Travelers (2016) s03e06 Episode Script


[CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] [GROANING] [SCREAMING] Everyone, stay calm and take their green pills.
[WOMAN] Can you pass those pills? Did he just get overwritten? [PHILIP] You've never seen an arrival before? No.
I guess the update would've killed him, so Welcome to the 21st.
I'm Archivist 18.
Traveler 5782.
[ARCHIVIST 18] Your team's waiting for you at these coordinates.
[DAWN] Historians, we are Faction.
Now that you have a better understanding of the future, we're gonna go somewhere in private and have a conversation.
[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] [HALL] Hello? Hello? Hello! MacLaren? Yes.
- And no.
- [HALL] Uh-huh.
Yeah, no, that makes a lot of sense.
- How 'bout we just get outta here, huh? - There is no here.
Only now.
What the fuck does that mean? 'Cause you're killing me.
This place and my presence are creations of your own mind.
Really? I brought Special Agent Boy Scout? Why would I do that? Because you're dying.
[HEART MONITOR BEEPING] [VENTILATOR PUMPING] What are his chances? [MARCY] We're just buying time.
[SIGHS] He's losing too much blood, and we've lost too many nanites as a result.
The damage to his internal organs is beyond their capability to repair now.
Sorry, it took a while to synthesize the neuro-stimulant.
- How's our patient? - Barely holding on.
I'll scrub in and join you.
How'd you manage to build a black box so quickly? Already had one in the works.
[BOYD] What're you hoping to get? Who shot him? That, and if Hall has any idea where Philip and the other historians are.
Well, there's six reported missing on the backchannel now.
[BOYD] Seven.
I can't find mine on his comm either.
But it's too much of a coincidence that Hall gets shot right when historians go missing.
He's gotta be involved in this.
Yeah, on which side? Hey, let's just assume the patient can hear us, okay? We've had our differences, but I've never doubted his loyalty to the Director.
My guess, whoever did this, Hall was onto him.
- Has he given you any useful images? - Nothing.
The neuro-stimulant should help.
Yeah, it better.
We don't have much to go on.
Well, I did manage to pull the GPS history from Philip's comm.
This was the last place he was at before he was probably cut out.
Old high school.
That's you and me.
- [GRANT] Comm if you learn anything.
- Yeah.
[POUNDING] [LOCK CLINKING] I brought you something to eat.
I'm not hungry.
For later if you'd like.
- Where's Kyle? - He's fine.
- I know that you see us as the enemy - Because you're the enemy.
- But we want the same thing.
- Not even close.
- To save the future of humanity.
- Okay, what about your host? Was she historically supposed to die? Or was she just convenient? Did you know anything about her before you randomly murdered her and took over her life? It was for the greater good.
You released a plague that was supposed to kill over one billion people.
How is that the greater good? What if that had saved the future? What if one mass culling right at the turning point changed everything for the better? Your way isn't working.
How do you not see that? - The Director isn't giving up.
- The Director who will overwrite you the moment that you're no longer viable? Because that's what happened to that poor soul at your update this morning.
We wanna take the information that you just received about the future and put it to good use.
What is so wrong with that? Well, I managed to get your charges dropped on the DUI, - but you're still on probation.
- When can I get back to work? Well, that's up to you.
Prove you're aware of the problem and are working to fix it.
Tell me what to do, I'll I'll do it.
AA, therapy, community service.
End of the day, you're gonna have to get someone from Social Services to sign off on your rehab.
- [CAR DOOR CLOSES] - No problem.
[CHUCKLES] I'm glad you think so.
Here's a list.
I put a star next to the social workers I think would be a good fit.
- Good luck.
- Thanks, Sarge.
[MACLAREN] Hey, partner, it's Mac.
You do know if you were an actual FBI agent, you'd be fired by now.
Can you run a facial recognition search for me? - Is this for FBI purposes? - No.
Then no.
Jo, one of my team is missing.
What? I'm sorry.
Who do you want me to do the search on? Philip Pearson.
You'll find him in the database as my CI.
A gesture of good will.
[LOCK CLINKS] - You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
What did they say to you? They want me to tell them about the update.
Of course they do.
They don't have any historians.
- Did you tell them anything? - No.
We can't trust them.
Kyle What did you tell them? They just said they wanna help.
They said if I gave them a tell, they would save someone's life to prove it.
I just figured, worst case scenario, I help someone.
