Treme s04e01 Episode Script

Yes We Can Can

_ Everyone in this unit thinks that I've been talking to the FBI.
Your bed is made.
Deal with it.
I cannot stay under the same roof as your brother and his wife.
I need a manager.
You gotta have original material.
Where do I sign? We still don't know who shot him or who burned him up.
A trained pathologist would be telling police to begin an investigation.
You saying I stay here, my career is off the rails? I'm saying, you stay in New Orleans, you're making a choice.
I got lymphoma.
When is your first chemo? After Mardi Gras.
You couldn't get it started sooner? He needs to take that walk.
This year like every year.
( singing ) I can tell you didn't practice until you got with Cherise.
Going again.
One more time.
I gotta go, Mr.
Oh, you have permission from the owners to work on these houses? The city gave me permission.
In Holland, if you don't have a good bike, can't even ask a girl to marry you.
You make the suit yourself? Every stitch.
You a handy man, Mr.
Gritty, too.
( laughing ) I'm guesting on a track.
How did that happen? That I told you and you don't remember? It happens all the time.
What would be enough? Someone who puts the gun in Wilson's hand.
He shot that man dead.
With my compliments.
I have no choice but to declare a mistrial.
Burned me out for nothing.
I was unaware that I had to ask your permission to use my own name.
Read your contract.
I own it.
Don't think I won't walk.
_ Land of brave and true _ With castles and clothing and food for all All belongs to you Every man a king, every man a king For you can be a millionaire But there's something belonging to others Man on TV: The polls are beginning to open in what will be a history-making election.
When it's sunny June and December, too Or in the wintertime or spring There'll be peace without end Every neighbor a friend With every man a king.
That was our own Huey Long's campaign song, "Every Man A King.
" I'm DJ Davis and it is Election Day here at WWOZ.
And we are spinning songs of political import this morning.
The polls have indeed opened in our politically calcified and corrupt state.
And remember, if you want your vote to matter, the question is what are you doing here? To paraphrase the great Lafcadio Hearn better to vote once in Ohio in sackcloth and ashes than to vote 10 times in every parish in Louisiana.
Now is the time for all good men To get together with one another For real, Pop? You heard me.
Chance might not come around again for a long while.
Chance to do what? Vote for a black president.
You really think that's gonna change some shit? It might.
- I was born - Damn! By the river This is beautiful.
In a little town, yes Just like that river I've been rolling ever since ( radio playing ) - You no come in? - What for? I'm not a citizen.
But you tell your wife how to vote.
Because you no citizen, she will vote as her father say.
Later, when you vote, she will vote as you say.
Today I will show her.
( speaks Vietnamese ) - So who are you voting for? - McCain.
Democrat in Vietnam.
They give up.
They quit.
Republican for me always.
McCain? Father knows best.
It's been a long Yes A long time coming But I know a change gonna come Whoa, yes, it will.
- ( applause ) - ( laughs ) Yeah.
Beautiful, man.
Who's paying y'all for the gig? Paying us? No one's paying us, man.
Oh, man.
Let me go home and get my horn, huh? ( music playing ) Reporter: At least 400 people are out here in line and some of them getting here as early as 3:00 AM this morning.
Woman: I woke up at 3:00.
I woke up at 4:00.
I was like, "Okay, now it's time to get ready and get out of the house.
" I was surprised to see so many people ahead of me already.
Glory, glory, hallelujah Glory, glory, hallelujah Glory, glory, hallelujah His truth is marching on ( people chanting ) Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Oh, my God! Look at this.
Come on! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! - ( chanting continues ) - Wow.
And you wanted me to vote in Connecticut.
( chanting continues ) DJ: DJ Smoke-A-Lot taking requests.
There he is.
There he is.
Man: Baby, we did it.
We did it.
President Obama: Is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible? Who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time? Tonight is your answer.
( cheering ) It's been a long time coming.
But tonight, because of what we did on this day, - in this election - There's the president, baby.
at this defining moment He looks just like you.
change has come to America.
