Travelers (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Room 101

1 Previously on Travelers.
- FBI! - [gunfire] Our mission was to acquire a component from Russian Travelers and deliver it to another team for testing, but they got greedy.
A Traveler team turned on you? He must be new.
We gotta talk about this family.
We're not a family.
Mother, father, and son.
Did your host have a family? [Marcy]: David.
His name is David.
[Hall]: Your priorities are all outta whack! We came here with a team of five.
[explosion] Well, we're down to two now.
Don't think the future doesn't get its hands dirty.
[tires squealing] [girl]: Dad? Dad! Please, stop! Daddy! Stop! Dad! Stop the car! You're scaring me! [tires squealing] Dad! Stop! Please! Dad! Daddy, stop! Stop! [engine accelerating] Dad, stop! Dad, stop! Dad, stop, please! [brakes screeching] [] [MacLaren]: Welcome to the 21st.
I'm Traveler 3468.
[boy]: 3892.
[girl, panicked]: What's happening? Misfire.
[] Shit.
[MacLaren]: Uh Hi.
I'm Grant.
What's your name? Charlotte.
Charlotte, it's okay.
I'm a policeman.
No, really.
I I am.
See? It says "FBI".
Well, it's like a policeman.
It's better, even! Look, my friends and I need to have a a talk with your your mom and your dad and your brother about what just happened.
Why was he doing that? Why did you do that? [MacLaren]: Look, I know you're upset.
I would be, too.
Just just let us let us talk with your family, and everything will be all right.
I promise.
[Marcy]: Sweetie, do you have any other family that live around here? 10 clicks back down the road.
Grandmother, mother's side.
Your side.
How about if I take you there? I want to go with my mom.
You go with the nice man, Charlotte.
We'll be back in a few days and we'll be a family again.
Okay, that's my car over there.
The black one.
Can you wait there for me? Car was going pretty fast.
Maybe she was moving inside of it? It's a tough T.
for the Director to calculate.
Well, it doesn't matter, it happened.
I'll deal with her now.
Who is your historian? She was going to be.
This isn't nearly enough to set you up, so put it on "Non-Event Horizon" in the fourth.
It's a horse race.
Look it up.
This is the device.
Keep it upright.
What are you gonna do with her? I guess I'll just take her to Grandma's and explain that Mom and Dad will be back after the mission obviously without mentioning the mission, which is in just over 48 hours, and you're down a team member.
- Can you make the adjustment? - We'll be ready.
We can brief them.
Protocol 5 till then.
[footsteps receding] [Philip]: Okay, boss.
It's done.
Tip went out as of this morning.
[Carly]: I wonder how many misfires there have been since we started this.
First wave was upwards of 30%.
[Carly]: Wow! Nobody told me that.
Me neither.
Would you have still volunteered? Probably.
I mean, if you think about it, what other choice did we [] [] [distorted, faint groan echoes] [echo of dropping I.
] [] [leather restraint creaking] Carly Carly? [restraints clank] [Carly, groggily]: Trevor? [faint gasp] I'm over here.
[] - [Carly's chair rattles] - You all right? [Carly gasps in pain] [whimpers] My head.
Can you tell if Marcy's breathing? I can't see her face.
Slow and shallow.
[loudly]: Philip? [shouts, concerned]: Philip! [Carly sighs, resigned] What do we know? Not where we are, not for how long, or who abducted us, but it's been a couple of hours, at least.
My mouth is dry.
No eyes or ears on us that I can see.
We shouldn't count on it.
Ah! They cut out my com.
I can't feel it.
Yeah, same.
[Carly grunts] I gotta stop getting whacked on the head.
I'm a blank here.
Where's the boss? MacLaren was on his way to Grandma's house.
So he wasn't with us when we were taken.
That's good.
There's a chance he'll find us before the mission.
Well, he'd better hurry up.
[sighs] Wheelchairs? Whoever they are, they plan on moving us.
Don't know about that.
They're giving us fluids intravenously.
I think we're gonna be in these chairs a while.
And it's been a Lotta years since I felt this sensation, but it's pretty unmistakable.
Oh, God.
- [groans] Is that what that is? - Yes, ma'am.
Do me a favor.
Don't say anything remotely suggestive.
It could get very painful over here.
Don't make me laugh.
I'm serious! It's like a 17-year-old male's default setting.
[pained chuckle] [Forbes]: Look who showed up to work.
Thought you were driving to Olympia? I was delayed.
Where were you this morning? Oh, Kathryn, uh, she needed me to pick up an antique chair for a client because it wouldn't fit in her car.
