Trial and Retribution (1997) s12e01 Episode Script

Siren (1)

There's no way I'm gonna get a full team out here.
I'm sorry, why? It's pointless searching in the dark.
Dig them out of their beds and get them here.
Understand? Am I not speaking English to you? Yes, guv.
Thank you.
DCS Walker.
Roisin! How is it? Couldn't be better.
They're begging me to open the roads before I've even got a flash search done.
The CCTV is either down or in a blind spot, depending on who you ask.
The Collisions Investigation Unit is tied up in Hounslow for an hour.
And the Crime Scene Manager can't take his eyes off my tits.
What's this? Are you off to the opera? I wish.
Four hours of boring speeches, a plate of rubber chicken, some of the dullest ACs, DACs and Borough Commanders who ever picked up a badge - why do I go to these things? Driver died of his injuries sustained at the crash.
The paramedic is in the ICU with a punctured lung and head trauma.
I have one eyewitness who said she saw a black Audi or Merc travelling at 80 alongside the ambulance.
But not the collision? No.
The ambulance was on its way back to the A&E.
It had been on an emergency call three miles north of here.
I've got Satch on his way there now.
Have we got an ID on him? Just the original 999 call.
His wife or girlfriend called in, gave his first name as Sebastian .
suffering some kind of heart condition.
He's not suffering any more, is he? No.
He was wired up for vital signs.
The read-out breaks off at 8:41.
It's not every day we get such a precise time of death.
Oh, yeah - I have three cartridge cases for in there.
Wife or girlfriend.
Name unknown.
She was also in the ambulance at the time.
So where the hell is she? Evening.
The address where the ambulance made the pick-up.
There's no mail, no name on the door, no nothing.
'I'm afraid we've got nothing here, sarge.
How soon can we get details on the leaseholder? 'Leave it with me.
Well done.
Get it down the station for me.
Mike, we've got a second eyewitness.
Says she saw the collision as she drove by from over there.
About a hundred metres away.
But she says she's certain that she saw the car driving towards the ambulance.
So the ambulance is forced off the road here .
by the Mercedes, who hits the brakes, stops.
It fits with what the Collision gave us.
But what was our mystery woman doing while this was going on? I don't know.
Shewhat, staggers from the wreck before the gunman gets there? Either that or she's out here somewhere.
Yeah, or our gunman appears, puts three bullets into Sebastian, picks up the girlfriend and drives off.
For reasons as yet unknown.
For reasons we'd better figure out before she ends up dead, just like her boyfriend.
Oh, nice.
Very nice.
Oh Shit! What's your problem, mate? MY problem? Hasn't anyone ever told you what wing mirrors are for? Randall, please come down.
This is all getting tedious.
The delivery man's just he's just backed into a car.
Now he's arguing.
With what looks like an insurance salesman.
You saw what happened, lady! You saw whose fault this was! First you dump this stuff in the drive and won't take it inside, and now you want my help? He is the guilty party.
I'll put it in writing whenever you like.
Who are you, anyway? Detective Sergeant David Satchell.
You go and sit in your cab with your license and insurance, yeah? Sorry, Mr and Mrs um .
Buller-Turi? Mm, that's correct.
You own the lease on 6D Abbott Square.
What's this about? An emergency call was placed from there a few hours ago.
An ambulance crew went to the help of a man identified as Sebastian.
You know him? Sebastian Cole.
Our daughter Imogen's fiance.
Well, umunfortunately, the ambulance was involved in a collision.
We believe your daughter was in the vehicle at the time.
OK, Satchell's ID'd the girl.
Her name's Imogen.
Imogen Buller-Turi.
Our victim's name was Sebastian Cole.
They were due to get married in two weeks.
A case of no wedding and a funeral.
The family has money.
A lot of money.
You don't think this is a kidnap, do you? No.
No, if you're gonna kidnap somebody, you choose your target, you watch them for two, three weeks, get to know their routine.
You choose the day and the location.
What you don't do is hope you kill your target by running them off the road.
Did we get any eyewitnesses, CCTV? Nothing much.
Jesus! Sebastian Cole.
