Travelers (2016) s02e12 Episode Script


1 Previously, on Travelers The Director gave me a new mission.
We're going to make you whole again, Simon.
[PHILIP]: One of the first things that Simon did when he arrived was create a whole new physical layer.
Our back channel on the deep web.
He's watching you.
Simon, what are you doing here? I helped build the first one in the future, too.
[MACLAREN]: We're aware of your phone call.
We want you to keep that appointment.
[CARLY]: All you need to do is lead us there, and we'll do the rest.
[PERROW, CRYING]: This is a message for Agent Grant MacLaren.
He must come alone and on time, or I will never be heard from again.
Seven months ago, my consciousness was sent from the distant future into the body of Special Agent Grant MacLaren moments before he would, historically, have died in the line of duty.
Since then, I have assumed his life, his work his marriage pretending to be a man very different than myself.
In truth, I am Traveler 3468, one of thousands of Travelers around the world who have come from a time when life is all but wiped out, to save humanity, to change the path.
I know how that must sound, especially to you, Kat but it's true.
[] [INCOMING MESSAGE VIBRATES] ? Good afternoon, Agent MacLaren.
Where is she? Perrow? She's safe.
Though her neck might be a little tender after having to remove the com she allowed you to plant.
Let her go, Ingram.
Of course.
Soon as we put this to an end.
I'd like to propose a truce.
You kidnapped and tortured my team, killed Travelers all over the world.
I needed to know if the Director was still after me, and that suspicion was confirmed.
My mission was to die immediately after my arrival.
By surviving, I committed a crime against the Grand Plan and was condemned to death.
Is that fair? Not up to me.
No, it's up to the Director, who has no understanding, no forgiveness, no soul, because it is a machine.
I am tired of running.
Take a selfie, you can end it right now.
To me, the digital age has created a prison around me, one that's been shrinking over time.
It's no way for my son to grow up.
Are you trying to get sympathy from me? No.
No, I want your word that you'll leave me alone while I prepare my affairs and face my accuser.
That's not going to go well for you.
I have no illusions.
I know exactly what's going to happen.
I stole 16 years that I wouldn't otherwise have had, and in that time, I created a precious life.
My son shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes of his father.
Do I have your word? You don't have my anything.
That's not actually true.
Grant, please help me! You son of a If you freaking hurt her 3468, if you want to see your wife again, follow this simple instruction Stay out of my way.
[MACLAREN]: He showed me a video.
She's being held somewhere.
[MARCY]: Is she hurt? [MACLAREN]: I don't know, I couldn't tell.
Boss, he's faked things like this before.
Are you sure it was Kathryn? Yes, and her phone goes straight to voicemail.
What does he want? - A truce.
- Bullshit.
He said he's going to show himself to the Director and face punishment, but he wants us all to stand down so he can make arrangements for his son.
Kat is his insurance.
He spent all this time hiding and torturing Travelers, only to turn himself in? I don't buy it either.
Right now I just want Kat to be safe.
Philip, can you trace her phone's GPS? I can try.
I don't think he can monitor our coms, but let's be careful.
If he finds out we're looking for her What about Perrow? He claims she's still alive, but you should all check on your loved ones and make sure they're okay.
I'm going to Kat's place.
David's not answering.
Neither is Jeff.
Gary, hey! I'm just checkin' in.
How is everything? Okay, let's go.
Mom's good, too? No, I won't be home for dinner, and I gotta run, but you guys have a good day.
Please! I'm sorry for having treated you this way, but we needed to remove the device as quickly as possible.
Where's my daughter? Home.
I don't believe you.
There's someone supervising her as we speak.
Hello? Ava! Sweetie, are you hurt? No.
There's a man here.
Are you coming home? Soon, very soon.
Where are you? You said you were I promise you, Ava is going to see her mother shortly.
There's just one more thing I need you to do.
David? [BEEPS COM] Guys, David's gone.
[CARLY]: So are Jeff and the baby.
Marcy, the place is destroyed.
What do we do? [PUTS KEYS DOWN] [] Never thought my day would start this way.
You really want to mount an inter-agency investigation into Vincent Ingram? You're wasting time.
Mac, think this through.
He has them captive.
And he warned you things could get worse.
