Trapped (2015) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

What's going on? What's the police doing here? Vikingur killed the Polish guy Pawel.
This is how it looks: Finnur was a homophobe who bullied you when you were younger.
Finnur knew your father was deep in debt.
He put pressure on him to take over his land.
It pushed your dad over the edge.
You killed Finnur and tried to frame the nationalists.
I didn't do it.
Sorry, I must ask you to leave.
Can you clean this up before two o'clock? We're expecting an important visitor.
Jamal Al Othman from American Aluminium.
They're financing the smelter.
Vikingur kills Finnur and then he kills this guy.
Why? It must be connected.
They all work here.
There comes Pawel The power is cut off Then Vikingur arrives.
The electrical panel is inside, right? -Yes.
Somebody else turned off the electricity.
Here you go.
It's the amount we agreed on.
- Is Hinrika pregnant? - No kidding! We're waiting for the results of the blood tests.
There is something in his gut but we don't know what it is.
I found them on the heath, lying by the lake.
The lake is polluted.
My son, Skuli, drank water from that lake.
There seems to be no end to the misfortune of this little town.
For reasons still unknown people have been warned not to consume tap water until test results are clear.
Look what's happening around here.
This is a scandal.
An outrage.
We build factories that kill nature.
Destroy it.
Destroy us.
Just look at that! What does the government do? And the politicians? They build another factory, that increases the pollution even more.
When will they wake up? When will you all wake up.
Cause death is staring you right in the eye.
We lay to rest a loving husband and father, Finnur Grimsson.
From earth to earth, ashes to ashes.
What about Vikingur? We keep him for the day, at least.
Even though the CCTV footage is helpful, it's not proof that the person who cut the power off, also killed the Polish guy.
But someone did switch off the electricity.
We can't rule out he had an accomplice although it's far fetched given the course of events.
I guess it makes sense.
If we wait, the killer might be caught off guard.
And start making mistakes.
He already is.
Talk to you later.
You're really something.
I needed coffee so bad, I was about to turn into a serial killer.
A present for me? I sent a bird and a samples from the lake, to Reykjavik.
A packet, just like this one.
- Can't you beat them to it? - Yes, I'm sure I can.
If your results will be ready tonight I'll invite you for dinner.
I'm a fine cook.
It's a deal.
I saw you spying on us in the parking lot.
I have to ask you a few more questions.
I just buried my husband.
It won't take long.
I can't offer you coffee, there's no water.
Nice of him to come, the man from the plant, David.
I saw him hand you something.
I didn't even know who he was.
But yes, he seemed decent.
- How much is this? - Five hundred thousand kronas.
I'm just as surprised as you are.
He wanted me to know that the money came from his pocket.
- Did he say something else? - Not really.
He wanted to know if Finnur had ever mentioned him.
- And did he? - No.
When I said no he seemed relieved.
- May I take this string? - Why, yes.
- There's no water.
- We have milk and juice.
In the toilet.
Never mind.
Do you really think Vikingur killed my dad? I can't really say.
Thanks for your help.
I think you all should know that my son's in a hospital in Reykjavik.
He must have drank water from the water up there.
The doctors have been scratching their heads but now the case is solved.
He drank poisoned water caused by those bloody capitalists who are enlarging the plant! Let's not bring politics into this.
- No, this is a curse.
- That's right.
The curse laid on old Thorir and his family.
- Let's stick to facts.
- Do you think it's not a fact? The man disappeared 35 years ago and hasn't been seen since.
Isn't that a fact? - Yes, but no cock-and-bull stories.
- Cock-and-bull stories? The man built his farmhouse on an enchanted rock and that can mean a curse on his family for centuries.
That is a fact.
I clearly remember that he was warned, but he didn't listen.
He was always stubborn, Thorir was.
What does this have to do with the polluted water? It simply means that the curse is spreading over the whole town.
It started a few years ago in disastrous events if people choose to remember.
So just you tell me again that there's no curse? I read about the funeral in the newspaper.
- You know how the press is.
- Are you back? No, I'm still up north wrapping up a few things.
I haven't heard from Jamal.
What about you? No, I haven't seen him.
I have to go now, talk later.
Take care of yourself.
Here's your coffee.
- What's with the water? - It's poisoned.
Reason unknown.
We found lots of dead fish on the heath.
Don't worry, it's not tap water.
We're not poisoning you.
It's much bigger that I thought.
Well, see you later.
How are you doing? Just fine.
What do you think is causing the pollution? - What do you mean? - Do you think it's from the plant? Yes, everyone knew this bloody factory would cause damage.
- All right, thanks.
- Hinrika.
- Don't we need to talk? - Later.
You have fucking cursed the whole fucking area.
Fucking hell! Boys! Boys! Clear off my land you devils! You can tell your wife that her fairy son can rot in fucking hell.
What the fuck are you going to do? Fuck off, you idiots! Fuck you.
