Transplant (2020) s04e03 Episode Script


You're not the only
residents who put in.
How will you decide
who gets the one spot?
You think that this place saved you,
it makes sense that
you would be worried.
I really want that job, Bash.
I'm going to do
everything I can to get it.
I'm on the transplant list.
So you've decided not to decide.
I used to cut myself. I
managed mostly to stop.
I don't know you, but I know trauma.
And if you really thought that
that was something I was capable of,
maybe it's because some part of you is.
I wait but no one is come so I
decide to get on with my night.
Guess he'll just need to find a doctor
who isn't trying to prove his
lapses in judgment are behind him.
- Theo?
- Damn it, Rhoda, are you deaf?
You're not hearing what she's saying!
And you don't even work here!
- Here we go!
My sister and I immigrated here
because of a man who helped us.
He found us overseas when
we were very desperate.
What do you want, Bashir?
I stopped by your place.
Tracey told me where you were.
She must have been surprised to see you.
- Did the kids recognize you?
- A little bit.
It's been such a long time.
I remember you used to
come here a few days a week.
Look, if you need to go to
work or anything, that's
I should probably get home shower, yeah.
Last time I saw Amira, she was nine?
Yeah, 15 now. Starting high school.
- And you?
- I'm re-doing my residency at York.
- Surgery?
- Emerg.
Still very much you. First year?
It's my fourth year, actually.
Are you still back and forth overseas?
Among other things.
This is me.
Listen, Elliot, uh
The way I left things when we moved out,
I've just been thinking about it, and
Now, after five years?
Six years of not speaking.
I know, I know.
I should've reached out earlier.
Yeah, you didn't. Not until
your last year of residency.
Anyway, um, what's next for you?
Fellowship? Specialization? ED job?
All that is up in the air right now.
And I'm the guy who once tried to help.
No, no. I'm not here
to ask for your help.
The way that you say
"moved out" so casually.
You and Amira were part of our family.
You just packed up and left.
I mean, the kids kept asking about you.
I didn't know what to
say. What we'd done
No, no. Nothing. Look, you were perfect
and we owe you so much. It's just
I couldn't uh
I should go.
Say hi to your sister for me.
Hey, medium, black.
Don't I owe it to them to be
honest about the whole situation?
No. It's your private information.
The hospital owes you
nothing. If you tell them
you're on the transplant list before
they decide who gets the job
It gives them a reason
not to give it to me.
But my chief, Dr. Devi, you know,
she's done a lot to make room
for my physical limitations.
Every time I have to
go for labs like today,
- I have to make up an excuse.
- When we were trying for kids,
I made the mistake of
telling one of the partners.
Next thing I know, they promoted
the guy hired to work under me.
The second time, I didn't tell
them until I was five months.
And, what if a heart comes and
I have to take a year off work?
You should get the
job when that happens.
Legally at that point, they
have to offer you medical leave.
They're not your family, Magalie.
Yeah, speaking of that.
It's Mom's birthday,
and I didn't get the
"Be at L'Express wearing
the dress I bought you in 2006" text.
If she's still afraid
of getting us together
after the split, I'm pretty
sure we can help with that.
About that
Last night.
Without even telling me?
- Oh, Dad was there, too.
- Yeah, and you're right.
They can still share space.
We sort of used my boys as a buffer.
How could you not call me, Cam?
She made me promise.
You know how much is
on your plate right now.
Oh, so you decided for me like
I'm not even a real person.
Mags, what you said about a year off,
does that mean you're
saying yes to a heart?
What happened to
getting out of your head
- and only deciding if one comes?
- Yeah, that's a mindset, Cam.
I'm trying to embrace it,
but think about how
I'm living right now.
Like, if
If, if a
If a heart eventually
comes and I take it,
my thirties could be over
by the time I'm recovered.
What's in my life now,
that's what I'll have.
Okay, I'm sorry. What can I do?
Well, this dinner, again, all of us.
I'll get the 8:00 P.M.
flight to Montreal.
And don't let our parents have one
sip of champagne before I get there.
- Craig Albright?
- Yeah.
- Hi, I'm Dr. Hamed, Bashir.
- Finally.
Tell us you're going to
help him. He's in agony.
I am, but full disclosure, we're
running low on beds in our department
so I'm only here to assess needs.
You told our triage nurse
that you are experiencing some hip pain.
