Travelers (2016) s01e06 Episode Script


1 Previously on Travelers [Carly]: We've been abducted.
Why don't you show yourself? - Wilson! - Sir.
The road ahead's clear.
I'll be following just behind.
[honking] Sir, I could use your help up here.
[explosion] [Gleason]: The blast was substantial enough to put my driver into a coma, but we both know it should have been in the megaton range.
I'm not sure what you're accusing me of.
That it never existed or somehow you hung on to it.
Either way, we are going to have a conversation.
[birds chirping nearby] [group]: Amen! [man]: Amen! Moses went to the mountain for 40 days and nights.
Jesus wandered into the desert for 40 days, and so too have we journeyed across this land, back to the place where I first had the vision of our coming rapture.
- Hallelujah! - Praise be.
It was here at the shores of this river that you were first baptized into my flock.
My friends it is time.
[faint ringing in their ears] The Lord awaits us! [ringing increases] [screaming] [overlapping screaming] [screaming] [cries and sound distorting as ringing persists] Aah! [ringing stops] Did we all make it? Good question.
Anybody here feeling out of place? Feeling not too bad.
Gang's all here.
Well, hallelujah.
That's got to be a record.
[wakes with a gasp] Nurse said you woke up at 0300 and tried to pull out your ventilator tube.
They called me in to reprimand you.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, I was a little out of it.
Anyone told you you've been unconscious for a number of weeks? Yeah, it's hard to believe.
It feels like I was in the driver's seat of that truck and then I was here.
Can you tell me what happened that night? To be honest, sir, you probably saw more of what happened than I did.
How's that? You were following behind me, like you said.
I spotted your headlights at one point.
I was mostly focused on keeping the vibrations down and the road ahead.
And then the car came out of nowhere, and that woman walked out.
What woman? You didn't see her? I radioed you before I stopped the truck.
She was just standing in the middle of the road.
I told her she didn't want to be there, and then the next thing I remember, I was driving again.
Sir, I know it sounds crazy, but All right.
That's enough for now.
I'm sure it'll all come back to you in time.
Get some rest.
Sir, I know what was in the back of my truck.
How am I still alive? I'm going to go find out.
[] [sanding wood] [blowing] [he knocks] Hey.
Someone tried to shabby-chic a classic barley twist.
Client wants me to restore it.
I brought you the last of the coffee.
Oh, I left that for you for your traveler's mug.
My what? You know, that insulated mug your dad used to wander around the house with? Oh uh, no.
I've had my caffeine ration for the day.
I was thinking about doing fish on the grill tonight.
Don't count on me for dinner.
I was hoping, since you've been working so much these past few weeks I can't.
Not tonight.
All right.
So that's a classic barley twist, huh? Mm.
Imagine someone treating it like that not knowing what they have.
It's impressive what you do.
Why do you think that is, Grant? You take something neglected, and something that's rare and beautiful, and make it whole again.
Thank you.
I told Forbes that I'd be early.
[kissing] Bye, Kat.
Patricia? Oh, no, no.
That's not what you said you were gonna wear.
Well, I've changed my mind! No, you know I like you in that black dress.
All right.
Would you mind? Thank you.
You know, my Humanities teacher, Mr.
Warchowski, says that in 20 years, equality between the sexes won't even be an issue.
Warchowski's the gay one, isn't he? Not an issue.
No parties while I'm gone, okay, superstar? I promise.
I'm serious.
I can tell.
You have a good time, Gary.
I'll be in the car.
And stop calling me "Gary," for Christ's sakes.
I'm your father.
You looked lovely in that other dress, by the way.
Oh, it's just easier, honey.
We've got to teach him some time.
Thank you.
Okay, so we are gonna be home by noon tomorrow.
[car starts] Bye, Mom.
Thank you, sweetheart.
All set? Yep.
What's wrong? Is everything all right? Yeah, you know.
Prevent Helios, and we prevent the beginning of the Fall.
That was the Director's calculation that started this whole thing.
More than any other, this is the mission objective that motivated us to come back to the 21st.
I know you all just went through hell, and I wish we had answers, but we don't.
