Trauma s01e03 Episode Script

Bad Day At Work

Control, this is Marisa Benez.
I've got an MVA.
Two autos on the Embarcadero.
I'm off duty and first on scene.
Copy that, Marisa.
Engine and paramedics are on their way.
Do what you can.
Copy that.
Ma'am, are you okay? Yeah.
I'm okay.
Sir? Sir.
Does your neck hurt? No, it doesn't.
Are you okay? Uh, I think so.
You know what? Hang in there.
Paramedics are on their way, all right? All right, sir.
Don't worry.
I know.
It's your seat belt.
Don't worry, sir.
Damn it! All right, sir.
Just hang in there, okay? We're going to get this There we go.
How's your breathing? I didn't see him.
I didn't.
Sir, just stay put, okay? Don't move.
Paramedics are on their way.
It's going to be okay, sir.
Just hang in there.
Paramedics are on their way, okay? Crap! Okay.
Sir? I'm gonna put pressure on your chest wound to make sure that your breathing doesn't get worse, all right? There you go.
Just breathe as normally as possible.
My eyes! Your eyes? Okay.
My eyes.
Help me! Okay.
All right, buddy.
Here we go.
You ready? Just relax, okay? You all right? Oh, I gotta tell you, that was nasty! Oh, sorry.
Okay, there you go.
Just keep breathing normally, okay? Okay.
Just keep breathing normally.
Help is right here, okay? You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be fine.
Very good.
All right.
What have we got? He's got a sucking chest wound under there.
Okay, gotcha.
He needs pressure to stay sealed.
Are you a medic? EMT.
Helicopter pilot.
Helicopter You fly Rabbit? Yeah, I fly Rabbit.
You have my sympathy.
What the hell are you still doing here? I mean, usually it's just an empty space.
Sometimes a little mascara on the pillow.
Nice touch.
I gotta go to work in an hour.
And you're stealing my shirt? Yeah, well, you'll get it back.
Well, I can't wait.
That's sweet.
No, I mean, I can't wait.
What is it with guys in the morning? Hey.
Hmm? You want to stick around? You know, the kids is not gonna get up for a while.
I'm just saying, we're We're here.
Didn't the counselor say, you know, it would help us out? It'd bring us closer together? She said intimate moments, not necessarily sex.
Oh, okay.
I mean, this is kind of intimate.
Come on.
I'm just saying this is, you know, the obvious.
All right.
But you're going to wear a condom.
What? I don't know who you've been with.
Don't know why I was trying to do that.
Hey, Marisa.
Hey, uh, I heard about the eyes.
You did? Yeah.
Hell, yeah, I heard about it.
Ocular distension? Are you kidding me? That's a cool one.
I guess.
Usually happens when a moving car hits a solid object.
The impact, the inertia, it pulls the eyes straight from the sockets.
Oh, they were pretty out of the sockets.
Yeah, it can be tricky.
Yeah, I know.
I could've kinked a nerve.
Oh, does Rabbit know what happened? I don't think so, no.
Do me a favor and don't tell him, okay? Yeah, sure.
You're late.
I got stuck in traffic.
Oh, yeah, I was wondering, can you help me with these? No? Hey, you know what? We need to remember to pack A couple more oxygen tanks.
I'm on it.
Man, you're finishing my sentences.
We should get married.
Nah, you'll just cheat on me.
What, is that too soon? Let me know if it's too soon.
I'm just saying.
Hey, boys.
Hey! Hey.
Calm before the storm? Yes, ma'am.
Oh, you haven't been to my house lately.
This job is the calm.
Yeah, tropical storms have been a lot worse since they started naming them after black women.
Hurricane Sela.
You know, like Hurricane Katrina? Hurricane Sela? What is wrong with him? What? I think we need to talk.
Hey, partner.
Do you have to say that every day? Yep.
Hey, uh, partner, um, how long have you been partnered with Glenn over here? Thirty-four days, Tyler.
Thirty-four days.
I told you, I am a good girl these days.
At work.
At work, she said.
At work.
What? Nothing.
Carry on.
You want another bet? Dinner's ready.
Turn off the TV, please.
Where's your brother? Oh, I don't know.
Um, in his room spacing out or something.
You want to go grab Todd? Not really, no.
Want to cut the chicken? Okay, sir, are you okay? Yeah.
Okay, ma'am, are you okay? You're okay? So we're just dealing with this.
You don't call a cab? You crash into my house? Sir, let's keep it in perspective.
At least nobody's dead.
