Transplant (2020) s04e02 Episode Script


I'm on the transplant list.
A heart may come tomorrow or never.
- And what if it does come?
- I'll decide then.
Real doctors never stop learning.
I feel like I just hit
this giant fish line.
- I'm supposed to feel great about myself.
- But you don't.
Your increased patient load as
an NP's helping with wait times,
but if we're pushing too hard, Claire
Honestly, no.
The distraction's doing more
- than meds and therapy combined.
- I need to see my chart notes.
From that woman who says
you breached her confidence?
She didn't want my help.
I'm lying to myself, Bash.
How will you decide
who gets the one spot?
I'll make a call down
the road. But guys,
you're going to land on your feet.
This is the only place
that gave me a chance.
Yeah, you think that
this place saved you.
It makes sense that
you would be worried.
I just need to get us somewhere safe.
What do you know about Canada?
It's okay to answer me loudly sometimes.
If you don't use it, you'll lose it.
You're going to Sasha's cottage
for two nights, not two years.
- How was work?
- It was fine.
And then I took the subway the wrong way
thinking I was going
back to our old place.
This one's so much better.
We should never move again.
- What's a "sinkhole?"
Amira, you know we're only here so that
we can be closer to your new school.
Sasha says they're going to be late
because "Newman Road is closed
because the Earth opened up
and swallowed a guy whole."
She's so dramatic.
I also told you that it was expensive
so we might need to figure out
something cheaper for next year.
Why? You get a raise
after residency, right?
If I still have a job, then, maybe.
- So negative. You will.
- Yeah
Do something fun for once, tonight.
What do you think I do when you leave?
Sit there, staring at the
wall until I come back.
Don't this time, though.
The hardest part for us is
not doing anything, okay?
But we can't just jump in there.
We have to wait until we
know what the risks are.
Hi, Magalie. Hopefully, you're the first
person under 40 who
listens to voicemails.
It's Connie, your transplant nurse.
You owe intake forms,
and also your first batch of blood work
is this Thursday at 10 A.M.
And I'd like to get your
pacemaker reporting set up.
I also want to remind you that
emergency doctors are more likely
to be exposed to the
most common kinds of viral
and bacterial infections, those
are putting your heart at risk.
Yeah, myocarditis,
endocarditis, pericarditis.
The panel already flagged this
one and put me on the list, Connie.
- Your resident's way behind.
- What's wrong with the elevators?
Service lift is up for patients.
Day shift got slammed
and Carmen's too slow.
"MCAT practice test?"
Arnold, are you trying for med school?
- Don't tell the other nurses.
- Okay, let me know if you need any help.
Thanks. I mean, if there's
any extra experience
you want to throw my way, I
won't say no but right now
You just want me to help us catch up.
Keep us in the loop and
be cautious, doctor LeBlanc.
Colds are viral.
So antibiotics won't really help.
You'll get all of the side effects,
none of the benefits. I can
recommend an over-the-counter
Or you can just hang up on me.
Sounds like you're having a fun night.
Also, didn't you work all day?
Oh, the cue is endless.
Wait, so you're not staying?
You know, I could order in.
I'm grabbing Holden from lacrosse
and Ash from board game club.
Taking them to McDonald's
before my shift.
God, I hate nights.
Sorry. But good for you.
For not giving in and
writing that guy the script.
And stopping myself from lecturing him
about unnecessary use of ABX
and population-level resistance.
Guess he'll just need to find a doctor
who isn't trying to prove his
lapses in judgment are behind him.
- Hmm.
- Ah, you know,
- I I can come tonight.
- To Holden's game?
I'll barely make the end of it.
Or maybe to McDonald's
I mean, your kids and your
live-in ex know about us anyway.
It won't be like this forever, Theo.
Tell us your name, sir.
We're trying to get to you.
Why don't you just start
by telling us your name?
Can you hear me?
Kathryn, right?
Bashir, ED at Memorial.