One bullet in the head, two in the chest.
Close range.
Powder burns suggest less than a metre.
Any enemies? Well, none that would carry guns.
But he did get his face slapped pretty regularly.
He was famous for being photographed with his famous girlfriend.
From the press clippings, it seems that he did an awful lot of nothing much, really.
He'd talk his way into a long line of jobs and then lose them within a week.
Hooked up with Imogen about a year ago.
He's a gold-digger.
Look at that smile.
I'd say he is bad news and about as easy to read as a children's book.
(CHUCKLES) And you're a good judge? Feel free to get personal, Mike.
You know the score, Roisin.
Stick to the evidence, not whether or not you like his smile.
How's the girl? Oh, two broken ribs, cuts, bruises, some signs of hypothermia from last night's frost, but other than that, she's OK.
What do we know about her? Imogen Buller-Turi, It-girl, tabloid fodder - 20,000 Google hits, all with pictures like these on them.
Apparently, she's a model, a film producer, photographer, she's writing a book.
Yeah, makes you wonder how she finds the time.
What? You know what we're dealing with, don't you? We've got a tabloid couple - the press will be all over this, screwing up our leads and witnesses.
I know how a high-profile investigation works, Mike.
We'll get a rash of editorials about what's the country coming to because an ambulance, a symbol of hope and humanity, is forced off the road, one dead paramedic, one hanging by a thread, attacked while trying to save a life.
Jesus! It's tabloid heaven.
I get it.
And they don't even know Sebastian Cole got a bullet in his head yet.
That's all we bloody need.
Could you give us a quote? This way, Miss Buller! This way! .
identified as Sebastian Cole, is believed to have been travelling in an ambulance forced off a motorway slip road.
Also involved in the incident is Cole's It-girl fiancee, Imogen Buller-Turi.
Her mother and millionaire businesswoman, Tanya Buller, has made no comment as she arrived home here.
Imogen Buller-Turi is reported to be stable and recovering from her injuries.
Is it worth me saying how useful it would have been to have this ID'd as Sebastian Cole's car yesterday? No, but you're gonna keep saying it, and like I told you, it's a rental.
We had nothing to connect it to Cole.
Ah! What have we got here? Something to keep us going between parties? Is anyone still thinking this is some sort of road rage thing? No.
Two hits to the chest and one to the head screams contract killing to me.
Satch, forget about the road rage thing.
Would the Merc have forced the ambulance off the road if it wasn't sure that Sebastian Cole was in the back? What, you think they might have seen him being loaded into it? Hassan! Ali! Right, what have we got here, Satch? So far, the only fingerprints we've been able to identify are Sebastian Cole's.
Scene of Crime found saliva traces and medical debris here.
Plus, we found an empty blister pack of pills here.
Er VerVeripidox.
His GP records show that Mr Cole was recently diagnosed as suffering from er Peroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia? Well, it's very rare.
Anyway, you can contain it with medication - the veripi what do you call it? Right, well, glad we cleared that up, eh (?) In the recording of her 999 call, Imogen Buller said she gave him the last two meds, but that wasn't enough.
We didn't find any in the car.
Please help him.
I don't know what happened when we After we left the flat.
I umI remember that .
I remember that er I remember the ambulance .
went out of control.
I was I tried to get help.
And I probably er I must have blacked out.
And I When I came round, I sawlights.
And you were there.
With a man.
With this man.
He held onto me and You told me other than a couple of broken ribs and some bruises that she was fine.
I cannot allow you to push her any further until she's had time to recover.
Understand? Sebastian! I want to see Sebastian! No, Imogen, please, stay still.
You need to get plenty of rest.
Mrs Buller Get your hands off me! I'm actually a police officer.
She is not up to interrogation.
I will speak to your senior officer about this! Alan Lester, your ambulance driver.
11 hours into a 12-hour shift.
Pretty healthy.
35-year-old father of two.
Mr Cole's system, on the other hand, was a chemistry set when he died.
Mostly legitimate.
Traces of the prescribed Veripidox, I assume self-administered, to try and arrest the arrhythmia.