Did you fall or injure yourself?
Because I'm looking at
your medical history and
Can we please have the
discussion in private?
Craig didn't fall or anything like that.
He was getting into his car
when the pain just started.
Angrily slamming the door after
getting me from school, he means.
- And no, that's not how this happened.
- And don't ask Eli to say how.
I mean, it's only his
eye. Why would he know?
Two great medical mysteries
for you to solve today, Doctor.
Uh, well, at least you got
the afternoon off school.
- You're in what? Seventh grade?
- Tenth.
You don't need to
correct him for me, Dad.
I can handle the embarrassment.
In fact, I don't even feel any,
- so it's fine.
- You're being rude!
- Craig, it's fine.
- No, none of us would be here right now
if we weren't called
to the V.P.'s office
for a punch in the face
that you won't admit.
This is the part where I
cheerfully confess to being bullied?
Except it's not that
part because I'm not.
And nobody hit me.
Why don't I grab a porter
to take Craig to X-ray?
This way we can rule out
any fracture of any kind.
And hopefully, by the time you're back,
- we'll have a bed ready for you.
- Sure, thank you.
Dr. Devi, do you remember
that patient I lost
- to carbon monoxide poisoning?
- Faulty unit in his building.
You reported it to public health?
Yeah, but I also dug into
the amount of illnesses
and deaths we see in patients
from low-income housing.
Mould, pipes, ventilation.
I'd like to share that data
with public health as well.
Those risks are minimized
with greater awareness.
Stats only. No patient data for privacy.
And I will need to review it up first.
But it's a good idea.
You should both know
you won't be in limbo
for much longer about
the fellowship spot.
I'm deciding by the end of the month.
Last year, they announced
them near graduation,
- that's in six months.
- Yup.
Mags, I admitted the bowel obstruction
so there's a bed for
your knee sprain now.
Actually, Rhoda, can we
give that to Craig Albright
when he gets back from his X-ray?
He's way down the queue.
He's in pain and won't tell us why.
Plus, his son has a black eye
he doesn't want to talk about either.
- Got it.
- You thinking domestic violence?
Something seemed off.
I could check with a social worker.
Let Mags try.
She's good at getting
underneath complex dynamics.
- You stay on Dad, Bashir.
- Sure.
This son is older than he
looks and touchy about it. Eli.
Got your note.
We'll be fine without you
- for an hour today.
- Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
It's the only time I could
get for that appointment.
I know some of the other hospitals
are already interviewing
No, it's not that. It's personal.
End of the month.
That's like, next week.
Yeah. Perfect timing for
you to be officially better
at getting underneath complex dynamics.
So, you have your CBT and self-harm
worksheets, and your partners.
- Get going.
- Want to start?
I didn't write anything down.
First time at one of these?
No, it's my second.
Last time, I bailed
halfway through so
- You?
- Oh, I'm a vet.
Allow me.
"Strategies for revealing your scars,
visible and invisible.
Number one, the plausible lie."
Uh, my cat scratched me.
I don't have a cat.
I see you've never taken improv.
- I'm a doctor, why would I
- So what? I'm a chef.
It forces you to let
yourself be embarrassed.
Why don't we just move on to number two?
"The reluctant truth."
Okay, so Sometimes
I hurt myself, but we
don't have to talk about it.
Have you actually ever tried
to use that in real life because
Once or twice.
But the second you tell people
you don't want to
talk about something
It's all they can focus on.
Yeah, I'm more of a
"number four" kind of guy.
I've been feeling pretty
cut up about things.
Humour tends to disarm.
Humour, right.
Uh, actually, I don't know if like
I don't know if in the moment,
like, if I can see anything.
I don't think anything will
come to me other than like,
painful silence.
I guess that's cool.
If that's who you are.
But does that mean you'll
always be covered up?
Eli? Hi, I'm Mags. I'm a doctor here.
Hi. My parents are getting
an X-ray or whatever.
Yeah, yeah, I know. There's
a vending machine not far,
- do you want a Coke?
- Only if you want
to throw them into crisis, my parents.
Caffeine stunts my
growth, they'll tell you.
Oh, that's a myth.
But you could use it to ice your eye.
Ice won't help my eye.
Well, do you want chips? Or Skittles?
Isn't luring kids with
candy kind of predatory?
(CHUCKLING) That's a good point.
But I do have to correct
you on the ice, though.
