Trial & Error (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

A Hostile Jury

1 Now that we have a jury, it is extremely important that we control my client's image both inside and outside the courtroom.
I gave Larry two simple rules do not talk to any witnesses, and if you do, make sure not to throw them through any windows.
Larry went 0 for 2.
In what is no longer shocking news, accused murderer and known violent maniac Larry Henderson has claimed another victim this time, his lover and former trainer, Alfonzo Prefontaine.
Prefontaine is expected to recover, making Mr.
Henderson 1 for 2 in attempted murders.
More grim details after these words.
Announcer: At East Peck Glass, we're shattering prices! [Glass shatters] You're killing me, Larry! The choice is clear, it's East Peck Glass The choice is clear, it's East Peck Glass Announcer: Mention the code "Fry Larry" for a 15% discount.
Man, that's a good song.
- And a nice discount.
- No, it's not.
Nothing about that ad is nice or good.
- [Door opens] - In fact, it's terrible for our client.
The choice is clear, it's East Peck Glass [Both whistling East Peck Glass jingle] Everyone stop singing that song.
Well, you have to admit, it's very catchy.
You know what else is catching? The perception that you are a rage-a-holic.
Oh, come on.
You didn't hear what Alfonzo said about Margaret.
None of that matters.
Carol Anne Keane is going to put your former lover, Alfonzo, on the stand, And he is going to be a very potent witness.
Then let me unleash my secret weapon.
Shards of glass? No, words! Let me address the jury.
I feel like if I can show them the real me, I've got a shot.
Show them I'm not the caricature that's being portrayed by the media.
Larry, you're not going to talk to the jury.
I am your lawyer.
Let me do my job.
Now, hopefully, all this bad press hasn't poisoned them yet.
[Clears throat] Good morning, everyone.
Your Honor, we've reached a verdict.
Objection, what? May I remind the jury that we have to have the trial first? But the choice is clear.
[All whistling East Peck Glass jingle] Your Honor, all I'm saying is my client is clearly facing a hostile jury.
- Objection whining.
- Sustained.
Counselor, if you're not satisfied with the jury, you had your chance during the selection process.
Not really.
I'd like to dismiss jurors 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8.
Segal, you have one more peremptory challenge.
9? I sympathize with you.
Every single time a lawyer gets his butt handed to him in my courtroom, he complains the jury is biased.
Then can we at least sequester them, so that they're not constantly being bombarded with negative images of my client? Well, maybe if your client stopped pushing people through windows, the TV would stop being so mean to him.
I'm not sequestering the jury.
There's barely enough hotel rooms in this town as it is.
I've got in-laws coming into town, and they cannot stay at my place.
Since Mr.
Prefontaine's injuries will be preventing him from testifying for at least two more days, I'd like to suggest that we use that time to take the jury to visit the crime scene.
- I'm okay with that.
- You are? - What is your game? - You requested it.
What's your game? You know what my game is.
Maybe I don't have a game.
Here's my game.
When the jury sees Larry in the courtroom, they see a murderer.
At his home, they'll see he is a normal to normal-adjacent kind of guy.
If we're going to appeal to this jury, I need to know everything about them.
So, what have we got? Well, they're creatures of habit, and they sit in the same seats.
- They have to.
- What else? They're all supposed to be anonymous, so I've taken the liberty of giving them nicknames.
We've got Shark Eyes, Tiger, Great White, Shark Face, Mako, Jaws Is it "Shark Week," by any chance? Very observant, Hammerhead.
How about we use the less conventional number system.
Remember, all we need is to win over one juror.
Then at the very least, we get a hung jury.
Ooh, I know one! Whale Shark! I'm sorry.
Shark number 9.
Okay, Anne.
What is it about shark juror 9 that makes him our guy? Because I can't see faces, I'm sensitive to body language.
And every time Carol Anne attacks Larry, juror number 9 jiggles his leg.
People do that when they're not buying what they're hearing.
Interesting! Plus, he wears Velcro shoes, which means he doesn't care what people think.
Interesting, interesting.
Dwayne, find out everything you can about juror number 9.
Whale Shark.