Fucking poof! What can you tell me about David from the plant? - Do you know him? - Not much.
Was he close with Finnur? Do you know? I know they sometimes play poker with a few others.
Hi, hi.
Hi, Ebo.
- Was Pawel one of the poker players? - Yes, I think so.
Just so you know Vikingur was not a part of this group.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Have we heard from Reykjavik yet, about this poison tests? No.
Gudrun is also working on it.
- How's Vikingur? - Just fine.
Why haven't they picked him up? The prosecutor has all the data.
What are they waiting for? Everything points to him.
Step in here for a minute.
Look We think Vikingur is innocent.
I thought Andri had told you.
We saw some CCTV footage last night which showed us that Vikingur did not cut the power off.
It happened just before he arrived.
But we don't want to leak this out just yet because then the person who killed Pawel and even Finnur might start to feel sure of himself and make mistakes.
We think Vikingur was framed.
- I didn't see this footage.
- I thought Andri had filled you in.
And Andri must have thought I told you.
I'm sorry about the miscommunication.
-It's ok.
I'm just a country cop with no ambition - for murder cases and serious crime.
- I thought Andri had told you.
- He didn't need to.
- Don't play the martyr.
I get enough of that from my husband.
I I didn't know you were pregnant.
What do you mean? Did Bardur say that? Well I I need to talk to you.
Close the door.
Who the hell do you think you are? - Rummaging through my drawer.
- I just needed space There's enough space out there.
I apologize.
But sincere congratulations.
This is an old picture.
I had a miscarriage.
Do you know where my green shirt is? There's something I'd like to talk to you about.
-What? What would you say about us moving to Reykjavik? I would sell the farm.
This wouldn't happen tomorrow but there's no future for us here after your dad died.
There was no future here anyway.
- So you would be fine with it? - Are you joking? Yes.
Really? - Asgeir.
- Yes.
- Where's Gudrun? - In the storage room.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I met your friend, Ebo.
He's well cared for at Hjortur and Soffia's.
I thought you might want to know.
Anything interesting in Pawel's stuff? Not really, mostly some junk.
Dirty clothes, undies, a poker set -Can I see that? So he was serious about his poker.
- Was that all? - Yes.
- Andri do you have a minute? - Yes.
We're a team.
A good team.
At least we used to be.
We have to be able to communicate.
Why didn't you tell Asgeir about the Vikingur plan? -Hinrika.
- I can speak for myself.
- I thought you told him.
I really thought she did.
But I'm just an arrogant prick from Reykjavik.
-No, come on.
I have some news.
This David, boss at the plant.
He gave Elin half a million cash.
And this string was tied around the wad.
A figure-eight knot like the one on Finnur's noose.
Look who's here.
My little sister's been vomiting all day.
- You know something about that? - Isn't she just bumped up? Or can't stand your face.
Maybe both.
-Fuck you.
This is all your and your family's fault.
Be friends, boys.
You hillbillies should stay home with your fucking accordions.
So I am the hillbilly now? Isn't it you who's fucking your little sister? Shut your dirty mouth, you whore.
Stop this bloody nonsense or I'll throw you out.
You too, girls.
Let's go.
Fuck you! Aron, come on.
I don't want to deal with my dad just now.
Come on.
What Bloody hell.
I'm here to see my son.
- We can't allow that.
- I'm his mother.
- I must be allowed to see him.
- I'm sorry.
Let's talk, Steinunn.
Have a seat.
My relationship with my son hasn't been at its best.
I just wanted him to know that I'll always be there for him.
We understand.
You know what's happening here.
People think my family is responsible for all bad things that ever happened to them.
Suddenly we are responsible for all the horror that's taking place.
We literally had shit thrown at our house today.
House and windows.
It will take a while to clean up this filth.
- Do you know who they were? - Of course.
I know their mothers.
I can even tell you what day they were born.
I could even tell you when each of them had his first fight with Vikingur.
But then realised that fighting with him was a mistake.
- You want to press charges? - God, no.
One of them, the one who called him a poof his childhood friend.
I walked in on him and Vikingur together when they were seventeen.
The truth is that Vikingur got to know some of those local boys better than they would admit to.
- You have a daughter.
- Daughters, I have two.
- The one I met - Thorhildur.
If Thorhildur, for some reason, would kill someone, you'd stick with her, right? You'd continue loving her no matter what.
Please let me see him.
I just want to tell him how much I love him.
Look He's in custody.
And there's a huge pile of evidence leading to him.
What I'm about to tell you, you mustn't repeat to anyone.
- What do you mean? - Promise? Yes, I promise.
We have clues indicating that he may be innocent.
I do stress we're still investigating the case.
And he'll stay in custody until we have it solved.
But hopefully you'll meet him in a few days.
It's good we're movin g to the city.
The only livable place in this country.
I'm sorry about my stupidity yesterday.
