Trial and Retribution (1997) s12e02 Episode Script

Siren (2)

Have we got an ID on him? Just the original 999 call.
His wife or girlfriend called in.
Gave his first name as Sebastian.
She was also in the ambulance at the time.
So where the hell is she? Her name's Imogen.
Imogen Buller-Turi.
Our victim was Sebastian Cole.
They were due to marry in two weeks.
We've got a tabloid couple, celebrity murder.
The press will be all over this - screwing up our leads and witnesses.
Ah, what have we got here? We've had the analysis back from the cocaine you guys found in the car.
100% coca.
I want to know where he got it and why he had it.
Did Sebastian ever mention the name Ohran Hikmet? Targets one and two leaving the scene.
Stand by to follow the targets.
We've got a problem.
What? The address is flagged - it's under surveillance by a drugs team.
Clem Ross was about to lead us to some big players.
Then you walk in like a teenager on a school trip.
What is it that you'd like - is it my badge or something? Roisin, it's in the furniture - the cocaine is in the furniture.
Josephine Taylor, paramedic, 27.
Known to family and friends as Jo.
Was pronounced dead an hour ago.
Which means we now have seven dead bodies.
Sebastian Cole, two shots to the chest, one to the head.
Alan Lester, paramedic, broken neck.
Clement Ross, aged 35, carbon monoxide poisoning.
Sullivan Taylor, aged 22, the same.
Graham Power, aged 21, the same.
Barry Dean, aged 19, the same.
The man we think killed Sebastian Cole is still out there somewhere and so is his possible next victim - Imogen Buller-Turi.
What was Clem Rose's plan when he went to the Buller household to retrieve the drugs? To turn concealed drugs into a saleable asset? To keep Hikmet out of the deal? I doubt that.
Drugs is a business.
Clem Ross relied on Hikmet for product.
It's more likely he wanted to make everything better with his supplier.
To draw a line under any fallout between Hikmet and his friend Sebastian? Attempts to retrieve the situation have failed.
Ross and his three lackeys are dead and the drugs impounded.
So what is Hikmet's next move? He's going to go after Imogen.
If she's lucky, he's after money.
If she's unlucky, he'll put a bullet in her head.
She is the last living person that connects Hikmet to the drug deal to Sebastian's murder.
Did you get hold of Imogen's friends? I spoke to half a dozen of them.
They haven't seen her for weeks, not since she took up with Sebastian.
He wasn't wasn't very popular with the Kensington posse.
Kept borrowing cash they never saw again.
OK, guys, here's the deal.
I want to split this investigation in two.
But we were just getting on so well.
Roisin, pack your bags.
You're going to McGill's office first thing.
Do I have any say in this? Does this look like a democracy? Find DCI Connor a nice cosy corner desk, and make sure she has all the help she needs to push this investigation to a close.
Understood? Loud and clear.
Are you hanging out with the bins, Superman? Very funny (!) We need to sort something out.
Your boss has made it pretty clear.
No, I'm talking about you and me.
You and me? Well, I have been thinking You were thinking about going home to your empty flat.
Wondering - is there anything left in that bottle of red you opened last night.
I could be.
Are you thinking about how sad it is if DCI Connor goes home to her empty flat? Mm-hm.
And is there any way happiness can come from this sad situation? Well, don't.
I know someone who mixed her home and her work life, and it blew up in her face.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
But if you erm If you see this person, ask them something.
If they're looking for Mr Right, but the only contenders you meet outside your office are murderers and pimps, maybe the only place you're going to meet him is at work.
ANSWERPHONE: This is Randall Buller-Turi.
'Please leave a message.
Chief Superintendent Mike Walker.
I know you're scared and you're feeling out of your depth.
You know you're in danger, but we can give you the protection you need.
The best thing you can do is to let me help you.
So call me.
We'll talk this through and sort it out.
Take care.
We've got both floors.
Briefing room and admin's through there.
McGILL: Did you manage to get in touch with him? DCI's office.
And what did you say? And he believed you? Squad room.
It's pretty tight for space.
So we had to fit you in where we could.
Do I get a code to that door? Photocopier's in there.
Stationery stuff.
You're in here.
Do you want to put me further away? Cos there's a cafe on the other side of the street I could set myself up in if it suited you and your boys better.
Anything you need, just ask.
Nice touch.
Do you have children, Chief Superintendent? Yes, I have two.
