Treme s03e10 Episode Script


- ( Drill whirring ) - Ladonna: Been two weeks.
Thought y'all would never show.
Fire department said it started in the front.
Yeah, I'd agree with that.
Pour patterns on the floor look like gasoline.
I know who did it.
I can't prove it, but I do.
You give them a name? I don't have a name, just a face.
Well, unless someone turns him in or comes forward - Yeah, that ain't gonna happen.
- ( Chuckles ) I made lists-- inventory, equipment and such.
When was the last time you had an inspection from the city? Honestly? Don't remember.
Well, before Katrina, I guess.
I'm not sure.
That's the upstairs, miss Ladee.
You want me to do down here now? Yes, please, John.
Thank you, baby.
Last inspection-- were you up to code? Oh, no idea.
- You cooked in here? - Red beans and rice.
Look, a lot of what we had was grandfathered in.
Besides, what difference does it make? You can't blame this on faulty wiring or I left a hot plate on.
Miss Williams, we'll be in touch.
( Coughs ) Oh, I'ma call you, Mr.
Yeah, like I said, a few weeks.
( Whirring continues ) ( Door opens ) Oh, shit.
You can't say I had noise complaints the past couple of weeks.
And no music tonight, Mr.
hand-in-my- motherfucking-pocket.
- What happened? - The fuck it looks like, motherfucker? You're a day late and a dollar short, boo-boo.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You had some bad luck, so I don't get paid? - Huh-uh.
- Whoa, whoa, calm down.
- Get the fuck out of my bar, motherfucker.
- Whoa, all right, all right.
- Get the fuck out of my bar.
- Whoa, all right, all right, all right.
- Crazy bitch.
- ( Coughing ) ( Car engine starts ) ( Engine fades ) ( Music playing ) Hanging in the treme watching people sashay past my steps by my porch in front of my door church bells are ringing choirs are singing while the preachers groan and the sisters moan in a blessed tone mm-hmm, yeah down in the treme, just me and my baby we're all going crazy while jamming and having fun trumpet bells ringing bass drum is swinging as the trombone groans and the big horn moans and there's a saxophone down in the treme it's me and my baby we're all going crazy while jamming and having fun down in the treme it's me and my baby we're all going crazy - while jamming and having fun.
- Man: Whoo! - ( Phones ringing ) - ( Men chattering, laughing ) Oh, man.
Man: Homicide, Johnson.
You're a piece of shit.
- Me? - Mm, and a coward.
And I'll be on the back lot without my rank, in case you find balls enough to argue the point.
Man: You'll still get the reward if the information leads The fuck? He's the one snitching to the feds, and I'm the fucking bad guy? ( Door closes ) Hey.
What-- what happened? ( Sighs ) With my compliments.
( Laughs ) ( Whispers ) Oh, Jesus.
Lieutenant, I think maybe we should-- fuck you.
You know, folks, if it's one thing positive we can take away from this storm, or rather I should say, the federal flood, is that it taught us that the musical culture of New Orleans is our greatest asset, maybe our only asset.
When all else fails-- and all else did fail-- we can rely on the past musical conspiracy that is New Orleans to step the hell up.
And by that I mean we pulled together and got it done, right? All for one, one for all, right? Right? Ha-ha, this is dedicated to all the motherfuckers that said I couldn't make it so I start my tale with the band renowned - brassy knoll by name, eight men, no clowns - Ha bringing you hot music that ain't no junk it was the best thing going since the uncut funk so I put in my money and I put in my time - and I poured out my soul in the rhythm and rhyme - Yeah and just when the booking and the crowds start flowing them usurping bastards started acting like they knowin' telling me to back off, and I gotta front less and Calliope can flow, but man, you gotta confess that he ain't got the politics that I can bring - and the tats are a bit much, and he sure can't sing - What? they get to soon thinking I ain't fit for command the artistic direction of my very own band so I find it untenable, this position you out there runnin' your sedition commission thinking you can tell me what the band's about but, you know, fuck that dumb shit, man, I'm out - and fuck - I ain't worried about - none of you snitches - You bitches - I'm so sick of your shit - I'm so sick of your what? - What are you talking about? - No, stop.
Whoa, whoa.
- Y'all can't fire me - Whoa.
Fu-- Dude, really? You gotta do that now? Davis, this is historic.
Cheeky, darling, what the fuck was that? What you mean? I'm looking for nasty on this.
