Travelers (2016) s02e10 Episode Script


1 Previously, on Travelers Get off of me! You killed my child! The Director was the one who sent me! I was on a mission! You're alive because of me.
And perfectly healthy.
Am I? When you reset me, you left out some things.
She left out what made me "me".
After the plane crash that should've killed me, my own consciousness took refuge in the memories of Grant MacLaren.
How do I possibly access that? You're the doctor.
He thinks you don't like him.
You know what, who cares if I don't? Well, he does.
He should get over it.
Anna, I don't think you get it.
Don't think I get what? [.]
Bree? Bree? Anna Hamilton? I'm Agent Hall with the FBI.
For your safety, I need you to come with me.
What happened to my friends? Your friends are gonna be fine, but you won't be, unless you get in the car right now.
Tell me why.
: No! No! No! Ah! No! [.]
Anna? Anna! Anna! [MARCY, FLASHBACK.]
: What will.
you be? What ww-will you b-become? That's so good! You wanna try the next part? No.
Come on, girl.
You can do it.
It can't always say "tomorrow".
I'm here now, so let's try it.
Marcy! Mercy me.
Time to rock and roll.
This is her reading time.
The man wants to see her now, which makes it treatment time.
- Let's go.
I told her she didn't have to go today.
Well, you shouldn't have said that, bud.
I don't I don't want t-treatment! [CRYING OUT.]
No! No! Hey.
She's a person.
Treat her with respect.
You do your fricking job, or you won't have one.
I don't want to go I don't wanna go! I'll be here for you when it's over.
: No! James! James! I don't want treatment! I don't want it.
: I don't want it.
Behave, or there'll be no ice cream after.
: I don't want it.
I don't want it.
I don't want it.
Dear, sweet Marcy.
Don't be afraid, dear.
I have no desire to hurt you, and I mean that sincerely.
No, quite the opposite.
I only want to make you whole again.
What'd the messenger say? Another Traveler team needs tactical support in less than an hour at these coordinates.
Got it.
Where's the boss? Mac, where are you? [TREVOR.]
: Must be off-com.
: We can stop by Kathryn's place on the way.
Where's Marcy? [CARLY.]
: She just texted me.
She's having some kind of medical procedure.
We're just gonna have to do the mission without her.
Okay, so nobody get shot today.
That's a good rule in general.
Hello? Hi.
I'm so sorry to bother you at home, Kathryn.
What? How do you know my name? He's one of my C.
's, who knows better than to come here.
It's an urgent C.
All right.
Are you the one who stole my husband's car? Well, actually, that's a funny story.
For another time.
Be back soon.
Look, um I need this job.
Just, uh Don't let it melt.
Marcy? Did it work this time? [HUFFS.]
I told him information transfer was way, way too slow.
I tried to fix it.
To get you back in You're still in there.
You don't know because you're not here.
He knows.
I'll keep trying, but squid transistors barely even exist here and now.
You gonna eat that? Can I have it? Okay.
Well, if they're after me, then how do you know my parents are safe? Well, because they're also under protection.
Right? And that's question number six.
: Oh, great.
What the hell are you doing here? I'm not exactly thrilled about it either.
We got a messenger.
Tactical support at these coordinates.
Tactical? I don't know.
I, uh, I think we're good.
The Director doesn't seem to think so.
Where are all the customers? You ever eat here? I like it.
Who's she? [HUSHED.]
: That's, uh, 53.
As in "P.
" Centuries before my time, but I'm pretty sure the 53rd President was another old white guy.
Do you even remember the other candidate that year? How close that election was, and how the country was torn apart after? Anna, say hello to Special Agent MacLaren.
It's an honor to meet you, Ms.
So, are you assigned to protect me, too? - Actually - Yeah, you know, he is.
Until 1600 hours.
Why do I need protection? Hey, we had an agreement, right? Ten questions? You're already at eight.
Ten questions? Yeah, whatever.
: What happens at 1600? [HALL.]
: How the hell should I know? All I got to do is make sure that, until then, she's Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Get her to cover now.
FBI! Get down and stay down! [GUNFIRE EXCHANGING.]
We just lost a camera.
Tracking four targets.
You call this "tactical"? Carly! Trevor? Ready, boss! In position.
Trevor, your 9:00, moving toward the west side of the restaurant.
The Director got the last one.
We can't count on the Director to have eyes everywhere.
We should move.
Stand by.
We're moving somewhere safe.
You know, we were fine until you showed up.
They must've followed you.
: If we hadn't been ordered here, you'd be dead, and so would 53, who I am taking to a safehouse right now, with or without you.