It is your best bet to
keep the swelling down.
So you're in a hospital with
a concerning mark on your face.
Call me a nerd, but I kind
of want to know the story.
- Maybe I can help.
- There is no story.
I was short when I was
in high school, too.
- You still are.
- Not compared to you.
Well, I guess in the
1920s or whenever that was,
they didn't have growth
hormones to force you on.
- You're on HGH?
- Needle every day.
My dads and my endocrinologist
wanted me on them.
They said it'd be harmless.
So you think you're reacting to the drug
and you are not telling
your parents because
Tense subject.
I didn't want to take them,
but they were fighting all
the time trying to make me.
Convinced taller people do
better in life or whatever.
And finally, I just wanted
it all to stop so I caved.
You mind if I examine it,
though? It looks like it hurts.
Yeah, irritation at the injection
site can be normal with HGH.
- This is odd because
- I don't stab it into my face.
Yeah, I wondered about that, too.
I do have one other theory.
But it's kind of nuts.
I can handle it.
Okay. Really? Okay.
Thank you.
- Serious meeting attire.
- Contrition attire.
I'm here to throw
myself at Devi's mercy.
Calculating dosing by weight?
No, the cost of incorporating.
People keep saying that
it's better to bill this way
after residency so we can
write off living expenses.
Yeah, it is, yeah. I'd be happy to
run you through when you get there.
Can you write off mortgage payments?
- You buying a house?
- I mean, I was approved
for a loan, 500,000.
Sounds immense in the real world
which I realize doesn't
include Toronto real estate.
Well, congrats, but no you can't
write off mortgage interest.
And while you're thinking about costing,
there's property tax, furnaces,
roofs which will need replacing.
What the hell is a blended mortgage?
Nobody knows. Hey, believe me,
as someone who panic-bought
places in Sudbury
and Toronto after he got divorced,
over-extending when your life's in flux
only makes that flux much worse.
Amira needs roots.
And I want to give her something stable
and I didn't really ask to
be talked out of it, Theo.
What I wanted to tell
you in the waiting room
is what I still think is that
your pain is caused by lupus.
Your labs show a high
level of inflammation
But Craig has been in remission
from lupus for three years.
You promised that you would
tell me when it flares again.
This isn't a family counselling session.
- Hi, I'm sorry to interrupt.
- Mags, we're in the middle of something.
Yeah, the wrong thing.
I was just speaking with your son.
- Who the hell are you?
- This is Dr. Leblanc.
Eli's eye isn't from a punch.
It's a fungal infection
called mucormycosis.
- And I think you both have it.
- Craig has lupus.
I know. And his elevated ESP and CRP
made you think it was a flare, right?
Eli's been cultivating
spores for a science project.
Sustainable ecosystems.
He's been breathing them in all month.
He was already worried that
they made his eye black.
I did a PCR, positive for fungal DNA.
I I, I'm sorry.
You're saying that this is all
because of Eli's science project?
If that's true, then why am I not sick?
For most of us, fungus is harmless,
but not for people with compromised
immune systems like your husband.
Eli is biologically Craig's son.
Are you saying it's my fault, Neil?
That I passed this down to him?
No! That's not what I'm saying.
It's not necessarily the
reason Eli's infected.
We'll run tests. It could
also just be bad luck.
This one is a much
better doctor than you.
Craig! Stop being so inappropriate.
I don't understand. Why
wouldn't Eli just talk to us
if that's what he thought
was happening to his eye?
Hold on. How long
have you had that rash?
Oh, I had some small
patches this morning,
I usually get them with flare-ups.
- So you were hiding it then.
- I didn't know!
I just wanted to make
sure before worrying you.
Can you open your mouth for me, please?
- Thank you. His temp's up, way up.
I can't A fungal infection?
- Can you treat it?
- How high does this go? Here, may I?
Oh, my God.
They're not normally like this.
Does Eli have this, too?
Not when I left him, but Craig,
your reaction is atypical and may
mean the infection is spreading quickly.
He's going to need more imaging.
- You should go.
- No.
- Yes! I'm asking you to.
- No!
Don't do this, please.
I don't want to infect
you, go! Go, Neil!
Why don't you go check on Eli?
- Yeah, I'll take you to him.
- Thanks, Mags.
I know he can't handle this, I
- This is all my fault.
- No, honey.
Where's Dad? Why can't I see him?