Best case scenario, the Director sees a tell was interfered with, sends a Traveler team to look into it.
It's not about saving one person.
What do we have to lose? The updates eventually kill you, you saw that happen You know what you signed up for.
We took an oath.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] Do you regret saving Aleksander Andrieko? A lot of people agree with what you did.
You mean, create a monster? - I put myself and my team in danger.
- It was the right thing to do.
You know it was.
I'm diverting some of the nanites to stem the internal blood loss.
If we can't stop him from dying, at least we can maximize the time he has left.
- Anything on the black box? - Nothin' yet.
Dying? What does that What does that mean? You were shot.
Nanites are attempting to repair the damage as we speak.
All right.
So so maybe I'll be okay.
But your survival is highly unlikely.
Well, that's just fucking great, MacLaren.
- Who shot me? You? - No.
Look, are you you sure about this? 'Cause You know, I don't feel a thing.
I feel I feel great.
Can you remember where you were when you were shot? - Concentrate on your last moments.
- My last moments? You got me hooked up to a fucking black box? Is that what this is? We have employed memory recovery technology, yes.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
So, I'm already dead? You just You just tryin' to figure out who killed me? You're being kept alive as long as possible in order to retrieve what might be vital information.
So, what do you think? The Director's just gonna let me die with all the time I've put in? I was I was the Director's top guy.
You know the missions I've put in.
There are lives other than your own at stake.
Is that right? Who? Who? If you can remember details of your last moments I just found out you're the last face I'm gonna see.
Give me a minute.
[CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] So this is what an update looks like.
Wonder why they left the projector.
Mac? Don't look at it.
Mac! Mac! [MUSIC STOPS] Are you okay? [SNIFFS] I think so.
[BREATHES HEAVILY] So, Philip was at an update.
That must be why the historians are missing.
The Faction must wanna use them.
- And one of 'em got followed? - Or one of them got turned.
Hey, come on in.
Thanks for making time.
So What's up? Are you okay? Me? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
Me? You? Why? - You seem nervous.
- Oh.
Well, don't be.
I just need your help.
My help? That's funny, 'cause the last time I offered help, you explicitly said you didn't need it.
- Sorry about that.
- And then you insinuated again that I was in an unethical relationship with Marcy.
I shouldn't have said that.
She works for the FBI, for God's sakes! - Her being in the care of the state - Davin.
David! I need you to think of me as a new man.
New how? I used to drink.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, no kidding.
I got your phone messages.
I haven't had a drop in over a week.
Well, that's good for you.
That's That's a real accomplishment.
Sometimes you gotta make changes, you know what I'm sayin'? Yeah, you do.
I mean, we all do.
I mean, I've been making changes myself.
Maybe what we went through was like a wake-up call.
That's what I said! [CHUCKLES] - So how can I help? - I need a social worker.
[HEART MONITOR BEEPING] The shot to his gut tore his liver, hepatic artery, - and the gallbladder.
- He can't lose any more blood.
[BOYD] We're gonna have to isolate his cardiovascular system to his trunk and brain to keep him functioning as long as possible to give him a chance to help us.
I know.
I don't like it either.
He'd wanna make it worth something.
So, what are you gonna do? You're gonna pull the plug - when you get what you want? - Lives are at stake, Hall.
Jesus Christ, MacLaren.
If you're not real, how come you're still such a pain in the ass? Try to concentrate.
All right.
I got it.
[BREATHES HEAVILY] All right, last thing I remember was I was in a car with Luca.
- [COMM BEEPS] - Kyle, it's Hall.
Where are you? Maybe he's caught up in something personal.
- [CAR DOOR CLOSES] - Fuck personal.
He's on my team or he's not.
We've got shit to do.
[LUCA] All clear.
[SIGHS] Got our first image.
- A comm? - It could be.
Good work, Hall.
We're getting it.
All right.
Remember Protocol Three is suspended for Faction.
But if we talk to them, we might You stop to have a chat, they'll shoot you in the ass.
Or maybe they'll listen.
What? They kidnapped our historian.
You'd do the same in their place.
Are you fucking serious right now? [STUTTERS] Am I even having this conversation? Luca, go! [LOCK CLINKS] How are you two doing? I could use some of those yellow pills that we're supposed to take.
I thought you'd never ask.
[DAWN] We're nearing the time of the tell you provided.
I thought you might wanna see the result.
