Transplant (2020) s04e09 Episode Script

Who Is Mags?

If this job is what you want, great.
But if you're just running, don't go.
Maybe you're not aware of it,
but she did everything she
could to save you from yourself.
You should be her friend
or leave her alone.
Do you remember me, sir?
You made my dinner.
- Look out!
- Sir!
- I really hated you the first night we met.
You were so confident in your instincts.
I was jealous.
I had never trusted myself like that.
She's in V-tach.
The scars will fade.
Uh, just remind me of your name again?
Uh, Bashir Hamed.
Thank you for seeing me, Dr. Bishop.
Did we meet in the first
round of March interviews?
No, I wasn't, uh, applying
for one at that stage.
- Why was that?
- I was hoping to get a position as a surgeon.
You mean a surgical residency.
No, I've already completed
my surgical residency.
Did they not give you my background?
So when you didn't
get hired as a surgeon,
you thought you would fall
back on emergency medicine?
No, I was a field surgeon,
and emergency has an
overlapping skillset.
Yes, it does.
Right, you were the one that
didn't provide your records,
your medical school transcripts?
Yeah, there's a political
situation in my country.
Yeah. So, what have you been doing
while you've been looking for a job?
Any volunteer hours, research work?
Just got the call.
Jackknifed tractor-trailer
on the Gardner.
Two cars went over the guardrail
and they're all heading to us, Jed.
Alright. Page every
resident on the floor.
Make sure teams from vascular
and neurology are standing by.
Prime the blood bank.
And I will clear the backlog at imaging.
To be honest, our residency
program is already over-subscribed.
I once clamped a man's femoral
artery with binder clips.
We didn't have proper
tools, but he survived.
Huh Lucky, huh?
Look, all the best, Dr. Hamed.
Alright, first arrival
is two minutes out.
One is hemodynamically unstable,
they've been transfusing en route.
The second sounds like a crushed femur,
so I wanna make sure
we're communicating.
Every second counts, okay?
- Hey.
- Hey, uh
I need to tell you something.
It's going to be difficult.
Are you somewhere we can talk?
Yeah What's up?
I need to know what happened!
Why do you keep running
away? Who are you?
The restaurant is a crime scene.
- What were you doing there?
- Hey.
I keep trying to find
ways to tell Amira,
but she'll be sad and worried in London
and maybe want to come home.
Am I wrong to give it a few more days?
Not at all, man.
You sleeping, yet?
What else are you, um
- feeling?
- Um Numb.
Afraid of what will happen when I'm not.
Look, I booked our flights to
Montreal, so tomorrow, we'll
The funeral's the first step.
The family said they
wanted to keep it small,
so should I even
I mean, do I belong there or ?
You loved her, Bash. Of course you do.
Hey, uh, can we talk
about Bash still working?
Theo, really? What do
you expect him to do?
Sit at home, just to
like, stare at a wall?
- Besides, you're here, too.
- But for him.
I wanna support him.
Hey, have you, uh, have
you bought your flight, yet?
- Uh, no I haven't
Does anyone know whose baby this is?
- Hey.
- How are you doing, Bashir?
- I'm okay.
I wanted to check in again
because with your residency ending,
technically, you owe us nothing.
I appreciate you offering to cover,
but if being here is too much
She'd be upset if her
shifts weren't covered.
I know I've said it
already, but I am so sorry.
We're all just
Whatever you need, okay?
Um, we found her out
in the waiting room.
There's no sign of a parent.
I'd say five, six months old.
- Is she sick?
- Now, I did a quick check.
Temp's good, colour's
good, but I would like
- to do a more thorough exam.
- What's this now?
Rhoda, do you know if
anyone's missing a baby?
Maybe the parents are
here somewhere sick?
Well I will do the exam.
How does a baby get abandoned
in a busy hospital
without anybody noticing?
Chronic hepatitis.
Patient's anxious because
he tried texting Mags.
She did that kind of thing a lot.
Okay. I'll cover it.
- Thanks, Rhoda.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
What are you doing here all by yourself?
I hear pedes is hiring in case
Cleveland doesn't work out.