Davis, if I put any other bad word in there, it's not gonna be played on the radio.
They're gonna have to bleep the motherfucking song.
This isn't going to be on the radio ever.
This is my manifesto, my goodbye.
Fuck the radio, fuck the music industry.
This is gonna say exactly what I want it to say.
No half-ghetto bullshit, please.
Oh, you want full ghetto? - Yeah.
- Ghetto it is.
( Laughs ) Toot! All right, great.
Full ghetto, from the top.
- ( Drumsticks clicking ) - Uh, you know.
( Music starts ) You know, folks, if it's one thing positive we can take away from this storm, or rather I should say, the federal flood ( Music playing ) Is that enough from the fiddle? - We're good.
- All right, see y'all tonight.
You look like you just swallowed a canary or something.
Well, now you're not just touring.
You're touring to support a record.
Oh my God.
I don't believe it.
Believe it.
On the strength of that little beauty, I got dates lined up for the next four months.
And I'm gonna throw y'all a little record release party too.
In New Orleans? Sweet Jesus, no.
Here in New York.
This ain't about "offbeat," darling.
It's about "Rolling Stone" and the "New York Times.
" - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Hey, y'all, Linzay, anybody want a record? - Man: What? - Man #2: Solid gold, baby.
- T.
- ( Men laughing ) First you say I could, now you say I can't then you say I should, and now you say I shan't and yes, I admit, I'm no Robert-fucking-plant but you're supposed to support me, you were my favorite aunt so I'm out of the business, y'all can have your fun find another whipping boy, 'cause D.
Davis - he - Together: ain't the one and motherfuck - fuck all you bitches - All you cocksucking bitches I'm so sick of your shit what? You tell them, Davis and y'all can't fire me you know what, bitch? I quit I quit, I don't give a shit I don't give a damn who you hire, work with I quit now I don't give a shit I don't give a damn who you hire, work with I quit ( Cheering ) made his nest up in the autumn branches built from nothing but high hopes and thin air he collected up some baby-blasted mothers and took their chances and for a while they lived quite happily up there he came from New York City, man, but he couldn't take the pace he thought it was like a dog-eat-dog world we got jazz bands and brass bands funk bands and trad bands whatever your heart desires, yeah, yeah if you can take that southern heat come feel that New Orleans beat you can meet me on Frenchmen Street ( Music playing softly ) Woman: Davis.
Can I get, uh, - a shot of beam and then a bud? - Sure.
- And then another shot and another bud.
- Okay.
Oh, you're lining them up, eh, Davis? Yes.
You gigging tonight? Down by Ray's.
Got one more set.
Here you go.
What you got there? This? This is my last will and testament, my goodbye to the music business, clocking in at five minutes and 42 seconds.
It's the hidden bonus track at the end of our new R&B sampler, a happy little treat for whoever wants to find it.
And then I'm done.
I got a gig Saturday night.
I need a piano player.
Richard took ill with the flu or something.
- What's the gig? - A private party down at Metairie.
Big bucks too.
I don't know, Kermit.
Like the song says, I'm out.
Fuck it.
$1500 a man.
In the Metairie? ( Water splattering ) ( Splattering stops ) Room service or down to the lounge? Um, it's your call.
( Dispatcher speaking on radio ) Ike: You ain't got no complaints, huh? - Huh? - About my route.
About how I should have took Broad instead of Claiborne and vice versa.
No, there's no problem.
The way you come-- that was correct.
- That's the way I would have done.
- This is a 20.
- I know.
- It's more than the meter.
I know.
It's a 20.
Keep the change.
- What? - ( Chuckles ) ( Paper rustling ) Not that I know what I'm doing.
You really should go over to university and have this checked out, huh? This might be broken.
It's just swollen.
And what did you prove, huh? I wasn't trying to prove anything.
I just wanted to hit him.
Oh, what? You never feel that way, ever? You can finish that.
Huh? When the rest of the world just doesn't give a fuck, what is it that actually helps? Lasting.
You gotta outlast the bastards.
You can't outlast them.
The game is rigged.
No, Terry, there are rules.
Rules, huh? Oh, yeah.
You've been playing by the rules for a long time.
- Haven't you? - Mm-hmm.
How is that working out for you? A young man comes to town, gets hold of some public records, talks to people, makes some calls, and now look.
They're gonna have to deal with it.
Now it's a case.
You think so? Oh, yeah.
Now the whole world knows about that burned body on the levee.
