Trauma s01e02 Episode Script

All's Fair

Good morning.
It has come to my attention that I keep pulling Glenn as my EMT.
The kid is going to start thinking that he's my partner.
Good, 'cause he is.
What? Baz, come on! Look, I'd rather use mystery meat.
I don't need a partner right now.
Why? What's wrong with Glenn? He's too new.
He's too good-looking.
No attachments keeps me fast.
I don't need a probie just now.
Okay? I don't need you fast.
Just good.
Glenn's all right.
He can learn a lot from you.
I can't put him with Boone.
He's spoken for.
And the other EMTs will eat him alive.
Last time I checked, you still had a heart.
So do a good deed.
Do I have a choice? If you really don't want him, I'll see if I can't rotate him with somebody else.
So, one more thing.
What's the over-and-under on how long until I sleep with him? Seventeen days.
I'm going to make sure you lose that bet.
I already did.
I had three days.
Honey, I hate it when you go away.
It's just I've got my hands full taking Wilson to the doctor, Garcia to the vet, and finishing the loganberry preserves.
And Scooter's no help.
We should fire him.
Wilson, softer.
So, you're in Massachusetts, and I'm here alone.
Oh, thank God.
Come on, Garcia! Come on! Wilson? I've got to go.
Wilson! Come on, now.
Wilson! If you're hiding, come out! I'm serious! Wilson! Wilson! Wilson! Control, this is Angel Rescue 2, en route to Rural Route 2243 for treatment and medevac.
Copy, Angel Rescue 2.
How long since she hit her head? I don't know.
Fifteen minutes? She's still down.
Hey, are the cops coming? Don't know.
Should they? No.
I'm just wondering.
Dude, I'm holding.
Awesome, but I've got to work.
Back! Hey.
All right.
All right.
Okay, okay.
I've got a blunt head injury.
GCS is three.
Blown pupil.
Possible brain hemorrhage.
This is load and go.
Marisa, I could use your hands in here.
Copy that.
She's all right though, right? Setting down.
She's going to be fine.
I could use your help to get the kid and the dog out of here.
I gotta go! Oh, God.
I'm here.
Hey, buddy.
This side.
What's your name? Um Wilson.
Back! Mommy.
Tongue's blocking the airway.
Marisa, drop an NPA.
Uh Drop an NPA.
I can't do that.
Oh, you're kidding me.
Hold C-spine, then.
Can you do that? Hold her head? Hold it.
All right, kid.
Your mom's going to be okay.
Okay? We're just gonna buckle you in.
Now, Mommy's going to take a ride to the hospital.
All right? Don't cry.
All right? Here, you want to listen to some of that? That's my own.
What do you think of that? Huh? How about that? Like that? All right.
My kind of kid.
I hate kids.
Seriously, dude, that's your second.
It's not even 11:00.
You see the bulletins? It says, "Do not down energy drinks.
"They can dehydrate you.
" First of all, I don't read bulletins.
Okay? And if I collapse, I've got an awesome paramedic.
Regular coffee not good enough for you? Come on, girl.
Come on, baby.
Roll with me after school.
Roll with you? Where did you get that from? A video? You even got a car? I can get one.
You can get one.
Listen to you.
Hold up.
I think that's my boy, D-Rock.
No, you hold up.
You want to be with me, be with me.
Not your boys.
To tell the truth, they ain't my boys.
Medic 78.
GSW at Bayview Gardens.
How far away is PD? Five minutes.
Man, watch out! Get help, man! Get help! They're here! They're here! They're here Now we wait for the cops.
I'm dying, man! I'm dying! Hey.
Hey, what's going Hey, what's going on? Are you just sitting? We've got a brother over here dying.
No, no, no.
Hey, what's up, cuz? Hey! The cops.
Are you going to sit here while a brother dies? They'll be here in a minute.
I'm getting out of the rig.
You go, I go.
You stay here, man.
You need a white cop to hold your hand? We're dying, and y'all going to take your sweet time in there.
Come on.
Hurry up.
He over here dying, man.
Yeah, come on! Man, grab something out your bag, man.
Don't worry.
