Travelers (2016) s03e10 Episode Script

Protocol Omega

- - Come on.
You're having fun with this one? Okay.
And then he he very quickly realizes that the cup is nowhere near big enough, but he can't stop at this point.
And so there he is, he's stuck in traffic, and he's peeing into a coffee cup.
And the level is slowly rising.
continue to search for answers in the wake of the worst nuclear attack in history, which shook the lives of hundreds of thousands of people on Tuesday.
There's been no information as to which terrorist group is responsible Thanks.
- Shit's gotten pretty crazy, huh? - Yeah.
Always figured Omega was the one protocol we'd never have to worry about.
When you consider the amount of potential revisions and possible outcomes, the Director's probably abandoned millions of timelines.
Good chance there's a version of us in most of them.
- Yeah, but I live in this one, so - Yeah.
What's that thing stuck to your head? Brain implant.
- For? - Temporal aphasia.
Early onset.
We'll file the missing person's report in 24 hours.
It will have been given by 3569 after she's gone home.
He didn't come home from work.
That's all she needs to know.
- We'll take care of the rest.
- I'll tell her.
They'll blame us, you know that.
I'm surprised Yates hasn't called already.
I should probably go into the office.
- Can you tell her it was Faction? - I did.
But after this, they're never gonna trust a word we say.
After this, I'm not sure I blame them.
Yeah, I still get locked in once in a while.
The device is just a temporary solution.
There's no cure even in the future.
Switch hosts enough times, it becomes inevitable.
So you've switched hosts that many times? Yeah.
I was an early test subject for consciousness transfer.
So, you're like really old, then.
Yeah, yeah, I'm pretty fucking old.
I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to do now.
What do you mean? I'm a cop? That's it? It was fine as Protocol 5, but I'm a doctor.
- We still have a mission.
- Do we? Maybe the Director abandoned this timeline, but that doesn't mean we have to.
We can't just go around making up our own missions.
Why not? Because it would make us no different than the Faction.
Then we still have a mission to complete.
Find 001.
And how are we supposed to do that? He could've jumped into anyone by now.
- Without the Director's help - I don't know.
I just We We have to try.
I'm gonna take off now.
You're bleeding.
- Mm, shit.
- Here.
- I can bandage you up.
- No, no, no.
- Y-You don't gotta.
- Just come here.
Come here.
What? I'm just so sorry, that's all.
Can I ask you something? Whatever.
The future hasn't gotten any better, has it? - Protocol 2, Marcy.
- Protocol Omega, Jeff.
Truth? Nothing the Director's done has made one bit of difference.
But I still think that we can change that.
Hey, how about if I finish up? Yeah? Okay.
- Where you headed? - Home.
- I'll give you a lift.
- No.
You're just gonna wanna talk.
- It's good to talk.
- I already know what you're gonna say because I've been trained to say the same thing.
And you'll feel better because we're told that it helps people, but it doesn't.
- Marcy.
- David David was the kind of man who made humanity worth saving.
He He literally represented that.
And he's a better human being than every fucking person in this room.
And the Director did nothing to save him.
So I'm done.
You want me to go after her, make sure she gets home okay? No.
Let her go.
Agent MacLaren.
Officer Conniker.
- Thank you for the rescue.
- You stay in touch.
I will.
Sir I have reason to believe that yesterday's attacks were not caused by the Travelers.
Well, then I have reason to believe you're one of them.
There is a resistance group called the Faction.
Oh, I know all about the Faction, believe me.
That is their political distinction.
It doesn't change the fact that the uranium used in every single one of those nukes had just been traced back to the exact same mine in this country.
I was there with Agent MacLaren and his team when he disarmed the fourth device.
Okay, so we're supposed to convince the Russians and the Chinese that although every one of the nukes that went off yesterday has been traced back to us, the one that was successfully disarmed just happened to be on U.
soil? 'Cause the good Travelers saved us from the bad Travelers, is that it? Does that sound like a compelling argument? No.