If the information you gave is correct, it should be in about 30 seconds.
That truck was supposed to hit him.
But instead, we changed history.
A man would have died but instead we saved his life.
We've already erased the traffic cam footage.
Working with us, historians don't have to carry the burden.
We can act on it.
Until you get caught or overwritten.
You can't outrun the future.
We managed to get you here.
We can force you to tell us what you know.
We just prefer it to be of your own accord.
That sucks.
Losing your job and your kid practically at the same time.
It just put me over the top.
Well, you've taken step one, so Yeah.
That's That's what I'm thinkin'.
And you do seem a lot less [GROWLS SOFTLY] [CHUCKLES] David, I'm telling you, I got this.
I just need you to sign this form that says as much, and then we can call it a day.
I can't do that.
I thought you said you wanted to help.
Which means actually helping.
Well, it would really help me if you sign this form.
Come on.
I work with addicts every day.
- I am not an addict anymore.
- Just stop it.
You know better.
I do know better, that's what I'm trying to tell you.
Okay, here's the deal, if you want my help, I'm happy to.
But if you expect me just to sign a piece of paper and be done with it - Wait.
Isn't that what you do? - No.
Not without putting the actual work in.
Otherwise, I'm just lying, and I I suck at lying.
So it's up to you.
[SIGHS] I'd like your help.
- Great.
- [CLAPS] Let's go for a walk.
First, do no harm.
[BOYD] Yeah, well, Protocol One comes even before that.
- What's the name of your historian? - Nathan.
He's my last remaining teammate.
So, what happens to me when I'm the only member of my team left? - [MARCY] It won't come to that.
- Marcy's right.
We'll find them.
Okay, but if we don't I mean, what even happens if you lose your whole team? Get reassigned? Protocol Five 'til you die? I'm sure the Director has a plan.
I just can't imagine having to continue on alone.
You're not alone.
- [MACLAREN] Trevor, Marcy.
- Yeah.
We're here.
[TREVOR] What's up, boss? We just arrived where Boyd found Hall.
Anything show up on the black box? [TREVOR] One image so far.
Looks like Hall had a comm in his hand.
How is he? [BREATHES DEEPLY] We're taking measures to keep his brain active for the next few hours.
[HALL] My arm's going numb.
Go on.
What do you remember? Ah.
Just the They were They were shooting at us.
- Who? - The Faction.
I don't I can't picture their faces, but, uh, I managed to kill two before we left the building.
Where did you go? I don't know.
We left a different way than we came in.
Luca was right behind me.
[GRANT] What is it? Some kind of diamond pattern.
I don't know.
There's something behind it, but we can't make out what it is.
Diamonds Like a fence? What's beyond the fence, Hall? [HALL COUGHING, WHEEZING] [KEYBOARD CLACKING] A face.
Give me a sec.
Boss, I think I think we have our shooter.
It's Luca.
[HALL] Luca betrayed me.
How did you make me remember that? You made that choice, not me.
No, no, no, no, no, you wanted to shove that in my face.
Because you and your team are so fucking perfect.
I've never doubted your loyalty, Hall.
[SIGHS] All right.
Well thanks.
You know, I kind of always felt, um You know, you and me, we should, uh MacLaren? [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] It wasn't me.
Leave him.
[LUCA] Not like this.
Help me.
I'll deal with it.
Be quick.
We gotta move.
I'm sorry.
The The Director's gonna find you.
Lucky you taught me how to hide.
[DOOR SLAMS] [LOCK CLINKS] [KYLE SIGHS] Since we don't know if we're gonna get out of here or not, I'm gonna break Protocol Two.
[GRUNTS] [SIGHS] I came to the 21st after you.
I mean, I studied you guys.
The missions you did.
Your team pulled off some serious shit.
And nothing got better, no matter what you did.
You know what I was thinking? This morning, the Director sent a historian to an update knowing full well it would kill him.
It led that poor bastard to his death.
No update, no tell.
That's exactly what I'm saying But we can't seriously help the Faction.
Well, I saved that cop today.
And all I had to do was tell them when and where a man was gonna die.
You also prevented a Traveler from arriving in the 21st.
Maybe, if the Director had chosen him as a candidate.
But we don't know.
I mean, at the end of the day, how would you feel if you'd let Aleksander die the way that he was supposed to? [KNOCKS] Tell Dawn I'm ready to talk.