- What are you doing? - That's art! It's a picture of a man playing the cello with an erection.
No, it's a man with an erection playing the cello.
Watch your modifiers.
Either way, we're trying to sell you as a wholesome family man.
Put it in the garage behind the washing machine.
Getting real crowded back there.
Dwayne, what are you doing? This is not a sports bar.
We're trying to appeal to juror 9.
So, I did some research.
Turns out juror number 9 is a huge fan of our local football team, the Angry Peckers.
Whoo! Go Peckers! [Gavel bangs] Like many of my family, he's a Pecker Head.
In fact, why don't you go change.
Think sports casual, jeans.
Well, I have an old jersey I could put on, but I'd rather be electrocuted than wear dungarees.
Okay, I had all the pictures of Margaret I could find framed.
Can't see her face, autopsy photo, autopsy photo, not even Margaret! - [Sighs] - I'm sorry.
I'm a little tense.
Alfonzo is going to testify against Larry in two days, and we don't have a lot of time to make a good impression here.
Wait, whose phone is Margaret holding? Summer: Hers.
She loved that mouse case.
Hold on.
The phone we have in evidence is a flip-phone.
Well, she upgraded it, like, a week before she died.
So all this time, we've been looking at the wrong phone? - You don't think - Nope, I operate purely on instinct.
Dwayne, I need you to find this phone.
It could have pictures, texts, maybe it was tracking where she went the day she died.
If we find this phone, we could find Margaret's killer! - [Doorbell rings] - Larry: I'll get it.
Please let the jury see the same loveable Larry we all know.
Ah, back upstairs! Insane.
I don't know what you want from me! Larry: It's so hard for me to concentrate.
I can't stop thinking about Alfonzo and how I broke his heart and his collarbone.
- [Glass shatters] - Aah! Okay, that one was me.
[On-lookers murmur] Now, I have to have all these strangers over to my house.
[Sighs] But I'm doing this for Josh.
And, because it's court-mandated.
Okay, and right here is where Mr.
Henderson - threw his wife through the window.
- Ms.
And right here is where he allegedly skated through her brains.
[Sighs] What's my neighbor, Mrs.
Kratt, doing here? Josh: She's an alternate juror.
Oh, thank God she's not officially on the jury.
She hates me.
She must love this.
Since Margaret died, she's been constantly snooping around, looking through my garbage.
I suppose she thinks I chopped up Margaret and threw her in the trash.
How you doing? Larry, do not talk to the jurors.
This is the worst party ever! It's not a party.
- Do you know where this phone is? - No.
It makes me so sad to see this picture.
I insisted she get a two-year plan.
Then two weeks later, she's dead.
That's how they make their money.
Anne: We were hoping you could help us find the last known location of a lost phone.
Here's the number.
Okie-doke, hold please.
So, what's going on - with you and what's-her-face? - Summer? Dwayne: I don't like to kiss and tell, but we recently got to second base.
So, I am officially off the market.
She's the real deal.
Okay, so this phone was last used here in East Peck.
Gail, I didn't walk all the way across the street in these heels to find out something I already know.
- Where in East Peck? - Oh, okay.
Well, there's only one cell tower here in East Peck, so I can't track it unless the owner leaves town.
I'm pretty sure she's not going anywhere.
She was brutally murdered.
Is this Margaret Henderson's phone? - Yep.
- We can't say.
- We can't say.
- Yep.
This is so weird.
The phone is still charged and activated.
Someone even used a little data this morning.
Dwayne, do you know what this means? Margaret Henderson's still alive! Or maybe the person who murdered her still has her cellphone.
Gail, just stay in your lane.
May I remind the jurors, do not touch anything in the house.
I know what you did.
You took down all the pictures of the penises and whips and buttocks and whatnot.
Eh, I guess you see what you want to see.
Oh, I'm gonna make sure the jurors see exactly what I want 'em to see.
And you too, Counselor.
This skirt is tight, and these steps are steep.
- Enjoy yourself.
- [Laughs] Now, who wants to see the murder bed? - Excuse me.
- What? I wasn't Does this house have glue traps? I I can sense a mouse having a panic attack.