Is that the van driver?
Hi. He's got his phone
with him. Called 9-1-1.
Kyle! My name is Kyle,
and I can't really move.
Kyle. Are you in your vehicle or out?
Did something land on you, Kyle?
Tell us whatever you can.
Yeah, something hit
my chest. It's dark
It hurts when I breathe. (COUGHING)
Kyle, this is Dr. Hamed.
Let me hear you take a deep
breath in and then out, okay?
Not great, right?
I've practised so many times
for the ground to just
shifts like that right under me.
Hold on a second, Kyle.
Are they any closer to gaining access?
No. Every time they
get closer to the edge,
more of the ground collapses.
When the day four conference
cold started going around,
I decided to bail
before it took me down,
but then I got this pain
and vomited so Fail?
Well, you do have a temp.
But the pain speaks
to something other than a
cold. What kind of a conference?
Two hundred dentists. Exciting, right?
Can you lie down for me, please?
- Does it hurt more if I press here?
- Ah, yeah.
- Any blood when you pee?
- No.
Why? What's going on?
What aren't you telling me?
- I would rather do some imaging before
- No, no, no. Don't string me along.
I'm no MD, but I know
hedging when I see it!
Okay, well, right now my
differential includes kidney stones,
gallstones, appendicitis,
gastritis, ruptured cysts,
or ovarian torsion. Which is
why you need an ultrasound.
- I'm sorry. I overreacted.
- It's okay.
Carmen, about the woman in E
Does OHIP require special authorization
to cover extended autoimmune testing?
Because my joint pain guy in six
tracks with ankylosing spondylitis.
So refer him to a rheumatologist.
I don't trust the patient to follow up.
I thought I could do it myself.
No, your patient volumes need work.
Standard is four per hour.
You're at two point five.
- Let's double that tonight.
- Double?
But you keep telling me
about getting the full story
and catching what other doctors don't.
Yeah, you can still learn to
do that and move faster, Carmen.
Good evening, everybody.
I just got word from CCU
that three patients
with suspected pneumonia
just tested positive for legionnaires.
- All from some dental conference.
- Oh, God.
I just saw someone from that conference.
I wore a mask because
his cough was so flemmy.
No, legionnaires is usually
spread via ventilation
or aerosolized water,
not person-to-person.
But doesn't it have like
a 5 to 30% fatality rate?
Take the panic down
6000% and start protocols.
Negative pressure iso, masks, increased
handwashing, and enhanced cleaning.
The woman in E is a conference dentist.
I'm pretty sure it's a kidney stone,
but keep her masked and
send her to radiology, stat.
So that motivational speech,
was that to prove you
have the leadership skills
and deserve the one fellowship
spot that's up for grabs?
Maybe that's just me paying
forward some good leadership.
Instead of not-so-good.
By pawning off our most virulent
patients to the first-years.
- That's not what I was doing.
- Two more dentists
with legionnaire symptoms at triage
Give them the Leblanc's
human shield of a resident.
- You really want me to give them to Carmen?
- No.
Maybe. I don't know,
I'll get back to you.
At least that pasta beat
stale hospital muffins.
Yeah, I mean those muffins can
get me through some tough times.
Oh, looks like we're
hauling up the stairs.
Oh, not me actually.
I use the emerg lockers.
Right. Well, thanks for
This was fun.
Oh, yeah, you too, Toby.
If you want to do this again
the next time we're both
working nights, then
Yeah, maybe I'll check my schedule.
Or not.
Okay, I'll see you.
Your next patient is
connecting, Dr. Hunter.
Fast and forceful, right hand!
Leave it on the floor like
you're squashing a bug.
Hum, hello? You okay?
Oh, you're here.
Hold on. Take five, guys.
- Sorry, boxing class.
- I'm Dr. Hunter.
You did book an appointment, didn't you?
- Uh, Dahab?
- Dahab, yes.
For two hours ago.
