Travelers (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

Ave Machina

1 Previously on Travelers [MACLAREN.]
: We're travelers from the future.
: In our time, many years from now, humanity has been all but wiped out.
We've come back to change that.
There are thousands of travelers already here taking part.
Let's save the world.
No pressure.
: I reset the Director.
What? [GRACE.]
: Rebooted its O.
through a virus to protect it from corruption by the Faction.
What's happening in the future while it's offline? Chaos, probably.
A temporary power struggle.
Your team knows first-hand the brutality they're capable of.
: You mean they're the ones who put us in those cages? Duck.
What are you doing? "Kill 3468" that is the mission I was given by the Director.
: We have to destroy the Quantum Frame - before they get here.
- Don't do it, son.
We don't have a choice, they're going to be here soon! Don't.
- Ellis, there's another way - [RIFLE BLASTS.]
: They're coming in! F.
, drop your weapons! [VINCENT.]
: The dream begins the same every time [HUM OF BUSY OFFICE.]
Where's Greg? Oh, he called in sick.
I'm covering for him.
Just fix it, please.
Corrigan has a conference call at 8:45.
Not a problem.
Greg, hey, thanks for coming.
I'm Vincent.
Screen's locked up again.
I'm gonna need it for a call in five minutes.
Can you get me back up? Oh, yeah, for sure.
I just need to get back there.
Hal? Listen, I gotta let the I.
guy work on the computer for a bit here.
Let me just duck into another office.
Yeah, let me put you on hold, hang on.
Just take two minutes, two minutes Sorry.
Just turn it off and on again, I guess, huh? [LAUGHS.]
No, no, no, sir.
: From the moment I arrive in the 21st Century, something's wrong.
According to the historical record, Anthony Corrigan, stockbroker, was at his desk on a conference call, but instead, it's someone else.
We were wrong.
I try to send the message, but the computer freezes.
I practiced a hundred times, but everything's wrong.
I try to reboot the system, but there's no time now.
The mission's a failure.
So why should I sacrifice myself? [SNAPS OPEN BRIEFCASE.]
I decide I should at least try to warn them.
Everyone listen! I can't explain why, but if you don't all follow me right now, you're going to die.
You have to leave now.
Greg what the hell are you doing? [.]
I run.
I don't even know what floor I'm on, only that I have to hurry.
At first, I hear the plane [PLANE SOARING ABOVE.]
and then the explosion.
And I don't remember anything else until I'm outside, looking up.
All right, everybody, clear out.
Let's go.
: We're going to need that building evacuated.
Everyone around me is looking at the destruction above, while I discard the last vestiges of the man who was supposed to die that day.
And then I hear the second plane.
And then I wake up.
Dreams of 9/11 aren't uncommon, Vincent, even for those who were nowhere near ground zero.
I have the dream because it happened.
My mission was a proof of concept, to send a confirmation that I arrived safely in the 21st Century, then die, so no one could trace me.
But I survived.
They won't forgive that.
So you're afraid whomever you were to send this message to intends to punish you? They're already here.
I've seen the changes in history.
At least, the histories that I remember.
And they'll be coming for me.
Walt! Jesus, what took you so long? You're lucky they gave me permission - to talk to you at all - I'm gonna say one thing, and I need you to listen, destroy that device by whatever means possible.
I've never asked you to do anything more important.
What, that thing in the barn? You need to do it now What is it? What is your association with those people in the barn? They all raised a red flag a few months back.
You said that they were just a bunch of kids.
I ask because two of those people are in the hospital, and a farmer is dead.
All right, I'll talk.
A few weeks ago I received a top-secret inter-departmental communication asking if I'd noticed any changes in you.
I told a pair of special agents with very expensive sunglasses that, yeah You know your friends are giving you up as we speak.
Sir, can you please be quiet so I can think? [WALT CONTINUING.]
: and your wife noticed, too.
Nothing that either one of us could point to, but enough to say that something is up.
These people, whoever they are, if they have something on you, if they're using you, if they're making you do things, we can protect you! Destroy the device.
That's all I got.
They're never gonna do that, boss.
Philip, stay off the coms.
I'm not talking to you anymore.
Before I go they wanted me to ask you about this.
