Travelers (2016) s03e08 Episode Script


- [CAR DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] - [WIND BLOWING] [CROW CAWING] [CELL PHONE RINGING] [RONNIE] Mom? Mom? I'm sorry about what happened.
I, uh I told the police it's not your fault.
You were right.
I shouldn't have been standing there.
Please don't be mad.
- [WOMAN] Call 911! [GROANING] [MAN] Yeah, there's been an accident.
- [MAN GROANS] - The truck's on fire, but the guy got out.
Uh, we're in the middle of nowhere.
- I think Pinewood Road, near the lodge.
- [MAN COUGHING] [COUGHING CONTINUES] - Are you all right? - Thank you.
Oh, my God.
[EXHALES] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] - [INDISTINCT CHATTERING] - [PHONE RINGING] Why is there a news van in my parking spot? I need you to be an FBI agent today.
Can you do that? You're not gonna fly off on some mission somewhere? - Sure.
- Good.
I need to show you something.
If I get a ticket for parking on the street Relax.
Ever heard of the Bellevue Butcher? Serial killer.
Known for eating parts of his victims before disposing of the bodies.
Five victims over 12 years, though there may be more.
All mothers, all in abusive relationships.
Those poor women.
The mothers were the abusers.
Each of them have a history of domestic violence against their children.
Now you've got a suspect.
Andrew Graham.
Yesterday, emergency crews responded to a car fire.
He managed to make it out with only minor burns, but ended up vomiting.
When crews showed up, they found this.
Please tell me that is not a human eye.
In his stomach contents.
Oh, what a sick fuck.
We don't know who the eye belongs to yet.
I'm still waiting on an updated missing person's report.
Did you run a DNA test on him? His DNA doesn't match any of the trace evidence we have on file.
- So all you've got is an eye.
- Basically.
Metro Police arrested him on suspicion of desecrating a corpse, but he's denying the whole thing.
Even denied himself a lawyer.
Well, at least he's stupid.
He claims he's innocent and he has no recollection of the crimes, which is why he's gonna be here in a couple of hours for more questioning.
Can you handle this? - It's my Protocol 5.
I have to.
- But can you? Jo, I haven't shared a lot of details about the future with you, but trust me, this is nothing.
Mm? Carly? What are you ? What, did we just ? [COMMS BEEP] Ugh, copy that.
I'm just a few minutes out.
I'm really glad we grabbed that coffee.
[EXHALES] [DOOR OPENS] I'm a machine! Road trip! Pick up some more tooth paste next time you're out.
- [THUDS] - [GROANS] - You're looking directly at me.
- [TREVOR] Yeah.
I do that when I talk to you.
You're trying to navigate through multiple timelines.
If you can't walk across the room without crashing into your desk, what's gonna happen in the field? I'm working on it.
It just takes some practice.
The Director ordered you to take pills for a reason.
I'm done taking drugs.
I need to get better on my own.
I have an idea.
- Okay, come on.
Go for it.
- Marcy, those people are watching.
Well, are you gonna tell people to look away the next time you get into a fight? That's an option? Just do what I showed you.
Okay, those people over there, they're they're just gonna think that I'm some bearded man attacking a woman in a park.
Maybe we should tell them.
- [GRUNTS] - [GROANS] Saw that coming from a mile away.
- Did you hear a bone snap? - No.
Come on, get up.
Let's do it again.
You're just showing off at this point.
[PANTING] Pretend I'm one of those guys that beat you up.
They didn't beat me up.
It was one punch.
Okay, that didn't sound much better, did it? - How'd that make you feel? - Oh, don't do that.
Huh? What are you gonna do about it? Want me to get your balls out of my purse? - [GROANS] - Oh, my God.
Marcy, I'm so sorry.
We're just We're just training.
She's training me.
- I could've seriously hurt you.
- [PANTING] No, I'm fine.
- But you landed so hard.
- Yep.
[MARCY GROANING] Wait a second.
I did it.
I flipped you.
You let me.
That That was an honest flip.
Come on.
[GRUNTS] Let's head home.
I've got some other training I wanna show you.
- [LAUGHS] - That's pretty fly.
What? Fly? Please tell me that wasn't part of your training.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] Fly, rad, - groovy - Groovy? tubular.
