Travelers (2016) s03e01 Episode Script


- [WOMAN] Who are you? - [MACLAREN] Explain who did this.
[WOMAN] You killed my husband.
[THUDS] Hey, slow down a little.
You can scream at the top of your lungs, they're not gonna wake up for hours.
Yeah, but Carly's baby might.
The kid just settled down.
He's been traumatized enough.
It'll work out, boss.
Sure it will.
Maybe we should go over our story one more time.
Not for my sake, obviously.
[SIMON] Vincent? Vincent, where are you? [PERROW] I'm right here, Simon.
Can you hear me? - You're in my head.
- In a way.
I've given you a comm.
Now close your eyes.
That's the most important rule.
Make sure they stay closed.
I've sent people for you.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] You said you were gonna fix me.
[PERROW] And that's just what we're going to do.
Then why are you taking me away? The Director is testing you.
The device works now! I did what you said! Multiple uses, multiple transfers! And it's going to be put to good use, I promise.
You've done well.
I'm cold.
I know.
This won't take much longer.
I don't like this place.
I wanna go home.
This is the test.
Remember the rule.
Eyes closed.
You've been very helpful to me, Simon, and I will always be grateful.
- Are you ready? - No! I wanna go home! - Be strong, now.
- You said you would fix me! I am fixing you.
[PANTING] [TRAIN HORN BLARING] You promised me! [HIGH-PITCHED NOISE] [SCREAMING] [BRAKES SCREECHING] [TRAIN HORN BLARING] Your host had been so loyal, I just couldn't bring myself to kill him.
But I knew the Director would have no such compunction.
Welcome to the 21st.
- [DEVICE WHIRRING] - [GROANING] [GRUNTING] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] There he is! Oh, Jesus, keep it down a bit, man.
- How did I get here? - I took your keys.
Made you crash.
You were "celebrating.
" Well, I must've had a good time, Phil, 'cause I don't remember how I got here or what we were celebrating.
You were in trouble with a loan shark, uh, named Varghese.
Oh, right.
I got picked up by a couple of his boys.
I don't remember what happened after that.
Well, they gave you 24 hours to come up with the money.
You came to me, asked me to place some bets, we came here to watch them come in and hilarity ensued.
- You really don't remember? - No.
I maybe forgot to tell you I probably shouldn't drink.
Oh, we established that.
But, my hungover friend, you're out of the hole with a little extra.
Oh, I owe Varghese more than this.
Well, he's been paid.
That's That's the extra.
Fuck off.
Man, I love you.
Oh, come here.
[SNIFFS] Ray, that's, uh what friends are for.
Please, take a seat.
First, let me say how sorry I am for your loss.
- I know from experience.
- Thank you, sir.
I'm fine.
Then please explain your request that I issue a cancellation order of a highly classified, highly complex operation of which you should have had zero knowledge and which is scheduled to begin worldwide in 23 minutes? The request isn't mine, sir.
It's from the Director.
- He is the FBI director.
- Last I checked.
I think everyone in this room knows to which director I'm referring.
How was this communicated to you? It began several days ago.
And you waited until now? Sir, if I can explain my reasoning for not coming to you sooner.
Go ahead, Agent Yates.
Start at the beginning.
[PHILIP] Boss, Ray is taken care of.
So the memory inhibitor worked.
He was the easy one.
[PHILIP] That and the cash.
Now you can get back to cleaning up our mess.
- On it.
- Tanner.
Lot of people here, they can't all be Travelers.
Nowhere near.
But Wakefield handpicked them, they're good agents.
[DOOR OPENS] - How's it going up there? - Same as 20 minutes ago.
David and Jeff are just taking a break to get some medical attention.
- I thought we'd be on by now.
- These things take time.
Maybe you could go for a walk.
We just did.
Then go for another walk because we're having a private conversation.
Sorry to interrupt.
Where were we? - I think we were done.
- No, no, no.
Um We were talking about your feelings.
- You were talking about my feelings.
- Right.
The logic's inescapable.
001 kidnapped every significant other on your team.
Philip and Ray? - Oh, I don't judge.
- Yeah, you do.
- Look, Trev.
- Trev? [WHISPERS] It's obvious I was taken by 001, held against my will, and frankly starved.
