Trial and Retribution (1997) s11e09 Episode Script

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Bollocks! You took your bloody time! I put one in the back and I'll bring the wagon round.
Don't accelerate too much.
Take it slowly.
Sod it! Morning, ma'am.
Yeah, a birdwatcher found her.
What is this place? Creepy.
Hi, James.
Limbs look broken.
Her spine too if the angle's anything to go by.
Won't know much more till we get her back to the lab.
The water will have compromised a lot of physical evidence but it's worth sifting through the gunge.
Find anything? No.
The rain washed most of the top-soil away so don't be holding your breath.
This is all we've got.
Tyre tracks.
Looks like three vehicles.
Where do they go? Don't know.
They seem to run out.
I reckon this is the only bit of land flat enough to hold the tracks after the rain.
That was two days ago.
Well, they've a hell of a head start.
You bet.
This stinks.
Borough reckons it's been disused for 10 years.
It's a kid's hang-out, lively dogging scene at night.
What's up? Someone walk over your grave? I don't think this is going to end up very well, Mike.
We've got a possible victim off Merlin.
Maria Cole.
Reported missing on Monday.
Last seen on Sunday night.
It's a good fit.
Female, 19, mixed race.
Are you Becky? I'm DCI .
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Don't be, I told their dad not to get them these.
Boys and their toys, eh? She's dead then? They don't send detectives round with good news, do they? No, I'm just following a lead.
You reported her missing on Monday? Yeah, I thought she'd stayed with friends because of the rain, I've really got to go, Becks.
Come on, babe! It's early.
Just another drink.
Got to get to bed.
Big day tomorrow.
What's up? Given up smiling for Lent? No, I've given up Tellytubbies like you for Lent.
These guys are losers, Becks.
Are you coming? Lighten up.
It's just a bit of fun.
Really? Have a good time, love.
We were up in Archway, right.
Dropped the kids off with Justin's dad, we went out there.
She said it was a waste of time, that these nights always ended up the same.
She's probably right.
So she didn't come home Sunday night? Ah.
You didn't come home Sunday night.
It was my night out.
I don't get many of those.
I thought she was at work.
Then they called and said she hadn't shown.
I tried calling her but it just kept going to message.
Look, are you going to give me a cause of death? Today? Just look at this.
Some sort of indentation.
Could be a necklace.
Excuse me.
Yeah? Did Maria have a necklace with her initial on it? Oh, God.
She also had a butterfly tattoo on her left ankle? Tattoo.
Lower left ankle I'm sorry.
I know this isn't a good time, I'm going to have to ask you for an address.
Where did Maria live? You're sitting on it.
She was always apologising for being under my feet but the kids loved her.
I liked having her around.
That's it.
That's all there is.
It wasn't an accident.
Somebody killed her, didn't they? How did she die? We don't know that yet.
I shouldn't have let her take the bus on her own.
And for what? Did she have a job? She had like four jobs.
She was saving up.
She's got a half brother in St Lucia, she wanted to go out and live there and set up her own business.
Any boyfriends I should talk to? A lot of blokes wanted to get with her but she could be difficult.
She had a mouth on her, you know? Blokes don't like that.
Not much to show for a life.
Not much of a life.
That's her on the right, yeah? Maria leaves the Archway Castle.
She gets on the number 392 bus heading south.
She should have changed at King's Cross for the N64, it goes to Peckham.
But she doesn't get home.
She ends up at the Beckton chalk pits.
Are we still waiting on the CCTV from the inside of the 392? That was one of those rhetorical questions, wasn't it, boss? OK.
Multiple fractures to all major bones, some are crushed.
Extensive disfigurement.
Did she drown? No.
No water in her lungs.
Now, the marking is consistent with the tractor treads.
But those injuries were caused post mortem.
She was dead before she ended up in the water.
Here at her right temple, a depressed fracture of the temporal bone, causing the artery to rupture, resulting in a bleed around the brain.
Somebody hit her.
What with? Some sort of blunt instrument.
Metal post.
Concrete slab.
Take your pick.
You missed her.
That's Gants Hill.
There! The time was 12:36.
What is she doing getting off there? I dunno.
It's late.
She had a couple of drinks.
Falls asleep.
Wakes up in the sticks.
Freaks out.
Rushes downstairs.
If I woke up in Barking I'd freak out.
Play it again for me.
Fast asleep.
Let it run.
See? She just panics.
Show that to me again, please.
They just nicked her bag.
Oh, really? She's in the middle of nowhere.
She's got no money, no bag.
No phone probably.
Oh, get back on the bus.
You saved my life.
Hello? Hello? Dad! Dad? Can you hear me? Yeah, Richard.
I can hear you.
Where the hell are you? Look, Richard have you talked to your mum about this? 'It's not about mum.
' Did you get the letter from the evaluation board? They've agreed to release me into your care.
They want an answer.
I want an answer.
Look, it's not that easy, son.
Look, I really need to discuss this with your doctors.
Can we talk about this on Saturday? LookRich .
I really have to go.
I'm sorry.
I'll call you.
What are you thinking, Roisin? Still trying to read the tea leaves? Got to admit it's strange.
Three different vehicles, we don't know when.
That's the thing.
We think they were all here at the same time.
Continuous tracks crossing and re-crossing.
We think a hatchback, an industrial vehicle.
Like that one.
So, did you find it then? I only reported it yesterday.
And you've got a team of detectives working on it in shifts? It? My phone.
You're looking for your phone? It got chucked away.
Good job and all, bloody thing was giving me a headache.
When did this happen? MOBILE RINGS Listen, love, I'm on a job.
Oi! Don't let me interrupt your social life.
I'm gonna wait in the car.