Oh, hey, you're the person who can talk to animals.
No, I'm not crazy.
They talk to me.
[Whispering] Josh! Juror number 9 is in my man hole.
I think you mean "man cave.
" - Do you know anything about football? - Of course.
I'm a red-blooded American man.
So, Larry, that was, uh, quite the game last week, huh? Oh, yeah.
How long you been a Pecker fan? Junior year in college.
- I was showering with the swim team - Okay.
He was talking about football, Larry.
And again, you're not supposed to talk to the jury.
He spoke to me first! I'm not rude.
Just go out into the back yard and be there.
Do not say a word.
What are you doing? I'm just stretching, Counselor.
- Don't get any ideas.
- I won't.
But you're lying in my client's bed.
And that makes your lewd assumptions okay? No means no.
You didn't say no.
I didn't, did I? [Sighs] Hey, throw me the ball.
I know you're trying to paint your client in a different light, but it's gonna take a lot more than planting some football pennants and beer nuts and mechanic's magazines.
- I actually didn't plant that.
- Doesn't matter.
The jury will see who your client really is.
That's my goal.
- [Glass shatters] - [Woman screams] Summer: Josh! Don't be Larry.
Don't be Larry.
Don't be Larry! - Josh! - Don't be Larry.
Don't be Larry.
Don't be Larry.
Don't be Larry.
He just threw the ball.
I didn't say a word! Larry Henderson's latest victim Phil Breman, AKA juror number 9, has been taken to East Peck County Hospital where he is recovering in the room just vacated by previous Henderson victim, Alfonzo Prefontaine.
This hospital room is now officially being called the Larry Henderson Room.
More after this.
The choice is clear, it's East Peck Glass [Turns off TV] - Oh, come on! - I love that commercial! I'm not sure everyone is grasping what a disaster yesterday was.
We don't have Margaret's cellphone.
Larry's former lover is now ready to testify against him.
And what was the third thing? Ah, yes! We have replaced our sole sympathetic juror with Mrs.
Kratt, who actively hates you.
Anne: She does.
She gives subtle clues through her body language.
I saw her shake her fist and whisper, "I hate him!" She's right.
I saw her upstairs looking through my closets.
- I better go check my garage.
- What for? That [Bleep] may have taken my bowling pins! No, Larry, please just calm down and go get ready for trial.
Carol Anne is putting Alfonzo on the stand today.
You think she'll bring up me throwing him out the window? You know, I think she might.
Oh [Grunts] [Bleep] [Door opens and closes] Okay, that guy in court is not going to help us win.
We need hard evidence.
Do we have any leads on Margaret's phone? No, but I do have a line on a guy who can help.
In order to access the information on Margaret's phone, I have reached out to the best hacker in town.
- Here we go, pumpkin.
- [Sighs] You know, I've asked you a couple times to stop calling me that.
Our first fight.
[Country music plays, indistinct conversations] Are you Hackille O'Neal? Maybe.
I need to access the data on a missing cellphone.
Is that all? It should be about two minutes.
- Oh, great.
- What's the password? We don't know it.
That's, like, gonna be a hard no.
- Seriously? - Phones are tough.
My expertise lies more in the areas of social media, - getting access to people's webcams.
- Hold on.
Can you access anyone's computer? Pretty much.
I have these friends.
I can't say their names.
let's just call them jurors 1 through 12.
If I could dig up dirt on just one of these friends, I could take him down, you know, in a friendly way.
Hackille is on it.
The people would like to call the defendant's lover and former trainer, Alfonzo Prefontaine.
Josh: Well, my biggest fear about Alfonzo's testimony is that it might somewhat undermine my portrayal of Larry as a loving husband and family man.
[Clears throat] Will you describe, in graphic detail, what happened on the weekend of February 11th when Mr.
Henderson's wife was away on her Audubon Society getaway? As I recall, after our workout, we had a smoothie.
And then we hit the sauna, and then [Bleeeeeeeeep] to completion.
I'm sorry.
I missed that.
After your smoothie, did you [Bleeeeeeeeep] to completion? Or what it Larry that [Bleeeeeeeeep] to completion? Oh, it was definitely Larry.
