
The kid said I had
to see a psychiatrist.
I'm not going to hurt myself, man.
I'm here because this
scared the crap out of me!
And you said you just
got back with your ex?
Yes! Life is good, or at
least, more good than bad.
Look, all your labs are good.
Your ECG, blood pressure too.
We ran blood sugars, everything is fine.
So why does everything in
my being tell me it's not?
Based on the data we have, there's
nothing for us to actually treat.
But if you would like
to stick around and
speak to somebody from
psych about anxiety,
it might be worthwhile, or
I can tell myself nothing's wrong
and try to actually believe it.
- Hey.
- Why did you text me 45 times?
It was like twice.
I just wanted to make sure you're okay.
- Sorry I'm working all weekend.
- Don't worry about it.
- I was wondering if
- I should be home by 7:00,
you still want to go
to that Italian place?
Can I tell you later?
- What? You have a better option?
- My friends are talking about a movie.
- Can I take the bus home?
- At night?
- Or you could pay for an Uber?
- That's never less than $30.
Yeah, but if we went
to that Italian place,
it'd be way more than $30.
Yeah, but at least I get
lasagna out of that deal.
You're not funny.
Uh, just let me know about later, okay?
Please, bye.
She needs my help, she needs my help!
- Calm down.
- Why isn't June here?
- She sent in Mags.
- And told me to reduce the shoulder.
- He's cauterized.
- Looks good.
- Okay.
- Still won't tell us his name,
and his temp keeps ticking up.
When he came in, he was low. Ultrasound.
He's at 40 now.
- Stabilizer, Arnold.
- One second.
Pressure's 95/75. Resps are at 30.
- He could be septic.
- June debrided the dead tissue.
Without the distal
limb for replantation,
there's no need for immediate surgery.
Sir, can you tell us what happened?
Something's wrong with her! Okay?
You're going to be okay.
Alright? You're safe now.
Both you and your
daughter. Try to relax.
She's not my daughter. I'm the
reason that we were out there.
It's very important that
you tell us what happened
to your foot so we can treat it.
What do you remember from what happened?
The teeth. I can still feel the teeth.
It's dense forest they were in.
Coyotes, wolves, maybe even bears.
Something attacked them and he threw
himself in harm's way to save her.
- Pressure's dropping.
- She's not my daughter.
DVT from trauma. There's a clot
formed right here behind the knee.
- Someone get June.
- I'll go.
90 over 70 now. Thrombolitics?
Not with his bleeding.
Start with heparin.
We need to get the clot
before it moves to his lungs.
You okay?
Susan! Susan!
- Sir, you need to stay still.
- No, please. She needs my help!
- IM lorazepam 4mg STAT.
- No. Don't sedate her just yet,
- she needs to know he's okay.
- Bash, listen to me!
You wait and you listen to me.
Susan, Susan, you're gonna be okay.
Every day is full of
"life and death" choices.
Somehow, despite
everything thrown at you
over the last few years,
you made it to shore.
But things won't get easier from here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So don't let your guards down. Hmm?
June's a real doctor.
Next year, that'll be us.
Did you apply for one of the
emergency medicine fellowships?
I was gonna remind you.
There's four spots open, but
- You didn't.
- Yeah.
Um, I think we're both
in pretty good shape.
All available
emergency personnel to the helipad.
All available emergency
personnel to the helipad.
Double Trauma flying in.
Double Trauma flying in.
- What have we got?
- Jane Doe.
Guessing 20s. GCS 9. Resps 11.
Her rhythm's erratic and she
has a dislocated left shoulder.
Has she been out the whole time?
Yeah. Her temperature's hovering at 33,
even with the warming blankets.
Was she naked when you found her?
They would've had to
trudge through a cold river.
Getting out of wet clothes is the
first thing you do for hypothermia.
So at least they got that right.
- Any head or spine injury?
- Possibly, but no obvious signs
of trauma to indicate either. We
collared and boarded to be safe.
I can't feel a radial pulse.
Did she crash en route?
Got one. Thready but there.