Every one of the groups we're monitoring keeps saying the same thing.
"Protocol Omega.
" What is it? - I'll ask MacLaren.
- Find another way.
I don't trust them.
Get it right, please.
Right now, we're one nervous general away from nuclear war.
Do you ever think about what you would've done if you hadn't volunteered for the Traveler program? No.
Never saw myself doing anything else.
Yeah, me, too.
But I'm not sure I'd make the same decision, knowing what I know.
- There was another option? - Yeah.
Life not solely devoted to training and combat.
Life without Protocol 4.
Stuck in domes, heated by a failing reactor, on a diet of yeast and recycled water? We were barely clinging to life, Carly, not living it.
Yeah, well, tell that to my mother and sisters.
They still found a way to laugh every day, fall in love, make families.
Hey, at least you still got your wife to go home to.
Traveler team report to the following coordinates immediately: 47.
2531 degrees north, 122.
4523 degrees west.
What the hell was that? One way to find out.
- You can't be serious.
- Why not? You know for a fact that that message wasn't from the Director.
It's obviously a trap set up by the Faction.
And if the Faction is working with 001? Then we're the next ones behind a brick wall.
We'll take precautions.
Carly, what the hell else are we supposed to do? Literally anything else.
We can do whatever we want.
I can't order you to go with me, but I'm going.
Trevor, are you there? I could use your help.
Coverage continues today of the deadly terrorist attack that took place in Nearly 48 hours since the initial attack, very few questions have been answered.
The authorities administrated - Hey, Trev? - Yeah, bud? Where's Marcy? She left a while ago.
It's just you and me.
So, Marcy went home? Why don't we meditate for 20 minutes? Clear our heads.
Hi, this is David Mailer.
Please leave a message.
Hey, taxi! Marcy? Oh, my God.
Philip, what are you doing here? I'm sorry.
Okay, just Go into the living room.
I'll be right there.
Carly, you got anything? Nothing yet.
Hold up.
One man walking out from the boat.
Agent MacLaren.
I'm pleased you were able to make it.
Do the names "Vincent Ingram" or "Katrina Perrow" mean anything to you? Just wanna have a conversation.
Oh, you better start talking 'cause you've got about ten seconds before I order your head blown off.
- I wanna cut a deal.
- Eight seconds.
I will turn myself in to the Director and face the consequences if you will fill me in on the details of Protocol Omega.
Fill you in? It was not a protocol in the time I was sent back.
Really? That's what you're going with? Yates, is this you? - How did you know? - Seriously? Why didn't you just give him an eye patch and a cat to stroke? I need you to come talk to my superiors.
They're my superiors, too.
Why not just text me? Because they don't trust you.
Three nuclear devices just went off.
And you watched us disarm the fourth.
How could you possibly ? You know what? Fine.
Let's go.
- All of them.
Including the sniper.
- Uh, no.
Carly, you and Trevor head back in my car.
This won't take long.
Copy that.
Happy to go with, boss.
This is my Protocol 5, remember? Okay, fine.
- Who did you get to play the messenger? - Johanson's kid.
Wants to be an actress.
She's good.
So I would recommend not doing this to someone.
But make a claw with your left hand, like this.
And then so when you come down - Oh! Shit.
- Oh.
Now you can't expect beginner's luck to last.
- Gin.
- I didn't That's your shirt.
- Ah, well, rules are rules.
All right.
- That's your shirt.
Oh, man.
- Aw.
- Right? - All right, one more round and then - Okay.
Keep going.
Hey, Philip.
You saw something in the bathroom, didn't you? I would never do that.
You know that, right? I don't really.
I know you don't wanna rely on the drugs, but if those pills are helping, - you need to keep taking them.
- I can't.
I threw them away.
And only an archivist can give me more.
Anyway, I'm glad you're okay.
Hey, please please take care of yourself.
David was a really good guy.
Excuse me, what are you doing in ? What are you doing? Stop! Stop it! Stop it! Carly! Renovations? - Everything needs to be hard-wired.