[HEART MONITOR BEEPING] Is he still with us? [SIGHS] He is, but he could code at any minute.
Haven't had an image on the box since we saw Kyle holding the gun.
That doesn't tell us where.
You said before that he can hear what we're saying.
Well, honestly, I was just trying to be respectful.
No, but it is possible.
I mean, he has enough neuro-stimulant in him.
If you can hear me, I need your help.
Do you know where Kyle and Luca are? We think that's where Philip is too.
A landmark, an intersection, anything.
- I only remember what you remember.
- Right, 'cause you're not here.
And yes.
[SIGHS] We were a good team, you and me.
Remember that mission where we had to blow up that bridge in the middle of the night 'cause it was gonna collapse the next morning during rush hour? Yeah.
We saved hundreds of lives.
And still, the cops were lookin' for us for days, you know, and [CHUCKLES] We holed up in that juvie hall.
Wait a minute.
I've been here before.
I know this place.
It was a great place to hide.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] You son of a bitch, you did it.
Nice work, Agent Hall.
- Ah.
Fuck you, you're not even here.
- Yet here I am.
[SIGHS] [CHUCKLES] So, now what? Never died before.
Nice day for a walk.
Yeah, it is.
Hey, MacLaren, save the world for me.
Let's go.
I can't leave him.
Go be with your team, I'll stay.
- [MARCY] Thank you.
- Yep.
[DAVID] People, they get stuck in their own problems.
And I find that sometimes it helps to see how worse off other people's lives are.
I'm a cop.
I've worked the street before.
Can you name one person who lives down here? Okay, let's meet one.
Hey, Sam! How's it going today? [GIRL] Traveler 5416.
Provide tactical support at 532 Industrial Parkway, immediately.
You should go home.
- What was that? - What? The kid.
Where did she come from? I don't know.
I told her to go home.
Um I was gonna introduce you to Sam.
Uh, there's this AA meeting that I really wanna go to right now, so Oh, great, I'll go with you.
No, you're doin' your thing, I'll call you tomorrow.
Well, I'm good mid-afternoon, - if you want to - I'll see you then! Uh-huh.
[HEART MONITOR BEEPING] This only helps us monitor your vitals.
Yeah, I know what it does.
[TABLET BEEPING] Left or right? [MITCH] Left is good.
Left it is.
[GRUNTS] [GROANS] [MAN] Stop him! [PANTING] I knew they got to you.
Director sent me.
Tactical support.
- We'll take it.
- You're with me.
We'll go around back.
You take the front.
Comms on.
You don't have to do this.
[KYLE] The Director is failing, Philip.
There is no Grand Plan anymore.
So that's it? You guys just call yourself Faction now? Mm.
You can, too.
Not really.
[SIGHS] I wish you hadn't said that.
[GUNFIRE] - [CARLY] You good? - Yeah.
- There's others.
- We know.
- Could use some back up.
- We just found Philip.
We're coming.
Find the historians.
[BULLETS WHIZZING] Don't move! - We're on the same side.
- Shut the fuck up and give me the keys to the cells.
I understand that you have your doubts Keys.
Trevor, cover me.
[KEYS JANGLING] Thought you said you weren't a murderer.
I'm not.
You're going to face the Director.
Yeah, 'cause that's somehow different? Look, how you reconcile my death is up to you.
But I meant what I said.
The future needs us to work together.
No, don't! [MAN GROANS] [CARLY] All clear! Jeff? What are you doing here? You kidnapped all those people.
Not just people.
Those are Travelers.
They had the information that we need You're one of them.
[GRANT] We got them, I wanted you to know.
Nathan? He's fine.
They weren't tortured.
That's good news.
Thanks for the call.
Is Hall Uh, he's still with us.
Do me a favor.
Let him know.
Will do.
You saved them, Hall.
[GROANS] [BOYD] Every one of them.
Newbie? That's a new one.
It just means new.
I got it.
- Who's the gift for? - Um You know what, I'm not sure.
Haven't had a minute to clean out the car yet.
It's his birthday this week.
I met the mother.
Good family? Yeah.
I could tell she already loved him.
He's, uh - He's in a healthy environment now.
- I'm happy to hear that.
Me, too.
[SIGHS] Home sweet home.
I'll make us some dinner.
You're probably hungry.
Yeah, I could eat.
Wait 'til you try my veggie stir-fry.
It's all about the spices.
Okay, I'll give you a hand with that in a sec.