Travelers (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

Protocol 4

1 Previously, on Travelers She uploaded a command while pretending to save Marcy's life.
You mean you used me.
I have filed a recommendation for his father to take custody.
Jacqueline, please! It's not safe.
Pack a bag, go to your mother's for a few days, maybe a week.
Okay, here I am.
What's so important? [HIGH-PITCHED SCREECHING] [CRYING OUT IN PAIN] I'm Traveler 4112.
The Quantum Frame, it's being scrapped.
I'm gonna need your help with a lot of things.
Welcome to the 21st.
"How could he be offering a Whistler chalet, "a Tuscan villa, and a Caribbean hideaway, all for $20,000?" I've gotta be honest I'm wondering the same thing.
Look, I've been doing this a while, and I have never seen a deal like this! So which property appeals to you the most? Maybe the Caribbean hideaway? Don't we all wish we were there right now? But seven to ten days a year? That's, like, $2,000 a day.
[SALES GUY, RANDY]: Yeah! If you go once! It's a lifestyle.
Isn't that what you were interested in, Dale? Yeah I said that.
But that was after you said this would only take 90 minutes and we'd get a free dinner at House of Rib.
90 minutes No, I hear you.
All right I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but let me go talk to my manager, and see if we can do better.
Give me five.
When I come back, you'll have a whole new perspective.
It is.
Then why are you holding a gun? You didn't call me back.
I thought you were still at your mother's.
Why didn't you say something when you came in the house? I expected you to be at work! [SIGHS] I've been up all night.
I'm sorry if Doesn't matter, I'm just glad you're home.
I'm not home.
I'm just here to get a few things.
I know the last couple of days have been insane.
You know, I must have left a dozen messages.
Until I got yours at 4:00 this morning, I thought for sure you were dead.
That's all over now.
What's over? Tell me.
You know I can't talk about my work.
You've never said my life was in danger! Because of my work, I was targeted by a a group.
And I was afraid, by association, you might be in danger, too.
It's not the case, they're no longer a threat.
That's all I can say.
How do I even know that's true? You're obviously capable of lying to me.
Please stay and talk.
I'll make breakfast.
No, I'm not gonna do that.
Kat! Hey.
What? Are you planning on supervising? What do you want from me? I don't want anything from you, Grant.
Not a single thing.
[GRUNTS GROGGILY] David? Hey! I made pancakes.
You probably don't remember what pancakes are, but I happen to know that you like them a lot.
What's wrong? Uh, nothing, just, uh You used to sleep naked when we met, and I thought maybe you Nope.
False alarm.
How long you been up? Oh, since, uh All night.
I was thinking of maybe watching some TV, but then you were all wrapped up cozy on the on the couch, and I didn't want to wake you, so, um then I, uh then I Hey, you know what? Let's switch things up and-and you sit here, 'cause I'm always sitting on this side.
Are you okay? Hmm? Sure! I don't know.
I mean, a strange man died right across from where I eat my cereal every morning, and I'm just having a hard time dealing.
David, he was gonna kill you.
That doesn't help.
I was the one that he was looking for.
Well, that definitely doesn't David, it's over.
You're safe.
Well, you know that does make me feel a little bit better.
I thought your parents were never gonna leave.
They're just worried about me.
[SIGHS] Yeah, but the doctor said it's just temporary, right? From the swelling? Does it hurt? No.
You really can't feel anything? Uh-uh.
Nothing? No.
What about this? [GASPS] Whoa.
Rene The nurse could walk back in any minute.
You can feel that? Rene Please Please.
I'm still in recovery.
I should rest.
I shouldn't get too excited.
Okay babe.
You rest.
I'll see you tomorrow and the next day and the next.
Do I seriously have to listen to that tomorrow and the next day and the next? [CURTAIN SWISHES] I almost pressed the call button because I thought I was gonna throw up my lunch.
She's very young.
You're very old.
I can't argue with that.
You really don't feel anything yet? I mean, the amount of medical nanites I gave you was barely above the minimum threshold, but I thought you'd have some sensation by now.
With age comes patience.
How are you feeling? Like I could walk out of here, but I'll have to fake it for a while, or they'll think I'm a medical miracle.
Mm! Besides, I love the food in here.
It's amazing! Right? Carly Carly! What do you want? How about you answer your phone? I'm not here to creep, just to say thanks.
You can thank your Sergeant.
He's the one that made me give the statement.