I wait, but no one comes, so I
decided to get on with my night.
Okay, hum. Sorry about that.
It says here in my notes that
you felt a pop in your chest.
Yesterday, some water went down
the wrong tube, and I coughed hard.
And then, pop. Scared me so
bad I went to the hospital
and after seven hours,
they told me to go home.
- And did they do any imaging?
- An X-ray that shows nothing.
And today, I'm feeling it more.
It's getting harder to breathe.
But you're still boxing.
I need to make a living, doctor.
Fair enough. Uh, any chance
it's related to injury?
If you got hit in the chest
or you pulled a muscle?
I'm no prizefighter, but I did
get punched in the face once.
And sometimes, the damage
isn't where you think it is.
No disrespect, but I'm a newcomer
and my insurance can't cover this.
Which means I'm paying
$150. I don't have it.
I'm a smart person, so how
do we figure out what's wrong?
Can you point to where the pain is?
Okay, now was that sharp and sudden,
or slow and gradual?
How do you feel now?
Sharp and sudden.
My arm and leg went tingling.
My heart was racing. I can't even stand.
And it's still sharp when I breathe in,
and I get these waves of dizzy.
Are you near a drugstore?
I need your blood
pressure and heart rate.
There are machines that'll do both.
They also sell something
called a pulse oximeter.
It's about $50, you can just
return it once you're done with it.
Just tell them it didn't
work. I need that number too.
What do I do with these readings?
Wait another two hours in the cue,
and then a different doctor?
I'm going to give you
my cellphone number.
You call me as soon as you're done.
Is the truck going to pull him out now?
His pleural cavity could
be filling up with fluids,
and if we don't get to him
soon, he's going to die.
Nobody's going anywhere
until the scene stabilizes.
- Sorry, who are you?
- I'm a doctor.
I heard him talking to the EMS. Kyle
- Someone call you?
- No, I have experience
- with this kind of field of work.
- Oh, you have experience
with sinkholes sucking vehicles in whole
and compromising the underground
infrastructure of Toronto.
Because it's a first for me.
Nothing else happens
until I know it's safe.
His life is at risk.
Hey, that grid leads under the road?
Yes, but unless the City Works
engineers tell me otherwise,
- the hydro vault's off limits.
- And if you can't pull him out in time?
Well, we better because
it's our only option.
I've got confined space and
trench rescue teams setting up.
If I send my team on foot,
the road could swallow them too.
And very likely crush our guys.
- You don't know that.
- You don't know how long
his lungs will hold or
if it even is collapsed.
It is. And if there is a
way we can get down there,
- I can help.
- This is a technical
rescue scene and Toronto
Fire has authority.
What kind of person, doctor or not,
sees an entire team
of workers and thinks,
"I'm the guy who really should be here."
Wait behind the barrier or
we're going to have a problem.
Okay, but we're at six and going up.
Alright, thanks.
Uh, Claire
I only called you at home for
sub-ideas. Not for you to come in.
I wasn't tired anyway.
Was that admitting
asking us to hold the legionnaire's
patients until they find beds?
I tried explaining they all
need dedicated monitoring
and that there's only four
of us on the floor, but
I'll do it. You just keep
what's already on your plate.
I don't mind some overflow
Feels like a million tiny needles
stabbing me in my back and stomach.
Kidney stones are no joke.
I swear that first doctor
knew it was kidney stones
the whole time. I kind of lost it
on her for hoarding information.
I mean, I know you're all
just trying to help, but
How long is it going to take to know
- if I also have legionnaires?
- Exposure window
is usually 10 days, but
I'm not seeing any antigens
on your PCR so maybe you got lucky.
Yeah. I feel real lucky.
Look, if you want to double down,
you can always wait and see if
the stone can pass on its own.
I think it's always best to
avoid invasive if it's an option.
Hello, Marissa.
My name is Mark Novak.
Good news, urology's decided
to blast your kidney
stone in the cutting-edge
operating theatre we call "Trauma OR".
