Trial & Error (2016) s01e11 Episode Script

Unusual Suspect

1 The People would like to call the victim's brother and the murderer's brother-in-law, Jeremiah Jefferson Davis.
The prosecution has been presenting its case for over two weeks now.
Carol Anne Keane has been relentless.
But fortunately, my case and my team are strong.
Anne, do you have my notes for cross? Anne? Anne! Sorry.
What'd I miss? I suffer from nocturnal lagophthalmos, otherwise known as sleeping with your eyes wide open.
Of my many gifts, this one has helped me the most at this job.
And what was your sister's job? Well, obviously, she didn't work.
I mean, she was a woman, after all.
But her job was tending to the depraved cravings of Larry Henderson.
Josh, w-when is this gonna end? She's trying to wear us down, but it's not working.
I can already tell she's starting to crack.
My stamina is legendary.
I can go for days, weeks, even months.
Will you describe for us what you've called the "Thanksgiving of Horror"? Well, it was a stormy afternoon, and Larry was staring out at the rain.
I didn't know it at the time what he was thinking, but in hindsight, I'd say it was, "One day, I'm gonna throw Margaret through this window.
" "Throw Margaret through this window.
" This is shard 142 of 429.
This is shard 143 of 429.
In your expert opinion, is the shatter pattern consistent with a Southern lady being thrown through the window? Yes.
Especially shard 262.
"Especially shard 262.
" - Yes.
- I see.
Senior Jr.
, in your mind, is this clearly an act of murder? Mine peepern ainnevern peeped uh sickersite sinmy burr thinday.
His peepern ainnevern peeped uh sickersite sinin burr thinday.
Your witness.
I'm good.
Your Honor, the prosecution rests.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Well, glad that's over.
Anne, can I offer you another glass? Oh, just half.
I have a syndrome where if I drink too much wine, I get slurred speech, I'm belligerent, and I wake up with a headache.
You can top me off, Lar.
Is it safe for you to drink and taxiderm? The wine helps silence the inner critic.
I'm so glad this case is finally over and we can celebrate.
Larry, we still have to mount our defense.
Maybe you should be on trial for killing the mood.
Okay, guys, let's take a look at the murder board.
Murder board! Murder Really? No chanting? Well, you did it last time, and now it seems uncool.
Well, for the record, I think I'm a really cool boss.
That's what makes him uncool.
Carol Anne has basically called up every possible suspect or witness, but the good news is, we still have our secret weapon Summer.
Are you sure you want to bring her up? I-It seems to me that Carol Anne tears apart everyone who gets on the stand.
- Now, there's a cool lawyer.
- Mm.
People's feelings are starting to get hurt, so let's stop with the "cool" talk.
Carol Anne has spent 28 days tearing apart your character.
Summer's the only person who can build it back up.
And I cannot wait to tell everyone what an amazing father and loving husband you were.
And the best part is, Carol Anne won't be able to touch her.
Summer, we're putting you on the stand Monday.
Larry, I have a few more things I want to go over with you.
Everyone else, go home.
Can I just say I don't know if it's the wine syndrome talking - I love you guys so much.
- Aww.
Get that [bleep] camera out of my face! Okay, Anne, you're not driving.
Why don't you get a ride from Uber? Uber Ricketts? That guy's got like four DUls.
I'll take everybody home.
All right.
Bye, Dad.
I'll see you later.
Oh, Dwayne, don't forget to try Margaret's phone on the way home.
Last month, we found out Margaret has a missing cellphone that someone's been trying to access.
I know what you're thinking ghost phone.
However, Josh thinks the killer might have it.
Dwayne, I need you to find this phone.
So I've been calling it daily.
Josh, do you really think we can win this case? Yes, I do.
Although Summer's the key.
With the reasonable doubt I've established, all she has to do is portray you as the normal, accessible guy that you are.
W-What are you doing?! It's not your birthday party.
Where do you keep your candle snuffer? In the 1800s.
I'm sure the taxidermist has something in the back.
He must entertain.
Larry, your cellphone's ringin'.
