Treme s04e02 Episode Script

This City

_ Desautel's, what? Why not just Desautel's? Because that was the name of my first restaurant.
When you come to my class, I expect you to come correct.
Where are you off to, girl? Cherise got a boyfriend.
How's he doing? Good, really good.
In remission.
Why don't you come back to New York? I don't know.
I just want to make sure he's out of the woods.
Can you get away for a day or two? Terence is doing a session.
I'm looking for a William Gilday.
So the paper on Gilday, it must not have landed yet.
Anybody making any noise about this yet? It's a Jail, Toni.
Shit happens.
You see my point? He comes from the street.
Not some music conservatory, performance art center.
Music lives where it lives, brah.
Whoo, it's beautiful outside.
We get these warm spells sometimes in December with no humidity.
Doctor: It's been a nice couple of days.
I went on a winter holiday to Florida once.
Lorraine wanted to see it.
I don't mind telling you, there wasn't nothing there I want to see twice.
Sit down, Albert.
No, thank you.
I'm not tired.
I didn't say you were.
I just got a lot of energy, Doc.
I've been feeling a whole lot better.
Shoot, I feel I could almost go back to work.
It's not uncommon to experience a temporary improvement.
The Indian summer effect.
But looking at the scans the results of your latest chemo treatments weren't what we'd hoped for.
Your cancer has spread to your liver.
I'm sorry, Albert.
- Hey.
- Let's go.
What happened in there? I need some air.
Daddy, what did the doctor say? ( music playing ) Hanging in the Treme Watching people sashay Past my steps By my porch In front of my door Church bells are ringing Choirs are singing While the preachers groan And the sisters moan in a blessed tone Mm-hmm, yeah Down in the Treme, just me and my baby We're all going crazy While jamming and having fun Trumpet bells ringing Bass drum is swinging As the trombone groans And the big horn moans and there's a saxophone Down in the Treme It's me and my baby We're all going crazy While jamming and having fun Down in the Treme It's me and my baby We're all going crazy - While jamming and having fun.
Man: - Whoo! - ( bell ringing ) - All right, let's go.
Y'all know now's not the time to socialize.
Let's go.
All right, what's going on? Jennifer? Cherise's boyfriend got shot, Mr.
He died.
Oh, no.
Deron? Deron Coleman? - Cherise was there when they shot him.
- What? She and Deron was walking up the street and a car rolled up on them.
Cherise wasn't hit, was she? - No, she's all right.
- But why? I mean, was Deron into some kind of dirt? Cherise say he wasn't into anything wrong.
- So you talked to her? - She was crying.
She's scared, Mr.
Okay, let's start class.
You kids take your places, hear? Come on.
You too, girl.
The Seb'm Ward.
Nobody said Seventh.
- Some called it Creoleville.
- Hmm.
But it was whites here and blacks, too.
Folks with Choctaw Indian in 'em.
- French blood as well.
- Hmm.
High yellows.
This was before integration? Yeah.
Before things blew up and got pretty ugly in the '60s.
I remember one day riding the Elysian Fields bus, my father and me.
We're sitting in the back behind a screen, had a sign that said, "Colored patrons only.
" Mmm.
A white man we knew named Richard Scordato, he owned an aquarium store, came back and sat with us.
The driver said, "Richard, you know you can't sit back there with them coloreds.
" Richard said, "They're my friends.
" Well, that driver put us all off the bus that day.
You see, it was a white man that did us wrong and it was a white man that stood by us, too.
And that's how it was around here back then.
( knocks ) Mrs.
Gilday? - Are you Mrs.
Bernette? - Yes, ma'am.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
That's not the house you were born in, is it? No.
We lived in a shotgun double.
My grandmam and my family on one side, my aunts on the other.
We called it the Lambreaux Estate.
( laughs ) Then my father and his brothers built this here Creole shotgun for us.
They were all carpenters, bricklayers, tradesmen.
And the day that it was finished, the priest came over from Epiphany and put a branch on the roof.
