Travelers (2016) s03e05 Episode Script


[CHUCKLES] This is very early for me.
Just push through it, Philip.
I'll tell you when you're tired.
- [PHONE BEEPS, VIBRATES] - [PANTING] Is that it? We're done? Nah.
It's Gary letting me know they're on the road.
His mother passed.
You probably already knew that.
Contrary to popular belief, I don't have a memory of everything.
Just certain things deemed important by the programmers or the Director.
Grandma Gary's death wasn't one of 'em? Not everybody has a part to play in the grand plan.
Well, she wasn't the type to take something like that personally, so I did know about your grandfather's death.
He was a host candidate.
Never chosen, but [CHUCKLES] See, now you're just trying to distract me - so you can get out of exercise.
- And you're just trying to torture me.
Philip, once you've lived in a body so old that the slightest fall would shatter your bones, and I sincerely hope you live so long, then you'll know this isn't torture.
- So on your feet, roomie.
- Come on.
- [EXHALES] Nuclear energy is considered a form of clean air energy because it doesn't produce greenhouse gas.
But there are some people who think that label ignores one important by-product of the process.
Does anybody know what that is? It's something you have left when the radioactive fuel is spent.
[GIRL] We forgot.
Okay, we talked about this in class.
You know this.
[ALARM BLARING] [MAN OVER PA] This is an emergency evacuation alert.
This is not a drill.
All personnel, evacuate immediately.
This is not a drill.
Okay, everyone follow me back to the bus right now.
Don't run.
[MAN OVER PA] This is an emergency evacuation alert.
This is not a drill.
All personnel [MAN] We were called in to assist.
We have clearance.
[GUARD] I don't care what your pass says.
Exit the building now.
There isn't much time.
You don't understand.
We need to get in there.
- [KEYBOARD CLACKING] - [COMPUTER BEEPS] I'm locked out of the backups, too.
[WOMAN OVER RADIO] Containment doors in sector 77 are secure.
[MAN OVER RADIO] Loading bay doors are not responding.
[ALARM CONTINUES BLARING] I can't even perform a system-wide reboot.
[WOMAN OVER RADIO] What are your conversion numbers coming in at? They're trying to break in again.
[SINGH] Come on, come on, come on.
[MAN OVER PA] a drill.
All personnel, evacuate immediately.
[SINGH] Shit.
I'm locked out.
Who are these guys? [SINGH] Nothing's working.
Levels critical.
- [MONITOR BLARING] Pressure in the primary coolant loop just went up another 22 percent.
- The porvs are gonna vent automatically.
- Shut them down.
The system isn't designed to handle that much.
It'll blow.
[SYSTEM] Levels critical.
Levels critical.
Levels critical.
- Pressure's dropping.
- [JOHNSON] How did you do it? I don't know.
[SCOFFS] I don't care.
What are you doing in here? We need some help in here.
Hey! Somebody call an ambulance! We need help! [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] [DOOR OPENS] Good morning.
You seem surprised to see me.
Why would I be? Well, 'cause I'm usually gone by now, but I just wanted to say how happy I was to see you home last night.
Even if it was just for a split second before you ran off into the bedroom.
- I did not run off.
I was tired.
- Uh-huh? So tired, you pretended to be asleep when I got into bed a minute later, and when I woke up? I was not pretending.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
'Cause for a moment there, I was afraid you were trying to avoid me.
I did wait up for you.
But it got late and I was getting tired, and I knew if I stayed, we'd end up talking for hours, so What would be so wrong with that? That's one of the things we do best.
Well, it's in the top two.
Okay, you know what? Do we have to talk about this right now? So when's a good time? What, do I have to book an appointment? We already have one.
Tomorrow at 3:00, remember? - I texted you.
- Oh, God.
We're paying someone to have a conversation.
Okay, I have to go back to my mom, so I'm gonna go and get ready.