What the hell? This is Margaret's missing - Aah! Go! - Are you okay? I actually thought it would be tougher to take you down.
You should try rollercizing.
It's all lower body.
Answer this question very carefully Have you been hiding Margaret's cellphone? Yes.
More carefully.
I couldn't give it up! And the lock screen is a picture of Margaret and me.
I-It reminds me of the last time I saw her.
You realize that you have been withholding evidence from your lawyer?! I know this looks bad, but it's not what it seems.
There's just incredibly incriminating information on it that would be devastating if it was uncovered.
That's exactly what it seems! Go Oh, oh, oh! What are you hiding?! Just a few texts that wouldn't look great out of context.
I was trying to delete them, but Margaret changed her password before she died.
I tried using her thumbprint at the funeral, but the mortician really caked on the hand makeup.
Oh, my God! What did you text her? They're not from me.
They're They're from Summer.
Summer? What did they say? They're of the "I hate you, I never want to see you" variety with some F-bombs sprinkled in liberally.
She's a powerful writer, just like me, but with a stronger grasp of feces-shaped emojis.
I don't understand.
It's a little cartoon doodie.
Why would Summer text her that? Summer and Margaret.
had a complicated relationship.
Merry Christmas, Dad.
We have a Christmas surprise for you.
Margaret and I are getting married.
We're engaged! Well, that's not gonna end well.
Well, why is Summer's relationship with Margaret relevant? Because Carol Anne will definitely bring it up.
And she will paint some picture that you lived in a tumultuous home.
Oh, yeah.
She'd be right about that.
No, the two of them really went at each other, and it was so uncomfortable.
I-I'd sit on the sofa hoping it would eat me.
Okay, Summer didn't like Margaret, but luckily she was out of town, so she couldn't have murdered her.
She couldn't have done it.
But she was in town.
She was in town? Oh, man, I'm glad I'm finding this out now and not on the stand.
When was the last time they fought? I remember the morning that Margaret died, - they had a tiny fight.
- Ugh! I'd barely even call it a kerfuffle because Margaret was wearing some of Adelaide's old jewelry that Summer believed belonged to her.
She made a big scene and stormed off to her uncle's.
Her uncle's? So, you mean Jeremiah? I certainly don't mean her Uncle Harry.
I haven't spoken to my twin brother in years.
You have a twin brother? Did that never come up? - Not even once! - Hmm.
Anne and I are going to visit Jeremiah to make sure Summer had an alibi on the night of the murder.
Since Jeremiah's wife, Josie, ran off with all his money, Jeremiah's had to downsize.
I think we're here, Anne.
Anne? Anne! What'd I miss? Because of my spouse-induced penury, I've temporarily relocated to campus housing.
Because I founded this chapter, they had no choice but to let me stay.
Davis, I'm not passing judgement, but this is a dry house.
I know.
That's why the keg's on the porch, nerd.
I tell ya the fraternity system has changed quite a bit since my day when men could be men.
I didn't realize you and Summer were so close.
Oh, she's a doll.
We had some special times together.
I'll have a blue Christmas Without you She brought out the light in Josie's eyes.
I-It must have been blinding.
Getting back to Summer, I-I don't know how to say this, but there was some talk that she had a troubled relationship with Margaret.
I know how to say it.
She hated Margaret.
But if you're implying she had anything to do with her death you're barking up the wrong tree.
I never said that.
I'm just trying to do my due diligence before I put her on the stand.
Because Summer had an alibi.
I remember she went to a concert that night.
Do you remember who she saw? Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson died seven years ago.
Well, she might've done it, then.
Since I'm going to put you on the stand, I have to be super-clear on a couple things from your past.
Okay, sure.
First, tell me where you actually were the night Margaret died.
You know, out.
Do you have an alibi? Yes.
I was, um I was at the Jessup Farm.
What's Jessup Farm? The Jessups are the seediest family in all of East Peck.
Every few weeks, they throw these huge parties in a barn that attract the dregs from miles around.
Approximately 13% of my family has been conceived there.
What were you doing at the Jessups'? You go to the Jessups'? We should hang.
