Travelers (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

Protocol 5

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Trading one addiction for another never works.
Are you prepared to do the work? I have no intention of playing football again.
- What? - [mother.]
: Trevor! Imagine someone treating it like that, not knowing what they have.
: This is the mission objective that motivated us to come back to the 21st.
: We are seeing this through, to the end, if necessary.
How will we know if it worked? I'm not sure it did.
We're all still here.
: Bought something to toast with.
Figured we should celebrate 21st-century style.
The 21st century doesn't even know we saved them.
Well, there'd be a lot of this if they did.
You know, a lot of people died.
We should Because of them, a hell of a lot more people are gonna live.
: 91,462,000 more.
It worked.
In 18 months, Helios is gonna miss.
: Isn't that worth taking a moment? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
I just I never thought past the mission.
You know? I mean, the authorities can call it a chemical explosion all they want, but the Russians, the Chinese, they've got satellites.
They're gonna know it was an antimatter detonation.
T-This could end up in the same arms race that we came here to prevent in the Boss take the win.
All right.
Anybody else's arm killing them? I told you the inoculation might have some side effects.
How about a toast? You know I'm not big on speeches, so, um May you all live long lives.
Prost, salut, viva, bud'mo, skol.
L'Chaim! Oh, God.
Oh, that's just wrong.
I'm sorry, guys.
I only had $20 on me.
I really And when you say "may you all have long lives," that kinda sounds like there won't be any more missions.
Well, we may have done what we came here to do created a future where we're no longer needed.
All we have to do is live out our lives.
These lives, I mean.
: Protocol 5.
[baby cries.]
[alarm clock rings.]
[he turns it off.]
Come with me.
What's up? [door latches shut.]
This has always been solid, right? Between me and you.
Are you breaking up with me? No, I'm serious, man, I'm in trouble.
What kind of trouble? What you got on this afternoon? More of that.
Not anymore.
I need your help.
Well, tell me what's going on! You've been dropping off the grid left and right lately, and I haven't asked one single question.
Now, you're my partner, right? And I trust you.
Do you trust me? Of course I do.
All right.
Let's go.
[door opens.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
[TV playing while baby cries.]
It's okay.
It's okay.
I know.
I know.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
[he cries, TV plays.]
I really don't know how you stand this either.
[he cries.]
[locks door.]
[crying continues from behind the door.]
None of this fits.
I think I'm getting fat.
: I don't think you understand the meaning of the word.
Well, either I'm getting fat or my boobs got bigger.
Can you come in here a sec? Actually, no, I don't think that's a good idea.
I'm not supposed to Come in here.
I need your help.
Rene, the lady's right there, - and she could - Okay.
Look at all this stuff.
I've got so much good shit.
Look at this.
Open back.
And these pants.
Aren't they perfect? Yeah, they're really pants.
Open your coat.
- What? - We got to go.
Open your coat! I can't fit this all in my purse.
You don't actually, um, want to steal all this stuff? Well, not all of it.
[stuffing clothes in bag.]
Rene, don't.
Come on! You love this stuff! Help me.
: Do you have these in a size 13? It's hard for me to find good shoes.
I really like these kicks.
Do you think you could maybe take a look, like, in the back? In the back.
I thought this stuff got you hot.
Come on.
It gets me hot.
Come on, look, Rene, I'm gonna have to admit a bit of confusion at this point, okay? Hey! That's illegal! So's that.
- Hey! - [Trevor.]
: Hey! Wait! Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! The Director's gonna make you pay for this.
Excuse me? You're paying for what they stole.
[distant laughter.]
Aw, shit.
Hey, Phil.
Phil? [engages brake.]
Hey, Phil.
Come on, man.
Don't make me chase you.
What's up? [distorted.]
: I thought you were off of that shit.
What am I, getting you the Percs just for show? [slurring.]
: What do you want, Ray? Why don't you let me take you home? Come on, man.
I'm going for a walk.
I can see that.