What would happen, in plain English, if he forgot to take his meds? Well, his heart rate keeps rising.
140, 180, maybe 200 beats a minute.
Decreased function, possible cardiac arrest.
That's why the paramedics gave him more meds to get his heart rate down again.
You said "mostly legitimate.
" Yes, his blood and urine samples both tested positive for cocaine.
There's a big surprise (!) Bullets - in good condition for comparison.
Oh, I'd better get that.
Thanks, Jim.
What do we know about Imogen and Sebastian's last movements in the last couple of days? Mother said they'd just come back off holiday - a week on the beach in Cyprus.
Followed by a trek through Ecuador to look at some Inca sites.
How come you're not taking the girl's statement? Mike didn't think I was the man for the job.
We left the flat, Sebastian's flat .
at about two o'clock.
He said we should get some lunch.
At a place by the river.
He never was one to overwork himself.
Mother, please.
I'm sorry, darling.
But he was practically living off your allowance.
Can we stick to the events of Wednesday, please? You spent the previous night at Mr Cole's, yes? Yes.
We were just we were just watching a movie.
A night in.
Nothing special.
To us.
To the future.
SATCHELL: You might want to look at some of this.
Our young Sebastian was a bit of a banker.
I bought some suits for Sebastian.
It wasn't like that! He was going to pay everything back.
As soon as you'd signed the contract on his deal.
What deal was that? Importing ethnic art.
To sell in the Buller chain of hotels.
You buy it cheap, ship it home, mark it up a few hundred per cent.
I thought it would keep him out of trouble.
Obviously not.
Then what happened after you bought the suits? We went to Abbott Square to measure someone of the rooms.
That was about 8:30.
Did you or Sebastian see anyone? Did he call anyone during that time? No.
It was just a really normal day.
Do you know anyone who would want to kill Sebastian? Nobody.
Business partners? Ex lovers? MOTHER: She hardly knew the man five minutes, how could she know that? He was going to be my husband, Mother.
Imogen Imogen, why do you think Sebastian was killed? Well, Tanya Buller is really pissed off that Sebastian Cole was dipping into her daughter's allowances.
Goes deeper than that.
Do you want the whole Fraud Squad paper trail analysis, or just the headlines? Take a wild guess.
There's a lot of movement between Sebastian and Imogen's accounts.
One transfer stands out.
It was made on the 15th of this month, from one of Imogen's accounts to a bank in North Cyprus.
Where they both spent two weeks before heading off to Ecuador.
For £240,000.
That's a hell of a lot of travellers cheques.
Which means whatever Sebastian Cole was mixed up in, Imogen must have been a part of.
OK, Rois, let's say you're right about Sebastian Cole being a gold-digger.
But I think you're wrong about Imogen.
And that's nothing to do with you having a daughter the same age, same vulnerable look in her big, brown eyes? Very cute, Roisin.
Am I wrong, Mike? Very.
Imogen Buller's a witness in a murder investigation.
Did she know the man she was about to marry was a drug dealer? Whoa.
He's a user, yeah, but dealer? We've had the analysis back from the cocaine you found in the car.
His prints are all over the bag.
The cocaine is pure, very pure.
100% coca.
I want to know where he got it, why he had it.
Sales sample? Yeah, well, I go back to my little school boy's atlas and it intrigues me to see how close Colombia, source of most of the world's cocaine, is to Ecuador.
It seems to me that our boy here wanted to use his girlfriend's money to fund a drug deal.
A deal that went wrong and led to him getting a bullet in his skull.
When will they ever learn? OK, Clem.
Ohran, man.
Aren't we still friends? I don't like it when a deal goes wrong.
Oh, Ohran, believe me, it's not the way I wanted it to go.
These boys, they don't like you.
Don't give me reason to let them hurt you.
Do what you have to do.
(SOBS) What are these doing here? Oh, my darling.
No, it's OK, sweetheart.
Let's just get you into the sitting room.
Come on.
So er what's that all about? These are all the things they'd bought together for the new flat.
The start of a married life she'll never have.
You er don't seem as set against Sebastian as your wife.
Personally, I found him very appealing.
He reminded me of an old boyfriend.