MacLaren's right.
We should go.
Yeah, yeah.
Come on, girl.
Eat up.
I don't have time for this shit.
You know what happens if you don't.
: I w-want to go home.
This is home now.
No, I w-work here.
Get that outta your head.
I remember.
All right.
Doesn't have to be the hard way.
Don't make me do that.
Hey! You do it again and I'll report you! You'll report me? I'm not the one who looks at her ass every time she walks away.
I don't do that.
Don't get me wrong, it's a Treat her with respect, or I'll talk to Dr.
Carroll? Ha! That's perfect.
Boom! Yeah, you go ahead and do that, while I feed your hot little girlfriend.
: You are done.
Don't even bother signing out.
I don't wanna see your face.
I need to use the bathroom.
: It's not far now.
You just have to hold it a little longer Madame President.
So in this timeline, she actually wins the election.
Why would the faction not want that? 'Cause they're working off old information.
Where are we going? That's an excellent question, Anna.
You, uh, you got one left.
: To an old farmhouse that I know of.
We should be safe there.
That's what Special Agent Hall said about the restaurant.
"Agent"? "Special".
Why isn't Marcy with you? Some sort of minor medical procedure I wish she'd told me about.
Is she all right? I'm sure she's fine.
: Simon that's beautiful.
Thank you.
I like it.
Who is she? No, I mean, what's her name? She's not born for another two no, hundreds of years from now.
Oh! That's a very long time.
Yes, it is.
Home, sweet home The ozone layer is gone by then.
That's just one problem.
In a hundred years, there are way worse we live under the ice.
Oh The math's not that complicated, You have two people that want the same thing the two people fight over the one, and then there's none.
Well I have two pills For one person.
Okay? There you go.
I'm not supposed to take anything before treatment.
Marcy, isn't it? Uh, yeah.
Good, I was hoping to catch you.
Simon is correct that I prefer he not be medicated during the treatment.
Oh, well, there's a daily schedule, Mr.
Maintenance of the yeast vats, first and foremost, is your responsibility to the community.
Please, Simon allow me to speak with the orderly.
You go on ahead.
An hour is all I ask.
Carroll approves.
You can check with her.
Carroll's gone home, and I-I can't Perhaps if you understood more about the therapy I was working on.
You're curious.
Of course, you curious More concerned.
A few of the patients who've gone through your treatment haven't Returned to the ward? Because they've been transferred to another hospital as promising candidates for further research.
I can show you the paperwork.
The work we're doing here is truly for the greater good, Marcy.
We're making progress, I promise.
In fact if you're open to it, I could use your help.
It's a nice spot.
Glad you approve.
A sign on the road says it's for sale.
Might be a good investment.
FBI seized the house from a meth cook who burned himself to death in the kitchen, so So, big kitchen? I need you to set these claymores up there and there.
We can do that.
Conceal 'em best you can, then run the wires back to the house.
What, you take orders from your tactician? So should you.
Hey, look, I can still tell you got a problem with me, but you gotta get over that, all right? The Director keeps putting us together.
Must be some good reason.
"Ours is not to reason why.
" It's like we're two disciples, but we don't see eye to eye.
I'm not in the mood for mythology.
But we're both disciples, right, so what're you gonna do? Hey, look, what I'm trying to say Don't you freakin' touch me, Hall! Take it easy.
Let's just get to 1600.
: The technology scans the brain and records specific patterns, not dissimilar to something like an MRI.
What exactly am I signing? Legalese.
The fee for allowing me to perform the scans is on the last page.
That's a lot of money.
Is it? I'm embarrassed to say that I've lost perspective.
Simon what are you doing here? I helped build the first one in the future, too.
Good for you.
He likes to "assist.
" I consider it part of his therapy.
Um, Mr.
Ingram uh, I've changed my mind.
You've signed the papers, you can't.
I just did.
Marcy, it's a harmless scan.
You won't feel it.
Sorry, I don't I don't feel comfortable.
Please, be reasonable.
I'm sorry.
You can keep your money.
It's not about the money, my dear, but now you've seen the device.
This is awkward.
Drake! [.]
- Move! - Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh! Let go of me! [MUFFLED, INDISTINCT SCREAMING.]
You really should read everything you sign.
No! [.]
: I'm always in awe of the potential of youth.
Of what may come.
Even if we didn't know who she was.
: If we succeed in our mission, she'll become one of the great leaders of a generation.
So I'd very much like to make it to 4:00.
