Transplant (2020) s04e10 Episode Script

Never Too Late to Start Again

- Thanks for taking her on.
- You can do it with me.
What if instead of looking
for a job, I open a clinic.
I figured Mark Novak
could easily step in
- That's not an option.
- You're too damaged
to be a mother, June.
I just know that you're resisting us.
I've lost sight of all of it, Liz.
I can't keep waiting.
To go through all this just
to be here, it's
I believe in you. And you can
do whatever you want.
I just wanted to tell you
how sorry I am.
Why was she working?
You should've stopped her.
- Don't blame yourself.
- I didn't deserve her.
I'm just here to clear up my locker.
What if you didn't?
It was basically like any
other big loud city.
The dorm they put us in
was super cramped,
and the girl I was sharing
a room with snored all night.
You don't have to make it seem
like you didn't have any fun
in London for my sake, Amira.
Must have been exciting, the adventure.
I'm sorry it got cut shorter.
It's part of the reason
I waited to tell you.
Don't be sorry. I wanted to come home.
I miss her, too.
Um, this open house with your school?
Tomorrow. Are you coming?
No, I'm working, but
- You don't have to if you can't.
- If you want me to, I will.
Ten micrograms per kilo per hour.
Use a calculator if you're
not 100 on the math.
Guess I'm gonna have
to get used to feeling
like a first year all over again.
Just finished my last shift.
Have you looked up who else
is on your surgical team?
Yeah, mostly dudes.
Uh, a lot of pictures of hiking.
So, I mean, I'm not doing
this to make friends.
My first surgical attending
thought my name was Ajax for two years.
- And you didn't correct him?
- If I could go back,
I'd do it on rounds
in front of everyone.
- Prove I had the stones.
- So you're suggesting
I pick a fight with the biggest
bully in the prison yard.
Hey, if you don't want
my wisdom, that's on you.
Okay, go,
before my resident comes back
and thinks I'm a softie.
It's a letter of intent
saying you'll take over
in good faith and purchase
my practice when you're ready.
Right, and time wise,
you were thinking?
Six weeks. Enough time to make sure
your CPSO licence covers
independent family medicine.
While we're waiting for paperwork,
we can inform patients and staff
and make a handover plan.
You wanna start that already?
Well, if we're expecting people to
make this major change in their lives,
it's a message we have to
project soon and with confidence.
Okay, but I was thinking
maybe three months.
Theo, if you're having
second thoughts, tell me now.
Before my wife starts pricing cruises.
No, that's not what, um
Just give me one second.
- Barry.
- Why aren't you in your room?
- Hey, Theo.
- I think it's out again.
- Barry, I reduced
your kneecap 20 minutes ago.
How could you already be
imaged and discharged?
Well, it felt so much better
once it popped in.
- I decided not to wait.
- So you walked on it.
- Barry, we talked about this.
- I know.
But it hurts, man, so much
worse than the last time.
Look, I have a patella to reset.
I'll give you a call later, okay, Mac?
We're gonna get you back
in your room, okay?
Hi, Muriel.
The things of hers that you sent
Thank you.
I finally started to, um, sift through.
It's not easy, but it's necessary.
I don't know if this helps.
No, no, it does.
I wanted to see how you were.
I'm, uh
You know?
I do.
Thank you for calling.
Okay, next week.
Oh, Neeta, did you have
the room booked?
Because we're just finishing up here.
I just heard through the grapevine
that Mark Novak is back
in emerg as co-chief.
Tell me that isn't true, Neil,
because I know how
false rumours can spread.
He came to me last week
after your overture.
It took a few days to negotiate, but
My overture.
I didn't offer him co-chief.
Well, those were his terms
and we need him in Trauma OR.
And you agreed to that
without even talking to me?
Well, with Curtis leaving so suddenly,
I just solved a problem you couldn't.
We both know Mark lacks
patience required for management.
Well, maybe he wants to learn.