It's not life-threatening.
Man, hurry up, man! Man? Just calm down.
Yo! Where do you think you're going? Where do you think you're going? He's just bleeding.
Hey, man.
You're gonna get back there and help him.
Man, if you don't help him, I'm gonna lay you down.
Your boy is just bleeding.
I know he bleeding! He got shot! Get back over there and help him.
I do not care about her.
I told you I don't care about her! He over here dying.
Get back over there and help my boy.
I told you, man.
He's just bleeding.
What you want? Okay, don't shoot the white guy.
You need to get back over there, man.
I don't care about her.
Yeah? She's pale.
Let's roll, let's roll, let's roll! Stay right where you are! Nobody move! Everybody, on the ground! Get on the ground right now! Get on the ground! On your stomachs! Now! Palms up! Get on the ground! Go, go, go, I'll cover you.
Palms up! Go, I'll cover you.
Okay, baby.
All right.
Palms on the ground! You're supposed to wait for us.
Tell them that, man.
Tell her that.
She's in shock.
She going to make it? Probably not.
How about him? What you going to do about my boy? Most likely.
Ready? Okay.
Y'all killing me! God! Y'all killing me! We're trying to help you.
Hey! Grab some restraints.
Doc, we've got a GSW to the leg, shoulder and chest.
The problem is his heart and lungs.
Just calm down.
Hey, hey, hey! Calm down! Calm down, man! Y'all killing me, man! Calm down! Y'all killing me! No.
No, you're doing that all by yourself.
Let's get him in! Let's get him in there! You're going to be all right.
Jesus Christ.
It's bad enough I've got to go to this counselor's now, on shift.
Now, I've got to show up bloody.
Bad enough? No.
The only thing worse than being bloody is being married to you.
I've got to show you something.
Oh, great.
An audience.
What's this, Rabbit? The one you didn't know about? Yeah.
His mother fell, hit her head.
She's now in surgery, stable, and will be fine.
Thank you very much.
And, well, I guess Wilson here, he likes me.
Wilson, I've got to go, all right? I've just got to get to work.
Don't go, Rabbit.
No, I gotta go, kid.
Come on.
Come on, Wilson.
Let Mr.
Palchuck go.
I gotta go I gotta go, kid.
Here you go.
On the right.
Other one.
Other right.
You know, these are actually better than the ones you can get in Rome.
You know that? Really.
I don't know.
I'm just saying.
What? Classic! What? I didn't know he had a kid.
He doesn't.
That's why it's funny.
Oh, I guess you'd have to know him.
So, if you don't mind me asking, what's the deal with you and him? Uh-uh.
You ask whatever you want about the job, not about me.
Hey, Dominick.
Hey, Dom.
Hey, Dominick.
Hey! Hey, Dominick! Dominick, you okay? Medic 114.
Respond to Code Three to the Macchiarini Steps for chest pains and shortness of breath.
Reported a 75-year-old white male with cardiac history and hypertension.
Message received.
Medic 114 going to Macchiarini Steps.
Code Three.
I'm going to need you to back up, guys.
Sir? Sir, can you tell me when this happened and where the pain is? It feels like an elephant is on my chest.
Sir, where is your pain? Is it radiating? It's in my chest and down my arm.
Shooting down my arm.
Monitor? I got it.
I got it.
Okay, then it's yours.
I'm gonna go get Is he going to be okay? Listen.
Sir, I need you to get Listen, listen.
Sir, I need you to get back.
If you want me to help your buddy, just stand back.
All right.
Just stay calm, all right? Let's see what's going on.
God, it hurts! It hurts bad! I want you to breathe steadily.
I'm just going to check some things out, see what's going on here.
It hurts.
It hurts I know.
Hold on, sir.
Nancy! I think we better get this guy a little morphine.
Yeah, I'm just getting it! Nancy, this guy needs morphine! Yeah, I've got it! Hold on, sir.
Stay calm.
God! He's in v-fib! Listen, the monitor's doing all this weird stuff.
Is that v-tach? Look at it.
What the hell was that? Okay, sir.
I don't know if you can hear me, but we believe you are having a heart attack.