Who's this?
An anonymous baby girl.
Someone just left her here.
I don't know why. Or how.
Listen, I can cover Trauma OR tomorrow.
- I heard it's the service.
- Oh, no need. I'll be here.
I was there the day your father died.
You couldn't even admit it happened.
Uh, this needs to be heated up, right?
When they're this small.
Ten seconds in the microwave
if my memory serves.
We'll get that done.
You don't need to do that again, June.
That was different, okay?
My father, he did everything he could
to make me feel unwanted.
And, like, hate myself.
But it wasn't like that with Mags.
You need to let yourself feel this.
You must be hungry.
Warm this while I check her over?
I heard you.
I did.
The lady in E has been waiting a while.
- Do you mind?
- Yeah, sure.
Daphne? I'm Dr. Hunter.
I've been timing you guys.
420 minutes at three
agonizing hip spasms per hour.
That's one every 900
seconds, give or take.
That's some fast math.
Necessary when you
run your own business.
Well, I'm told you have
rheumatoid arthritis.
And you were in for
the same pain yesterday?
Which I realize is a cardinal sin,
but they said come back if it got worse.
I'm warm, fatigued, nauseous,
and those are warning signs
I'm not supposed to ignore.
For septic arthritis.
But your temp is good,
and yesterday's X-rays
didn't raise any alarm bells.
So why don't you lie
back on the gurney for me.
So I'm gonna feel both sides
of your hips for swelling, okay?
And what kind of business do you run?
I'm a sex worker.
People always either
react to the line of work
or to the fact that I
look like an accountant.
- I think it's definitely
- the accountant thing.
- Obviously, seizing up
with crippling pain is
not great for business.
- Why don't you sit up?
Um, do you have a GP?
Since she learned what I do for work,
she just frets about my lifestyle.
- So I stopped going.
- Well, you don't have a fever.
Your white blood cell count is normal,
so I'm gonna rule out sepsis,
but you do have some swelling.
So has there been any
changes to diet, exercise,
sudden weight gain,
loss, that kind of thing?
Foods, the usual. Some
healthy, some crap.
I make it to the gym when I can. Why?
The way I see it is, we can
dodge the endless backlog
at imaging by gaming this ourselves.
You know, taking a little time
now and getting a wider picture.
And then I can schedule appointments
for any follow-up tests you might need.
32-year-old male
T-boned in his vehicle.
GCS 13, BP 100 over 80.
Left quadrant injury and a nicked
carotid being held together by, uh
A penny. Don't worry,
Beau, I won't let you go.
We were just down the street
from here when it happened.
We tried trading off with
her, but she didn't want to.
Were you in the car, too, Penny?
I'm the idiot who drove into him.
His door was smashed, so I crawled in
and saw his neck pumping blood.
My instincts said that was bad.
Good instinct. Any
loss of consciousness?
I was fading until she said
that thing about stealing a car.
Dude, cone of silence.
- Sorry, sorry.
- Did you two know each before?
No, but shared trauma
forces you to get close fast.
- Monitor's up.
- Claire, make sure vascular
knows it's an open carotid.
Bash, why aren't we clamped?
Penny, I'll switch spots with you.
Does it have to be now?
I think I just found
the source of the bleed.
Skin's swelling, too. You see the rash?
- What kind of reaction is that?
- I don't know.
- Penny, are you ready?
- No, no. What if I let go
too early or it doesn't work?
Vascular says we have to go to them.
They're better set up
to handle this upstairs.
Fine. Bash, why aren't we clamped?
Because of me, okay? This
whole thing is because of me.
- I'm sure that's not true.
- Yes, it is.
I work at a car rental place,
and every day just feels so empty.
And today, I just had
a compulsion to run,
- so I borrowed a set of keys
- Okay.
We'll count down together,
I'll take your place,
but it has to be now! (MONITOR BEEPING)
- I trust you, Penny.
- Okay, one
- Okay, one, two
Two. Three
Thank you.
Got it. Great job, Penny.
- EP's dropping.
- June, forget vascular.
