Travelers (2016) s02e11 Episode Script


1 Previously on Travelers - [MARCY.]
: Who is she? - 0092.
She's not born for hundreds of years from now.
A few of the patients who have gone though your treatment haven't Returned to the ward? If you're open to it, I could use your help.
Let go of me! There was a malfunction.
Some information was lost during the scan.
Don't be afraid, dear.
I only want to make you whole again.
: Marcy? Did it work this time? Do you know who did this? [.]
: Grant Grant? Mm-hmm? Oh, Grant, we are not spending that much on football tickets! Have you seen the seats? This is a bargain.
Do not get caught in a bidding war.
Kat, it's for charity.
Think of the children.
I wonder how my steak knives are doing.
Grant Doesn't cost nothing to look.
Shit, I'm sorry, that was my fault.
Let me get you another one.
Do you want another one, too? I'm going to get you one.
I'll get us all one.
My husband doesn't get out much.
Neither do I This is a great event.
Do you work for the hospital? Someone my wife was very close to received care here.
We became supporters.
You? We live nearby.
I donated a chair.
You endowed a new position.
No I literally gave them a chair I'm a designer.
Is the chair in the auction? It is, and I would be very happy to show it to you, Mr? Ingram.
But please call me Vincent.
Um It doesn't have any bids, unfortunately.
Well, we'll have to see what we can do about that.
My wife always put us down for all [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
all all the auction items that could use a little support.
: She sounds lovely.
: She was.
Unfortunately, she Forgive me, this work has left me speechless.
It's beautiful, isn't it? Apparently, these were created by one of the patients.
: Do you see a piece you like, Mr.
Ingram? All of them.
I'll buy all of them.
Beth, where's the Petrov file? Excuse me? All my material on the Petrov case it was right here.
It was reassigned.
Why? We weren't expecting you all week.
Well, I'm here.
I can see that, but no one would think worse of you if you weren't.
What is that supposed to mean? Nothing, I was just trying to be nice.
Knock yourself out.
: He keeps to himself mostly.
He has some issues with coherent thought, but, hey, who doesn't? [MARCY.]
: How long have you known him? About a year, year and a half? I met him, actually, not long after I met you He's a good person inside, he just doesn't trust many people.
Paranoid? Delusional? Oh, yeah.
He's on a mission from the Director.
Whatever that means.
: Hey, here's some more.
: They look new.
Just finished.
Hi, Marcy.
I like your hair.
It looks nice.
In the shadows of denial You are hiding from the world All the promise on your horizon [MUSIC STARTS TO SLOW DOWN AND DISTORT.]
: Philip! Can you change the song, please? I'm not your DJ, Carly.
: This song is so slow.
- I'm not your DJ.
: But you're so good at it.
Right where you belong Were you too far gone? Na, Na, Na, Na Na, Na, Na, Na Na, Na [POP TUNE PLAYING.]
Thank you! You say something? Hmm? I like those moves.
I'll see you tonight? Hey.
You bring it on yourself.
You know, I should have asked if you wanted to drive, give you the practice.
In a few years, cars're going to be driving themselves.
That's true.
You know, your mother and I heard about what's going on with your coach at school.
Nobody had any idea that was happening.
He seemed like a normal guy.
I hope he fries sick bastard.
Anyway I want you to know that we're here for you if you ever want to talk about it or whatever.
We'd feel awful if anything like that You don't have to worry, Gary.
It didn't happen to me.
Yeah, good.
That's what I figured.
No way, not my son.
So strange to see these in the 21st I remember him from the institution.
You do? Host memories from a long time ago.
Which means he's several years into a psychotic existence.
Hey, Simon.
Simon, this is a friend of mine, he has a couple questions for you.
: Questions, yeah, right.
You got a gun, I can see it.
I see everything.
: And I'm on your side, Simon.
Can you tell me your traveler number? Do you remember any of the rest of your team or where they might be? [CARLY.]