( cheering ) Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! - ( trumpet playing ) - ( chanting continues ) ( music playing ) Hanging in the Treme Watching people sashay Past my steps By my porch In front of my door Church bells are ringing Choirs are singing While the preachers groan And the sisters moan in a blessed tone Mm-hmm, yeah Down in the Treme, just me and my baby We're all going crazy While jamming and having fun Trumpet bells ringing Bass drum is swinging As the trombone groans And the big horn moans and there's a saxophone Down in the Treme It's me and my baby We're all going crazy While jamming and having fun Down in the Treme It's me and my baby We're all going crazy - While jamming and having fun.
Man: - Whoo! ( chickens clucking ) ( groans ) Oh, fuck.
Come on.
- ( clucks ) - Fuck you.
( door closes ) I'm no pro, but I work cheap.
What do you think? Nice.
No, no, Desautel's what? Why not just Desautel's? Because that was the name of my first restaurant and because I'd have to repaint the sign.
Desautel's Elsewhere.
Desautel's in the Bywater.
Bywater sounds like a by-product.
Pas si appetissant.
Desautel's Cuisine? - That's terrible.
- ( laughs ) Desautel's ( beeping ) You know where you're going, right? Off of Veterans? Yeah, I know where I'm going.
Have them give me a call when they get it up on the lift and have a look, all right? - All right, I'm gonna tell them to call you.
- Okay, thank you.
Hey! What do I do about the Nelson: Hurricane Ike really tore this place up.
Arnie: New Orleans, Galveston, they got to land somewhere.
I can't believe this.
How long have I been on hold? A lot of people trying to get through today, I'm guessing.
So I'm just another chump? Five mil of mine under this guy's ass, I can't get him on the phone like some discount broker? The fuck is that? Come on.
We get with these guys, cuz, try to say as little as possible, okay? - Jimmy Staunton? - Yeah.
Nelson Hidalgo.
Bobby called me about you already.
Called twice, in fact.
This is Doug McCreary from Houston.
- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
How much of a slice are you looking for? Ooh, as big a piece of the pie as you need me to take.
I got 15 crews on the ground here in Galveston already.
I can bring more as soon as you say the word.
You didn't like New Orleans much? Work was good.
But I'm home now.
And damn glad to be back in the Lone Star State, believe me.
Well, if you're tight with Bobby, you're tight with me.
Of course, we expect you'll be doing your banking with Doug here.
- Houston Mutual.
- Of course, where else? My work is done here.
( rooster crows ) It's about time you picked up.
Never mind that.
Have you started unloading? Why the hell not? Don't tell me to calm down.
Sell! Glenn, Glenn, Glenn.
We are shedding like in the two days since the election.
I can't take anymore.
Get me out of this fucking market now! What do you think happened? It's Obama, I guess.
Wall Street doesn't like the guy or whatever.
Shit, this started two months ago when they let Lehman Brothers go under.
How much you down? Between yesterday and today and what I lost two months ago, about a million four and climbing.
Don't worry, these are on me.
( band playing out of tune ) All right, all right, all right, all right.
All right, all right.
That's enough.
Sounds cacophonous in here.
- From the Greek word caca.
- ( kids laugh ) What'd I tell y'all about coming ready? I mean, we trying, Mr.
You ain't trying all that hard.
I miss Mr.
Y'all know Mr.
LeCoeur is not coming back.
You got me now all year.
And when you come to my class, I expect you to come correct.
Where you off to, girl? - Cherise got a boyfriend.
- ( class "oohs" ) I got to go pick up my little brother.
- Boyfriend.
- ( bell rings ) Your boyfriend, huh? All right, what is it? 'Cause that wasn't you playing that horn.
I don't feel good, Mr.
It hurts.
You been pulling on it? I'm saying it burns when I pee.
- Ooh! - It's sticky down there.
Oh, God! Look here, boy.
You ever been with a girl? There's this girl around my neighborhood.
She been bothering me.
Yeah, they all do.
You got a family doctor? - Insurance? - Uh-uh.
( groans ) All right, man.
Gather your things, boy.
Your horn, too.
How's it been with y'all and your stepfather? He's getting to be a pretty good cook.
- Finally.