He just needs a little bit of rest.
But he's obviously worse than me.
People can react differently
to this kind of infection
depending on their immune system.
I'm going to talk to Mags outside, okay?
I'll get an update and report back.
We're putting Craig on
hybrid blood purification
and renal therapy, which is
a fancy way of saying dialysis
while also trying to clean
the infection from his blood.
- It's affecting his kidneys?
- Because of a weakened
immune system from his
lupus medication which
- Eli doesn't know about?
We thought that it
would be easier for him. Or
Look, it's not what I wanted,
but you saw Craig before.
Whenever I try to push
him, he just retreats.
Mags? Got a head lac in curtains,
tell me you've got a second.
- Uh
- I'll be okay.
They moved Craig to the eighth floor,
I'll check on him after.
- Cody's back, frequent flyer.
- Who?
- You don't know him?
- No.
Chart says schizotypal
personality disorder.
Uh, yeah, but half the time
you wouldn't even know it.
It's just that sometimes he gets
A guy in psych called
it "superhero ideation".
- What does that even mean?
- Hi, Cody!
- This is Mags.
- Hey, Mags, nice to meet you.
Hi, nice to meet you too, Cody. Alright.
They already did that.
I don't think I have a concussion.
Yeah, your head did get
knocked around a little, though.
All in the pursuit of a moral right.
Cody tackled a purse snatcher.
Happens all the time in Dundas Square.
If I wait long enough,
I'm bound to run into one.
Well, your pupils look fine.
And I think I may be
able to spare you sutures.
Great, thank you for wanting
to minimize my pain, Mags.
- You're most welcome.
- Okay.
Perfect, thanks.
So tell me, why do you
take it upon yourself
- to catch purse-snatchers?
- And shoplifters.
And those intimidating lurkers
that scare people in the subway.
Usually, they see the uniform
and stop, but not always.
I don't know if you know this, Mags,
but the police stopped doing
anything about the minor things.
And, I get it. I mean,
it's small potatoes, but
The little stuff hurts people, too.
And if we want our city to
feel like one big community,
then someone's got to
be out there fighting
for our brothers and sisters, right?
- Hey!
- Eli!
You should be in bed, where's your dad?
Talking to an immunologist.
What were you going to say before?
About why my dad is sicker than me?
I know it's something
because when I checked online
it said it could be cancer or that his
immune system doesn't work properly.
You should probably talk
to your parents about that.
They don't tell me anything.
They treat me like they see me,
but I don't feel small, Mags.
Why can't they understand that?
Strength comes from the inside, kid.
- Want me to talk to them for you?
- I got it, Cody.
It's not cancer.
And if you just give me five minutes,
I will answer all of
your questions, okay?
Almost done here.
It's just every tiny
movement is like agony.
- Uh-huh.
- How exactly did the pain start?
Well, I was in the shower and
You know, I was bored.
Oh, well, vigorous physical manipulation
- can injure the testicle.
- I wouldn't say "vigorous".
It was soapy and then I slipped,
and, like, I'm a big guy so
It's going to be cold.
Someone called up the flag torsion?
- Dr. Singh, you're back.
- First day.
Thought I'd take it easy.
You'd know that if you
bothered to check in.
Been gone three weeks.
I'm recovering from a heart attack.
Yeah, well, I'm so sorry.
- What the hell is "torsion"?
- It's a twisted testicle.
I'm seeing a reduction in blood flow.
So if Dr. Singh agrees, he will
take you upstairs to operate.
He does.
So you can, like, "un-twist" it?
About half the time.
The other half, we have to cut it out.
- What, like, the whole thing?
- No, just the one.
Will I still be able to
Oh, sexual function is
generally not affected.
No, I mean, I want kids.
Can I still
Well, you might see a
decrease in your sperm count,
but the other testicle
will often compensate.
What if it doesn't?
I mean, if I can't be a father
- one day because of this
- Dr. Curtis isn't the right person to ask.
June will prep you for OR,
but if you have anymore
questions about future options,
I can answer them upstairs.
- I'll be right back.
Dr. Singh. That was
Okay, look, I know you
didn't intend to, but I
I'm fine. Damage is minimal.
And as long as I'm vigilant,
I can avoid a repeat.
That's good. It's not like I don't care.
I just didn't think you
wanted me hovering.
I'll do what I can for the boy.
- Yeah, happy to help you.