Oh, I did.
Listen, I'm just as upset about Jeffrey Jr.
as you.
I'm not even allowed to see him, Jeff! No contact.
Me neither.
You didn't know? Hey, partner.
Everything all right? [HUSHED]: I just went into the wrong bathroom.
Back to basic training for you.
What's this? Missing persons report.
Doesn't missing persons fall under local law enforcement? We come in if there's an interstate component.
All six failed to check out of the same hotel.
Left all their belongings.
"Serenity Inn and Suites.
" So So I guess we have to go there.
We're FBI agents.
Badges and everything.
All right, but, uh can you drive? You just need practice.
Who'd like to start? Hi.
My name is Philip and I'm an addict.
[OVERLAPPING]: Hi, Philip.
You know, the hardest part about this is admitting to yourself that you're not strong enough.
Uh, that you can't just stop even when you know what it's doing to you.
I was doing really well, I was and then I lost somebody close to me.
Technically, not, uh, "lost" lost, she's still in my life, but she's just This is impossible to explain.
I feel like she's gone.
At least, a part of her is.
Anyway I miss her.
Thank you, Philip.
Who'd like to go next? [FOOTSTEPS] Hi.
I'm sorry about your friend.
We need all the support we can get, right? I'm Traveler 4514.
The Director assigned me to help you.
A little fresh air is nice.
It's important not to get fixated.
Was I fixated? Yeah, I was.
It's normal to be rattled by trauma.
You just want to make sure it doesn't tip into something more serious.
Like what? Here, let's sit.
I think you're experiencing early symptoms of PTSD.
That's ridiculous.
Soldiers in battle get PTSD.
First responders of horrible disasters Heightened anxiety, inability to sleep, exaggerated startle response.
Exaggerated star You just made that one up! I'm fine! I mean, technically, it's too early to diagnose, but early treatment won't hurt and it should help, so Here.
Come here.
Give me your hands.
I want you to close your eyes.
I want you to think about what happened to you while you focus on my tapping okay? Seriously? Is this a real thing? 'Cause it-it feels a little bullshitty.
Uh, you know what? I'm sorry.
I, uh Could we just keep walking? Yeah.
Good idea.
You know what? I'm gonna head back to the apartment.
I'll meet you back there.
Where are you going? To get something that'll help.
So your mission is to help me? Specifically to give you this.
Eye drops? Synthetic compound.
To help with the heroin addiction.
It's invented 20 years or so from now.
Naloxone, buprenorphine and some other things that are even harder to pronounce.
But it will stop the craving and curb your withdrawal.
And I'm just getting this now? Hey, I-I know you were trying hard, but then you had the setback when you got captured, they gave you How'd you know about that? The future.
Maybe the Director figured you'd quit on your own and you couldn't do it.
See? It's perfectly [GAGS AND GASPS] [COUGHING AND CHOKING] [STOPS] [LAUGHS] That wasn't funny.
Yes, it was.
One drop per eye, as needed.
Jenny, by the way.
These are amazing.
Now what do I do? Whatever you want.
What are you gonna do? Did you receive any training on a simulator? You had a simulator? Wow.
Uh, just loosen up on the wheel, and try to get out of your head.
You know, sing a song or something.
Doesn't have to be a song.
Just recite something you know by heart.
Uh, list the protocols.
Uh, Protocol 1.
Uh Mission comes first.
Uh, two, leave the future in the past.
Now, let's turn up here.
Protocol 3 don't take a life, don't save a life, - unless otherwise directed.
- Good.
Protocol 4, uh, don't reproduce.
Don't reproduce.
[THUMP] I don't know how the hell you got to work today.
Uh, just like that.
Yeah, well, Protocol 2 isn't gonna get you out of practicing.
Hold on a sec.
Kat? [KAT]: You're right.
We should talk.
Uh Come by the house tonight.
I'll make I'm staying at Nicole's while she's away.
I'll text you the address.
Want me to bring anyth? [BEEP] [JEFF]: Carly, they took away our son.
We need to be on the same side.
You charged me with assault, blocked me from getting a job, told the judge I was an unfit mother.
You have every right to be pissed at me, but I did those things because I was pissed at you.
So how about we stop being pissed at each other, and see what happens? When I saw the girl about to shoot you, I just felt I can't imagine what I'd do if I lost you for good.
Yeah, I guess I never did thank you for that.
Mm, well, you still haven't.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So walk us through what happened.