You go around and pull a C-spine.
Okay, sir, we're gonna stabilize your neck, just as a precaution, okay? Great.
Nodding kind of defeats the purpose.
Okay, does that hurt there? No.
And how about there? No.
Sir, have you been drinking? Uh, I don't think so.
You know what, guys? I think maybe we should get you outside, just in case.
We don't know how much damage has been done here.
Where's Todd? He's still in his room, spacing out.
No, he's not spacing.
Let's go get him now.
Go, go, go! Sir, we'll have you out of here in just a bit, okay? Yeah.
Are you still feeling all right? Yeah, I'm okay.
I messed up.
Mom! Mom! Todd won't wake up! Are you going up, Nance? Yeah.
I've got it.
Oh, my God, Todd.
Todd! Todd! Todd.
Get up! Come on.
Come on, man! Okay, help me flip him.
Tell me, what's his name? Todd? Yeah.
Hey, Todd, buddy! Can you hear me? Todd! Glenn, I need you up here now.
Come on.
What's wrong with him? I'm not sure.
Glenn! Come on.
Okay, I need two megs Narcan IM, and you need to check blood sugar and I need your ears.
Todd, come on, man.
Give me your ears! What drugs is he into? Um What drugs is he into? Come on, what drugs is he into? You've gotta save him.
Shelley! What drugs is he into? Tell her! Special K, weed, GHB, Tramal Tramal, what is that? Tramal? Tramal? Tramadol, it's a synthetic opioid.
Is he epileptic? No.
Is he on antidepressants? Yes.
It's interacting with the Tramadol.
The Narcan can only do so much.
Is he gonna be okay? Yeah, he's gonna be fine, but we need to get him to a hospital.
You know, if we hadn't gotten to your boy when we did, things could have been a lot worse.
That guy driving through your front room might well have saved your boy's life.
We got anything? No.
Oh, Nancy and Glenn got a car crash into a house.
That's cool.
But no copter required.
And Angel 1 got an organ transfer.
That's lame.
Seriously, we don't have anything? Nothing.
Damn! Wait a second.
You're jonesing.
No, I'm not.
Yeah, you are.
You got your hands dirty and you liked it, didn't you? Maybe.
Yeah, maybe, okay? It was kind of cool helping out that guy and, you know, just doing it right.
Yeah? Even if you didn't know what you were doing? Oh, I heard.
Oh, well, total ignorance never stopped you, Rabbit.
I'll be in the copter.
Son of a bitch! Angel Rescue 2, require immediate medevac for a 17-year-old male.
Potrero Hill, Wisconsin and 18th Street.
Multiple trauma.
God, I love that sound.
Finally! We've been waiting here all day.
Possible spinal cord injury.
Gimme a sec.
You have one second.
Come on, man! Let's go! Weird time for a beer.
Ah, it's never a weird time for a beer.
Could you walk any slower? It freaking hurts, man! Yeah? I know, buddy.
Now, buddy, we've got a copter coming.
Just hold on.
That's it.
All right.
I wanna check something.
Squeeze my hand.
All right.
Good, good, good.
You're doing good.
Wiggle your toes.
They're kind of tingling.
Rabbit, we need you here right now, man.
We got a possible spinal cord injury.
Hey, hell of a hill to skate down, kid.
I dig the rush, man.
Yeah, I hear you.
Good luck, kid.
Go! Grab the door! Okay, Joey, I got a 17-year-old male.
Looks like a spinal injury with a broken tib-fib.
What's your name? Rabbit.
Rabbit? Yeah, Rabbit.
Yo, Rabbit, I can't feel my feet.
Huh? I can't feel my feet! Damn! Can you feel that? It's numb.
How about that? Nothing.
Am I gonna be paralyzed, straight-up? Not if I've got anything to do with it, dude.
Look, Cory, I'm gonna have to put you into hypothermia, okay? What? Hypothermia.
It's gonna help stop the swelling of your spinal cord until we get you to the hospital.
All right.
Oh, damn, that's cold! That's cold, right? Yeah! Okay, I'm gonna give you a little something, a little pop.
And that's gonna help with the pain and the shaking.
It's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.
What do you mean? I am literally putting ice water in your veins.
Now tell me if you start getting sleepy.
Why? That would be bad.
That means your heart's stopping.
Okay, we made it.
You just keep breathing.
Everything's gonna be fine, okay? What have we got? Paresthesia with rapidly increasing weakness until I cooled him down.