Christened it, like.
Said a prayer.
Oh, thank you.
I've been looking at the charges.
Drunk in public.
Did William typically consume much alcohol? Billy liked to have an occasional drink.
And they put a resisting arrest charge on top of the drunken charge.
Battery of an officer.
Said he bit the policeman when he tried to put the cuffs on him.
Was he a violent person? No.
Billy never swung on no one.
He sure wouldn't bite a man.
A witness at OPP said they saw Billy having trouble breathing.
He had the asthma since he was a boy.
He kept an inhaler in his pocket all the time.
But they took it from him, didn't they? Apparently they did, Mrs.
Why didn't they help my boy if he couldn't breathe? I don't know just yet.
But with your permission, I'd like to find out.
I need to dig deeper into this, but from what I know already, I think we have the grounds for a lawsuit.
- What type of lawsuit? - Wrongful death.
- You're gonna be our lawyer? - If you'd like me to be, yes.
There is something else I need to discuss with you.
I have a professional relationship with a pathologist.
He's actually the chief medical examiner for the state of Georgia.
One of the best there is.
I think we should fly him down here and get a second, independent autopsy on William.
- Why? - This autopsy will assess the level of suffering and degree of neglect - ( Mrs.
Gilday whimpers ) - that your son went through on the night of his death.
It's an expensive procedure, but we need to be absolutely certain about the exact cause of death.
It's the only way to find out the truth.
We can't rely on the coroner's office.
Not in Orleans Parish.
We'll find a way to cover the expense if you recommend it.
I do.
What are we looking at? You're looking at an apartment building.
I'm looking at a place me and my boys used to call the Back Lot.
It was a big old empty plot of land with mounds of dirt.
Grass weren't never cut.
Me and my boys used to come here and play cowboys and Indians.
- War.
- ( laughs ) About 10 of us from the neighborhood.
I don't mind telling you, I was the leader.
Of course you were.
This was our haven.
In the middle there was a big old oak tree like those they got up at City Park.
We used to climb all over it.
Right in the center of that tree there was this big branch that grew straight up to the sky With a crown at the top of it you could sit in.
Up there you had a view of the city.
I felt like a young king.
So when'd they build these apartments on the lot? I have no idea.
Drove by here one day when I was growed and our haven was gone.
( sighs ) I'm ready to go, Davina.
( music blaring ) ( knocking ) What, I got to get a formal invite? - Arugula looks good.
- And the mirliton.
I've got heirloom eggplants today, too, Jacques.
So, Mr.
Valis, that's 30 day net on the invoices, correct? Bill, I'm just getting started here.
I mean, once the cash flow improves You know I'm fond of you, but it's 15, no exceptions.
Not even John Besh.
John Besh? He doesn't need 30 days.
- Janette Desautel? - Yeah, I got everything I need today.
But if you want to make an appointment, you can-- Have a nice day.
( sighs ) It's a cease and desist order.
From Feeny.
- He's trying to shut us down? - Hold on, hold on.
He's suing me over the use of my name.
Compensatory and punitive damages.
Basically it says here that I can no longer call my restaurant Desautel's.
My own restaurant, Jacques.
I have to take the sign down, change the menus, the ads.
Fuck me! Fuck me.
( engine roaring in game ) Go play in your room, boy.
We need some privacy.
Your mom's not around? Her probation officer says she gotta have a job.
She's been working behind the counter at the McDonald's on Canal.
You got no aunts or uncles to sit with you? All right, look, I know you're hurting.
I'm all right.
For real? I can't understand how they would do Deron like that.
He never bothered no one.
Did the police talk to you? Yes, but I had nothing to tell them.
When I saw the gun, I just dropped to the ground.
I closed my eyes.
I didn't see anyone.
Not really.
Do I have to come back to school right now? Well, when you feel comfortable.
Until they arrest the ones that did this, you need to be aware of your surroundings.
I know.
The only time I've been leaving the apartment is to walk my brother to his elementary school, pick him up.