We can take care of the abdo bleed here.
What? No. It's way too
risky with the carotid.
It's too risky to wait. He's
lost too much blood already.
It's my call, alright?
Just stay on blood products
and get him stabilized for transport.
I'll go coordinate with vascular.
You said you trusted me.
- Why?
- You stayed, I would've left.
Except you would have been so much
better off if you never met me.
(MAGS): Are you okay?
So you saved the others?
(BASHIR): I know you
told that police officer
that you'd get him after we finish.
But what if instead of that, you don't.
He's lost too much blood.
His body is rejecting
whatever metal is inside him.
We got you, Bash. Just
tell us what you need.
- Get him (INDISTINCT)
I wanted you to know
that Mrs. Sampson
Rheumatoid arthritis,
needs to adjust her meds.
I was doing my paperwork and
noticed a flag on yesterday's X-rays.
I had the senior
radiologist take a look.
It's actually a stress
fracture in her femur.
She'll need a pin.
Were you double-checking my work?
No, just navigating the
bureaucracy, which is my job.
They've already slotted her
for surgery, so it's all good.
You know how easy stress
fractures are to miss.
And Daphne was impressed and touched
by how holistically you took everything.
Nobody else would do that here.
I don't need you to make me feel
better about missing something.
Why don't you let me come to
the funeral with you tomorrow?
Bash said the family
wants to keep it small.
- I know, but Theo
- I don't want you there, Liz.
Can we not make it about us
in this particular moment?
I'm trying to talk about
you. About what you need.
Why would you not want support there?
You tell me. 'Cause you
clearly already have the answer.
I just know that you're resisting us.
Getting to know my family,
letting me know yours.
And it hurts. You're a good man, Theo.
I want those things. Do
you not want them with me?
I don't know.
I have lost sight of all of it, Liz.
Of myself
I can't keep waiting for you.
- What the hell is this?
- We had to stop the bleeding.
Good thing, too, the
shrapnel ruptured the spleen.
So you took his spleen out
even though I told you to wait.
But there was another one
just like this in the
Please, tell me there
was no baby in that car.
There wasn't because Beau
drove off and left her here.
Look for her badge I.D.
Anything else in there. Her stethoscope.
Are you sure?
I mean, this can wait if you're not
Yes, her family will want
whatever you can find.
Uh, Bash
Um, the last times
I spoke to her were
Yeah, she told me.
I was
- I didn't mean to
- Claire.
I don't know what you want me to say.
You don't understand, okay?
I didn't even know that she
existed until a few weeks ago.
Okay? Her mother just
dropped her off and left.
So you decided to just pay that forward?
No, I don't know how to bed a dad.
Or anything, really
So you sack up and ask for help.
Call a friend, family, anything.
I don't really have any of that.
And when I try, the words, they
Okay, fine. But you could've handed her
to one of the hundreds
of staff who work here.
And instead, you just ditched her.
Do you know what that could do to her?
- Or how many people want babies?
- June!
Look, I know that I'm
a piece of trash, okay?
- I don't need to be reminded.
- Actually, yeah, I think you do!
- June! May I speak to you for a moment?
- What?
- What are you doing?
- He needs to be held accountable.
But not by you. The
social worker called CAS.
What's going on?
Penny, you're still here?
Yeah, I mean, he's so
anxious, and he needs someone.
And it's my fault he's here, right?
A nurse told him that he's having
portal-thrombo something.
Can one of you explain
because we don't understand?
Portal vein thrombosis
is when there's a clot
in his portal vein that
blocks blood flow to his liver.
But can't that kill you if
your liver stops working?
We're keeping a close eye on him.
- And for now, he's stable.
- And Amy?
His baby, he said that's her name.
The social worker
looped in children's aid.
We're required to call the police.
Are they gonna arrest him?
Oh, my God.
I was trying to fix my own dumb life,
and instead, I just like, destroyed his.
Does Beau have PVT or not?
We have him on heparin
to try help manage it.
You know, she's out here
blaming herself for all of this.
Meanwhile, you're the one who
jumped in and cut out his spleen
- which is probably the reason that the clot
- He was dying. He needed it.