Listen, just shut up! What did you just say to him? Not him.
It was her.
Bollocks! Hey! Hang on a minute.
Me phone.
Give us it! Now perhaps I've got your undivided attention, right? MAN ON PHONE: Roisin, we've traced the call out.
It was made by a Ray Harper of Sommerville House, Belling Lane, Ilford.
Forensics are already over there.
Well, Mister Harper's obviously not short of a bob or two.
Looks like the Harper's have had the cub scouts round.
All his cars are gleaming.
Got in a spot of trouble on Sunday night? You mean our little retreat from Dunkirk? Brains here decided to go off-roading in his Astra in a force-10 gale.
For a kid who's just got a place at Oxford to study geography.
he ain't got much sense of direction.
Beckton Chalk pits.
Do you know I hadn't been there since I was a kid.
Younger than him.
He got stuck.
I went down there to get him out, got bogged down myself.
It was a bloody fiasco.
Mud everywhere.
All over the car, all over the house.
The valeting cost a fortune.
And it's coming out of your pocket money.
So you got lost, son, did you? In all that rain.
It was a hell of a storm.
You were down there on your own, weren't you? Someone told me it was a good shortcut home.
The A13 was flooded.
What time was this at? I dunno.
About 11.
Possibly a bit later.
On a Sunday? Bit late for school night.
Oh, no! He wasn't gallivanting.
He mentors this kid down on the Blackwell Estate.
Mentors, they do this community scheme with his school.
It's a buddy system, they call it.
Andy's head-boy.
It looks good on the university application.
I left Darren's late, he has trouble with maths.
And the rest.
It's not exactly Hogwart's down on the Blackwell.
The kid's a write-off.
And you'll give me the address? Yeah, anything you need.
Do you recognise this girl? What's her name? Maria Cole.
Do you recognise her, Andy? She's about your age.
The one on the right.
She doesn't look familiar.
Does she say she knows me? Oh, no, she doesn't say very much at all, Andy, she's dead.
She's dead? Murdered.
The rescue vehicle didn't get down there until 3 o'clock.
You must have been on your own down there for a couple of hours.
Maybe you did see her, Andy.
Have a look.
I didn't see her.
I heard some cars on the road, and I tried to flag them down, but they were tearing round, I thought they might be joy-riders.
I was a bit scared myself to be honest.
Proud dad.
Well-mannered boy.
Very nice setup.
Yeah, weird, isn't it? Oh, yeah.
Good boy.
It's me.
Listen, the police have just been round.
It was about Maria.
They say she's dead.
Raymond Harper.
One previous - November, 2001.
Kerb crawling.
The girl was 17.
Birmingham? Statement says he was there on business.
He's got some sort of roofing company.
Big projects, schools offices, that sort of thing.
Built it up himself, he's made a bit.
Nice Mr Harper - pillar of the community, and frequenter of teenage prostitutes.
Does the wife know? No.
She passed away March '98.
Anything suspicious? Breast cancer.
Even you would have difficulty making that one stick.
So under the circumstances soliciting is an acceptable form of therapy, is that it? Guy bringing up two kids on his own.
Must get lonely.
Harper's cars are spotless.
Nothing linking them to the dead girl.
Same story with the clothes and shoes.
Darren Lewis has a record.
Pretty minor stuff.
Shoplifting, but he progressed from there.
Nothing violent, though.
He does confirm Andy Harper's statement that Andy left Darren's flat at around 11:30pm.
Could he be one of our hoodies? He says he was home all night.
And we believe him? As does the tagging company.
Maria Cole's Switch card.
It's just been used at a petrol station in Barking.
So, you're Maria Cole, are you? Maria? Yeah.
What, your mum like the Sound of Music or something, did she? I've had enough.
They think we're stupid.
This godforsaken place, kids bringing up kids, the drugs.
It's a wasteland.
Planet of the bloody Apes.
Remember any of their names? They all look the same to me.
And it's worse after dark.
They get off the night bus, and we're the only ones open.
The company insist but they don't work here - the abuse we get.
I put in the extra cameras.
One of them's not working.
I should fix it but I don't know why I bother 'cause you never come around to check 'em.
We're here now.
I'd like to see the tapes from Sunday night.
She was here.
She wanted money.
Her bag had been stolen.
Really? Maybe she told me that.
They'll say anything.
She's taking something, what did you give her? 40 pence for the phone.
Maybe she called a friend.
Not unless her friend's number's So you gave her 40p for a phone that doesn't work? That's very generous of you.
I don't know.
I had a delivery.
I wanted her to go.
These aren't children.
They're mini terrorists.
I don't believe anybody anymore.
Who is she? She was Maria Cole.
I haven't got any money to get home.
I told you, my bag's been stolen.
999 OPERATOR: Caller, I'm afraid all our units are responding to high-priority cases.
What am I? This is the police, not ABC Cabs.
I've got no phone, no cash.
If you wait there, we'll get a car to you as soon as we can.
When's that going to be? Are you going to leave me here all night? What do I have to do to be a priority? Caller, can you hold please? No, don't! Please.
LINE GOES DEAD Oh, Jesus! She cut her off? Probably accidental.
Or she couldn't be arsed.
Did the operator call her back? No.
She's certainly high priority now.
Have we got any footage of her leaving the petrol station? One of them must have given her a lift.
It's three miles to the chalk pit.
Oh, my.
That looks like Andy Harper's car.
What a coincidence.
The number plate's a match.
Scroll it up for me.
Yeah, there's someone in there.
Harper said he was alone.
He said he left Darren's flat at 11:30pm.
Yes, but Andy Harper's a wee liar.