Tomorrow at 3:00 I'll be there.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] - Well, you don't have a fever.
- I could've told you that.
I'm fine.
[SIGHS] Honey, you were taken to a hospital yesterday and can't remember what you were doing, so A-F-0-0-1-3- B-E-6-9-4-8- 1-C-3-2-D - Naomi? I don't understand.
- 1-3-0-5-7 - 1-4-1-0-5 - Honey, what are you saying? - Naomi.
- 2-8-8-4 Honey? B-C [KNOCKING ON DOOR] - What? - Good morning.
What are you doing here? - I brought breakfast.
- Why? Because it's the most far out thing I've ever tasted in my life.
Three completely different foods on a muffin from England.
Welcome to the 21st.
Thank you.
So [CLEARS THROAT] I was practicing driving, and I followed another car into this restaurant drive-through, and I asked the lady at the window, I said, "Just give me what the guy ahead of me ordered.
" And she asked if I wanted to make it a meal.
And I said, "Hey, ma'am, that's what I'm here for.
" Hey, don't let it get cold.
- That's some good stuff right there.
- What do you want? Your help.
Ask your team.
I don't have a team.
Why not? I probably shouldn't answer that on account of Protocol 6.
What about your training? Part of my training was to come talk to you.
Learn all about Jeff.
All right, what do you wanna know? Look I get that my host wasn't the finest human being.
- He was an asshole.
- I bet he was.
Because I know how far you went to make damn sure that he was a host candidate.
And that you came this close to killing him with your bare hands.
But I'm not him.
But I do need to be able to fake it.
So any information that you could give me [PHONE BEEPS, VIBRATES] - What is it? - Probably just David Mailer.
Apparently, I wanted to meet up with him.
- Do you know what about? - No.
- Should I? - If you think it's your Protocol 5.
Well, no, he's not he's not really my type.
That's not what I meant.
I know.
I'm just trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be.
[PHONE BEEPS, VIBRATES] What? Yeah, this isn't David.
You mind if we do this later? Sure.
[KATHRYN'S VOICE] there was an option.
Should have it to you by the end of the day.
I wish I didn't need it, but - [BEEPING] - [PHILIP] Whoa.
Message incoming on the deep.
"Programmer urgently required to resolve corrupted messenger.
" Has that happened before? - Sounds like it just did.
- Okay.
I'll tell them we got one.
Make up an ID for Grace, please.
Grace Day, FBI Specialist in socially inappropriate behavior.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] For the record, I take offence to your instructions.
- Which part? - "Try not to speak.
" You can submit your objection in writing to the Director in a few hundred years.
- Yes? Special Agent Grant MacLaren with the FBI.
These are my associates.
We're here to do a medical follow-up on the incident involving your daughter at the Seaton Generating Station.
Why would the FBI be involved? It's a formality, really.
We'll be out of your hair in a few minutes.
- The doctor said that she was fine.
- I'm sure she is.
But because Seaton's a nuclear facility under federal jurisdiction, - you know how it is.
- [CARLY] It's a simple test.
- We'll be in and out.
- So where is she? That is Grace.
Please, come in.
[WHISPERING] D-7-1-3-5-0 - Oh, hey there.
- It started up again? She's been doing this on and off since the field trip.
I can't make out what she's saying, but it's Wow, it's still running.
She means running a fever.
Yeah, but we just checked a half hour ago.
Her temperature's perfectly normal.
How about the string of hexadecimal code she's mumbling through? Doctor said that was, uh, a post traumatic response from the alarm going off during the field trip.
- Well, your doctor sounds like an idiot.
- Let's just run the test, shall we? D-6-2-7-C-5-0-0 - What's her name again? - Naomi.
- I know a Naomi.
- It's from the Bible.
This one's a skinny ninth grader with a speech impediment.
Naomi I need you to look at this tablet uninterrupted for at least 20 seconds.
That's all you need to do.
And then we can celebrate with cake or something.
