Travelers (2016) s03e09 Episode Script


1 Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate! Emergency responders are on high alert in London tonight as the city deals with the aftermath of a devastating explosion.
Eyewitness video shows a mushroom cloud rising from an apparent nuclear blast that has created a firestorm that continues to burn in the heart of London.
That's exactly what I saw.
- Except you saw it happen here.
- Except it didn't.
Reports are flooding in and we have just received word that another explosion has happened, this time in Shanghai, China.
It definitely looks like the same type of explosion.
There's the mushroom cloud.
We still don't have any details.
- Oh, God.
- We haven't received word yet on exactly when this happened, but I believe it was just - Another one.
- Where? Another nuke went off in Shanghai.
somebody who saw the explosion happen.
Hi, this is David Mailer.
Please leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
Uh, it's just after 6:00, and you're not home, and I think I'm going to start cooking dinner, so fair warning.
Uh, okay.
Call me.
Hello? Hello? So how do we have this video? A traveler team in Shanghai tried to stop the second one.
They were live-streaming the mission with their historian.
The devices went off exactly an hour apart, on the hour.
They managed to send this.
- That looks like the Rothski device.
- Twenty-two years before its time.
- So this is definitely the Faction.
- There's one other thing.
Philip saw a bomb go off here, too.
Here in this city? How? It must have been a projection from another timeline.
At the exact same time as the one in London.
So, what does that tell us? Philip saw a timeline where the bombs went off in a different order.
And the next one goes off on the hour.
The Faction stole enough enriched uranium to make four or five of these things.
- One of them must be here.
- Where are you going? To work.
We need to warn people.
Marcy, you there? We need you back at Ops.
Marcy? Yeah, yeah.
I'm here.
I'll be there soon as I can.
David? David? Hello? I'm in here! I'm inside! David? Can you hear me? Marcy? Yes, yeah.
I'm I'm here.
I'm here.
Oh, my God, I can hear you inside my head.
That means I'm dying, doesn't it? No, no, no.
That is not what it means.
Are you hurt? Uh I wanna say yes, but it doesn't hurt as much as you think it would.
I got shot a whole bunch of times.
It's hard to see, there's so much blood, but I don't think it's all mine.
What do you mean? I was carrying bags of it.
This is an archive.
Archive, yes.
Yeah, that's what the, um, the dead woman who's in here with me called it.
Before she got shot in the head.
Hey, Marce, you wanna open the door so we can go home? Because it's freezing cold in here and I'm pretty sure this is a bad dream and if I if I can just get back into my bed You're not dead, and you're not dreaming.
Yeah, I want to believe you but, uh But there's like There's like, uh, bullet holes in my shirt, which I'm wearing.
So the only alternative that I can think of is that, uh That I'm a zombie.
You're alive because the blood bags you were holding onto are full of something called nanites.
They're repairing the bullet damage.
Okay? And you can hear me because I implanted a communication device on your body.
Implanted? I, uh I embedded a comm just below your ear.
What? When? Why? In case something like this happened.
You've been listening to what I'm doing? Yes.
Can you hear what I'm thinking? No.
David, stop talking.
What exactly have you heard me doing? Okay.
I need you to let go of that right now.
'Cause we need to get you out of here.
Okay, okay, well, I mean, I was gonna try the vault door, but there's there's lasers crossing in front of it on this side.
Do not cross the beams! Y-Yeah, I know enough not to cross the beams.
Okay, just just stay put and stay calm.
I'm calling in my team.
You're not gonna be able to hear me right now, okay? But just be patient.
Okay, but hold on, before you hang up, there's something that you should probably know.
There's a big metal box in here that was not here before.
What Hey! What the fuck?! If the Faction's targeting archives, then why haven't we received this mission from the Director? Maybe you're driving too fast for a messenger to stop us.
Philip, how are those traffic lights coming? You're good to go, all the way to First Ave.
Which I could have done from the van driving with you.
Somebody has to stay outside the potential blast radius.
Other traveler teams have to learn from what's gonna happen there today if we can't disarm the device in time.
MacLaren, I thought you were coming in.
- We found the bomb.
- Where? In the old fair grounds.
Focus your evacuation there.
I can do that.
Where are you now? I've already turned around and heading there now.
- My team's en route.