We were only given water - for what seemed like days.
- Thirty-one hours.
Because of the inevitable impact it was gonna have on you emotionally.
I'm important to you in a way neither one of us foresaw.
And the sooner we both accept that Grace, I am delighted you were the one kidnapped and interrogated, not my parents.
There, I said it.
So That is the second nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.
So can I go now? Oh, no, no, no.
Your team needs you.
I'll go.
It's thrilling, isn't it? The primal rush of hormones bursting from your endocrine system.
Remember we're much, much older than these bodies.
[WHISPERS] And I can't wait to try them out.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] [CARLY] You train for years to be a part of the grand plan.
Studied medicine.
Finally, you get assigned a team over hundreds of other volunteers.
And all you can think about is your boyfriend.
I hope I never see Jeff again.
You can still make work.
He won't remember the last 24 hours.
They're gonna need to forget a hell of a lot more than that and you know it, Marcy.
It's what we've got to work with.
They'll definitely remember being abducted.
Meeting each other.
Maybe even their first session with Perrow.
How do we even know she'll cooperate? She's already made a statement, saying that her actions were under duress.
Beyond that, she wants nothing to do with us.
Frankly, I don't blame her.
As far as Perrow's concerned, Vincent Ingram was a deeply paranoid serial killer who thought that time travelers from the future were out to get him.
Crazy talk.
Fortunately, no mainstream news outlet's taking it seriously.
And once the new Traveler in Ingram confesses he went off his meds Yeah, but, see, you make it sound ridiculous.
Hey, I'm from the future, I'm not sure I buy it myself.
Jeff sure as hell believed it.
So did David.
- No.
What is that? What is that? - Let go of me.
[CARLY] So did your wife.
Which is why we have to make sure our stories are straight.
So we can all get back to our Protocol 5.
- Oh! This is about Protocol 5? - That is the mission.
Oh, now you care about the mission.
What is that supposed to mean? You risked the entire Traveler program for her.
And you did the same.
What do you think, you can just undo all of this? - Just put it all back into a box? - We try! Yes! Shit was about to hit the fan anyway, Carly.
Exposure was imminent, across every major intelligence agency worldwide: CIA, FSB, Interpol.
All we did was speed up the process.
- Then we need to move.
- No.
The Director sent us here.
The Director has been making it up as it goes along, Marcy.
I think it's about time we all admit Keep your fucking voice down.
The point is, what happened was inevitable and obviously there's now a plan in motion to deal with that.
Meantime, we stick to the protocols.
You gonna order me to stay with him? You gonna tell me what the bruising on your knuckles is all about? [TREVOR STAMMERS] Hey, guys! Grace just left.
I was about to rustle up some lunch.
I do a mean veggie stir fry, boss.
Does it have to be mean? [SIGHS] [KATHRYN] I just wanna go home! [WAKEFIELD] And we're gonna take you home.
But you've been kidnapped, held against your will, probably brainwashed.
Apparently by a man I met at a charity auction a decade ago, as if that makes any sense.
At least tell me some things I wanna know.
Like, where are we? And how long have I been in these clothes? An FBI safe house in the country, and a couple days.
Kathryn, you were found unconscious yesterday in a room with four other people: David Mailer, Jeff Conniker, Ray Green and All of them claimed to know my husband.
See? New information.
Exactly why we have to keep talking this through.
You've been through a traumatic ordeal and without proper debriefing, you could suffer long-term consequences.
This is what we do if something like this happens to any one of our agents in the field.
What's the first thing you remember about the abduction? His men They were twins.
Also new information.
We woke up in a room with five chairs.
And then they took us out one by one to talk a woman.
- A doctor.
- Dr.
- Yes.
- She was there against her will, too.
Oh, God, they have her daughter.
- They're fine, we've been in contact.
- Oh, that poor woman.
[GRUNTS] You know what, that's it, that's all I remember.
Why did they drug me? To move you to another location.
It's lucky MacLaren found you.
[SIGHS] We can give you something for the headache.
I don't like to take pills.
Can I see him now? Is Grant here yet? He's here and you will see him very soon.
But first, I need you to go over one more time what you talked about in that room.
Hey! I need a ride, who's the lucky driver? [THUDS] The bus is for the 21sters.