So let's just focus on the mission at hand.
Marcy? All right.
Uh Place the business end against your bicep like so, and push.
It's important that you receive the full dosage.
Okay? You'll still smell and taste the chemical in the air within the compound, but I promise you, this will stop your nervous system from shutting down.
Okay? What? Nervous about a little pin-prick after what we've just been through? I just have a thing with needles.
Me too.
Speaking of which this isn't gonna interfere with? No, you're fine.
You can go ahead.
Abductors set back his rehab.
[injector clicks] One last thing.
It was our decision to take the antimatter back to Delaney.
It's on us that the location for this mission had to change, so one way or the other, we are seeing this through.
To the end, if necessary.
We know.
And we're good.
Yes, you are.
[injector clicks] If I may? [exhales tensely] We, the last unbroken remnants [others join in]: Vow to undo the errors of our ascendants, to make the Earth whole, the lost unlost, at peril of our own birth.
It's time.
Could I take this in my glutes, or does it have to be my arm? Not a lot of muscle to work with.
Just stick to the instructions, Becky.
You're our best sniper.
[injector clicks] Good to go.
[engine starts] [injector clicks] [] [phone alert beeps] [replying] [door opens] Dr.
Delaney? That was fast.
I need you to come with us, ma'am.
Come with you? That I wasn't expecting.
Where are we going? I'm afraid I can't say.
No? Look it up.
It means "no.
" Ma'am, I'm afraid I'm not authorized to take no for answer.
Oh, for God's sake, I'm just screwing with you.
Let's go.
Stay here.
The Major doesn't want anyone to have access without his knowledge.
Yes, sir.
[Pastor]: Look at all the trees.
Can you imagine ever seeing so many trees? I've seen maybe 100 birds.
Oh! There's another one of those Canada Geese! [Pastor]: Keep your eyes on the road.
[Earl]: All my eyes are looking for is a rest stop.
We're on a tight schedule.
Yeah, tell my bladder.
[] These are your guys? I thought Oh, by all means, complete that sentence.
Who were you expecting? Take me back to my lab, please.
You just got here.
Then I want to talk to my lawyer.
Delaney, you're a military contractor operating under military law during a time of contingency operations.
I am a scientist, and my contract is with the Van Huizen Corporation.
Consequently, you fall under the code of military conduct, and will be held for questioning.
Sergeant? I'll need to take this for now, ma'am.
Follow me, please.
Don't know why you'd be nervous.
You're in your element.
I'm just thinking about Jeffrey, about not being able to protect him.
I never expected to get so attached.
You can't think like that.
You got to stay in the present.
Irony intended.
What about your wife? Does it bother you that you may never see her again? That's not really the present, is it? That's not really an answer.
[] Mrs.
Bloom? Are you ready? Now, legally, we need to present this material before we proceed.
I didn't walk in here by mistake.
I'll be right back with your medicine.
Could I have some chocolate, please? I hear the liquid is bitter.
Of course.
[ringing in Mrs.
Bloom's ears] [gasps as ringing increases] [screaming] [ringing continues] [ringing stops] [exhales] [] Oh Uh Is everything okay? I changed my mind.
Remember me? Another leak in 26, apparently.
I don't see that here.
What? They called, like, 40 minutes ago.
Said it was worse than last time.
I brought the whole crew out on a Saturday.
You mind if I have a look at that? The notification would show up right here if you had one.
Can I get some help here? A little help! [Marcy]: Officer, your security guard passed out! - I know CPR.
- I don't know what happened! Get him on the ground! He j-just clutched his chest and his knees buckled! I hope he's not having a heart attack.
[injections clicking] [Marcy]: All right.
- Just put 'em in the back.
- Three down.
Police and military radio signals are jammed outside the facility.
[MacLaren]: Wind direction? Same as historical record.
Okay, you guys to the charges.
We'll find Delaney, give her the antitoxin, and explain what's going on.
That'll be interesting.
Your reinforcements have been delayed.
Bus got stopped at the border.
Expired passport.
Well, no plan survives contact with the past, right? [] 3546 in position.