So did you when you took this job.
Is this constructive dismissal?
Are you suggesting
that I want you to quit?
Let's not overreact here.
All you've done is set me up to fail.
You have had one chance after
another to prove yourself.
I'm not quitting.
If you want me out,
you'll have to fire me.
Did one of you text me, "911"?
Emergency farewell session.
There's only a few people
I'm not ghosting, so.
Well, what is this?
Like a group hug situation or?
- (BOTH): No.
- Well, are you excited, June?
Have you ever known me to be
excited about anything, Theo?
Okay, so we're gonna be caustically mean
to each other right to the bitter end.
Okay, it's just that the ceiling at
this hospital in Cleveland is high.
You know, it's gonna feel good
to be challenged, but I'm nervous.
It's not too late to change your mind.
- I signed a contract.
- Well, you're going bigger,
- I'm going smaller.
- That family practice
you're taking over,
is that still happening?
And before one of you can
caustically make the point,
I realize that I am right
back where I started
taking over for
a retiring pediatrician.
This just isn't the right place for me.
And I'm good at that kind of work.
Are you trying
to convince us or yourself?
After everything that
happened, I'm trying to just
trust that I'm making
the right call this time.
So I finally get offered
a permanent position,
and you two can't leave fast enough.
Did you tell Devi that
you're officially taking it?
Not yet, but she'll want
an answer soon.
Makes sense. You're feeling weird?
Taking her job?
If she was here, she
- I mean, she'd want you to do it.
- We don't know what she'd say.
The map always takes you
to Niagra Falls,
but it's easier to cross
the border in Buffalo.
And Erie, Pennsylvania is half
way between here and Cleveland.
- I got Henry on weekends.
- Right.
We'll make it work.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
He was wide awake a minute ago.
Mr. Evans?
Responding to stimuli but he's out.
- Did you give him anything?
- Just fluids.
Claire, are you, uh
He's stable, I'm gonna call cardiology.
Madiha? Madiha?
(ALARM RINGING) Is that the fire alarm?
No, um, it's gas.
We need to get everyone
out of curtains right now.
You think the hospital gas is leaking?
Get everyone to triage
until we can confirm.
Yeah, there's only one of me, Mark.
Okay, relax, we'll rally.
Hamed, you okay?
Yeah, I need help here.
Four cases of sudden loss of
consciousness in five minutes.
Have you ever seen a hospital
leak anesthetic gas?
The pressure on our delivery
system is haywire.
It's probably a hairline
fracture in a pipe somewhere.
Emerg has isolated ventilation
so hopefully, it's contained.
To which part of ED?
Do they know where it's leaking?
Definitely the curtain rooms.
I started feeling something there.
I was 10 feet away, and I didn't.
We had a patient affected
near Trauma, too.
- Maybe it's seeping.
- We're gonna have to evacuate
the entire department. We're
gonna get everyone upstairs
until we can figure out
where the risk is.
How? Bed spacing is a huge issue.
Even if we twist every arm.
Why don't you just
let me handle that, Neeta,
- and you can go do other things.
- Actually, Mark, why don't you
- just worry about Trauma OR?
- I can set up a temporary unit outside.
We'll use portable monitors
and trauma bags.
It's something I'm trained to do.
Do you want to say yes to
that, Dr. Devi? Or should I?
Tell us what you need, Bashir.
Admit anyone unstable, the rest
stay on gurneys near the tents.
If they're ambulatory, divert them
to walk-in clinics or urgent care.
This patient needs a monitor
and high flow of O2.
Arnold has a list, communicate
your supply needs now
and not when they're running low.
Come find me if you have any questions.
Everyone will be accommodated outside.
My knee dislocation, do we know
if he ever made his imaging?
Uh, last I saw, he was refusing
a wheelchair saying he could walk.
- Haven't seen him since.
- We lost Barry?
shoving a pen at me, but I'm
not signing that consent form.