Who the hell's that? The Holy Ghost? Nuh.
That's Darren Lewis.
On any given day, 15,000 people are walking around this country wearing a tag.
Tagging costs 80% less than a prison bed.
Cell without walls, prison in your own home.
I know the feeling.
So if any of your offenders abscond during their curfew, it'll show up on this screen? An alarm will be raised and we call them immediately.
I heard the kids slip the tag off in the bath, stick it on the dog.
I can assure you, detective, that this is a highly sophisticated device, virtually tamper proof.
So there's no way our boy could have slipped out Sunday night without your knowledge? Janice.
Darren Lewis, 1735-2.
Why wasn't this reported? So what, you've no idea where Darren Lewis was on Sunday night, do you? It's like communism.
Great in theory.
The technology is fine.
It's the kids.
They know it'll take a while for the tech teams to get to them so they're constantly interfering with the equipment.
Young offenders these days, you just can't trust them, can you? I'm looking for Darren Lewis, please.
He's in bed.
Always in bed.
Least before you clamped him he went out.
Sorry, boss, kids trying to play frisbee with the hubcaps.
Are you Sandra? Yeah.
I'm afraid you have to stay while I talk to your brother.
That's all I need today.
Little tosser.
Oi, Darren! I won't be a minute.
I didn't nick it.
Andy give it me.
It's his old one.
Lovely, Andy.
It's nice to see you again.
So Andy Harper dropped you off here at about 11:30pm.
Is that correct? No.
It's not.
I suppose he didn't want to get me into trouble.
I called in the fault myself.
I didn't want them to think I was messing with it.
So you just took a spin down the chalk pit? Did I not explain all this at the house? No, no, I just want to clarify some timings for Sunday night.
Now you told us you left Darren Lewis's place alone around 11:30pm.
That isn't entirely true.
I didn't want to get him into trouble.
What sort of trouble might you have got him into? The boy's tagged.
It wouldn't have exactly looked good for me either.
I just thought it would do him some good, getting him out of there.
He likes my car.
I mean, it's only an Astra, but I suppose I felt a bit guilty.
I mean, I've got everything and he's had this shitty life.
You think we hurt that girl, don't you? What girl, Darren? You know.
The girl they found.
I bet lovely Andy did it.
Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.
Shut up! I just stopped to buy a can of coke and some crisps.
Is that when you offered her a lift? You think we met the dead girl at the petrol station? You were both there at the same time.
I'm terribly sorry, but I don't remember seeing her there.
She was there? At the petrol station? We didn't see her.
He was dropping me home.
Cut through the pits, got stuck in the mud.
Andy gave me money for the bus, but I ran home.
It's less than a mile.
Didn't want to be there when his dad got there.
Why's that? Have you met Andy's dad? We got stuck in the pit.
We tried to push the car out but Darren started to freak out.
He didn't want to get caught.
They'd lock him up again and he didn't want to go back to that awful place.
You've lied to us before.
You said you were alone in the car.
You can understand why I might find it difficult to believe you now? I'm sorry.
I'm not a dishonest person.
I just didn't think.
Maybe you're just protecting Darren.
We can all understand that.
BABY CRIES It's not my fault the tag weren't working.
They sent a van round earlier to fix it.
Threatened to take me back to court.
I can't help it if their stupid box don't work.
If that's all you've got to worry about, you'll be alright.
BABY STOPS CRYING What did you do to her? I showed her my badge.
You going to take him in, then? No, that won't be necessary.
We'll need the clothes you wore Sunday night, though.
I put them in the wash.
They were rank.
She'd have killed me if I'd have trod mud in here.
The chalk stuff got everywhere.
It's true.
I would have killed him.
I'm going to need them just the same, and your shoes.
They're me best ones.
Do you have children, Mr Walker? Ahyeah.
UmI've got a daughter who's grown up now.
And I have a son about your age.
Really? What school does he go to? He'sahhhe's not at school.
Go on, I think I can hear your pals out there.
Run along, Andy.
Thank you.
I spoke to Andy Harper's girlfriend.
Tell me you didn't ask about her sex life, Satch.
Ask her? I couldn't shut her up.
She'd been dumped.
She wanted to talk about it.
I felt like Jeremy Kyle.
"He said he didn't fancy me anymore.
"Said I wasn't sexy like the other girls.
Like a boy.
" You're not that flat, Dave.
It seems our Andy likes them with a few more curves.
Lauren says his dad took him to the Stardust Club for his birthday.
He was bragging to his mates.
Fully nude.
Tit-tastic, apparently.
What else did Lauren say? She asked if all men were in to that kind of thing.
I said that such behaviour was anachronistic sexist nonsense.
Where are you going, Satch? Stardust.
It's on my way home, isn't it? Your dedication is touching.
There's no 'I' in team, is there? Ray Harper? I know Ray.
Is he a regular, is he? I wouldn't say that.
Comes in from tome to time, entertains his clients.
There you go, Sam.
He had a little birthday party before Christmas for his kid.
The boy was 18.
The kid was 17.
Start remembering.
They were all a bit tanked up.
They wanted the boy to have a big night.
Yeah? How big? Everyone was buying the boy dances, it was his birthday.
They picked out one of the younger girls for him.
Is she here? Can I speak to her? Nah.
Left after Christmas.
Probably retired on what Ray stuck in her knickers that night.
You got a phone number, an address? Might have somewhere.
I see them come and go all the time.
The young ones? They want to make some quick cash but they're not really cut out for it, the long haul.
That takes a particular kind of girl.
That wasn't Maria.
Sorry? Who? MUSIC AND CHEERING So you're saying Maria Cole danced for Andrew Harper at his birthday? Yeah.