I wonder if it's a coincidence that the Director assigned you a mission to preserve the life of a child after what happened to you and Kathryn.
I think the Director isn't a licensed therapist, and neither are you.
I do understand what you're going through.
You couldn't possibly.
Yeah, I do.
Even you forget.
I've lived long enough to see two of my own sons die of old age.
Uh, no.
This isn't the same thing.
You're right, it isn't.
You're grieving a life lost that hadn't even begun yet.
A loss of potential.
Anna has that.
All I'm saying.
We got vehicles.
: Yeah.
I see 'em.
Anna! Get inside.
The Director will, too, as soon as they get closer.
Smile for the camera, Mr.
: Protocol three is suspended.
Protect Anna Hamilton at all costs and hold until reinforcements arrive.
: What just happened? Nothing happened.
Just go inside.
You're fine.
Here I thought we were gonna make it to 1600 without any trouble.
: She doesn't even recognize me.
There was a malfunction.
Some information was lost during the scan.
Simon is working to restore it soon.
Simon? Until then, Marcy is now to be considered a patient of this facility, under the care of Dr.
Carroll agreed to that? And so will you.
I can make you very wealthy, very easily.
We can move patients to different wings, but there'll still be staff who know Marcy as an employee.
Bribe those you can and get rid of the rest.
I leave it to you.
The Director should turn every one of them into hosts or kill them by messenger as soon as they're on camera.
Maybe Anna should hide upstairs and wait Don't.
If they don't find her, they'll burn this place to the ground.
It's what I'd do.
Really? And you keep your head down.
Why do they want to hurt me? Because they're afraid of you.
More than you? Even more than me, yes.
Why don't we just talk to them? Wow.
Even now Anna, this won't happen, but if they manage to get through this door and they try to take you, you fight them, and you keep fighting, because help is on the way.
Okay? Okay.
Seriously? That's all we got.
No, this'll help.
Didn't think the Director would let them get this close.
We can't wait for the Director.
Aim center mass.
Shoot when I shoot.
Oh! Crash! [CHUCKLES.]
I didn't see that that move comin'.
Are you okay? [SLOW, STRUGGLING.]
: I I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Uh I was I was watching you there a little bit, and I was thinking you looked lost.
Maybe I can help.
Is there some family that I can? Mm.
Turns out we're going the same way anyway.
Um, what's your name? Uh, M Marcy.
Marcy? - Yeah.
- Seriously? Yeah.
That is easily in my top ten favorite names in the whole world.
You're the first one I've met in person.
My name's David.
Four of them are coming around the south side of the house.
: Hall, that's you! I know! I know! It's like the freakin' Alamo! Where's the Director? They've gotta have an S.
! What? "Space-Time Attenuation" device.
It creates a field around 'em in which the Director can't see 'em.
I see the S.
! It's in the green truck under the tarp! Trevor we need an end-run.
- Son of a bitch! Cover him! Cover him! [SHOT RIPS MATTRESS.]
Like I said, it isn't much But it's not the street, and it's subsidized.
Do Do you live here? No.
This is your place now, remember? See, there's a there's a bed in here with clean sheets, like I promised, and good, there's a towel, too.
And a dresser for all your things.
So first thing tomorrow, we'll we'll go get you some things.
And here, there's a little fridge, to keep your milk for your cereal or your tea.
Do you like tea? Oh, looks like the previous tenant left a big chunk of chocolate! [SNIFFS.]
No, that's hash.
Take that away.
Good! That works, too.
You have a light to read your book by.
So, I will let you get settled in.
N-No d-don't go.
Oh, I have to go.
I have other clients.
I-I did look up the hospital you said you were a patient at.
I w-work there.
You work there? Mm-hmm.
Well, that's different.
Either way, they said they have no record of you.
Oh! Don't go! Okay.
I still have to go.
But I will be back tomorrow morning to take you shopping.
Oh, don't do that.
Oh, uh - Okay? - Okay.
Don't forget to lock up.
David? Surprise! Hey.
I know I said the paperwork was gonna take seven days, but [DOOR THUDS.]
It only took a week.
Oh, you put some pictures up.
Uh, so this is the paperwork we need to sign, in order to get you something to live on.
I've already filled out most of it, we're just missing some things.
Um Do you happen to remember your birthday? Well, that's not a problem.
We'll We'll We'll pick a day.
Oh Oh, wait! It's today.
What are the odds? Well, one in 365, but so long as we're saying today [GIGGLES.]
It's for for my birth birthday? Yeah.
Everybody deserves a birthday present.
It's not brand-new, but, uh, it'll hold your stuff when you go outside.