Don't have any bets for you today.
Forget about the bet.
You're scaring the children.
[music distorts.]
: Come on, let's go.
Walt, what are we doing? - What is this? - Just keep it reined in.
These guys don't mess around.
[frustrated sigh.]
: Stop where you are! Eyes front! Put the bag down! Weapons down! Put 'em on the ground! Okay, we're doing it! Seriously? It's gonna be all right.
Get your hands in the air.
Above your head! Eyes front! Sorry about that, Mac.
Let's go.
[tires screech.]
[door opens.]
[crowd, shouting.]
: Surprise! [laughter and cheering.]
Easy there.
You son of a bitch.
You've got some new moves, Mac.
Jesus, man, I could've broken something.
Yeah, I'm fine.
You still got no chill, man.
Congratulations, partner.
Oh, and thanks for the assist with the propane.
15 years and they can still surprise you? Congratulations.
[guests applauding.]
I swore to myself I would never eat this shit again.
: Well the body needs fuel, man.
When was the last time you had like a proper meal? All I ever see you eat is Coke and Twinkies.
When did you start caring about my health? You see, that's your problem, right there.
Probably all you've ever had is junkies for friends, right? You never had anyone just lookin' out for you 'cause they care.
You only care because I give you bets.
Yeah, your special abilities, they play a fundamental part in our relationship, that's for sure.
But I'm buying you lunch 'cause I'm a goddamn humanitarian.
- [door shuts.]
- Hey, Marce? In here.
Hey, I couldn't remember if you liked the green apples or the red apples, so I just Jesus Christ.
What? What the hell are you doing? Uh, just a minor surgery.
Nothing serious.
What have you done to yourself? I've installed a vagus nerve stimulator in order to minimize my seizures.
Normal people don't operate on themselves, Marcy.
The Terminator, maybe, but that's it.
This is minimally invasive.
Don't worry, I'll clean up the mess.
It's not about the mess.
The fact that you would do something like this alone is insane.
Well, you would've made me go to the hospital.
Yes! Surgery? Yes! I mean, look at this place! It's just a little bit of blood.
No, it's not.
No, it's not! This This is a great deal of blood! How How do you not How do you not recognize this? I mean Oh, come on! I can't I can't keep doing this.
Doing what? Pretending that this is normal.
And it's not just this, it's everything.
I mean, it's it's the staying out late all night without telling me where you are, it's CPR during phone conversations, it's the how about the phone message saying that you might be relocating? "Another time, another life" what And please stop kissing me to just to shut me up.
That's not fair.
Do you want me to leave? No.
It's do you know what it is? Stop trying to do everything alone.
Let me in.
Let me help you with the battle.
Because I can't help but think that whatever it is you're doing it's a battle.
Would you have helped me with this? Oh, God, no.
But I am here for you for anything and everything non-surgical.
Okay, maybe, like, minor surgery, like Band-Aids.
I can do Band-Aids.
: All right, get him up here.
Come on, let's go.
Yeah, get his jacket.
No Take your jacket off.
Come on, everyone, let's hear it for him! - [all applauding.]
- Why? Why are you taking my jacket? It's fine.
You'll be fine.
Special Agent Grant MacLaren.
In recognition of your many years of dedication to this Bureau, the men and women of this division would like to present you with this token of our appreciation.
Here's to 15 years, bruh.
Come on! Hold it up.
- What are you doing? - No, no, no, no.
Come on.
Here we go.
Yo, Kat, take a picture.
Of course.
I can't get in.
Just swipe up.
Did you Did you change it? [.]
: All right.
Let's do this.
Big smiles! Come on, man.
[shutter snapping.]
[baby cries.]
It's okay.
We're just gonna play it extra safe today, okay? Okay? [baby's cries duplicated nearby.]
[exhales wearily.]
Hey, Walt.
Hey, sweetheart.
How are you? Mm.
Thanks so much for putting this together for him.
It means a lot.
: Yeah, he's all right.
So how are things? You look good.