I have a daughter of a similar age to Imogen.
And do you think you understand her? No.
No, very rarely.
Sometimes I think the best I can do is just be there for her.
Have a seat.
I'll be with you in a minute.
(How's she doing?) (Anyone would think she's back on message, once I stumped up offering her 50 grand reward.
) (Do you think the daughter's going to give herself up?) (Her sweet little Imogen has been lying to me through her teeth from day one, and I fell for it.
) (I'm not exactly the go-to guy when it comes to working out what's in her bloody mind.
) (Getting a little bit touchy on this one, aren't we, Mike?) TV: As her parents, we know the strain that Imogen has been under since the horrific murder of the man she had hoped to marry.
If anyone has information that might help find her, I ask them to come forward to please contact the police.
And if you're listening to this, Imogen, just get in touch.
Just call me, please.
MAN: 'Hello.
This is Imogen Buller.
I need to speak to erm .
Ohran Hikmet.
Miss Buller.
You have brightened my day.
We need to meet.
Are you paying with cash or card? Cash.
TANNOY: Passengers catching the next shuttle service to Heathrow, please note that flight BA7064 to Frankfurt is delayed.
Hey! OK, can I have everyone's attention? DCI Connor is going to head the briefing on Ohran Hikmet.
Right, my first point.
Let's not forget that murder and drugs are after the same man.
Ohran Hikmet is Actually, before we start, I'm just Any clearer? Who's following Hikmet's distribution network? OK, other than Clem Ross, do we have any other distributors? We've established eight targets, all with positive associations with Hikmet.
For six of those, we've got details of transactions.
OK, great.
Their names? I'm afraid I can't tell you that.
Any advance word on Hikmet's next importation? Your murder suspect is part of a complicated web of drug investigations.
We have to be very careful where we tread here.
I'm aware of that.
OK, you have a source - Christine.
She was close enough to Clem Ross to lead us to his lock-up.
I want to talk to her.
I want to find her.
I want to find out who else she knows.
This is what I mean, Jack.
We can't discuss what information we can or can't give DCI Connor.
Not while she's in the room.
You see that? Does everybody see that? I am a cop.
I do the same job as you.
Do you understand? This is a murder.
This is not a murder team.
Can everyone just calm down a little here? We have to sort this out, Jack, in private.
It's OK, please.
I'll head off to my sweet little office above the toilet.
Let us just talk here for five minutes.
You can use my office.
Imogen Buller.
She does a runner from the house - what time Wednesday night? 10:20.
She makes calls to Clem Rose's mobile ten minutes and 20 minutes later - leaves him two messages warning him we are on to him.
But she's obviously not aware that he's already dead.
So she's working out a plan B.
Which if we look at her movements since then she doesn't seem to have.
Maybe, but something's keeping her in London.
Something in her head.
Otherwise why didn't she put her foot to the gas peddle and not stop till she reached Land's End? What else have we got? We've got a bank transaction alert - puts her at an ATM here 11:15 yesterday.
Draws out a maximum of £1,000.
Then CCTV pick her up leaving Paddington last night.
Then we get the report she stayed here last night.
Maybe she just ran out of options, decides to lie low.
No, I reckon she's got a plan.
Hang on.
She made a call this morning before she ran.
To a number that appears on Clem Rose's mobile log.
What? 12 times? She wouldn't be dumb enough to be calling Hikmet? Would she? Do you want me to have a word with McGill? Like a little schoolgirl running to Daddy? No, but thank you, though.
I'll talk to you later, yeah? Yeah.
DCI McGill's phone.
WOMAN: 'Is he there?'.
No, he's in a meeting.
'Tell him it's important.
I've got something on the guy he's after.
OK, hold on, let me see if I can get him for you.
One tick.
Sorry, I can't seem to get hold of him.
You're going to have to give me the information.
Christine? Where's Jack? Oh, he asked me to talk to you.
My arrangement's with McGill.
OK, He told me that.
He told me that, Christine.
About the money? Yeah.
He says you strike a tough deal.
He says you're one of his best sources.
He's a real charmer, your Mr McGill.
Oh, yeah, he's a prince.
What have you got for me, Christine? Did he tell you the rate? Tell me about Hikmet.
This morning Hikmet pulls me over.
He knows I used to do a lot for Clem Ross.
Deliveries across town, that kind of thing.
