Trial and Retribution (1997) s12e03 Episode Script

Ghost Train (1)

Come on! Hi, Vicky.
Tommy! What? I need you! Now! Don't start till I'm back.
Move out of my way.
Out of my way, please! Bye! Whoo-hoo! OK.
Whoo! Whoo! Vicky! Help! Please, hold on! Hold on, Vicky! Vicky! Vicky! Vicky! Vicky Oh, that is my idea of hell.
I'd be puking before it even left the ground.
You're such a sensitive soul, Satch.
How long is this going to take? Long as it takes, darling.
Let's get some order.
We do have work to do, despite Bob the Builder's best efforts.
You're making progress.
It's coming on.
Oh, this is crazy, Mike.
Yeah, but it's going to look good, isn't it? It's a reward for excellence in our field.
The home secretary's unscheduled visit, to praise us on our results.
The best record across all of London.
For that, we need new computers? No, but we need this lot sorted out before she pops in.
And before you start chewing my ear off, thank your stars you needn't make a speech or have lunch with her.
Satch - someone waiting for you in reception.
So! Where are we up to? That's her, guv.
Can I help you? I'm DI Satchell.
I know.
You're shorter than I expected.
Your dad was tall.
Sorry - have we met? You don't recognise me? Well, I suppose the last time you saw me, you were about eight.
What do you want? It's not easy for me to come here.
Look, I know our families never got on, but we need your help.
The girl on the Big Wheel was murdered.
Uh - I was just reading about that in the paper.
I don't think so.
It was an accident.
We don't have accidents.
We have the best safety record in the country.
We've known for a time they'd try something dirty, but Yeah, um just give me a minute, yeah? Who's your friend? Uh, it's my Aunt Tess.
Says she's got information about the girl who died at the fair, reckons it's suspicious.
What, she works there? Yeah.
She works at the fair? Yeah.
She's uma psychic.
She's a fortune-teller? I did not see that coming, Satch! Hi.
You're Satch's auntie? I'm DCI Roisin Connor.
He says you don't believe the girl's death was an accident.
There's developers after the land.
Like I said to David, they want to discredit us.
You think they'd put a girl's life at risk? Well, she died.
Someone must have tampered with the Big Wheel.
Look, Health & Safety are on it.
They'd let us know of anything suspicious.
But they're not asking the right questions.
Please, David.
We're desperate.
Don't worry, Tess.
David? I want you to go and check it out for me, please.
Lovely to meet you.
Uhright, come on.
All right, mate? Yes, sir.
Are you going to let us open the fair tonight? It's not really up to me.
It's more Health & Safety.
DS Satchell.
Were you here last night? Yeah.
Show me how this works.
They all work like this, do they? Like the one she fell from? That was the one.
They're all exactly the same.
Do people fit these themselves? No, we do.
We're always checking.
OK, go ahead.
Were you checking last night? Not when she fell.
There was trouble, a fight.
I had to help Pops break it up.
'No!' 'Stop it! Stop the Wheel! STOP!' What's your name? Tommy Gilbert.
Well, I'm, ahTess's nephew.
She thinks last night may not have been an accident.
What do you think? This girl who fell, Vicky, did you know her? No.
No No, why would you? So Pops runs the fair.
What's his name? Tommy Gilbert.
What, another Tommy Gilbert? Is he your dad? Grandad.
That's his there.
We have the best safety record in the UK.
83,000,000-1 chance of dying on a funfair ride.
12 times more likely to get knocked over getting here.
So you think the accident was someone trying to kill off business? No, they'll be queuing up for the Death Ride tonight.
Disappointed when they find it's closed.
That's exactly what it was, though.
An accident.
Stay, Tommy.
I've got to go.
I said stay.
Do some counting.
Tess thinks someone did it on purpose.
She shouldn't have got you here.
Health & Safety don't think it's suspicious.
Have you got an accident report book? Did you restore all this yourself? Every brush stroke.
He's a genius.
Hello, David.
I'll do your scrying for you later, Pops.
David's my nephew.
Will you eat? He's not staying.
Take whatever you came for.
Then piss off.
Sir, you might want a word with the dead girl's friend.
Her name's Lisa.
Sorry, can I have a quick word? I'm DS Satchell.
Are you Lisa? Lay off him, will you? Leave him alone! He should never have brought that cop in! You have no fucking idea! It wasn't his fault! You want to get the boy in trouble? You want him to go to prison? Get off! I told her not to go, especially at night.
She's so young.
You were on the ride with Vicky when it happened? It must have been terrifying.
It's those boys.
They're a bloody liability.
Which boys? I didn't know them.