Just be mindful, hear? If there's anything you need at all, Cherise, don't be shy on reaching out.
All right? ( music playing ) I ain't crazy, but I ain't right Give me what I want and I'll save your life 'Cause the Lord is waiting, and the devil is, too Better find the Lord before I find you Ain't that something? An Offbeat award.
Best of the Beat.
You happy? Sure.
Song of the Year.
You've come far, pilgrim.
- I've been fortunate.
- You worked hard.
Thought about it? - Yeah.
- And? Listen, I've got some of the best studio musicians in Nashville all lined up.
They'll understand.
It's a natural evolution for you.
- Marvin.
- They had a good ride.
Marvin, I can't.
Darling, I'm gonna make this record my way or not at all.
That's why you hired me.
You need to think on this, Annie.
Hey, y'all.
How you doing? Gonna do a good show tonight, I'm telling you, brother.
Gonna be great.
Wow, that was hot, Terence.
Aw, man.
Yeah, you know.
What you got coming up? A new recording, man.
It's gonna be called "Choices.
" We're gonna do it in New Orleans in March at the Ogden.
This band is on it, man.
You don't need me, right? Not for the recording, but we may want to augment things for the club settings.
You'd want me for the tour? Yeah.
Why not? I mean, you know, we could double it up and you can open up with your quartet.
- I'm honored, brah.
- Yeah.
But got a couple things holding me back.
My father is sick for one.
Got some bad news today, so I'll be on an early flight in the morning.
Aw, I'm sorry to hear that.
My sympathies.
But not everything's bad.
About to be a father, so don't want to be gone for that.
- All right, now that's a blessing.
- Indeed.
Well, look, think about it, Delmond.
The offer still stands.
All right, we're ready to go, Terence.
All right, all right.
Let's go again.
( music playing ) - ( crowd cheering ) - Thank you.
Man: We love you, Annie! How about some love for my band, too? Bayou Cadillac.
Thank you so much for honoring us tonight.
This one's for Harley.
( music playing ) This city won't wash away This city won't ever drown Blood in the water and hell to pay Sky tear open and pain rained down Don't matter, 'cause come what may I'm never gonna leave this town This city won't wash away This city won't ever drown ( cheering ) Ain't the river or the wind to blame As everybody around here knows Nothing holding back Pontchartrain Except for a prayer and a promise's ghost Douche nozzle.
But he's smart.
It's all in the contract right there in teeny tiny type.
In the event that Janette Desautel forfeits her managerial responsibilities at Desautel's on the Avenue or is terminated, then the Tim Feeny Restaurant Group retains the exclusive right to the name Desautel.
Further fucking more, Janette Desautel forgoes the right to reuse the name Desautel on any subsequent restaurant ventures, blah, blah, blah.
Something like that.
I can't remember the exact words.
Point is, it's in there.
Scrotum-chinned fuck-void.
I suppose I should have read the contract a little more carefully before I signed it.
But I was just so excited to get my own place.
( sighs ) That was before I knew Feeny was a greedheaded cock knob.
( chuckles ) You have a gift for this.
You taught me well, Davis.
- Ma'am? - Uh-huh.
What about the menus? ( groans ) My name's in wide-screen.
I got to have them redone.
Oh, that's gonna be-- - Expensive? - And redoing the sign out front, that's gonna be a pisser, too.
Always with the negative waves, Moriarty.
And you're gonna have to do something about your jacket.
Oh, shit! ( chuckles ) Just put some tape over it or something like that.
That would work.
You know, I could help you with that.
Très galant, Davis.
You do know I'm going home with you tonight.
- Really? - Yes, really.
( door opens ) Good trip? I played with Terence Blanchard.
So, yeah, it was good.
What's going on? Did I interrupt something? Daddy said he's not gonna do any more treatments.
I'm out.
That's right.
Giving up is more like it.
- Daddy? - Here on, I'm going about my day to day.
No more injections.
No more machines.
I got a lot to look forward to and I got work to do.