- Yeah, totally.
Come in, Dr. Hunter. Take a seat.
I figured this would just be us.
Hi, everyone.
I thought a panel would be more fair.
Colleague from emerg, our CMO,
Dr. Olsen, and Sandy from H.R.
The more the merrier. (CHUCKLING)
I was so relieved to
know that the college
decided not to suspend or
revoke your medical licence.
Thanks. I'll tell all
of you what I told them.
It was medically clear that my
patient had suffered sexual assault.
I was convinced that she was afraid
of her husband and wanted my help.
There were four children
at home who were at risk.
At the time, I believed
I had a duty of care.
And at the time, that's
exactly how you explained this
- to Dr. Devi and myself as well.
- And with perspective,
my decision to alert the police
warranted far better discretion.
Then you admit you overstepped?
- I do.
- Well, it was a tough spot.
We all know from experience
that what constitutes
duty of care can be elusive.
I was wrong, Dr. Olsen.
Plain and simple.
And look, in the spirit of honesty,
I realize I've made errors in judgment.
Giving expired supplies to
patients outside the hospital,
restraining a woman who was
resisting rabies prophylaxis.
An event which you
repeatedly refused to issue
- a formal apology for.
- And sounds like that's
what he's trying to do right now, Neeta.
It was an unsettled time.
I got divorced, I uprooted my life.
And I don't say any
of that as an excuse.
It's just for context.
I've had some time to
reflect these past months,
and I confidently feel that I
have learned from my mistakes
and that behaviour is behind me.
June, do you have something to add?
Oh, sorry, I was just
wondering if any of us
are actually capable of real change.
However, I do think that it's something
that we can all strive for.
And Theo is striving for.
Okay. Well, I can say
on behalf of all of us,
that we do appreciate
your fulsome explanation.
Behind you since when?
I don't know what you mean?
You sent Dahab Sayeed,
a virtual patient to our ED.
And when triage wouldn't
immediately bend to your will,
you became irate and
verbally abusive to Rhoda,
one of our veteran nurses.
Behind you since when, Dr. Hunter?
How is he?
At least his son is fine.
Yeah, physically, but Eli's wrecked
about thinking this is his fault.
I get the sense that he doesn't
even know about his father's lupus.
- Well, he does now.
- You told him.
He narrowed it down himself.
He's a smart kid and he feels
totally alone with everything.
That wasn't your call,
but I suppose I'm not as good
at getting underneath complex dynamics.
Bash, this whole
thing about potentially
losing your job, it's okay to admit
that you're more rattled about
it than you're letting on.
You choose to be alone with things.
You have your own
door, private entrance.
Here's the laundry room.
I'm apologizing right now for how
often our stuff will be in there.
Uh, right this way.
So you got a basic kitchen,
bathroom, the TV works.
Cable's on us. Couch pulls out.
And from what prior tenants have said,
you will definitely hear my three
stampeding children upstairs.
This is all so great, thank you.
- English, habibti.
- Tracey made a guess
about what toys and books
you might like, Amira,
but if you want to come
upstairs and trade up,
you're always welcome, okay?
- Say thank you.
- No need.
There's some basic food in the fridge.
But there's a convenience store
with a pretty decent
collection a short walk away.
Are you okay for cash?
Yeah, the government
stipend came through.
I'll let you get settled.
Thank you.
"The little boy grew, he
grew, and he grew, and he grew.
He grew until he was nine years old."
English, habibti.
Are you excited to be nine?
"But at night-time, when he was asleep,
the mother quietly opened the door
to his room, crawled across the floor
and looked over the side of the bed.
If he was really asleep, she picked up
that nine-year-old boy and
rocked him back and forth,
back and forth, back and forth.
And while she rocked him, she sang,
'I'll love you forever.
I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm living,
my baby you'll be.'"
It's easy to register.
It's three blocks away.
My kids go to the same school,
and there's a French
immersion stream, too.
She needs a lot more
practice in English.
The ESL classes will help.
With kids her age, honestly,
it will shock you how fast
they soak things in. Look.
Right, so basically, once
you've passed your boards
and they can verify your credentials.
But then there's that issue with
my medical school transcripts.
They know most of the doctors coming
from Syria aren't getting theirs out.
What they'll do is they'll
talk to anyone they can
who worked with you at the NGO's,
get a sense for your skill.