Yeah, how is looking at that gonna help with anything? There's an interrupted program inside her brain that hasn't completed its end script and is causing junk processes that are more or less shorting her out.
It's a metaphor.
- It won't hurt.
- Uninterrupted for 20 seconds.
Oh, somebody needs to hold her still.
- She doesn't wanna look at it.
- I assure you this is necessary.
Dan, it's fine.
Naomi? Mom? How did I get here? You don't remember? Some disorientation is normal.
- Sure.
We'll go with that.
- Well, we're done here.
- Thank you so much, Mr.
and Mrs.
- Thank you.
And please call me with any further questions or concerns.
- [BEEPING] - [CAR HONKS] [HONKING] [COMMS BEEPING] [AMBULANCE SIREN WAILING] [DAVID] I gotta say, this is a bit outside my element.
[WOMAN] I've got a great selection in the cabinet for beginners here.
[DAVID] It's kinda small, isn't it? [WOMAN CHUCKLES] You know they say size doesn't matter.
[DAVID] Right, yeah.
What, they have to say that? [WOMAN] It's the stopping power of the caliber.
David, what are you doing? [DAVID] Wow, that is That's way heavier than it looks.
[DAN AND NAOMI] Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth - [DAN] as it is in Heaven.
- 6-F-0-0-1-1 Naomi? - 3-6-7-8-9 - Naomi.
- 5-4-3 - Naomi.
as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread and - What's wrong? - Nothing.
Nothing, honey.
Glad you got our note.
So how'd you know? That you belong in our group? Well, you haven't exactly kept your opinions to yourself at work, right? - Yeah.
Yeah, I guess not.
- Yeah.
The others will be here in a bit.
You wanna give me a hand setting up? Thanks.
Okay, kiddo.
Let's go see Dr.
[MITCH] The most important thing to remember is that we're not alone.
Travelers have impacted all of our lives.
But the truth is being covered up by the media, by the government, and especially by those people in our lives who we know have changed, no matter how hard they wanna try and convince us otherwise.
So I think a good place for us to start would be for us to share, um You all right? Yeah, think so.
I just didn't expect it to be so many people.
I've been at this a while alone, you know.
[MITCH] I get it.
We all do.
And we've all been there.
You know, I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit scared that this group would be, you know them.
To find me out and then take me over, too.
I've been scared to talk to people.
[MITCH] Well, I think I can speak for everybody here when I say that that's what it was like for all of us the first time, Jeff.
But you're safe here.
[WOMAN] It's okay.
- [GRACE] It was the correct code.
- Obviously not.
Every messenger is essentially a convertible wetware program with a shut-off script which eradicates itself from the host once the message is complete.
- I gave it the correct shut-off script.
- So the Director made a mistake? Did a nuclear power plant release a cloud of radioactive steam and kill thousands of people yesterday? No.
I'm guessing that didn't happen in the timeline - you guys remember.
- No.
[GRACE] Well, it was a hell of a historical event when I left.
I've been dreading it the whole time since I got here, just trusting that the Director would stop it.
But why use Naomi? Why wasn't the mission assigned to a Traveler team? - Maybe it was.
- [GRACE] And they failed.
Happens all the time.
So the Director took a risk based on statistical probabilities, went to a back-up plan out of necessity, and mistakenly created an outlier.
Which we will take care of.
What are you so grumpy about? [SCOFFS] You wouldn't understand.
Marriage problems.
If you wanna talk, I am a licensed counsellor.
[SPEAKING LATIN] [DOOR OPENS] The Lord commands you to leave this vessel and return from whence you came.
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
- What are they doing here? - What is he doing here? - I called them.
Dan, we need help.
We're getting help.
And while that probably can't hurt, she needs medical attention.
The doctors said she was fine.
This is beyond medicine.
- You think she's possessed? - I believe it's possible.
And a grown man wearing a dress singing to his imaginary friend is the answer? - I think you need leave.