Leading kids on, making them do stupid things.
Were they messing about, Lisa? What happened? Vicky stood up - I told her not to go.
Told her so many times.
Too many accidents.
You'll listen now, Lisa, won't you? Sorry - what kind of accidents? My sister says there's been problems this year.
I never wanted to go on the ride.
It was Vicky's idea.
'Come on!' Mike wants this lot sorted out.
Send it to general registry for filing, Satch.
You can't move here.
Well, you look busy! Sarge? Was your gran the Bearded Lady? Uncle the Strongest Man? A girl died, in case you'd forgotten.
Yeah, but seriously, what did you find out? Someone put a curse on your family? I wish.
They're a bunch of weirdos.
Mum said Tess was a nut job.
The bloke who runs the fair's not much better.
The miserable sod told me to piss off.
Anyway, it was an accident anyway.
They just don't want us to get involved.
So that's it, is it? It was an accident, no need for an investigation? How can you be so sure? Oh - of course, it's the psychic roots kicking in.
Oh, great.
Is anyone else's phone working? Hello, testing.
Whitehall 1212.
Nah - dead.
The phone, that is.
General registry, Satch.
It's not going sort itself.
D'you know what? I really fancy a trip to the fair.
I could get my palm read.
I could go and ask old Auntie Tess what's in store for us all.
How about a punch in the mouth? Ha, ha! Why are you so sure it's an accident? An 83,000,000-1 of dying in a funfair ride.
I looked it up.
Well, Vicky Ellis was the unlucky 83rd millionth.
Lesson: don't stand up on the Big Wheel.
She stood up? Yeah.
The safety bar gave way.
That doesn't sound like an accident.
Oh, please.
Come on.
What else did they say? Nothing.
Well - the girl who was with Vicky on the ride, her mother said there's been a lot more accidents this year.
And did you check it out? No.
What are you waiting for, Satch? There's bugger all I can do with no phones.
I'll go to A & E.
Satch can go and check that out.
You go to the funfair, find out why Tess is messing us around.
Don't you want to come with me? Wild horses couldn't drag me, Sam.
Sorry - I'm looking for Mary.
Mary? Sorry.
I'm DS Satchell.
D'you mind if I have a quick word? So, ah, Lisa's your, um, niece? That's right? Yeah.
Uh, the girl who died - Vicky - did you know her? Really well, yeah.
My kids used to hang round with her too.
I'm sorry.
Your sister says there's been a lot of accidents at the fair this year.
There's been a lot of ambulance call-outs up there.
They come in .
claiming to have broken arms, broken legs, broken noses.
We x-ray, and there's nothing.
Right Come on.
Let's see what you've got.
Here I go.
Wish me luck.
Good luck! Oh! Ha ha ha! I'm sorry - the four-year-old over there is stronger than you! Come on, let me have another go! There's no two ways about it! Look, there's a Ghost Train! No, no - Madame Zorna! It's Satch's auntie.
It's got to be.
Come on, we've got to do it.
We've got to do this.
"Madame Zorna deals your future.
" Do you think she'll tell you how strong you are? Ha ha.
£35 for 20 minutes? She's having a laugh.
Are we going in? Yeah, why not? Well, go on then.
Good luck.
Excuse me.
I'll keep watch.
Sorry, I just came to check everything's OK.
DCI Connor.
It WAS an accident.
I'm sorry I wasted your time.
I thought you said it was developers trying to discredit the fair? Huh! I got it wrong.
Now, if you'll excuse me, people are waiting.
Hang on - I was there.
You did a whole number about being set up by people wanting you off the land.
Tess, I'm off duty.
You want to talk, you can.
OK There's a strong man nearby .
but you reject him.
It signals work to do, on yourself.
Much confusion inside.
Blind alley.
Death's all around.
Well, it's probably something to do with my job.
Someone dies.
Is that Vicky? Not Vicky, no.
Is it my dad? You're in much danger.
Death's closer than you think.
He's angry.
Your dad's here.
Right beside you.
Cancer, was it? His bodyeaten away.
And you, you're still full of guilt.
, .
and hate.
He forgives you.
Wants you to forgive him.
You can't possibly know that.
But most of all .
he wants to warn you, Roisin.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
So! What did you find out? It's bullshit.
She says I've got a strong man near me.
What, she knows about me? She's good.
She's playing at magic.
What did she want? She wants the truth.
And she's sharp enough to get it.
Does she know what happened to Vicky? She'll help us, you'll see.
Wow! Transfer time! Armed Response Team! Pavel! They want you on the Ghost Train.
Well, say please! Are you the big boss now? Right - the Ghost Train.
Come on.
Oh, you're kidding.