Then there's two or
three positions each year
where practicing surgeons
will take on foreign doctors
and supplement any
training they might need.
- Three positions?
- I know.
But with your experience,
it's just about getting you
in front of the right people.
We're here on a one-way
ticket. It has to work.
Everything that you're doing,
the money, I'll pay you back.
- I know you will.
- This goes here.
- Bashir, ow!
Sorry, is that too tight?
Well, maybe you can sleep in there.
Okay, hold still. The zipper is sticky.
Maybe we'll repaint that wall together.
Have fun.
Be safe, I'll be watching.
Practicing through the
war. I'm told I gained
more surgical experience
than most doctors
within a more traditional residency.
I don't doubt it, quite impressive.
Can you talk a little about the
range of procedures that you've done?
Everything in the area of trauma.
Amputations, crush
injury, penetrating trauma,
and, of course, we saw so many heart,
and throat, and pulmonary patients
that it's not really limited to
Is it true that med school in Syria
begins right after high school?
Yes, it is true, but
our first year replicates
the basic undergraduate sciences.
And in all my dealings
with Western doctors,
- I've never noticed a knowledge gap.
- Okay.
What kind of experience do
you have with laparoscopy,
arthroscopy, or
interventional radiology?
I have studied them in theory,
but in the field, those more
expensive tools are less used.
So there is a gap then.
Nothing about my
experience impressed them.
Surgeons, man. They're
all such arrogant pricks.
Anyway, you're just getting started.
Once you pass your boards,
we'll go full press.
- Oh.
English, habibti.
Sorry, we'll replace that.
Don't worry about it.
See you later.
Amira, I need you to clean
some of this up, okay?
I need space to study for my exams.
Yes, I applied for the job.
No, no restaurant experience,
but I'm a fast learner.
Um, yeah. Tomorrow works fine.
2:00 P.M. Okay.
"Well, that mother, she got older.
She got older and older and older.
And one day, she called
up her son and said,
'You'd better come see me
because I'm very old and sick.'"
When I'm old like him,
I don't want to live in different house.
I want to always know you're okay too.
Go to sleep, habibti.
"The son came home that night,
he stood for a long time
at the top of the stairs "
- Hey, you're done already?
- How was it?
Ah, fine. Until Rhoda undermined me,
and Devi blindsided me.
And now, my judgment is being
questioned again. Thank you.
There was a nurse at your meeting?
No, but apparently, Rhoda
complained that I got animated
when I called to jump the
cue for my virtual patient.
I don't think either of
you were there for that.
Yeah, I was. I heard about it.
You really surprised
that that upset her?
Doctors call ahead all the time, Mags.
- It isn't revolutionary.
- Yeah, calling ahead
is one thing, but letting
out your frustration
- on the nurse is another.
- Should've asked you
to put in a good word for me with Devi.
You both seem to have the exact
same "disappointed mom" tone.
- Okay, Theo
- I can fight my own battles.
No, he's right. That was childish.
And Bash, about earlier,
I realize you didn't ask
for my opinion about buying a house.
- So my apology tour continues.
- You're buying a house?
I'm seeing if it's
financially possible for Amira.
I know you think she needs it, man,
but I promise you, home
for her is wherever you are.
- Hey.
- What was that in there?
Did you get a verdict?
Because they recruited me
last minute and they kicked
me out as soon as you left.
- You were at his meeting?
- It's anyone's guess
where June was. Devi
asked her to weigh in
about whether I can change,
and June took a nosedive
- into existential despair.
- They know we're friends.
I can't just go in there
and blindly defend you, okay?
Plus, I just came off this
bizarre experience with Singh.
Singh's back? I thought
he was still on leave.
Oh no, he's back.
And his hair's all white.
Pretty sure this heart
attack changed his personality
because he's being all honest and weird.
- What do you mean?
- He told a patient
not to ask me about being a parent.
- Why would he do that?
- I don't know, Bash,
maybe because he thinks I'm
too damaged to have a family.
Show me one person who isn't.
- Cody!
- Is this your patient?
Yeah, 35-year-old with
schizotypal personality disorder
and superhero ideations. He
came in with a head laceration.
- His pulse is thready.
- Yeah, his femoral is severed.
That's a lot of blood.
- We're not set up for this here.
- I'll get trauma prepped.
- Did anyone see what happened?
- I did.
Eli, you should be in your room.