The seminar was going great.
I had two buyers on the hook.
Maybe three! And then I I left the room near the end, to go get my manager.
We usually offer a slightly better deal to really drive it home.
Except when I came back, 20 minutes later, they were gone.
20 minutes? It's a sales technique just let 'em stew on it a little bit.
Guess it wasn't such a great deal.
Can you show us the security footage? [KEY RATTLES IN LOCK] [KNOCKING AT DOOR] [DAVID]: Marce? Hey.
My key isn't working.
[MARCY]: Hey.
I stopped by the hardware store on the way home, and it turns out they were having a big [CLICK] sale on locks.
- [SNAPS FINGERS] - Yay, "safety.
" Why don't you have a seat? Now, we only use this for training purposes.
We don't care.
Can I have one of these? Sure, yeah, but they're a day old.
Press play, please.
You didn't tamper with this, did you? No.
No, I swear.
You can stop swearing.
Did you have more plans for the group? We were gonna shuttle them to our sister location to pick up their free dinner vouchers.
In the shuttle bus outside? Yeah.
Yeah, why? Might want to get your brakes checked.
What is this? This is an eye-movement therapy kit to treat PTSD.
All right.
Follow the light with your eyes.
I want you to think about what you were doing moments before the man arrived.
I was washing dishes.
Concentrate on how you felt.
What happened next? Drying the dishes.
I-I don't see how this is supp This is part of the desensitization process.
Give me your hands.
Close your eyes.
All right.
How did you feel when that happened? [INHALES SHARPLY] [CRIES OUT] [WINCES SHARPLY] He kept hitting me.
[MARCY, ECHOING]: David David David! [GUN FIRES] No! - [PANICKING] - David.
I'm right here.
Look at me.
Hey! You're fine.
I am right here.
Okay? You're fine.
You're fine.
Why do you think that they put a hole in on.
Let's concentrate on one mystery at a time, - shall we? - Um.
New arrivals cause static on video cameras, so it's pretty obvious that it's six new Travelers.
With a total disregard for Protocol 5.
Maybe they're working on mission.
Let's be sure.
In the meantime, we bury any connection to this hotel.
Philip, are you there? Yeah, go ahead.
I'm leaving what looks like the scene of a mass arrival six people in a hotel conference room.
Do you remember anything about a group of travelers arriving today in Bellingham? Uh, how were they supposed to die? I'm just guessing, but something with a shuttle bus.
Brake failure, maybe? Nothing like that today, but you know the timeline's been changing.
Or maybe they went missing for a different reason.
What, you mean like how we went missing? Let's hope not.
I'll keep on it.
Sorry about that.
Oh, must be a relief.
What? If you're seeing changes in the timeline, it'll mean you won't have to carry the burden of knowing everyone who's about to die.
Maybe eventually.
It's amazing how little has changed considering everything we've done.
I know what happened with Aleksander Andreiko.
Maybe we shouldn't be talking about that.
Hey, I agree with what you did.
You saved that kid's life.
You know the Director isn't perfect.
We definitely shouldn't be talking about that.
Don't forget.
We created it.
The Director might not be able to break rules, but we can.
[PHILIP SNICKERS] What? I feel like I'm waiting to be struck by lightning.
Not a black cloud in the sky.
Come on.
Where are we going? It's a surprise.
[MARCY]: Is that any better? I have no idea.
I have another, different treatment.
Can it be later? Sure.
Although, sometimes, medicine is the best medicine.
Cannabis is known to help with symptoms of Absolutely, it's known to.
[LIGHTER CLICKS] You need to inhale the smoke.
Oh, I'm familiar with the process.
[INHALES DEEPLY] [INHALES] You know, it's excellent for memory loss, too.
Come in.
This is nice.
You've been here before.
We helped her move in.
All I remember is boxes.
What are you doing? Opening some wine.
[RUMMAGES IN DRAWERS] So, how long's Nicole away? All year.
She's on sabbatical.
What's that? Separation papers.
They have to be filed Wait, wait, wait.
You You're talking divorce? You broke your vows, Grant.
And I told you, it's the worst mistake I ever m Shit.
No, don't touch it.
I'm sorry.
[GASPS] You're bleeding.
I'll get it.
Do you have any? Yeah, yeah.
In the bathroom.
Everything all right? I got to go.
No, not before you sign these, Grant.
I Thank you.
Are you okay? [SIGHING DEEPLY] Trevor? Are you asleep? Uh I was.