Why? What'd I miss? You know, the funny thing about court dates is, when you miss one, you don't get another one next week.
You get it next month or next year.
That was this morning.
It's cool, I covered for you again, but you're the lead on this one, Mac.
- I'm sorry, man.
- Don't apologize to me.
You got one angry prosecutor on your hands.
[keys clacking] [] [restraints rattling and creaking] [Carly grunting] [loud thud] [splashing] [Trevor]: Well, hello, sir.
Didn't catch your name on the way in.
[lock clinking] I was unconscious.
[lock clangs] I'm Trevor.
So here's a thing I got this geography test tomorrow that I really gotta study for.
Capital cities, countries Am I gonna be able to do that? 'Cause it's pretty likely that my parents are gonna ground me again if I fail.
Know what that means? Having to watch hours of golf on television with Gary! Don't do it to me, man.
[Carly]: Where are you taking him? Hey, asshole! I said, where are you taking him? Bye! [door thuds shut] I know it goes against your instincts but don't waste any more energy trying to get free from your restraints.
It's not gonna happen.
[grunts and pants] [frustrated sigh, wheezing] Hello? Marce? Hey.
It's me.
Um, I thought you said you were gonna be coming home early for for dinner tonight, and, uh, I couldn't decide what we were gonna have, so I brought the ingredients for basically two different [chuckles]dinners, and I was just curious to see what you'd you'd like to have tonight, so Yeah, one of them would be, like, uh, roast chicken with vegetables, and the other one, it's more of a it's like a pasta thing I do, and, um well, now now I'm talking to you as if you're actually on the phone.
I don't know why I do that.
That's, uh Well, that's weird.
So anyway, give me a call, or I will see you when you get back here.
Hopefully soon.
I'm gonna start on the roast chicken unless you really want the pasta, in which case call me back.
It's David.
And I'm doing it again.
[slaps phone down] [] [Marcy grunts groggily] [coughs] [weakly, pained]: Ow We're here, Marcy.
[suppressing sobs] How bad is it? My head and my neck.
[groans] Probably just whiplash from the impact.
[gasps in realization] [restraints rattling] [panicky gasps] This is the worst hospital in the world or We've been abducted.
I obviously vomited on myself.
Anybody clock when? Probably before we got here.
The stink's not as bad as it was.
[quiet sob] Sorry.
Smells around here aren't going to improve much.
We've only met one of our captors.
He came and wheeled Philip out of here a while ago.
Never said a word.
That's all we know.
We know they intend to keep us alive for a while at least.
They've got us on I.
How long have I been out? A few hours longer than us.
[thudding] [water splashing] [Trevor]: Now don't be like that, Mr.
Giant! [lock clatters] Pick me.
[gate creaking open] Take me instead of her! I'm asking nice here! [Trevor roars]: Come on! [] [door slams] [] [locking wheels] [footsteps receding] [] What? Am I supposed to answer? [] Who have I told what? I don't understand.
I've never seen him before.
He's the father of my child, and he's a police officer, so if I were you people, I'd [] I don't understand the question.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Who am I talking to? Why don't you show yourself? Look.
I just take care of my son all day.
My specialty is mac and cheese.
[] He's with his father today.
[restraints clatter] Don't you hurt him! Don't you dare hurt him! [panting] [] If that child is harmed in any way I will hunt you down whoever you are, whenever you are And I will kill you.
[wakes with a gasp] [rhythmic beeping] - Hey.
- [knocks on glass] Sorry to interrupt.
There's someone here who'd like to see you.
A David Mailer? Who? "A mutual friend of Marcy," he said.
I can send him away.
He gave me the impression that you knew each other.
No, no, that's uh, send him in.
David Mailer, sir.
- Thanks, Beth.
- Hi.
David Mailer.
She just said that.
So FBI headquarters, huh? It's a field office.
Uh, h-h-ow did you? Uh, the address was on the the card that you gave me.
I gave you? Yeah, well, you slipped it under my door when I was out a while back.
We spoke on the phone later that night.
You don't remember.
- No.
- How do I know this Marcy person? Well, I kinda know that she works with you, so, um Well, obviously, I can neither confirm nor deny that.
Which is cool, and I totally get that, and I know that what you're doing is very important, and she really hasn't mentioned me? The point of this visit is? Marcy didn't come home last night.
Not "home" home.
She's just she's staying with me platonically, but I was expecting her for dinner.
W-When did you last see her? Yesterday morning, when she left.
I'm sure she's on some sort of secret FBI medical thing, but I was worried and I just wanted to hear from you that Okay.
Um, I'm gonna look into this.
Why don't you leave your number with Beth, and I'll give you a call if I find anything.