Ha ha ha! You know, you look a bit like him! Get off! I am a serious police officer.
Ohyou are kidding! I so want to go! Here you go.
Thank you.
Ah-ah-ah-ah! Woo-woo! Hang on.
Satch? Roisin! I've been speaking to Lisa's aunt.
She's a duty nurse at triage.
She's confirmed, there's been loads more accidents at the fair this year.
Satch, I can't hear you! They had eight ambulance call-outs in the last ten days.
Satch says injuries are up.
The rides aren't safe.
No, I didn't say injuries were up.
Let's talk about it tomorrow, OK? Thanks! What Oh, for God's sake! Jesus - he's real.
Christ, Sam.
Health & Safety called us in.
We're on both deaths now, Vicky Ellis and Thomas "Pops" Gilbert.
Yes! The home secretary's visit is looming, we're still in a bloody mess, and from what I hear, you two have been cavorting about on the Ghost Train.
Let's see what we've got on the incident board, shall we? Oh dear! Not very much.
What the hell is going on? Gilbert's body's gone for PM.
We know there's tension at the fair.
When Tess came in - Who the hell's Tess? Satch's auntie.
You met her.
Well, she's my dad's sister.
We didn't have much to do with her - Satch, get to the bloody point.
There are accusations that local property developers have been trying to orchestrate a smear campaign against the fair.
The Big Wheel may have been rigged.
That's why Vicky fell to her death.
She stood up.
No one knows why.
I've ordered a second PM to look for any clues.
I want to know what she did, who she was with.
And there's been other accidents at the fair.
Not like Vicky, but we had apparent broken bones from a kid, a dislocated shoulder - they call out ambulances, turn up at A&E screaming in agony, then rise Lazarus-like when the x-ray shows nothing wrong.
It fits the smear campaign theory.
Let's get this place sorted out, shall we? Oh, shit! OK - let's do some work.
I want to know who was on that Big Wheel when Vicky fell, and who was on the Ghost Train.
Make it snappy.
Let's also see who's due to inherit from Gilbert.
It's widely known he didn't want to relocate.
Maybe someone else did, and wanted him out of the picture.
Satch, you're with me.
Let's see who stands to gain from the fair moving.
So you have developers after your land, Mr Olson? They're a local company.
Doug Reid.
He's lived round here his whole life.
He does this thing where he applies for provisional planning to set a price, then makes an offer.
He's come up with this proposal for the fairground people.
What kind of proposal? The royal charter covers the area where the fair comes every year.
I let them stay through the winter.
I only charge a peppercorn rent.
That was set by my great-great-great-grandad.
Is everything OK? Yes, fine, Micky.
This is my boy, Micky.
These are from the police.
What can we help you with? Doug Reid.
He's invested a lot in the scheme.
Was it all on spec? You'd have to ask him.
Well, he had to pay for plans, planning applications, lawyers.
It's for a shopping mall, isn't it? Yes.
How much do you stand to make from this? No one wants printing any more.
I'm just an ordinary bloke with five kids and nine grandchildren How much, Mr Olson? It's irrelevant, isn't it? They'll never agree to amend the charter.
They'd have to do that before we could even consider selling the land.
They're offering four-and-a-half million.
Can you turn that off, please? £4.
5 million is not irrelevant.
Our families have worked together for over 150 years.
They've been offered a good new site for the fair, and for their winter standing.
They'll be a lot better off.
And how does one amend the charter? The queen gets advised by her privy council.
And there's a provisional recommendation to amend the charter to move the fair? It's only if they agree.
So, ah, basically, Mr Gilbert doesn't sign a piece of paper agreeing to this, and there goes your £4.
5 million.
It's looking that way, yes.
And now he's dead.
It could be forced through if the fair's unruly or disorderly.
Apparently, yes.
Or dangerous.
Say, if someone falls from the Big Wheel.
Hello, Alex! Hello, Michael! What a lovely surprise.
Ha, ha! So what have you got for me? The marks in blood and drops on the floor suggest he was propped upright in the coffin.
Yeah, and then he fell.
Spectacular timing.
How come? It's designed to move as the other cars come through.
No, I meant how come he fell on our officers? It must have been done deliberately.
Done for maximum impact.
And did he die here? Well, so far, the only other blood we've found is on the carriage your officers were in.
There's not much of it.
In fact, from the blood distribution, I doubt the assault did happen here.
So he could have been killed elsewhere, and brought here.
I hear we have a psychic.
Can't he tell us? Alex, I think Satch is getting a bit pissed off with that joke.
The old man was possibly killed elsewhere, but there's no blood trail leading from here to either the front or back exit.