- Yeah? What's he cook? You know, burgers, scrambled eggs.
- Scrambled eggs? - Yeah, we have breakfast for dinner a lot.
( chuckles ) Larry's a good man.
And he loves you like his own.
Then why? Why'd you leave? It's hard to explain.
Sometimes things just don't work out between people.
Are you ever coming home? To this house? No, baby.
But we're gonna be together again soon.
- You keep saying that.
- Because I mean that.
As soon as I get the bar up and running, I'm gonna find a place for us.
You finish the school year out here in this house.
This is best for you for now.
Until things sort themselves out.
Okay? Hey.
Antoine? - Sonny.
- Hey.
What are you here for, man? I'm working here a couple days a week.
Bethany got me some hours to help with the paperwork.
Ah, a job job, huh? Yeah, well, this keeps me grounded, you know? I feel like I'm giving back.
You playing at all? A few gigs here and there.
But, you know, either I find a steady wage on my own or I'm gonna be stuck on my father-in-law's fishing boat until I can speak Vietnamese as well as him.
- I hear that.
- Anyway, what can we do for you? Me? Nothing.
See Robert here? He's got a man problem.
- You know? - ( claps ) Yeah, that.
Anyway, the desk lady said y'all only treat professional musicians.
He's a musician, but like a student of mine at Elie.
Robert, how old are you? Almost 15.
No way we treat a kid at the clinic.
But the Daughters of Charity will take him over at Oschner.
Is it gonna hurt? They're gonna give you some pills or something, boy.
Calm down.
Kid's a prodigy in more ways than one.
- ( chuckles ) - You know the hardest thing about being a New Orleans musician? Explaining to your girlfriend why she got to take penicillin for your kidney infection.
( both laugh ) Right? What you laughing at, boy? And trying to be my friend, is that a fact? If you really was my friend, then you would have my back You can drop a few beats from time to time You can mess with the faders, but you sure can't rhyme Thought you were straight up, but it turns out you're shady You should take my side, not stand by the uptown lady Y'all are out of the business, y'all can have your fun Find another whipping boy 'cause DJ Davis - He ain't the one - Uh-uh Fuck all of you bitches I'm so sick of your shit Whoo, you tell 'em And y'all can't fire me Why? Don't expect me on my hands and knees Asking y'all to rehire me, no - Y'all can't fire me - Why, why? 'Cause I quit.
And that's a wrap, bitch.
- ( feedback rings ) Man: - Oh, yeah! Thank you.
We are DJ "I Quit" Davis and the Educated Fools.
That was indeed our theme song featuring the legendary Cheeky Blakk.
- Yeah.
Man: - Whoo! Thank you, thank you.
We're gonna be right back after a short break and a safety meeting.
And then be back for our third and final set.
So don't go anywhere.
And if you do go anywhere, leave $10 in the tip jar and a personal handwritten letter of apology.
All right.
Jesus Christ.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, man, this is lighter than last week.
Which was lighter than the week before.
I'll take one.
We got to write something fresh, something new.
Gentlemen and lady, I think we've taken the pieces of my stillborn opera as far as we can.
( sighs ) What is my next move? You could actually fucking quit, Davis.
_ ( music playing ) ( singing in French ) ( crowd cheering ) Thank you so much, you guys.
We are Annie Tee and Her Bayou Cadillac.
And don't step away.
Michael Doucet and BeauSoleil are up next.
Thank you so much.
Hey, Annie.
( speaks French ) And love the name of the band, by the way.
- You do? - Yeah.
- You don't mind? - No, we take it as a compliment.
- We meant it as one.
- Thank you.
Good luck.
- Bonne chance.
- Thank you so much.
Have a great set.
- Hey! - Hey.
Oh, my God.
I think best show yet.
I mean this one or the one in Mobile.
I mean, don't you wish we had these on tape? We could throw together a live album.
Hey, sell a few copies in Mobile.
Or Lafayette.
Or even New Orleans.
- ( people chatting ) - ( music playing ) It's okay if I just get a bite at the bar? Thanks.
( playing ) Dude.
Oh, my God.
They're amazing.