You don't know where she is either? Beth? Beth, can you please take Mr.
Mailer's contact information? Thank you.
Uh [quietly]: Marcy, it's MacLaren.
[sighs] Carly? Trevor? Philip? Shit.
[] [Trevor]: Now exhale.
Feel the silence between your breaths.
Your heart beating in your chest.
Constant as the reactor beneath.
Giving light.
[door bangs] [splashing] [relieved sigh] Philip! Oh, thank God! I thought I was alone.
[gate creaks] I'm really gonna take it personally if you don't pick me next time.
[gate creaks shut] [lock clicks] Hey.
Did you see Carly? They just left with her.
I woke up in an empty room and they brought me here.
I don't even know how long I was there.
Hours? [Marcy]: Wait.
Are you hurt? Thanks to John Hentrick, no.
Inventor of airbags, 1952.
But I am hurting in other ways.
I haven't been able to go more than 18 hours between doses since we got here, and I can pretty much tell you, without looking at a clock, we're coming up on that number.
[breathing raggedly] Not the rehab facility I thought that I'd end up in.
Marcy and I were meditating.
You should, too.
There's no way Trust me, Philip.
It'll help.
[shallow sigh] I promise.
Now exhale.
You're the one who told me to take the red flag off these same four people.
Well, now there's no sign of any sign of them.
One of them might be missing.
Just do it, please.
I'll put in the request, but even a priority facial recognition search isn't likely to turn up anything.
Let's try to be a little more positive, shall we? Okay, sure, I'm positive that I'm the one they're gonna complain to for using up NSA mainframe time on something you called a false alarm.
Jesus! David.
What are you doing out here? Just waiting to hear if you've got anything yet.
Well, in the 11 minutes since you left my office? No.
I have employed resources.
Like? If Marcy's face shows up practically anywhere there's a closed-circuit TV camera, we'll know her location.
Tell me how I can help.
You can go home.
Oh, my God.
You're just like her.
Would you stop? You know what? I'm gonna help you out, whether you like it or not.
How about that? What're you gonna do, follow me on your bike? Ah-hah! She did tell you about me.
You just gave it all away.
You know I have a bike.
Your right pant leg is tucked into your sock.
I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.
Okay, I get it.
I'm not qualified, but just know this Marcy's welfare is very important to me.
When I find her, I'll call you.
Or better still she'll just come home.
Okay, so if I don't hear from you by what, like, 5:00 I'm getting the feeling we're not gonna make our next mission.
That is the least of my problems right now.
Come on, Philip.
You're stronger than that.
You have no idea what this feels like, - so why don't you - [door opens] [splashing] [gate creaks] I can't see.
I can't see! [] Really? You're gonna pass over me again? [door thuds] How many of them are there? What did they do? Just the one you've already met.
There was an old-style television in an open space, like a warehouse.
In this building? Must be.
Then they asked questions.
Just words on the television.
"When are you from?" Shit.
They know.
There's nothing to know.
Well, they obviously know something.
They have Jeffrey.
- What? - My son.
They showed him to me on the television.
They have him.
I saw.
[door opens] [splashing] [] [Philip]: Uh, wha Whoa, whoa.
Guys? What's he doing? He's injecting something into your I.
Whoa-whoa-whoa! Uh, what, uh I [] Never mind.
No-no-no! Stop, stop.
That's too much.
No! Stop! He'll overdose! Stop! That's okay.
It's what I needed.
That amount of heroin will slow your respiration rate and your heart rate down to dangerous levels.
Philip? You need to stay with us, okay? - I'm here.
- Philip, stay awake.
Philip! Listen to Marcy! [lock rattles] I can hear you, I'm Philip.
No, no! No! No! No! Philip! Carly! Make sure he stays awake! Philip, you stay awake, okay? [locks wheels] Hello? My name is Marcy Warton.
[breath shaking] I work at a library.
I don't know why you've taken me here.
I haven't done anything wrong.
[telephone ringing on the TV set] Hello? Marcy! Yes.
Oh, thank God.
I was so worried.
I've been freaking out.
No, I get it.
Mum's the word.
Yeah, no, of course, you're you're busy.
Well, when you do, I'll be here.
[Marcy stifling sobs] Yeah, all right, yeah.
We'll have the chicken.
Yeah, chicken sounds good.
I can't wait.
[Carly]: Philip! Philip, you do not have permission to sleep! We asked you a question! I'm still here.
[Sighs] Good.
That's good.
[Trevor]: Talk to us.
Tell us about your parents.
Where do they live? Yeah.
You never talk about them.