The man said he was going to give himself up to the Director, let's just wait this out And you believe him? - Why would he go to the trouble of - He's psychotic! He's spent years hunting Traveler teams, mine included.
They'd be dead if I hadn't used NSA resources Which is one of the reasons why they're onto us.
What are you talking about? A few weeks ago, I saw a report.
DOD, Homeland Security, CIA, the NSA It wasn't just my host task force that was suspicious.
We've been discovered across all the intelligence services.
Probably worldwide.
They think we're some new terrorist organization.
Cells in over a hundred countries.
They haven't acted because they're scared as shit.
Our people at the NSA and Homeland Security are concealing us as best they can, but at this point, it's only a matter of time before there are leaks.
Going after Ingram would raise a red flag we can't afford.
[PHILIP]: Boss, I managed to unlock multiple locations from their phones.
The last one recorded was 3:28 p.
yesterday, all from the same place.
Send me the address.
Keep your eye on the back channels.
The rest of you, meet me there.
Mac! Hello, Kathryn.
[BEEPING] [DOOR CLOSES] My name is Katrina Perrow.
I'm a psychologist.
Where am I? I'm not permitted to tell you that.
Why are we here? There are questions I'm supposed to ask you, but I want you to know that I am also doing this against my will.
They've taken my daughter, Ava.
Now, if we just work together and do what they want, they'll let us all go.
Can we do that? [SNIFFLES] When did you first notice changes in your husband? It's all been for the greater good.
The lives lost when Van Huizen exploded ensured the survival of millions who would have died just over a year from now.
Millions of people who have no idea how close they came to the end, and they were saved by Travelers.
That's what we do.
Carly Shannon historically died at the hand of her drunk, abusive boyfriend.
And now, instead of her child being raised by a dead-beat father, he is surrounded by love.
My love.
Jeffrey Conniker Jr.
will grow up to be a good man, and millions of people around the world won't suffer from the Helios catastrophe.
So do you know what I have to say about coming here, and taking this body, and doing our work? You're welcome.
That's Grace's phone.
[MONITOR CLICKS ON] Simon you said it wouldn't take long.
Yeah, but that's before the interface overheated, and yeah, I knew you were there, you didn't sneak up on me.
There isn't much time.
I have a clock in my head.
I need more coolant.
Did you bring it? Everything you need is in this room.
Remember we're doing this for you.
You said "multiple uses.
" Multiple transfers.
Yes, and then we'll take care of you.
David? David.
Sorry, I'm just never been kidnapped before.
I've been held hostage, but that's a whole Please, just answer the question.
Uh, yeah.
I am, was, her social worker.
How do you know about Marcy? Where is she? She's safe.
As in safely captured, or safe at home? They didn't take her.
"They"? The same people who took my daughter.
[STAMMERS] I That's terrible, I'm Then they're after me? - What did I do? - David, please just answer the questions if you want us both to get out of here.
Is it true that one day Marcy's cognitive abilities changed, and for all intents and purposes, she was an entirely different person? Yeah.
Didn't that seem odd to you? Of course it did.
I thought a miracle had happened, are you kidding me? How did you justify that change? [STAMMERS] I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be talking about this.
You have doctor-client privilege with me.
You're not my doctor.
David She's a doctor.
Marcy Warton? With the FBI, undercover.
She goes on secret missions I've said too much.
And you believed her? Yeah, I met her boss.
Grant MacLaren.
He's real.
I've been to his office.
[MUTTERING] God, he's gonna kill me.
I cracked in, like, five seconds.
David Marcy Warton is not an FBI agent.
She's a traveler from the future.
A who? A time traveler.
That is the stupidest thing I've ever She was supposed to be killed by a group of men outside the library where she worked.
Seconds before her death, a consciousness was sent from the future, supplanting Marcy's own, and that new traveler survived the attack.
And just a few months ago, that consciousness was replaced yet again.
She called it memory loss, but in fact, she was overwritten.
Lady what the hell have you been smoking? [LAUGHS] [DOOR OPENS] Hi.
I'm sorta glad I'm not alone here.
I'm David.
Kathryn Are they all right? Still on whatever drug they gave me.
You don't know any of them, do you? Uh okay, wow.
You do? Ray? Ray, wake up! He got me out of a legal jam recently.