We are going to give you some morphine.
But in the meantime, I want to try this experimental drug.
It's a gas.
It's called Oxyjonian 415.
Okay? It has a 25% chance that it might actually stop your heart.
Smoking, opiate addiction, alcoholism all make it worse.
Sir, I'm only trying to help you.
I'm okay.
I'm fine.
All right.
No ride for you today, my friend.
You can't blame a guy for trying.
Yeah, well, you'll have to try and get your drugs elsewhere.
Okay? Get out of here.
Oxygen? Really? Yeah.
Never stopped a heart, yet.
Hey, come on.
Don't feel bad, you know? You did everything perfectly.
This guy is an expert.
Well, what the hell was that? Why was it reading like that? Well, he was screwing around with the leads.
So, it changes the reading on the monitor.
What a jerk! Yeah, well, there are thousands of them in this city.
You know? They use us for rides or drugs.
Sometimes, it gets nasty.
They spit.
They steal.
Try to kick our asses.
You know? We use Oxyjonian 415 to try and save time and trouble.
Welcome to San Francisco.
There you are.
I was looking for you.
Let's get out of here.
Tell me it's a good one, though, huh? No kids or dogs.
Where's Where's your little friend? I want to talk to you outside.
Oh! Diana Van Dine.
My favorite intern.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Oh, it's afternoon, Rabbit.
Nice job on the head trauma.
Thank you.
I try.
Don't do that when I'm around.
What? What? "Good morning.
Good morning.
" Hey, look.
I don't want to make a big deal out of this, but do you have your EMT certificate? Yeah, of course I do.
All medevac pilots have to.
So, why are you so crappy at doing basic life support? I'm not.
No, no, no.
I mean, really.
I ask you to drop an NPA.
You can hardly hold a C-spine.
What's going on? Come on.
I know you're not queasy.
I fly them.
You patch them up.
We're all good.
No, we're not.
We're not all good.
I have to know what you can and cannot do.
Bottom line.
You want to know what I can do? Yeah.
You fire up any one of these cars, I can tell you exactly what's wrong with it.
If it's got a fouled plug.
If the fan belt's about to shear off.
I can fly Apaches, Black Hawks.
I can burp the alphabet backwards.
Look, that's really cute.
I don't have time for this.
People are messy.
They don't do what you expect them to do.
Especially the hurt people.
Flesh is fallible.
So? Flesh is fallible? When you say stuff like that, makes me want to punch you.
I am certified and qualified to do this job.
And I can do what needs to be done.
I just don't like it.
Oh, you don't like it? Well, maybe you got the wrong job.
Did you think about that? You have no idea where I've been.
Okay? What you call a rush, I call retirement.
Don't doubt me.
Look, I'm I'm sorry, but I feel like the bad guy in my own house, and that's the problem.
But you were just fine and dandy before you got caught.
I never said that.
You didn't say a lot of things.
All right.
How much more am I supposed to be punished? I'm already living under suspicion.
Cameron, you don't get it, do you? This isn't about you.
Do you think I'm never tempted? Do you think no one ever comes on to me? But I made a commitment to you and to our family, and I honored that commitment.
I am committed.
I mean, how much more do you want me to do? Oh, please.
I don't know.
I really don't know.
This back and forth isn't gonna help anybody.
First, can you both agree that we will continue counseling? Yeah Yes.
Now, let's cut to the chase.
Are either of you seriously considering a separation? $50 if you get him in the eye.
In the eye.
Come on! I don't know if I can do this one.
You can do it.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, I don't know what's wrong with me today.
Come on, put some more money on the table.
Can I do it again? You need to make more noise.
Get out.
You think this is a frat party? Since when do you wait out calls here? Well, you know, California's broke.
They're on to us to save gas.
Where's Marisa? Copter.
Now, she seems like a well-trained, responsible professional.
Maybe you should be with her.
Will do.
It's funny how you just show up.
I could say the same thing about you.
Except I work here.
Don't you have something borderline stupid to do? Got a few ideas.
I just walked into that, didn't I? Uh-huh.
And is this the part where I go with you to the physical-therapy room? What? Girls talk.
