Trapped (2015) s02e09 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 9

- What's with the water? - It's contaminated.
Reason unknown.
We found lots of dead fish by the lake.
He drank polluted water caused by those bloody capitalists who are enlarging the plant! We're expecting an important visitor.
Jamal Al Othman from American Aluminium.
Maybe we should focus on the polluted water.
So the murders are connected with the pollution? The murders seem to be connected to the plant so maybe it's worth checking it out.
I think we have to discuss what happened when we were younger.
I saw you what you did.
I don't have time to dig into your old memories.
My old memories? I don't understand Have you heard about false memories, Elin? Bloody hell! Boys! Will you be making dinner? You said you were a hell of a chef.
My place around seven? Yeah.
Sounds good.
- How's Vikingur doing? - Just fine.
But why haven't they picked him up? Electricity goes off Then Vikingur comes along.
Someone else pulled the plugs.
I didn't see this footage.
We're a team.
At least we used to be.
We have to be able to communicate.
Why didn't you tell Asgeir our plan with Vikingur? -Hinrika.
I can speak for myself.
- Is Dad here? - No, he isn't.
Anything I can do? There's only one number listed.
One person messaging.
Hinrika calling Asgeir.
Car 247.
Report to station.
Asgeir please contact station.
Hinrika for Asgeir.
Hinrika for Asgeir.
We can position the car.
- Where is it? - It's on the move.
- On the way out of town.
- Let's go.
It's close by.
We should see it any moment.
Keep going.
Just drive straight ahead.
- What's that? - It's a fire? - Isn't that his car? - It's the car.
- Bloody hell.
- Asgeir! - Asgeir! I can't see him.
- Bring fire extinguishers.
- Here, take this one.
Asgeir! Asgeir! Andri! Andri! Do you want me to contact his family? They're not many.
Some cousins in the West Fjords.
We have to do it.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Fresh coffee.
- Did you sleep well? - Very nice.
The most comfortable sofa I've ever slept in! I could get used to this.
Trausti speaking.
What? So you had no idea about your sons being involved in a neo-nazi act? They're certainly paying for it now.
One already in jail and the other one will be, as soon as he has recovered.
So I'm certainly paying a price.
Do you feel responsible? At the moment, I'm more concerned about what I'm here to show you.
- Is the cave far away? - No, not far.
And there's a creek there that runs into the lake? At the right time of year, yes.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Have the forensics finished up? - No, they're still at the scene.
But they've moved the body.
- How was it? - Ghastly.
I I didn't know him very well but I'm sorry for your loss.
You gave Asgeir a mobile phone that contained messages.
Do you remember any of them? Anything? Ok.
The person sending the messages knew it was you? Yes.
You have to go to Reykjavik.
I'm not angry, but you could be in danger and we have to be careful.
Your aunt will take you to the airport.
What about Aron? He could be in danger too.
- You'd better go with her.
- Yes.
I'll explain to your mum.
This is my fault.
Asgeir is dead because of me.
Not at all, sweetheart.
Thorhildur If it's anyone's fault it's mine.
Well - Are you alright? - Yes.
I want to find out wether he actually died in the fire.
They say the fire was ignited with lighting fluid and there's no trace of the victim trying to get out of the car.
So let's start with the lungs.
Then we'll see if he was breathing when the fire was set.
Come out.
Damn it, Andri! We're losing Asgeir's killer.
I want her on the next flight.
As soon as possible.
Dad! I remember one of the messages.
It said, that my dress had looked good on me at the funeral.
My hunch was right.
Just look at that filth.
And it all goes into the lake.
- How long a drive? - Seven minutes.
Hello, Hinrika.
My condolences.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Can we talk in private? You can take my office.
I'll make a list of those who attended the funeral and the wake.
- I need your help, Tryggvi.
- Sure.
- You know that I have faith in you.
- I want to handle this case.
You think it's become too personal -It's not that.
The question is simply Are you all right? Yes, I'm good.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Right, good.
You'll stay on the case then.
Let me know if you need anything.
You have our full support.
Thank you.
- Vilhjalmur Alvar - Last name? - Halldorsson.
- How's it going? Fine, I'm trying to remember everyone.
I have an idea.
We don't have reason to hold you any longer.
You're free to go.