So I will need you to not eat or
drink anything until you're through.
Mark, you're talking about ESWL, right?
It's a non-invasive procedure where
they use shockwaves to blast the stone.
It'll break it up. It'll
be easier for you to pass.
PCNL. It's a small scope.
Goes into your kidneys
and then lasers do the rest.
Because I'm suggesting
that we wait it up.
- You've seen the size
of the stone, though, right?
I mean, there's moons orbiting it.
But, hey, you know,
if you want to prolong her agony,
the last thing I want to do
is step on anybody's toes.
So, that's your call, Dr. Curtis.
Who was the walking slice of toxicity?
He might be right.
PCNL isn't that invasive.
- You're kidding me
- No, it's really quite minor.
- We'll talk to urology first.
- No, I'm talking about you changing your mind
because that man gaslit you?
Oh, he does that.
So you can hear him
dismissing you like that?
Telling me what I'm allowed to eat.
I have half a mind to say
no just to stick it to him.
No, don't do that.
The food thing's real.
You're defending him.
Oh, no, no. No, no.
Sweetie, I was in a
bad marriage for years.
It took me swallowing a
half bottle of sleeping pills
for him to get the message.
And I finally got out,
but the whole thing really affected
my self-esteem for a long time.
Okay, hold on!
My medical opinion has
nothing to do with Mark Novak.
He's always been difficult and
I barely even notice him anymore.
Well, I can report him for you.
- There must be some way
- Marissa, Marissa.
Why don't we just focus
on your kidney stone?
A few customers at my bar wanted
to keep partying after close.
So my last drink was 9 A.M.
I'm dizzy, barfy, my
head won't stop pounding.
Any other pain?
Other than my entire body.
Hey, what's with the mask? I don't
think this hangover is contagious.
No, it's just precautionary.
We've had patients
from a dental conference
with respiratory illness.
They were all at the same hotel so
- Your blood pressure is 200 over 110.
It can spike with the alcohol,
but it should have come down by now.
Oh, no. I definitely have that.
You are diagnosed with
high blood pressure?
- That's pretty rare for 23.
- I know, I'm like this medical miracle.
And yes, my doctor
already gave me the speech
about eating right and
three drinks a week.
Anyways, look, someone told me
that when they're super hungover,
they just come here to get IV fluid.
You should probably listen to your
doctor instead of whoever that was.
Because hypertension can be seriously
complicated by lifestyle choices.
Well, screw me for thinking I'm
allowed to live a little, right?
I just Forget it. I'll
pound electrolytes at home.
Okay, can you hold on a second?
Carmen, if it's urgent enough to hover,
- just come in and get me.
- I don't know if it is, but
Your first rectal insertion?
It's basically a rite of passage.
- Did he say what it was?
- He won't even acknowledge
- that something is in there.
- Yeah, surprisingly,
that is not uncommon. My guess
would be some sort of metal?
Okay, but how do I get the full story?
You don't. Not now, remember our talk.
In this instance, your
problem is whatever metal
is in his rectum, not why it got there.
- You need to take it out.
- Alone?
Ask Arnold if you need
any help, he wants the EXP.
And put her on saline
until her BP comes down.
Captain, we're ready to move.
Nuh-uh. We still
haven't secured the area
so no one moves in until then.
We lost contact with the victim.
He was having trouble breathing.
- How did it go, Dahab?
I used the machine four
times like you said.
People are very upset about it.
Blood pressure says 95 over 60.
Hold on, there's a bus.
Heart, 175. And finger clip is 95.
But if they don't let me return it,
I'm sending you the bill.
Okay, Dahab. I need you
to go to the emergency room
- for more testing.
- I'm not going back there.
I just rest for a few days.
Based on your vitals and symptoms,
you could have a ruptured aorta.
The artery responsible
for pumping your blood
might be leaking and if it
is, and you don't get treated,
you could die. Where are you right now?