I got to get ready to mask in Mardi Gras and I want to be prepared for the arrival of my grandson.
How do you know it's gonna be a boy? It's got to be.
Well, I'm hungry.
They don't give you nothing but peanuts on that flight.
There's some chicken in the fridge if your sister didn't get to it.
( exhales ) Don't look at me like that.
It's his choice.
If he does more treatments, he could live longer.
A year, maybe two.
I work in the health industry, Del.
- I've seen-- - Miracles? Call it what you will.
I've seen people live longer than what their doctors said they would.
Doc Powell's a realist.
Basically, he told our father chemo's no longer a viable option.
- That tells me something.
- Tells you what? - To give up hope? - No.
It says to me that we should start preparing for what's inevitable.
He's gonna die, Delmond.
We all got to deal with that in our own way.
I'm gonna honor Daddy's wishes.
I'm hoping you will, too.
( sniffling ) ( crying ) - ( hammering ) - ( music playing ) LaDonna: Morning, big papa.
Morning to you, beautiful.
You in that old stuff mood today.
Just in a mood.
Gary Walker and the Boogie Kings.
Tommy McLain wrote that one.
McLain come out of Jonesville, Louisiana.
He did that swamp pop thing.
I wouldn't know.
I just like it, that's all.
- You want some juice? - No, I'm good.
( hammering ) How much they overcharging you for? Bringing the wiring up to code.
I had to do that to get my permits.
That's gonna cost you now.
But if you ever decide to sell this place, you'll be ready.
I know, you ain't never gonna sell.
You got that right.
It's for my boys.
I got a steady job now and I'm still their father and you still gonna give me your look? Yeah.
You right, Antoine.
I've been in the habit of doubting you for a long time now.
Maybe too long.
Well, give 'em my love.
I got to get around there and see 'em.
Both of us.
Larry been carrying all the weight, you know? Are we wrong? Oh, no, no.
It ain't that cut-and-dry.
You're a good woman, LaDonna.
Right now, with things as they are, I reckon we're doing the best we can.
You know something? I like you better now than when we were married.
( chuckles ) Mm-hmm.
I had a growth spurt, I guess.
- Yeah, you did.
- ( chuckles ) Thank you, Antoine.
( humming ) Who loves you so, baby? Who needs you so bad? Who cries night till dawn? This is my favorite part right here.
Is it usual to have so many deaths at the jail in such a short period of time? It's become the norm at OPP.
We got our suicides.
We got our deaths related to health issues that were left untreated.
Inmate on inmate murders.
A mental deficient got killed in a cage when he pissed on another man's shoes.
So much for Gusman's reform initiative.
They spent the FEMA money on technology, but the conditions haven't improved.
In fact, the in-house deaths have risen since the changes were implemented.
I mean, what you got there is kind of a self-assessment.
There's a section down here-- areas for improvement under which someone has typed the word "none.
" ( laughs ) That ain't no surprise.
Go easy there, Richard.
No one's gonna take it from you.
Dizzy's does yardbird right.
Toni Bernette.
You remember who I am? Officer.
How'd those "Louisiana Weekly" ads work out for you? You know, your little campaign against me.
You had nothing, Counselor.
You had bullshit.
Seems like a good guy.
So who is this fella? Davis McAlary.
He's kind of a community activist.
Musically involved.
A little rough around the edges.
He's a DJ, I think.
- A fucking DJ? - I like him.
I can't help it.
And he lives in the Treme.
A few blocks from the park and the auditorium.
Connected to all kinds of people we'll need on our side.
I have a small record label, Mercury Monterey.
The label is very selective in terms of the amount of artists that we handle.
Very conservative in our approach.
The industry is evolving, but we're cautiously optimistic.
Is there much profit remaining in the record business? It's in a transitional period.
Davis has his hands in many different ventures.
I'm a trained musicologist with a show on WWOZ.
I run musical heritage tours.
I'm a local recording artist of some modest repute.
- He's diversified, boss.