We're making a list of people who attended your dad's funeral.
Would you take a look at it so we won't forget any names? - Can I then go? - Yes.
You haven't told us what happened the night Pawel was killed.
Was it because you were protecting Ebo? Vikingur Tell me what happened.
I know Pawel tried to rape Ebo.
When he told me, I snapped.
I went to the plant to bump him off.
When I arrived he stood there with a slag hammer in his head.
But you were covered in blood and your prints on the hammer.
I tried to help him.
When I grabbed the hammer he attacked me.
Probably thinking I was the one who attacked him.
It was dark.
Maybe he never saw the guy who did it.
Then I heard a sound and ran out.
It didn't look good.
Are you both home? - Yes, come in.
- Asgeir was born April 14th 1963.
He graduated from the Police Academy in the 80's.
-And became a police man in Siglufjodur in 1993.
In 2016 Asgeir took part in investigating the murder of Geirmundur Jonsson.
This nice man.
A good policeman.
- I'm glad they released Vikingur.
- Yes, thank god.
I'm sending Aron to Reykjavik.
The police thinks he might be in danger.
That's probably best for him, given the situation.
Then I've put the farm up for sale.
Right Are you asking us to make you an offer? Not at all.
Just wanted you to know.
- It's part of the family land.
- Family land.
We haven't been a family for a long time.
It all started when the damn bastard left and disappeared.
What kind of a man walks out on his children.
You don't remember him of course.
- But I do.
Then Halla left.
Acted like we didn't exist.
We heard of her in town fishing for votes but she wouldn't drive the extra mile to visit her siblings.
Then the bastard Gisli.
Who made my Steinunn's life miserable.
-She knows all this.
Well I'm sorry about Asgeir.
He was a nice bloke.
-Both planes out today are fully booked.
No availability until tomorrow.
Then I must ask you to drive to Reykjavik - and leave immediately.
- Right.
- We have no time to lose.
- Quite.
Alright then.
Thanks, Ketill.
Ketill says he's found toxic waste up on the heath.
He thinks it is what contaminated the water.
Let's check if this has anything to do with the murders.
This is the third killling in less than two weeks, leaving this small town and the whole nation in shock.
We spoke to Kolbrun Sveinsdottir, the widow of mayor Hrafn Eysteinsson.
Kolbrun, you've critizised the police and the mayor - for their conduct in this crisis.
- Not without reason.
Andri, there are a few reporters are coming and I need to make a statement I'd like the two of you to join me.
But we are leaving to check out the toxic waist.
We strongly believe it has something to do with our case.
We just don't know how.
I spoke to Bardur.
He's going to take care of the funeral.
Why didn't he wait for us? Then it wouldn't have ended like this.
Something led him on.
He was on the track.
Was he playing the hero? Maybe.
Because I forgot him.
Is that what you're saying? I didn't say that.
Was he proving himself to me? Maybe he was proving himself to me.
Did that never cross your mind? Maybe he was just doing his job, not proving anything.
It's useless for us to speculate.
Would you like comment on this? What I'd like to say, would need to be censored, so no.
It looks like, this is causing the pollution.
Who is responsible? I don't know.
What do you think? I think someone placed the barrels here recently.
See for yourselves.
Look at the skid marks.
They're from a heavey vehicle.
Those are fresh, I'd say from a few days ago.
Forty barrels of toxic waste were found in this cave.
This toxic waste is most likely the reason hundreds of dead fish were found by the lake.
This is a mixture of several types of waste.
A deadly cocktail, that produced among other things, PCB.
This killed the geese and poisoned Skuli.
You're probably right.
This has something to do with the power plant.
Maybe the old lady was right after all About this place being cursed.
There is no curse.
The name for it is greed.
Just the typical, Icelandic greed.
Asgeir Thorarinsson was a great police officer, who risked his life more than once on duty for the community.
We find his tragic death very hard to come to terms with.
I heard that Vikingur Gislason is no longer in custody.
Do you have another suspect? Can you tell us more about what happened to Asgeir.
Unfortunatly we can't answer these questions just yet.
I never should have moved here.
Why? I'll finish this term and then relocate to the city.
- Hafdis.
- Hi.
- You're having problems up there.
- Yes, I just came from the site.
This is horrifying.
What's happening in this town? I can't understand how you can live there.