I mean, listen to them.
That's what I want us to be doing in a few years.
Hey, why do I get the feeling you're trying to tell me something? A few more years you want to be big-time in Lafayette? BeauSoleil is big-time everywhere.
To you.
But in case you haven't noticed, it is getting harder and harder to survive on the margins in this industry.
What does that mean? Look, the album did what it did.
This touring's doing what it can.
But you'll notice that once we get north of anywhere, y'all don't draw and you do not sell.
Why? Because in the great big world outside Louisiana, y'all are a niche act.
And singing rock-and-roll dance hall tunes en Francais for an encore-- that ain't it.
Marvin, what the fuck? We're in Lafayette.
They loved it.
That's right.
You're in Lafayette.
So what are you saying? I thought you were hungrier.
That's what I'm saying.
( singing in French ) Chef.
Chef, my God.
Everything is delicious.
- Thank you.
- Can you sit for a second? Yeah, I can sit for a second.
I'm glad you've done so well with this place.
I would have hated for it to sit empty.
You left a lot of goodwill.
I heard it didn't work out with that big fine place on the Avenue.
- Yeah, I'm opening a new joint.
- Good for you.
Where at? Down the Bywater.
Dauphine and Louisa.
Whoa, that's way down in the Bywater.
Hey, Bywater's the next big thing.
- Feeny's such a douche, huh? - Such a douche.
- Brett, top her off.
- Thanks, Brett.
Hmm, Saints are 4-4.
We got the Falcons this Sunday in Georgia.
- Uh-huh.
- I hate the fucking Falcons.
I know, it's just football.
Matt Ryan's favorite target-- Roddy White.
Jason Elam, he is money inside the 50.
That is very impressive.
( laughs ) Oh, sweetie, I got you some yogurt.
- It's in the fridge.
- I need coffee.
Got to pack and get going.
I thought college kids drank beer in the morning.
( laughs ) I'm not at Tulane.
( laughs ) You look comfy.
Have you settled in, like, permanently? I'm just, you know Passing through? Terry's house got torn down.
What happened? I was too late getting started.
Mold and rot had its way with just about everything.
You gonna rebuild? Uh, we'll see.
So what should I call you now? Terry? Detective Colson? The Tall Guy should do it.
That was - You did just fine.
- Mmm.
She's coming home for Thanksgiving, right? Yeah.
And you? I think I'm gonna stay here this year.
With you and Sofia.
If you don't mind.
What about your family? The boys are okay without me.
I already talked to them.
( laughs ) I guess I should have asked you first.
I want you here.
Sofia wants you here.
- We can watch the game.
- Ooh! Yeah, Saints are playing the Pack.
- Hey hey! - Hey hey.
( laughs ) Davis: Nashville? With studio musicians and a handpicked band for the next tour.
What the hell's wrong with your band? Nothing that I can tell, but he says he's done all he can with us the way we are.
But I like the way y'all are.
Me, too.
I mean, I thought I did.
But what do I know? I should tell him to go fuck himself, right? I mean, isn't that what I'm supposed to say? I don't know.
Lost Highway Records? That's a step above any of the local labels.
Mine included, so Marvin fucking Frey.
I told you he was oozy.
No, I told you.
Yeah, you did.
( chuckles ) So what are you gonna do? I don't know.
I can't fire the band.
You know? Anyway, enough about me.
How's your band? - Oh, finally.
Yeah, great.
- ( laughs ) We had a gig last night.
Big Top.
Packed the place.
Had to be 15, 20 people there.
( laughs ) Shit.
Hey, thanks for letting me talk this through with you.
I don't know who else to go to with it.
What are psychically wounded ex-lovers for? Good to see you, Annie.
Same here.
Thanks for the ear.
- ( imitates motorcycle ) - ( laughing ) ( imitates tires screeching, engine revving ) Okay, what is that, Mr.
Riley? It's a light-up, three-tier merchandise display.
Did I ask for any of this? But look.
- Ain't that sharp? - Okay, get it out.
- Miss LaDonna - All I wanted was a shelf.
I'm not paying for any of this.
Take it out.
All right.