Anyway, he's getting heavy.
He wants to know why Clem didn't deliver the goods he agreed, was asking where he is.
I told him what I heard - how Clem's dead and the cops got the coke.
MOBILE RINGS Then he gets a call.
He makes an arrangement to meet with a girl.
Miss Buller, you have brightened my day.
We need to meet.
And you're sure that's what you heard? You're gonna make sure this gets back to McGill.
He needs to know he owes me for this.
I promise you.
Trust me.
Mike, I have information.
Imogen is meeting Hikmet in one hour.
I want to set it up and I want to bring them both in fast.
Yep, thanks.
Where is everybody? Maybe it was just a bad dream and they've disappeared.
What the hell is going on? I've just had word of an incident that was reported last week.
Shots fired in a pub car park.
Then a car chase.
And this is news because? The cartridge case found at the scene gives us a match with the three found beside Sebastian Cole's body.
We need DCI Connor in on this.
Still no word? I get the feeling she's avoiding us.
First hard evidence we have linking Hikmet in Connor's investigation, and she's not taking calls.
Maybe she didn't like the welcome we gave her.
You know, if this information is right, we're only ten minutes away from a very welcome double hit.
I still think DCI McGill should have been in on this.
He told me he had a very complicated web of drugs investigations to deal with.
I wouldn't want to take him and his team away from that.
You say you called him to get him over here? Yes.
I'm not the one holding out on information here, Mike.
I wouldn't like to think there was anything personal getting in the way of good policing.
Please just stop the sexual tension bollocks.
I think we've got some action.
OK, nobody move until he gets out of the car.
You got him? Is it Hikmet? Yeah.
All units, we have a positive ID on target one.
Firearms to the ready.
Jesus! Get out of the vehicle! Get out of the vehicle! Mr Hikmet.
Mr Hikmet.
Imogen, are you all right? Look at me.
OK, get an ambulance immediately.
Can you speak? OK, stay there.
We need an ambulance.
I didn't know there were drugs hidden in the screen.
Well, that's why Clem Ross came to the house.
I believed him when he said he was concerned for me.
He said he wanted to help.
When you found out that we knew that Clem Ross was involved in the drugs scam, you did a runner.
I was scared.
Of Ohran Hikmet? Of you! You were trying to prove me guilty of importing drugs.
We have evidence that you contacted Hikmet by phone and arranged to meet him.
No, that's not true.
How could I? I've never met him.
I certainly don't have his number.
Really? You were waiting in the Turkish cafe for him to arrive.
Sebastian told me that was where he was introduced to Hikmet.
I went there looking for him.
To run him down? No.
To try and make sense of all this.
To see the man you said killed Sebastian.
"It was only when I saw Ohran Hikmet" that the anger I felt poured out.
Next thing I knew, "my foot was on the floor and I was driving at speed towards him.
" That's very good (!) I hope you find a publisher.
Meanwhile in the real world, sweetheart, look what's stacking up against you.
Attempted murder of Ohran Hikmet, perverting the course of justice and importing class A drugs.
Mr Hikmet, I trust you're nice and comfortable.
I'm your very own police liaison officer.
I'm going to be in charge of locking you in a cell for the next 15-20 years.
Where shall we start? How about the murder of Sebastian Cole? Do I look stupid to you? Do you think we didn't know about you? Ohran Hikmet.
Born Ankara, 1963.
Qualified as an engineer.
Two children.
Speaks Turkish, Kurdish, English, fluently.
Kills people.
Oh, OK, that last bit was me.
The knock on the head I don't remember nothing forfor five years.
(CHUCKLES) Right, let's park the attempted murder charge to one side for a minute, shall we? Maybe you'll persuade a jury it was a crime of passion - temporary insanity, whatever.
But when it comes to the drug deal the truth is everything points to you being up to your ass in it.
The drugs officers want to talk to you about the cocaine.
They'll crawl over every detail of your private life.
Every receipt, cheque stub, phone call, text message.
They will find the evidence they need to pin you to the wall.
You're going to stand in the dock and face charges for importing class A drugs.
Want a preview of what they're going to throw at you? £240,000 sterling of your money transferred from your account to Cyprus.
You say without your knowledge.
A deal was struck between Ohran Hikmet and your fiance Sebastian.
You say without your knowledge.
You went to Ecuador with Sebastian.