Her rhythm spiked once,
but we chalked it up to the hypothermia.
Maybe her shoulder injury
caused a vascular injury. June!
There could be many reasons
why her pulse is weak and
Dr. Leblanc, I really need you.
My patient got very upset
- Can it wait?
- I got this, Mags.
- Okay. Start from the top.
- Male, 50s.
No. Remember what I told you?
Use names. He's a human being.
Yeah, right. Um, Linus. I can't
actually remember his last name.
- I can go grab
- Carmen.
He came in insisting he's about
to die, but can't explain why.
That can be a warning from the body.
- Um, how is he, physically?
- That's the thing! He's fine!
I tried to get him to
consent to a psych eval,
- but he wouldn't
- So you called them anyway?
Did you ask him about him first?
What's going on in his life?
I tried! He stopped talking!
I mean, what if he's manic or borderline
- or having paranoid delusions.
- If your instinct is to call
for a psych eval, I respect that,
but you need to take a breath,
or your fear is gonna
cloud your own view.
- Okay.
- Anyway, I need you to go sit on Jane Doe,
just flew in from chopper
You're taking me off?
Because I screwed up?
No, Carmen, we've already
moved on. Jane Doe.
Dislocated shoulder, no radial pulse.
- What does that tell you?
- Uh, that the injury impacted her axillary artery.
- Is she going to lose the arm?
- Not if we stay on top of it.
But the guy she came in with is
missing a foot, so he'll take priority.
- And if Dr. Curtis kicks me out?
- You wait at the door
and you make sure the
vascular checks her out.
And also, get June to order trops.
- I'll try.
- Dr. Viri, hi.
Hi, Mags. A patient of
mine with valve dysfunction
just came in via ambulance
then texted me to
Strong arm her through ED chaos?
Actually I was going to call you.
Do you have time to
chat later? I have news.
News that you can't tell me now?
It's better in private.
You could swing by or call.
I have time now?
Your lounge is nice.
Doesn't reek of popcorn like ours does.
The organ donor board
has made a decision.
Your application's accepted.
You're on the list for a heart.
That's You said I'd have
time before. Six months, even.
And you hoped you could avoid
thinking about this until then,
but they agreed you need one.
This needs to be back on your radar.
Something like this isn't "on"
your radar, it's all of your radar.
If it helps, you're only status one.
The lowest priority.
So it'll take time, if ever.
Though there are many
intersecting variables.
- Matching, location.
- Okay.
So what happens next?
You'll hear from a transplant nurse,
keep them advised if you plan to travel.
If a heart does come, you won't
have long to accept and prep.
I know it's a lot, just
start letting your brain marinate
on what you'll do if
and when that happens.
Go if you need to.
Will anyone mind if I steal some coffee?
- No. Do you want me to
- I'm good.
Mags. Congratulations.
Some people never get this far.
- Who were you talking to?
- I didn't say anything.
It's a good thing I found you.
I need bodies in there.
You told me to go, you
said you had it covered.
Apparently, you didn't
believe me since you sent
your resident in to annoy
me to death with requests.
One request! I didn't want Jane Doe's
- vascular injury to get missed.
- Doesn't have one.
Imaging and vascular both confirmed
anterior shoulder dislocation,
it popped out clean.
- And about the trops you were pushing for.
- You didn't order them.
I did. I just think it was pointless.
Pointless? We don't even know
what really happened out there.
- Did she come to at all?
- No, not yet.
- What about him? What'd he say?
- Not much. He's still unstable.
- Did you even try to ask him?
- Mags, I have been trying
to fend off both bosses
and residents. So no.
Yeah, we all have stuff going on!
Look, if you want answers,
go find them yourself!
And reduce her shoulder
while you're at it!
Maybe when the propofol
wears off, she'll come to.
Push ketamine.
Resp rate still low.
Keeping eyes on the monitor.
- Where's June?
- She sent in Mags.
And told me to reduce
the shoulder. Claire?
Looks good.
- Stabilizer, Arnold?
- One second.
It's okay, I got it.
Rhythm's still off.