- Just so.
How is everything tonight, gents? - Superb.
- Good.
Holler if you need anything.
You can burn, girl.
Didn't you run for office a couple years back? I did dip my toes into that rancid water, yes.
I remember your campaign platform.
He was going to shame the NBA by renaming the Hornets.
What was it? The New Orleans Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
- ( laughing ) - To shame the Utah Jazz until they gave us the name back.
Yeah, that was mine.
Also pot for potholes.
Rebuilding infrastructure utilizing the Anyway, my political aspirations are quixotic at best.
But I'm guessing you have a position on what's gonna happen over at Armstrong Park.
The idea of a National Jazz Center has been floating-- Yeah, I'd have to study the, you know, complexities of the concept.
Crunch the numbers.
Look at all the implications.
I will warn you that I do speak my mind.
Of course.
We're expecting no less.
CJ Liguori.
- The banker? - That's me.
You're one of the green dot guys.
And one of the biggest Republican fund-raisers in the state.
I've been boycotting your bank for the past 10 years.
I was wondering where that $300 had gone to.
( music playing ) Well, it's plain to see You're a dangerous thing Those lips, those hips Those eyes Well, it's lucky for me I like being free Or I might try and make you mine Now, I might give in And kiss you Don't plan on me staying long Well, I might give in And kiss you But tomorrow I'll be gone.
All right.
( cheering ) So I went looking for you over at the old place and you weren't there.
- I saw that guy.
- Timothy Feeny? Nobody told me you left the Avenue, but I knew.
- The food wasn't right.
- Yeah, I hear they already changed the menu.
N'awlins gumbo.
Blackened catfish.
Like that.
Applebee's on the Avenue.
Wasn't easy to find you, Chef.
Had to ask around.
Yeah, I'm playing hard to get.
Yeah, and you're good at it.
At least you could put a sign out front.
Oh, I had one.
They served me with a cease and desist on the use of my name, so the sign came down.
Old Feeny's revenge.
Smegma-faced slutwhore that he is.
Can he do that? Per my contract, yes.
I'm gonna try to appeal to his human side.
Maybe he'll relent.
Well, you still got a customer in me.
That hanger steak I had tonight? Damn.
- It's the chili rub.
- Delicious.
Thank you.
You want another scotch? Please.
Hey, um how do you think I did tonight? Well, Liguori's pretty particular with who he brings into the tent.
What exactly is he looking for? Citizen liaison for the Jazz Center project.
Go-to guy for the Treme and Marigny neighborhoods.
Oh, so I have a shot? I'm guessing Liguori's gonna go in a different direction.
Well, it was probably not a big payday anyway.
A couple grand.
It was 30 grand.
- Thank you, darlin'.
- My pleasure.
- ( Annie laughs ) - We have all night.
Is that a promise? I'm all yours.
But you're leaving in the morning.
Back to Memphis.
We got a studio booked.
We're bringing in horns for the new record and Jim Spake's doing the arrangements.
Oh, Jim Spake.
He worked with John Hiatt, didn't he? And Cat Power and Solomon Burke.
When are you coming back? Soon, I hope.
( scoffs ) So, what, I'm your New Orleans girlfriend? You're my girlfriend.
- ( police radio chatter ) - ( siren blaring ) EMT: Her name is Cherise Laurent.
Yeah, it's Terry.
I got a body down by the St.
James AME on North Roman.
Gunshot victim, a girl.
Looks like she's middle-school age.
I need you down here on this.
I got a couple assholes on the scene and they're about to shit the bed.
Yeah, that's right.
That's right, as soon as you can, Nik.
( clarinet playing ) That's Bechet, right? Yeah.
"Si Tu Vois Ma Mère.
" Nice.
Can I ask you something? Sure.
Ask away.
My manager wants me to cut my band loose.
Record with studio guys in Nashville.
Take a fresh crew out on tour.
He wants it cleaner and prettier.
- And should you go with it? - Yeah.
I don't know.