On a bench outside pharmacy.
Okay, go to York Memorial Hospital.
I used to work there, it's
the place you want to be
- for cardiac emergencies.
- That's where I was.
They were rude and didn't listen.
Treated me like less than human.
Can I come to you? I'll pay.
It's not about money, Dahab.
I'm not insured for anything more
than virtual visits right now.
Theo, please I trust you.
Look, I hear that last
night went badly, right?
But hospitals are really just people.
And I will call ahead and make
sure you see the right ones.
- Plus, you have me on speed dial.
- Okay.
Okay, just go now, Dahab.
And let me know as soon
as you get there, okay?
Bashir, you're a hero.
I can get them to see that.
They'll want to help you.
I get that it makes you uncomfortable.
It's just There are so many people
- on that list ahead of us.
- Not as likely to succeed
or as deserving of the chance.
A skilled doctor with a
little girl depending on him.
It could take years off the wait.
Claire. Claire!
Any ideas for staff floats, Claire?
Bash worked today, he might come back.
- Great, can you try him?
- Yeah, sure.
Is that a makeshift ICU of dentists?
- Yeah.
- We just got official word.
CCU's full. No admissions.
How are we supposed
to function as an emerg
if we're basically a spillover
ward for everyone else?
And if we do get more dentists,
I don't know where
we're going to put them.
We do have one more case.
Although, she's a bartender.
Not a dentist. Your patient, Mags.
Josie with the hangover
has legionnaires?
- Don't tell me that she
- Slings drinks at the conference hotel? Yup.
Why didn't she say something?
I told her about
the precautions we're taking,
and she's already hyper-tensive
so high-risk and vulnerable
to severe illness.
I mean, she's so young.
I'm sure it never even occurred to her.
But her breathing is declining
so we moved her to three.
I'll check on her.
Let me know if you need backup in there.
I'm good.
Hey, Kyle. Can you hear me?
Hey, Kyle, can you hear me?
Where did you come from?
I'm Bashir.
I'm a doctor, we spoke
on the phone earlier.
(COUGHING) Feels like I'm drowning.
It's the fluid around your lungs.
And I need to make a hole
in your chest to drain it.
We need to lift up your shirt, okay?
This is lidocaine, local freezing.
Next, I'll make a small
hole in between your ribs
and put in a thin tube
so the fluid drains out.
Inside my chest?
How will you see what you're doing?
In the hospital, we use ultrasound,
but I know how to go on feel.
- What do you do for a living, Kyle?
I'm a teacher.
Okay, what do you teach?
Science. Middle-school science.
You're doing great.
Slow breaths.
Okay, Kyle.
Here we go.
The worst is over.
Why is it still hard to breathe?
The fluid should be flowing out,
but there must be a blockage.
I'm going to use my mouth to clear it.
I'd be lying if I said it was
ideal sterility, but none of this is.
You're going to swallow my blood.
- I'll try not to.
Okay, Kyle.
I need both hands for this next part.
So you're going to
have to hold this tube.
No, no, no! I don't
think that's a good idea. No!
It's just for a couple of seconds
while I clear the blockage, okay?
Just right there.
It's really important
this doesn't come out
- of your chest, okay?
- Okay.
- So like this. Don't move.
- Okay! Okay.
- We're in this together, okay?
- Yeah.
Fragmenting the stone now.
Missed the action, Mark.
Yeah, just making sure that June's
got you all set up here, Toby.
- I'll start the contrast study.
- It was me. I'll move.
Field looks good.
I can secure the drain.
I'll check on it later.
Curious vibe between you two.
We went to dinner. It was a mistake.
You and Toby went on a date?
Why is that so funny, Mark?
Do you have any idea how
hard it is to meet people
- with our schedule? It's impossible.
- June, relax. We all need connection.
I personally don't date doctors
because it's too close to home,
but I don't care if you
and Toby are a thing.
Not a thing. And I don't need
your help or your life advice.