[Spectators gasping, murmuring] So to be clear, after the smoothie, it was Larry who [Bleeeeeeeeep] to completion.
Edna, could you just read back - that last part for us, please? - [Spectators groaning] [Bleeeeeeeeep] to completion.
No further questions.
The court's gonna take 10 minutes to just Whew! - [Gavel bangs] - He's lying.
It wasn't a smoothie.
It was a pressed juice.
Judge Horsedich: Your witness, Mr.
You should say this.
Josh: I can't say this stuff to him.
All I can do is ask him questions based on his testimony.
You're right.
I'll do it.
Sit down.
Say nothing! [Scoffs] He gets to talk.
Alfonzo gets to talk.
- Everyone gets to talk but me! - Shh! Josh: Mr.
Prefontaine, we heard in colorful detail about your relationship with Mr.
How did that relationship end? With Larry throwing me through a plate-glass window.
[Spectators whistling East Peck Glass jingle] [Gavel bangs] I warn the court.
I just got that tune out of my head.
You may continue.
And did you have any emotional feelings for Mr.
Henderson, maybe feelings that were not requited? No.
We had a straightforward client-trainer sexual relationship.
That's not true! - You said - Larry? So, your testimony today is not a score-settling, lover's-revenge type of thing? All you shared with my client was sex and a smoothie.
It was a pressed juice! Control your client, Mr.
- I'm trying.
- You know, this must be said.
Alfonzo, I know you had feelings for me, and I never meant to hurt you.
But you must understand, my love was spoken for! If I had two hearts, I would give one to you.
But I have just one! [Voice breaking] And that could go only go to Margaret.
I'm sorry, Larry! I was just hurt.
You are a beautiful man.
Objection! - Humanizes the defendant! - Overruled.
Your Honor, no further questions.
All right, the court is gonna take 10 minutes [Voice breaking] so I can call my husband and tell him I love him! [Spectators murmur] I know what you did.
You got your client to say something he'd never be allowed to say on the stand.
That would be completely unethical.
That's exactly what I did.
The good thing about having a client you can't control is you can't control him.
Hey! We have to show you something.
- You find something about the phone? - Total dead end.
But we did find out one of the jurors is compromised.
Guess which one.
I think you're gonna want to show that to the judge.
This is fantastic! You guys are great.
[Sighs] Okay, you can let go of my hand now.
- You first.
- I have been trying.
Judge Horsedich: Larry Henderson Murder-abilia? Josh: Indeed.
These are various items stolen from my client's house, including a piece of glass from the murder window and some men's mechanics magazines which I would not click on.
Your Honor, please tell the defense that no one cares about his creepy online browsing.
No, they don't, but a little research reveals that the seller SexyGranny99 is actually Larry Henderson's neighbor, Melva Kratt, AKA new juror number 9.
All right, juror 9 is out.
And since we're out of alternates, I'm ordering the jury be sequestered.
I guess my in-laws will have to stay with me.
- Oh, that is garbage! - Thank you, Your Honor.
Keane, if you can't win this case on the facts, you shouldn't be here.
Judge Horsedich, Ms.
Keane is more than qualified Know when to fold it, Mitchell! Guys, this was a great day.
I'd say it's the best day ever.
I'm so happy about you and Dwayne.
What about me and Dwayne? I heard you kissed.
Oh God.
Dwayne, we need to talk.
That's what every guy loves to hear.
I think you're really sweet, and if the circumstances were different, like my dad wasn't on trial or we were different people, then maybe something could happen.
But as it stands right now, we're not gonna be a thing.
Do you understand? Absolutely.
She wants to take it slow! Okay, how are we gonna find this phone? Well, we could always call it and see if the murderer picks up.
If you were a murderer, would you pick up the phone? Yes, but I would disguise my voice.
You know what? Why not? Maybe we'll get lucky.
You are such a good dog.
What a good dog! Do you wanna go pee on Ms.
Kratt's yard? Of course you do.
We both do.
[Cellphone buzzing] [Whistling East Peck Glass jingle]