Well, Walt, that's a handkerchief.
They tell me it's a communication device.
Really? It's made from something called graphine.
A technology we're working on but we're not quite there yet.
They suspect that it's powered by the natural electricity of the human body, capable of broadcasting an encrypted signal for miles.
This one came from the high-school senior that's in surgery right now.
How is she doing? Rifle was shot from point-blank range.
There's severe damage to the spleen and Who are you? Seriously, no one told you? I'm a specialist, here to assist from Grace hospital.
Call me Derek.
And suction? Take care of that blood.
The bullet's causing a lot of inflammation between the T-12 and L-1.
I'm worried about the lumbar nerves.
We can't get ahead of this blood loss anyway, so Okay.
Let's get it outta there.
I need to state for the record that you gave me permission to look at your phone and listen to your messages without a lawyer present.
Well, I have nothing to hide, so Wait, what are you doing? I'm playing back a saved message.
Yeah, that one, that has nothing to do with with anything.
Sir, the message came from a phone registered to you that called this number two seconds before a man with no identification who was allegedly holding a gun to your head was fatally shot from the apartment next door.
And you saved this message because It's kind of a keeper.
: Hey, David, it's me.
I guess it's my turn to leave you a goofy message.
I just know how stressed out you get when you don't hear from me, so I wanted you to know that I might be away for a while, maybe even relocated.
I just don't want you wondering or worrying if you don't hear from me.
You know, if it happens.
I don't even know for sure if it will, but if it does,.
thank you for being there for me when I really needed someone.
In another time or another life, right? Goodbye, David.
This is bullshit! Jesus, he's having a bad day.
Are you kidding me? Hey, Jeff, keep your voice down.
I told you what happened.
The optics suck, and you know it.
It's on the news, you shot a 13-year-old kid.
That was about to shoot Carly.
Who also murdered her mother and brother last night.
That kid? Number 2 pencil to the head, both of them.
Girl was certifiable.
Now, get Carly's ass down here to make a statement, and you're just the poor bastard who had to stop her.
Okay, Carly's not answering her cell.
We've been having trouble at home.
In the meantime, buddy, I'm sorry, but I gotta take your badge.
Forensic's already got your gun.
Oh, come on, this is bullshit, man.
Let me just go down the hall and talk to him.
Hey, no.
Not with booze on your breath, okay? Hey, if I was forced to shoot a kid, I might have a few drinks, too.
This is gonna work itself out.
Just go home.
I can see there's a fight goin' on inside of you.
If you're worried about Kat She is completely in the dark about this.
She called me earlier to tell me that you sent her away.
That your life was in danger and so was hers.
Is that true? It's what made me put a team together to come after you.
We were tracking your car, and then it disappeared like it went into a dead zone [STAMMERS.]
Yes, but she's all right? [QUIETLY.]
If you don't talk, you won't walk, which means Kat may never, ever find out whether you are dead or alive Destroy the device, Walt.
I'm begging you.
Look, I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I have also been told that that device is far beyond [DOOR LOCK BEEPS.]
Thank you, Agent Forbes.
I'll take it from here.
Look, I need more time.
Seriously? You're telling him more than he's telling you.
But, hey, thanks for trying.
Walt remember what I said.
: Yeah, yeah, yeah, "Destroy the device.
" He heard you the first time.
We all did.
Yeah, it's not gonna happen.
: Are you feeling threatened, Vincent? No, I have defenses in place.
Deuterium oxide in the radiant heating system acts as a fair space/time attenuator.
It slows neutrons.
Don't worry, it's not radioactive.
Uh Why wouldn't they just assume that you died on 9/11? Why do you think that they're still after you? Because they've already found me twice.
I found my way out of New York, and took a train to the Pacific Northwest.
I had the money and the stock certificates I'd taken from the safe, but if I was going to stay hidden, I needed more.
Historically, a man named Oliver Norton became a tech millionaire on his own, and all I did was insert myself into the process as invisibly as possible, and take my fair share.
I had convinced Oliver that I had debilitating phobias, difficulties dealing with people, privacy I needed a front man for my company that uses proprietary computer software to predict market trends.
Of course, I wouldn't let anyone see it, not even him.
As long as the predictions were correct, he didn't care.