Fine, let me take that one.
- Parsons, we need a driver, over.
- [SIGHS] Parsons, what's your status? How's your vision in this eye? Well, can I see out of it? Yes.
Can I feel my pulse in it? Also yes.
[DOCTOR] Swelling's down, won't be pretty.
[DAVID] When I was a kid, I got a black eye the day before high school started.
My mom said to tell everybody: "You should see the other guy!" [CHUCKLES] You're not the other guy, are you? If it was me, you'd look a lot worse.
Yeah, okay.
Well, maybe you should look in the mirror.
He's at the roadblock down the road a ways, his radio battery must be dead.
Never mind, I'll walk to him, I've been cramped up for days without You don't care.
[INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] We good to keep going? All yours.
I'm not talking to no one else until someone shows me my son.
I told you, Jeff Jr.
is being well taken care of.
And I told you that that is unacceptable.
So is your attitude, Officer Conniker.
Okay, why don't you give the guy a break, we were kidnapped for chrissake.
And I don't need your help neither.
Come with me, Mr.
[JEFF] Maybe ask him why he's sleeping with the girl who's in the care of the state.
You knew my host? Uh Yeah, I did.
I'm sorry, I'm just surprised, Simon's death wasn't in the historical record.
My host was supposed to be a John Doe, attempted suicide, but obviously he was a Traveler.
Have you ever seen a comm do this? Ouch.
Let me get you something for that.
Someone tried to speak to him.
I couldn't hear over the train.
It wasn't just any Traveler, he was 004.
Didn't know he had a comm, though.
There's some things you need to know about him.
First things first.
We need to reactivate that code you embedded in those obscene confession recordings you made, ASAP.
- What were you people thinking anyway? - [KEYBOARD CLACKING] I was thinking that we could locate and erase the recordings before they got out into the world, but Vincent had countermeasures.
Of course the Director would have devised a countermeasure for 001.
The Director can calculate in seconds, what would take a lifetime for you or I.
I find your lack of fealty offensive.
This body is dehydrated, do you have water? [CLACKING CONTINUES] You should know, your host body suffers from extreme paranoid schizophrenia.
Severe enough that our medic couldn't synthesize a drug to prevent it.
Simon was pretty much incapable of functioning in 21st society, let alone as a Traveler.
You'll probably experience a psychotic episode in the next few hours.
That's the body the Director chose for you.
David, I know it's complicated No, no, no.
What's not to get? This Vincent Ingram character had it in for Agent MacLaren because MacLaren was onto his whole torturing people in wheelchairs and burying 'em alive fetish, so Ingram kidnaps, drugs and/or beats the crap out of anyone who's close to Agent MacLaren, with the likely intention of, you know, doing the same to us.
- That's pretty much it.
- Right.
Except I'm not even remotely close to Agent MacLaren.
In fact, I don't think he likes me.
He hasn't said he doesn't like you.
[STAMMERS] You know what? Mac and me, we are just two different kinds of guys, just one is no less manly than the other.
Just two different kinds of manly men.
- David.
- On the other hand, if this is the new normal, then I better buck up a little bit.
- You know what I mean? - No.
[STUTTERS] I better grow a pair of kahunas.
I'm pretty sure that's not the word, but I'm gonna go with it, because if I'm gonna hang out with an FBI doctor, I better pack on some muscle, you know, maybe do some, like, what is it, is this Taekwondo, Pilates? David, calm down.
Agent Callahan I have never been more calm in my life.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] Hello? Hello? Hello? Are you people seriously gonna make me walk - the rest of - Hands on the vehicle now! - What the hell? - Turn around and put your hands on the vehicle or we'll take you down! [MAN OVER RADIO] Don't let her touch the comm! This is drop leader 31 One of the primaries attempted to leave containment on foot, we have her in custody.
[PHONE RINGS] This is Deputy Oslin.
Yes? All right.
Keep us apprised.
We just captured the Traveler designated 0027 attempting to escape before the assault.
Did she activate her comm device? If she has one, she didn't try.
Then we're still on.
You were saying the Director communicated to you? Yes, it spoke to me.
[SCOFFS] That's not possible.
The Director is only capable of communicating directly through what they call "messengers.