Imogen, we now know that your fiance transferred money from your trust account on the 15th of last month.
He always looked after the finances.
He was always so much better at it than me.
Well, he transferred £240,000 to an account in northern Cyprus .
a couple of days before you were both due to arrive there.
Were you aware of that? That must be a mistake.
240,000? Into an account in his name.
Do you know, I I warned her.
She wouldn't listen.
The banks in northern Cyprus are well known for having lax banking regulations.
I'm sorry.
I I don't really understand.
It means he could move the money on somewhere else without leaving a trace.
Imogen's always had her difficulties.
Like all girls.
She had problems when her father died.
There was a whole sort of eating thing.
She was down to Well, she was down to nearly 6½ stone at one point.
Did she ever mention drugs to you? We found a quantity of pure cocaine in Sebastian's car.
We believe he's involved in a deal to import a large amount of it into this country.
Jesus, Imogen.
How could you be so foolish? Tell me about your trip to Ecuador.
Um, we stayed at a place called Cuyabeno.
Near the Colombian border.
About 30 kilometres, yes.
Did Sebastian arrange to meet anyone while you weren't there? Did he take a trip on his own? No.
Imogen, I know you want to protect him, but I have to ask you again.
At any time, was Sebastian on his own during that trip? Only once.
He wanted to trek into the jungle, and .
he thought it was too dangerous for me.
That was a lie, wasn't it? Yeah.
My guess is, his "trip to the jungle" was a charter flight into Colombia to meet his contact and buy a bulk of cocaine.
Mike, all this new evidence fits with the idea of Sebastian Cole being a drug importer.
We have the transfer of funds, we have the wrap of pure in his car.
But? But he hasn't got a history of dealing, let alone importation.
That means he's an amateur.
He's going to need a bona fide introduction to an importer before they'll even take his call.
You get the go-between, you'll get closer to Sebastian's killer.
DC Connor.
Hang on.
For you.
Put him through.
Frank Vernon.
Writes for the Express.
Bit of a pain in the arse, but I owe him a favour.
Frank! How have you been? Oh no.
How can you expect me to comment on something I haven't seen? Frank, I'm going to put you on speakerphone.
'It's on a kid's blog.
It's had a few thousand hits since it came online.
How did it get there, Frank? 'The kid was driving his dad's car without a license.
He shot it on his mobile, and posted it anonymously.
He didn't want to get in the shit by coming to you with it.
Do a search for Killer On Camera, and you'll get to it.
How are we doing? Nearly there, Mike.
OK, everybody, relax.
Dave Satchell has saved the day.
What have you got? I've got some juice on Sebastian Cole.
I went through everything - supermarket receipts, First Communion photos - and I struck gold.
Sebastian used to share a flat with a man named Clem Ross.
Good enough friends for Sebastian to be Clem Rose's best man about three years ago.
Dear God, Satch, what is the punch line? Clem Ross is a known middle-market cocaine supplier.
The go-between.
OK, I've got it.
When did this come in? Ian, we've got a registration plate on the Mercedes.
Get hold of tech support.
See if they can punch it up for me.
As soon as we find out if and how this guy Clem Ross is linked to our tale, we talk to Imogen Buller again.
See if she knows what kind of people her dearly departed fiance was buddies with.
Nice work, Satch.
OK, team.
I'm going to run that again.
I'm so glad you're here, Clem.
It was hell.
I didn't know what was happening.
Seb was in the back of the ambulance.
Sirens were screaming.
Do the police know what it was all about? They asked me a million questions.
But I don't think they know anything.
I'm so glad you're here.
It's OK.
I'll take the screens.
So Ross used to work in the city? Yeah.
Started off supplying the boys in the office.
Then gave up stocks and shares to trade coke full time.
Did five years back in the '9os for dealing.
'Who the hell are these two?'.
Anybody see these two before? Could be the two we don't have faces for.
Mid 2os.
The woman is too old.
Get a registered keeper check on the vehicle.
Must be Rose's day to help out at the orphanage.
'What the hell is she doing?'.
Maybe they're Jehovah's Witnesses.