Why did I hire your crazy ass again? - She around? - Your aunt? No, Marie Laveau.
Yes, my aunt.
Did she come in today? I can hit her on her cell.
No, I don't bother.
I'm out.
Here's your paycheck.
I got to go pick up my car from the garage.
for making the acquaintance of another Crescent City sinkhole.
Neither one of you are keeping honest hours around here.
It's up to me to hold down the fort.
Hey, most days, you guys pay me not to come to work.
- You can admit it.
- Hold on a sec.
I want you to hear something.
Play that, loud.
- Who? - Just play it.
Shit right there, next big thing out of New Orleans.
All right.
We get them gutters up and flashing around the windows Thank God for stone.
When that's done, then we'll tackle the carport.
We close in here.
Down to the punch list and paint, pretty much.
You get caught up in any of this? Your bank? Your investments? A little, but I tend to be more conservative in my approach.
Hold the Corps accountable.
What? Down here in New Orleans, we've lost our naiveté.
As it happens, we're a few years past believing that anything but spit, chewing gum, and dumb luck keeps anyone high and dry.
Look, get yourself a good meal, a few drinks, and take comfort from the fact you're gonna be making most of this money back very shortly.
The Mid-City properties are ripe to be turned over.
You've got points in a lot of that.
And I wouldn't bet against the Jazz Center either.
Everything you see here is on Ray Nagin's desk even as we speak.
Anything you need from me right now? There's a community meeting in the Treme tomorrow night.
Jazz Center is on the agenda.
You mind monitoring that? You're less likely to be recognized and draw a crowd.
( chuckles ) No problem.
You're right about getting that meal.
Tex-Mex is great, but duck and Andouille gumbo? I mean, come on.
( police radio chatter ) Man: So he's shot in his front yard.
And, let me guess, nobody saw anything.
I got that story just about right? ( sighs ) Anyway Cappell.
Come here.
What have we got here? Looks like the old man was robbed and shot dead in his front yard.
- Witnesses? - Not to my knowledge.
What about the crime camera? - Anybody looked into that? - Good luck.
Most of them are 10-7.
People downtown blaming the malfunctions on Gustav.
You done any canvassing? I haven't gotten to it yet.
I'm gonna check the camera footage and you start knocking on some doors.
( music playing ) ( music blaring ) What the fuck are you doing? I can't turn off the ignition.
- I can't do it.
- Why not? Listen.
Shorty, right? Tracks off a yet-to-be-released album.
My mind is gone.
Just gone.
( imitates explosion, splatter ) Looks like there is no footage from Washington and Carondelet.
That camera's been inoperable for some time.
So it's there for what reason? Cameras do serve as a deterrent, whether they work or not.
Fact is, some of the units aren't connected to the server as of yet and the city skimped on repeaters, so sometimes the signal doesn't even get to us.
- Why am I not surprised? - Frankly, we're understaffed here.
We don't have the manpower to monitor them all even if they're live.
- How many of them are actually working? - Right now? In the Sixth? - Out of how many? - 38.
You could talk to the folks over at the Mayor's Office of Technology.
They might have a better grasp of the situation.
Meffert's gone, right? That useless fuck.
Who's in charge now? The departmental contact would be Mike Carambat.
He usually comes and pulls the footage himself.
It's nice of you to drop by, though.
( music blaring ) Sure you don't want something stronger? ( coughing ) No, the water's fine.
Thank you.
( hammering, buzzing ) Man: - What up, Chief? Man #2: - What up, Big Chief? Hey, hey.
Y'all fixing to start soon? Mmm.
As soon as I finish here.
- Are you in a rush? - You planning on going late? - Not too late.
Why? - I don't know.
Maybe something better than "hey hey pocky way" all night long might be better.
You feel me? ( music playing ) Sure.
Let me go see a man about a horse.
_ Ugh! ( siren chirps ) Oh, fuck.
- ( toilet flushes ) - You were kind of late getting home.
Lesson plan.
I swear to God.
I had to finish it.
- Too much else got in the way this week.
- Like what? Well, yesterday, one of my kids got the clap.