That is a national magazine, Terry.
Yeah? And how many people read it? It's on the Internet too, - "Propublica.
" - Uh-huh.
is gonna have to investigate.
- N.
? - Mm-hmm.
I don't know how you've been doing what you've been doing for so long and you are still so naive.
Them or the feds, your good friend Collington.
There's too much out there for them to keep looking the other way.
I signed up Shamarr Allen and Paul Sanchez last night.
Antoine, I don't-- I don't know what to say.
A lot of goodwill for Gigi's out there in the community, Ladonna.
I might even put the soul apostles back together if I could wrangle those contrarian motherfuckers.
( Laughs ) All my regulars, huh? Not just.
Delmond and me-- - We're working on some real heavyweights.
- Wow.
Thing is, it's running smack into Jazz Fest, so there's questions of everybody's schedules and shit.
Right now I'm thinking the Monday before.
We still need a venue.
Is his daddy gonna be there? - Big chief? - Mm-hmm.
Not onstage.
He don't truck with putting the suit on unless it's a proper holiday.
He don't do no Jazz Fest parades.
He's an old-time injun.
- Yes, he is.
- Yeah.
- Clerk: What size do you wear? - Customer: 7 1/4.
( Cash register clicks ) Yeah, daddy, you're the prettiest.
Come on now, we're gonna be late.
A five-minute walk.
I don't know what to choose between these two fedoras.
Buy 'em both.
Now you would say that.
( Music playing ) Oh, lord.
Dear God, no.
Jazz brunch? a tablespoon of hollandaise, and a mimosa.
Musicians-- don't they cost? Dying for a Sunday gig.
They'll play for tips practically.
Tim, we're still working out the kinks.
I don't want to do that to the crew.
They work Saturday night, getting their asses kicked so they can wake up Sunday and cook eggs? So hire a brunch crew.
I'll send over some Hondurans.
They love eggs.
Look, it'll subsidize all the caviar and truffle you want to put on the dinner menu and it'll still cover our food cost by a mile.
I thought you didn't care about food cost, not for, what was it, a year? I don't, but chef, it's free money-- for nothing.
Think about it, okay? I'll think about it a year from now.
Which reminds me, I am taking the crawfish ravioli off the menu.
- It's your signature dish.
- Fuck it is.
I didn't open this place to be the old spaghetti factory.
Not only is it killing us in the kitchen, we're coming to the end of the season anyway.
It's our most popular item.
I can get it for you frozen.
No fucking frozen crawfish ever.
It is a seasonal special.
People will look forward to it all year long.
"Hey, when is that crawfish ravioli coming back?" "Well, it's coming back crawfish season.
" "Well, okay.
" Jesus.
Every Saturday? Every other, maybe.
You know, strictly voluntary, a small group, just the ones that care.
You think they're ready for it? I've been thinking about Danny barker and the Fairview, the way it gets passed down-- the tradition, I mean.
I was only 10 or so.
Leroy Jones was already fronting that band.
He was 15.
Got Wynton, Branford, Tuba Fats, Shannon Powell-- all of them come up through Fairview, same age as I was, same age as these kids.
You know, I took Robert to hear Mr.
- I know he enjoyed it.
- Yeah.
Listening to him made me realize I still got a lot to learn about the tradition.
I've been dipping my toe in this modern stuff, - trying to stretch a little.
- How's that going? I'm digging it, but, man, I don't kid myself.
I believe I'm about as good as I'm ever gonna get.
So what if I'm the seventh best 'bone in New Orleans? Makes me about tops anywhere else, right? See, but the thing is, what if we got us a little Leroy Jones or Tuba Fats just waiting to happen, and all they need is a little extra? Liguori: The idea would be to program Congo Square too, treat it just like one of the stages inside the auditorium.
And part of the renovation of the auditorium is the gallery we talked about, the one dedicated to the Mardi grad Indian culture.
Y'all plan to check out what Sylvester's doing over there at the Backstreet, hmm? It's across the park, right there.
Or Ron Lewis, down in the lower nine? The house of dance and feathers? Ahem-- maybe I'll just leave my suits to them, since they're already up and running.
Well, this venue would reach a much wider audience for what you do, chief.
What about taking this fence down? We ran estimates.
It's expensive.
And the city has some concerns.
- Concerns? - About public safety.
About black kids from the neighborhood using the park, which is right on their front steps.
That's the point.