[BOTH LAUGH] - [PHONE BEEPS, BUZZES] - That's wasn't funny.
Still on your solo mission? - You know I'd tell you if I could.
- I understand.
This was really nice, though.
I think there's been a misunderstanding.
That's why we're here to figure out.
- [RECORDER BEEPS] - State your name for the recording.
Andrew Matthias Graham.
[MACLAREN] The special agents conducting the interview are Joanne Yates and Grant MacLaren.
- The time is 9:58 a.
- MacLaren? Yes.
Can we start? She look familiar? No.
Should I know her? [SIGHS] - Why would you show me that? - [YATES] Her name is Nancy Cooper.
She was found shot in her own home while her husband was at the movies with their son.
When they found her, they said her face was unrecognizable from being cut apart.
- Do you remember that night, Andrew? - What? No.
No, I'm a paramedic.
I have a family.
[MACLAREN] Here's the thing.
A lot of FBI agents spent a lot of time building this case.
And not only do we know that all of these women have something in common, we also know that whoever killed them has a taste for human flesh just like you.
So why don't you tell us the truth before I make a personal recommendation to the DA? I am telling you the truth.
Agent MacLaren, you have to believe me.
Forensics found a human eye in your stomach contents.
And that eye, as we just learned, belonged to Linda MacVicar, who was last seen yesterday morning leaving her house to buy groceries.
Two nights ago, there was a domestic disturbance at the MacVicar foster home.
You were one of the first responders on the scene.
You rushed her son to the hospital with a broken arm.
Just like the other women, you targeted an abusive mother because she triggered memories of your own mother.
Isn't that right, Andrew? - Life is a gift.
I would never do that.
- [MACLAREN] Except you did.
And you not only killed her, - you desecrated her body.
- It wasn't me.
We have hospital service records tying you to the other five cases.
We're gonna make sure you never see sunlight again.
But right now, I just wanna know where you left her body.
[LABORED BREATHING] [VOICE BREAKING] Can I have a glass of water, please? Fine.
[CLEARS THROAT] I'm Traveler 7189.
If I don't complete my mission, a lot of people are gonna die.
- What? - You're 3468.
I recognize you from training.
- [RECORDER BEEPS] - Why didn't you say something? Not in front of her.
Now something has gone wrong.
I was trained to escape the burning car.
But we didn't know anything about these murders.
The historical evidence must've been destroyed in that fire.
Except this time, it survived.
In me.
You have to help me get out of here.
[CORK POPS] It is not even noon, and I have a lecture in 30 minutes, and there are gonna be people coming in And you need to learn how to celebrate the little wins along the way.
You think passing review is a little win? Uh, no.
[CHUCKLES] It's massive.
But don't let it get to your head.
- [CLINKS] - Thank you.
Can you imagine? I mean, we really have a shot No, no, no, don't say it.
Come on.
It's the Nobel Prize.
You just jinxed it.
Amanda, if if our work gets published, it could change the world.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
[EXHALES] [CLINKS] Open your eyes.
What do you see? I see you.
How many of me? Just one.
How many fingers am I holding up? Eleven.
There's three of you now.
You're not focusing.
Okay, four, but only because you're in the middle.
Take a deep cleansing breath and focus.
[EXHALES] Someone from the sheriff's office just confirmed to The Globe we caught the Bellevue Butcher.
You thought one news van was bad? It's about to be a media circus within the hour.
We've got a bigger problem than that.
Andrew Graham may have killed those women, but that man did not.
- He's a traveler.
- No, no.
No, no, no.
He arrived yesterday with a very important mission, and if we don't allow him to complete it, a lot of people are gonna die.
Five minutes ago, you were reading him the riot act, and now you wanna set him free? Only in order for him to finish what he was sent here to do.
He recognizes his Protocol 5 has changed.
The future made a mistake.
Well, clearly, the Director has no problem assigning a new traveler to a mission.
Find someone else.
The traveler in that room is highly specialized.
He's the only one capable of completing this mission.
- Of course he is.
- And we only have a few hours before he loses that opportunity.
- What opportunity? - I can't Bullshit.
Tell me.
Stop a runaway train? A plane from crashing? What? You wouldn't understand.