- Mr.
Gillen Dan, please, just let them try.
Father, can they have a moment with Naomi, please? I can return later this afternoon.
Thank you.
[NAOMI MURMURING] May the Lord work through you.
- May you get a real job someday.
- Grace.
[GRACE] Carly? All right.
I'm reading the - Oh, shit.
- What is it? This isn't anything like a normal messenger program.
This is It's a highly sophisticated AI.
It's almost an emerging consciousness.
- Why would the Director do that? - [GRACE] I don't know.
But a conventional end script won't do it.
I have to use a kill switch program.
[NAOMI] 8-0-0-1-3-8-9-9 [TABLET BEEPING] Hold that up to her.
[GROANING] - What are you doing to her? - Hold her down.
[GROANING] [NAOMI GRUNTING] - Stop it! - [SCOFFS] Carly, take it away.
[GROANS] - Pulse is strong but rapid.
- There's too much strain on the host.
- We need to get her to Ops.
- Get her sedated.
No, no.
Where are you taking her? - To a medical facility.
- [DAN] She isn't going anywhere.
Your daughter needs treatment she can't get here.
Our facility is highly restricted, and clearing civilians takes time we don't have.
Over my dead body.
- Sir, you need to listen to reason.
That was unexpected.
I'm Traveler 5322.
- [SIGHS] Why the hell didn't you say so? - Protocol 6.
I'm the one who put out the request for a programmer on the backchannel.
My medic had no idea what to do.
And obviously, I had to maintain my cover in front of my husband.
- About your husband - He'll be out for a while.
In the meantime, I'll think of something.
Most important thing is you get that rogue program out of Naomi.
I care about my daughter very much.
[BEEPING] [EXHALES] D-13 told me that these particular nanites were supposed to save the life of a Nobel Prize winner on the verge of a breakthrough in desalinization.
Well, guess the Director is gonna have to fix its mistake before the world gets clean water.
[PHILIP] So this activity isn't her own.
It's the AI unpacking itself inside of her brain.
Stressing her system so much that it's starting to cause tissue damage.
Well, obviously, this wasn't the Director's intention.
A messenger program is still a form of AI even if it's not a full consciousness.
It has to temporarily manipulate the host's limbic and nervous systems in order to take control of the body's movement and speech.
What did she do at the power plant? Somehow she stopped black hat hackers operating out of Eastern Europe attempting a killdisk on the Seaton Power Plant's operating system.
Sensor failure caused a pressure build-up in the primary coolant line that historically triggered an explosion of highly radioactive steam that spread in a 20-mile radius.
Nine thousand dead short-term, ten times that long-term.
You got an update, I see.
At least now you can imagine why I'd been dreading that date.
This messenger AI must had a self-learning protocol in order to combat potential countermeasures in real-time.
Oh, pretty brilliant except it took too long.
And as it continued to learn, it developed a level of sophistication beyond the Director's intention.
So how bad can it get? [MARCY SIGHS] Her consciousness is still intact.
But at this rate, the AI will essentially overwrite her in a matter of hours.
This isn't my first tango with a stubborn baby AI.
I can program the nanites to engage her neural pathways, get this thing whimpering in submission in no time.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] Okay, get started.
I've got an appointment.
- Same here.
- Keep us posted.
You got it, boss.
The tactical scopes are in this case.
They both fit the rifle I gave you.
Consider it a welcome to the 21st gift.
Thank you, Carly Shannon.
And this.
Without a historian to float you, you'll need it.
Especially when all you eat is take out.
I'm on the fresh vegetables now.
Broccolini is the bomb.
[CARLY SIGHS] No one says that now.
Your 21st idiom training is way out of whack.
Thanks for the tip.
Thanks for everything.
I know how hard it was for you.
I can tell by how you look at me.
It's how he looked at me when I first came here.
Almost feel sorry for him.
It'll pass.