It keeps them out.
That's why it has to come down.
Just have to be patient, let the process work.
Shall we? Liguori: This is virtually an untapped resource.
We have the cultural history of Congo Square Delmond: Surprised to see you here, bro.
Mayfield: Well, it took me close to a year, but I'm back in the mayor's good graces.
Did him a solid on the library board.
Delmond: Irvin, if they got you, what they need with me? Man, I'm just here to help.
Listen, Delmond, this stage of the game, don't wear yourself out on the smaller details.
What you talking about, the fence? First thing to do is to get the project up and funded.
We can come back for the stuff that matters later.
Tell that to your old man too.
Looks like he's getting down to his last nerve with these people.
( Knocking ) Hi.
Here it is.
Thank you and your family, miss Glover.
Where the fuck is Mike Corrigan? Je ne sais pas.
Don't bother.
Don't even fucking bother.
In fact, clear out your fucking locker.
Get the fuck out.
I'm sorry, chef.
The streetcar was late.
Sorry, shit.
It's the second time in a week.
You're done now.
Paul, you move over to his station.
I'll take yours.
Yes, chef.
I missed staff meal.
Is there anything to eat? You can get the fuck out too.
You can get your cute little clueless ass out of my kitchen now.
Announcer: News leader, channel 4 We need to eat if we're going to get to the candlelight in time.
( Program jingle plays ) - Hot sauce-- I forgot.
- Not now.
It's coming on.
News anchor: Well, it was a program that was designed to help the city's poor and elderly people and touted by Mayor Ray Nagin as a way to clean up storm-damaged property.
But who actually benefited from the service and why can't even a top city official completely answer new questions about it? A part of that is you? A tad.
Most of that's everything Karen and Pam and them been working on for more than a year.
Antoine: Thieving motherfuckers.
Hell, yeah.
But you know what? This time they were fucking with the wrong people.
They don't know it, but that's who we were this time-- the wrong fucking people.
Man: Affordable home ownership, a nonprofit ( Music playing ) I can't wheel, I can't deal since you walked out on me, yeah holy cow what you doing, child, child? holy cow, what you doing, child? what you doing, what you doing, child? holy smoke, well, it ain't no joke no joke, hey, hey, hey.
Take five, guys.
We're gonna gather round now and do the motzi.
Oh, do what you wanna.
It's all good.
( Camera shutters clicking ) Dude went all out for his kid, huh? Ruffins: What is it? A bar-- bar something or other.
Bar mitzvah.
Today he becomes a man.
( Boy chanting ) Are you sure you won't join us? No, I'm meeting Brandi.
We're gonna catch some music, grab a bite to eat.
( Sighs ) Take me with you.
Be nice.
How did your jazz center meeting go? - Seems to be moving forward.
- Humph.
- You don't think so? - I know one thing-- that fence around Armstrong Park ain't never gonna come down.
- You don't know that.
- Let me ask you something.
Did you know that Mr.
Irvin Mayfield was gonna be there? He's a resource.
He was part of the previous jazz center project.
Probably be part of the next one too.
He knows how the city works.
Exactly-- a lot of talk in the press, a lot of money changing hands, few people get rich, but nothing gets done.
I'll see y'all later.
Davina: Bye, Del.
Say hi to Brandi.
Bye, pop.
I'm so sick and tired of fooling around with you.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up one time for D.
Davis McAlary on piano and vocals.
And the legend is true-- he and I was in our first band together.
Guys, would it be all right if my son, being the man of the hour, played a little piano with you? Oh, no problem.
McAlary: It's all you, man.
- What you got, young'un? - "Tipitina.
" Key of? - Oh, one flat.
En pointe.
- All right, kick it.
( Plays solo ) You're gonna miss this.
( Full band plays ) New Orleans, baby.
( Silent ) Tipitina tra la la whoa-oh la la la tipitina, oola malla walla dalla tra ma tra la la Christ.
It's all there, even the autopsy.
I'm supposed to believe you had nothing to do with this, you never talked to the reporter? Fact is, I didn't even know his name.
Lieutenant, I'm giving you a direct order-- in the event you receive any outside inquiries regarding the death of Mr.
Henry Glover, you are to refer those to deputy superintendent DeFillo.
All right, well, can I ask, is anyone planning on actually investigating the death of a man who was wounded and driven to a police checkpoint and then found burned in a car on the levee behind the fourth district? DeFillo's in charge of the investigation as well.