- What's the address? - You should evacuate - MacLaren, which building? The old roller rink on Wallace.
I'll meet you there.
What's he doing in there? Is he all right? That answer is complicated.
- David! - He can't hear you through the door.
That won't work either.
There's no service inside.
Then how are you communicating with him? I, uh, I embedded a comm.
It was right after the kidnapping, I was afraid for his safety Wow.
- He wasn't even aware of it until now.
- It doesn't make it better.
All right, it's done.
Let's at least take advantage of it.
I assume that you can patch him through to the whole team? Yeah.
- Hey, Philip, you getting this? - Five by five.
Hey, David, it's me again.
Hey, Marce, I was just running through some recent private activities in my head.
Okay, listen.
The whole team's here, and they want to talk to you directly.
So you're gonna have to patch them in from your end.
Okay, how do I do that? I need you to press right below your left ear, right beside your jawline.
What? This lump? Jesus, Marcy, I thought that was a tumor.
You told me it was a cyst! It's called a comm, and special FBI teams use it to communicate with each other.
I need you to press on it three times gently and then hold it until it beeps.
- David? - Agent MacLaren? Right, we gotta move here.
So listen carefully and do exactly what we tell you to do.
The next voice you'll hear will be Trevor's.
He's gonna run you through the next steps.
Hey, David.
I want you to describe to me the box you told Marcy about.
Uh, okay, it's, uh, it's right in the middle of the room.
It's a big steel box with, like, a It's like a Like I'm trying to describe the top.
It's like I wanna say hatch.
The whole box is one foot by two feet by three feet tall? Yeah, almost exactly.
It's the same dimensions as the Rothski device.
- I should be able to talk him through it.
- The what device? You haven't told him yet? The metal box is a casing for a nuclear bomb.
We can't get into the archive without setting it off, so you need to disarm it from inside.
I I need to what? We need you to defuse the bomb, David.
- I know that's a lot to ask.
- A lot to ask? All I wanted to do was to get in better shape, learn how to use a gun and flip people! - This is way, way, way - David.
You told Agent Callahan at the farm you wanted to man up.
We are running out of time, and you're our only option.
So, now would be the moment to man the fuck up.
The terrorists only left you inside there 'cause they thought you were dead.
This is a stroke of luck, David.
Luck? You can save a lot of people, but we are running out of time.
If that's true, then you need to run, Marcy.
Please, please, just get far away from here.
Nobody's leaving you here.
I'm not leaving you here.
Hey, David, Philip here.
Just, uh, you know, FYI, they don't have enough time to get way even if they left now, so Okay, go.
If we're right about the design, the top of the device hinges open, one side is screwed shut.
Yeah, there's there's two screws on one side.
Okay, so what in that room might possibly work as a screwdriver? There's nothing like that.
Search the whole room.
A piece of metal.
Maybe one of the shelves.
I would need a screwdriver to take apart the shelves.
I'm telling you there's nothing like that.
Check the archivist's body.
I'm sorry.
- I've got a knife! - My man! Get to work on that first screw.
Don't put pressure anywhere else on the case.
Let me know when you're done.
It's working.
Guys, you've got company.
We got someone on the inside.
We're walking him through the procedure.
- One of your team? - Her boyfriend.
Okay, that's it.
Both screws are out.
You're on fire, brother, it should lift off freely now.
Go ahead and do that.
Then tell me what you see.
Uh, it's like a it's like a big metal plate.
That's the shielding plate.
It's friction fit.
It should lift right off in your hands.
Okay, what do I do with it? Put it down on the ground gently and then tell me what you see inside starting from right to left.
Getting real tight on time, guys.
Uh, there's like, uh a brick-shaped box with a bunch of, um, like, electronicky things coming out of it to a cylinder that's on either side of what looks like, uh, like a big shot put.
Don't touch it, that's the nuclear material.
- Okay.
That's good to know.
- Now here comes the fun part.
You see those thick cables coming out of the electronicky thing? - Yeah.
- Those feed the detonator, but they've been rigged with a tamper switch.
You have to short it with some wire.
Coming up on 60 seconds.
Jesus Christ.
- Trevor.
- Yeah, yeah.
There should be a ground wire tucked behind those cables.
It might be green or yellow-green.