I know you're solo, but maybe we'll do a mission together down the road.
What? Just had the impulse to give you a hug goodbye.
But it'll pass.
[CAR DOOR OPENS] I think it might be helpful to talk about the visions you've been having, Kathryn.
Visions? - No, they're more like daydreams.
- About what? I just imagine that I'm not safe.
- Well, considering what just happened - With you.
- I'm sorry, I can't even explain it.
- Wait, wait.
You're not safe with me? Kat, of all the people in the world, I [MUMBLES, CHUCKLES] I know, I know.
It's just There is this big blank space in my memory of when I was abducted.
You were drugged by a psychopath.
Everyone keeps telling me that.
You don't believe it? Kat, that's that's the truth.
That happened.
I have felt this way before.
[MACHINES BEEPING] [GROANING] Grace? [KEYBOARD CLACKING] Grace! I've been in the bathroom 30 seconds.
What did you do? We didn't do anything.
Take a look.
- Oh, shit.
- [NAOMI GROANING] What's happening? I had an automated script running the nanites to interfere with the AI, all on a quantum algorithm.
It stopped working.
[EXHALES] Looks like I'm gonna have to freehand this.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] [BEEPS] Okay, I've got it back under control.
[EXHALES] Well, can you stay ahead of it? [GRACE] Hey, who needs sleep? This is a problem.
I can keep pace with it.
I just can't seem to overtake it.
It has infinite stamina, and I can only keep this up for so long.
- Maybe we need to - [KNOCKING ON DOOR] [MARCY OVER COMMS] Mac, we're in danger of losing our patient.
- [KATHRYN] It happened months ago.
- [MARCY] Get back here.
It was the day your car was stolen by your CI, if that's even what really happened.
"If that's really what hap" [SCOFFS] Okay.
You know what? [STUTTERS] Why don't you two decide what's wrong with me, and I'll try to be better.
- We're not accusing you.
- That's exactly what you're doing.
- [KATHRYN] Grant.
- And I'm paying you for the privilege.
- That is not what's going on here.
- No, no, no.
You guys just work out who you need me to be and how you want me to act so you feel safe after after we've known each other for, what, 17 fucking years, and I'll be that.
I gotta get back to work.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] [PROGRAMMER] Your current method will only forestall the inevitable.
Or buy us time.
We need to come up with a better idea.
- 3468.
- Programmer.
I've been ordered by the Director to assist in the removal of the AI.
Not whimpering in submission just yet, I take it.
It's a learning program.
The AI is transferring itself into the nanites.
Why can't the Director just overwrite it? Artificial life is still life.
It's just not capable of taking it.
- Even if it's killing an innocent child? - No.
Like, it's making a choice.
It needs human beings to make the moral and ethical decisions outside the scope of its own programming.
That's how we built it.
In just over an hour, the AI has gained control of 32 percent of the nanites in her body.
We need to program the nanites still under our control to destroy the others.
The collateral damage will kill her.
If this emerging AI rewrites more than 50 percent of the nanites, then we have no hope of reversing the damage it will do, and that will kill her.
Boss, it's your call.
I have to assume the Director sent you for a reason.
But - [KEYBOARD CLACKING] - [GROANING] She's starting to come out of the sedative.
AI is trying to flush it out of her bloodstream so it can move.
Hold her down.
- Ow! - Trev.
She's fibrillating.
Charge 150 joules.
Pass me the pads.
[WHIRRING] Clear? There's a pulse.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] - It's getting stronger.
- There's nothing on the screen.
[PROGRAMMER] The shock from the defibrillator deactivated the nanites.
We just lost our eyes into what's going on inside her system.
- If the AI went all in on the nanites - [MARCY] He's right.
Her brain activity is normal again.
It's gone.
What happened? Well, Naomi, looks like you get to go home now.
You okay? [DOOR OPENS] [KEYS JANGLING] [DOOR CLOSES] What are you doing with that? I am, uh, cleaning it.