Okay, so something attacked them
and he threw himself in harm's
way to try and protect her.
See the scrapes on her fingers?
And the bruising on her hand?
She definitely put up a fight.
Her trops are back, and they are high.
Radial pulse still weak.
Yeah, because there's
something wrong with her heart.
She's not my daughter.
Her resp rate just jumped.
- He's 50, she's 20
- She was found naked
A burst of adrenaline. A fear response.
Could mimic myopathy.
We're gonna need cardiology.
DVT from trauma. Clot formed
right here above the knee.
- Someone get June.
- I'll go.
Ma'am, you're at York Memorial
Hospital. Okay? We're here to help.
- Let me go.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- It's fine, it's fine.
- Ma'am, ma'am.
She was trying to
protect herself from him.
- The struggle was between them.
- She needs my help.
No, she needs my help! Susan!
IM lorazepam 4mg STAT.
Don't sedate her just yet,
she needs to know they're both okay.
Listen to me, Bash, okay?
Just wait, because
Susan, Susan,
everything's gonna be okay.
RIP: Retired In Position.
Afraid of risk.
The four D's are: Discover,
determine, develop, deploy.
So the first phase is discover.
What does success mean?
I can tell you right
now. The word success
- Mom, please.
- Nuh-uh. We talked about this.
No using the stove
when you're home alone.
- But I'm hungry.
- Mommy said she made you waffles before she left.
I want a grilled cheese. Where's Phoebe?
Bowie, just
She'll be back in an hour.
Have some crackers. Or better
yet, have some fruit, okay?
- Okay.
- I want to hear you promise
that you will not touch the burner.
He Bowie?
He hung up.
- You need me?
- I can ask Liz, but
What are you doing here
on a Sunday morning?
I have a call with admin
that I needed data for
And I don't want to be interrupted.
But Phoebe's got this new catering gig
so that means Bowie's home alone.
- How's he dealing with that?
- Delighted because it means
he has a phone, but I'd like to
put the fire department on standby.
- What's up?
- Rheumatoid arthritis patient.
He just told me that his GP retired and
he doesn't have any pain management.
- You think he's telling the truth?
- I do.
I also know that I
can't prescribe opioids
for chronic pain. So I'll do what I can
to help him find new
primary care, but
Do you want me to sign off on
eight Tramadol to tide him over?
Yeah, sure. Find me a triplicate pad,
I'll write the script
Residents. The cleaning
staff are not your parents.
When you leave the patient room,
you tidy up bedpans bloody linen.
You do not want me to
tell you a second time.
Same goes for needles and
sharp containers, and wastage.
Your increased patient load as an NP's
helping with wait times, but if
we're pushing too hard, Claire
Honestly, no. The distraction is doing
more than meds and therapy combined.
Claire, dispatch called.
Double Trauma flying in.
- Okay, on it.
- If you need backup, pull Arnold.
- Will do.
- Hi, Neeta.
Hi. Our budget proposal's
over by 20%, Liz.
- We need to rethink it.
- But we've cut every corner.
And as to Dr. Hunter's
allocation which you flagged,
I'll keep him on the books for
now, but things could change.
- We need more staff not less.
- Yeah.
I sent a woman home overnight,
and then found out they kept her
six more hours to have
her catheter removed
because we can only afford three nurses.
Except we've got five
residents on the floor.
Catheters are a nurse's job.
Not if we rethink the whole system
I know what we're asking is extreme,
but emergency departments
are in crisis province-wide.
- It's a complex challenge.
- Except it's not!
Our problem
is 100% a lack of nurses.
We simply can't function if the ratio
of patients to nurses is 50 to 1.
Dr. Devi, we already have the highest
ED support budget in the city
- Is this an emergency?
- Mom, I'm bored!
Then you have to wait, Bowie.
When are you coming home?
- Mom's in a meeting!
- But, Mom!
Okay, sorry.
This is why I propose
that we find the cash
Neeta, you're on mute. Neeta?
We need to divert money
to solve our problem.
From our fellowship program to be exact.