- Increased heart rate.
Resps. She aspirated. It's food.
Did the nurse ask her if she had
eaten today and tell her to fast?
- And you did, too.
- You think as a health care
professional you wouldn't
take that as casual advice.
I think she might've done it
to get back at you for being
you know, yourself. Eating I mean.
You think this woman
found me so distasteful
that she deliberately
jeopardized her own operation
and put her life at risk
in order to prove that?
June, that's
You didn't see her when
you left. Totally triggered.
People use that word a lot,
but what they mean is "annoyed".
It was way more than that.
She started going off
about her abusive marriage.
And she wanted to
report you on my behalf.
I told her not to.
But that is hospital pudding.
Fine. Let's just
Let's get her tubes
and get on with this.
- Oh, Mags!
- Yeah?
Um Sorry.
Your bartender's O2 sats are down at 90.
Because she's hypertensive.
I paged RT like a million years ago.
Could you please go get them and
drag them down if you have to?
I think it's better that you go there.
- They're not going to listen to me.
- Yeah, it's 8 floors up.
I know.
Cardio sucks so
Rock, paper, scissors?
No, Arnold, I can't.
- Right, I didn't mean to. Sorry.
- It's okay. No worries.
"This is Bashir,
please leave a message."
You should be breathing
a lot better now.
- These yours?
- Oh, yeah. Thank you.
Your pupils look fine.
Um, not to state the obvious,
but since I can move and breathe now,
can we just go out the way you came in?
No, that's no longer an option.
How wrong was I thinking
my parking spot was a coup?
Because the street never tickets
and it's pretty safe and quiet.
- It's true. I don't live far.
- Are you close?
My van is my house.
It's a choice, by the way.
I have very few material needs.
- No judgment.
- I got divorced
and we were trying to share
a condo even after, but
Bashir, are you crying?
Okay, got a signal here.
It's Captain David. Hey, I
was right about his lungs.
He's breathing much better now.
- And no, I'm not crying. My eyes are itching.
- Hamed? What the hell?
Same. And I am dizzy. Is it sewer gas?
We teach a WorkSafe unit at school.
It's called hydrogen sulfite.
And one of the many
reasons to wait, Hamed.
Now I've got two people breathing
toxic fumes instead of one.
- Now I can get us both out.
- Do not do that.
The hydro vault is not
a safe way out or in.
And that gas is highly flammable.
One spark and the whole street could go.
You're going to sit tight this time
and wait for a hazmat
team to identify the risks.
What are you doing down here, man?
I guess you're happy I'm
getting my wake-up call.
Of course not. But I really do
understand how you feel right now.
How could this get so bad so fast?
We were waiting for respiratory therapy,
but I need to intubate you now.
I'll start by sedating
you with propofol.
Then I'll insert a tube
Please, I read all that stuff
about people who go on vents
and they never get off of them.
Josie, I know that you're scared,
but with your increased risk,
you need the extra help to breathe.
I don't want to be
someone who needs that.
But the reality is you are.
- And if we don't try
- It turns out the metal thing
was actually a battery and it's stuck.
I'm afraid if I pull it out,
I'll melt his rectum with acid,
- and I want to
- Carmen!
You said not to be afraid
not to interrupt you.
I also reminded you about judgment.
Don't interrupt when
it means pulling me away
from a life-and-death
situation. Figure it out!
Sounds like you might
need some help in here.
No, we're fine. Josie's
increasing in resp distress.
We were discussing intubation
and Carmen was going.
There's not much to discuss.
It's okay, I got this. Leblanc,
Go. Handhold your resident.
Hi, Josie? We're going to get
you some help breathing, yes?
It's okay. Leblanc, go, go, go.
Don't worry, Josie. We got you.
- Did you make it?
- They hook me up
with wire and put sticker on me.
Then, took them off and told me to wait.
That's a good sign. Now if your
EKG was abnormal, you'd know.
- How do you feel?