: I checked the area in the shelter where he sleeps.
Seems like he's been on his own for a while.
You want what's in my head, but there's just so much that you don't understand.
You might be surprised what we can understand.
Okay, so you know that an emission of Hawking radiation concerns two mutually entangled particles? Who doesn't? And if that particle enters a black hole, it emits a finite amount of information, leaving you with what? A paradox! The monogamy of entanglement requires that the outgoing particle be fixed inside two independent systems at the same time! Definitely upper echelon.
Probably a specialist.
Is that right, Simon? Are you a specialist? Yes, I am, and if you don't believe me, ask the Director! - Ask the - [VINCENT.]
: Simon! Shut up.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Hey, Simon? Simon - No.
I can't.
He's here.
Who's here? I can't! That's Vincent Ingram.
: Yes, it is.
How do you know that? You never met.
There are no photographs.
He was at the institution.
He experimented on patients.
And you remember that? He's 001.
What? - [VINCENT.]
: Simon.
- I didn't say anything! [VINCENT.]
: I told you, Simon.
- I was very clear.
- No! [VINCENT.]
: You know what you have to do.
- I don't want to! - You have to.
Now I have to take extreme measures [CARLY.]
: Hey, whoa, whoa! He has a weapon! [PHILIP.]
: Simon, take it easy! Stop him! Whoa, whoa, whoa! [MARCY.]
: You're okay.
It's okay.
Lower him down.
You're okay.
What'd I miss? Sorry, it's a bitch getting here.
Can we meet at an easier place next time? Crazy how small they're getting, right? Can I get another one next week? Next week? I can try, but I gotta ask, what are you doing with all this stuff? [VINCENT.]
: Don't tell him.
What did you just say to me? I said just what are you building? I mean, I just hope it's nothing, like, illegal.
I'll see what I can find, but I can't promise anything! [VINCENT.]
: Simon Simon Simon Simon Simon Simon Simon Simon! What are you doing here? You need to leave.
Marcy said you'd be feeling better when you woke up, but there's still a few hours left to go before dawn.
You can relax now, by the way.
You're safe here.
Oh, shit.
Oh, come on.
: Grant? Sorry.
I It's 4:00 in the morning.
There's a sound What sound? It's like a clicking.
There's a clicking.
The lamp's on a security timer.
Now will you please come back to bed? Yeah.
Oh, no.
We can take turns being the strong one.
I didn't want to That's a new interface.
It's cleaner.
And it's in color.
Color? Do you mind if I? Sure Multi-homed asymmetric crypto Hello? [TYPING RAPIDLY.]
I surrender! I surrender! [SILENCE.]
I surrender! [SOBBING.]
Are you okay? I don't know.
Just tell me what's wrong.
Maybe I can help.
All right, I'll just get right to it.
So I've been away and you've been home, and that's totally fine.
Yeah And I've been learning all this new stuff and meeting new friends, having these experiences, and it feels good, you know? But then I come back home and everything's the same, but it's not.
I don't know what I'm trying to say.
You're breaking up with me.
No, I'm not Am I? Yeah.
You're growing into the woman you're going to become, and that's exciting.
You don't have to leave.
No, for sure, it's just that you told me it was an emergency, so I kinda dropped everything I was doing Yeah, it's an emergency for our relationship! I don't even know what I want right now.
I understand.
Just take all the time you need.
You'll make the right decision.
: Boss? Go ahead.
You're going to want to see this.
Agent MacLaren.
David, what do you need? I'm just Yeah, I just had some questions.
They're mostly about Marcy Mostly? All.
I'll ride down with you.
- I wrote them down - Yeah, I can see that.
Uh, has Marcy's situation changed at work? You know I can't talk about our work.
Right, but in general, is she under more stress? Maybe she's dealing with a difficult situation? "Have I noticed a sudden personality change?" "Is she giving away any personal possessions?" This one here seems to be that's more of a statement What is this about? Okay, well, I've had some training in this, and recently, I've witnessed some signs of self-destructive behavior.