I was just thinking the same thing.
Counting the days, are you? I wouldn't say that.
What can you tell me about this pollution? Not much.
It's a mixture of all kinds of waste.
Seems to have been dumped there not long ago.
Do they know where it comes from? Supposedly from the plant.
The plant? They don't want to rule it out.
If that's the case, I'm the one to answer for it.
-That's true.
Talk to you later.
Forty barrels of toxic waste were found in this cave.
This toxic waste is most likely the reason hundreds of dead fish were found by the lake.
The police investigates the area but it's clear the waste is highly toxic.
They're saying chances are that the waste comes from the plant.
And what do you think we should do, about it? -We? Unless you've found someone else for the post I gathered you're the operating Minister of Industries.
It's also clear that you are up and about.
What do you say about taking the job again? I think it's a very good idea.
Ok, thank you.
Stefan Nikulasson is chief of disposal at the plant.
I met him at the wake.
You haven't noticed unusual transportation of barrels? -No.
- Nothing to be seen on CCTV? - I don't think so.
- There he is.
Einar! - Good afternoon.
- We need to talk to your boss.
- Stefan? He's sick.
Sick? -Yeah.
We want to talk about the toxins that were found.
- You've heard about that? - Yes.
But it's got nothing to do with us.
You take care of all waste around here.
What kind of waste is it? It's just all kinds.
From the machines and so on.
It's just all kinds.
From the machines and such.
PCB? I don't know.
What do you do with it? -We put it in barrels and containers - and then it's shipped abroad.
- Where to? Here and there.
China, India and elsewhere.
You haven't dumped it on the heath.
-No, no.
Where could it have come from then? Do other companies have toxic waste? - I don't know.
- Would Stefan know? You have to ask him.
I just work here.
Is it a writer? -No.
So it's a woman, European and in politics.
Do you give up? Is she German? -Yes.
- Angela Merkel.
- Well done! Now you think of someone.
I'm hungry.
-There are sandwiches in the cooler.
- Do they all have shrimp? - I'm sorry, I forgot.
You can pick them out.
He was alive when the car was set on fire.
He died in the fire.
So if we had arrived sooner The knife wounds were deep, probably fatal.
All right, thank you.
You're Hinrika's husband.
- Can I see him? - No, you don't want that.
- You're Gudrun, right? - Yes.
- Did you do the post mortem? - No, I observed.
- They made you watch? - It's my job.
- I have to observe a post mortem.
- Couldn't they find someone else? No, I wanted to do it.
He was very fond of you.
We won't dress him up.
It will be a closed closed coffin.
Besides, you would take them to a funeral parlour.
Not here.
His car is here.
- Hello? - Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- We're here to see Stefan.
- But he's at work.
- They said he called in sick.
- No, he's at work.
Do you know when we'll have tap water running again? - Soon, I hope.
- Did you see him this morning? No, he always leaves so early.
Why do you ask? Is Stefan into mountaineering? Yes, this was taken in Switzerland.
Did you see your dad this morning? No.
Excuse me, but is there something particular you're looking for? - Are you sure? - Yes.
- What are you looking for? - Absolutely sure? - Yes.
Don't you need a search warrant to barge in like that? Hinrika.
This is his stuff.
We're on our way.
How many guns does he have licence for? - I don't know.
- We got a notice.
A pool of blood was found by the factory nearby.
Do you have any idea where your husband is? We have reason to suspect a man called Stefan Nikulasson.
Stefan Nikulasson.
He has disappeared.
His car is here so check notices of car theft.
We'll do that.
Are you there yet? - We're on our way.
- Good.
- Hi.
Was it you, who called? - Yes, I called.
Where is it? Over there.
We need forensics down at the factory right away.
You wait here, I'll be quick.
Any special sweets? Just not jellies.
- Dark chocolate.
- Dark chocolate.
I need to pee.
She asked us to wait.
Do you want me to pee in the car? - Then I'm coming with you.
- Ok.
- You'll let me know.
- Will do.
I'll be quick.
- This is the ladies room.
- I know.
- Well, hello! - Hello.
You here? This is the girls' loo.
And is that where you're going? - Is everything alright? - Yes, where are you off to? We're heading south.
- Would you like a receipt? - No, thanks.
Thank you.