- I know you know that.
- No, you.
Okay, I know you, Bash.
And you needed this.
But with everything that's going
on, you needed an escape hatch.
You are no better, alright?
You are pissed off at Beau
for not asking for help
when you have said nothing
since I called you three days ago.
I'm on no sleep.
And these thoughts and memories of her
are just flooding into my head,
all at once and out of order,
and they're messing with my reality.
And yeah, maybe Beau was a distraction
- that I needed
- Stop it!
I can't do this.
Okay, I wish that I could, but I can't.
I haven't been to church in so long.
I mean, we aren't Catholic, but
I remember my dad,
the way he would help his
congregation meet grief,
he could just hold it with him.
He quit being a pastor,
did I tell you that?
No, is he okay?
I don't know.
I hope so.
Um, it's her sister.
Looked like she was waving you over.
I think she was just saying hi.
Have you talked to the family
about where they want you to sit?
No, was I supposed to?
Sometimes, they reserve
specific rows for loved ones.
Let's just give them some space.
Sure. Tell me where you want to be then.
Do you see anyone else here you know?
I know him.
Hi, June.
Hi, Dr. Bishop. Uh, hi, Claire.
I think she, uh
It would mean a lot to her
to know that you were here.
Both of you.
I should
How have you been keeping, Dr. Bishop?
I've been well, Theo. I've been well.
When our fourth-year med
students cycle through
and see your name on the
wall outside the Trauma OR,
they often tell us you're their teacher.
Do you enjoy it?
Well, it depends on the student.
If they're burdened with
glorious purpose, I do.
- Amen.
- (ALL): Amen.
Who was my Magalie?
(MAGS): The scars will fade.
I really hated you
the first night we met.
(OFFICER): The restaurant
is a crime scene.
Why do you keep running
away? Who are you?
Oh, you're lost. Um
Okay, are you looking
for someone's grave?
Your father.
- Madame Leblanc?
- Yes.
I'm Jed Bishop.
The Dr. Bishop.
She talked about you
with such reverence.
Your daughter was remarkable.
Best of all of us.
Thank you.
The last time we spoke, you said
you'd swapped talk therapy for CBT?
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I get
enough talk in my NA meetings.
It sounds like your chief's
been very supportive.
Yeah. She's a true
humanist, which is
Not an easy sell in that job.
Mags was the one who
tried the hardest with me.
And who saw things the clearest.
She's also the person
I was hardest on, Jed.
I treated her terribly.
Well, if anyone understood emotion
getting the better of you, it was Mags.
It wasn't about the
assault or the addiction,
the way I treated her. It was
She had all this potential.
Always so excited to get
started, and I just
From where I stand, the system
is broken and it can't be fixed.
And that's not how Mags saw it.
I'm angry, Jed.
I envied her optimism,
and I envied her youth.
- It's alright, Claire.
No, it's not.
Look who you're talking to.
When I had my accident, I lost a step.
That anger I understand.
You sound happy, though,
when you talk about teaching.
Hmm, I am.
But Memorial, my time there,
that was the place.
That was my time.
Nothing will Nothing
else will come close.
Mr. Leblanc? I'm Theo Hunter.
I worked with your daughter,
she was a a good friend.
I think you have daughters, too.
Yeah, 9 and 11 now.
Oh, they're 10 and 12.
I couldn't keep track
either. It goes so fast.
Um, do they know what they
want to do with their lives?
Last I checked, one wanted to be a vet,
and the other wanted to open
a donut slash manicure
business, you know
I should've told her more
how how proud I am.
She knew, sir. She did.
Must be hard the hours
your job requires.
The time away can unmoor you.
And yeah, my kids, they
mostly live in Sudbury
with their mother because I, uh
Found your purpose in
that crazy busy hospital
like my daughter did. Hmm?
- Hello, Bashir.
- Hey, um
I just wanted to tell
you how sorry I am.
Mags, she saw me, and,
uh it was this thing
- that we always used to say.
- I'm sorry, what?
The question you asked
about which Mags we knew.