Is a detective assigned? Anybody from Homicide? - Sergeant Dugue.
- God damn it, chief.
Transfer me right now.
Send me back to the eighth.
You got 25.
Put in your papers.
Consider yourself warned.
Warned? Silby gives me the call right now-- I can take your pension for what you did to him in the back lot.
- And why don't you? - 'Cause Silby ain't a snitch.
Clerk: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? - Mm-hmm.
- Be seated.
Woman: Mrs.
batiste-Williams, talking about this heinous event will not be easy.
If you feel you need to take a break, we can ask the court to allow that.
Let's establish a few basic facts.
Are you the owner and sole Hey, hey.
McAlary, what's shaking, bro? Oh, I gotta start you off with four boxes, bro.
"Old cats who ain't been paid.
" It's our new R&B sampler.
It's local legends doing new material on the storm-- - Irma, Al Johnson, Robert Parker.
- Oh, cool.
And if we sell a bunch of these, the old guys get paid-- they'll get a check.
The label isn't taking its piece, so That's beautiful, man.
Are you playing on this anywhere? Uh, yeah, one track, "I Quit.
" ( Yells ) Richard! - Richard, hey.
- Hey, what's up? - Are you feeling better, man? - Yeah, man, I feel great.
'Cause Kermit said that you caught the flu and couldn't make that gig in Metairie.
No, man, Kermit told me to stand down on that gig because he needed to throw it to somebody else.
There was a summary dismissal the other night from the kitchen, I hear.
He was late, second time in a week.
He filed a complaint with H.
More to the point, we received a complaint from someone on the floor that you threatened her, used inappropriate language.
I managed to calm the situation.
I bet.
What's that supposed to mean? Everybody knows, Tim.
And fuck her.
Tell her to keep her prissy little ass out of my kitchen.
I think you're losing a little bit of perspective.
Fuck perspective.
Your obnoxious partners and all their deadbeat friends are eating up half this dining room every night.
Your little cupcake is overbooking the other half.
She's jamming 20-30 covers down our throats at a time.
And you want to start telling me who can and can't be in my kitchen? There's something else we need to talk about.
Okay, that's my bad.
I should have discussed it with you.
It's for somebody I know.
It's a sister of someone who used to work for me.
- Gigi.
- Yeah, that's the name of her place.
She had a fire.
It's our dark night anyway.
We're not doing it.
It won't cost us anything.
I'll run it.
You'll never even know it happened.
We're not doing it because we can't.
Our arrangement with the building and the residences upstairs prohibits live music after 10:00 P.
And amplified music anytime.
You want to hire a piano player and do a cocktail hour, pass a hat for your friend's sister-- knock yourself out.
Once we get up and running, I was thinking along the lines of Fairview marching band, you know-- a place for the kids to learn the tradition.
Sounds great, Antoine.
Really need something for the kids who ain't got much else.
Like Cherise, you know? Jennifer too-- can't do nothing about her not reading, nothing at all.
But at least with this, she got a chance-- - Where are you going? - Down to Canal.
Gonna jump all over that ward thing they're doing for Nagin.
"Excellence in recovery," my ass.
Oh, yeah.
- Slap him one for me.
- Mm-hmm.
And don't you get arrested this time.
- ( Door closes ) - Shit.
So what did the police tell you? They told me nothing.
Said Glover was never ruled a homicide and that I should talk to the coroner about it.
Which I did Many months ago.
You know they still ain't never paid me for my car? I'm sorry, bro.
I can't help you with that.
Maybe you can write a follow-up on that.
( Chanting ) No more Nagin, no more.
No more Nagin, no more.
No more Nagin, no more.
No more Nagin, no more.
No more Nagin, no more.
( Crowd booing ) Where's the mayor? That's who I want to be yelling at.
- He might already be inside.
- I hope not.
Woman: Why have you chosen this time to honor mayor Nagin? ( Catcalls, booing ) Reporters: Mr.
Mayfield, Mr.
Female reporter: Mr.
Mayfield, is it true Do you even see any of the reports? Does any of it come through Homicide? No reports.
DeFillo doesn't require anything to be written down.
Fucking hell.
What about you? - Me? - Mm-hmm.
They told me to quit.
Will you? I might.
I'm getting eaten alive out here.
- Want to go inside? - Oh, no.
No, no, no.
- No? - You don't-- no.
No, the big mosquitoes-- they're all up in the corners of the trailer, guarding their eggs.