In fact, he was so grateful, he constantly wanted to reward me.
And that's when Oliver introduced me to the woman who became Taylor's mother.
Buddy! Meet your new assistant.
Assistant? Hi, Vincent, it's a pleasure to meet you No, no, I don't need an assistant.
Oh, yeah.
You do.
I got a company I gotta pretend to run.
No, sorry, I can't Trust me, all right? I already told Irene all about how you like to do things.
No cell phones, portable radios, webcams.
No life, no fun And I completely understand.
Me, I don't like crowds.
I-I'm not sure I'll have anything for you to do.
High-maintenance people always think that they're low maintenance.
You need this, partner.
: It wasn't an assistant I needed, it was human contact and Oliver must have known that.
You said in our initial session that your wife died of an aneurysm.
That was the first time I was discovered.
Dad? You know I'm not to be disturbed when I'm in this room.
Sorry, but Pepper wants out, and Mr.
Morraca isn't around.
Well all right, take her out then.
I'll watch you from here.
Come on, Pepper.
He looks like you.
Fortunately for him, he looks like the host who provided the chromosomes.
Not me.
David Mailer? Yeah.
I'm your lawyer.
I don't have a lawyer.
Philip Pearson said you might want my help.
I don't know Philip Pearson.
Friend of Marcy? Marcy? Oh, my God, yes.
Is she okay? Are you what are you, like a FBI lawyer? Wow.
Jeez, uh, he said she said you were special, but I didn't realize you were "special".
Well, this Sorry, this is I-I'm not good at this.
This is so not my thing.
Well, David, fortunately this is my thing, and I am very good at this.
So We're probably lookin' 10 years tops, nine with good behavior.
What? Nah, just screwin' with you.
Why would you Oh, my God.
This isn't how actual law-enforcement officers behave, MacLaren.
There's giant chunks of time missing from your logs.
It's a miracle we didn't catch on to you people sooner.
"You people"? What does that mean? Agent Forbes says, compared to just a few months ago, you are like a different person Jesus, take my blood, take my fingerprints, take whatever you need who now spends half his time with a high-school senior, his counselor, a single mom, a heroin addict, a farmer, and this one kills me a mentally-challenged woman in the care of the state.
Philip Pearson is my C.
on a hacking case.
We suspected the device had something do with hijacking Internet Let's skip over the part where you pretend there's a legit scenario where those people, in a fucking barn, with whatever that device is, makes any sense whatsoever.
Whoever you are and whoever you work for, we're on to you now.
I'm a single mom.
There's a lot of folks like me.
This is going to sound weird, and possibly insane, but I'm just gonna go ahead and say it.
I have a turtle at home, and I had to leave in a hurry, and there was a lot of broken glass You think this is funny? No.
: I'm just a librarian, that's all I am.
You're more than that.
She's fibrillating.
Charging, one, two, three.
Clear shock.
She's stabilizing.
There we go.
That's not me.
It's clearly you.
I have no memory of this.
Don't I get a phone call or something? Who do you want to call? My babysitter for one.
Jeffrey Jr.
is in the hands of Washington Family Services.
What? Why? No, he needs to be with his mother! God, how long are you going to keep me here? Sit back down, please [QUIETLY.]
Permission to break the hell out of here.
: I want to see my baby! Sit down! I want to see him now! [MUTTERING.]
: All right, you call it.
I call what? [PHILIP, UNSURE.]
: Uh guys? What are we doing? Let me see it one more time.
On three.
: Two I One.
On the move.
Right behind you.
Do we know what we're doing? [MACLAREN.]
: Getting out of here.
Don't forget Protocol 3.
Don't forget I was ordered to kill you.
This isn't a good time.
: Guys? I think Philip's this way.
I took his legs out.
He went down pretty hard.
Marcy? It's probably just a concussion.
He'll live.
Okay, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Come on.
Hey! That looked like it hurt.
Well, they didn't try to kill anyone, so you owe me a buck.
What's their progress? Almost to the gym.
All right.
Let's see what they do.
Boss? Jesus Christ That isn't the way out.
It isn't.
Mac, we gotta go.
Go ahead.
Didn't think so.
Okay, we're here.
Now what? [DOOR OPENS.]