Had to take him to a clinic for some treatment.
A little young for that.
Eh, not too young.
Caught a dose from an older gal from around the way.
Every neighborhood's got one.
- Yeah, I know.
- Don't get all nostalgic now.
Shoot, I can't even remember that girl's name.
If you knew it to begin with.
You know, I didn't sign up for father figure when I took this job.
But it feels like I am one sometimes.
Jennifer's mine.
Cherise Pretty girl we went to the Hall with? Yeah, she's got a boyfriend now.
These kids are growing up.
Pass me the salt, will you, baby? Watch your sodium intake, big man.
- Can I get some salt? - I don't think you can, no.
You know, I'm not even drunk.
- I had one beer.
- Ain't how many beers you had.
The bathroom in BJ's is out of order.
Son, you can flash your titties if you got 'em.
You can lie down in the street in your own vomit.
But one thing that you cannot do in the city of New Orleans is pull your pecker out in public and piss on our hallowed ground.
Dumb ass.
Take him to the house.
Man on radio: 'Cause you see, the newspapers, y'all favorite the "Times-Picayune," would not give black sports the coverage.
So in their minds, Jesuit was state champ.
- It didn't matter - ( turns down radio ) ( rattling ) Mighty cooty fiyo All: Indian Red Indian Red We are the Indian - The Indian - ( men shouting ) Indians of the nation Oh, wild creation - He won't bow down - No, he won't bow down - On that dirty ground - On that dirty ground Because I love to hear you call My Indian Red ( overlapping arguing ) ( buzzer sounds ) Hey, my name is Bill Gilday.
Check it.
Check with the bartender.
He'll tell you.
They beat me up.
( gasping ) I have asthma.
I need my inhaler.
You gotta call a doctor.
( gasping ) ( wheezing ) Hey! Hey! Hey! This guy needs a doctor, man.
- Are you a doctor? - No.
Then what the fuck do you know? ( gasping ) The hell happened to the pork loin? Nelson, good to see you, brother.
Hey, Tim.
How you been? - The chef in? - He is.
He? Len Demaria, our new chef de cuisine.
Brought him in special from Atlanta.
Very excited about him.
New flavors.
New directions.
- How's the pork? - It's good.
- Tim, your friend is here.
- Excuse me a minute.
( sighs ) Desautel ain't on the Avenue no more, huh? Not for a couple of months.
( prisoners arguing ) - This again.
- Any opening, any district.
- I don't care where.
- No one wants you.
No one.
Well, I'm not quitting and I'm not gonna let you cocksuckers set me up, either.
I've documented every half-assed attempt to flake me or jam me the fuck up to the point where if anyone still wants to try, you're gonna look like horseshit.
The paper trail is just too thick now.
- You're paranoid, Terry.
- Right.
All requests for transfer are denied.
- Fuck.
- You're a contrary motherfucker.
Why don't you take the pension and walk? What are you waiting for? 'Cause I keep thinking that this can't go on.
That someone somehow is gonna come through here and clean our house up.
And leave you here like a new, shiny penny? Is that how you see it? You spent six years in the Eighth District, Terry.
No one stays a virgin down there.
Yeah, that's right.
( buzzer sounds ) Somebody mistreat you in there? No, not me.
Yeah, but what? What happened? They brought this guy in last night and he had been beaten.
He had asthma.
He couldn't breathe.
He was crying for his inhaler and the guards just left him there.
- ( buzzer sounds ) - They just left him lying there? Yeah.
He stopped breathing.
He turned blue and I'm yelling for help.
And finally, the medics come in and they kind of try to revive him, but he was-- he was dead.
- Jesus.
- ( buzzer sounds ) You get a name? Bill something.
( music playing ) Are you gonna be ready? Doesn't look it.
- I'm just saying.
- We'll be ready.
What you got in the box there? A gift from me.
No discount on this stuff either.
I had to go all out with Bacchanal.
Order it in advance.
But, hey, how many times am I gonna be around to see you open up a new restaurant? Six, seven times, tops.
You know I'm opening without a full bar, right? I can't get any credit with any liquor distro.
All the more reason for my largesse.