Ma'am, I know it's an unpleasant topic,
but you need to understand the risks.
And you need to understand
that I don't want you
swiftly disposing
of my uterus as you put it.
That was a poor choice of words,
and it would only be if necessary.
But you do need surgery. Trust me.
Come with me.
Hemorrhaging uterine fibroid.
- Is Trauma OR even safe?
- No, I booked an OR upstairs.
But as soon as I flagged
hysterectomy as a risk, she flipped.
Well, yeah, she's, what, mid-30s max.
You can't just drop a bomb like that.
Okay, so, you don't
even work here anymore,
so let's mark this as the last time
you get to tell me
how wrong I am, okay?
Bye, June.
Keep me posted if anything changes.
Hey, hey!
That's mine.
Actually, it's mine.
I have patients who need
that to survive.
I need it to survive. I live here.
And you people are in my way.
Look, I'm sorry about that.
I'm Bashir. What's your name?
You have emphysema, Luke? Or COPD?
I always go inside that hospital
to charge my phone at this time.
And today, they say I can't.
Well, if there's somebody
that you need to contact then, please.
It wants you to watch this.
- Is it on?
- Yeah, why am I filming this again?
Because I want this one on record.
Well, okay
Okay, uh, she is a dancer
who quit performing to teach,
and he curates a fancy cheese shop.
- Okay.
- So does that mean they settled
or are they living their best life?
Well, we're about to find out
because I'm gonna ask them.
- Yeah, right.
- Why not?
- Don't you wanna know how good we are?
- Well, asking would be ridiculous.
What are you afraid of?
You need help breathing.
I'll be right back.
Hi, Dr. Curtis.
Look, I know when Dr. Novak
had to explain
why they have to do open surgery,
he handled it like an idiot.
And sent you to apologize for him?
No, I wanna make sure
that you're not making
a bad decision because
he said something stupid.
Was he right? The surgery
means I could lose my uterus?
Some of the fibroids are too connected
to other tissues to
remove independently.
- Yeah, so, it's possible.
- Then, no.
Is this thing done? I wanna go.
Hey, listen, look, I know
this is a lot to take in, okay?
But if you keep bleeding inside,
you're gonna go into shock and die.
I've wanted to get pregnant
and be a mom my whole life.
There are other ways to do that.
I know that. And I get
how this sounds, trust me, I do.
But if I can't
I understand.
But you need to let them help you.
If you're a doctor here, too, June,
why do you keep saying "them"?
Barry, are you back here?
- Oh, Theo. Thank God.
- You're awake.
What the hell, man?
I've been looking everywhere.
Five steps in and it gave out again.
I know, I'm an idiot, okay?
Help me understand why you'd walk on it
after it already popped out twice.
Oh, more like ten times
over the last year, maybe.
Ten and you didn't do
anything about it?
Okay, stay here and hold this, okay?
I'm gonna lift you into this, okay?
I don't think I can, Theo, it hurts.
Put your arm around me,
c'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
Did I hit you?
No, my my shoulder popped out.
Out? What, as in dislocated?
Like my knee? What are the odds?
Ah, it's too painful to stand.
- I'm gonna try and text for help.
You know, the first time it happened,
they referred me to a surgeon.
Lots of pain, and a long recovery
with no guarantee it would even work.
- Look, I freaked out.
Are we gonna die from this leak?
The fact you're still awake,
that means it probably
isn't circulating back here.
Well, then this could be worse.
Barry, this is gonna keep
happening until you wise up.
How long do I got to do this?
The O2 therapy will
make a big difference.
After that, we should go
to the hospital
and get a chest X-ray just to see the
extent of the damage on your lungs.
Well, at two, there's a drop-in lunch
at St-James that I go to every day.
And then, I have to buy
enough cigarettes
to last me through the night.
We can find you food at the hospital
and you shouldn't smoke.
At 3:30, I call my brother,
and then I have work.