I was dreaming.
About what? I was walking in the park.
I don't dream much.
I can tell.
I shouldn't have woken you.
I'm just used to being able to have intelligent conversations 24/7.
I thought you weren't much of a people person.
Who said that? Ellis.
He was right, actually, but I was talking about the Director.
Lamenting those conversations are over now.
I talked to the Director a few times.
I talked to it endlessly.
I don't know what to do with myself.
Protocol 5.
You can counsel children.
Please, I said intelligent conversation.
So you miss the Director? Huh.
[DRY CHUCKLE] I think I do.
You miss her, don't you? I can tell by the way you look at me.
What you see is my realization that, instead of saving Grace's life, I made her last few hours terrifying.
I guess I've cheated death for so long, I thought that I could do the same for somebody else.
But I've lived long enough to know better.
Well, try to understand that the faction had already corrupted the Director.
The grand plan was in jeopardy.
I understand.
Ladies and gentlemen please give a warm welcome to our speaker for this evening, Dr.
Edwin Calloway! [CROWD APPLAUDING] You can't be serious.
Edwin Calloway? Do you know how much hatred and intolerance this guy inspires? Immigration is the true test of a nation, because the nation needs to be strong enough to survive it.
Too much accommodation This guy is a racist dick.
I am not watching this.
Just wait.
How many people here today feel like this country is headed in the right direction? And how many feel like their cultures and traditions are being respected by the people they suddenly find taking their jobs, dating their daughters? Well, there's a reason you all feel this way Their cultures don't respect your culture.
[CROWD MURMURING] That's a mistake.
[CROWD MURMURS] All right.
Shut it off.
[SCREAMS]: Shut it off! Shut it off! [CROWD JEERING] [JENNY LAUGHS] You did that? Still not struck by lightning.
No, thanks.
I feel fine.
Yeah, but do you want to feel amazing? [JENNY CHUCKLES] Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Protocol 4, right? [INHALING DEEPLY] [EXHALES] What was I saying? Uh that you should sell the apartment? Right.
Although, I think you got to say if someone died, you know, on the disclosure form.
Just [SIGHS] Re-stain the floors and nobody needs to know.
See? That's why you're an FBI doctor.
Who am I kidding? I can't sell this place.
All my stuff's here.
Oh, man.
I'm really feeling this.
I don't feel anything.
Hey, Mac? Whatever it is, try figuring it out on your own.
I just did.
Come on, check this out.
Two of our missing people were just flagged in Sacramento.
Local PD got 'em for running a red light.
"Dale Miller" and "Meredith Gilroy.
" Looks like they don't know how to drive either.
I suggested that these two were just having an affair.
What about the others? Technically? No longer under our jurisdiction.
Local PD took it back.
There's hope for you yet.
What is this? I got a present for you.
Looks great.
It, uh, it even covers up the Yeah, that's kind of the idea.
I got you a present, too.
Yay, safety.
I'm not gonna be needing those.
I'm not staying.
What? You can continue the therapy on your own, as you feel you need it.
But I can already tell that you're getting better.
W-When did you decide this? I was told my living here was always temporary.
You can't just buy me a goodbye rug and then David you went through a traumatic experience.
Yeah, I'm feeling another one coming on.
Well, just keep up with the treatments Don't talk to me like I'm a patient.
I'm responsible for what happened.
You said we were safe.
You are, but you'll be safer without me.
How is that even possible? You're the one who saved me.
And look at the result.
I mean, your anxiety may never completely go away.
I did that to you.
[CHUCKLES SADLY] You asked before if we were intimate, and I didn't know what to say because, I mean Well, I don't know, because I'm an idiot.
What I should have said was, yes.
We were intimate.
I love you, Marcy.
And you love me.
You just don't remember.
You're right.
I don't.
But I do care about you.
[KISSES] Enough to leave.
[JACQUELINE]: I understand this is a difficult time for both of you.
But the 72-hour dependency action was filed and Jeffrey Jr.
will be in the care of the state until the next assessment.
That's why we're here.
We need to see him.
Not until the next hearing.
I'm sorry.
Trust that he's in a good home.
I'm his father! I have a right to see my son.
The action was filed for Jeffrey's safety.
[CARLY]: By who? It was you, wasn't it? When we received information regarding the police incident Okay.
Hold on.
I was cleared of all charges I called you, Mr.