My mom always says that it's bad luck to give a bag as a gift without putting money in it which, I guess, is why I asked for a new bag every Christmas.
The only thing we need to figure out now is your age.
I'm guessing somewhere between 22 and 26.
You pick.
You pick.
56? [LAUGHS.]
No! Well, you told me to pick.
We'll go [LAUGHS.]
We'll go with 25.
Carly? I see it.
Hit the claymores! Wait for my order.
Philip, there's two going around the back! [PHILIP.]
: Understood.
It stopped short of the mines.
"'You're "a "big "girl now, ' "said M-Mary's teacher.
" I couldn't have read it better myself.
Have you been practicing? Mm-hmm.
Well, that deserves a I better check to see what I have on me before I start making promises.
Oh, no, no, that's for you to buy things you need.
Okay, we'll call it a loan.
Come on.
Marcy, what are you doing? You're m-my you're my boyfriend.
I-I can't be your boyfriend.
I can be your friend.
It's not because I don't like you, or that you're not one of my favorite people in the whole world.
It's because it would it would be inappropriate.
Yeah, I know that's a that's a big word.
Boyfriends come and go but if you want, you can be my B.
That means "Best Friend Forever".
And I don't just call anybody that.
Where does the time go? [ANNA.]
: Is it over, Agent Hall? Yeah, I think so, Anna.
You agree, Agent MacLaren? Sure.
Gotta go! I'm late! For what? Mom? Dad! [.]
All these people were trying We know.
I was so scared.
It's all right, Anna.
They told us what happened.
But we're here now, and we're gonna take you some place safe, okay? [FLATLINE BEEPING.]
Hey, it's me, I'm gonna be home around 5:00, which is when I'm usually home, but you asked when I was gonna be home, so I am just confirming.
Did any of your people get hurt? Everybody made it.
Why did you do this for me? Ooh, no.
That's That's too bad, that's question number eleven.
The future's gonna need people like you.
Thank you.
And thank you.
Bye, everyone.
I assume her parents historically died trying to protect her.
3:43 this afternoon.
We'll make sure she never knows.
Well, you'd better take good care of her, or you're gonna be answering to both of us.
We trained for years to do just that.
Agent MacLaren.
Agent Hall.
Bugs the shit out of you, doesn't it? [CHUCKLES.]
: I got your favorite.
: "Police were forced to use tear gas "to disperse a crowd "shortly after a not-guilty verdict was announced outside of the" What? I don't want to say anything until we talk to a doctor, but I think a miracle just happened.
Marcy? [SHOUTS.]
: Marcy! [GASPING.]
: You know, I think, if I die in my sleep tonight, I'm good to go.
One two three four One two three Where's her medical kit? What happened? What did she do? I just got here myself! Just get the bag - And bring it over here.
- Was she shot? [SNAPS.]
: Get the bag! Can you charge the defibrillator? What? It's okay.
Just take over.
Get the bag and take over.
Go, go, go, go, go! One, two, three, four, five [ELECTRICITY ZAPPING.]
I can't believe how much you suck at this.
: This is nothing like actual surgery.
No, well, "wrenched elbow", that's the easiest one.
That's not even a thing.
No, it is.
You know, I think I might be a better doctor than you.
Oh, she's coming back.
Oh, thank God.
All right.
Help me.
Help me get her into the bed.
We've gotta get her body temperature up.
: I thought something terrible had happened to you.
You must be David.
I'm told we're close.
"Close"? Marcy, we're very close.
W What's wrong? [GAS WHOOSHES.]
No I'll yell at you later.
You find the missing pieces you were looking for? [EXHALES.]
David you weren't supposed to find that unless Unless you'd died.
Yeah, I figured that one out.
How could you do this? Knowing that I was probably gonna be the one to find you? Right now she needs to rest.
Sorry I was gone so long.
It's okay.
I was just dozing.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Everything's fine.
I saved a kid today.
David? [.]
Well, I'll talk to you later.
I wanted to talk to you before you left for work.
Yeah, no, I, uh thought maybe you'd want to thaw some more.
Can we talk? Sure.
If you wouldn't have found the note, you would have never known.
Doesn't make it better.
It was the only way, David.
To do what? To find the missing pieces of myself.
To find you.
Okay, so? Was it worth almost killing yourself? Because honestly, this is [.]
Well, that was different.
I'm sorry that I scared you.
You have no idea.
If I hadn't [.]
What? What is it? Do you know who did this? Uh, yeah some homeless guy, lives around here.
Why? I need you to take me to him.