What's wrong with that? Maria Cole's dead.
And we have Andrew Harper at the scene of crime.
He isn't the type.
I'll just take your word for it, shall I? How many dances? Dunno.
Two or three.
You said they were buying them all night.
Well, maybe more.
I dunno.
Out here? Right, so what else did Ray buy Andy for his birthday? What, so they had sex? It was a private dance.
I didn't have my eye through the keyhole.
You alright, love? Yeah.
He was no trouble, were you, sweetheart? No trouble at all.
Mr Harper! Mr Harper! I'm sorry to disturb you, sir, your phone isn't on.
You kidding? You just saved me from a fucking coronary.
You'll have a heart attack if you don't lose that gut.
Alright! Alright! This is my daughter, Justine.
Take her off for a smoothie, will you? I heard you went down to my boy's school.
I wish you hadn't done that.
You know he had nothing to do with that girl.
That girl worked at a club called the Stardust.
Do you know it? You know I know it.
And do you know the girls there? I know lots of strippers.
And lots of coppers.
And you're telling me you didn't recognise Maria Cole? Yeah? Maybe I didn't recognise her with her clothes on.
Or her hair.
Shit, poor kid.
Are you trying to hassle me? No, sir.
I'm here to arrest you.
Oh! What, you think I killed her? No.
I think you're lying.
You're hiding something.
Why would I do that? I think you'd do an awful lot to protect your son.
You're damn fucking right I would.
I'd do a lot more than anything you could even think of.
But it never happened.
She wasn't there.
Not with my son.
And not with me.
And you can prove that, can you? I don't think I need to.
Oh, yes you do, sir.
Darren, it's Andy.
Listen, the police have been round.
It's about Maria.
That girl wasn't there.
And how would you know? Because I was.
I saw the whole thing.
Justine, shut up, will you? She's always making things up.
I heard my dad on the phone.
He said he had to go.
I thought he was going to meet her.
Her? Who's her? This isn't the only way to keep fit, is it, dad? He's got a girlfriend.
I hear them speaking on the phone all the time.
Of course Andy's met her, but I've never been introduced.
I just wanted to meet her.
I got in the car before him, and I hid in the back.
You hid in the car? I just wanted to meet his girlfriend.
It isn't the first time.
(WHISPERS) He doesn't tell me anything.
It's like I don't exist.
But he didn't go there.
He went to get Andy.
I saw everything, they were sliding around in the mud like idiots.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Come on.
I'm going to need a statement from your daughter, sir.
Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't know anything about this.
But now you know, you can let us be, right? No, I don't think so.
Why? Because an hour ago, we arrested your son on suspicion of the murder of Maria Cole.
Turn your phone on, Mr Harper, call your boy a lawyer.
Andy? What's going on, mate? What's happening? Calm down.
They're going to let us go.
It's all bollocks.
Come on, Andy! You took her in a back room.
Just the two of you.
We have statement from the manager.
Look at her.
It was dark.
I wasn't exactly looking at her face, if you know what I mean.
She wasn't called Maria anyway.
She told me she was Sarah or Sally or something, I don't know.
This shit was months ago.
Hey! Don't get upset, Andy.
Swearing at a police officer, I'm not sure your dad would approve.
He'd approve alright.
Do you remember every drunken grope you've had in the last four months? Are you flirting with me, Andy? Do you know what I believe? You had sex with Maria at the club and wanted another go.
But you didn't want to pay for it.
And there she is at the petrol station.
I bet you couldn't believe your luck.
It's a fair trade, she wants a lift, you want to pick up where you left off.
You've got a great imagination.
You like a drink, don't you? Were you drinking on Sunday? I was driving.
Spare me the headboy routine.
We've got the till receipt from the petrol station.
You bought two cokes, two packets of crisps and a bottle of Karnov Vodka.
I just had a coupe of swigs.
I don't even like vodka.
You're lying again.
You're lying about Darren Lewis in your car, the drinking, and you're lying about Maria Cole.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe she was there at the club.
I don't know.
But I never saw her on Sunday night.
Maria? You know her don't you, son? No.
Just look at the picture.
I told you, I don't know her.
She was at the petrol station, 10 yards away.
How long are you going to keep us for? I've got things to do.
Your brother's only 15, Miss Lewis.
You have to be here.
I'm his half-sister.
I'm not his bloody social worker.
Take a look, Darren.
Look at her.
Look at her.
That was on her birthday.
She was 19.
Andy likes to impress you, doesn't he? Give you his cast off computers.
Take you out after curfew, buy you some vodka.
Andy can get whatever he wants, can't he? We've got Darren Lewis next door.
What do you think he's saying, Andy? We know about Andy and Maria.
We know Andy's dad paid her to have sex with him on his birthday.
She wasn't so keen without daddy's money, was she? What did she do? Did she laugh in your face? You wouldn't have like that, would you? I don't think that's you, Darren.
I don't think you're the type that would lash out.
No, I think you're more the type that would help someone who's in trouble, aren't you? You know personally I don't buy it.
You've got too much to lose, Andy, and I respect the fact that you're trying to protect the kid.
I know Andy's done a lot for you but he could be using you.
Kids like him always end up alright.
His rich daddy's just bought him an expensive lawyer and you end up with legal aid.
No disrespect, Mr Kahn.
We know what Darren's like.
He's got a record.
We know that he saw a huge amount of violence in care.
You know, this stuff, it comes to the surface.
It's tragic, Andy, don't let him take you down, too.
I'm sorry.
Why are you laughing? You're so full of shit.
I wish we had seen her at the petrol station.
Then she'd still be alive.
I wouldn't go out that way.
Father's out there, says he won't leave without his boy.