[] Dr.
Delaney? Hello? I mean, it is the weekend.
Well, she said she'd be here.
Does it matter? We don't need her, but I pr No, she's not answering her cell.
It just keeps ringing.
[Trevor]: We're in position.
All right.
Go when ready.
Hope the wind doesn't change! [Philip]: It won't for hours.
According to the historical record, it won't, but you said it yourself, we're starting to see changes.
These tanks will be ruptured by the blast anyway, and the toxic cloud would be blown toward the city.
A controlled release allows for a forced evacuation.
Hands in the air! Move! [beep] Move! This is Morrison.
Come in.
Your radio won't work.
On your knees with your hands on your head! Listen! You need to run! Now! That way! I said on your knees with your hands on your head! Now! I repeat, this is Morrison.
And I repeat, your radio will not work.
Five seconds.
Please, kid! Run! You need to run! Go! Go! Shut up! Hands on your head! Last warning! [explosions] [gas hissing] I'm so sorry.
[coughs] [gasping] [coughing] [groaning and gasping] He's not a Van Huizen employee.
No, he's not.
Boss, we initiated the controlled release.
The alarm should go any second now.
I regret to report one casualty.
[MacLaren]: Understood.
I need you back in building 26 now.
We got another problem.
[recording plays]: Attention, this is an air quality alert.
All personnel evacuate immediately or report to your designated refuge area.
[klaxons blare] Keep moving! Come on, let's go! Okay! Keep moving! Keep moving! Let's go, let's go! all personnel evacuate immediately or report to your designated refuge area.
Keep the change, Omar, and head east as fast as you can.
[klaxons blare] You're late, ma'am.
Did you know that older people have a hard time getting cabs in the city because apparently we tip like shit? My new friend taught me that.
[injector clicks] Ow! Ohh.
[recording plays]: Attention, this is an air quality alert.
All personnel Traveler 3277? Yeah.
Park the vehicles near the leak in case a television crew is stupid enough to try to get a shot.
And then get up on the roof.
It's on its way.
Got it.
The device hasn't arrived yet? Well, it's ten minutes out.
Well, then, I'm not late yet, am I? How far of a walk is it? [shouts]: Can we get the Engineer transport? Walk with me, if we've got the time.
I need the exercise.
[klaxons blare] It's a very simple question, Doctor.
What happened to the antimatter? If this is an interrogation fantasy you're living out Hardly.
Or worse, your way of getting me to confess that I failed again This is what it is.
You can expect charges of mutiny, sedition, aiding the enemy, and espionage, and each one carries the death penalty.
I already told you what happened! The antimatter we actually created amounted to only a fraction of what we thought.
I think you sold it! What? To who? Russians.
North Korea.
Any number of foreign powers.
You're right.
And it didn't even take you long to figure out.
First I snuck the material out in my purse.
I didn't say I knew how you did it.
I just know you did it.
Major Gleason, I didn't know how big an idiot you were.
I just knew you were an idiot.
[keyboarding] [sighing] She put a biometric lock on the material.
Retinal scan.
[Philip]: That's a tough hack.
[Trevor]: I guess she didn't trust us.
No, I told her to keep it safe, but Not safe from us.
Texted her a heads-up yesterday and this morning.
Can't reach her.
Do you think she's been taken somewhere against her will? That's been goin' around.
That casualty that I reported a few minutes ago wasn't a Van Huizen employee.
Wasn't in uniform, but I'm pretty sure he was military.
I'll look for her.
I'll try and break this lock.
I'm Traveler 117.
The Director says hello.
Welcome to the 21st, Engineer.
Call me Bloom.
It's wonderful to see you again.
Ahh You too, kid.
[chuckling warmly] [laughing] How are you coping with your situation, dear? Oh, I'm fine, thank you, ma'am.
Uh, it is an honor to meet you in person.
Oh, please the honor's mine.
[loudly]: You do know you guys are already famous where I just came from? Really? Not in a good way.
There's been a lot of arguments among the project team over you.
I should know.
I've argued on both sides.
Boy, they ever give you a hard time Remind me not to ever get on your bad side.