It's much safer out here, trust me.
Come on.
( Chuckles ) - Do I need anything? - A toothbrush? Now I was hoping you could hook me up with your Uncle Ronald, - give me the inside tour.
- I got you, man.
No problem.
My daddy was trying to tell these jazz center cats and Irvin to check it out.
- Irvin Mayfield? - Yeah.
There's your man right now.
He don't look too happy.
( Cell phone ringing ) Hey, Janette.
Oh, shit, that's too bad.
Oh, no, no, no.
That's fine.
That's fine.
We'll find something.
( Car door closes, engine fades ) ( Front door opens ) Hi, Sofia.
Hey, you.
How's Florida? Sucks.
( Zipper whines ) Can't wait to see the look on his face.
- You sure he's gonna talk about Noah? - If he doesn't, we will.
What do you think he'll say about our story? That it's entirely accurate and that the city should be ashamed of what's happened.
Seriously? Antoine, you know how to work the VCR, right? Yeah, you do.
I want you to get it on W.
right now.
( Knocks on door ) Keys to c-120? We need to shop the car.
It rides fine.
I need it to go over to the courthouse.
Take 132.
According to the log, your unit needs maintenance.
Man: How do you spell that? If you don't know, I don't.
I tell you what-- drag the body down to Decatur Street and call me back.
I'm being as serious as you are.
You got a hit, Davis.
People have been coming in all day asking for the "I Quit" song, buying up the whole damn C.
just to get it.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
- What the fuck? - Dude, you're on YouTube.
Check it out.
You've gone viral, Davis.
I always knew you would.
Fuck all you bitches Anyway, we only have a couple of copies left.
- Okay? So get on it.
- Uh-huh.
All you bitches I'm so sick of your shit I need a dozen more boxes as quick as you can.
- McAlary: Okay.
- Y'all can't fire me - Okay? - Okay.
Oh, by the way, I thought you might like one of the first copies.
- If you don't have it already.
- Yeah, thanks.
Man: it's a label, not a toy, you don't get to play ( Thunder rumbling ) You motherfuckers.
How is that report helping this recovery? It is not.
And it's hurting this city.
And you need to stop it.
Do not fuck with my girl, Ray-Ray.
Ha-ha, do not fuck with her.
Zurik: Have any work done by the city agency.
Nagin says the city did not misspend any federal funds and that Noah home remediation program was legitimate.
Lee Zurik, eyewitness news - Yeah! - Argh! Jesus, fuck.
Yeah, Davis.
What the fuck have you all done? - Give me that.
- The video was my idea.
Kermit told us you were down, man.
- What are friends for? - Don't listen to Kermit.
Kermit doesn't know what he's fuckin' talking about.
And, hey, you ( Coughs ) Bumping Richard from a gig just to give me a little squeeze? Simply: We've been putting links on every website in New Orleans, bro.
Jan linked it for you on "The Weekly Beat.
" You must be selling a few records.
- Well, yeah.
- Fuck all of you bitches I'm so sick of your shit - Kinda.
- At least you go down on top, motherfucker.
- Yes.
- So you're giving it up now, huh? No, I'm not going anywhere.
The song says you quit, Davis.
Yeah, it does.
But fuck, how do I come back from that? No, I'm serious.
Help me.
I work eight hours a day to buy you a pair of shoes I come home and you're on the phone sure gives me the blues get a manicure, a pedicure then you're off to the hair salon and you want me to take you out every time the game is on I'm trying to do my thing but still it ain't enough I'm sorry for the loss of your bar.
Really, I am.
I'm about to lose my mind I can't get no quiet time I guess I'll keep myself company what you want from me Miss Ladonna.
We've actually never met officially, but I've been to your bar.
And you actually threw me out.
Really? The mirrors And the soap dispenser.
I'm not gonna have to throw you out of here tonight, am I? Here? No.
This is great.
I'm gonna go.
Thanks for coming.
I'm trying to do my thing but still it ain't enough the more I give, the more you take I'm running out of the funky stuff I'm about to lose my mind I can't get no quiet time I guess I'll keep myself company what you want from me? more than I can give what I need from you get up and let me live ( Car horns honking ) I could have grabbed a cab.
I told you I'm picking him up in 20 minutes or so, provided his plane's not late.
Well, thanks.
So what's next? I got a tip on something involving jail deaths.
- Jail deaths? - Mm-hmm.