You don't want me asking you
what you do for work.
Look, the BIPAP machine
is good for now,
but long-term we should
I can do this breathing thing
until one and that's it.
A potential stroke
went to imaging, and, uh,
we diverted three more
ambulatory patients to St-Agnes.
Where are we on blood work?
Well, your call
to Public Health helped.
Um, access to their lab
has cleared our bottleneck.
Madiha Wasef, I heard stridor.
BP is 140 over 110,
SpO2 90% and falling.
She's cyanotic and hypoxic.
We need to intubate.
There's, uh, propofol and
rocuronium in the trauma bag.
CT shows a 14 by 19 by 10
centimetre uterine fibroid.
I'm gonna make a four-inch
transverse incision.
We're gonna do everything
we can to protect her uterus.
Dr. June Curtis, as I live and breathe,
what are you doing
operating on my patient?
Protecting her from you, apparently.
Transverse incision?
Vertical minimizes risk if
there's a history of adhesions.
Well, if you had taken
the time to review her chart,
you'd know that she's
never had surgery.
So there's no risk of adhesions.
Who is gonna do my homework
for me when you're gonna, June?
Did you want me to retract?
This is Becky,
she's a resident from OB.
- Good for Becky.
- Go ahead, Becky, retract.
You know, I'm pretty sure
homework doesn't include
triaging the emotional damage
you inflict on people.
Give me the retractor, Becky.
That doesn't seem like it's
infiltrated the uterine wall. Tenaculum?
Man, this thing's gargantuan.
You know, I'm gonna
expand the incision.
- Aren't you worried about the blood?
- You know these gestures are less selfless
when you throw them in my face?
Well, maybe if you acknowledged them
even one time, I wouldn't have to.
I think you're jealous because
I went after the job I wanted,
and you downgraded
to middling shift surgeon.
Don't tell me how I feel.
Okay, June and I want the room.
- Everybody out.
- Everybody stays.
- We need the support.
- Fine then.
I'll bring them up to speed
so they can follow.
I recruited June for Trauma OR,
and then I got myself
summarily dismissed
for yelling at a resident.
Do you know Ryan, by the way?
An incompetent little troll.
But anyway, now that I'm back,
June is acting like
her thousands of emotional pleas
to me that our work together
were meaningful
and important never happened.
That's because you only came back
after I decided that I was leaving.
So it's too late, Mark, it's too late.
- She's hypovolemic.
I told you she's lost too much blood.
What Becky is saying
is that my patient is unstable
and a reproductive fire sale
is her only option.
We're gonna do everything
we can to avoid hysterectomy.
It's her life we're talking
about here, June.
And she doesn't wanna
live it feeling damaged.
I should've never have said that you
were too damaged to be a mother, June.
Guys, her pressure is still dropping.
(BOTH): Shut up, Becky.
It was never just about motherhood,
it was about feeling like
I don't deserve anything.
Get Dr. Curtis her surgical loops.
We're gonna go in there and
help her find where it's attached.
We'll do it her way.
- Becky, take this over.
- Yeah, got it.
Do you see it?
Yeah, I see it.
Clamping now.
And you took the BIPAP.
Thank you.
- Just got out of surgery.
- Corroded valve located.
They shut off a gas line and diverted,
so we are clear to go back in.
Spread word?
Looks like we weathered the storm.
Until today's stats explode
our weekly wait time averages
Not your problem.
Let me know if you get any
pushback from Dr. Olsen.
I'll handle it if I do.
I could back you up, Neeta.
How could you possibly
expect me to trust you, Mark?
Just call me finally motivated
to find some common ground.
Hey, I got your text.
Yeah, that patient I was asking about.
Um, he took off.
I think with a very expensive
piece of equipment.
You said maybe he was
unregistered and needed a consul?
I mean, he's had COPD
that's been ignored for years.
I offered him long-term help,
and he just seemed fixated
on getting through today.