[MacLaren]: Wait! You know who abducted my team? Wasn't anyone on my team.
They were tortured for days! I know what happened, dear.
I'm from the future.
I'm sure it was terrible, but the point is, you found them! Well, we found them.
Not that that matters anymore anyway.
This is the big day.
If this works we're done.
If this works, we save tens of millions of lives.
Sure we do, but you're forgetting the oath you took before you came.
"At peril of our own birth.
" The handsome boy gets it.
Uh I'm sorry, I don't.
They're so cute when they're young.
Everything up to now, all these missions, they've been preparations, fine-tuning for this moment.
Not that the other work wasn't important or didn't matter, but If we successfully deflect asteroid Helios 685, we alter the course of humanity so profoundly it's highly probable that the time we come from, everything between then and now, the plagues, the shortages, the wars, none of that will happen.
Which means it's also highly probable that neither will we.
[] near the Van Huizen research facility as a precaution.
While close exposure is considered fatal, civic authorities are confident the toxic chemical leak will dissipate harmlessly We shouldn't have stopped to take a picture of that dog.
It was a bear, and it took all of 30 seconds.
It was that damn border crossing.
but as a precaution, city residents [helicopter rotors beat] This is Carly.
The device has arrived, and it's being lowered into position.
[MacLaren]: How's the perimeter looking? Non-traveler responders keep showing up, and we keep telling them to leave.
Sooner or later, someone's not gonna take no for an answer.
I could use those reinforcements.
Well, just keep saying no, Carly.
I don't know what else to tell you.
[Bloom]: Laser's here.
I'm here.
All we need now is access to the antimatter.
[MacLaren]: And there's no way to bypass the scan? Well, Philip's gonna run a software hack, but Delaney did an excellent job.
We may be stuck.
Imagine why you're famous.
This isn't really a problem.
With or without Delaney, we can trigger containment failure by shutting off its power supply.
[Bloom]: Do it that way, and we risk an asymmetrical collapse of the magnetic bottle.
Now, would you please stop improvising for one damn minute? Power shut-off has always been the contingency.
An X-ray laser works by translating a very specific amount of energy from an antimatter or nuclear explosion into a coherent beam of X-rays.
Too much, and you overload the laser.
Too little, and it won't deflect the target.
This is my swan song, MacLaren.
I would like to get it right, and I would like to be the one who turns the key.
I do not care to wing this! [MacLaren]: How's your search going? I just found a car on security logs arriving at the facility early this morning and leaving five minutes after.
I can't identify the occupants, but I do have a plate.
Locate that car.
We've still got time to get her here.
At least find her eye.
That's all we really need.
I'll be checking my science project on the roof if anybody needs me.
She's been like that for a hundred years.
Don't take it personally.
[sighs] Yeah.
[Gleason]: Private Wilson suffered third-degree burns over 20% of his body.
He spent the last several weeks in a coma.
Whoever intercepted his truck made it look like containment failed and then there was an explosion.
How did you let that happen? Where were you during all this? Wilson came out of his coma in the middle of the night, and I spoke to him.
He told me a woman stopped him in the middle of the road, "just standing there.
" Damn it.
You just keep getting it right.
The second you left, I took off in my invisible helicopter.
This is not funny! If you actually listen to yourself, it's hilarious! Your own piece-of-shit portable containment unit weighed a couple tons, and needed a Mack truck to pull it around.
How the hell would I? There are plenty of foreign powers capable of engineering this, Doctor! Why would I have waited until you took it from me to sell it if I already had it? A few minutes ago, you were sticking to your story that it never existed.
[] [Marcy]: Hey, David, it's me.
Uh, guess it's my turn to leave you a goofy message.
Um I just know how stressed out you get when you don't hear from me, so I wanted to let you know that I might be away for a while, and maybe even relocated.
I just don't want you wondering or worrying if you don't hear from me.
You know, if it happens, I mean, I don't know for sure that it will, but if it does, I just want to thank you for always being there for me when I really needed someone.
You know, in another time or another life, right? Okay, uh Goodbye, David.