What's your mother's name? [chuckles softly] Stay in the here and now, Philip [Philip]: Do you remember the taste of the water? Recycled so many times it could never be made pure again? Shut up! This can't be heroin.
No, no, no, it is.
Or at least the first one was, and I am more grateful for it than I care to admit, but the second one was something else.
Something I think would only work on someone who's been modified to be an historian.
What is it? Memory pouring in like a flood.
Like the Helios tidal wave.
[Voice cracks]: I can't stop it.
I'm drowning in it! I want you to breathe deeply - and listen to my voice - You can't compete with this.
[gasps deeply] Do you remember the taste of metal in the air? The stink of 20,000 souls crammed into a shelter designed for half that number? Don't talk about the past! You mean the future.
I mean stop talking.
Do you guys remember when the reveille bell rang at the exact moment the dome in shelter 41 collapsed? It was exactly at 0600 almost like cause and effect.
The bell rang and woke everyone up a split second before they died.
As a boy, I remember thinking, "That's so unfair.
" [door opens] Philip, keep your mouth shut.
I'm not sure that I can.
[lock rattling] Philip Philip! I'll try.
Philip? I'll try.
I'll try.
I'll try, I'll try.
Philip! I'll try, I'll try [MacLaren]: Philip? Philip! [door thuds] [] [door opens] Philip? Philip? [] [computer beeps] [keys clacking] [weary sigh] Where are you guys? [Philip, thinking]: "No battle plan survives contact " "Plans are useless.
" "You are planning to fail.
" - "Planning is indispensable.
" - Franklin.
Franklin "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.
" Benjamin Franklin.
"No battle plan" Battle plan "survives contact with the enemy.
" Helmuth Von Moltke.
"My mission" "in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive" To thrive.
"And to do so with some passion "passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style!" Maya Angelou! "This is the way the world ends" This is the way the world ends.
"This is the way the world ends.
" "This is the way the world ends.
" "This is the way the world ends.
" "This is the way the world ends" "Not with a bang" "but a whimper.
" T.
[roars]: Eliot! [echoing] [] [MacLaren]: Well, it's a start.
What about 911 records? E.
calls? Nothing.
I've also tried virtually every emergency room in the Pacific Northwest.
You sure you don't want me to call Agent Forbes? No, he's got enough on his plate.
Well, it's just that he asked me to keep him updated on everything.
I said that I was sure, Beth.
How many freaking times do you need me to say it? Sorry.
I'm having a bad day.
Well, now we all are.
Just let me know if you find anything.
[door bangs open] [splashing] Oh, ho, ho! Come on! [roars victoriously] Finally! I've really been looking forward to this, Mr.
Thank you so-o-o much.
Ha-hah! I just hate being the last guy picked, you know? Drives me crazy.
I'm sure a guy like you understands.
Back soon! [door lift thuds and hums] All right, all right! Hey-hey.
Freight elevator.
Sweet ride.
Hey, are we going up or down? I'm gonna guess down.
Up! You son of a bitch! You got me! [background chatter, indistinct] [machinery humming and metal crunching] Can I help you? Special Agent Grant MacLaren.
I'm with the FBI.
I'm looking for a silver van that was brought here yesterday, about 3:30 in the afternoon.
Oh, the one that got T-boned by the Peterbilt? T-boned by the Pe? Yeah.
Show me.
Uh [Chuckles] Hey, FBI doing traffic accidents now? No.
Well, what's this about? It's about you showing me the van, and not asking me anymore goddamn questions.
There she is.
Total write-off.
[] [exhaling deeply] Do you know if any of the occupants were badly hurt? Oh, we don't get reports on the incidents.
Uh, the airbags went off, I can tell you that.
Thanks for your time.
Uh, you wanna dust it for prints or hit it with a little blue light or nothin'? Knock yourself out.
Wow! This is great up here.
Nice big space, daylight.
That's a big old CRT.
I'm guessing late '90s.
Those flat-screen sons of guns are heavy, huh? Probably not so much for you.
I bet you didn't even need help from your friends.
You do have friends, right? Are they government, or is this a private contractor gig? Whoa, a question on the TV! I love it.
It's like that show my mom watches after supper.
You know, most people would ask "Where are you from?" But hey, I don't want to offend anybody, if English is a second language.
Maybe it's a typo, huh? What a coincidence! I was gonna ask you the same thing, since you're the ones who brought me here, but hey, like my humanities teacher, Mr.
Warchowski, says "Why are we all here?" Right? Guess.
'Kay, technically, I'll be 18 in October, but I'm kind of an old soul.
What about you, Mr.
Giant? When's your birthday? Back when I was starting quarterback, our mission was to win the division, obviously.