I was talking to Cody,
and I saw some guy trying
to steal medication off a cart,
and Cody just bolted after him.
- There was a chase down the hall.
- Eli, you need to go.
- There's almost no pulse, now.
- Bash, you need more pressure.
I know. I need to tie it.
Here, take over.
You guys okay? Is anyone else bleeding?
No, just him, but we're losing him.
I'll go clear the way.
Clear this hall!
June, can you take over?
- Yeah
- Yeah, I just
Just testing ten blades.
- Stand back.
Will he be okay?
I only wanted to help,
Mags, I just want to help.
I know, Eli.
Fast thinking, Bashir.
They're standing by in trauma.
Code team will meet you there.
Mags, you stay with Eli.
Everyone else, clear
this space! Move back!
Move back! Thank you!
Look, that you are
about not having Hunter back,
the ED can eat the cost and
you'll hire a new pediatrician.
- Even if we have cause?
- You read the lawyer's email.
He'll sue, we'll settle.
If it were me, I wouldn't
go through the hassle.
Except this isn't about
the hassle. You like him.
Well, by all accounts, he's
a fine doctor and a good guy.
- Okay, even if I did agree
- Which you don't.
Our ED's already in flux.
We can only keep one of our
excellent fourth-year residents.
A conundrum of your own making.
In order to fund the nurses I need
to make my department functional.
- Okay.
- I'm not sure I can trust Theo.
And I don't want to be
in a position to have
to look over his shoulder
because he fits into some
arbitrary "good guy club".
No one is trying to
force you into anything.
And before you start playing
the card I think you're playing,
I would ask why it is
that you are so against
someone who is highly trained,
well-liked, and motivated
to do whatever it takes
to re-earn your confidence.
Hey. You paged?
Yeah, sorry to spring this
on you, they just went in.
I know that you wanted to be left alone,
but you need to hear us out.
What is this?
Eli, Neil, and I put our heads together
and we came up with a plan.
The plasma cleaning isn't working
since his immune system's
too stressed with lupus
to fight the infection
in his blood, right?
I told Eli about the lupus,
not your husband or Dr. Hamed.
Except there was no way
to hide it through all this
and that was only about you anyway.
He figured it out.
Our smart boy.
But I can help, Dad.
Because we share DNA,
you could use my blood
which shows no signs
of lupus, by the way.
- You tested his blood?
- I know, but Neil consented.
This is exactly what I didn't want.
Yeah, but they're right.
Eli's blood gives you the best chance.
I know that you want
to be strong for us.
And we love for you
that, but you need this.
- We don't want to lose you.
- You need to let me fight.
You need to see that I can.
You're a brave man, Eli.
Eugene, I heard you came through.
Minus one ball, yeah.
Yeah, I'm sorry. It's just when it's
ischemic, there's nothing we can do.
Yeah, I've just been lying
here wondering, like
how much it weighed.
Anything to distract myself from
thinking about how stupid this was.
Yeah, I want kids, too.
I have no idea how I'd make
that work or if I can even
Uh, the name of a fertility clinic
And I am positive they can, uh
they can help you figure out if you
need to take any steps
to plan for the future.
Oh, okay. Thanks.
Oh. Ten, fifteen grams.
It's how much it weighed.
Cody's doing great.
He said he even wants to thank his hero.
C'mon, you know I can't
compete on that level.
Says the doctor who not only
solved an insane medical mystery
but also helped a son make an
emotional sacrifice for his father.
It's not just the job, Mags.
Every time I think I've built something,
that feeling fades and I just
Hey, Rhoda.
I owe you an apology. My phone call.
I was worried that my virtual
patient was on borrowed time.
And she did need acute
surgical intervention,
but you didn't deserve
to be spoken to like that.
Guess this means you're back?
I decided that you were right about
the thing we talked about earlier.
Not telling work about being
on the transplant list?
Yeah, yeah. That thing, yeah.
Good. But Mags, that doesn't
mean you're alone with it.
- Okay?
- Thanks, Cam.
Are you in a cab?
Because I just walked
into L'Express and
Uh, about that
Don't say your flight is late
because Mom and Dad have been in there
unsupervised for 20 minutes.
Yeah, something came up. I'm sorry,
you're going to have to
tell everyone that I'm sorry.
- I love you.
- Magalie, what?
- Who was that?
- No one.
Are you sure this is a good idea?
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