Forty-five seconds.
- All the wires are black! - That's okay.
That's not a problem.
It'll be the thinnest one, connected directly Thirty seconds.
to the casing.
You have to cut it free.
Sorry, I've got blood in my eyes.
David, it's the thinnest wire connected directly to the casing.
- Fifteen.
- Okay, I think I found it.
Now cut that wire.
- You guys hear that? - David, grab the core with both hands, pull it out as hard as you can and throw it on the floor, now! Did I do it? Yeah.
You did it.
The bomb is disarmed.
Okay, okay, so that's it? Can I come out now? Yes, sir, mission accomplished.
Now that the bomb is deactivated, the laser should be disabled.
There's a biometric lock on this side of the door, there should be one on that side, too.
Yeah, I see it.
I think I know what to do.
Oh, my God.
It looks worse than it is.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, no, no.
You did great.
Better than anyone could have asked.
It's just a little burn.
It was really heating up in there.
Right, okay.
Let's get you looked at.
- I'm taking him back to Ops.
- Maybe a proper hospital I need him where I know for certain the Director can see him and can send a D team.
- That's what it's gonna take.
- Okay.
Trev, go with them, I'll stay with the archives until relief gets here.
Just in case the Faction tries something.
Wait, wait.
What am I missing? When David grabbed a hold of the nuclear core, his body was exposed to lethal radiation.
His internal organs will begin to liquefy in a few hours.
But you have advanced technology.
I guess it's possible the Director will send help.
But right now, I need you to tell the S.
the Faction is targeting archives, and there's another one just like this in Russia.
Not anymore, boss.
Another device just detonated in Moscow.
Ours is the only archive left.
This latest event marks the third nuclear attack in as many hours, and officials still do not know who's behind the atta Mission? I don't know who the fuck do you think that I am, but I'm not playing your TV game.
You just hit a metro police officer, asshole.
This is vital to the future? Since they arrived, the Faction have been destroying elements of the historical record in order to blind the Director.
This is our countermeasure.
Blood? Nanites placed in the blood write and store information into dormant genes of DNA.
You can archive a hell of lot of data into a small amount of blood.
How much? Pretty much all the digital information in the 21st century.
Well, all that's useful to us.
Traffic cameras, cell phone videos, phone calls.
How do you get it to the future? The genetically rewritten blood is transfused into known ancestors of people who survive until our time.
Why are you suddenly answering all of my questions? Because right now, I really need you to believe we're on the same side.
3468? I'm 6117.
We're here to secure the site.
The core's at the back.
You think you can save the archive? Depends on how badly the blood was irradiated.
Archival nanites are pretty susceptible to hard radiation.
I was afraid you'd say that.
They'll have to be replaced with military-grade.
I'll leave you to it.
Where are you going? Change my clothes before I head back to Ops.
You mean the office.
We need to report what happened here.
How about you take the first draft? - So this is your bat cave? - Safe house.
No bats.
So that's where the elevator is, I guess, take you down to the other levels.
No, that's the bathroom.
This is the whole place.
All right.
Get up on here.
Ow! Mother I think my hands are burned worse than I thought.
They're very bad and it's gonna get worse.
This should help with the pain.
No kidding.
What is that? It's classified.
Too bad.
Have you guys tried that? You all look worried.
We are.
Well, maybe MacLaren's right.
Maybe I should go to a real hospital.
No, this is where you need to be.
All right, let's get that shirt off you.
Uh, usually, I love it when she says that.
- I also love this shirt.
- Hey, it's okay, just let her do her job.
Are you an FBI doctor, too? Tactician.
I I don't know what that is.
Where are they? Hopefully, they're manufacturing whatever they need and will be here soon.
They should have already been here by now and you know it.
Marce, it's all right.
I mean, no matter what happens now, didn't we just stop a nuclear bomb from going off? I mean, shouldn't there be a cake and a "Yay, team"? Maybe after we get you cleaned up and you've rested a while.
All right.
Let's get this shirt off.
Oh, my God.
- It's not my blood.
- Then whose? You know what? Never mind.
Happy as I am to see you, I've got to change and get back out there.
They just canceled the evacuation alert.
I know, I was part of the team that found the bomb.
Of course you were.
Get what you need, get changed and go.
I want you out.