Everything's fine now? Yeah, unless you know something I don't.
Uh, no, it's just that Mac told me that he took you to the doctor's the other day.
You know what? It's none of my business.
I never should've said anything.
No, no, no, it's fine.
It wasn't anything serious.
Well, I'm glad to hear it.
Yeah, everything's good.
We're good.
- Should I top you up? - Uh, yes, please.
There you go.
I'm really sorry.
[exhales tensely.]
Hey! What the hell was that in there? Well, I don't know, dawg, you tell me, because you really botched it in there! - I did? - Yeah! Was I getting you all worked up? No! It was It was a terrible plan.
No, no, it wasn't a terrible plan! - Yeah! It was! - It's your plan.
No, it wasn't my plan! It's your plan, Trevor! We've done it 10 times! All right? You're killing me out here, man.
You are so off your game today.
What are these? Benzos.
Your favorite.
This is my mother's medication.
How did you get this? Are you kidding? Man, don't even.
Are you stealing from my family? You told me to! No, I didn't tell you to! Look, man just give me the pills.
No, I'm not giving you the pills.
Just be fair and give me the pills, all right? I gave you the last stash! We had a deal, bitch! Come on, chill out, guys.
Come on, Trevor.
Your head is still healing.
I'm not in any danger.
No, you're right.
Just give me back the pills, and you won't be.
Walk away.
Trevor! Don't.
- Trevor! - [blow lands.]
Yeah, screw you! [gasps.]
What? Are you okay? Wha? Okay, just sit back.
- [sighs heavily.]
- Close your eyes.
[Sighs heavily.]
What is this even supposed to do? This is connected to a nerve in your head.
No, it's not.
You know reflexology's not real medicine.
Next you're going to tell me that the hip bone's not connected to the leg bone.
It isn't.
All right, you know what? I'm j I'm trying to help you relax, so just play along.
Close your eyes.
What happened here? Uh, it's nothing.
It's just a reaction from an injection.
An injection of? An antitoxin.
An antitoxin for? [sighs.]
Marcy [echoing.]
: you're seeing things.
What do you mean? The psychotropic effects of the antitoxins.
You've been experiencing them all day, kiddo.
An antitoxin for what? Sorry, I shouldn't have said anything.
I'm just [sighs.]
I'm just experiencing some side effects.
Did you have anything to do with that huge explosion at Van Huizen? You know about that? Well, it was the first mushroom cloud we've had in the area in what seems like forever.
It was all over the news.
They said it was a combination of spilt chemicals that accidentally combined with I mean, why am I telling you? You were there.
They did say it was just an accident, though.
They evacuated the area in time, and no one was hurt.
: Marcy.
: Marcy.
Marce? [pained gasping.]
Marcy? Marcy, look at me.
[distorted laughter of guests, echoing.]
Hey, MacLaren.
We're talking about the time that we had to evac out of the south shelter.
The emergency alarm goes off, reveille bell's ringing bloody murder [fading and distorting.]
: People screaming And who comes walking in but 3468 "Shit! That warrant was in that other coat!" [loud laughter.]
There you are, man.
Where's your drink at? No, no, I've had enough.
Don't quit on me now, Mac.
You'll need courage for your speech.
Nobody wants to hear me talk.
: Who wants to hear Mac's speech? No! Shh! I got to take a piss.
I'll be back.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Just have some Scotch.
Isn't this a great party, people? [remote locks chirp.]
You know what you need? Something to love.
It ain't good for a guy to sit around that garage all day you know, no sunshine, no companionship, no girlfriend.
You got a boyfriend? It's not a priority either way.
What about a pet? You need something to talk to other than your computer or yourself.
I've heard dog is a man's best friend.
A puppy? Yeah, right.
That's much better! Puppy's a lot of commitment, Phil.
It takes a whole lot of effort.
You got to pick up their shit.
They bark all the time.
You can't travel anywhere.