I'm told we usually hire at
least three graduating residents
into full-time ED fellowships.
This year, we'll only take one.
You want to sacrifice
doctors for more nurses?
If you want to keep our doors open, yes.
And which resident does
this plan have you keeping?
Hey, that thing said
three hours forever.
Now it says four.
That time's until you're seen,
sir, not until you get out.
Oh, my God. He's
history's greatest villain.
- There might not be any time!
- I'm sorry you've been waiting long, sir,
- but there's no
- Hey, I need some help! And right damn now!
Right now!
Your big ascension.
You're no longer residents.
The thing you've been striving for,
and now, you're standing
at the threshold.
But what will be waiting
for you on the other side?
Power, validations, success?
Nope! Just more striving.
The same humbling kick in
the nuts when you mess up.
And you will. Because real
doctors never stop learning.
Maybe you're excited about pulling away
from mommy and daddy but surprise
You are mommy and daddy.
Look forward to your
impending breakdowns
when you realize that's
harder than you thought.
All available emergency
personnel to the helipad.
All available emergency
personnel to the helipad.
Double Trauma flying in.
Double Trauma flying in.
- Hey.
- Hey!
- How long were they out there?
- By our guess, a couple of days.
- How did you find them?
- We got a call from a gas station attendant
about people lost in the woods.
We thought it was a prank,
but we have to take
every call seriously.
Yeah, looks like a good thing you did.
Dispatch sent us to Mercy,
but we thought they might need
that fancy Trauma OR Mark Novak runs.
He did a stint with us
before becoming a company man.
Right, well, Mark Novak's not here,
but I run it with him so you're covered.
Oh, I almost forgot.
A jar that says "put your weed in here"?
Had to pry it out of John Doe's
hands, figured he'd want it back.
I need frequent temp checks and
monitor closely for changes in status.
Arnold, start a second line.
He needs antibiotics and
all the fluids he can get.
- Where's vascular?
- I can call them again.
Dr. Leblanc wanted me to make sure
vascular assesses Jane Doe too.
How is that any of your
business? Arnold, dressing.
She told me not to leave until
they did and you ordered trops.
- Well, I'm telling you to go.
- Let her stay, June.
Don't forget, you're a teacher now, too.
- Dr. Singh, were you ?
- General surgery, heard
we might be re-attaching a foot?
Not unless it miraculously appears.
Okay, sir, I'm going to
remove your tourniquet.
I got bleeders, June.
How you doing sir?
- 5 mg of morphine?
- Go ahead, do it.
- Vascular says another 25.
- We don't have 25 minutes.
We need their take on wound care.
Frostbite. Ascending lymphadenitis.
No limb forthcoming.
If you wait on them, you risk infection.
So we'll debride, wash out,
and then, bactigras for now.
You don't want to send
him to plastics and ortho?
I can do it much faster down here.
Oh, you missed one on the
right. You want me to
I got it. Arnold, I'm
going to cauterize.
Carmen, if you're going to hang out,
you want to make yourself useful?
Order trops and do an ECG.
Sir, did you want something?
Just to say I'm sorry I
missed your ceremony today.
Congrats, June.
Did he just apologize to me?
And congratulate you.
Better buy a lottery ticket.
No more bleeding.
Can you give me a minute?
What does that even mean,
"let my brain marinate"?
- Who are you talking to?
- I didn't say anything.
Oh. It's a good thing I found
you. I need bodies in there.
You told me to go.
You said you had it covered.
Apparently, you didn't
believe me since you sent
your resident in to annoy
me to death with requests.
One request. I didn't want Jane
Doe's vascular injury to get missed.
She doesn't have one.
You didn't order them.
Pointless? We don't even really
know what happened out there.
Did she come to at all?
What about him? What did he say?
Did you even try to ask him?
Mags, I've been trying to fend
off bosses and residents, so no.
Yeah, we all have stuff going on.
Look, if you want answers,
go find them yourself.
And reduce her shoulder
while you're at it.
Hey. You okay?
Except for the raging chest pain.
Is that why you came down to Trauma?