Tell him to make up a bed.
You got anything? No.
I don't think they planned it but I think it happened.
Do you want me to go to CPS with that? Get me an extension.
They'll crack.
We've been at them for hours.
They're tight.
Same lines.
Same words.
Read the transcript.
It's like they're finishing each other's sentences.
A couple of kids giving us the run around.
We've got so much on them.
You don't even have a murder weapon.
Give me something I can touch.
Give me an extension.
You have until 9am tomorrow then they walk.
Somebody hit her.
What with? Some sort of blunt instrument.
This is the vodka bottle Andy Harper bought at the garage.
We are looking for a murder weapon.
If that's in there, I want you to find it.
Vodka never really was my drink.
So that's a 'no', then? Look, Richard, it's complicated, OK.
It's not easy.
I have to talk to your doctors.
Are you sure you wouldn't rather stay with your mum? Like I was before? I've told you what I want to do, dad.
You can say no if you want just don't dick me around.
Rich, my .
my place isn't big enough.
It's not really meant for Richard, I was never much of a dad to you before, was I? Richard! Just calm down! I don't need this.
Richard, are you OK? I don't need you! You were never there when I did, and you're too late now! Just leave me alone.
You want me to feel sorry for you, do you? No.
I just look at other kids your age.
I just want you to be happy, son.
You just want me to be normal.
Tell me, dad.
When they ask you where your son is, what do you say? I bet you don't tell them, do you? MOBILE RINGS I thought you were going to turn that thing off.
I just want a straight answer from you, what's it to be? We'll talk about it.
We are talking about it.
Yes or no? Walker.
Darren Lewis's prints.
Maria Cole's DNA.
What are you waiting for? What's happening? Andrew James Harper and Darren Arthur Lewis you are both charged that on the night of the 17th of February at Becton chalk pits you did murder Maria Cole contrary to common law.
There's been a mistake.
Where's my dad? You'll be able to see him later.
They'll take you back through to the cell now.
Please! Listen to me.
This is all a mistake! PC: He'll be alright.
Someone clear that mess up and get him a glass of water.
Why don't we tell them? No.
Promise me.
It's alright.
We're good.
You can trust me.
You fucking pervert.
ALARMS RING We had all those years after your mother went and I was working all hours.
I didn't always remember why I was doing 'em.
It was for you.
It was all for you.
Do your seat-belt up.
Your posh friend is going to shaft you.
What do I do again? You boy? You do nothing at all.
Not planning any surprises for me are you, Mr Jarvis? To old for ambushes, Peter.
They play havoc with my knees.
I reckon they're not going to put the boys on the stand.
Why risk it? Let old man Jarvis earn his keep.
Best justice money can buy.
Can you blame him? It's his son, he's only trying to protect him.
What about the girl he killed? Who's protecting her? Sit up straight, don't slouch, look the jury in the eye, and if the judge addresses you directly, you respond My Lady.
Remember, don't talk to him.
Don't even look at him.
You act thick as thieves and that's exactly what they'll take you for.
Are we clear? Yes.
You alright, Andy? What's the matter? The defence may try to tell you this is all just coincidence.
A coincidence that the boys' tracks crossed with those of Maria Cole on at least three occasions.
A coincidence that Maria Cole danced especially for one of the boys at the Stardust Club.
A coincidence that they met her at a petrol station on the night of her murder.
A coincidence that their tyre tracks were found at the scene of the murder.
And finally, and fatally, a coincidence that matching fingerprints were found on a bottle.
The bottle that the crown will show is consistent with the injuries that killed Maria Cole.
Their tracks crossed again and again and again ,and again.
And it's all just coincidence? That's what the defence may tell you.
But the facts can lead you to only one conclusion.
That Andrew Harper and Darren Lewis murdered Maria Cole.
So, Dr Patterson.
As chief pathologist in this case, are you saying that this was no accident? I would consider that most unlikely.
The post mortem revealed a 6cm linear laceration on the victim's right temple, caused most probably by a firm blow with a blunt object.
Could this have been a vodka bottle? It's possible.
Could she have been hit by a car? No.
I would expect to see other associated injuries.
Could she have fallen and banged her head? Not unless somebody assisted her.
She was hit with enough force to cause fragmentation of the temporal bone.
Gravity alone didn't do that.
Dr King, what you're saying in essence is that this bottle could have been used to strike the victim long after it was discarded by my client? No, Mr Keane.
That's what you're saying.
I'm saying Mr Lewis' prints and the victim's DNA are on the glass.
Is it not also possible that if my client discarded the bottle someone else could have picked it up and used it to strike the dead girl without leaving their fingerprints? I cannot rule it out.
You can not.
Thank you.
Just to clarify, Dr King, the prints you are referring to here belong only to Darren Lewis.
Not Andrew Harper That is correct.
But we only found a small part of the bottle.
We were unable to locate .
Thank you, Dr King.
So, Mr Barrett, how long did you drive around Beckton chalk pits with the half naked body of a young woman wrapped around your wheel.
I never knew that I had.
You know, they came to my yard in their space suits picking bits of dead body and stuff, they said, out of my tyres.
I haven't had any sleep for weeks.
Wild horses couldn't drag me back in that cab again.
Yes, Mr Barrett, I am aware of your claim for compensation.
So, after the other two vehicles had departed, how long would you say you were on your own at the murder scene? Are you trying to say I did it? I'm merely pointing out that other people had the opportunity .
Me? With my sciatica? No, no, Mr Barrett .
I would look embarrassed if I was you, because that boy, the one in the fancy suit, he looked terrified that night.
Guilty as sin.
Well, that's the worst bit nearly over.
We'll get our turn next.