" Specifically, children.
Because for reasons we don't know, the process kills an adult.
Apparently, it found another way.
Teslia? Dr.
Teslia? Yes.
And you're? The person you called and insisted I come here as a matter of national security.
I just forgot your name.
- Special Agent - Yates, yes, I knew that.
So Come, come.
So This is Ilsa.
And Ilsa, this is Uh, what's your first name again? Good evening, Dr.
Would you like to play a nice game of chess? [SNORTS, CHUCKLES] No one ever gets that.
Ilsa is AI that replaces Boolean logic with quantum law on an algorithmic level.
There's maybe three others as powerful in the whole world.
It gave you my cell number? No.
No, Ilsa is practically a newborn.
The Director gave me your number.
What Director? That is the question.
All right, we're done.
[DIRECTOR] I am very sorry for your mother's diagnosis, Joanne.
I just heard the news myself.
How would it know that? That's the Director talking now.
It's taking over Ilsa to communicate.
[DIRECTOR] You were chosen among seven potential candidates within this jurisdiction.
Okay, who are you? A sentient multi-zettaflop quantum frame speaking to you from centuries in the future [YATES SIGHS] Matter of national security only recently possible - because of - Okay, stop! I don't know if this is some kind of joke or you're trying to sell me something, but either way, you picked the wrong person on the wrong goddamn day.
Agent Yates [STAMMERS] Call me again and I'll arrest you.
I take it he called you again.
[YATES] Actually, he sent me a text.
It just didn't make sense until the next day [DR.
SHEPPARD] I was about to head out.
Maybe you should do the same.
Oh, I, um I wanna be here in case she wakes up.
Joanne this last stroke was extensive.
She won't be waking up again.
Well, I spoke to her the day before yesterday.
Might as well have something to read.
How could you know? - What? - You texted me yesterday.
- How did you know this would happen? - I didn't! I just texted what the Director told me to text.
- Wow.
- Well, I wanna talk to the Director.
Yeah? Well, get in line! I tried to all last night, it wouldn't say a word to me.
[DIRECTOR] Good morning, Joanne.
Dude, I'm standing right here.
How did you know? [DIRECTOR] From my time, the bird strike and emergency landing of Flight 0718 is a part of historical record.
As was your mother's diagnosis.
- Have I convinced you? - No.
What do you want from me? [DIRECTOR] To deliver a message to your superiors.
Tell them yourself.
[DIRECTOR] I have no means of directly communicating outside of this room.
Ilsa is built inside an AI box, it's completely cut off.
You can't just give a potentially emerging super-intelligence the car keys.
You need to control what it learns.
What's the message? [DIRECTOR] Your superiors must order the cancellation of the coordinated assault planned tomorrow on Traveler teams worldwide or face an unstoppable series of civilization ending events.
Discovery was inevitable at this juncture of the grand plan.
Cooperation with the 21st century authorities is now the optimal path.
You get that? [OSLIN] And you just left? Deputy Oslin did you believe in time travelers the first time you were told? Truthfully, no.
I reluctantly told the agent who brought it to me that he could pursue the matter, but you're right, I didn't believe him.
- How did he convince you? - [STEVENSON] He didn't.
The agent was overwritten along with his entire task force.
- [MACHINE EXPLODES] - [CROWD SCREAMS] I'm sorry, I don't understand.
[STEVENSON] Special Agent Wakefield told us he was on the verge of providing the proof he needed [OSLIN] The next day, he was a different man.
The man I had worked alongside for ten years had been replaced by an impostor.
How? [STEVENSON] A traveler supplants a host consciousness with his or her own, then pretends as if nothing's changed.
When Wakefield called us that evening ostensibly to assure me that his task force had found nothing, we knew he'd become one of them.
I take it the Director didn't share that information with you.
It's how they come here from their own time.
It's insidious.
It's murder.
And the reason this operation must continue on schedule, however much you try to convince us otherwise.
- You don't think that I'm? - Never met you before, Agent Yates.
How would we know? [TREVOR] Seasoned with exotic spices from all around the world.
- Ellis had a whole rack of 'em.
- Thanks, Trev.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Hey, wanted to give you an update on Oh.
Uh, I haven't eaten in hours, would you mind if? [STUTTERS] Be my guest.