For God's sake, Rabbit, you're running ice-cold saline? Yeah, for a few minutes, until we get him intubated.
Hypothermia is not paramedic protocol for spinal injuries.
You know that.
Yeah, I thought that, you know, we'd try and You thought? Last I checked, that was neither your job nor your forte.
You realize you could get your certificate pulled? That I could be held accountable? This hospital could be Dr.
Hanover is ready in surgery.
Go! How the hell do you even know about hypothermic treatment, anyway? Well, I read it in a medical journal, okay? You're right.
I'm sorry, but how many of these kids do we have to save from being paralyzed before this treatment becomes protocol? Well, let's start with one.
Not bad.
Not bad, Rabbit.
I love you! Baby! I never wanna see you again! Don't you know that I love you? Go to hell! I love you! Go to hell! I love you, baby! I never wanna see you again.
Come here.
Come here.
What's your name? What's your name? Valencia.
Valencia? Let me know if this hurts, okay? Okay.
Well, it's not broken, okay? You're gonna live.
You're a good guy.
Marry me! No, thanks.
All the guys I know, they're bastards! You know you love me! Come on, baby! Thanks, but I don't think I can You're taken.
Of course.
Okay, miss, so nothing is broken.
But you do know that they're arresting your boyfriend for battery, right? He is a jerk! They're all jerks! My picker is broken! Okay, well, we can't help you fix that, but you're obviously drunk, so we have to take you to the ER.
I just wanna go home.
Yeah, I thought so.
So, look, if you sign this, it says that you declined transportation, okay? Just go home, rest up and you can work on that picker.
Thank you.
Oh, okay.
Just sleep this one off, okay? Sucks to be a single girl in San Francisco, doesn't it? Nancy, I didn't mean it like that.
Yeah, I know.
Don't sweat it.
Hey, would it be cool with you if we grabbed a beer after work sometime? How exactly does treating a drunk girl who got punched by her boyfriend lead to you asking me out? It doesn't.
I just I mean, you have an interesting take on the job.
I just want to hear more about it, that's all.
That's nice.
But I have turned over a new leaf.
No more beers after work.
And that interesting take on the job? That's what they call jaded.
Still quiet.
Looks like we're holding the wall.
How's the kid? Uh, don't know.
He's still in surgery.
Okay, copy that, Marisa.
I'll be right up.
Oh, hey.
You waiting to see about the spinal case? Me? No.
Um Actually, I I gotta take off.
How is he? They'll know more when he's conscious, but Dr.
Hanover seems optimistic.
What you did was amazing.
If he walks again it's because of you.
If I take credit, I've gotta take blame, and I dodge both.
Yeah, I saw the blame part.
Aren't you afraid of Dr.
Joe pulling your certificate? I've had worse happen to me.
So I've heard.
Now, that story only comes with a bottle of wine.
I see.
I gotta go.
Take it easy, DVD.
You too.
You know, I've heard that DVD thing before.
Well, you can't beat the classics, right? Guess not.
Rivergreen Consulting, how may I help you? Sure.
All right.
All right, hold one moment, please.
What time for lunch? Got it.
Rivergreen Consulting, how may I help you? Hi.
I need to see Mr.
Will he know what it's about? It's about this.
Hey! Go, go, go! Get 'em over there.
Put those people back a little further.
How bad? Pretty bad.
Shooter's still in the building.
People coming out report multiple gunshots, multiple casualties.
Very likely we're going to have fatalities.
Needless to say, you people don't go in until we've secured the building.
Are you sending in a tactical medical team? Haven't heard.
Will you let me know when you do? Will do.
And is this a good place for us to set up triage? Right along there.
Control, this is Medic 114.
We're at the Folsom incident.
I have multiple casualties.
I'm requesting, as medical command, an additional Copy.
Sir, what's your name? Bob Barnes.
Can you tell me what year it is, Bob? Who's president right now? Obama.
Can you walk? Yeah.
Make your way over to the yellow tarp right up here, okay? Sir.
Sir, you've been shot? Yes.
Okay, what's your name, please? John.
John, tell me, what year is it, John? Take it all the way down to the right.
And, John, what city are we in right now? San Francisco.
Keep them down over there, all right? All right, move them back, let's go.
All units in the field, Red Alert declared at the incident on Folsom.
All available units respond.
All units in hospitals, expedite and get in service.
Easy, easy.
I'm shot! He's shooting everyone! All right, listen, I want you to go over here to that yellow tarp.
Come on.
He's just killing everyone.
Someone'll be there to treat you.