- That is the most condescending - I wouldn't understand either.
Jo, it's beyond our comprehension.
But not beyond the rule of law.
The DA's on his way over to charge Andrew with first-degree murder against six women - A little time is all I'm asking.
- And I'm not giving it to you.
- We have a job to do, MacLaren.
- I'm doing mine.
Andrew Graham is gonna be charged and sent to jail to await trial.
If you do anything to stop that, I'll have you arrested.
Don't fuck with me.
[EXHALES] - And exhale.
- [EXHALES] I'm pretty sure I've never used these muscles before.
Yoga's not only about physical strength but mental strength, too.
It's a great stress relief.
I'm pretty good at handling stress.
I mean, it depends on what kind of stress it is.
No, yeah, you're probably right.
[CHIMES, BUZZES] - Uh, it can wait, it can wait.
- No, it's okay.
I'm already up.
[DAVID PANTING] Jeff didn't make the meeting.
You know, he's been making such progress.
He's like a new man, but come on.
I'm sure he just forgot about it.
I put it in the day planner that I bought him.
Who doesn't look at their day planner? Maybe he has a good reason to miss the meeting.
Mm, not cool.
I should probably check to make sure he's not drinking somewhere again.
That's not your job, David.
It is.
It's actually the definition of my job.
But you can't be everyone's guardian angel.
It's your day off.
Jeff's a grown man.
I'm sure he just forgot about it.
Day planner.
You need to think about yourself sometimes.
You know what else is great at relieving stress? - Ping-pong? - Cold.
- Bocce.
- Colder.
- Hot oil massage.
- Warmer.
[COMMS BEEP] [CARLY] Marcy, we've got a mission.
I'll be outside to get you in 90 seconds.
Um, I'm sorry, I have to go.
- What did I say? - Nothing, nothing.
[STAMMERS] I didn't realize what time it was.
But I promise I'll be back soon, okay? I love you.
I love you, too.
[KEYS JANGLING] [DOOR CLOSES] [BOTH PANTING] [GRUNTS, EXHALES] They tell you what's inside this thing? Nah.
You? Overheard that the case was lined with lead, though.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Dawn wants to see you.
The rest of it can wait.
We do something wrong? [DAWN] Oh, no.
Not at all.
I wanted to talk to you because our movement has been making a lot of progress.
And it hasn't gone unnoticed that the two of you are dedicated to our cause.
It's actually inspiring.
All right.
That's why I personally wanted to reward you with more responsibility.
Dawn, whatever it takes, I'm in.
[GROANING] Fuck you! [GRUNTING] [PANTING] [GUN COCKS] You're not finished.
What's the problem? I've never killed anybody like this.
- You mean not in the line of duty? - I mean, in cold blood.
This man's life was already taken by a traveler, one who was gonna compromise our mission.
Look, if this is some kind of test Of course it's a fucking test.
That's obvious.
[SHUDDERING] [GUNSHOT] [INDISTINCT CHATTERING] Sure you can't use my help? We got it covered.
- [COMMS BEEP] - They're on their way down.
[CARLY] Copy.
Make room.
[REPORTER 1] Andrew, is it true you killed your mother? [REPORTER 2] Agent Yates [REPORTER 3] Do you have anything to say? [CARLY] We've got eyes on the traveler.
[PHILIP] I have established a connection to the van's operating system.
[CAR ENGINE STOPS] - Why are we stopping? - It just shut off.
[CAR ENGINE STARTING] [PHILIP] Doors are locked.
He's coming with us.
MacLaren, you just crossed the line.
When the Director came back online, we were forced into hiding.
Some of us who weren't overwritten, we came here, living off the grid.
We suspected that there was a mole, but we needed to be sure before we entered the next phase.
You did the right thing, Jeff.
Sir, this is the one I told you about.
Officer Conniker.
Or are you not yet reinstated? I will be.
Dawn feels you could be more useful to the Faction, and I agree.
Thank you.
Wondering about our guest? She's what the travelers call an "Archivist.
" They preserve important information for the Director.
It's all very secret.
So that's how the future sees what's going on.
That's how the Director's knowledge of the present has grown since the Traveler program began.
Unfortunately, our typical methods of questioning don't work due to the nanites found in her bloodstream.