Why didn't you just
ask me for a work-up?
Okay, I got it.
- When did this start?
- This morning.
I thought it was indigestion,
but it's been getting worse.
When was the last time
you had a physical?
It's been a while.
Any chances of like a
panic attack or something?
- Your stress levels
- I think we both know it's more than that.
You do have some hyper-acute T. waves.
You need another ECG in about 5, but
Looking like it could be
some kind of M.I., Dr. Singh.
Then start ASA?
Hey, hey. Get me a
cardio team in here now.
I don't want to broadcast this.
You need more help.
Is there anyone else that you want?
Like, want me to call
your ex or your daughters?
I guess. Maybe wait
until we have more info.
You're going to be fine.
Hey, you want some free pain management?
Our John Doe came in
without an ID or phone,
but the pilot says that he
wouldn't let go of his pot.
I don't mind a legal
toke every now and then.
But at the risk of correcting you again,
I don't think this is pot. I'm
pretty sure it's human ashes.
Are you serious?
Hey. Acute myocardial infarction.
So you need monitoring,
aspirin, heparin, chest X-ray.
And then get him straight to the
cath lab. Urgently, it's a code STEMI.
- I can walk myself over.
- Dr. Singh
Let them help you.
You're the boss.
Dr. Curtis, they need you in Trauma.
- Yeah, just give me a minute?
- Go, do your job.
I'll be okay.
Oh! What the hell?
Is he okay? I didn't mean to.
- Susan.
- Johnny!
I smashed your foot off with a rock!
- I don't remember anything else.
- We got as far as we could after,
but then you couldn't
breathe. What's wrong with her?
Her heart can't pump blood fast enough.
Wait, you cut off his foot?
To save his life!
I needed to get him
out of that bear trap!
Did it work?
Did it?
Uh You have a very
serious blood clot, sir.
We have to make sure it doesn't
turn into a pulmonary embolism.
Guys. What is going on?
Oh, hey, June. Where have you been?
I was
- Simon.
- You're alive.
The both of you.
What happened?
You passed out, and he couldn't walk.
So I went for help.
I'm so sorry, guys.
I'll I'll take our dad.
I'll just
- And June, that's
- Yeah.
It's alright, it's alright.
It's alright.
I risked our lives to get us nowhere.
Want to tell me what
happened on the boat?
Some men wanted to stop us and uh
We swam, and then we ran.
Your English is better than my Arabic.
Did you study it in school?
Sounds like they only
caught a few of your group.
Maybe the rest got away.
Your sister was telling me that
you stopped to help a woman.
What was wrong with her?
Fractured ribs.
And you made a compression
brace out of her coat.
Smart. Because you're a doctor, right?
Did you go to the medical
school in Damascus?
A doctor who sacrifices his
own freedom to save a stranger.
Well, if you are a doctor,
you know what wound dehiscence is.
Is it infected?
Yes, and it's going to scar.
What happens to us now?
Impossible to know.
No, no, no. You need to stay still.
This tricky little wound of yours
doesn't take kindly to sutures.
Yeah, it never did.
Wait, so All this was about
siblings spreading their father's ashes?
Half-siblings. Three
mothers, 15 years apart.
- Their dad used to hike up there.
- Hmm. John,
it's actually his real
name, stepped in a bear trap.
- Teeth.
- Yeah.
And Susan?
She cut his foot off to free him.
And then, tourniquet
to stop the bleeding.
Then, they tried hiking again,
but he was in rough shape
and with the stress of it
all, she developed Takotsubo's,
broken heart syndrome. The
third one went for help.
She's stabilizing
well though, right now.
You guys never told me how you
managed to get yourself sliced up.
It's not that deep.
I thought that he fought off
some wild animal to save them.
And I just wanted her to
know that they were both okay.
- I tried warning you.
- No, you also wanted me
to believe that she
was some kind of victim.
because you were both wrong.
I specifically told my resident today,
bring in yourself and you
risk muddling your view.
Can you believe the brother carried
the foot with him the whole time?
Too late to reattach.