It was weird Ray! Ray! Wake up I already tried yelling.
Oh, for God's sakes.
What? I know him too.
He's a cop.
He interviewed me once about Marcy.
Who's Marcy? Apparently a time traveler from the future.
She said my husband was, too.
- Dr.
Perrow? - Yeah.
Yeah, but you don't a actually believe Of course not.
Of course not.
[GROGGY MUMBLING] Oh, shit It's all right, you're not alone.
Where's my son? Where's Jeffrey? He's just a baby He's not with us, I'm sorry.
You're MacLaren's wife.
Agent MacLaren? You know who I am? Yeah, I came to your house and told you that your husband was screwing around with my girl, Carly.
- Carly? - What? Yeah, you don't remember? No, and I think that's something I would remember.
So then why would he bring us here? What? Why would Grant do this? She's right, I don't think this is an FBI thing.
How do you know my husband works with the FBI? He's Marcy's boss, isn't he? David Mailer.
You're the social worker creep that was screwin' around with the retarded girl, Marcy.
That's a hateful word.
Okay, wait, who the fuck is Marcy? His client! One minute she's mentally disabled, the next minute, she's whoopin' half a dozen boys outside the library Yeah, she was under cover! All right! Enough of this shit! We talk, or we get out of here.
- [BANGING ON DOOR] - Hey! Whoever the hell you think you are, you just kidnapped a Metro police officer! That's a class-A felony, and I'm gonna put your ass away! You hear me? [BANGING] [GROANS] Do you have be so loud? Who the hell are you? Hello.
I'm I'm David.
I'm a friend of Marcy's.
This is Kathryn.
She's married to Agent MacLaren, who's Marcy's boss.
This is Ray.
He's still unconscious.
The unhappy man is Officer Conniker, who I'm guessing is in a relationship with Carly, who's also a friend of Marcy, all of whom may or may not be time travelers.
And you are? I'm a high school guidance counselor.
Oh, okay.
That makes perfect sense.
[DOOR OPENS] Wait, no.
Don't you touch me.
No Where are you taking me? Let me go! [SCREAMS] Let me go! The lady asked you to let her go [JEFF THUDS AGAINST WALL] Back off! No! [DOOR SLAMS] [KATHRYN]: Let me go! Who's he again? He's my lawyer.
[TYPING RAPIDLY] Vincent's sending us something.
Boss! [SOBBING OVER VIDEOLINK] [SOBBING] Grant, in order for me to be released unharmed, you must confess to being a Traveler on video.
You have one hour to send it to this IP, or they'll kill me.
[GASPS AWAKE] Shit, not again.
Ray? [CHUCKLES] David.
We've been kidnapped.
I know that sounds crazy, but How much do you owe Vargese? Vargese, anyone? We're not sure why we're here.
Does this have anything to do with the guy in your apartment who, uh [CLICKS TONGUE] What? Oh maybe? [DOOR OPENS] [RAY CHUCKLES] What's with Mr.
Big and Tall here? Hey, wait Come on, take it easy, what the Jesus.
Boss, I have to say this If we do this, it goes against everything we trained for.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm not going to let my wife die.
I feel the same way about David.
Look, listen, listen! I want nothing more than to hold my son right now, but the mission comes first.
If you sit down at that computer with the intention of confessing, you will be overwritten.
I think I know how we can do this and still maintain Protocol 1.
I got my hands on an advanced rootkit virus that I can plant in the code of the video file.
Is it traceable? Four months ago, it compromised the Relicus Maxicloud in Austria for 47 minutes, and they still don't know who did it.
Do you? The Faction.
I can track the video on the back channels and find his location.
What if it spreads? I'll know where it goes, When the time comes, we can shut it down.
Yeah, if the Director lets us get that far.
I'm still not struck by lightning.
Do it.
Ready when you are.
Seven months ago, my consciousness was sent from the distant future into the body of Special Agent Grant MacLaren [BEEPS] [SIGHS NERVOUSLY] [DEVICE POWERING UP] [ENERGY RAMPING] [PANELS BEEPING] Cooling systems at minus 270 degrees.
Superconductor efficiency, 99.
[SPARKING] [HISSING AND SIZZLING] Simon! It's overheating.