I'm well aware of what happened with Marcy, - if that's what you're asking? - With the tub and the ice I know how that must have looked, but that wasn't self-destructive, it was experimental.
Cutting-edge science It was extremely dangerous Look, would I have approved? No.
Do I understand why she did it? Yeah, I do.
So should you.
Come on.
We have some new information.
Simon was one of the first Travelers.
His mission was to set up our communication infrastructure.
So what happened? Schizophrenia manifests itself later in life.
He was sent into a compromised host.
How well do you understand the Internet? I'm good with languages.
Okay, well, broadly speaking, there are four layers: application, transport, Internet, and physical.
One of the first things that Simon did when he arrived was create a whole new physical layer.
A dedicated backbone that piggybacks off cell phone networks and communications satellites.
Our back channel in the deep web.
Turns out our back channel also has layers.
He's watching you.
Vincent's spying on us there, too.
He's using secret layers in the back channel for secure communication and to spy on other travelers.
: That's the bad news.
The good news is, now that we know, we think we can use it against him to find out where he's hiding.
Show me.
He presented very classically: persecutory delusions, fear of authority and surveillance The neuroleptics leveled him out, and we've been working on the other stuff ever since.
He believes he was sent from the future on a mission to save the Earth.
He literally doesn't think he's living in his own body.
The art therapy has been a successful intervention.
As you know, he's a natural talent.
Simon, you have a visitor.
This is the man I was telling you about.
Hello, Simon.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Carroll would it be possible for me to speak with Simon alone? You wouldn't be in any danger, if that's what you're worried about.
: I'd like to talk about his work and I want him to feel free to open up.
Well, I suppose I could go grab us some coffees.
Simon, will you be nice to our visitor? Mr.
Ingram is a close friend of the institution.
You're not supposed to be here.
Simon, you heard what Dr.
Carroll said.
You were supposed to die in the North Tower.
You know who I am.
I know that voice, we searched for it for years.
Then you also know that I'm important to the program, Simon.
I'm the very first traveler.
The Director is not happy.
You were supposed to die.
Not anymore.
The Director gave me a new mission.
What mission? The Director feels terrible for what happened to you and wants to fix it.
It sent me to help you.
We're going to make you whole again, Simon.
: There are 16 continental switches on the back channel, but only four that handle sub-channel traffic.
Simon helped me set up alerts to log any suspicious network activity.
So what are we looking at? [PHILIP.]
: This is Vincent communicating with somebody late last night.
- With who? - We don't know.
What does it say? We don't know that either So where's it going? [TREVOR.]
: We don't know where it was sent or received.
Hops are encrypted along the sub-channels as well as at both ends of the pipe.
Except for this one.
He's getting a call.
Well, grab it.
: It looks like the access point is unsecure.
We might be getting a phone number [PHONE RINGING.]
This isn't the last phone I sent you.
Those phones are meant for your safety as well as mine.
: I can't find that one.
This won't take long.
Vincent, you need a more thorough treatment regimen, one that at least allows for the possibility of medication.
I don't need drugs, I just need to talk! We have an appointment.
And I'm calling to cancel it.
That is unacceptable.
Vincent, I'm sorry.
I can recommend No.
I don't want to talk with anyone else, I just want to talk with you! And I will, just as we agreed! Goodbye, Vincent.
Please don't contact me again.
: Call's over.
We got the originating number.
I've gotta get back to the Bureau.
You track down that location.
Everybody else, Protocol 5.
The minute we find out where Vincent is hiding, we're going to knock down his goddamn door.
Hey, Carly, hold up.
What? I was thinking maybe you could stay.
For? Protection? I gotta pee.
I think you got this.
Bye, Philip! Oh, Mr.
Ingram? Mr.
I'm so glad I caught you.
I just wanted to thank you for the personal interest you've taken in Simon's care.
Oh, I'm happy to help.