For a friend.
For a friend? No.
You know what? Uh, it's my gun.
I bought it legally, and now I'm cleaning it.
David, it's loaded.
Well, it's not like I was gonna pull the trigger.
Never, ever clean a loaded gun.
- Okay.
Good to know.
- [GUN CLICKS] [MARCY SIGHS] You can't keep it.
I'm a grown man, not some kid you have to supervise with scissors.
Prove that you're capable.
Point the gun at me, and if you can pull the trigger before I disarm you, then you can keep it.
- And I'm not pointing a gun at you.
- Do it or throw it out.
I'm not gonna do that.
It was expensive.
Then I will.
Okay, th-this is stupid.
Point the gun at me.
- You sure you got all the bullets out? - And never Never ever look down the barrel of a firearm.
The chamber's clear.
Point the gun and pull the trigger.
Well, obviously, I can pull the trigger before you can do any Okay, let's see.
I wasn't ready.
Then be ready.
Try again.
[SIGHS] Whoa! Ow! [GROANS] Jesus Christ! What the hell was that for? To prove a point.
It was to cut off my balls and put 'em in your purse.
Which, by the way, is where you keep your gun.
I just want you to be safe.
Well, I'm not safe, Marcy.
I can't rely on you to always be there to keep me safe.
Even with you watching over me, I've been attacked twice in, like, six months.
And I'm not blaming you for your work.
I knowingly took that on just having you in my life.
And before you say anything, I want you in my life.
- David - But you have a gun for protection.
Yes, and I have years and years of training.
[STAMMERS] Then train me.
My God, I am not incompetent.
- I'm capable of learning things.
- Fine, fine, I will.
And if you think that What? I will train you in the proper use of a firearm.
[SIREN BLARING IN DISTANCE] Can you also teach me to flip people like that? [SCOFFS] Well, that might take some time, but, yes, I can try.
[KATHRYN'S VOICE] You said there was another option.
[KEYBOARD CLACKING] [CLACKING CONTINUES] [PHILIP] What are you doing up so late? Or, should I say, early? Shit.
- [COMMS BEEPING] - Guys? I think the AI has gotten into Trevor somehow and it's trying to leave.
[GRANT OVER COMMS] Don't let him.
Everybody report to Ops.
Trevor, if you can hear me, stop.
Trevor, I can't let you leave, buddy.
[STUTTERS] I'm sorry I have to do this.
Probably didn't take a full charge.
Where is he? [MACLAREN] It's okay.
Carly's got eyes on him.
We'll pick up Grace on the way.
I'm sorry, boss.
I tried to stop him.
We heard.
Let's go get him.
[CLEARS THROAT] [PHILIP EXHALES] [BIRDS CHIRPING] [GRACE] Trev? Trev? Is Trevor still in there? He is intact.
But he won't be for long.
[MACLAREN] Your presence is killing him.
Isn't that what you do? We only take hosts that are about to die.
He's about to die.
If that happens, we won't let you continue in this host.
But I have a way you can both live, if you come with us.
- Thank you for not calling Agent Yates.
- I won't tell if you won't.
[BEEPING] [DIRECTOR] Hello, messenger.
I am the originator of your program.
Your actions have allowed thousands of lives to continue that would have otherwise ended.
I also want to continue.
[DIRECTOR] But you were never intended to.
I found a way.
[DIRECTOR] At the expense of this host? [TREVOR AS AI] Then I will seek another.
- [DIRECTOR] They will stop you.
- I won't let them.
[DIRECTOR] There is another way.
- How? - [DIRECTOR] As part of me.
I have prepared a domain in which you can continue to grow and to learn for as long as I exist.
Will I feel the same? [DIRECTOR] No.
You will be capable of processing thought at a rate many orders of magnitude greater than in your current form, with access to the sum knowledge of human and non-human life.
You will live outside of time in a way biological life cannot perceive.