Right there.
Come on.
Sir, how are you doing? All right, ma'am.
I guess I don't need to ask.
Angel Rescue 2 on scene.
Standing by for orders.
Angel Rescue 2, stand by for medevac as necessary.
Copy that.
Oh, I can't believe it.
All that action down there and we're sitting around here waiting to play taxi.
Copter envy? That is badass.
All paramedics, SFPD is requesting anyone with tactical certification to meet at the staging area.
Oh, yes! Of course you are.
Another reason to keep up the medicine studies.
Better gigs, more fun.
I think I hate you.
It's a special kind of hate, though, right? No, pretty normal hate.
Can you tell me where you're feeling any pain? I'll right.
I'm just gonna wrap this here.
This will just stop the bleeding.
Is this your blood? Is this your blood on you? Is that all you can do? Put pressure on that wound while I check some other areas, all right? Okay? That's my girl.
Back in action.
You taken your meds today, Rabbit? Oh, play nice.
Hey, guys.
You a medic? Just stay behind the TAC officers.
No, I'm good.
What? You won't cross the perimeter without us.
I'm fine.
I'm cool.
You'll go nowhere without an escort.
You understand? Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
We've got an injured person here in the front of the building.
I need a medic.
Thirty-year-old female, multiple GSW.
Captain, may I? Go with him.
Yes, sir.
All right, her too.
I got her.
All right.
Distended neck pain.
Entry in anterior left chest.
Exit wound, good.
Okay, we don't want any slug fragments floating around, messing up your day.
Not any further, anyway.
Looks like we got cardiac tamponade.
Okay, it's all you.
Okay, she's stable and ready for transportation.
Just like old times, huh, Nancy? Shut up.
Tactical EMS units, report to TAC Sergeant Munoz for assignment.
You'll be good.
All right.
No downtime today.
Moving! I have the wrong tag.
I have a head wound.
I think you're going to be okay, sir.
I was shot in the head.
I should be going to a hospital.
Sir, you just got a nick.
That was it.
Look at all this blood.
Yeah, well, that's the thing about head wounds, is sometimes they look a lot worse than they actually are.
You learn something new every day.
Cameron, tell this man how lucky he was today.
Sir, you were very, very fortunate.
I've seen worse.
Yeah, I feel lucky.
I came to work, almost got my head blown off.
Almost! I should go to the track.
Track? The ponies? I love little ponies! Which one's your favorite? I love the pink one.
I don't want to go to the track.
What? I was shot.
What's going on? It's just Sela.
There we go.
All right, I'm just gonna go ahead and do this.
You sure I don't need to go to the hospital? You can let go now.
Let's give it a test.
What? Baby.
Baby, can you hear me? Babe, are you okay? No, I'm not all right.
I'm really I'm really, really, really scared.
I don't know Do you know anything? Can I get out of here? I just wanna go home.
I just wanna get out of here.
I don't I don't know what to do.
I don't know They haven't told us much of anything, but the TAC squad, they're gonna be coming in the building to secure it soon, okay? Cameron, please! Come get me! Please, you have to come get me! I don't wanna be There's people running down the halls.
Oh, my God.
He's on the stairs.
We've gotta hide.
I gotta go.
I gotta go.
Sela! Sela! Hey.
What's going on? Boone! Boone, talk to me! We're setting a perimeter Captain.
Captain! I just found out that my wife is in that building.
I'm sorry about that.
I really am.
No, sir, I need a little more than "I'm sorry" right now.
The best I can do is make sure you're first in after TAC clears the scene.
You tactical certified? Sir, if I was tactical I would be over there with those guys right now.
I'm sorry.
It's the best I can do right now.
I'm sorry.
That's my wife in there.
I understand.
Let's go, we'll get you in there.
We'll get you in.
We've got the security cameras patched through.
That guy's dying.
Team 1, you're through the main doors.
Team 2, you're airborne, through the roof.
Medics, triage and treat.
By the time we meet in the middle, we'll have him.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Hey, Control.
You got anything for me? Angel Rescue 2, just hold tight.
Oh, I'm holding tight.
Set? Go! Is there anyone injured in there? Yeah, there were people shot in here.
Come up the stairs! Got a man down.
Dead, he's gone.
Floor's clear.
Send up the medics.
First floor secured.
Notify all medics they are cleared to enter.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Huh? Sir.
Sir, are you having chest pains? Huh? No? Asthma? Yeah, it's asthma.
All right.
Where is the Albuterol? Here, I'll get it.