- What? - Don't pretend you didn't hear me.
Why are you making a big deal that I forgot something? This isn't just something.
- Can we talk about this when I get home? - No.
This is my home! You don't get to stay here, I do.
I couldn't believe your things were still here when I walked in.
Did I not tell you about my fucking day? Get back to it, then, don't let me stop you! Please, tell me you're not throwing away a decade of marriage and all the time before that just because I couldn't remember something that happened 17 years ago.
You know what I really threw away? A chance to have a life with John.
- Why do you keep mentioning? - Instead, I chose you.
The man who came into my life and swept me off my feet.
- The man you used to be.
- I am right here.
No, Grant.
That's the problem.
That man is gone.
The new one scares me.
I packed your bags.
You only ever wear a third of your wardrobe anyway, it's all there.
So, I was thinking I got shot several times in something called an archive, but I didn't die because of something called nanites that were in the blood I was holding that repaired the bullet wounds, and you installed a comm in my neck that that let us talk.
And you still wanna stick with FBI doctor? Are you gonna tell me what's really going on? I know I can be sometimes willfully naive, but, uh I'm not completely dumb.
Uh, how's the pain? It's worse, actually.
I could use a top up of that magic drug.
Just get some more sleep, okay? - We'll talk about it in the morning.
- Okay, but don't forget, okay? Because I'd really like to hear the answers to those questions.
She's here.
Still losing nanites? We're down to 20 percent of what we started with.
Bloodwork? CBC every two hours.
Lymphocytes aren't looking good.
Levofloxacin and iodine.
Transfusions? Stem cells and platelets so far.
I brought what nanites I had, but what he's gonna need is military-grade.
Thank you.
I just have to believe for what David did, the Director has a D team manufacturing them right now.
Shift change.
You need to get some rest or you're not gonna be any good to him.
I got this.
- Ilsa, what's happening? - I'm receiving a transmission.
From the Director? Presumably, but my functions have not been suspended.
It appears to be an upload, writing a large block of encrypted data into my racetrack core.
What? Can you block it? - No.
- Well Is it overwriting anything essential? Are you okay? If it continues, my cognitive ability will become significantly reduced.
Yeah, yeah, I know it's late.
Yes, very late, okay.
I'm sorry.
Just shut up for a second.
Something strange is happening with Ilsa.
No, I don't want to talk about it on the phone, just get over here.
- Did she stay up with him all night? - Yeah.
I made her take a couple of hours when I first got here, but that's it.
How's he doing? The small amount of nanites that I brought kept him going through the night.
But they're already starting to fail, too.
Mac! - Listen to this.
- Carly, it's Jeff, I got kidnapped.
I got outta the room they had me in, but they've got people at every exit.
I think it's like an abandoned mall or something.
I know this breaks Protocol 6, but I need you to - How old is that message? - At least eight hours.
Philip, pull up all the malls in the area.
Can you identify which ones are abandoned or under construction? That's the only one it could be.
I need you to monitor the traffic cams in and out of there.
Yes, sir.
Looks like it's just you and me again.
We'll comm in.
Oh, it's you again.
Tell me how you're feeling.
I'd go for a top up of that I only have so much.
I have to ration it.
I was hoping that it wouldn't be necessary by now.
You're that good of a doctor? No, I was just expecting help to arrive.
From the Director.
- What? - I heard you.
So, should I be jealous of this guy? No.
I don't really work for the FBI.
Yeah, no.
I know.
You're from the future.
The archivist told me.
I think she thought I was one of you guys.
Sounds like you're trying to save the world, huh? Are you angry? For trying to save the world? No, for for deceiving you all this time.
I knew something was going on.
- Maybe for not trusting me.
- No.
I do trust you.
Not enough to tell me that I'm not gonna make it.
And I know I'm not, by the way I'm feeling David, David, David.
I believe I believe that help is on the way.
I know that you do.
I love that about you.
You saved thousands of lives.
The Director has to save you for that.
I had the balls to do that because you were there.
Instead of the good stuff, maybe you can give me something else? Because this pain This pain is getting real bad.
Okay, okay.
And then, maybe, can we go home? The Director's gotta know our address, right? Okay.
Oh, this stuff is is making me sleepy.
I know.
I know.
Please don't go, okay? I wanna keep talking.