Maybe you ought to wear your school uniform tomorrow.
How did it go, Dad? Just get on with your homework.
Why do you talk her like that? Just ignore him.
Did Andrew Harper report his car stolen that night? No, sir.
He admitted being at the scene? Yes.
And he called his father to come to the scene? Yes.
Surely these actions cannot be considered as consistent with a person who has just murdered someone? I don't know, sir, I've never murdered anyone.
(LAUGHS) Order! I'm sorry, My Lady.
Your client may wish to remember the very serious position he is in, Mr Keane.
It won't happen again.
Ms Cartwright? My Lady, I have no further questions.
My Lady, I can confirm I do not intend to call my client, Darren Lewis.
Mr Keane has explained to you, young man, the jury may draw adverse inference from your decision not to give evidence.
They might think you've got something to hide.
No, wait.
Do you wish to give evidence? My Lady, may I have some time with my client? I changed my mind.
Sit down, Darren.
I can do that, can't I? Yes, Darren, you can.
Why don't we rise now, Mr Keane.
CLERK: All rise.
What are you going to tell them? It's alright.
I know what I'm doing.
I need to talk to him! What are you going to tell them? RAY: Look, Shaw, I want to know what Darren's going to say on the stand tomorrow.
It's your bloody job to find out.
OK, get back to me.
Son .
I know I never asked you what happened that night.
I trust you.
But if there's something you want to tell your old man.
Look, whatever happened, whatever's going to happen, I'm your dad.
I still love you.
Do you really mean that? Of course.
You're my son.
Nothing can change that.
Really? Nothing? Did something happen with that girl? I can understand, you fancied her, you gave her a lift It wasn't like that.
Just listen.
She came on to you so you screwed her and she started acting up like they do, wanted money and all that and it kicked off.
Me and Darren .
I'm not interested in that little shit.
You're the one with the future.
No-one's going to take that away from us.
Not some lippy tart or some pond life Asbo kid from Blackwell.
Dad, please listen to me.
Andy, for once in your life you listen to me, Darren Lewis is going inside some time or other so it might as well be for this.
So be it.
PHONE RINGS Yeah? Is that Andrew Harper? No, it's Ray Harper.
Andrew's monitor hasn't registered any movement for over an hour.
He's upstairs.
He's having a kip.
Can we talk to him? You want to talk to What, now? Yes, please.
For God's sake.
He's upstairs, he's been there all evening.
Are you sure it's not at your end? Andy! Andy! Andy! No! No! No! No! What's going on? I need my stuff.
I'm going to be late! What is this? You want to know what I'm going to say, don't you? You're going to have to wait, just like everyone else.
That's not why we're here.
The court is not sitting today.
You won't get me to shut up.
I'm not hiding anything anymore, I'm going to end this.
Andrew Harper was found dead last night.
Did you hear me Darren? Say it again.
I'm sorry, he hanged himself.
Do you understand? What happens now? It's obvious, isn't it? Darren Lewis will pin it all on his mate.
Harper's hardly in a position to protest his innocence.
Maybe he wasn't innocent.
My dad always said it was a coward's way out.
What's a coward's way out, Dave? The boy killed himself last night.
What? Shit.
In his cell? Andy Harper killed himself.
I guess he thought Darren Lewis was going to testify against him today.
Poor guy.
He was guilty, Mike.
They probably both are.
I wasn't talking about him, I meant his dad.
I'm with Satch's dad on this.
I think it's a gutless thing to do.
Let's not ask you to write the condolence card, Roisin.
How have you been? You're angry with me.
I read about your case.
Papers love all that stuff, dead stripper, private school.
So some teenager hangs himself and I get a surprise visit from my dad? His dad was a better father than I've ever been.
He lived his whole life for that boy.
And look how well that turned out.
I'm not checking up on you, Richard.
Maybe I am.
Maybewell, we never really talked about it.
It was three years ago I know.
and you're feeling bad about it now? It's all about you, isn't it, dad? I don't want your pity.
I don't want your guilt.
This is the point at which you ask me what I do want.
Why did you even have kids? It's what people do, son.
They get a job, get married, they have kids.
Yeah, I can do my job, I can walk away from my marriage.
But you You'd be happy for me just to stay here, wouldn't you? At least I know you would be safe.
So there'll be a whole new trial? We could certainly make an application for a re-trial, but given the situation, the jury might interpret Andrew's suicide as an act of a guilty man.
So I could tell them he did it? If that's what happened, Darren.
So I could tell them Andy knew Maria Cole.
She was at the petrol station.
She recognised him.
Asked Andy for money.
But he offered her a lift.
I was pissed off.
I needed to get home.
I was worried about the curfew.
And what happened then? Andy picked her up.
He took her down the pit.
He wanted to screw her.
But she wanted money.
She laughed at him.
He tried to screw her but she wouldn't.
So he hit her with the bottle.
You liar.
Mr Harper! My Andy was Mr Harper! What was Andy? Sit down! Or I shall have you removed from the court.
Don't you see what he's doing? He killed that girl.
He's lying.
Course I'm lying.
Mr Keane, please remind your client You want to know the truth? Darren.
I tried it your way.
Shut up! We said we didn't see Maria in the petrol station because we didn't.
Andy didn't go down the pit to have sex with Maria.
He went down the pit to have sex with me.
Jesus Christ.
What? You really didn't know your son was gay? Haven't you done enough? Mr Harper, this is your last warning.
You haven't a clue about your son, you never did.
Get this.
He hated you.
Do you hear me? He hated you.
The way you pushed him around, all that Jack-the-lad bollocks, dirty jokes, titty-club on his 17th.
He told me that was the worst night of his life.
It was humiliating.