That is just your second CD on an actual label.
And he'll have you touring with some guys that are real.
That's a lot to piss away.
So, would you? Me? I'm here.
I make ends meet by playing in about five different bands.
Come on, don't exaggerate.
It's true, look.
Royal Roses is about to start up.
The Bechet stuff at the Hall.
Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? And, oh, yeah, Rory Danger.
Rory Danger? What's that? You know, rockabilly.
( laughs ) I have to see that.
( playing ) Frankly, Toni, what's going on over at the jail right now is not at the top of my priority list.
- My plate is full.
- With what? Everything I give you, it ends up stuck in a drawer somewhere.
I gave you a witness to the Abreu murder months ago.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know what happened? The officer that did that murder came past my table at Dizzy's yesterday ruining lunch.
Tell me what you can on the Abreu case.
You know I can't comment on an ongoing investigation.
I give you guys gold and you do exactly nothing.
The Sphinx moves faster than you fucking feds.
The material you've given us has been extremely valuable.
( ship horn blows ) So it's going okay? We had some bumps in the road after you left, but we've since made some accommodations for the tourist trade.
Like I said, I'm good losing money the first year.
Certainly accomplished that.
But I'm starting to see some daylight.
Well, I'm glad.
I'm trying to make it through my freshman year, too.
Always the toughest.
Heard good things about your menu.
Yeah, Jacques is doing a nice job in the kitchen.
I hope you don't mind that I took your sous chef.
Of course not.
I expected he'd go with you.
You must know that it would help me immensely if I could use my name for my restaurant.
I mean, my name means something down here.
- As does mine.
- So you understand.
Of course.
I mean, I'm not asking you to take my name off the Avenue.
You have no legal standing to do so.
Or moral for that matter.
We made a deal.
I backed you to the hilt.
Until it fell apart there at the end, all in all, you and I had a pretty good relationship once.
I'm asking you to remember that and consider what losing my name does to me.
You have no right to your name anywhere.
I do.
I told you that once before.
- Did you think I was joking? - Tim! Read your contract.
And I would suggest you have your lawyer thoroughly read the suit.
You're really gonna sue me? That interview you gave in the "Pic"? You said you had your own place now and you were cooking the food you always wanted to, that Desautel's on the Avenue was not really your thing, that you preferred fine dining to the chain experience.
That interview was read by every food blogger and concierge in town.
You disparaged my restaurant and that impacted my livelihood.
It wasn't my intention.
I mean, you know what it's like.
You give an interview, sometimes the words come out wrong.
You shoved it up my ass, Janette, and I won't forget that.
But it's my name.
Walk around with it.
Answer to it.
But you can't use it for your new restaurant.
You got this, right? Can I get the check? The kids knew before me.
They heard it on the street telegraph.
Your students have gone home? We have an after-school band program in this room, but I cancelled it today.
I guess they'll bring grief counselors in tomorrow.
And then we'll have a vigil.
( sighs ) That's how we do.
Batiste, the girl's mother said that you came by her house and spoke with Cherise two days ago.
Yeah, that's right.
I was there.
Was there anything said that we should know about? Did she identify by name the ones who shot Deron Coleman in the drive-by? She talked to your people, so why are you asking me? We're hoping she might have confided in you.
She said she didn't see anyone.
Cherise told the truth.
She was a good girl.
She wasn't into anything wrong.
Terry: Deron's older brother, he had some longtime beefs deep in the Iberville.
On the day Deron was shot, he was wearing one of his older brother's shirts.
The shooters mistook Deron for the brother.
Mistook? And Cherise? We're guessing they saw her as a threat, that she might testify as a witness.
I told her to mind herself.
Where did this happen? She just dropped off her kid brother at Wicker Elementary and was walking home.
Oh, that sweet girl.
We know who did this.
If it's any consolation, we're gonna make an arrest.
Oh, no, sir.
It is no consolation at all.
LaDonna: - Oh! - Chilly out there, huh? Whoo! I know you haven't been drinking lately, but I thought you might like a beer with your steak.