Shut it down! Simon! [POWER WHINING DOWN] [POURING WATER] [BLOWING] It was supposed to work! Can you fix it? I told you, the device requires Simon! Can you fix it? This was all for you.
All for you.
I'm his only friend? Man, that is tragic.
The guy travels through time, becomes a junkie, and his only friend is a lawyer with a gambling addiction who uses him? I'd like to, uh, keep us on track.
[MUMBLES NONCOMMITTALLY] How are things at home? Where's my son? Jeffrey's okay.
For now.
What does that mean? It means if you and I cooperate, then you'll see your son, and I'll see my daughter, but that entirely depends on you.
There are some things about Carly you need to know.
In truth, I am Traveler 3468 Oh, Jesus Christ, Mac.
We've got it under control.
Clearly you don't.
My teammate at the NSA flagged this during her routine scan for Traveler activity.
If any other agent had found Yeah, well, they didn't, and we've taken extra precautions with Philip's virus.
Now, once we get to Vincent, we can corrupt the video.
I just need time to flush him out.
The intelligence agencies already have a target on our backs.
Well, then, let's work together and get ahead of it.
Those with my specialty are chosen as infants in order to develop their minds to specifically serve the Traveler program.
Some days I felt like an experiment, other days like a super-human.
Today I'm The Director has kept watch over my entire life, knowing the outcome of every decision, crafting my path forward, but here, I see people every day who still believe in free will.
They don't know any better.
[STRUGGLING] I've taken down bigger guys than you.
Do any of you think this could actually be true? What? A few months ago, I definitely noticed changes in Grant.
It was truly like he was a different person.
What they're saying would explain Oh, please.
Like time travel is actually possible? Okay, maybe you could send information in the form of some coherent energy across space-time, but to calculate an exact position would require an almost impossible level of accuracy, not to mention nearly a billion zettaflops of processing power, and then to unpack it somehow, without entropy, in a biological What do you do again? Guidance counselor.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATING] [ELEVATOR DINGS] He knows you tampered with MacLaren's recording.
Now each and every one of you must record your own confessions, or we will all be killed.
Marcy, I just want to go home.
I just wanna go home.
All right, look, look, look, listen, we know there's only one way in and one way out, right? Now, there's two of them, two of us Let's take 'em.
[MUTTERING] Oh, I can't wait to see this.
Yeah, okay.
Next time, we jump 'em.
You take the tall one.
Which one is the tall one? Oh, my god.
David It's okay, I got you.
I can't see out of my right eye.
Is it okay? It's just swollen shut.
" Try that shit with me.
Wait, wait, wait.
I get it.
I'm next.
Let's go.
[DOOR SLAMS] My purpose is to save lives, whether that's a teammate in jeopardy, or someone that's part of a mission ordered by the Director but I can't help but think that I've put one person's life in more danger than they deserve.
David you've suffered because of me, and there's just there's no excuse for that.
I cared enough to leave once.
I should have just stayed away.
I've lowered the temperature in the room.
I know it's cold.
It's bracing, yes.
Is it ready? Almost.
It's almost done.
For 2,000 years, mankind believed that God was created in his image, guiding our lives, hearing our prayers Could you hand me the screwdriver? But when those prayers weren't answered, we just chalked it up to His divine will.
But then mankind created the power to build God, a machine more powerful than any human mind could ever be It's just, uh, on the workbench The fate of our existence just handed to an AI with the ability to monitor each and every shifting timeline, while we blindly obey its orders with the belief that salvation will come.
It's the Phillips head The problem isn't the fact that we believed in God "It's that we didn't believe in ourselves.
" Fine, I'll get it.
It's time to pull back the curtain and take control of the present, to fight for our future.
Simon We can finally fix you.
[DERISIVELY] A psychologist? And you actually enjoy talking to people for a living? When I'm not under duress.
All right, let's get it over with, then.
When are you from? When are you from? What is your mission? [MOCKING] What is your mission? What is your specialty? What is your Sp All right, enough! You can stop pretending, Traveler 0027.
[CLICKING GUN MAGAZINE REPEATEDLY] The videos have been disseminated to servers in nearly every major city.
Any luck over there? Locked out of everything.
You said you could control the virus.
Yeah, well, he's pretty good, too.
What are you saying? What I'm saying is that I can't corrupt the video files that are already out there.