I've been thinking of a memory,
but it's more of a feeling.
Why didn't you call us?
That night, Mags didn't
want to bother you.
We knew that you and Mr.
Leblanc were in Italy,
- and there was nothing you could've done.
- I would've wanted to talk to her.
When she was intubated,
we had we didn't think
it would go this way.
It wasn't your decision to make.
- I didn't, she did.
- Why was she working?
If she was sick, she was sick.
You should've stopped her.
Mrs. Leblanc, I'm Theo.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
She's just in pain. She
doesn't know you, Bash.
- Let's go get some air.
- Stop trying to help.
- Hello?
- Dr. Hamed, it's Penny, the car stealer.
How did you get this number?
Internet. Listen
Uh, are you still at the hospital?
Look, Beau is worse, physically.
Okay. What do his doctors say?
Well, that it's under
control, but I mean,
he's in pain and tastes blood.
And since variceal bleeding
can mean worsening
portal vein thrombosis
- How do you know all this?
- Dude, internet.
Anyway, they just keep
saying concerning variables,
and how we need to wait and see, but
since you're the guy who
scooped out his spleen,
I was hoping you'd do something
I'm not there anymore, and I'm
sure his team is on top of it.
Yeah, but except Beau says he's dying.
And look, I can't prove anything,
but we both just have
this terrible feeling.
Beau needs me, I'll call you back.
Hey, uh, Penny just called.
Beau's in rough shape.
I'm sure that if his vitals drop and
they have to do something, they will.
Yeah, except they both think
it's worse than anyone realizes,
- and they want us to intervene.
- Bash, I can't just call
and say the patient is having a feeling.
- No one's gonna listen to that.
- Well, maybe they should.
She knew what she felt. She
knew before the data did.
What are you doing?
Calling the one person I know
will hijack another person's
patient to do something
potentially stupid on the
off chance that it helps.
Yeah, hi?
Look, I have a patient
with portal vein thrombosis.
The staff surgeon's ignoring,
and we need to get blood
flowing to his liver.
- Sorry, who is this?
- Oh, my God.
There's no time for us to listen
to you amuse yourself, Mark.
Hi, Dr. Novak.
If your patient truly needed this,
wouldn't vascular be on it?
Well, they won't because
after a car accident,
he reacted to the metal
lodged in his abdomen.
And you can't do a
shunt without a stint.
- It's reasonable.
- But he also has a rotated portal vein.
So they probably decided that, you know,
it's gonna make placement challenging.
Cowards. Still, I'm
not hearing a big reason
why we need to rush into this.
He's got a sense of impending
doom we can't ignore.
Listen, you need to shut
up and do this. Okay?
Since when do you let someone's
feelings dictate your actions?
- You know this guy?
- No.
And, you know, he's actually
He's a piece of work.
You know, he abandoned his daughter
at the hospital like she meant nothing.
And then this woman,
she accidentally hits him
with her car because she's
running away from her own crap.
And now she's there fighting for him,
even though he doesn't deserve it. Look,
I need to just help these people, and
Any thoughts on how to get
around using a metal stent?
Not yet.
I thought Novak couldn't have
Trauma OR privileges anymore.
Yeah, well, I do. And if I leave now,
I can be there in like, two hours. So
- You're leaving?
- I couldn't even make it through her service.
Are you going to be okay?
Are you?
Because I remember the
day of her transplant,
you said that if she didn't make it,
you wouldn't either.
It's okay, habibti, go to sleep.
Are you okay?
Is she asleep?
- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
Why didn't you just tell the
truth about being a doctor?
If you had said that from the beginning,
wouldn't all of this have been avoided?
We could get deported.
I was a doctor once, I'm not anymore.
The thing is I kind of
told the truth for you.
Everyone knows what you did
and how you saved everyone.
But before you say anything,
maybe just, maybe
things will work out fine.
So can't go off the shelf for this one.
The 3D printer uses
biodegradable polymer,
but I've never printed a vascular stent.
It could, though.
I mean, I read a study on it.
Yes, I do read studies.
Piss off, both of ya.
I asked the tech to stay late.