Erie County, New York.
Is that, like, Buffalo? Exactly.
You're gonna so miss New Orleans.
I'm sure.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
- I'll see you.
- I'll see you.
( Announcer over P.
) The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport would like to remind the public that smoking is allowed only in designated areas in the airport terminal.
Please observe the no-smoking signs in the no-smoking locations.
Getting out before Jazz Fest, huh? - Yeah.
- I wish I could stay, but if I don't get back to work, I won't have a job.
- So what brought you here? - Work.
Hear any music? Some metal.
I like metal And sea shanties.
( Cheering ) Hey, give it up-- Bonerama.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.
We would also like to thank our sponsor miss Janette, Desautel's on Frenchmen Street, y'all.
Yes, yes, indeed.
Man, I feel like trombone shorty up here at the Jazz Fest, sitting in with all these groups.
( Riff blares ) Uh-oh, speak of the devil.
( Crowd cheering ) Come on up, Troy.
There he is.
Oh, ladies and gentlemen, and it's Big Sam.
What's up? We got everybody in the house tonight.
It's about time.
Trombones rule the world.
Yes, indeed.
Fuck the trumpet, you know? Jockamo Fee Nane, motherfuckers.
( Laughing ) All right, time for us to raise this tin roof.
- Huh? Y'all ready? - Yeah! Y'all ready? Give it up for Jill Sobule.
One, two, three There's a dim light off the pier and I've been watching it for years - Hey, baby.
- Oh, Freddie king.
Thank you for doing this.
( Laughs ) All I do is stare and wait for her to come and take me far away well, ship comes in, I'll be happening after all these years I'll be happy when my ship comes in, you'll finally love me then I can leave you when my ship comes in I'll be standing on the rail waving you goodbye you'll be standing on the beach you'll be wondering why ( Music playing ) ( Music stops ) ( Music playing ) Annie: going to a place I've never been with my eyes ever on the horizon and if I ain't home before the dawn go tell my love not to wait up ( Music playing ) She didn't bat an eye as I packed my bags to leave I thought she was gonna cry sit in her room and grieve but, oh, that girl fooled me this time she acted like I was the last thing on her mind Great party! I have a plate for you.
Baby, can I change my mind? baby, can I change my mind? can I change my mind? Give you a lift? Antoine: towards the open door I'm parked right out front.
Knowing the whole time I never really wanted to go but, oh, that girl gave me no sign nothing to help me help me to change my mind I just want to start all over again baby, can I change my mind? baby, can I change my mind? one time help me change my mind ( Car horn honks ) ( Whistle blows ) - ( Sighs ) - Trip okay? Eh, nearly missed my flight out of Logan-- Marathon.
Traffic was insane.
( Sighs ) So when's the meeting? Tomorrow, 11:00.
Tomorrow at 11:00.
( Applause ) ( Cheering ) Thank you, tom.
This has been a beautiful evening.
Let's give it up one more time for miss Ladonna and Gigi's.
( Cheering, applause ) And Desautel's.
And I got one more for you-- something very special, New Orleans's own John Boutte.
Tom McDermott on piano.
( Playing intro ) Let them talk if they want to Have you seen daddy? No.
Huh? I don't know where he went.
All right, I'll be right back.
That was great, man, just great.
Oh, thank you so much for doing this.
I appreciate it.
Oh, man, are you kidding me? All right.
Boutte: and I need you so I'm not sure if I can give this up.
I never asked you to.
They don't know what's between you and I and I'm gonna keep on loving you yes, until the day that I die Thank you so, so much for doing this.
I'm so glad it worked out.
Hope we made a little money for them.
Yeah, I hope so.
- See you.
- See you, chef.
Saw you on the news the other night.
So the mayor's friend wants to make up an award and give it to him.
Who cares? You gonna see Liguori any time soon? Give him this for me, will you? Who the fuck gives back a consulting fee? I mean, seriously.
I know that true love will make it stop When you first called, I thought you wanted to talk about Henry Glover.
You see that fellow's article? Bernette: I did.
I helped him where I could, in fact.
Hell of a job he did.
You see him, you tell him he has a fan in this field office.
I wanted to tell him myself, but I didn't want to spook him.
And besides, I can't afford to be quoted-- regulations and all.
Still That was Henry Glover.
Today this is Joseph Abreu.
Of course.
Yeah, hi.
I came down here more than a year ago looking for answers.