- Because? We've built our version of what you call an S.
, Space Time Attenuation field generator.
I'm told it'll make it impossible for the Director to see us.
It's under guard on the floor below if you're thinking of looking for the off switch.
That precaution really wasn't necessary.
Director Stevenson, it's an honor to meet you.
Turn off your comm device.
My comm? Okay.
- It's off.
- Good.
Jesus! Okay, okay, okay.
It's off.
Give me one reason I shouldn't round up every one of you.
The nuclear devices were built by the Faction.
They're still out there.
Protocol Omega, what does it mean? It means the Director will no longer be intervening in this timeline.
- What does that mean? - No more messengers, no more missions.
Those who are part of the Traveler program are free to live out their days, such as they are, as they see fit.
- Why would the Director do that? - It's impossible to say for sure.
Venture a guess.
It could mean that we've succeeded and we're now on the optimal path to a better future.
It could also mean there's no possible way of saving the future no matter what you do.
That's true.
Why should we believe a word you're saying? That's your call, sir.
But I'm willing to help in any way I can and I'll tell you anything you wanna know.
Hey, just wanna check in on you, see how's it going.
I brought you something.
It's water flavoring made of leaves.
You just add boiling water.
Yeah, yeah, I know what tea is.
I've developed quite a taste for it myself.
Uh, do you wanna come in and have a cup with me? If If that would be cool.
- But I don't wanna - Come on.
Come in.
Take a seat.
Looks like you've been doing some cleaning.
Yeah, just trying to keep busy.
I'll be okay.
I just need some time, you know? Time, yes.
Don't we all? I know what you've been through, Marcy.
You do? Well, not everything.
I can't imagine what it must have been like for you, to go through your reset, to lose all those memories.
The Director took my wife from me, too.
You mean your your wife in the future.
Death by messenger.
Just like David.
Precious life, snuffed out right before my eyes.
But we have no right to complain.
We forfeited that right when we made the decision to put our fate in the hands of a machine.
Um, I'm sorry you went through all that.
Is another reset possible, I wonder? Is Ellis's backdoor code to the Director still buried in there somewhere? I don't think so.
Oh, I think so.
I really do.
Anyway, it's it's just good to see you whole again, Marcy.
I should get that.
Let me help you.
Guys! 001 went into Jeff! He's after Ellis's backdoor code.
He thinks He thinks it's in my head.
Guys, I need your help! Marcy? Mac, Trevor? Can anyone here me? Sorry, I must've got locked in for a sec.
I didn't catch it all, but Marcy's in trouble.
Meet me at her place.
Ah! Ugh.
Mac, I have 001.
The gun isn't loaded, Marcy.
I could never risk what's in that pretty little head.
Take her.
It's the end of the world, brother.
We're all gonna die now.
Before I agree to let you do anything, I wanna know about the future.
I can only tell you about the time I left.
It's changed because you changed history.
Not necessarily for the better.
From what little I've heard, even after all we've done, humanity is still on the brink of extinction.
A more recent Traveler might be able to tell you more.
Just tell me the history you remember.
What went wrong? The decline took years, but this decade was the turning point.
Once climate change became unstoppable, it led to mass migration, severe overpopulation in urban centers, famine.
Ancient diseases became unlocked as polar ice melted, which exposed humanity to viruses for which we had no immunity.
That led to mass death, collapse of governments, resources, war over what was left.
Eventually, nuclear winter.
How the hell were you supposed to stop all that? Our primary mission was to prevent a massive asteroid strike in the Atlantic.
When an x-ray laser's fired toward a previously undiscovered asteroid from within the continental United States, now that tends not to go unnoticed.
We should prove our good intentions.
Helios killed millions.
The Grand Plan was supposed to erase all that.
- Why didn't it work? - I honestly can't answer that.
Only that the Director kept trying.
Till today.
Agent MacLaren, today, this country's been accused by my counterparts in Russia, China, even by our allies, of detonating nuclear devices on their soil.