He bought eight kilos of cocaine using the funds from the Cyprus account.
Again, you say without your knowledge.
And the drugs are despatched, hidden in wooden screens, to your mother's address, also without your knowledge.
Your friend Clem Ross comes to the house and leaves with the cocaine.
Once again, you say, without your knowledge.
Doesn't sound too good, does it? But before we get to the main event - I suggest we take a minute's silence in honour of the life you used to have.
Take a little time and think about all that.
We have information linking you to the Rodriguez family in Columbia.
Ohran, we both know the Columbians are very unhappy you lost their eight kilos.
You see - the person that you say I am .
he sounds like a very dangerous man.
If you tell us how to get to the Rodriguez boys .
maybe we might be able to bring them in .
before they get to you in your prison cell.
That must have been pretty exciting, huh? Sexy, even.
Pretending to be a drug dealer.
Great fun.
But it's not about the money, is it? It's never been about the money with you.
The first I knew about what Sebastian was doing was when it all went wrong.
Hikmet was after him.
Did you and Sebastian fall out with Hikmet over money? That's what usually happens with these guys.
Is that why Hikmet and his boys chased you across town? It wasn't so much fun by then because Sebastian had a bullet in his head.
Stop it! Stop.
Imogen Imogen, do you really think you can brazen it out in a courtroom? This is your chance to tell the truth.
Are you willing to testify against Ohran Hikmet at his trial for the murder of Sebastian Cole? He's not exactly falling over himself to give you anything.
He will when it suits him.
He knows he's caught between us and the Columbians.
You don't think he's more scared of the Rodriguez family than of you? Yes, but he's asking himself what's more likely? Us pulling in the Columbians or him getting a call saying, forget about the eight Ks of cocaine.
By the way Have you given any more thought to what we discussed? About meeting Mr Right? A little.
Maybe when this investigation's all tied up, I'll I'll do something about it.
I look forward to that.
Imogen Buller-Turi signed a witness statement at 11:13.
I've read the statement back to you.
In this statement, you acknowledge your association with Mr Hikmet and Mr Cole in the importation of class A drugs.
This statement will be passed on to the Crown Prosecution Service and used in the case against Mr Hikmet.
Is there anything you wish to add or alter? No.
We may need to question you further as to the events leading up to the death of Mr Cole.
Is that clear? Is that clear? Yes.
That's fine.
Right, I'm off now.
I'd like to say it's been a blast working with you, but What's happened? Something bad.
We spent months building up a set of informants for this investigation.
Now they're all hiding from us.
Some of them aren't even taking calls.
Something has them spooked.
First off, we'll go through the witness statement.
Don't you want to start with the investigation summary? OK, if you prefer to do it that way.
Oh, I don't seem to erm Ah, here we are.
Have you worked on many murder trials? This is my first.
But it seems to me without the witness testimony, without Imogen Buller-Turi, you don't have too much that a good defence man won't pull apart.
I'm sure it's nothing a good crown man can't handle.
Well, the Buller testimony surely ties the whole thing up.
It links Hikmet and Sebastian Cole.
Puts Hikmet in a car, chasing Sebastian and Imogen Buller across London with a gun in his hand.
Now, short of a confession from Hikmet, I don't see how much easier it can get.
His defence appear to be rather desperate.
They picked up on a comment from their pathologist's report and are trying to make something of it, regarding cause of death.
Two bullets in the chest, one in the head - and they can't recognise cause of death? The man's just trying to do his job.
He's asked to look at the erm Medical debris from the flat and the heart monitor equipment from the ambulance.
Why? There's a statement there from Imogen Buller where she says Sebastian was still conscious when she got out of the ambulance.
They're just flying kites.
If you haven't seen Christine today, have they? No, I don't think so.
OK, thank you.
'Roisin, where are you?' Mike, I was just about to call you.
There's work still to be done here.
Look, I'm on my way back now.
Do you think he could grow a moustache or something by trial? Who? Fisher.
His birth certificate might say he's 30 and his CV tells us he's a lawyer, but when we go to trial the jury will be wondering what a school boy's doing with the prosecution.
Chief Superintendent! We might need a bit of a rethink in our case against Mr Hikmet.
Because? I just got off the phone from Ms Buller-Turi's solicitor.
She's changed her mind.
She's not going to testify.
I thought we had an understanding.
I thought all we had was a hypothetical discussion.