You look like you played a little ball in your day, Mr.
Then again a deaf-mute like yourself wouldn't be able to hear the quarterback call plays, would he? [Trevor chuckling cockily] Ho-ho! [lock clicking] I'll catch you later, man! [chuckles] [sighs as door thuds] What did you say to them? I got 'em right where I want 'em.
Excuse me.
[radios crackling quietly] Officer Boyd? You got a second? Sure.
Excuse me.
What about the, uh The CCTV is down.
What the hell are you doing here? I thought I made it very clear last time that you were not to communicate with me.
Yeah, well, screw Protocol 6.
My team is missing.
For how long? Since yesterday morning.
I just found out about it a while ago.
All of them! Their coms and locators are offline.
They don't show up on GPS.
What about the deep web backchannel? That's the first place I looked! There's no sign of them.
It's like they've disappeared.
The FBI has far more resources than I do.
I'm running a facial recognition search through the NSA.
Which could take forever, if it works at all.
I know! But what else can I do? They've all been previously red-flagged by the previous me.
I found their vehicle in in a salvage yard.
It had been T-boned by a Vanderbilt or some damn thing.
Trail ends there, I'm guessing? [sighs] Okay, you need to consider the possibility that they've been taken out of the equation.
What equation? The Director's.
I've seen entire teams I was supposed to work on a mission with just disappear into thin air.
Probably taken out by another traveler team under orders.
You know as well as I do, the future has the ultimate power over us.
If the Director doesn't like the way we perform, a decision we make W-W-Why them? I'm responsible for my team's actions.
Well, how badly have you messed up lately? Maybe you're next.
I don't buy that.
What do you want from me? My team has been tasked to participate in a mission that requires six people, minimum, to pull it off.
- When? - Tonight.
And that's what you're here about? You want my team's help? The mission comes first.
The mission's canceled, MacLaren! You just don't get it yet.
Thanks for your help.
Hold on.
If you get a real lead, I will help you go after them.
Okay? I'll help you.
But if I'm right, and it's the Director I know.
I hope I'm wrong.
[weary sigh] Torture doesn't work, people.
It's been proven! You know, whoever you are, whatever information you think you're getting is of almost no value.
His name is Philip.
He was in the van with me when we were [weary sigh] I don't understand the question.
I mean, if you're asking how old [gunshot] [shrieking] No! No! [starts convulsing] [seizure continues] Where's the rest of your team? M.
! We have to cancel the mission.
What about all those people? I was hoping the Director would send you a replacement team, but Maybe there's still a way.
No, no.
Forget it, the mission's canceled.
The Director will have an alternative.
We have to trust that.
I'm sorry about your team.
I haven't given up just yet.
[rotors beating] There's no way they can do the mission with so few personnel.
All those people are gonna die.
They already did.
We just weren't there to prevent it from happening.
Just hope the boss isn't in the same situation as we are somewhere.
I have an idea that could end this, if the opportunity presents itself again.
But I want everyone to decide.
We may not be better off.
I say go for it.
How? You're gonna try to talk me out of it.
Why? It's insane.
[door thuds open] [Philip]: Marcy! Philip? You're alive? [deep heaving sob] I saw I saw you die, they showed me.
- No, I'm right here.
- No, on the television.
They They shot you in the chest.
[Trevor]: No, no, no, no, Marcy, Marcy, he's right in front of you.
Marcy, look at me.
You were in those clothes, you were slumped over [Trevor]: Oh, this is good.
[Philip]: What? How? Think about it! They probably don't even have Carly's kid! They're just pushing buttons and seeing what happens.
I don't know who, but this still gives us power we don't have much of.
We don't have any power.
[Carly]: Please? Please Before you take him away, would you? [screaming and groaning] Hang on! [thrashing and groaning] [] [silence falls] [ding] [beep] [] [bang] [] [door crashes open] [footsteps splashing] [MacLaren]: Jesus Christ! [MacLaren panting] He's alive.
He's cold.
Dead for hours.
I've gotta get 'em out of here.
Look for a key! Check his pockets! - I got it! I got it! - Got it? [grunting intensely] Carly! Carly.
She's unconscious, but strong pulse, though.
[Carly coughing] It's me.
I'm here.
You're late.
Won't happen again.
Gonna get you outta here, okay? [Carly]: How many days? Three.
I had to end it.
What What was this about? Why did he do it? It wasn't him.
He was a hired gun.
We never found out who it was.
I'm gonna get you out of this.
What about the mission? No, it's canceled.
Couldn't do it without you.
There was no way.
What? What is it? What if that's what this was about? []