I told you that was the Faction.
- They don't know that.
- Well, then let me tell them.
Let me tell them everything.
We can still fix this.
I can reach out.
We'll need to arrange translators.
That won't be necessary.
Carly, I'm at the apartment.
I'm still a few minutes out.
Is she there? No.
And the place is trashed.
Oh, God.
Marcy, can you hear me? Say that again.
Come in, Marcy.
Marcy, you there? Ah, shit.
I found her comm.
It's been cut out.
He's taken her.
You said you didn't catch it all.
What did you hear her say? Something about Ellis's backdoor code.
What good is the code without access to the Director? Boss, we got a problem.
Philip, Mac's turned off his comm.
Okay, I'm close to his house.
I'll try to find him.
Carly, meet me out front.
I know where they're going.
Marcy, I'm sorry.
I thought the Director would stop them.
They drugged me.
Grace, what did you tell them? Boss, are you here? Oh, okay.
Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.
That's good, huh? Uh, I'm I'm gonna I'm just gonna gonna go.
What is the number of Travelers in my country? Each Traveler team is forbidden by our protocols to communicate with each other unless directed.
We have captured several Traveler cells in Russia.
They told us this Faction originated in the United States.
They first came en masse from the future to the U.
, yes, but they have since spread out to many countries.
Having consolidated their power in your country.
- My team is on their way.
- Protocol Omega.
Why do you think that this code is still in my head? Actually, Grace told me.
Even told me how to use it to hack the Director.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
- What if she's wrong? Then nothing happens, and I'm disappointed.
But if she's right, the Director becomes permanently disabled and the future belongs to humanity.
- Oh, you mean the Faction? - Yes.
- Led by you? - So I'm told.
This reset will take away all those painful memories, Marcy.
Memories of who I am now.
The Director allowed the man that you love to die horribly when it could have saved him.
How can you forgive that? By doing this, we'll both get what we want.
All right, let's get this over with.
Don't shoot her! You want what's in my head? You can't have it.
No! The other way is gonna take so much longer.
Travelers will cooperate, I promise you.
We can even help find members of the Faction responsible for the nuclear devices.
Then will you share your advanced technologies? Our engineers have been creating materials and and building devices for a decade.
I think if our technology is shared equitably, we Sir, we're making progress.
This isn't the time to be negotiating access to future technologies with foreign powers.
If we're to trust each other, we - What is happening? - They're being overwritten.
- The Director's not doing this - Then who is? I don't know.
But it's impossible for the Director to take life in that way.
When did this happen? All right, keep me up to date.
The president and most of his cabinet just screamed in pain and collapsed.
Oh, my God.
They all claim to be fine now.
This happened to the Speaker as well.
This is a coup.
I need to get back to Washington.
Arrest this son of a bitch.
Put your hands on your head.
- Jo, you gotta believe me.
- Now! - Listen to me.
- Shut the fuck up.
The same thing that happened to the president is probably happening to other world leaders right now.
Let me help you.
I need to talk to my team.
Guys, it's me, what's happening? Where the fuck have you been? 001's taken Jeff as a host.
The rescue was just a set up to get access to Marcy.
Why Marcy? So he could use Ellis's backdoor code against the Director.
Through Ilsa.
He's taken her to Filmore.
Yeah, that's our guess, too.
- We're almost there.
- Boss, I could use a pick up.
Okay, I'll get you on the way.
You're not going anywhere.
Guys, am I the only one seeing this? No.
We see it, too.
You need to get out.
I have to go see my son.
Filmore's not far from here.
Carly, there isn't much time.
I know.
Boss, Carly's out.
Protocol Omega.
I'll meet you at Filmore.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll try and get the Director to safety.
NORAD's detected a massive missile strike from both Russia and China.
Tell me why this is happening.
The first ever Traveler 001 has taken over in the future.
Don't ask me how.
- He launched the missiles? - No.
That would likely be the generals following standing orders to launch in the event their leadership was overwritten.