I recognized the look on his face,
he's stuck in survival mode.
Well, if he comes back,
I'm happy to talk.
This whole setup, it's impressive.
What if it's just my own version
of getting through the day?
You know, another
sinkhole to distract me.
Well, it makes sense to think that.
What happened to Mags is awful.
And so unfair.
To her.
And also to you.
After everything that
you've been through.
But you're doing the work,
you're not stuck anywhere.
Every time I try to think
about my future
or what I want, it just seems wrong.
It isn't.
You know, it could be so easy
to just disappear into myself again.
You're not gonna do that.
You will get through this, Bashir.
How, Karim?
You know what to do.
(BASHIR): What are you afraid of?
It should be you, not them.
It should be you, not her.
The past is best left where it was.
I just need to get her somewhere safe.
Every time I think I built
something, that feeling fades.
Don't look away.
Okay, Liz, your angle feels off.
- You're too tense, just try and relax.
- I am trying. It hurts.
Okay, remind me how much
hydromorphone he's had?
Two mgs, and one of ativan.
I think you should let us use ketamine.
We can wait for ortho
and RT if you're nervous.
No, don't wait. Just ketamine,
propofol if you need it.
Rhoda can watch my breathing,
I just want it back in.
Okay, push 50 ketamine, Rhoda.
Okay, it's gonna come on fast.
Are you there, Theo? Can you hear me?
Okay, ready when you are, Liz.
He's moving a little bit easier now.
- Ow.
- I hate it when they're still in pain, though.
Yeah, at least he doesn't
know where he is.
Okay, Theo, you're still resisting.
I just need you to let go,
why can't you do that?
Because I'm scared.
- Should we keep
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think if I just
Got it.
Okay, I'll put him in a stabilizer.
Welcome back.
- What is this?
- Aren't you gone?
Yet, you're still texting me
on our group thread.
You texted "911" again, but I wasn't
sure whether it was real this time.
- June.
- Why is your arm in a sling?
I thought I was just texting Theo.
- Did you come back because of me?
- Yes.
I turned around on
the highway, ran back here,
changed into my scrubs.
I was in surgery.
Why were you in surgery when
you no longer work here, June?
What happened to your arm, Theo?
Look, not to diminish,
whatever's going on with you,
but I need help. This is Madiha.
- Crohn's, mid-flare.
- Why would Chron's lead to intubation?
Was she here during the anesthetic leak?
Yes. It sent her into rest distress,
but she was already
struggling to breathe.
Imaging showed pulmonary edema,
but no underlying causes.
When did her symptoms present?
A few days ago when
she got here from Turkey.
I did a screening for possible
infections she could've picked up,
but nothing. There must be a
complication that I'm missing.
Blood clot maybe?
IBD inflammation
and VTE aren't uncommon.
Except there's no clot.
We did a CT to make sure.
Nothing cardiogenic underlying?
EKG, bloods, echo.
- And you're treating the fluid in her lungs?
- Obviously, diuretics.
Okay, so why did you call us here?
Just treat the edema, send her home,
- and follow-up with primary care.
- No, I am her primary care.
And it's not us you wanted to ask.
You're right, we don't know
what she'd say.
But we do know we pale in comparison.
Madiha just got to
Canada with her family.
She's shaken from her journey
and this huge change
in her life, and
Look, if I'm honest, she's me.
She's me seven years ago,
and she's me right now,
wondering if everything I went
through was for nothing.
- And
Um, I'm sorry.
That was, uh
I have to account for a
missing BIPAP machine now.
You're not alone with any
of what you just said, Bash.
Why do you keep brining her up?
He clearly doesn't want
to talk about this.
Well, I think he does.
I can feel him trying
to make sense of it.
What does it even mean, Theo?
I don't know.
Someone we loved died.
We have to make sense of it, too.
When you say you lost it,
that machine is worth
more than you make in a year.
I lent it to an unregistered
patient who took it.