But I'd also like to talk to you about all the equipment you've been bringing in Surplus electronic parts from my various companies.
Most of it isn't even functional.
Still, Simon's convinced it will help with his "consciousness issue".
Is that what he's saying now? Of course, the problem is, we have procedure to follow Safety and compliance, various approval committees I understand.
These things are expensive and take time.
Hopefully, this will address the first problem.
Perhaps you can help me with the second.
This is very generous.
Not at all.
Charity is a gift you give yourself.
Have a nice weekend, Doctor.
Marcy? In here! I'm making dinner.
Really? It's just, I've never seen you cook before.
It's dinner, David, it's not brain surgery.
It's pasta.
How long's this been on? Not long enough to boil off the water yet.
There's definitely still water in there.
I had a late lunch, so there's no rush.
You surprise me every time you do that.
Shit, I'm sorry.
You're avoiding me.
No, I'm just I'm I see it when you look at me.
I remind you of what happened.
And I'm not taking it personally, but it does convince me that we need this.
Take out? This is caponata this is moussaka, that's for me And this is Mexican, because there are no Spanish places around here.
We just sold our house and you have a ton of vacation saved, so Palermo, Santorini, Barcelona.
You need a break, Grant, we both do.
We take off for a couple of months, spend a ridiculous amount of money, and hit reset on our entire life.
That would be incredible.
But you can't imagine leaving work for that long.
I know.
Which is why I started thinking about a different plan, one that costs just as much and will definitely reset the hell out of everything.
Adoption It's still too soon to be diving in, I know, but we could at least start talking about it.
It never would have occurred to me.
Meaning what? Meaning I think it's a good idea.
: Carly.
Carly! What What is this? Are you drunk? Yeah, I mean, I had a couple drinks.
What do you want? You want me to disrespect my boss on his birthday? Jeffery's sleeping, and you're drunk.
I'm not dealing with this right now.
Oh, you're not dealing right now? How long are you going to hang this over my head, Carly? Come on, I been good, and you know it.
Thought you were the one that was sleeping around.
Get out.
I'm not going anywhere.
Don't touch me again, Jeff.
Hey, come on.
I been good.
You owe me.
Owe you? Am I gonna get some or what? Never, Jeff.
Not now, not ever.
Stop it.
Okay, okay.
Stay down.
You shouldn'ta done that.
Stay down! I said, stay down! [PHILIP, ON COM.]
: When you're smiling When you're smiling Not now.
The whole world smiles with you When you're laughing - When you're laughing - Not now.
Damn it! The sun comes shining through But when you're smiling [JEFFERY CRYING.]
The whole world Smiles with you Morning.
Were you watching me sleep? You try looking at yourself some time, it's hard not to.
You're ridiculous.
I am ridiculous.
I'm glad you stayed.
This place is much cozier than the place I've been staying, so.
Are you using me for my duvet? I'm sorry it's taken me so long to find my way back.
Well, to be fair I was kinda playing hard to get.
So help me understand.
How could whatever it was you were doing make things better? I mean, even if you can't tell me the top-secret details.
Well, for example, do you remember when we played the "Operation" game and you said you were a better doctor than me? Because I do.
- You do? - Mm-hmm.
There's a lot of things that I I remember Most of which I can't tell you, but I can tell you that I love you.
You have no idea how happy that makes me.
Do you remember that you owe me $20? Oh, I'll go get it.
Oh, no.
I'm kidding! I'm kidding.
I wonder if that pasta is ready.
: Hey, look, you survived.
He started seeing Vincent again in the night, but at least I got him to start wearing pants.
How about you? How are things at home? I knew it.
Ow! That wasn't a random call.
What? I was up! I was bored! Bullshit.
You knew something was going to happen.
How? That's impossible.
I don't know how, but you knew.
The timing was too perfect.
What was I going to do? Was I going to go to jail? Was I going to kill him? How is Jeff? He'll live.
Probably won't even remember it.
So what are you going to do? [DOOR OPENS.]