Darren .
I told you to shut up! Darren Lewis.
You thought he screwed that girl in that room but he didn't.
You paid that girl 500 pound and he didn't even touch her.
He said he couldn't have sex because he was in love with someone else.
Andy couldn't wait to get back to me.
We had a good laugh about you.
You and your sleazy sex life.
Darren Lewis! This trial can continue without you.
Let us be very clear.
Are you now saying that you and Andrew Harper were in a relationship? Yeah.
That's what we were.
And you were so scared of people finding out that you were homosexuals that you were willing to stand trial for murder? Find that hard to believe, do you? Ask him! He'd rather have a murdering son than a queer one.
Why do you think Andy killed himself? He knew that when I got up here everyone would find out.
About the two of you? That you were gay? Yeah.
And this is the truth, Darren? I'm not lying, miss.
We took photos of us together.
He loved me.
That's what he told me.
And I loved him, too.
Mr Keane, we will take a short break.
And I will see you and Ms Cartwright in my chambers now.
CLERK: All rise.
I'll kill you, you piece of shit.
Mr Harper! You are in contempt.
Get off him.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you CLERK: On the count of murder, how do you find the defendant, Darren Lewis? Guilty or not guilty? FOREMAN: Not guilty.
PHONE RINGS, KIDS TAUN KID: What's happening? What's it all about? See you later, Darren.
Filthy queer! PHONE CONTINUES TO RING Look at you, you pervert.
It was your idea.
Yeah, I know.
What do you want? Leave me alone! I know who you are.
You don't frighten me.
Cheers, Laila.
Where are you going, Dad? Work.
What about me? You'll be OK.
What is it, Dad? Mmmm? Is it that I remind you of mum? No, you don't remind me of her.
You remind me of me.
What do you want me to do with these? Cold storage? Maria Cole, a stripper dead in a chalk pit at 19.
Well, I guess no more than anyone expected for her.
And the boys are in the clear.
Jury get it wrong, Mike? Killed by person or persons currently unknown.
I'm not expecting a national outcry.
So that's it? Not for you.
How do cases get solved, Roisin? One stubborn cop goes back, again and again.
No, Mike.
Look, give it to another team.
You need fresh eyes on this.
I can't.
You missed something.
I missed something? You go back.
Go back to those files.
Go back to the pit.
Go back to her friends.
Back to Darren Lewis.
Maybe he remembers something that'll help us find who did kill her but don't feel sorry for yourself.
Solve this crime.
I'm off to the Blackwell to see Darren Lewis.
What? When did this happen? He was placed in your bloody care, in loco parentis, that's what you told me.
Your only job was to keep him safe! What? Cut the crap! Did he say anything? Did he tell anyone? Shit! That really puts my mind at rest.
No, you've done quite enough, thanks.
Where's she gone? Blackwell Estate.
Sam, with me.
What's going on? Missing persons.
Who is it? Richard Walker.
My son.
What age would Richard be now? 17? Yeah.
What are you looking at me like that for? That's who your looking for.
He looks like a nice kid.
Yeah, he is.
That was the before picture.
Before? Yeah, my son's got emotional problems, but you know that, don't you? Slow down slow down.
Yeah, he's been in a psychiatric unit since he was 15.
Yeah, I did know that.
I'm sorry.
You know what they said? They said he was a danger to himself and to others.
But you know something, Sam? My boy's got a pair of balls.
Oh, yeah.
You've got to give him credit for that.
He just walked out of that place.
He didn't give a shit about anything.
Like father, like son, eh? Oh, come on Richard, where are you, son? Satch, what's going on with Mike? His boy's done a runner.
He's out with Palmer looking for him.
I'm at the Blackwell now.
I won't be long.
BABY CRIES Hello, Darren? Hey, hey, hey.
You're OK, darling.
You're OK.
There you go.
There's the basket.
That's right.
There you go.
Good girl.
LULLABY PLAYS Ray, where's Darren? He came to kill me.
Tell her.
But I was waiting.
It's OK, Darren.
I'm here now, I'll take care of it.
I'll have him arrested, understand? Mr Harper, get up.
How can I? He was going to kill me.
But I was waiting.
Stupid bastard.
Where did you get the gun, Darren? Are you joking? 50 quid round here.
She's hungry.
Let's go and feed her.
Come on.
No! Stay here! OK.
No-one's going anywhere.
Shut up! Shut up! Get her to shut up, she's always crying! I'm just going to go and MOBILE VIBRATES What are you doing? What's in your pocket? It's a phone! It's OK.
Hello? Roisin? Look what you made me do! You did this! Both of you.
What are you going to do now then? There! Those kids.
Here! Pull over! Guys.
I'm looking for a kid.
About 18 years of age.
His name's Rich Have you seen him? There's a photograph.
Nah, nah.
He's my son.
Satch just called.
I'm busy Sam.
He can't get hold of Roisin and Lewis isn't answering his phone.
I'm sure Roisin can look after herself.
We also can't locate Ray Harper.
Get in the car.
Get down to Blackwell.
What about you? I've got to do this, Sam.
I've got to find him.
I dreamed about this.
About telling you to your face.
I'd come and find you in your office and I'd tell you about me and Andy.
And you'd shout a bit and get really angry but I'd be really calm and eventually we'd reach an understanding.
And you'd say you didn't like it but you wanted your son to be happy.
But that was before I met you.
Now I know.
You never gave a shit about him.
You killed my son.
You slimy little pervert.
Just thinking of you touching him makes me want to puke.
Darren, it's over.
You're going Sit down! OK.
Like an animal.
Old and angry and useless.
OK, Darren.
It is over.
You are done now, put the gun down.