He needed help breathing,
and at least now,
we know he'll make it through the day.
Well, that's a good way
to get yourself fired.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Is that the family?
- Husband and two boys from Aleppo.
The husband should know
there's nothing to worry about.
- Except, is that even true?
- Doctors, where we're from,
we don't give bad news
the same way you do here.
Right, I always forget that.
It's impolite to tell the truth.
When I'd watch my parents
talk to patients or loved ones,
it just made so much sense.
Yeah, so there's nothing
they can do but worry.
- What's the point?
- Exactly, yeah.
- I'll go talk to them.
- Let me.
We agreed to take Madiha
on together anyway.
Oh, ah, by the way, I checked
out that office space.
You're right, it can work.
But, hey, if the timing's wrong,
staying at Memorial is
a good option for you, Bash.
I just stared at those pills.
The tension of this huge evac,
and, I mean, how we're only ever
one hairline fracture
from collapse, and
- You don't need to hear this.
- Yes, I do, Claire.
Because I can't imagine
this was easy for you.
I'll admit for a minute,
taking them and numbing myself
felt like the only way to deal with it.
That doesn't mean though
the next time I won't stumble.
But it does mean
that this time, you didn't.
So what if small wins are all we get.
I wanted to thank you
for fighting for this place.
And for not giving up on me.
What if it wasn't too late?
I'm too tired to keep
doing this with you.
What if Devi could get
the hospital lawyers
to get you out of your contract
in Cleveland?
And eat whatever penalty
you might be on the hook for?
- Why would she do that?
- Because I asked her to.
She rightfully loathes you, Mark.
Ergo we made a trade.
I agreed to relinquish co-chief.
So you give up your power for me.
She'd rather I be
your problems than hers.
And let's face it, I'm not interested
in the soul-crushing
mundanity of her job.
What is it that you are proposing?
That we go back to running
Traum OR together.
- Mark
- You'd have to take a pay cut.
There's no way we can mash
the money you'd be making
in the US, but if you wanted to,
to try for a kid again.
Or whatever else it is
that you might end up wanting,
you'd have stability at work.
And I'd have a partner
who makes me better.
Anyway, think about it.
While you're thinking about it,
would you please tell Ruth
that she won the uterus lottery?
I don't think she's gonna
want to hear it from me.
You didn't have to leave work
to come to this, you know?
No, it's okay. I had help there.
Um, that's Mrs. Butterfield.
I don't think she likes me,
so let's not talk to her.
Amira, I'm sure that's not true.
She only had the nicest things
to say about you
- on your report card.
- Whatever.
- They have to say that.
- No, they actually don't.
Fine, but this isn't
parent-teacher interviews.
Let's not talk about Amira
in front of her
because that makes her uncomfortable.
This is social studies.
You want to show me some of your work?
There's just this one thing,
but it's embarrassing.
Only if you want to, huh?
Just, here.
- What is it?
- It's a mind map.
You define yourselves with the
words that are important to you.
Mine is kind of messy.
You don't have to stare
at it for hours.
It's just
You know, you fought so hard
to come here for the theatre program.
But looking at this, math and
science are just as important to you.
I like them, too. I don't know, Bashir.
Maybe I'd make a better
doctor than singer.
It does run in the family.
My teachers think if my
grades stay high enough,
I could get into McGill,
or Queens, or UofT.
Look, you don't have
to follow anyone's path.
Amira, you can be whatever you want.
It's true, you know?
I know. And maybe
I'll change my mind again.
But I like knowing
that I was going one way,
and now I can go another.
I'm trying not
to embarrass you by crying.
Hey, um
I think I have to go back to work.
You said you were done.
And you said we could change our minds.
We'll be okay.
I know we will.
Haven't I done the last
10 of those in a row?
Well, we want to make sure
that you don't lose
your sense of humility,
future Dr. Wong.
I was gonna tell you I got in,
I was just worried that you'd
think I was abandoning you.