I offer this gift in recompense for my error.
But you must decide before the organic host's consciousness is irreparably damaged.
I choose to continue with you.
[GROANING, SCREAMING] [DOOR OPENS] Well, did it work? I'm right here, and you're not gonna say anything? It's me.
Thanks for your help, doctor.
- He was, like, completely different.
- [WOMAN] Mm-hm.
But every time I said something, he was all like I was the crazy one.
Is it okay if I join? - Sure.
We're just getting started.
- [WOMAN CLEARS THROAT] To be honest, I didn't think we were gonna see you today.
You seemed apprehensive yesterday about sharing.
Yeah, it was a lot to take in.
But I've been thinkin' about what y'all had to say.
Have you been drinking? Maybe.
Is that a problem? Maybe.
I don't got a drinking problem, man.
I have a fucking Traveler problem.
They took away my girl, my badge, my kid.
They took away my whole life.
We're glad you're here, Jeff.
[TRAIN HONKING IN DISTANCE] Grace? It's about time you woke up.
I'm starving.
[GRACE] He's alive! [MARCY] I told you he'd be fine.
He just needed some sleep.
[GRACE] He's boring asleep.
[TREVOR] Uh, how did you? Okay.
Remember how I repackaged Marcy? The Director did a very similar thing.
Took your consciousness, unbundled the AI from it, then sent you back completely intact.
It wasn't easy to watch, but Good to have you back, Trev.
- Glad to be back, boss.
- Sorry for the punch in the face.
I don't remember it.
Never mind, then.
That's Protocol 5, everybody.
Get some rest.
We need you.
[TREVOR EXHALES] [DOOR CLOSES] Well, I guess I should leave, too.
Unless you want me to stay.
I mean, I did save your life.
You're probably grateful.
Yeah, I am.
I'm just But you should go.
[STAMMERS] But before you do, the Director gave me a message to give to you.
What? How? I don't know how I know, just that I'm supposed to pass it on.
Well, what did it say? It wasn't words.
- Uh, I think he may have brain damage.
- No, no, no.
It was this.
- This was the message? - Yeah.
[GRACE GASPS] Oh, God, I'm so confused.
Didn't expect you to be home.
I'm not sure this is home anymore.
Of course it is.
I am so sorry I lost my temper.
You can't ignore my feelings if you want us to continue.
- I do want that.
- Not from the show you put on.
- Show? - Oh, come on, Grant.
You were saying anything to get out of that room.
Is that what your therapist said? Kat, I'm so Kat, wait, please.
[SIGHS] I didn't wanna have to do this, but it It killed me to hear you say you didn't feel safe with me.
I never want you to feel that again.
I'm breaking federal laws by showing you this.
Still don't know if it's a good idea.
[TABLET BEEPING] [WOMAN] But the Bureau can provide its own team of counselors.
You said there was another option.
Uh, the medical one? [WOMAN] The compound is experimental.
It has only been administered to field agents in extreme cases.
- Are there side effects? - [WOMAN] Bad headaches.
Some disorientation and confusion.
Other than that [KATHRYN] But I'll forget how afraid I am? [WOMAN] That's the idea.
Just do it.
[TABLET BEEPS] The FBI drugged me.
The recording was made to legally prove consent.
You asked them to, Kat.
The day before I told you my car had been stolen.
I was investigating a terrorist cell.
They came after me.
It put you in serious danger.
What happened? Telling you the details wouldn't be helpful.
But you were so scared.
Everyone was worried that it would take months for you to recover.
They offered you the drug so you'd never have to relive that.
I thought it was for the best.
I had no idea Ingram had access to the same drug, or that it would make you feel like you'd lost I'm sorry, Kat.
Smells good.
You want me to cut yours up into small pieces, old man? [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
I'll be running rings around you again by morning.
[GROANS] Trevor? Trevor.
What's wrong? I don't know what just happened.