What's this? Vomit.
People throw up at funfairs all the time.
They also throw up when they've seen a dead body, or committed a brutal crime.
Have it checked for DNA.
OK, guv.
So, you had an accident at the fair? There was cables everywhere.
It was a real mess - dangerous.
They don't care.
You called got an ambulance, but after the x-ray nothing showed up.
You should have seen him.
He was crying like a baby.
It hurt, man! I thought I'd broken my leg.
Where were you exactly? At the Tiny Teacups! Did you file a report at the fair? Did anyone take details? What, that old guy? I told him the place was a deathtrap.
Yeah, he tried to chuck us out - even when he was on the floor, screaming.
No one asked you to do anything, did they? Or paid you to call 999? Hm.
That a new skateboard, is it? I won it.
Incredible, for someone with such skill and balance to just trip over a loose cable and think they'd broken a leg.
Tommy Gilbert's staying with Tess while we examine Pops' caravan.
They're getting ready for a ceremony tonight.
I'll check it out.
Problem is, they're supposed to be burning the old man's possessions, but we're not letting them have anything.
WRYLY: It's going down well.
What about the other young guy, Pavel? He's working on one of the rides.
You take care of him.
I'll have a word with Tommy.
Tommy Gilbert? Mike Walker.
Can we have a chat? Tess was very excited to find you.
How long have you worked here? Just this year.
But I work other fairs before.
Who worked the Ghost Train last night? Well, I opened, right? But then I was on shooting range most of the evening.
Did you check it before it was opened to the public? No, it was too late.
I think, um I think Pops checked.
Maybe Tommy.
Would you - Please, I must check.
Oh, no.
It'll only take a second.
All right, yeah.
Thank you.
So you have to check all the rides, before they open up? Yeah, of course.
You always must check.
You know, we have inspection often.
Oof! I didn't go near the Ghost Train till later that night.
I was on the kiosk.
We swapped round.
Do you ever have reason to go on the ride once it's open? Sometimes, for thrills.
What kind of thrills? Scare the girls.
It's a lot of fun, you know, for them and for us.
Did you scare Vicky on the Big Wheel the night she died? I never scare anybody on Big Wheel.
It's too dangerous.
You live with your grandad, don't you, son? Did you see him the night before they discovered his body? I stayed at Tess's.
I do sometimes, if his coughing's bad.
Oh, you heard him coughing? Was he ill that day? Was he worse than usual? Tommy, if you don't want to talk here, I'm happy to take you down to the station.
I didn't hear him coughing, then.
He was in a bad mood.
I kept out of his way.
Why was he in a bad mood? Your copper mate, coming round snooping.
I kept out of his way.
It's the last time I saw him.
Who do you think killed your granddaddy, son? Eh? I don't know.
Really? You'll inherit the lot, won't you? The money, the fair? You're going to be a very rich boy some time soon.
I don't want the money! Really? You've got it.
You'll sign that charter agreement.
I can't.
Huh? It's all yours.
Why can't you? Bebecause What? Because it's Tess who decides? Yeah! Does she look in her crystal ball? What do you mean? Didn't see Pop dying, did she? Leave me alone.
Sorry for your loss, Tommy.
Must have been a great shock.
What have you got? Just as Satch said, the accidents were all fake.
Mostly teenagers.
Developers putting them up to it, to discredit the fair.
Possibly locals.
There's quite a lobby to get the fair moved away.
Yeah, well, girl thrown to her death off the Big Wheel, dead body lands on two cops not exactly the work of Neighbourhood Watch, is it? Pops only had one thing on him, a coin.
It wrapped in a hankie.
'James? What have we got?' Multiple fractures to the skull, particularly the left temple.
'Cause of death?' Don't know yet.
Some sharp lacerations, some blunt.
Very nasty.
Hang on.
There's a shard of glass in this wound.
I suggest we get everything in here boxed up and out.
And let's do a full fingerprint coverage of this caravan.
One of our guys found these.
These fibres were snagged on a thorn behind the amusement arcade Mm-hm? .
next to the Ghost Train, about 2' off the ground.
We also found some glass splinters, centred around the fireplace.
SOCO: Guvnor? Yeah? Thanks.
We've found some tracks.
You might want to take a look.
What have you got? Two sets of parallel tracks, possibly from something being pulled back, then forth.
Those ones have a deeper indentation, which suggests it was carrying a heavier load.
Yeah, like a body.
Excuse me.
Where's your boss? Up there.
Thank you.
Mr Olson.
I'm not here to see you.
Where's Mr Reid? Doug's been held up.
He asked me to talk to you till he gets here.
He may be a while.
Me and Doug are old mates.