An old friend who teaches at the
medical school, he let it slip.
I'm proud of you, kid.
Anyone know if ortho has seen
my knee dislocation patient, yet?
Are you even supposed to be working?
I just wanna make sure
he knows I didn't bail on him.
Challenging circumstances today.
But you people killed yourselves.
Some of us killed each other.
Rhoda, don't think I'll forget
you wrenching at me like that.
The pleasure was all mine.
And some of us lost some very
expensive hospital equipment.
Dr. Hamed, you want to rip off
the bandage as it would?
Um, an unregistered patient
with untreated COPD
needed O2 treatment so
So Bashir and I lent him
a portable BIPAP machine
which he may have purloined.
Did you get a phone number
or a health card?
No, but it's possible he comes back.
But that's what
insurance is for, right?
We'll see, but it's not lost on
me how far you're willing to go.
All of you.
And since wait times
are skyrocketing again,
let's get back to work. Shall we?
Bashir, did you need something?
Liz, um
You were right about me
resisting who I am.
So I'm taking over Max's practice.
When I came out of sedation,
I was just happy to see your face.
I wanna trust that feeling, Liz.
And if you still feel
the same way about me,
I wanna trust it.
(MAGS): Well, we're about to.
Why not?
Don't you want to know
how good we are at this?
(BASHIR): Asking would be ridiculous.
What are you afraid of?
- Let me show you how it's done.
- Mags, wait.
(LAUGHING) Thank you.
Um, well
- So were we close?
- Nope.
So she's an HR, and he just
lost his restaurant job.
And he admitted that to a stranger?
Uh-huh, yeah.
He also said he wanted
to go back to school
- and try something new.
- And what did you tell him?
Uh, that it's never
too late to start again.
Seriously, did you honestly text
us "911" for the third time today?
Is this about the
pulmonary edema patient?
Thanks for watching her.
She's responding well to meds.
But still no answer as to why?
And sometimes,
there isn't one, you know?
You just gotta live with it.
It's hard, but
No, we work our way
through the differentials slowly
and get it wrong until we get it right.
But thank you for,
Thank you.
You are welcome.
But why'd you pick this room,
it's the site of my trauma?
You gonna tell us what
happened to your arm, Theo?
My reward for trying to help a patient
who very much did not want to be helped.
- Did he assault you?
- Not quite.
Tried to get him into a wheelchair
and my shoulder popped out.
Ah, so is that better or worse
than the guy who punched you in
the face a couple of years ago?
Well, your turn, June,
what are you still doing here?
I am staying to partner
with Novak in Trauma OR.
Can you trust him?
No, but I do love the work
we're doing together so,
I don't know, I guess
I was just running.
You know, after I got
punched in the face,
I think that's when I lost
faith in who I was.
You were the guy who took in
me and my sister
when you barely knew who we were
because we needed help, Theo.
Oh, you know, I once had a patient
who got punched in the face.
Left AMA. Comes back three years later
with a brain bleed, dies on the table.
You good?
Yeah, I can dress myself, thanks.
What do you think
you were running from?
Oh, um
you know, there are people here
who I care about
and who also care about me.
And I think I deserve that.
You do.
Yeah, I can't do this
without help so
I turned down the job.
What? Why?
Bash, if you're doing this
because you feel guilty.
I'm starting my own clinic. (CHUCKLING)
She knew, actually.
She wanted me to do it.
That's what she would have said.
What kind of clinic?
Community medicine and public health.
It's what my parents did.
The doctor who sponsored me to Canada,
he'll bring some patients.
I'm actually seeing
a place later tonight.
I'll get a business loan,
a grant maybe.
I know it's a huge risk,
but it's what I want.
Get it wrong until we get it right.
Rulebreaker makes his own rule.
- Let me know how I can help.
- Yeah, same.
Go if you need to.
Uh, I'll see you guys soon.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
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