We were wondering if you'd really try to destroy the device, given the opportunity.
It seemed odd, considering you built the thing.
Hey, but now that you're here, maybe you can show us what it does.
Under supervision, obviously.
Not gonna happen.
: Dr.
Kravitz, you have a visitor in the main lobby.
Kravitz, you have a visitor in the main lobby.
and Mrs.
Holden? Is Trevor okay? He's out of surgery, and we've stopped the bleeding.
What the hell happened? All I can tell you is that your son was involved in a shooting, and that the bullet we removed in order to save his life was lodged dangerously close his spinal cord.
There's still a great deal of inflammation.
Can we see him? Tomorrow at the earliest.
So he's gonna be okay? I'm confident Trevor will survive this.
He's very strong.
But you should know there's a possibility he may not regain the use of his legs.
How old was Taylor when his mother died? A baby.
I'd spent the latter half of my life before this one being eaten away by a disease that doesn't exist yet.
I never imagined the possibility of family.
A loving wife.
A child.
Irene was convinced that I'd be angry when she told me about the baby, afraid I'd think she'd trapped me.
But how could she know that in the future I'd left behind, life was so precious And new life, so rare, most precious of all.
Just as she couldn't have known that a stolen moment while I slept, a small token of a perfect memory [SENT MESSAGE CHIMES.]
would be the instrument of her death.
An image of me, taken on a cell phone, time and place recorded, and posted to a friend, discovered and acted upon.
Vincent, I think You see, we knew it was possible to send messages directly to the 21st through a host, but we projected a 40% chance that an adult mind might not be able to withstand the shock of transfer.
That's the whole reason I volunteered to go first! No one would have to die that wasn't going to die Okay, let's just stop Artificial Intelligence isn't supposed to be capable of taking a life that isn't about to end.
The Director shouldn't have risked it, don't you understand? No! Not one part of what you just said.
I apologize.
Vincent, I can't help you if I don't understand what you're saying.
Of course.
Hey, guys I just want to say, whatever happens from this point be proud of what you accomplished.
I still think, in the grand scheme of things, we did good.
I know we did.
And I still have faith the Director will find a way.
I believe that with all my heart.
Just maybe not with us.
You all know what you have to do.
Boss, could you be a little more specific? Self-destruct.
What? In three Two One.
Sorry, Wakefield, you had that coming.
Com 3468 disable.
Com 3465, disable.
Com 3569, disable.
3326 disable.
So long, you guys.
Well, that's my work day.
Text me if anything happens.
We've gone long past the time I allotted for this visit.
I was wondering if we could start fresh No, I No, I'd rather you stay a little longer.
Vincent, these delusions Memories.
Are a very complex product of severe paranoia.
I can't I told you they've found me twice.
" The Director.
All right.
Tell me about the second time.
It was a year later.
The company had become quite successful You're not gonna believe how well that meeting went.
Meeting? Yeah, with the venture capital company, I told you.
I told you it was a bad idea.
They made an offer.
- Now, I didn't commit - No because they want your software, too, but No.
$87 million! Say no again, I dare you.
Oliver, I told you from the beginning.
I thought we were supposed to be partners! This is my software.
I've told you, if we affect the market in any tangible way, it just doesn't work.
Yeah, okay, one, why is that? And-and two, who cares? If we sell the company for 87 million? I'm not taking "no" for an answer.
You're going to hear them out.
Oliver, wait.
Wait! [SIGHS.]
There is no predictive software.
It doesn't exist, it never has.
All the computers out there, the software, it's just for show, it's a front.
Then how have you I'm doing it.
No one could have guessed large market trends that accurately and that often.
That's true, I'm not guessing.
I'm remembering.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? It means you can't sell the company, Oliver, I'm sorry.
You can't use that in here Yeah, I'm breaking the rules because you're out of your mind! If I had stayed silent, he might have lived, but the FCC was investigating the company, and they had tapped his phone.
Voice recognition and GPS allowed them to find me the moment I spoke Oliver, please, I told you.
Stop, please, I told you, it's dangerous.
: Traveler 001, you are outside mission parameters.
Self-termination required immediately.
: First new message.
Walter, it's Kathryn again.
I'm at my mother's.