A professional gambler like you, you got to be able to pick up and fly to Vegas at any time, right? Right? Thanks, Ray.
She's cute.
You're welcome.
Look at her.
All right.
There's one more place I want to take ya.
[exhaling intensely.]
You okay? Yeah.
I think so.
Come on, I thought you were gonna kick that guy's ass.
Yeah, well, look, Rene, I'm sorry if who I am doesn't work for you anymore, okay? No, I like who you are.
To be honest I was never really into that other stuff anyways.
I kind of just played along.
Really? True story.
Okay, come on, let me show you something.
Come with me.
I think you're gonna like this.
I know there's a camera here somewhere.
Don't worry.
I won't let them hurt you.
Okay? [fussing.]
It was a complete waste of time.
I'm gonna have to cut it all out again.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
Slow down.
Take a breath.
[ragged breathing.]
[inhales, fights sob.]
I am so tired.
I know.
You really want to help me? Anything.
Not anything.
You said no surgery.
Yeah, well, I'm not gonna operate on you.
I mean, that's where I draw the line.
It's more of a procedure.
A simple one.
Well, see, now, how simple? Because you said the last one was minor.
You can do this.
I know you can.
I wanted to ask you for a while, but I was afraid that you'd say no.
What do you want me to do? [.]
I know that you're staring at me.
How? Because I'm highly trained.
How do you do that? Clear your mind? Most of the time, it's easy.
But today I'm finding it a bit difficult.
Am I distracting you? A lot's changed the last little while.
What? Talk to me.
I thought my life had purpose.
And then, one day, I woke up almost surprised to be alive, and I found out that my purpose was gone.
Everything that I've been doing has been focused on this one mission.
And now that there's no mission I'm just living a stranger's life.
It must be hard not to be able to play football But just so you know I was never with you 'cause you were some superstar quarterback.
Really? No.
It was the size of your dick.
[she laughs.]
I'm kidding.
- Well - I'm kidding.
[he laughs.]
But honestly even if that's not your mission anymore You're still gonna be someone great.
There's the 15-year man! - Oh, come on.
- Hey! Now, I was pretty reluctant to do any of this, because, let's be honest, he's a pretty lousy partner, but enough about his squash game.
Let's hear it for our colleague and our friend, Special Agent Grant MacLaren.
- Yeah! - [cheering.]
Thanks a lot.
Uh, thanks, partner.
Um, it's a great afternoon.
Isn't it? [.]
A lot of familiar faces here.
I can't tell you how strange it is to know that I'll never see any of you again.
Uh until Monday, uh, I mean, Monday [laughter.]
Um, so many stories from our past So many I can't talk about.
Teamwork is everything, right? Uh The people you work with they become your family.
A shared history, a shared mission that's that's what you hold onto.
I, and-and my actual family, my-my wife, Kathryn.
Uh She-She holds me up.
Probably literally tonight.
- Ah, ah, no, no.
- Come on! Come on! [laughter.]
All right.
15 more years! [all cheering.]
Woo! [.]
Hey, maybe you should drive home.
Let's go.
: Get in here! - [door slams.]
- Just What's going on? Why don't you tell us? I, uh Trevor, why did you steal my medication? I didn't steal your medication.
Well, it sure as hell didn't get up and walk away on its own! Okay, okay! Look, Nick stole it.
Nick? What the hell was Nick doing in our bathroom? He was under the mistaken impression that I wanted him to take it.
Jesus! What are you doing? You're lying, you're stealing, and now you're doing drugs? No, I'm not doing drugs.
Well, you look you're high right now! I'm not high.
I Take responsibility! Be a man, for Christ's sake! What? Like you, Gary? That kinda man? [slap.]
I told you the truth.
[pills rattling.]
Here's your medication.
: Trevor! [.]
: L3 L4 L5.
Right there.
Right there, between L4 and L5.
This is insane.
I can't do this without you.
You've already frozen the site.
It won't hurt as much as you think.
: Okay, okay [.]
[Marcy winces.]