You got something? The phone that called Vincent was a burner: paid for in cash, no user info.
But I was able to use its IMEI along with cell tower data to find the neighborhood that it was last used.
: Fancy part of town.
Right, which made this next part easier.
Most people who live in this area are upstanding citizens who have actual names attached to their phones.
Narrow the search to nameless devices and our list drops close to zero.
Simon and I spent the night checking security footage at these locations and came up with our prime suspect Katrina Perrow: specializes in treating panic disorders, social anxiety and agoraphobia.
Text me the address.
Carly, you're with me.
: You've been given every resource to make this work! [SIMON.]
: We need more time.
We need to be operating at the exascale, minimum.
- The meteor will - [VINCENT.]
: I told you I told you I keep telling you the meteor doesn't happen for years.
Then we find another way, right? Look, we've got the node clusters, the math libraries, we just need a qubit engine and a field generator Where are we going to get that, Simon? - The Director! - Oh! - This was a mistake.
- No - I've wasted so much time - No, we just need the plans.
We're finished here.
We've hurt so many people! We hurt Marcy! Just ask the Director for the materials! Ask the Director! [PHILIP.]
: Why didn't the Director help him? Afterwards, I mean? Why'd it abandon him? Probably for the same reason it sent my consciousness yours, too, for that matter into a compromised host it didn't know.
No records from the institution made it out of the 21st.
Vincent covered his tracks.
: I want to go home.
What's that? Can I go home now? Can I ask about No.
Perrow? I'm Special Agent Grant MacLaren, and this is my associate, Carly Shannon.
We'd like to speak to you about one of your patients.
The FBI has been monitoring Vincent Ingram for some time.
: We know all about his paranoid delusions, and, unfortunately, he's starting to act on them.
: He's hurt someone.
: Yes, and we believe it will continue.
I didn't know.
I would have reported it.
None of that matters now.
We're just interested in stopping him.
Our professional relationship deteriorated.
I just called him to cancel an appointment.
We're aware of your phone call.
We want you to keep that appointment.
What? Why? Ingram is in hiding.
You want me to keep my appointment and you're going to follow me? We have a device.
It's completely untraceable, but it will allow us to be in constant communication.
You mean like a wire? [MACLAREN.]
: Little more high-tech than that.
Will you help us? I just got out of a board meeting, and they told me that you are withdrawing funding.
I told them that this must be some kind of mistake.
It's not a mistake.
At least give us more time.
A more gradual reduction of funds would allow us to I'm sorry, I've made my decision.
The institute has come to rely on your generosity.
Whole programs will be shuttered.
And what about the patients? A lot of them will be put out on the street.
Well, then it's fortunate you care so much and I've been able to compensate you so well over the years.
You can take my place as a benefactor.
All right.
This should be enough to last you for a while.
Give us a call when you need more, you know how to find us.
I'm glad it worked, Marcy.
Glad what worked? The device in room 21C.
I thought you were gone forever, but then you got better.
Maybe I can get better, too.
Take care of yourself, okay? [CAR ENGINE STARTS.]
: Okay, the car's approaching now.
Good luck.
All right, she's leaving the city.
Signal looks good.
: Yeah.
We see that, too.
Following at a safe distance.
: Dr.
Perrow, you activated your com.
Is everything all right? It's fine.
: We're right behind you.
All you need to do is lead us there and we'll do the rest.
It's a fine day out there.
: There it is.
: GPS says she's inside.
: I was going to say we need to deactivate the cameras, but I don't see any.
In fact, I don't even think this barn has any power.
Makes sense if you want to hide from the Director.
Why do these things always end up in barns? Philip, you got Perrow's com? She's holding position.
This is a message for Agent Grant MacLaren.
I was acting on Agent MacLaren's behalf in an unsanctioned operation.
I was found out and will be released unharmed, along with my daughter As long as Agent MacLaren presents himself to these coordinates in the next two hours.
He must come alone and on time or I will never be heard from again.