But she'll break eventually.
We want you to stand guard while we're gone.
I-I don't have to torture her or anything? Well, if you like.
Happy hunting.
Hey, I'm Traveler 5416.
The Director sent me to find you.
We don't have much time.
They're after the archive.
I don't know what I told them.
They drugged me.
We have to secure it.
[GROANS] I can get you out of here, but you've gotta show me where to go.
Your nanites are working overtime.
We've gotta get you to a medic.
[REPORTER ON RADIO] In an FBI-led manhunt for Andrew Graham, charged this morning for the murders of six women, has broken out of his police transport 30 minutes ago.
Authorities have confirmed that Graham is on the loose and extremely dangerous.
I swear I'm the least dangerous person in this century.
[CARLY] We're almost there.
Could one of you tell me about prison just so I know what to expect? I didn't study a thing about it.
Uh, me neither.
[SIRENS BLARING] [DOOR OPENS] Carly and Trevor are less than a minute away from the university.
I've blocked all traffic cams along their fastest route.
It's not everyday a serial killer is broken out by vigilantes.
How did Yates take it? She said, "MacLaren, you crossed the line.
" Well, she's not wrong.
[CARLY] Philip, we're at the west entrance.
Got it.
- Watch your backs.
- Yes, ma'am.
[PHILIP] Security cameras are offline.
You've got about 30 seconds until IT suspects something.
Let's go.
[DOOR OPENS] If you have questions about your assignments, you can go [GASPS] Jesus Christ! - Oh, God.
- [ANDREW] It's okay.
- [STAMMERS] I'm not him.
- Samantha, he's telling you the truth.
We're not here to hurt you.
[SIGHS] [EXHALES] - They've made contact.
- Great.
[MONITOR BEEPING] - [OFFICER 1] Hands in the air! - [OFFICER 2] Don't move! Hands in the air! Hands in the air! Jo, how's your day? Where the fuck is he? Shit.
Stay down.
[YATES] Where is he? [MACLAREN] Currently completing the mission he was sent here for.
- I told you - Andrew Graham will be charged with first-degree murder and sent to prison, I assure you, right after he's done.
- The public is panicking.
- Who's fault is that? If we didn't break him out, there would be no public to protect.
What? What is going to happen? Lower your weapons, and we'll tell you.
Jo, I think you've got us covered.
[PHILIP] Twenty years from now, a highly-advanced alternative energy source causes an unforeseen gamma ray burst that kills 1.
4 billion people within hours.
Imagine most of Europe being wiped out in an afternoon.
Any survivors of the initial burst eventually die off when the ozone layer is stripped away.
There is no coming back from it.
What kind of energy source? - It's called a singularity engine.
- What the hell is that? Okay.
[CLEARS THROAT] A nuclear power plant is .
08 percent efficient.
The sun's core is an order of magnitude greater at .
7 percent.
But utilizing the rotational movement of a gravitational singularity, theoretically, provides a power source that's 29 percent efficient.
Jesus Christ.
It's a civilization-ending event.
Why today? Travelers were sent to the 21st primarily to stop an asteroid called Helios 685 from wiping out the eastern seaboard.
We did that.
Because of that, people survived who would have otherwise died.
Including the two physicists, Amanda Myers and Samantha Burns, who patent the singularity engine 11 months from now.
Eleven months, MacLaren? Today's the day their research was accepted for publication.
We can't let that happen.
So you're assassinating them.
What? No.
Only a small number of people, past or future, fully understand the math.
That's why it has to be Andrew.
Someone who can legitimately explain to them why their multi-billion dollar, Nobel-Prize-winning breakthrough is actually a really bad idea.
- Carly, how's it going there? - Should be done soon.
I told you, the mission comes first.
- [BANGING ON DOOR] - [JEFF] Marcy, open up! [SIRENS BLARING] - [DAVID] Who is it? - It's Jeff! Open the door.
- Oh, my God, what happened? - Where's Marcy? I need a medic.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Jesus, that's a big gun.
- Okay, she's bleeding.
- Listen, I don't have time to explain.
- Where is she? - Marcy's at work.
Hey, listen.
Get me a towel or something.
Yeah, towel.
[JEFF] I need to put pressure on this wound.