I spent my life designing that thing.
Now I'm just gonna blow it up.
How's that for the circle of life? [gasps] - Oh! - Are you feeling ill? My host was dying of cancer.
Whatever pain medication she was on I'll go grab you something.
[chuckling wryly] Are you serious? One of the best pain meds there ever was.
I mean, she's she's not wrong.
The firing window is 2 hours, 4 minutes, and 11 seconds away.
All I got to do is turn a key.
I'd rather not do it in pain.
I'll check inside.
I'm good.
[beep] Trev? What happened? Progress? I think my hacking attempts triggered a silent alarm.
It's pinging to a remote I.
Can you I.
the location? Hold that thought.
Sir! It was in her bag.
[Gleason]: What is this? [Gleason]: What does this mean? Hello! I'll take Marcy.
You send me the coordinates en route! [Delaney]: It means that your people are in my lab trying to break into the containment unit, and they don't know what they're frigging doing.
The only guy I've got there couldn't break into his own lunchbox.
Tell me who that is! Where are you going? Philip found Delaney.
The Engineer wants her here.
We can't hold them off much longer.
We just need an hour or so.
Give us a head start, then blow the second charge.
All right.
Go get her.
Trevor, blow the main.
[Trevor]: Copy.
[explosion roars] All right.
Okay, this is a deadly, toxic gas, people.
Get in your vehicles and get out of here now! Go! [sirens blaring] Ever get the feeling you're heading in the wrong direction? Well, at least we can say we saw a dog.
It was a bear! It was a beautiful living thing out in the world.
Excuse me, Major.
There's a Special Agent from the FBI who wants to talk.
Tell him I'm busy.
Not to you, sir.
To her.
[Gleason]: Special Agent? MacLaren, FBI.
You're Major? Gleason.
You must be who triggered Delaney's little alarm.
Actually, the Doctor is part of an ongoing investigation that the Bureau has had underway for months, so you can imagine our surprise when you show up out of nowhere and take her to wherever the hell this is.
This place Obviously not an official military facility, which is the only place you'd have any sort of jurisdiction or the right to question anybody, let alone Delaney.
All right, so tell me, who's she selling to? Selling to? What're you doing? Major - I have good reason to Sus - This is not your job.
It is, however, my job.
Do you understand that? [deep breath] You know what? I've had enough of this conversation.
Let me see her right now, before I call your superiors and tell them you've been freelancing as a part-time private detective.
I give up.
Where is she? Lock down the building.
Find her! Gleason, you gotta be kidding me! My men will find her! No! They will stand down and stay out of this! What the hell is wrong with you? Who knows what damage you've done.
[Carly]: I've released all non-essential personnel.
Where are my reinforcements? They should be there any minute.
Can I get up now? - What's going - [injector clicks] Ow! What the hell is that? It's an antitoxin for the chemical leak at Van Huizen.
What chemical leak? Well, that's part of a longer conversation.
You found my biometric lock.
And we're gonna need you to unlock it.
You're late! [Earl]: Long drive.
You know where you need to go? Restroom.
Then, yeah, we know what we're here to do.
[Carly]: Let's go.
[reporter]: while close exposure could be fatal Sir? You should see this.
Civic authorities are confident the toxic chemical leak will dissipate harmlessly and soon be under control.
We haven't heard from Morrison? I can't reach him either.
clearing the cloud away from densely populated areas Can you guys be somewhere else for a few minutes? You're fine.
Go back to work.
Oh, you son of a bitch.
I need the squad fully armed and ready to go right now.
All right, leave two on that bus, you stay down here.
The rest of your squad over on that roof.
Yours, over there.
That'll place any attacking force in a field of fire between you, okay? [Pastor]: Protocol 3 hasn't been waived.
They won't know about Protocol 3.
They're gonna figure it out pretty quick.
Let me worry about that.
Who's your best sniper? Uh, Becky.
- Becky - [cocks gun] You're with me.
[tires squeal] What the hell is that thing? That's also part of a longer conversation.
[Carly]: Cutting it close.
There's plenty of time.
I wish.
[] Me too.