How's his infection?
They embolized the clot,
now it's under control.
Glad you're doing okay, Bashir.
- We haven't called the police yet.
- Don't, don't.
In her head, they were still
fighting for their lives, so
When you two get a minute, come see me.
Claire? The rheumatoid
arthritis patient in Six,
says he's waiting for meds.
- His pain's at a nine.
- Oh.
Devi wrote me the scrip hours ago,
I totally forgot to give it to him.
- I'll go.
- I can do it.
Why don't I get Rhoda
in early so you can bail.
We can't afford extra overtime.
Make way!
Linus Johnson. Male, 44.
Profound metabolic lactic
acidosis. Down 25 minutes.
Linus? He was here earlier.
What happened to him?
Toxic exposure to carbon monoxide.
Called 911 in resp distress.
By the time we got there, he'd arrested.
- Based on what?
- 500ppm on our portable detector.
Faulty alarm in his unit.
It actually started going
off when we got there,
but I think it's been
on the fritz for days.
- Fire was on scene when we left.
- Prep epi.
Maybe we can get him back.
I'm calling it.
Time of death 4:02 PM.
I'm so sorry, Linus.
Grab a porter to take
him to the morgue, Carmen.
I'll find his people.
Slumlords, man.
- I'll notify public health.
- Thanks.
It didn't show up on his labs.
His CO was normal when
he was here before.
Yeah, because he wasn't at home
breathing in carbon monoxide.
Yeah, but he knew something was wrong.
And when I couldn't figure
out what, I brought up psych,
and what if that just scared him away?
He left here thinking he
was safe because of me.
Don't. I made him believe
that he was safe too,
but there was no way either
of us could have known.
I'm sure you'd rather not be
hearing this on such an intense day.
But you're not the only
residents who put in,
and I thought it was important
you know in case you want
to hedge your bets and make
other plans for the future.
How will you decide
who gets the one spot?
I'll make a call down the road.
But, guys, you both
have excellent training.
You're gonna land on your feet.
This is the only place
that gave me a chance.
Yeah, you think that
this place saved you.
It makes sense that
you would be worried.
You're not?
Mags, hey
What's going on with you?
It's just, I think Devi's
right about us having options.
- Okay, there it is.
- Yeah. Got it.
She didn't want my help.
She she told me to do nothing.
That's what I wrote in my own chart.
I'm lying to myself, Bash.
Because I wanted to be a
hero, that's why I spent
the last month convinced
I did the right thing.
I, uh
I gotta go.
Sorry, did anyone come from his family?
Hey, I just heard about Singh.
Is he okay?
I was just still waiting to
hear the extent of the damage.
I feel like when I snapped at you,
I didn't realize you were
dealing with all this.
He just looked so alone.
You know, and I feel like I
just hit this giant finish line.
I'm supposed to feel great about myself.
But you don't.
Maybe I'm still adjusting.
I'm on the transplant list.
A heart may come tomorrow or never.
And what if it does come?
- Would you even accept one?
- I'll decide then.
So you've decided not to decide.
Hopefully, if the time comes,
I'll be strong enough
to cut off the foot.
You could probably use
one of these at home.
It's not like a stapler, June!
It's not like stealing office supplies!
Just in case we need it.
I'll be ready.
I dragged us out there.
I said I knew the trail.
You guys didn't even want to come.
He never took me camping.
I'm not even sure I I liked dad.
I'm not sure he even liked me.
We all knew a different
father. I get that.
But I'm the oldest,
and now that he's gone,
I want us to be a family.
Thank you for being here.
I know this is, uh
yeah, a weird memorial.
I'm so sorry about what I did to you.
It's okay.
Johnny. I mean
Don't you get it?
We went out there for you, not Dad.
We are a family.
We'll we'll be okay.
Where were you even trying to get?
Do you have people somewhere?
I thought if we could
make it to Europe
They'd let you in.
Might not let you stay.
Try to sit up for me.
I just need to get us somewhere safe.
You said unless
I live in Toronto,
practice medicine there.
What do you know about Canada?
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