She'll need CT imaging so
the software can customize.
Yeah, I can do that while June
informs and consents our patient.
Dr. Curtis, this was all at
your behest, are we on or not?
- When did we get a 3D printer?
- "We" didn't.
A few surgeons pooled grant money.
I use it to make custom ostomy seals.
Won't see that kind of socialized effort
when you go to Cleveland, June.
- Word.
- Hi.
- Before you yell
at him again, I checked.
And they said he could
visit Amy for an hour.
The social worker's
down the hall waiting.
They have her placed with
a family nearby. So
He felt so bad about what he did,
I thought seeing her might help.
Has it?
So is this 3D-printed valve
thing really gonna happen?
If you consent, we'll divert
blood around your clot.
You need to realize that,
you know, although this medical
technology has been approved,
it is still new. So there are variables
and not every outcome has been studied.
In other words, no guarantees.
There never are.
Why did you leave your daughter?
I'm scared.
I don't know how to
love her the right way.
Look, I know you did a
lot to make this happen.
I don't really know what to say.
That you'll keep trying.
You didn't have to wait up, Dad.
Of course I did.
The girls okay?
Yeah, I'd say so.
We watched a movie and walked out
for some late night French
fries, and then they flopped.
How was it?
It's been a tough couple of years, Dad.
Yeah, I know it has, Theo.
Your own job, um
Do you ever worry you just
blew it all up for nothing?
No, I have faith in the journey.
For both of us.
Which is perhaps easier
from my vantage point.
I'm in the wrong place again.
I've been fighting against it
I'm in the wrong place again.
- Hey
Did you know I was here?
Well, it's not far from the
church so I'd take a chance.
How long are you in town?
Planning on driving back tonight.
It would have meant a lot
to her to know you came.
You know, I think June
said exactly the same thing.
Because it's true. We miss you.
Look, the reason I was
looking for you is because
I'm not very good at this either,
but don't blame yourself.
Why are you telling me that?
Remember after my stroke, you
told me about your parents.
How you went there to save
them when the bombs came.
I thought you were
asleep when I said that.
Everyone I care about
gets hurt, even you.
We're never gonna agree on this.
I am only alive because of you.
Your career ended over my
medical school transcripts.
You lied to protect me. We both
know you never spoke to my dean.
I didn't need to speak to
him, I knew they existed.
Look, she
When I had first met
her, I I was I'd
Spent long enough being ignored
by the likes of me that
you'd given up hope.
She was the one who saw me.
And if I had just been
able to walk away that day,
if that truck had never
started all of this, then
What? Are you gonna say
that she'd still be alive?
Look, I didn't deserve her.
Okay, I didn't deserve her.
That's not true, Bashir.
It's simply not true.
I would ask if work was the right
place for you at the moment, but
Today's my last day here.
You're right that she
wanted me to know everything
you'd done that night.
And we'd both be pretty ticked
off if you let this derail you.
Did you want to come inside?
See the place again.
Dr. Bishop, I
- Beau's vitals still looking good?
- Yeah. Weirdly,
- I think this worked.
Thing's been ringing non-stop.
Yeah, our friends in
vascular want a word.
I think you mean former
friends in vascular.
Speaking of former friends,
yours came to see me the other day.
Said I was messing up your life
because I wasn't happy with mine.
Yeah, she had a way of doing that.
That kind of thing.
I'm very sorry for your loss, June.
I really loved her.
Irritatingly, she was right.
- I did miss Trauma OR.
So I made a deal with the CMO
- to come back.
- What?
Yeah, agreed to make me co-chief.
Devi's not gonna be
happy about that, but
How could you do that?
(LAUGHING) I thought you'd be
- You were pushing for it.
- For both of us, Mark.
You know, I've already
decided I'm leaving.
You know what? Just forget
about it. Do whatever you want.
Good morning, Bashir.
Hi. Um
I'm just here to clear up my locker.
What if you didn't?
There was one spot.
If it wasn't her, it
would've gone to you.
I know it's a complicated thing to ask.
I don't know what to say.
That you'll think about it.
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