When I was a kid, all this was warehouses.
As far as you could see down there.
Targets 1 and 2 leaving the scene.
Stand by to follow the targets.
Save it for the memoirs, Satch.
'Target 1 is taking a call.
Target 1 has spotted us.
What do we do? 'Everyone just stay cool here.
We've got a problem.
What? The address is under surveillance by a drugs team.
We've got an obs unit in the building opposite.
Target 2 has got the word.
She's looking straight down our throats.
What do we do? Get ready and bring them in.
We just make our excuses and leave.
OK? 'What's she got in her hand? Looks like a warrant card.
You are kidding me.
They're not going to be happy with us about this.
We say our sorries.
We screwed up.
His name is McGill.
He's a DCI.
He's got a reputation for pissing people off to get the job done.
Really? If he thinks he can walk all over me, he's got another think coming.
Here he is.
DCI Connor.
DCI McGill.
18 months' work you put at risk.
Did I not just say I was sorry? Clem Ross was about to lead us to some big players.
Then you walk in like a teenager - I screwed up.
I apologise.
What is it that you want? My badge? I'm not sure the Met could hold on to its clear-up rates without officers like you two on the payroll.
See what happens when you spend too long in the dark, looking through binoculars? That cannot be good for married life, can it? Hands up anyone whose wife has not yet kicked them into the spare room? You need to learn basic procedure.
Because I'm about to put you on the floor? Check if a suspect's address is flagged, before you dance on their carpet.
Enough! Play time is over, boys and girls.
We need a nice little chat about creative collaboration.
In here.
Point One.
Any more scenes like that in front of your teams, and you both get to stay behind after school.
Yes? Sure.
Point two.
There seems to be an overlap between the murder squad and the drugs team.
Let's think of this as a good thing, and not a problem.
Agreed? Sir.
Point three.
I want a full exchange of information from both teams.
Agreed? Agreed.
Our information tells us this Colombian producer has an arrangement to import cocaine into the UK via this man.
Ohran Hikmet.
Information from what source? I'm afraid I can't tell you that.
Good start.
And how does Clem Ross fit in? Our intelligence tells us Ross is one of Hikmet's distributors.
Is it worth me asking the source of that intelligence? I can't tell you that either.
This is going to be great fun.
We set up an OP for the flat, looking for a positive association between Hikmet and Ross.
Unfortunately, Sonny and Cher turn up instead, and put a note through Clem's door, saying, "Tell all your friends to lay low for a while.
" I don't want to cramp your style, or tread on a good punch line.
But tomorrow's paper might be a pretty good clue he needs to pack up his toothbrush and run.
But Hikmet won't.
Why? Because he's Mr Tough Guy? No.
Because he's made a commitment to his Colombian suppliers.
He can't just pack up and run.
If he doesn't do what he's committed to, the Colombians will find him, and they will kill him very quickly.
'Do you know a man called Clement Ross? Yes, of course.
He's a friend of Sebastian's.
He came to see me just a few hours ago.
Is that him? Yes.
What did he want? Did he ask about Sebastian? Of course he did.
He asked when the funeral was, and he wanted to know if there was anything he could do to help me.
Clem Ross spent five years in prison for supplying cocaine.
What?! Your mother is on the way back now.
Do you know where Clem Ross is now? I suppose at home.
Clem isn't involved in this thing.
He couldn't be.
So how come you ended up running a drugs team? You know? Instead of a grown-up unit? You know, I'm If you'd developed a personality, .
you might be a bit of a catch.
When you smile like that, it makes me want to swoon at your feet.
It's lucky you're not my type.
If I was your type, I'd be in a world of pain.
Two things.
Why are we sitting here and just watching the world go by? And um Is she checking you out, or me? Christine! You OK? Who is she? She's my new best friend.
RADIO: 'No movement at Clem Rose's flat.
Look after yourself.
Are all your sources as cute as that? Hm? She used to have a serious habit.
Cleaned herself up.
Now she helps me whenever she hears anything.
The address of a lock-up Clem Ross was using less than a week ago.
Why don't you relax, get a coffee, let murder team take it from here? No way.