[Delaney]: I heard you the first time! No! [Bloom]: For Christ's sakes, someone knock the woman out, point her eye at the damn thing, and let's get on with it! And you are? The Engineer who designed that thing on your roof.
Call me Bloom.
What is that thing? Tell her.
It's an X-ray laser.
And we're back to no.
[Trevor]: Look! Travelers like ourselves have been building and assembling components for this for over a year.
To do what with it? There's an asteroid on a collision course with Earth called "Helios 685.
" It hasn't been detected yet, but when it strikes the Atlantic Ocean in 18 months' time, the wave will knock out most of the Eastern Seaboard, resulting in environmental effects, shortages, and wars from which there will be no recovery.
How the hell could you possibly know all of this? [Philip]: We're from the future.
[Bloom]: Just came from there myself.
I don't recommend it.
Why wasn't this asteroid detected? Helios will be detected two months from now, but, by then, it's too late.
If my X-ray laser is fired precisely 12 minutes from now, the beam will strike Helios and deflect it by .
07 degrees.
Enough to miss the Earth in 18 months.
A near-miss that will hopefully bring the nations of the world together, and make them realize what the hell they've got to lose.
You've seen the laser.
You know damn well the 21st century has nothing like it.
To power it, you need the energy release of a matter-antimatter detonation.
The blast radius could be miles wide.
[Bloom]: People will die, yes.
Certainly everyone here, but the laser will translate most of that energy into the beam.
Doctor, we would rather do this with your help but we are doing this.
By all means, dear, take your time.
I'm going to exact revenge on the destruction of the Cetan.
They're coming.
Fire teams, stand by.
A full squad just entered the compound.
We're close, Carly.
You need to hold them back.
Hold who back? Gleason and his men.
You're up, Doctor.
Stand by.
Now! [gunfire] Take cover! Yes, Major! Copy that! You focus on the officer.
Protocol 3 is enforced.
[shots land] [gunfire hits vehicle] [beeping] [computer]: Good day, Dr.
[keyboarding] [heavy gunfire exchanging] [no gunfire returns] [Gleason]: They're not shooting to kill! Let's go, boys! Take 'em down! Move, move, move! You should know I'm hardest on people I think have the most potential.
- [beep] - [computer]: Armed.
We're armed.
Take Dr.
Delaney with you.
The future could use her.
We're not going anywhere.
We're staying till this is done.
If you hadn't brought Delaney here, I be forced to agree with you, but there's just time to get her to minimum safe distance.
The soldiers will eventually make it inside.
Then there'll be no getting out of here, and it'll be in the hands of the Director.
Now do you get it? [] [explosion roars] [gunfire] Request permission to use deadly force! Negative, we're coming out the south door.
Have your teams give cover fire and meet us on the way.
Orders from the Engineer.
We've got to get Delaney to safe distance.
[Gleason]: Go, go, go, go, go! Move it! Move it! I got the door! Go, go, go, go! [beeping] [system powers up] [lighter clicking] [door opens] It's medicinal I swear.
[Carly]: Cover fire, now! Carly, come on! Everybody, get down! [hail of gunfire] [gunfire] Step away! I'd tell you to run but with less than 87 seconds to go, we're past that now.
Stop! - I guess it's too much to ask - Stand down! that is an order! That I be the one who turns the key when [firing] Make sure she's dead.
[ringing in soldier's ears] [screaming] Aah! [ringing stops] [Gleason]: Stop! What are you doing? Soldier! [gunfire] Soldier, stop! That is an order! [gunfire] [ringing in his ears] [screaming] Aah! [ringing stops] Stop! What are you doing? Soldier! Stand down! Stop, sir! [fires repeatedly] [others screaming] [ringing in their ears] [gunfire] [ringing] [ringing stops] Sergeant! No! Stand down! [fires] [ringing in his ears] [gun clicking repeatedly] No.
No! [screaming] Aah! Aah! [ringing stops] That's time.
[] [Philip]: Eyes closed! [] [tires squealing] [explosion roaring] How will we know if it worked? [quietly]: I'm not sure it did.
Why? Because we're all still here.