Now that I know what happened, the question is, what the hell is anybody gonna do about it? Well, I'm very interested in your son's death.
That's why I'm here.
Yeah, but you ain't doing nothing.
And if it wasn't for this lady, I still wouldn't know what happened to Joey.
And now she's got a witness.
I'll be very happy to meet with him.
This man lost his son.
And we now know that the New Orleans Police Department is responsible, just like they're responsible in the death of Henry Glover, and those people shot on the Danziger Bridge, and Raymond Robair and Danny Brumfield and who knows how many more.
And the state is prosecuting the Danziger case.
And making a mess of it.
From what I hear, it's about to collapse.
It's almost three years since the storm and no one has so much as opened a real file on Joey Abreu.
So before I give you the name of a man who saw a New Orleans police officer murder his son, I'd like you to look Mr.
Abreu in the eye and promise him that you intend to take this case where the evidence leads I can only do what I can do.
that regardless of who wins the next fucking election, that you will bring a civil rights case on this death if the evidence warrants it.
If the evidence is there and D.
won't move on it, I'll quit.
I promise you that.
( Door opens ) ( Door closes ) All rise.
Clerk: Please be seated.
The court has been informed over the course of the last that the jury finds itself deadlocked.
I have no choice but to declare a mistrial.
( Banging gavel ) Be seated.
I will have order in this court.
Jenkins, control your clients.
Be seated.
( Banging gavel ) Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, thank you for your service.
Jurors, you are dismissed.
Burned me out for nothing.
Burned me out for nothing.
How much did we make on the bar? All the profits go to Gigi's.
Is that what you're so pissed about? I couldn't give a shit.
Heard about your banner-- Desautel's on Frenchmen Street? Well, I was unaware that I had to ask your permission to use my own name.
Read your contract.
I own it.
Desautel's on Saint Charles, on Frenchmen Street, in Houston or San Antone or Bumfuck, Texas-- it's mine.
Who the fuck do you think you are? Don't think I won't walk.
Let me explain something to you, chef.
This restaurant goes on-- with you or without you.
That name on the door stays on the door as long as I want it to, whether you're here, whether you're involved.
Who gets hurt when you walk out that door? Not me.
We go on.
What happens to you, do you think? Don't fuck with me, chef.
I wrote the book.
Fuck you.
Look, if something like they're talking about gets built, that's major.
They've been talking about building some jazz thing since I was a kid.
That ain't never gonna happen.
The storm changed some things, chief, made some things possible.
There's money here to rebuild, money that wasn't here before.
And everybody jumps.
Don't be so quick to run down the money.
Nothing happens without it.
I ain't running down the money, but when people start thinking that money is the fucking answer, then you get a whole 'nother set of problems.
Money didn't make New Orleans-- not the New Orleans I know, anyway-- and money alone ain't gonna save it.
( Chuckles ) You too, Delmond? I'm out, bro.
Just ain't got the stomach for it, I guess.
Not everyone does.
- Delmond.
- All right, bro.
Delmond: Fight the good fight, bro.
You're right.
If it gets built, if it doesn't get built, they ain't never taking that fence down.
I'm glad you realized that.
- Proud of you.
- Yeah? That was a lot of money we just walked away from.
I never said you was the brightest child.
Brought the wind, you brought the rain Katrina, you caused me pain Katrina, you caused me pain I need water, I need bread I need Katrina out of my bed Katrina, get out of my bed.
( Cheering, applause ) Thank you so much.
Thank you.
( Music playing ) ( Music stops ) ( Music playing ) Pick up, table 11.
( Music playing ) Yeah.
( Speaking softly ) shot him dead.
I don't think you should give up ( Chuckles ) Thank you.
( Guests applauding ) Nurse: What about redness? ( Machine beeping ) Tenderness? ( Man speaking indistinctly ) Nurse: Okay, let me see your fingernails.
You look fine.
Did the nausea subside in two days or less? Patient: Yes.
Nurse: Did the medicine help with the nausea at all? ( Monitor beeping ) Nurse: Have you been able to keep food down? ( Monitor beeping ) A stopped clock's right twice a day but here it isn't so your clock's somewhere on the neutral ground between here and Thibodaux gravity's got no business here ran crying like a kid he's crying up here in the attic where we done hid because you've got to be crazy yeah, you've got to be crazy you've got to be crazy to hang around yeah, you've got to be crazy you've got to be crazy you've got to be crazy to live in this town.