Why not? How about some greens, huh? Oh, just a spoonful.
I don't have much of an appetite.
Are your children stopping by tonight? No, Delmond's gigging out.
Thank you.
And your daughter? I told her I had a date with someone special.
- Thank you, baby.
- For what? All this.
( water running ) - ( plates clatter ) - ( water shuts off ) Everything all right? Okay.
You don't want to talk about it.
I had a day.
shot dead on North Roman.
Me and Nik had to tell her mother.
You think you'll get the shooter? Yeah.
Yeah, I do, actually.
We've ID'd the suspects.
We just got to find them and pick them up.
Then what? Lost evidence? Fouled crime scene? Toni, what's wrong with you? I ran into Wilson at Li'l Dizzy's yesterday.
God damn it.
All that work and he's still out there breathing free air.
Well, it's a process.
You just got to let it play out.
You know that.
You think so? I handed Wilson to the feds on a platter and they've done nothing.
This town ( water running ) the whole system is completely corrupt.
I've been looking into all the fatalities at OPP.
And you would not believe the number of in-custody deaths.
Well, that's not my shop.
It's the sheriff's office.
It's not NOPD.
What the fuck difference does that make? I'm just saying.
Why are you mad at me? I'm not.
I-- ( door slams ) ( music playing ) Yeah Rory Danger's rolling up in a big black Cadillac Got a comb in her pocket and a fully loaded tenor sax She got a bad attitude and she's feeling rude Look out, boys, 'cause I'm coming through - She's got a knife - Danger, danger - You bet your life - Danger, danger - She's a queen - Danger, danger Really mean Oh, yeah, girl, play! Whoo! - Well, she's got a knife - Danger, danger - You bet your life - Danger, danger - She's a queen - Danger, danger Really mean, reach out for me now Rory Danger's rolling up in a big black Cadillac She got a comb in her pocket and a fully loaded tenor sax She got a bad attitude and feeling rude Look out, boys, 'cause I'm coming through - She's got a knife - Danger, danger You bet your life Whoa, whoa, whoa! - What's happening, bro? - How's it going, man? - What's going on? - Where you at? Where you at? All right.
All right.
- Damn, Corey.
- Hey, what's up, man? What's going on, man? You brought a lot of ammunition tonight.
I thought it was a straight up Galactic gig.
Yeah, man, we brought the Soul Rebels so we could blow the back out the house.
- All right.
- All right, let's do this.
Yeah, man.
Hairdresser, red dress Looking like a girly mess Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey You gonna see me on the ceiling Every night with my Saints fans Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey There was a time when I was younger And a little bit dumber, man Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey I got the power of the people I'm the life of the party plans Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey - Say yeah - Yeah - Yeah - Yeah - Yeah, yeah - Yeah, yeah Throw your hands in the sky 68 reasons why Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey Yeah Yeah Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey You see me busy rocking out in the valley with a smile Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey We passed Old Liquor Bobby in that Old Crocodile Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey So please believe me, baby, when I say it's been a while Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey It really don't take much to make this grown man smile Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey - Say yeah - Yeah - Yeah, yeah - Yeah, yeah - Yeah - Yeah Throw your hands in the sky 68 reasons why Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey And one more for the lovers who'll be staying up all night Hey-na-na-hey-na, hey-na-na-hey What street your daddy house on? Duels.
Had all those doubles and Creole shotguns.
Yeah, I know that stretch.
Sometimes the characters from the Seventh Ward would pass in front of my house every day.
White man we used to call Coupon Bread.
Coupon Bread? - Looked like a boogeyman.
- ( laughs ) And then there was Crazy Roy.
He mooed like a cow.
- Why'd he do that? - Damn if I know.
( laughs ) Who else? Ragman.
Had a mule-drawn wagon.
Five and 10 cents, he'd buy up all your rags.
Don't know what he did with them.
Another mystery.