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
You're going good.
You're doing good.
Keep going.
[pained gasp.]
Oh, God, I I felt a pop.
I'm sorry.
Something popped.
No, it's good.
Keep going.
Yeah? Okay.
Really? How much of this goes in? That's good.
Oh, God, it's starting to leak.
: You're doing really good.
Keep going.
Not really.
I'm kind of fainting over here.
Done? These used to be your favorite.
Oh, shit.
Okay I need to start analyzing the C.
Oh, no.
Not now.
Not now.
Just Just rest.
It's, uh pretend-doctor's orders.
Looks clean.
[knocking at door.]
[cocks gun.]
What do you want? Is this the residence of Ms.
Shannon? Who wants to know? I'm Jacqueline Peele with Child Protective Services.
[door opens.]
Shannon, it would be much better if we had this conversation inside.
Shannon, I just have - Why are you here? - a few questions for you.
[baby cries.]
I'm just here responding to some concerns that were raised about Jeffrey's situation here.
Where is this coming from? Your husband.
Jeff is not my husband.
He's the father, and we're obligated to follow up.
[baby cries.]
What're you writing? Just my observations.
Shannon, are you in some kind of trouble? Who are you, really? I beg your pardon? Who sent you? Who are they? What do they want from me? I've already told you, I'm with Child Protective Services.
Do you have a warrant to be here? A court order of some kind? No.
This is, uh, an informal meeting, but if you want me to leave Yes.
I do.
[baby cries.]
All right.
I will have to make a note that you refused this initial - Get out.
- Meeting, Ms.
[baby cries.]
[door opens.]
[door shuts.]
[he coughs.]
: Walt seems good.
Yeah, he's a machine.
He said that you've been paying more attention to me lately.
Well, that's not so bad, is it? It's not true.
What's not true? He said you left work early to take me to an appointment? I did? No, Grant, you didn't.
So what were you really doing? W-When? What were you really doing when you were supposed to be taking me to the doctor? I'm not an idiot, Grant.
I've noticed the changes.
The diet, locking me out of your cell phone.
Something's going on.
Tell me.
Tell me.
[MacLaren, quietly.]
: I'm not who you think What? You're not what? Tell me! [.]
I'm in love with you.
I always have been.
[Marcy exhaling.]
I'm Colin, and I'm an addict.
: Hi, Colin.
We'd like to welcome a newcomer.
Would you please introduce yourself? The kid's shy.
That's okay.
Then why don't you start? [Ray.]
: I admitted I was powerless over my addiction.
I give over my will and my life to the Director.
And I pray for the knowledge of the Director's will for me and the power to carry it out.
The Director doesn't know.
: Thank you, Traveler 7294.
I'm Traveler 3326.
I've been in the 21st century for five weeks now, and I'm so fricking tired, I just wanna lie down and get high.
The other day, we saved the world.
Now what do I do? I was selected and trained to remember everything.
Everything dates, coordinates, candidates, people.
Every death.
Every single one.
But I can't even remember my own face the face I was born with hundreds of years from now.
But I guess that's okay.
Because that's who I am now and I'd better get used to it, right? I'm Philip, and I'm from the future.
: Go ahead and say it loud, kid.
That's all you got to do.
Makes a difference.
My name is Philip, and I'm a heroin addict.
: Hi, Philip.
[pats Philip's back.]
[sniffs, then sighs.]
[shaky breath.]
You do some redecorating? What happened to Protocol 5 indefinitely? Can't Trevor and Philip be friends? You're at least a hundred years older than me.
Well, I'm young at heart.
Not so much.
Look, I need a couch to crash on.
That I believe.
Mi casa es su casa.
Thank you.
It's been a weird day.
You have any side effects from the antitoxin? Hallucinations? Voices? Yeah.
Happens to me all the time, actually.
Really? Yeah.
That's some shit you deal with.
I think it's starting to wear off.
Me too.
[computer beeps.]
What is it? We just received a new mission.
We're back on.