Mm, this is amazing.
What spice is that? All of them.
- You mentioned an update? - Right.
Okay, so we, uh, we think we're in the clear as far as the recordings are concerned across the board.
Obviously, they're still traumatized, but the inhibitor wiped the worst of it.
Who knows how David's gonna handle this? David's fine.
He's chatty Uh-oh.
He and Kathryn will be ready for you soon.
But, uh, Jeff's a different story Your medic is worried that he's resistant to memory inhibitor.
He's an alcoholic.
I gave him a stronger dose to compensate, but his tolerance may be high.
Well, whatever, we gotta release him anyway.
Protocol 3.
He, uh, he doesn't wanna talk to you.
Fine by me.
- He does wanna speak with you.
- Huh.
Also, I'm, uh, I'm down a couple of Traveler agents driving your people home.
Can you spare anyone to keep an eye on the back of the property? We can spare me.
Yeah, you can spare me, too.
[AGENT] Agent 443.
Keep your comms open.
[INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] Jeff, I am so sorry you got caught up in this.
I'd been investigating Vincent Ingram for some time, and unfortunately Yeah, yeah, they told me all about it.
It all went down because I'm close to Carly and Carly's close to you.
So how close? Okay.
You want the truth? Ms.
Shannon has been working for me.
- The FBI? - Yes.
[CHUCKLES] Carly Shannon, FBI.
- For several months.
- [CHUCKLES] I don't think so.
'Cause she she don't got it in her.
Not my Carly.
But then again, my Carly's gone.
Because this girl, this girl's not Carly.
This girl's a completely different person.
And I don't know what you did but I don't like her much no more.
Judging by the condition of your face, she doesn't like you much either.
[LAUGHS] That is funny.
Well, least we can laugh about it.
No, I don't want anything to do with this girl, you can have her.
You sure? 'Cause I think she missed a spot.
- Keep it up.
- You're the one that wanted to talk.
I wanted you to know that I remember things that I didn't tell your boy upstairs about.
It's not all there yet.
Not all at once.
Just itty bitty pieces percolating like the morning after a night you been drinking.
Well, you'd know more about that than I would.
But it'll come to me it will.
[TREVOR] And the only thing that you need to make it happen from there is sunlight and water.
Food just rises up from the soil.
It's beautiful when you think about it, you know.
How Nothing out here.
Yeah, let's head back.
[ENGINE REVVING] - [CARLY] We're being surveilled.
- By who? Can't say who or how many, but we saw some footprints.
Footprints, that's it? We need to get proper reinforcements and take them out.
Take them out? What if it's nosy next door neighbors? Wakefield's got a small army protecting us, Carly.
Dial it back a little.
One of the secondaries just passed through the checkpoint.
It's the cop.
[OSLIN] We'll get the driver at the same time we get their historian.
That's lockdown.
Nobody else in or out.
[INDISTINCT CHATTERING] [SIGHS] This water is incredible.
Not recycled 10,000 times.
Well, I'm done.
The Director's code should allow traveler teams to identify every copy of your ill-conceived confessions that's out there.
- Thanks.
- [SIGHS] Although, the effort hardly seems worth it.
No one from the 21st would actually believe that [PHILIP] What's wrong? I, uh, thought that I saw Maybe I'm exhausted.
Was your transition here tiring? Well, I was going through heroin withdrawal, so How could you leave me behind like this? I was assigned a mission.
You ran away.
- No.
- Because things are getting worse here.
I'm trying to save you! It's already too late for me.
Simon? What are you looking at? My friend's not really there, is he? No.
We're alone.
Why would the Director do this to me? It makes mistakes just like us.
Come on, you gotta try the food.
Carly and Trevor think we're being surveilled.
- Faction? - [MARCY] Wouldn't be the first time.
We've got plenty of cameras set up outside.
The Director will take 'em out if they get close.
- I can get Philip on some back up if - Mac, I got it covered.
Hell, I'll bring in air assets if I have to.
Well, now you're just showing off.
They're upstairs waiting for you.
Kat's in the room at the top of the stairs.
I wanted to see you sooner, but Wakefield insisted on debriefing you.
I've felt like this before, Grant.
- Like what? - That I've lost something.