- Scared.
It hurts worse now, and
I feel sick to my stomach.
I'll stay with you
until you get seen again.
Tell me when you got into boxing.
Back home. When they
started restricting women
from going to the gym.
My friend and I would work
out in my basement in secret.
No music so we didn't draw
attention to ourselves.
(CHUCKLING) That's pretty incredible.
- Dahab Sayeed?
- They're calling me.
- Stay here.
- You bet.
Uh, just say what I texted you.
I just ran up and down
eight flights of stairs
Doctor Hunter sent me.
He thinks I may have a ruptured aorta.
You don't have an OHIP card.
Health insurance?
I have an Interim Federal
Health Certificate.
It covers hospital visits.
Okay, that doesn't matter.
Just tell them how you feel.
My pain is ten of ten.
- Can you manage?
- Dr. Hunter sent me.
I need to see Nurse Claire.
Take the forms, bring them
back to me when you're done.
Is that Rhoda? What forms?
What is she doing now?
Theo, I thought you worked here.
Dahab, just put her on the
phone. She isn't hearing you.
Miss, please. He can tell you.
Referring physicians need to
call the main hospital line.
Rhoda! Rhoda! It's Theo Hunter.
Theo? This your patient?
You know she can't skip the
line just because we're busy.
Damn it, Rhoda, are you deaf?
You're not hearing what she's saying.
And you don't even work here.
Hey, stop.
You heard what he said about a spark.
So were you right? Would I have died?
And what David said about
their risk assessment?
You knew that, but you
came down here anyway.
Fine, yeah, no. Say nothing.
You're just the last person
I'm ever going to talk to,
but let's both just drift
into the void in silence.
Are you a doctor?
No, nurse practitioner. Hi, I'm Claire.
You're the one Theo said
to ask for my information.
Theo Hunter? You a patient of his?
Ugh! Does no one talk to
each other in this place?
- I know he called you.
- I can see you're upset, ma'am,
but please do not take
it out on me our staff.
Theo said I could die.
You have to do something.
If you cannot remain calm,
I'm going to need to call security.
- Hey!
- Theo?
- Claire.
Dahab, what's going on?
You haven't answered any of my calls.
Claire, Claire, is she okay?
They took her back to X-ray
and now she's in an exam room.
And she's vomiting brown
liquid. What do I do?
I thought she had a
ruptured aorta, but
Brown like coffee grounds?
It tastes awful.
No, Theo. I think it's stool.
Alright, we got you.
- Claire! Claire!
What did you want to ask me?
I mean, so much. It was so
easy for you to risk your life
to save mine, but
Now, like, killing you to
wait for them to save us.
- That's not a question.
- Okay.
Let's start small. You
said you live near here?
What else? Wife, husband, kids?
- No, I live with my sister.
- How old?
- Fifteen.
- Grade nine?
She go to the neighborhood school?
It'd be hilarious if I was her teacher.
She goes to the Art school in Etobicoke.
But she likes sciences there, too.
She says she wants to keep
all her future possibilities open.
Where'd you grow up?
Kyle, are you feeling okay?
I mean, for breathing sewer
gas and the tube in my chest.
My sister and I immigrated here
because I saved a woman's life and
we got the attention of a man who
- helped us.
- Wow. Okay.
Elliot. That's his name.
He found us overseas when
we were very desperate.
He put us on the right lists,
raised money to sponsor us,
and when we landed here,
we lived in his house
with his wife and young kids.
We had a small, one-room
basement apartment.
He showed me how to register
for my sister's schools.
He helped me figure out how
to study for my medical boards.
And he even lent me more money
when it was time to take them.
That's pretty miraculous.
It was.
I think they're coming for us.
Kyle! Hey, hey, hey! Kyle! Kyle!
Kyle! Hey!
They're coming.
Theo, it hurts.
I know. They're going to
help you. Where's Claire?
She went to call for
a doctor. Here she is.