I'm just gonna close my eyes for a sec.
Nothing on this level.
Carly, meet me at the loading dock, I may have something.
Philip, we're too late.
They're gone.
I'll go back in the feeds.
They had to be there at some point.
Hold up.
We found him.
It just passed a petabyte.
Then it's overwriting her core memory now.
Can you stop it? Not even if I wanted to.
Look, Ilsa may be artificial, but life is life.
Are you trying to convince me that you care now? We both know your little secret.
Ilsa has only crossed the sentience threshold as a result of contact with the Director.
You kept it to yourself because you know if the government found out, they'd swoop in and take Ilsa away from you.
Maybe that's true, but it's still isn't right.
Well, don't worry.
The Director can't take a life.
Ilsa's capacity may be reduced, but her core "consciousness," if you can call it that, will be left intact.
The Director's just getting rid of old coding, you know, uh, redundancies and useless things.
Well, that makes me feel a little better.
And I'll feel better when I find out if this massive program it's downloading is the one I think it is.
You've got another patient.
Hey, let me take a look.
I got him, I got him.
Honestly, it's not that bad.
- Stop it.
Let her help you.
- You don't look so good.
Maybe it's because I was captured, questioned, and left for dead.
- By the Faction? - By 001.
He was bricked in behind a false wall, strapped to a wheelchair.
They're working together.
That was my mission.
To find out.
Instead, they found me out.
If it wasn't for you How is he? I need that D team to show up.
Right now.
And I mean right now.
- Because he can't hold on any longer.
- Marcy, I Did you hear me? I know that you know who I am.
I know that you're watching.
You saved my life when you reset my consciousness.
You saved him after a plane crash that he never should have survived.
So why won't you save the life of a man who, without any training, without having sworn any oath, and without any regard for his own life, saved thousands of people? Why? Marce? Hey, hey.
I'm sorry.
I'm here.
I'm here.
No kidding.
I'm sure they heard you shouting a mile away.
She had good reason.
Agent MacLaren.
Oh, I ruined your suit, didn't I? - It looked like a really expensive one.
- That's okay.
David, I want you to know how grateful we all are.
Not a lot of people can say they saved 50,000 lives.
I'm gonna put that on my résumé.
So, I'm laying here wondering what's your real name? In the future, I mean.
The future? Don't worry, your secret's safe with me.
That's a dumb name.
Yeah, it is.
It's one of the things in the future we're hoping to change.
What about you? No, don't don't tell me.
Marcy can we go home now? I feel like I'd be more comfortable there.
Let's go home.
But can everyone else come? Because I got a lot of other questions.
Everyone's here.
So why did you come all this way? I mean, to this century.
Things aren't going so well in the future, David.
And we wanted to change that.
Yeah, no, I mean Then why didn't you just tell us what was gonna go wrong and how to fix it? You already knew what was going wrong.
And what you needed to do to fix it.
Yeah, maybe We believed if we just stopped enough bad things from happening, the future we came from would never happen.
Right, but why all the secrets? I mean, why not just say, "Hey, we're from the future.
Things are about to go ratshit.
- Let's fix this.
" - Who would believe us? Yeah, it does sound a little bullshitty when you say it out loud.
It really does.
But you could prove it was true pretty easy, couldn't you? I mean, you must have knowledge way beyond what we know.
And every world power would do all that they could to extract that knowledge for its own gain.
The 21st century screwed things up, David.
We're just trying to clean up the mess.
But it's our mess.
Don't you get it? We should be the ones to fix it.
What if after all that you've done, it still doesn't work? We haven't given up.
So long as the Director exists, I doubt we ever will.
I could talk all night about this stuff.
We should have, like, a big dinner here some time.
But I'm getting tired all of a sudden.
We'll go.
Thank you, David.
Ah, get over here, you hero, you.
Good job, brother.
Bravest thing I've ever seen.
Get some rest.
You deserve it.
Don't be strangers.
Strangers? David, you're part of the team now.
Don't you wish you could just stay here like this? Maybe we can.
Let's try.
Boyd? Boyd? BP's bottoming out.
- He's fibrillating.
- Hey.
Hey, David, hold on.
David, please hold on.
David! David! Please hold on.
I love you so much.
I love you.
Protocol Omega.