I woke up once months ago feeling this way.
My head was pounding like it is now and I couldn't remember anything that happened the day before.
Remember the day your SUV was stolen? You said I had too much to drink.
Well, you went at it pretty hard, Kat.
What do you want to me to say? That you drugged me.
To make me forget something.
What are you trying to make me forget? Jesus, Kat, why would I? Shit.
Guess I just have to try again.
- Hi.
- Hi.
They said I could, I could talk to you now.
It's about time.
I've been asking for you all morning.
I'm sorry.
[STUTTERS] I'm going too fast.
No, it's okay.
It's me, I'm just [SIGHS] Come here.
Kat everything is gonna be like it was before.
I promise you.
[CARLY] I'm so sorry.
Let me see.
Does it hurt? This? Nah, you should see the other guy.
What other guy? I have no idea, I'm just assuming there was one.
Hey! Let's get out of here.
[STAMMERS] I'm craving sesame chicken for some reason.
Okay, we can't just pretend like this didn't happen.
You deal with this sort of thing every day.
What's a minor kidnapping? There's nothing minor about this.
I was on the other end of the phone while you were giving CPR to somebody after some explosion, for God's sakes! I refuse to make this a bigger deal than it is.
Okay, David.
You were held by a mass serial killer who thought time travelers were out to get him.
I know.
Isn't that the stupidest thing you've ever heard? [CHUCKLES] Uh-huh.
One of our assault teams was forced to move early on a Serbian cell.
They were about to lose containment.
Casualties? All five members of the Traveler team confirmed dead.
You can't go ahead with this.
You have about 90 seconds to change my mind.
Tell Wakefield and get a weapon.
Mac, Wakefield's team just bugged out of here and there are soldiers taking up positions all around us.
I know you need me and I'll be there for you.
God damn you.
- I'll say it again, - We've got company.
I'm Senior Special Agent Wakefield and I need armed air assets to these coordinates now.
They're not faction.
- I've got 20 armed men out there.
- No, you don't.
Most of 'em are already gone.
Then they're on to us.
- Here.
- [COCKS GUN] [CARLY] Mac, we are outmanned and out-gunned! Get your ass out here! Kat, I'm sorry.
I gotta go back outside.
- Wait What? - I'll be right back.
Okay, I need you to stay here and stay away from the window.
The window? Okay, get behind me.
How do we know The last time the Director spoke to me, it was not through an AI in Teslia's lab.
You received a messenger.
[YATES] But it wasn't a child.
I was just told my mother was essentially brain dead, but it was gonna take time.
I wanted to be with her.
Last night, she spoke to me.
Listen to me carefully Tell him the bargain he made that autumn morning was not with his God, but with me.
Those were her exact words.
She died in that moment.
It's not something I'm ever likely to forget.
Sir? [WHISPERS] This is the day.
- Get down.
- [MACLAREN] How many? More than we can fight.
Where's Wakefield? He's inside trying to get Traveler backup.
Maybe we should go back inside the house, where there's cover We're not getting into a fire fight.
It won't be up to us.
The Director hasn't waived Protocol 3.
Fuck that.
They're on our six, too.
Sir, we're waiting on your order.
Sir? All units stand down.
Operation's canceled.
No go.
I repeat, no go.
All units stand down and pull back by order of Director Stevenson.
What? She's right.
Everybody out of here! Move! Okay, lady.
Come on.
You're free to go.
Go where? I could care less.
[ENGINE STARTS] [TIRES SCREECHING] Are you fucking kidding me? [SIGHS] That autumn morning, I was also in a hospital room.
My daughter Claire was dying from a rare form of cancer.
There was very little time left.
She spoke to you.
I will save her life, but there will come a day of reckoning.
[STEVENSON] I never told a soul.
She began to improve the next morning.
I thought it was a miracle.
Daddy! It was a miracle.
The Director cured her.
I've read reports of their advanced technology.
Keeps me awake at night.
I wonder what made them stand down.
I have to believe the Director had something to do with So what's going on? David, I told you to stay in the room.
Yeah, but then we didn't.
A jumpy junior agent got over-excited.
Honestly, it was nothing.
Why don't I believe you? You made the right decision, sir.
We'll see.
So What do we do now?