But he is still the cause.
NORAD said we were targeted.
Jo, you can either come with me or you can shoot me in the back.
Bye, Marce.
I'm sorry.
Trevor! What are you doing? 001 must have uploaded his consciousness into Ilsa.
No, he's not in there.
Grace, hey.
He wasn't able to use the backdoor code either.
Marcy took that from him.
Then where is he? Ugh.
He's everywhere.
I don't understand.
001 transferred his consciousness first into Ilsa, and then out to the Internet.
By now, he's parsed himself into computers and servers all over the world, just waiting for the future to arrive, and then he can take over.
I didn't think it would matter if I said anything.
I just thought the Director would stop him.
I just was waiting.
He won.
What? Then why did we come here? I'm sorry, Jo.
It's over.
Maybe not.
Maybe everything we need to fix this is right here in front of us.
Maybe the Director is just expecting us to see it.
How many timelines are you seeing right now? Just one.
The only one left.
And it's gonna end unless one of us goes back.
Back in time? Whoa.
Guys, even if one of us was able to upload their consciousness into Ilsa, and even if Ilsa had the electrical and processing power Which it does.
The Director's made sure of that by downloading the program into Ilsa in the middle of the night.
Even then, we could only send someone to a point in time after the most recent Traveler.
No, from 431 years in the future, that's true, absolutely, but not from now.
The amplitude of space-time distortion is directly proportional to distance.
How far back could one safely go from this point in time? Twenty years, easy.
All we need to do is go back before 001 arrived.
That's why the Director's been silent.
Because it knew we would think of this, and it sent us what we would need to do it.
I'm sorry, I do love this idea, but we'd still need a TELL.
It's a time, elevation, latitude and longitude to send a consciousness into a specific host.
You can't just guess.
It has to be exact.
August 18th, 2001, Whytecliff Park, exactly 3:00 p.
When and where my host met Kat.
And I have one last objection, but it's a big one.
If this works, I'll be ending Grant MacLaren's life 17 years before his historical death, I know.
But maybe I can give those years back to someone else.
So until we meet again.
That's a very interesting possibility.
Well if we're gonna do this, hurry the fuck up.
I'll find the coordinates to Whytecliff and the IMEI of MacLaren's cell phone.
Trevor, help me load the program.
- See, Jo? There's still hope.
- Hope? Mac, you did this.
You people didn't stop the collapse of civilization.
If anything, you sped it up.
Where are you going? To look at the sky.
Beautiful view, isn't it? - Oh, God.
- Sorry.
Didn't mean to sneak up on you.
No, it's all right.
I was just expecting someone.
He's late.
Some people are late people.
- Almost an hour? - That's pretty late.
On my birthday? - Oh, he's in the doghouse.
- Yes, he is.
John's an artist.
He gets caught up in his work.
Is he any good? He's brilliant, actually.
Maybe he's painting a portrait of you for your birthday.
There are enough of those portraits around the house, believe me.
As intriguing as that is, we just met, I should probably leave it alone.
I love him, he just does this too often.
So set him straight.
Tell him if he respects you, he won't keep you waiting, and that he's goddamn lucky to have a woman as beautiful and charming as you in his life.
What? I'm can't tell if you're flirting with me or telling me to give him another chance.
Well, if I was him, I know I'd want another chance.
But I'm not him.
Happy birthday.
Hey! Who the fuck is this guy? Sorry, I just wanna make sure you're on the right bus.
This one's headed to kind of a rough part of town.
I know.
I didn't like the way my patients were being treated at the old hospital I worked at, so, I'm starting at a new one on Main.
I take some of my clients there.
I'm a social worker.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Are you doctor or a ? - Uh, nurse.
- Nurse? - Nurse, yeah.
Oh, it's a it's a pretty busy hospital.
Just to warn you.
A lot of tough cases.
- Well, I'm pretty tough.
- I bet.
I just wanna help the people who really need it, you know? Yeah.
Yeah, same.
My name's David.