Claire? Okay, I think it
might be a ruptured diaphragm.
If her bowel herniated, it
could be at risk for perforation.
- She needs urgent OR.
- Okay, on it. What else?
An NG to decompress the
bowel and remove any stool.
- You can wait for someone.
- Okay. Talk to her while I prep?
Dahab. Claire's going to
put a tube down your nose.
- It'll hurt but not for long.
- I can take it.
I have no doubt. Dahab, this is Liz.
She and Claire have you from here.
- Theo?
- You can't stay?
You're in great hands. I promise.
We'll talk later, okay?
I was handling things
earlier with Josie.
- Who?
- That woman you intubated.
Oh, right.
ICU got a bed opening, by the way.
So she's stabilizing
quickly. You're welcome.
For steamrolling me?
No! I was trying to help you.
Seemed like Carme needed you.
Oh, please. You don't care
about holding residents' hands.
No, but you do. Like,
you made that big show
of trying to teach
her the right lessons.
So I thought you might want to
Yeah, you know? You're right.
I don't.
They have no idea
what's going on for us.
Or what kind of stresses
we are all carrying.
And coddling them does nothing
to prepare them for reality.
And it's dumb. So yeah,
sometimes, we're going to lose it.
And there are more important things
to worry about than hurt feelings.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You said that this
operation would be easy.
But I woke up with pain in my throat
and the nurse said that I almost choked.
Right, well, I was pretty clear
about the dangers of
eating before surgery.
Look, if you decided
to disregard Dr. Novak
to make a point or to get back at him.
I haven't eaten anything for 16 hours.
You're accusing me of
risking my life over that guy?
Marissa, it's just, you know,
what you said about your ex.
- And then about the pills
- That was totally different.
I was in a much darker place.
One that I have worked
really hard to move beyond.
Okay, alright, maybe it was
slow digestion. I'm sorry.
I don't know you,
but I know trauma and
if you really thought that that
was something I was capable of,
maybe it's because some part of you is.
I'm going to leave the
drain in until morning.
And then you should be good to go.
Here, Bash. Put this on.
That man owes you his life.
They need to check Kyle's
tube for blockages and flow.
They're on it. You just try and breathe.
You okay?
My decisions put you on the spot today.
The chest tube, though. Impressive.
Guess you weren't lying
about having field experience.
When I heard somebody
was down there, I just
Jumping in is what I know how to do.
When I was younger and a call
would come into the station,
I'd always be pulling for fire.
The calm just felt wrong to me.
Not anymore.
Hi, Connie. It's Magalie.
I got your message.
And I will be sending
in the forms tomorrow.
Also, I had to move blood work
because I'm on shift that day.
But lab said that they could accommodate
so you can be expecting that next week.
Thank you. What happened to you?
Uh Long story.
I came as soon as I could.
Yeah, it's a long story
here, too. That's covered.
But when we couldn't reach you,
we called in Kinio and Shulman.
Oh, okay.
That's not a great
look, ignoring your calls
when you're competing for a job.
No, I think based on tonight,
it's advantage Leblanc.
Good, she should enjoy
that while it lasts.
I really want that job, Bash.
I'm going to do
everything I can to get it.
You'll need to.
Going home to sleep?
You? Breakfast with Amira?
- How is she?
- She's out of surgery.
You were right. Ischemic bowel.
- She'll be fine.
- That's good.
What kind of a fallout should I expect?
I'll admit it was unorthodox,
but she said you're the only reason
she even came back to the hospital.
And I blew up my entire
life two years ago
for a chance to stay at Memorial
because I felt a calling.
I mean, you can think I'm naive
or stupid if you want, but
I know I can still make a contribution
and I'm not going to
give up on that or myself.
I don't think that's stupid, Theo.
Hi, Elliot.
What are you How long has it been?
Six years.
Everything okay? Amira, she's
I wasn't sure if you
wanted to see me again.
I just thought
What do you want, Bashir?
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