Hey, she's gotta have a medical kit around here someplace.
Supplies, anything.
- How do you know so much about Marcy? - We work together.
You're FBI? David! Do you know where her stuff is or not? Yeah, yeah.
She's got a medical bag in the closet.
Found it.
There should be an auto-injector in there.
It's in a small case.
- Huh.
[STAMMERS] I don't - Give me Thing is, she's never mentioned anything - about you two working together.
- I'll explain later.
- Where are we? - What did you just give her? The nanites in your blood were failing.
I came here to get a neurostimulator.
- Can you move? - [BREATHING HEAVILY] I think so.
What's a neurostimulator? No? Okay.
Hey, David, can you handle a gun? - Sorry? - A gun.
Can you shoot? Yeah.
Marcy taught me.
Why? I need backup.
Me? Don't you think we should be calling ? David, this involves Marcy, too.
I need your help right now.
[GROANS] - [GUN COCKS] - [JEFF] Hey, listen.
Don't shoot anybody unless I tell you to.
Oh, God, no.
- [DOOR OPENS] - [JEFF] Come on.
[ANDREW] Which, again, leads back to the singularity that's coalescing and producing a gamma ray burst.
It's outside this collapser model parameter.
[EXHALES] [SIGHS] I have to go now.
I am so sorry.
I still don't understand how you knew about our work.
Unfortunately, that information's classified.
The important thing now is you stop this from ever moving forward.
Of course.
And Amanda? Once I show her the proper math, she'll understand.
It's time for my new Protocol 5, isn't it? I have to place you under arrest now.
My mission is over.
Those Those won't be necessary.
Yeah, the man just saved the world.
Why don't we do one another little favor? [PHONE BEEPS] Not a single archive around the world answered their secure line.
The world? Which means there's a good chance other archivists were kidnapped, too.
I'm just the one that got away.
You're afraid the others will talk.
I can't be sure I didn't.
We have to move the archive.
I'll call in reinforcements.
This is A-18.
I have a protocol Epsilon emergency at these coordinates.
[TIRES SCREECHING] - You need to tell me what's going on.
- Hey, in a minute.
Now, Jeff, or I'm calling the police.
As soon as she gives me my phone back.
What would you say if I told you we're giving the future of civilization a fighting chance? They're on their way.
Get her inside the archive.
- What archive? - Go.
- Now! Now! - Let's go, David! [LIGHTS CLICK] [DAVID] This place used to be a roller rink when I was a kid.
[DISPLAY BEEPING] [LOCK CLICKS] Shouldn't I have clearance to see this? Well, you are in no condition to be giving blood right now.
Under the table, there are some cases.
Pack all the blood into them.
We have to be ready to move them to the backup site when the reinforcements arrive.
We're not moving any blood anywhere until you get some medical attention.
It's not just blood.
It's genetically-stored, historical information encoded into DNA by nanites.
It's how the future receives new information from the past.
[DAVID] Okay.
- What the fuck am I doing? - [TOUCH TONES BEEPING] This is nuts.
The Faction may have compromised the other archives.
If we don't preserve this one, the Director will go blind.
I'm just gonna step outside, I'm gonna make a quick call to 911, and then and then we'll do your blood drive.
Okay? - Jesus.
- Those are my reinforcements.
What about Jeff? Do you think he's ? David, load the blood into the cases.
We need to take as much as we can.
I'm good.
What do you call this again? It's a hot dog.
- Not dog.
- Not dog.
I mean It's It's not actually made from Mm.
Did I say something wrong? Not at all, Andrew.
You're fine.
[BELL DINGS] Just Let him finish.
Sorry I'm so late.
[KEYS JANGLE] David? I think the shooting's stopped.
Maybe we can go outside and get a signal.
The reinforcements will know what to do.
This last bag includes the most recent update.
Please leave a message.
[VOICEMAIL BEEPS] [PHONE BEEPS] [INDISTINCT CHATTERING] I hate to admit it, but Trevor's right.
Right about what? Going for walks is good for the soul.
He's old and wise, our Trevor.
Yes, he is.
- Hey, do you wanna get a coffee? - You making this weird again? - No, I-I just - [EXPLOSION] [CARLY] Philip.
Philip! What? There was a nuclear explosion in London.