No, I got it.
I got it.
Go get your wife.
These guys, they usually kill themselves, right? Yeah.
When they're out of bullets.
A woman down.
Hey, hey! Hey! Help.
Help me.
Help me.
It's okay.
Come on, sir.
Lisa? No, sorry, she's gone.
But you're gonna make it, okay? Go.
We've got shots fired on the fourth floor.
You guys stay on this floor.
Don't go anywhere.
Cops on the stairs.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Sela! Hey.
Cameron! Hey, hey.
Cameron, Cameron, Cameron! I love you.
Are you okay? Are you okay? No, how do I get out of here? Are you okay? Huh? Is he gonna be Is he What's this blood? He got shot! Who? Who? He got shot! He got shot! Help me.
Help me.
Come here.
All right.
What All right.
Sir? Okay.
Yes, baby.
Yeah? Is he gonna be okay? Baby, listen to me.
Please tell me he's gonna be okay.
Yeah, he's gonna be okay.
You know what? But I need you.
I need you.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, I need you.
I need you.
All right? I need you.
This time I need you.
Okay? I need your help.
All right? Okay, okay, okay, okay.
All right.
All right.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
It's gonna be okay, baby.
He's gonna be okay.
Oh, God.
Sela, come here! Okay.
I need you to put the pressure on this wound, okay? Okay.
All right? Are you okay? I'm okay.
All right.
Here, you hold that pressure.
He'll be all right.
Nancy, no.
I'll be right there, okay? Just Don't you It hurts.
It hurts.
I know.
I know.
Get away from her.
Move away.
I'm sorry.
I can't do that.
You did what you did.
Now I do what I do.
Suit yourself.
He's down.
Secure the suspect.
Command, shooter is down.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I got a vest.
But you've been See? Hey, I thought I told you guys to stay put.
Her fault.
We need to check for other victims.
Pete, take this floor.
John, you're with me.
Don't you die.
Don't you die on me.
Come on.
You're gonna live and see what you did.
You're gonna live.
Come on.
Don't you die.
Come on.
Don't you die.
Let's do it.
Shooter's dead.
I'm glad your wife's okay.
Hey, I got it.
Go to her.
I know.
You don't have to say it.
You don't have to say it.
It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
I'm so glad you came.
I'm so glad you Uh-uh.
What were you doing here anyway? Um Ma, nothing to worry about.
I spent the day sitting on a rooftop playing Sudoku on my phone.
You can do that? Yeah.
I need a new phone.
Um, I gotta go, Mom.
Call you later.
Well, well, well.
I heard you took a bullet.
Do you know how pissed I am that I wasn't there to see that? Uh-huh.
Well, a bunch of us are dropping by the Cove.
Try and wipe the day away.
Are you gonna come? Nah.
The thing about a drink after the battle is you gotta be in the battle.
So I'm gonna go home, take a hot bath, and play the most violent video game I can find.
Hey, I'm glad you're not dead, butthead.
Me, too.
The rampage left and many still in critical condition.
The alleged gunman, a former IT adviser at the company, was evidently embittered over being recently let go due to company downsizing.
He apparently entered the building That was insane.
Yes, Glenn, a man walking into a building and shooting people in the head is the definition of insane.
They give you a nickname over at the station yet? We'll call you Dictionary.
You walking around here defining things.
I'm just dicking with you, man.
That was a thick one out there.
You think that was insane, you should have been at Katrina.
You were there? Yep.
You know, before I touched down here, I moved around a lot.
New Orleans, New York, Chicago.
Been here the longest.
Ah! Hold on one second.
Hold on a second.
I'm stripes.
Uh, what? All right.
You're kidding me.
No, I can't switch shifts with you.
I've been drinking.
Oh, you could tell? All right, all right.
Thank you very much.
All right.
I've never seen anything like that, Tyler.
That's all I'm saying.
No, you're right.
It was insane.
All right, Cory.
Tony, please.
Just keep them coming.
You know, I could be wrong.
But I think they call that self-medicating.
I'm a trained professional.
I'll have what he's having, Tony.
You don't want what he's having.
Just pour it, Tony.
Come on, Tony.
Come on, come on, come on.
Okay, okay.
Whew! I thought you were turning over a new leaf? Yeah, I nearly died today, Rabbit.
And you saved my life.
I guess, um We're even.
Is that what you want to be? Even? All accounts closed.
Everything tied up.
Nothing complicated.
I I don't know.
Yeah, neither do I.
Thank you.