Please call me back.
Callahan, any idea what's up? Wakefield just sent me a message to come here.
Yeah, most of us all got the same message.
He does this.
Okay, here I am.
What's so important? I was going to ask you the same thing.
You just texted me.
I what? Yeah, me too.
So your business partner also died of an aneurysm? Yes.
And you became sole owner of the company.
You think I killed them.
I told you, it was the Director.
You have nothing to be afraid of, Dr.
I feel so much better having unpacked myself of all that baggage.
I feel nothing but gratitude.
Well, if you don't mind, I'll be, uh, heading home.
My daughter will be wondering Of course, I've kept you too long.
And your cell phone and payment, in cash, is ready outside.
And I'd like to schedule another appointment, please.
Vincent you need medication.
I'm not helping.
Of course you are.
It doesn't even matter that you don't believe me.
I get to talk to someone who affords me the privacy of doctor-client privilege, and you get paid a great deal of money.
It really is the ultimate 21st-Century arrangement.
Grace? Shh! I had to sneak in here.
What are you doing? I'm sharing the medical nanites I was given by D-13 so that you'll be able to walk again.
I heard them talking.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
It's going to quadruple my recovery time, but I suppose you're worth it.
So there's no sweet nanotech for me again? The Director left me out? You've lived longer than any human in history, and you're complaining? I'm starting to take it personally.
Wait, don't medical nanites need to be programmed to do specific tasks? Yes, and I am a? Programmer.
Oh, yeah.
I'm sorry, I'm all drugged up.
I got shot.
I stepped in front of you, remember? Oh, wow, you did.
Thank you for saving me, Grace Okay, now shut up and heal.
I need to concentrate.
Walt, I-I thought I'm Traveler 4112.
I'm sorry, I know he was a friend.
How? 0014 built the Quantum Frame with a fail-safe, one that would level this entire building the moment Wakefield and his team opened it up.
Which made all of you host candidates.
I heard it happening.
How many? 25 of us in the gym, including Wakefield.
What about the The Quantum Frame, it's being dismantled and scrapped.
So, that's it? That's it.
It's over, Grant.
You call me "Mac.
" They shorten everything for some reason.
Mac I'm gonna need your help with a Lotta things.
Welcome to the 21st.
Thank you.
Do you really think it's ethical to plant a bomb, and then take over the people who would have died when that bomb went off? How is that not circular reasoning? No way the Director would allow that level of technology in the 21st.
The Director was the one who had it ordered built in the first place Hey a wise man once told me, take the win.
They wouldn't tell me much, but I got a quick look at the monitors at the nursing station, and they're both going to recover.
Well, I'll take that win, too.
Come on, everybody, I'll drop you home.
I think I'm gonna stay.
He would.
I've decided I'm not gonna kill you.
I was gonna ask.
I mean, there must have been some kind of power struggle back and forth when all that was goin' down.
Who knows where the order came from, right? Well, at least it's settled now.
Still it must have been hard for you.
Thanks for the lift.
David It's the middle of the night.
It won't come out.
I mean, you'd think they'd properly clean up something like this, you know? All those people here, every one of them capable of holding a mop.
But nah, they're just gonna leave a a giant blood stain and a business card with the number of a cleaning service.
I'm surprised they took away the dead body.
I'm sorry that you had to go through that.
He was a John Doe by the way, which I found fascinating.
Yeah, not just no I.
, no record at all.
But you probably already knew that.
Ray's a heck of a nice guy.
Here, let me help Nah, I got it.
I'm trying, uh, I'm trying baking soda.
You know, the good news is, apparently, the Indian lady that lives next door, whose name I never knew, told an Officer Boyd, whose name I do remember for some reason, that the person that came into her apartment was a stocky bald man with a thick Canadian accent.
Those Canadians, man, you gotta watch out.
But I'm sure you knew all about that, too.
David, here David, stop, stop Now all I have to do is make myself available for future questioning, whatever that means.
That's good.
Oh, it's wonderful.
Can I do anything? Can I make you some tea? Um You know, I've had about 57 cups, so I'm I'm a little wired.
What can I do? This is nice.
Why don't you take the bed tonight, I'll take the couch, okay? You know, I think I will tonight? I'm really tired.