The world is about to find out who we are.
Why isn't the Director stepping in? We must eventually find a way to solve this.
If not, it had its chance to overwrite any one of us when we recorded our confession.
[COMPUTER BEEPS] He's sending us a message.
UDIDs, MAC addresses, possible coordinates.
He's making us work for it.
He's a dead man.
[WAKEFIELD]: He's a psychotic recluse! You're asking me if time travel is possible.
You say that out loud again, and slowly.
You've seen it too.
We couldn't get ahead of it.
He sent it to all the major news outlets, intelligence agencies I have to believe that 21st-century skepticism is alive and well.
Yeah, for the New York Times, sure, but this isn't going to be something that goes away with the news cycle.
The information he has fills in the pieces on dozens of Traveler missions the CIA could never explain.
It's only a matter of time before they put it all together No, the Director will never let that happen.
Yeah, well, here we are.
What about your wife? [PHILIP]: Boss, I think I know where they are.
Sending you coordinates.
This is the same What the hell? [] If you have any questions about what you've just seen, feel free to ask Grace.
She's one of them.
[DOOR SLAMS SHUT] [BIRDS CHIRPING] [SIGHS DEEPLY] [CELL PHONE RINGS] Ava? Sweetie? Mom! The man said you're coming home.
I'll be home soon.
I love you.
I love you too.
[CALL DISCONNECTS] I wanted to say goodbye.
I'm scared.
Don't be.
You did it, Simon.
The device works perfectly.
Will you stay with me? If that's what you want.
Thank you, Vincent.
Thank you.
Thank you, Vincent.
[TREVOR]: I was part of the original test program for consciousness transfer something we had to master before we could even dream of traveling back through time, and I lived in many bodies, which makes me one of the oldest living people in human history I'll never forget what I saw the first time I woke up my former body with glassy eyes staring back at me.
There was no one in there anymore.
Just a husk.
[FLY BUZZING] That image stays with me everywhere I go.
Arrival successful.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACH] [WHISPERING] All right, there's two of them, two of us.
It's now or never.
Cancel the plan, cancel the plan! What are you Ow! [GRUNTING IN PAIN] Where are you taking us? Though this news is still breaking, we can confirm that Vincent Ingram, owner of one of the world's leading securities firms, is responsible for bringing to light what may be a new terrorist group with cells positioned throughout the world Let me know when you have confirmation that the device has been moved.
I need to speak with my son.
Hello, Taylor.
Remember me? Hi.
Did your father explain to you that you're going to be living with me for a while? Yeah, but he didn't say why.
So that we can be free.
I'm Dr.
Katrina Perrow, and Vincent Ingram has been my patient for the last four months.
For the purposes of this recording, he has asked me to break doctor-patient confidentiality.
This is not a subject one can discuss openly, because frankly, it flies in the face of 21st-century science and what we currently perceive to be possible, but everything you've heard is true.
Travelers do exist.
What do you see? Nothin' but God's country.
Only reason to take us out to the middle of nowhere is to kill us.
Might as well say your prayers.
Do people still pray in the future? [PERROW CONTINUES]: They operate covertly in cells made up of five members [VINCENT'S VOICE JOINS IN]: each with a specialty.
Their missions are sent from an advanced AI that continuously keeps watch over an ever-changing timeline.
They are spies, terrorists, [PERROW'S VOICE FADES OUT]: and they will not stop until their Director has achieved its primary goal, the Grand Plan.
They are our wives, our husbands, our sons, and our daughters.
They know our secrets, they know our future.
They gain our trust, our affection, but it's all a lie.
We must do whatever we can to stop them.
[WHIR OF HELICOPTER] Jesus, Kat, I was so afraid Who are you? David! David! Don't don't touch me.
We can get through this.
I don't think so.
Ray, I am so sorry that you had to go through that.
I gotta hand it to you, kid, you were straight with me from the start.
But let's not pretend we're friends.
[CARLY]: Please let me hold him.
Stay the hell away from my son.
You hear me? [SIRENS APPROACH] [TREVOR]: Grace, are you okay? I I don't know.
[SIRENS APPROACH] I'm telling you, this whole thing No No, I can explain who did this.
I don't want to hear anything from you.
You killed my husband.