This is full-bodied stuff, yet light enough to marry most any dish.
Serve it compliments of the house, engender some goodwill with your first customers.
This is so sweet, Davis.
No, not at all.
Hey, you want me to serve you a sample off the new menu tonight right here at the bar? - We'll open one of these bottles.
- Later in the week, thanks.
I want to catch this community meeting.
Yeah, people are all riled up about them closing down the clubs.
Rumor is Donna's is next.
Live music on Rampart is at risk.
Well, come by afterwards.
Oh, no! No, I got tickets to see Shorty at the Wolf.
Actually had to pay face value.
I couldn't get on the guest list.
Whoa, that must be some gig.
You know, Shorty, his new shit, it's insane.
It has to be heard and seen.
Talk of the town.
All right, well, you have a rain check, Davis.
All right.
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
Toni: Who's Andre Johnson? You asked to see the most recent in-custody death.
I'm looking for a William Gilday.
This is what I got.
Johnson's a suicide.
What I'm looking for is a natural causes medical, asthma attack.
So the paper on Gilday, it must not have landed yet.
What are you telling me, Richard? That there's been more than one death at OPP in the last, what, 36 hours? What's going on over there, Richard? Hmm? Anybody making any noise about this yet? ( laughs ) It's a jail, Toni.
Shit happens.
When the Gilday report comes in, I'll burn you a copy.
Man: Now fact of the matter is I don't care how you dress this up.
We can see what's going on a mile away.
This is flat-out gentrification at its finest! - Now, I know we all go to church in here, right? - Amen! No problem at all.
We don't mind being sanctified.
- Testify.
- But we will not stand here and be gentrified in our own community! - That's right.
- If you think for a minute that you'll be able to come into our neighborhoods and take what's rightfully ours Just getting warmed up, are we? ( exhales ) Why is everyone in this town so damned pissed off all the time? I mean, what's there to yell about? Man: You're trying to rejuvenate our community.
Are you kidding? How bad would it be if someone did something with the old Municipal Auditorium? I mean, it isn't like you put up a performing arts center and property values go into a free fall.
Jazz Center would be a good thing, right? Man: They shut down the Funky Butt when we had that.
And now they shut down the Little People's Place.
And right now they're trying to pass noise ordinances to get The clubs on Rampart, Funky Butt, King Bolden's-- those places were real jazz centers.
Those places are where the music comes from.
And the city shuts them down.
Well, that sucks.
But the auditorium is still empty, so what the hell? This could be good for the city, good for everybody.
Yeah, as long as it's not one for the other.
Open a music museum and then close down the clubs.
It wouldn't be a museum.
Just want to be included! Wait, you're on that team, ain't you? The suits, the money.
You got a dog in this fight, don't you? Woman: much about how they're rebeautifying the Treme, but there's still three blighted properties ( playing ) ( applause ) ( applause, cheering ) Sitting in with us on trumpet, Mr.
Delmond Lambreaux.
( cheering ) Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.
Ellis Marsalis.
( crowd cheering ) Man: Mic check, one, two.
Mic check, one, two.
- Antoine Batiste.
- Hey, Davis.
How are you? Please allow me to introduce Nelson Hidalgo of Dallas, Texas.
Nelson is a corporate succubus who has set up shop in our quaint little village with the intent of harnessing its very essence for fun and profit.
Right? No, he is in desperate need of reeducation of a kind that only DJ Davis can provide.
Anybody have a joint I could borrow? - How you doing? - I'm all right, I think.
The place is packed.
Yeah, man.
Word's out on Shorty.
Oh, his new stuff is insane.
I heard the demo.
Yeah, well, we'll see.
- Ah! - ( laughs ) And so begins the lesson.
( imitates lighter ) ( inhales, exhales ) Go.
- Anyone want anything? - Amber.
If you buying, Crown and Coke.
You got it.
Why you want to go and call that man a suck you butt? He seems okay to me.
- How's he doing? - Good.
Really good.
In remission.
He's amazing.
Chemo kicked his ass, but you'd never know it.
When are you coming back to New York? I don't know.