He does good projects.
Uhwe just like to help out.
I really don't care about the buildings.
I care about two bodies in a fairground in as many days.
You're behaving as if you think we had something to do with this! Which frankly upsets me! Do you think you're as upset as the families of the deceased, Mr Olson? Did you argue with Thomas Gilbert over the site? No! Our talks have been amicable throughout.
But you've been lobbying with some local people, trying to discredit the fair.
We've been talking to the local pressure group, that's all.
There's no point moving the fairground people somewhere where noise, light pollution and crime will cause the same problems.
What you don't understand is that we're deeply shaken by this.
My father was a good friend to him.
Well, I'm sure.
For £4.
5 million.
So, ah, who's going to be running this place now that Mr Gilbert's not here? Tommy's not up to it, is he? We have ways of asking for guidance.
What does that mean? You don't come from our world, so I understand why you're cynical.
I worked on a case once where a clairvoyant told us where to find a child.
I don't know how she did it.
I don't need to.
Whatever it was, it worked.
Sit down.
We make more in three weeks here than in months at some other places.
That's all we have.
It's where we pass our winters, where we bear our children, .
and where we come to die.
It's been our place for 150 years.
So will Tommy be the one to make the decision as to whether you agree to move or not? We have to decide.
Tommy's not the sharpest among us, but he works hard.
We relied on Pops for everything up until now.
Do you ever use a crystal ball? It's in Pops' caravan.
I was doing the scrying for him.
Where is it now? Well, still there.
We were interrupted.
Who interrupted you? Pavel.
Ask the cards what you need to know.
Can the spirits tell me .
how Vicky Ellis died, or Pops? You're all the same! You all want someone else to do your work for you.
No, they don't solve crimes.
But they do scream with that poor girl's pain, and with the injustice of us losing our livelihoods.
And now they scream for Pops.
That's not good.
The ten of swords.
Those who don't listen to the wisdom of the swords will end up impaled on them.
Am I going to die? No, no.
It's not for you.
'Roisin!' Actiune criminala.
Moneda, cinci suta.
Look aft Who? What? Look after the children.
Time's running out.
'You're all the same!' 'You all want someone else to do your work for you.
' 'No, they don't solve -' I wish she'd give us something more concrete.
'Actiune .
' Well, I think she's great.
She fixed my shoulder.
How did she do that? Psychic healing.
You know, she said some weird things to me today.
I think she was trying to say something TO me, not ABOUT me.
Like what? That I must look after the children.
"Time is running out.
" On Tommy, maybe? "Actiune criminala" That probably means you work with criminals.
"Moneda, cinci suta.
" God, it sounds Romany.
Where the hell's Satch when you need him? Deva! I hear you're the hard man, like Pops.
You watch your mouth.
You're not one of us.
There's many here want you out.
Hey, hard man.
There's a scary old woman here to protect you.
She make me very afraid! It's not me you have to fear.
How much do you think they make? What was it? £2 the Ghost Train, £3 the Dodgems.
The fairground stuff alone's worth a fortune.
It's a good motive for murder.
Young Tommy Gilbert may inherit everything of Pops', but I reckon it's Tess that's calling the shots.
Hey, it's not Romany.
It's Romanian.
Moneda - money.
Cinci suta - 500.
And actiune criminale means .
murderous action.
It's a shit place.
Only crazy people want to stay here.
You shouldn't talk to her like that.
He has no idea what he's playing with.
What currency's a lei? Uh, lei? Rumanian.
500 lei old currency.
Sam? That gobby fella at the shooting range? He sounded East European, didn't he? It was him, at Reid's building site! Are you sure? Well, I didn't make the connection, but yeah, that's him.
It's definitely him.
You all believe anything this freak-woman say! Hard man! You're a big brave guy! Oh, yeah! You're the you're the big brave guy who owns this fair! Yeah, who owns this fair but has no fucking brains to run it! He's Rumanian.
Pavel Golescu.
Rumanian like the coin.
What the hell was he doing at the building site? Olson's son Micky was there too.
Let's tell Satch and bring him in.
We need guidance.
Show us our future.
Guidance? I give you guidance.
Take money and move from this shithole.
All of us move from this shithole! Move to a better place! Reid have a good plan for all of us.
And thisthis small-mind woman, try to fuck everything up.
YOU fucked it up! You fucked it up for everyone! Show us what we must do.
Satch, the minute you get this, call.
If Pavel is there, hold him.
Shield us from moxadi.
Shield us from the unclean! YOU! You bring bad fortune on us all! His mulo comes to find you! YOU GO! Leave him! Leave him, or you're under arrest.
Leave him!