Conniker, and we spoke at length, but I understand why you may forget the conversation.
We also tried unsuccessfully to contact you, Ms.
So what do we do? Based on your current behavior and your history I think it might be time to consider allowing another guardian to take care of Jeffrey.
I'm not gonna give my son over to some stranger.
Unless things radically change, that is going to remain Jeffrey Jr.
's best option.
[MARCY]: Philip? [PHILIP]: Yeah! Just one minute! Who are you? This is Jenny.
Philip, can I talk to you for a second? Did you bring a 21st-er to Ops? Well, actually, she's a Traveler.
And that's better how? So I'm gonna go.
Good idea.
Talk to you later? What's going on? I'm clean, Marcy.
That's how we met.
The Director sent her to help me.
[POCKET UNZIPS] A synthesized drug to help me get off heroin.
I need to know what this is made of.
Naloxone, buprenorphine, and some other things.
What other things? I don't care.
It works! My body doesn't hurt when I'm not high.
I get to have a normal life.
There's nothing normal about this! Why? Because I met someone? You have somebody.
Not anymore.
I'm gonna stay here for a while, until I find my own place.
Of course.
This place is yours, too.
You okay? I'm fine.
What's the prognosis? Still a lot of inflammation.
Do you feel anything yet? Even pins and needles? I think so.
It's hard to say.
Well let's, uh, do the test again.
Ow! Oh, I felt that.
And movement.
That is excellent.
Excellent! - Does this mean? - It means there's hope! Wow.
Thank you so much.
Would you like me to contact your folks? I-I would like that very much, yes, because they'll want to thank you, too.
I'll check in again later before I go today, but how about one of these, buddy? All right.
[BOTH CHUCKLING] Hope? There are medical nanites designed in the future swimming through your spinal fluid that I programmed personally, repairing the damage.
There was never any doubt.
Well, I wanted him to feel good about the job that they did.
Well, I want them to bring breakfast.
They're half an hour late already, and I'm starving.
Thank you for saving me, Grace.
You already said that.
Come on in.
Carly, what're you doing? What do you think? You're not gonna find anything.
I told you, I stopped drinking.
This is for real.
No, Jeff.
This is for show.
And you better not screw it up because this is our one chance to get Jeffrey back.
[JEFF]: Don't worry.
It's gonna work.
The big question is, where do I put my, uh, stuff? By the couch.
Hey, um, you hungry? I was thinking [KNOCKING] [LOCK BUZZES OPEN] She's not here, is she? The bitchy little blonde? [EMPHASIZING]: "Marcy" is out looking for an apartment.
That's why I texted.
You seen this? His followers went nuts on him, and then, this morning, he woke up, shot his wife and his kid, before he killed himself.
- Philip, I know - His wife and child Are dead and it's our fault.
You mean my fault.
I mean this is fucked up, Jenny! No.
It really isn't.
None of this would've happened if you hadn't hacked his presentation.
He probably would've gone on spewing hate that led to the deaths of hundreds of people.
Thousands! You tell me, you're the historian.
It's not up to us.
I didn't tell him to kill his family.
All I did was tell the truth.
And his wife and child? The world is a better place without Edwin Calloway.
And I'm sorry, maybe he took some innocent people down with him, but I refuse to feel guilty about it.
Yeah, well, the Director's gonna know.
If the Director thought what we were doing was wrong, why didn't I get a messenger? Orders from another team to back off? Can you look me in the eye and tell me what I did was not a good thing? Kat.
Grant, what are you doing here? You can't just show up here.
I know.
What? That you're pregnant.
What? Did you show your badge to my obstetrician? No.
Can I come in? [GRANT SIGHS] I saw your supplements in the bathroom.
You went through my things? Yes, I did, and you can give me shit for that after we talk.
I am not doing that.
Yes, you are.
Kat! It happened the night of your surprise party, the one time we made love in the past four months.
I just found out.
I haven't even decided to go through with it yet.
It was hard enough before, when I knew how you felt about me.
You do know how I feel about And if I decide not to, I won't have you standing there judging me.
This is something we wanted more than anything.
It's my decision to make, and I'm gonna do it on my own.
You should go.
[DOOR SHUTS] So, the Tuscan villa, the Whistler chalet, and the Caribbean hideaway Three stunning properties all for the price of two or three normal vacations.
All right.
I can tell you need a little more motivation.
I'll go see if my manager can knock a few dollars off the purchase price.
I'll be right back.