You know how-- you know how it is at dawn when you're half asleep you're not too sure if you're dreaming or you're awake? Once in a while, in moments like that, I hear my mother call my name.
That's how you keep your loved ones with you that have passed on.
As long as you live, they're alive, too.
What was your mama like? Tender, mostly.
Strong when she needed to be.
Why I like strong women, I suppose.
And your daddy? - Carpenter.
- Wow.
( laughs ) Arms hard as cedar.
Amateur musician.
Liked his drink.
Sunday after mass he'd go over to Miss Rosa's Sweet Shop.
It was a candy store during the week, but on Sunday it was a bar.
( laughs ) And Lorraine? Now you want to know about my wife? Sure.
She was a beauty.
And feisty.
Matter of fact, she was a lot like you.
( laughs ) All those people gone.
It's natural, I suppose.
You get right down to it, death is just an ordinary thing.
Aren't you afraid? All sane men are afraid to die.
You hear that? I don't hear anything.
That noise.
I think it's coming from Honorée's bedroom.
Wasn't any noise.
She's sleeping, Antoine.
She's fine.
I'm gonna go check on her.
Damn it.
( vibrating ) ( train whistle blows ) ( distant siren blaring ) ( music playing ) That's not too bad, right? It'll be fine.
Till we get new menus.
Of course, I have to come up with a name first.
We should do it like a contest for the staff.
Like a pool, you know? You got any ideas? Redacted? Redacted on Dauphine.
( laughs ) Better.
I like that.
You know what? I'm not gonna do this.
We can handprint the menus on some nice paper.
We'll change it every day if need be.
- I can do that.
- People know my name in this town.
They'll find us.
They don't need to see my name on a menu.
I mean, if they're here, they know where they are.
D'Andre, you forgot this.
- Hey.
- LaDonna.
I see you got a new assistant.
- I needed one.
- Yes, you did.
Ain't nothing going on here and you know it.
And even if there was, you got no right to complain.
You know where I stand, LaDonna.
I'm waiting for you to come to your damn senses.
- Yeah? - ( horn honks ) What brings you here? For the boys from their father.
I got 'em.
Antoine wanted them to have it.
Anything else? Yeah, I was hoping to catch them while I'm here.
Not home from the school yet.
You know their schedule.
I was hoping to surprise them when they did get here.
It would be a surprise if you were more engaged.
- Okay, look, Larry.
- What? I'm thinking about taking my boys back with me for a while.
Take 'em where? To the Residence Inn out in Metairie? - Yeah.
- How they gonna get back and forth from school? Or maybe you want them to sleep over top of your bar if and when you finally finish fixing that mess up.
You want to take the boys? What kind of bullshit is that? Look, the boys and I are doing just fine for now.
We got a routine and it works.
Now, are you here to say that you want us to be a family again under one roof? Because if you are, I'll listen.
Tell them that I stopped by.
And so we remember Cherise and Deron and the other students in this city who are victims of violence this year.
We're here to grieve and to heal.
- Yes.
Students: - Yes.
And also to start thinking very seriously about how we can bring about change.
Students: - Yes.
- Jennifer.
Cherise was my friend.
She was a kind person and loving to her little brother.
Crowd: Yes, she was.
We love this city, but it needs to love us back.
Yes! Jennifer: There's too much violence and too much cruelty.
Crowd: Too much! It has to stop.
Cherise always saw the good in things.
If she were here, she'd say let's work together to make New Orleans better.
- That's right.
- And let's unite to keep the peace.
Crowd: That's right! Amen! We should play something.
Some of the other kids brought their instruments, too.
I don't think so, Robert.
Not tonight.
( music playing ) So you found a new love Talk's all over town About the places you've been going And the good times that you've found And I want you to ask yourself Who loves you so, baby? Who needs you so bad? Who cries from night till dawn? You know it's me, baby And I'll be so glad when you come on home Now I know you like lots of money You like to ride around in big fine cars You want to wear all kind of expensive jewelry And hang out in high-class bars But I want you to stop And please ask yourself