My source.
My call.
I don't want you bringing Ross in and scaring off our mutual friend Hikmet.
What are you waiting for? You may be aware of a video clip.
It's been posted on the Internet.
It shows the events after the crash of the ambulance.
Have you seen the clip? I tried not to watch it.
But I felt I had to.
Did you recognise the man in the clip? The car he was driving? No.
Did Sebastian ever mention the name Ohran Hikmet? Not that I That's enough.
Mother, it's OK.
No, it is not OK.
I suppose you've seen this.
I have no control over what the press choose to print.
We have a family lawyer and this is his number.
Thank you.
From now on, contact with this family will be though him.
Mrs Buller - Imogen, you must rest.
Randall, please take her upstairs.
I'll see these gentlemen out.
Mrs Buller, we're just trying to do our job.
If Imogen will just answer a few questions - The press are persecuting my daughter.
So are you.
She has told you everything she knows.
Imogen, will you please go upstairs? I understand that, um If you won't leave, that would be trespass, and I can call the police to have you arrested.
Excuse me.
RADIO: 'We've got confirmation on the car, guv.
It's registered to Ross.
So what? We just wait here? Well, if you're asking, do we find out what's happening before we walk in there, blowing our whistle and waving our warrant card, .
the answer is yes.
PHONE Roisin.
I'm here at the lock-up with the nice boys from drugs.
They seem to have it in their head that we should just sit tight and play the waiting game.
I say we get in there.
How does it look? Um The lights are on.
The sign above the door says KZI Imports.
Does it ring any bells? 'KZI? Don't think so.
Go and take a look.
Get in there.
And tell McGill this is a murder investigation.
We take precedence over drugs.
Will do.
Thank you.
KZI is stamped on the furniture, Mike.
You know? At the Bullers' place.
Mike? Well? We're going in.
Do you know I've had enough of this? OK.
How did these get here? There must be a delivery note.
What? Eight items listed.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
What has this got to do with anything? Missing - two decorative screens.
OK, I need to talk to Imogen.
No, you can't go up there.
No! Imogen! Imogen! Imo! Jesus.
Hello? Hello, Roisin.
It's in the furniture.
The cocaine is in the furniture.
Yes, OK, Mike.
I'm on it.
I need a list of Imogen's friends.
People she'd go to for help.
Any place she'd go to for refuge.
Yes, well What sort of places? Somewhere you went on holiday? Where you used to live? Anything.
I seem to have lost my mobile phone.
Clem, where the hell are you? They know about you.
I had to run.
I thought they'd arrest me.
I'm on my way to the lock-up.
I didn't know where else to go.
Call me.
Love you.
What's the story? Clem Ross and three white males, mid-2os, all found dead about three hours ago.
Carbon monoxide poisoning.
We're thinking, fumes from the power generator.
Scene is now clear.
They'd been boiling up the wadding hidden in the screens.
It's impregnated with cocaine.
You cook it up, dry it out, and it's ready to cut with bicarb of soda, paraffin wax, talcum.
Take your pick.
And here lie our dead amateurs, eh? Mr Ross.
Smart enough to know the scam, but too bloody dumb to know you need ventilation.
Jesus Christ.
What a waste.
We know Clem Ross went to the Buller household.
That's why we reckoned the screens would be here.
The question is, did Imogen know that? If she did, did she co-operate with it? She did a runner from me when I made the link between Hikmet and her friend Clem.
That tells me she's not so innocent about what Sebastian was up to.
Sounds like a little touch of 'I told you so' in there, Roisin.
No, sir.
If I was you, I'd be more worried you had a drugs haul in plain view for two days, and you missed it.
Cocky bastard, isn't he? Oh, a little bird tells me you and he have got some UST going on.
Is that correct? What? Unresolved sexual tension.
Tell Satch to mind his own business.
And you can tell him from me - he wouldn't know sexual tension if it dragged him to the ground by his boxers.
The man we think killed Sebastian Cole is still out there somewhere.
And so is his possible next victim.
'If you're listening to this, Imogen, just get in touch.
Just call me, please.
I need to speak to um Ohran Hikmet.