You agreed to testify because you knew it was in your best interests.
It still is.
What happened in the meantime? I changed my mind.
We're talking about testifying against the killer of the man you say you loved.
I did love.
Then why are you happy to see Hikmet walk free? Imogen, is this about intimidation? Are you being threatened? Your parents? There are systems we can put in place.
Give you protection.
It isn't about the intimidation.
My mother says you have a daughter my age.
She's a little older.
Couldn't have been easy, having a police officer as a father.
She seemed to cope pretty well.
Never rebel just a little? Went off the rails? Yeah, well, there were moments, yes.
But you always forgave her? Well, she's my daughter.
Is there anything you wouldn't forgive her for? Anything that she told you that you wish she hadn't? Imogen, whatever it is you are trying to tell me, just say it.
I think I'd better leave.
Imogen! When you say you didn't exactly follow the rules when you were working with McGill's team, what are we talking about? I think it's best if you don't know the specifics.
That's fine by me, but are we talking about bending a little rule or breaking a big one? It's pretty big.
As in - there goes my badge? DCI Connor.
Jack What happened? Well, it didn't take Hikmet's boys long to find out how you found their boss.
Christine was your source.
They pulled her off the street.
Left her like this.
Nice work (!) Where the hell's Roisin? I'll call you back.
Imogen Buller's a pain in the ass! She had to sort something out.
First the girl says she's going to testify against Hikmet, then she won't.
There's still something she's holding back.
So what happens now? Do we still go to trial? No, we go through the evidence, see if we can find out what scared her.
Wasn't it Hikmet and his men? Well, she just tried to bury him under half a ton of BMW.
Doesn't seem too scared to me.
There's got to be something else.
Whatever's got Imogen Buller too scared to testify happened either before or after Sebastian died, right? There's a logic to that, as far as it goes.
OK, let's start with before.
We've got three things pinning down the exact time of Sebastian's death.
Correct? Why are we trying to establish exact time of death? We're not.
Bear with me, Satch.
The time code on the vital signs printout from the ambulance says it went dead at 8:41.
Yeah? The time on the mobile phone clip says 8:38.
Now, the controller of the emergency services says he lost contact with the ambulance .
at 8:36.
This is all pretty inexact.
These different devices are never set to the same time.
But we made assumptions about the order of events.
Controller loses contact with the ambulance because of the crash.
Hikmet puts a bullet in Sebastian's head.
Vital signs printout stop.
Sebastian's dead.
Sounds good to me.
What if the vital signs stop before the crash because Sebastian is already dead? Imogen said she saw Sebastian still conscious in the ambulance before she left him.
Why would she say that if it wasn't true? Yeah, that's what I've been asking myself.
Why the hell would she say that? Why the hell would she? (Ellis called me, told me the story.
) (Your friend McGill is talking about making a formal complaint against you.
) You know what? I don't blame him.
I've got to talk to Mike.
No, no, you need to talk to McGill.
Talk him out of it.
Once you tell Mike, there's no going back.
There's no unsaying what's been said.
Satch I want us to go back to Abbott Square.
Check it over again.
Let's go.
Just wait in the car.
Imogen, we need to talk.
I'll walk with you.
Why are you here? It's not too late to tell the truth about what happened that day.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, you do.
Do you want to tell me or them? Tell you what? You withheld Sebastian's medication that day - didn't you? - before the ambulance arrived.
That's not true.
You're just telling me that to make me change my mind.
This is what's left of the pills you threw down the sink.
We found them in the drain.
It's not what it looks like.
You don't understand.
It was the only way.
You can see that, can't you? Hikmet and his thugs were right outside the flat with guns.
The ambulance was the only way I could get out of there.
I couldn't give the medication to Sebastian.
I didn't want him to die! I loved him.
I was trying to save us both.
Please believe me.
(TEARFUL) Please.
I believe you.
You loved him, but you killed him.
Now go and bury him.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost.
As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end.
Are you here to talk about this? I came here to try and change your mind.
On the way I made a list of reasons as to why you should and .
I couldn't think of any.
You used your authority to put other people's lives at risk.
I can see that there is nothing that I could say or Or do to make that right.
Or for you to forgive me.
Do I have to say goodbye to this? You can't undo what you've done.
But it's not about whether I forgive you And it's not about this.
It's about remembering something, Roisin.
It's not the badge that matters.
It's the heart behind it.