Which ones? All of them.
Why don't you try asking me out on a proper date sometime? Oh.
Dates with me, they're not usually proper.
That's not going to work.
I could maybe Rabbit, get to work! Sir.
Get to work! Yes, sir.
Work! Got it.
Oh, boy.
Come on, Boone.
Walk in the spirit, brother, not in the flesh.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
Thanks for covering for me.
Of course.
Oh, of course.
Been pretty quiet.
Yeah? Not a lot happening.
So, how did it go? Pretty freaking awful.
How is that? Yeah? Do you need a place to stay? No, not that awful.
Not yet.
That's good.
That's like cup half full type of view of it.
I wasn't there.
Do you really think so? Come on, Mom.
That looks pretty big.
I don't know.
All right.
Mom, listen.
It's true that most rock-climbing accidents happen on artificial walls, but they're nowhere near as bad as what happens on real rocks.
Go on.
I'm going to look at the shirts.
I'll come in a bit.
How are you? Did you see the purple shirt? Matt, I love that you are making these.
I've been dreaming about them all day.
Well, you can take the boy out of Oklahoma, but you cannot take the Okie out of the boy.
How many you want? All right.
With jelly.
You got it.
How many calories are in one of these things, anyway? No calories, whatsoever.
Well, hey.
Give me three, then.
You got it.
Matt! Matt! Matt! I don't think he's breathing! Okay, Glenn.
We're first on site.
So, I'm acting IC until the white hats get here.
You know how to do triage? Huh? Do you know how to do Yeah.
Then do it.
All right.
All right.
Listen! Everyone who can walk, I want you to go over and stand near the ambulance.
If you're not sure, just stay put.
Everyone else, just stay clear! Control, this is Medic 114.
We've got Red Alert at Embarcadero and 3rd Street.
This is Paramedic Carnahan acting as medical command.
We need eight more ambulances, SFFD rescue squad, aeromedical copter, two engine stations and SFPD Code Three for crowd control.
Sir? Sir, do you know where you are? Embarcadero Street Fair.
He didn't stop.
Hey! He's drunk! He's drunk! Hey! Hey! Hey! Take your hands off him! Hey! Take your hands off him, man! Get your hands off him! Calm down.
Step back! Step back! He went through all these people, man.
Killing him is not going to help any Step back.
Step back, please.
Sir? Do you know your name? Huh? Nancy, I need you over here.
I'm on my way.
It's going to be okay, man.
You just got a little cut on your leg.
Somebody help me.
It's going to be okay.
Just hang in there, man.
Hang in there.
They're here.
They're here.
Sir? Okay.
All right, sir? Yeah.
Sir, do you know your name? Yeah, I'm Matt.
Okay, Matt.
I'm Boone.
This is Tyler.
I'm going to be cutting your clothes.
All right? Okay.
Just help me! All right.
All right, I'm sorry.
It's all right, man.
All right, I need an air medevac.
I got an open femur fracture.
No pulse.
Massive bleeding.
Okay, Boone.
We're two minutes away.
Two and a half.
Okay, Boone.
We're 2.
5 minutes away.
Okay, step back.
What do we have? He started out dazed, non-verbal, non-alert.
Then he just went downhill.
I mean, he doesn't smell like alcohol.
That's 'cause he's not drunk.
We need to transport him and now.
You got him? I got him.
I need you to put some pressure on his leg.
I know, Matt, I know.
We're coming.
Okay, Matt.
We're trying to help you.
I know.
Matt? Matt, it's Come on, come on.
Matt, just hold on, man.
All right.
All right.
I need a tourniquet.
Okay, Matt.
The broken bone in your leg has cut a major artery.
Okay? We're going to have to put a tourniquet on.
It's going to hurt.
All right? Okay.
You've already lost too much blood for us to give you any pain medication.
You just listen to the sound of my voice, all right? Put his leg up.
Ready? Okay.
You're doing great, Matt.
Just listen to my voice.
Matt, I need you to work with me.
On the count of three.
Ready? One, two Okay, there we go.
Okay, Matt.
Good job.
All right.