I'm sorry I hung up on you.
- Did your dad take your phone? - Yes.
I hate to say it, but I almost understand him.
We should have told him about the money sooner.
Maybe it's connected with Dad's murder.
The murderer could even be looking for us.
It all seems so crazy.
Is something wrong? Promise not to get angry What? There wasn't just money in the bag.
I also found this.
She's his mother.
I thought she deserved to hear the truth.
I don't doubt that.
But I should have talked to you first.
Yes, Andri, that would have been better.
Do you have the results from Reykjavik? Not yet.
- Then I won our bet.
- Really? The geese were poisoned with E.
coli and PCB - Deadly poisonous.
- How did that get into the lake? That's the question.
You said PCP? No, PCB.
Will you be cooking? You said you were a fine cook.
My place around seven? Yeah.
Sounds good.
- Is my dad here? - No, sorry.
Anything I can do? What is it? Thorhildur, dear.
Don't worry.
It's ok.
You can tell me what's wrong.
She thinks her dad will kill her when he sees this.
It would be great if you'd ask him to be nice.
What is it? -She found this mobile in the money bag - at my place.
- Right.
You should check the messages.
Alright, kids.
We'll look into it.
What's that? I'm not sure.
If you're looking for water You'd better hurry.
- It's almost sold out.
- Thank you.
The worst is not over.
You know that.
How can we lift a curse that's been laid upon us - by life itself? - What are you talking about? One would think some kind of sacrifice would suffice.
There is evil, evilness, seething underneath in the family you married into.
We haven't seen the half of it yet.
Hi, Steinunn.
Are you alright? - What did the old witch say? - Just some nonsense.
Daddy needs to talk to the lady.
What a tragedy with Vikingur.
It's so hard to believe.
It's like a never ending nightmare.
He's innocent.
Yes, of course he is.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Smoking again, are you? - The pressure of being around you.
Take care.
- Hello, David.
- Hi.
We have to talk to you.
Can it wait? I have a foreign guest.
No, it can't wait.
There's only one number.
One person messaging.
I'll read for you.
Where should I bring the money? The barn.
I need to talk to you tonight.
I'll be at the barn.
Haven't you paid them yet? I'm there; Hi; Aren't you supposed to be dead? Can we meet? This could be the killer.
- Have you checked the number? - It's off or not registered.
- You'll have to tell Andri.
- Of course.
This had better be important.
Do you realize you could have screwed up the project? Many people rely on it, you know that.
If this investor has second thoughts it's not because you had to take a short break.
You used a figure-eight knot around the gift to Elin, the widow.
What has that to do with anything? An interesting knot.
I didn't want to tie a bow.
Where did you learn to tie the knot? -In the boy scouts.
Is this the reason for our talk? Why did you give the money to Elin? Because she needed it.
- Half a million.
- Yes, she lost her husband.
- So you're the generous type.
- Obviously.
Damn, I'm getting late.
You play poker, don't you? Yes, sometimes I play poker.
Did you play with Finnur and Pawel? - Yes, I've played with them.
- What about Vikingur? No, never Vikingur.
Text message: "Meet me at the kindergarden NOW".
It was a gambling debt, wasn't it? - Did you owe Finnur this money? - Yes.
It's a matter of principle.
I wanted the widow to have it.
- Did you owe money to Pawel? - What's that got to do with it? Since it's a matter of principle you might want his widow's address.
Am I a suspect? Andri.
Text message: "Yes, I'll be there".
You had motive, owing money to both men.
Come on.
I haven't killed anyone.
I would hardly have given the widow money if I had killed the man.
Where were you the night Finnur was killed? Friday evening October 12th.
I was in Akureyri.
Went for dinner with a lady friend.
Me and Yrsa Benediktsdottir, Member of Parliament.
Would you like to call her? I have her number if you want to verify it.
Between eleven and one? Yes, well I We spent the night together.
That's confidential.
Flight IA 404 is ready for departure.
Passengers please board at gate number 1.
Maybe we should focus on the polluted water.
Do you think it's connected? They say that the pollution stems from the plant.
- Who says? - Ketill Bardur So the murders are connected with the pollution? The murders seem to be connected to the plant so maybe it's worth checking it out.
Text message: "I've arrived".
Hello! Hey! - Hi.
- Hi.
- Where's Asgeir? - Gone.
- Where to? - Home I guess.
- Didn't he call you? - Yes, but I couldn't take the call.
He said he'd call you.
He got a lead.
- What lead? - Your daughter brought a phone.
- A phone? - She found it in the money bag.
She was texting with someone, Asgeir thought it could be the killer.
- What? Where's this phone? - I looked but didn't find it.
I told him to call you.
He hung up.
I'll try the radio.
Hinrika calling Asgeir.
- When was this? - An hour ago, maybe.
I'll try Bardur.
Car 247, report to station.
Hinrika calling Asgeir.
Hey! Stop!