But it's not though, is it? It never goes away.
Like the chalk from the pit.
It's under my nails, it's everywhere.
Put down the gun, Darren.
Go on have it.
It's Christmas.
I don't want it.
You will want it.
Believe me.
Because I'm going to tell you what really happened that night.
Mr Harper, listen to me.
Give me the gun.
We saw her.
Maria Cole.
Of course we did.
She was at the petrol station.
Shut up.
Look at me, Ray.
He's just trying to wind you up.
I'm warning you.
Andy didn't recognise her at first.
It was the best night of my life.
Hope you told your dad how much fun we had with your birthday camera.
Look at you, you pervert.
It was your idea! I know.
What you doing? You said you were thirsty.
She came up to him.
You remember Maria, Mr Harper? Andy's little birthday present? Got you some crisps and coke and a little present.
Nice one, Andy.
What did she want? That, my friend, is Stardust's finest.
Raymond Harper's idea of the girl of my dreams.
What, that's her from the titty club? She wanted a lift.
But we've got other plans.
I talked him into it.
I told him it weren't safe out there.
You know what I'm talking about Ray, a girl on her own after dark near the Blackwell? Come on, pick her up.
We'll just drop her off.
We'll just drop her off at the nightbus.
You saved my life.
Stupid bitch.
So what you boys been up to tonight? Just hanging out.
Go left under the flyover, there's a stop on Romford Road.
Can you put that down, please, my dad gave me that.
Your dad.
Big Ray Harper.
Wouldn't want to mess with Ray.
Oh, look.
It's lovely.
Just put it down, alright! Alright.
Bit touchy, isn't he? Look, putting it down.
You missed the turn off.
You've got to go around again now.
You were supposed to tell me.
It's back there.
What you looking at? Nothing.
Fuck! We were just pissing about.
It's alright.
I'm not judging you.
Just shut up.
It's nothing.
It was just a laugh.
Is that why you didn't want to, you know, at the club? I told you to shut up.
I'm not complaining.
It's the easiest 500 I ever made.
I thought you said you had a girlfriend.
I do have a girlfriend.
I don't care what a person is - gay, straight, rich, poor.
I'm not gay, alright! Fine.
Could this night get anymore mental? Shit.
Ray Harper's son.
I'm sorry but you've got to admit it is pretty funny.
Big butch Ray Harper and then there's you.
Shut up.
Does he know? It was where we used to go.
But it was so wet, we were sliding all over the place and she Where the fuck are we going? Stop the car! Stop pissing about! Let me out! You've made your little point, just stop the damn car! We've got to take her back.
I didn't mean anything, just let me out.
She knows my dad.
Just stop the car, Andy! Stop it! Get off! Get your hands off me! Christ's sake, man, chill.
Stay in the car.
I'll sort it.
Maria, wait.
Look, this is silly.
Where are you going to go? Come on.
I'm not getting back in that car with that nutter.
Just shut up.
Why? He wanted to shut her up.
Stop her telling you.
Because he knew what you'd do.
You think I'd have hurt him? You think I'd have thrown him out? That's what you all think, don't you? Eh? Eh? It doesn't matter what we think.
It's what Andy thought.
That's why it happened.
And that's why he killed himself.
I knew there was something not right about him.
Even at the club.
I should tell everyone.
Let everyone know about that little creep.
Serve him right.
What's daddy going to say about that? Goldenboy's a queer? Little psycho.
Who do you think you are? Look, stop it.
You're telling me to stop it? You should be telling your boyfriend to stop! He's the whack job! Calm down.
I'm going to tell everyone that Ray Harper's little boy is a fucking queer! I'm going to tell everyone.
She'd have never have told me.
No-one tells you the truth 'cause they're scared of you.
Especially your son.
You're right.
If I'd have known, I would have thrown him out on the street.
He'd have been dead to me.
You think he didn't know that? He was my perfect boy.
Everything I weren't.
He'd look right, dress right, speak right.
Andrew Harper.
He'd be perfect.
He did it, didn't he, 'cause he was scared I'd find out what he was.
Wait till Ray finds out his son's a Shut up! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What are you playing at? What have I done? She'll be fine.
She'll be alright.
What are we going to do? Just get in the car.
What are we going to do, Andy? Just get in the car.
What about Maria? Get in the car! We never even knew he killed her.
Not really.
She just sort of stumbled off.
Jesus, Roisin.
Are you alright? Yeah, I'm OK.
We're all OK.
I'm sorry, Roisin.
I should have been there for you.
You can't be everywhere, Mike.
You are where you're meant to be.
Did you find him? No.
But listen, tell me everything's OK.
I want to know.
Yeah, I'm fine.
10 fingers.
10 toes.
And a skull as thick as a breeze block.
For a minute there I thought Were you worried, Mike? It's taken me five years to get used to you.
I don't fancy starting that process again with some fresh faced, spotty DCI.
So, come on.
Any news? No.
I've stopped off at home.
I'm going to print out a more recent photograph of him.
Get to sleep.
Go and get some rest.
We can all be out there in the morning, Mike.
Yeah, I know.
But I wasn't there for him.
And I wasn't there for you.
Oh, Roisin, I don't know what I'm doing.
I feel like I'm trapped in one of those dreams where I know where I should be, but I can't seem to get there.
He'll be all right, Mike.
Yeah, if he is it's no thanks to me.
Look, they grow up, they make their own choices, their own decisions.
Yeah, that's true.
I remember watching him take his first steps.
I watched him walk away from me.
I've watched him walk away ever since.
Thanks, Roisin.
Give me a call when you get home.
Hi, Dad.
Come with me.
Let's get you inside.
Closed Captions by CSI