Angel Rescue 2 on scene and ready for immediate medevac by priority.
Get him to the chopper.
Come on, guys.
Let's go.
All right.
This is Matt.
We've got an open femur fracture.
Massive bleeding.
A tourniquet to stop the bleeding.
Congratulations, Matt.
Your first flight.
I have air medevac with an arterial bleed and an open fracture.
Trauma bed open at City.
They're prepped and waiting for you.
Hold on there, Rabbit, okay? I have a massive stroke here.
There's another chopper four minutes out.
No, his BP's The patient started off dazed, and now he has no pain response.
He's crashing.
Stroke goes.
Matt, you give us five.
Your copter's on its way.
Nancy, you and your stroke meet us here at landing.
Got it? Hey, Rabbit.
I think you should know that our patient is the guy that drove through the crowd.
Bring him to the copter, Nancy! And tell your puppy dog to stop barking! Hang in there, Matt! I'll see you at City! It seems to me that the stroke happened before the accident.
Good to know.
Partial head bleed? Uh-huh.
Okay? All right.
Three! Hey, Glenn.
We do medical triage, not moral.
Okay? So whatever someone's done or you think they've done means nothing! You got it? Yeah.
I Don't ever tell me anything about a patient except the vitals and sheet! Don't forget.
You're a probie, all right? I sure as hell won't.
Miss! Miss! Can you help my mom? Sure.
Show me where she is.
Miss! Miss, can you hear me? What's your name? Clear it out.
Boone, I need an extra set of hands, and I need it now.
No distracting injuries.
Okay, C-spine's good.
Sharps away.
Give me a line.
All right.
And airway's clear.
I've got it flush.
All right.
We've got a head trauma, possible internal injuries.
TKO it.
We've got broken ribs.
Shallow breathing.
I need the adhesive.
I got it.
Palpable depression.
How's her eyes? Pupils are responsive.
All right.
We've got a very weak pulse.
Boone? It's tension pneumothorax.
I got it.
You got the needle? Yeah.
Hey, Mom.
It's me.
It's going to be okay.
Everything's going to be okay.
His vitals are normal.
He just came back.
Everything's stable.
We've got a rate of 100.
BP 180 over 100.
Rhythm's good.
Nice work.
I did nothing.
I mean, it just happened.
People are unpredictable.
They sure are.
I think she needs a new bag.
Get her a new bag.
Get a new bag.
I'm And I need the adhesive.
Come on, Glenn.
You want to be a doctor when you grow up? Yeah.
What you guys do is amazing.
You get good grades? Yeah.
It's a good start.
His blood pressure was still elevated, and his neuro is stabilized.
Also, the cops are probably going to want to talk to him if he regains consciousness.
He's the driver? Yeah.
Hey, Matt.
There you are.
He coded in the copter on the way in.
The tourniquet held, but You okay? Me? Peachy.
Why? Oh, you know, I made a life-and-death decision.
One lived.
One died.
Tell them both how I feel about it.
See who cares, huh? It's a big day.
Don't spin yet.
Angel Rescue 2 on scene.
Nancy, we're coming back in.
Nothing happens when I squeeze her hand! I know, buddy.
No way.
No kids.
Not today.
He's coming, Rabbit.
And so am I.
All right.
All aboard.
Over there.
Over there, kid.
One, two, three.
And up! Watch that monitor, baby.
Got it? Door! Glenn! Door! All right, got it.
Hey, Nancy.
Don't get too wrapped up in this one, okay? Great job, man.
Hey, thanks, man.
I appreciate it.
No, I was talking to the kid.
We're in the air now.
It won't be long.
Joey, we're inward bound with a comatose female.
Multiple crush trauma.
Pulse? BP? Has had thoracostomy.
Suspect internal injuries.
Carnahan? Oh, I'm not a doctor, Rudy.
Okay, well, is my mom going to be all right? Yeah.
Yeah, Rudy, your mom is going to live.
Yeah, but is she going to be okay? Rudy.
Rudy, your mom is She's gonna be fine, okay? Seriously.
You're doing good.
Hang in there.
I've got a skull fracture loading off the copter now.