I just want to make sure he's out of the woods.
Got to be cancer-free like three years.
I understand, but you're not coming back to New York for three fucking years? No, no, no.
We're just waiting on some more tests and shit.
Can you get away for a day or two? - Terence is doing a session.
- Hell, yes.
But what Terence need another trumpet for? Something he wrote.
I don't know.
He wants you for the gig.
Yeah, man.
Oh! Second set.
Talk about big daddies.
Ellis? No shit.
- Catch you after? - Yeah, I'll be here.
( music playing ) Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! ( TV playing ) Brandi: Good night? Oh, babe, great gig.
Great gig.
( turns TV off ) Such a pleasure, you know? Went by and saw your father today.
He looked great.
He does, I know.
When are you gonna tell him? - I thought I'd wait.
- For what? I don't know.
It's stupid.
Superstitious, but ain't that what they say, a baby is born, somebody dies? God, you're morbid.
That's not what I mean.
Circle of life.
Your father's gonna get to play with his granddaughter.
Yeah, you're right.
- ( laughs ) - How you know it's gonna be a girl? We only have girls in my family.
I can live with that.
Yeah? I had you all night long I knew it all right when I asked your name That you were the right one, yeah But you were not there When the morning came.
( cheering ) ( vocalizes ) If you're feeling all right, somebody say yeah! Crowd: Yeah! I said if you're feeling all right Somebody say yeah! Crowd: Yeah! ( vocalizing ) We love you.
We're gonna take a quick break.
We'll be right back.
Thank you! - ( music stops ) - ( cheering ) What? Antoine, how you been, baby? Fine until that last set.
What, you don't like where I'm going? I don't like where I'm going.
I'm going up Magazine Street right now to sell my fucking 'bone at a motherfucking pawn shop.
- Oh, man.
- Seriously, man.
I mean, what's the damn point? I'm starting to actually believe that I might never catch up with your ass when it comes to playing music.
Thank you, man.
We're gonna try to get some of this stuff on a record come next year.
Quick as you can.
Can I throw you one I can't get to? A gig? Oh, yeah, sure.
Movie coming to town around New Year.
Thing about old-time jazz musicians.
Text me that contact, brah.
I appreciate it.
- You got it.
- You got my number? - I got it.
- Come on, I'll buy you a drink.
Oh, hey.
- Shorty.
- That's Shorty? Yeah, back in the beginning.
I was wondering about his name.
He's not short no more.
You see my point? I do not.
I confess.
Look, he is who he is because he comes from where he comes from.
Not some music conservatory, performance art center.
None of that shit.
He comes from the street.
From the second lines, from the funerals, and later, those shithole three-sets-a-night clubs.
The music lives where it lives, brah.
You can't fuck with that.
You don't want to fuck with that.
For real.
Putting on a little weight.
My appetite's back.
( chuckles ) I can see that.
I'm gonna get on out of here, me.
- Why? - Before your daughter come home.
Davina's gone to Baton Rouge for a few days with her girlfriends.
Well, if you prefer Residence Inn I prefer it right here.
Well, that suits me.
Let me take care of you.
Can I ask you a question? Mm-hmm.
How you feeling, baby? Good.
Real good.
Except for everybody keeps asking me how I feel, I feel fine.
( laughs ) How you feeling? I'm so happy to be here.
And your boys? How's that? That's not so good.
Whew, I miss my babies.
I got to wait till the divorce is over before I can find a place to stay.
You sure it's the right thing? I don't know.
But for me and Larry both, yeah.
I'm tired of pretending.
Can I ask you something else? Mm-hmm.
What does mighty cooty fiyo mean? Depends.
On who you asking.
I'm asking you.
( chuckles ) Well, to me it might mean this.
( door closes ) C'est très beau.
( car horn honks ) See you tomorrow.
( door closes ) ( music playing ) I was born by the river In a little tent, yeah Just like that river I've been rolling ever since It's been a long Long time coming I know a change gonna come Oh, yes, it will Well, it's too hard living But I'm afraid to die 'Cause I don't know what's up there Lord, beyond the sky It's been a long Long time coming I know a change gonna come