It's bad.
She's unconscious.
How soon can you be here? See you then.
Rudy! Dad! Oh, my God.
She's going to be okay, Dad.
We're ready for surgery.
Dad? I'll be out to talk to you as soon as I know anything, all right? Hey.
Can I go? Hey.
Rudy, we've got to let the doctors do their thing now, okay? Well, aren't you going to go with her? Sure.
Massive trauma.
GCS is three.
Hanover is on his way.
They'll take care of her.
He and Marion, they're like best friends.
He's a good kid.
Looking good out there, Boone.
All right.
No love? What? Unbelievable.
I feel like such a dick, man.
You're just figuring that out right now? No.
No, that thing earlier with Sela.
You know, I was pissed off because it was so quiet.
It's like I was just waiting for a call, man.
It's messed up.
Dude, I feel like that all the time.
All right.
Let's see what other kind of fun we can get into.
I'm hungry.
You're hungry? Noodles? Cerebral edema.
Lack of sulci.
No uncal herniation, and no blood on the ventricles.
The outcome does not look good.
But there is neurologic activity.
Joe, when exactly did you start inviting ambulance drivers into surgery? She's right.
There is activity, though.
Probably just the brain's version of white noise.
The extent of the injury will take 24 hours to show itself.
I'm not saying it's outside the realm of possibility that she'll recover.
I mean, if she shows some signs of responding, a word, voluntary motor function, it would be a good sign.
I've seen this before, many, many times.
Most likely outcome? Non-verbal, non-motor, no memory.
I'll let them know that they've just become caregivers.
Doctor, would you mind if I did that? Yeah, well, this really is a physician's responsibility.
I'll take care of it.
As you wish.
Take it easy, Joe.
See you next rotation.
You see, that's why I never went into practice.
Because a-holes like that would become my colleagues.
I can talk to the boy, too.
You don't have to.
No, I do.
Dad, may I speak to you for a moment? You were really something else out there.
She's not going to be okay, is she? Rudy, you did everything you could for your mom out there.
We all did.
Is there anyone smart enough to help her? Oh, honey It's not about being smart.
Look, you just keep on doing everything you're doing, okay? And I'm going to be working tomorrow, so I'm going to make sure that Dr.
Joe keeps me up to date on everything, okay? And if you need anything at all, you call me.
Yeah? Okay.
I am so sorry.
Thank you.
Hey, Rabbit, can I get a lift? Tyler.
Yeah? Four out of five we got to today made it.
That's not bad, huh? Yeah, well, unless you're the fifth.
Yo, Glenn.
It gets better.
Trust me.
Everybody's a dick to the new guy at first.
Yeah? For how long? Until he turns into a dick, too.
Your name is Marion Phillips.
You live on Hayes Avenue, and you really like daffodils.
Your favorite color is green, but you sometimes say you like blue better.
You like to take early morning walks on the beach.
When the fog rolls in, it always makes you smile.
You say it's like a cozy blanket on the city.
Hey, we did the right thing with the arterial bleed.
Yeah, I know.
Still sucks, though.
Worse for him than for us.
What are you doing tonight? I'm going home, Rabbit.
Okay, cool.
What? What are you doing tonight? Nothing.
Why? I want to show you something.
Okay, but if you touch me, I'll shoot you.
All right.
This is an NPA.
Nasal pharyngeal airway.
Okay? Okay.
And this is how you drop it in your patient.
A little lube like that.
That's gross.
As so.
The trick is to twist it.
Oh Like that.
What is wrong with you? Now, your turn.
Is it going to hurt? Like you wouldn't believe.
So, you've got to do it right.
I get it.
I saw Glenn out there today.
He is seriously green.
I'll see if I can't put him with somebody else.
Actually, I was coming by to say, "Can I keep him?" Why? What changed your mind? I don't know.
We've all got to start somewhere.
I didn't know you were such a sweetheart.
Nor did I.
It turns out I've got a big heart.
See you! Yeah.
You have gardens in the backyard.
Sometimes you cook.
It's usually not that great, but you make a fantastic grilled cheese.
And I love you a lot.