We should not.
I had a fight with Margaret over Adelaide's jewelry, and I went to the Jessup Farm to blow off some steam.
- It is not a big deal.
- It kind of is! Do you remember anything else from that evening that might paint you in a bad light? - Not at all.
- Okay, good.
No, I mean I don't remember anything.
I had experimented with a hallucinogen.
Ah I'm a very chill dad, but I had one rule one rule do not go to Jessup Farm.
- And what did you do? - Dad, I What did you do? I went to Jessup Farm.
I am a very chill defendant, but I had one rule one rule do not investigate Summer.
- And what did you do? - Come on, Larry! What did you do? I investigated Summer.
You broke the rules.
Now she's not going on the stand.
I hope you're both happy.
Larry, do you know how bad it will look if your own daughter doesn't testify on your behalf? Carol Anne will destroy us.
Maybe you could just gloss over the bad stuff.
I'd rather bring it up than Carol Anne.
That way, I can control the narrative.
It's just a slight change in strategy.
Instead of the doting daughter, Summer is the troubled kid who never liked Margaret, but who came back just to testify for her dad.
In a lot of ways, it makes our case stronger.
You think that's true? I'm certainly telling myself that.
Good morning, Counselor.
I'm very excited to see who you're feeding to me on the stand today.
- Bon appétit.
- Hmm.
That's it? Where's the girl? If you're referring to Summer, I'm saving the best for last.
There's actually been a development.
Well, why don't we move over to my couch and you can fill me in? You know, the cameras are still in here.
- I don't mind.
- Huh.
This list is ridiculously small.
Well, unlike you, I don't need 28 days to make my case.
Speaking of 28 days, how we doing with that? Two days late, but I'm sure it's due to stress.
Good, good, good, good, good.
Josh sent me to the Jessup family farm to get more information about Summer's whereabouts the night Margaret died.
She claims not to remember anything, so in order to re-create her experience, I will drink a hallucinogenic tea called ayahuasca.
Users claim it can give you a spiritual awakening, as well as intense diarrhea.
I am not looking forward to a spiritual awakening.
Bottoms up.
Your Honor, the defense calls DNA expert Thom Hinkle to the stand.
I have a condition.
When under extreme stress, I self-stimulate.
Didn't we already do one of these interviews? Yeah, we did.
Okay, and now I think you're just making fun of me.
So, Mr.
Hinkle, you are considered an expert in your field of forensic pathology.
That's right.
I climbed the DNA ladder all the way to the top.
Is it your expert opinion that the DNA found in the semen in Mrs.
Henderson's bed did not belong to Mr.
Henderson? That's right.
It belonged to Rutger Hiss.
Belonged to Rutger Hiss.
No further questions.
Hinkle, you've testified that this line represents Larry's DNA and this line represents Rutger Hiss' DNA.
Could you tell me, what does this third line indicate? Ah, well, that's actually, uh That's my DNA.
Specifically what kind of DNA? Would that be sweat? Saliva? It's semen.
Semen? Now, how would your semen be found at the crime scene? I think we all know how semen makes its way into the world.
This is not the first crime scene you've contaminated, is it? Uh, okay, so, I have a medical condition So you contaminate every room you walk into? Is it fair to say you've got semen on your hands right now? Well, it's not fair, uh, but it is true.
No further questions.
Ohh, boy! Who needs? Mr.
Segal, your next witness.
O-One moment, Your Honor.
- Any word from Dwayne? - I haven't heard from him, but knowing Dwayne, I know he's onto something.
Segal! With questions still surrounding Summer, I needed another character witness for Larry ideally, somebody who's known him for years and who has a deep understanding of the human condition.
Since we don't have that, I just went for someone likeable.
Describe some of the time you've spent with Larry Henderson.
I'll never forget when we sang karaoke together.
He has a beautiful tenor.
I'm an alto.
Is that perjury? Ah, who cares? She's delightful.
And what song did you sing together? "I Will Always Love You.
" He dedicated it to Summer.
And how does that song go? If I Should stay I would only be in Your way Objection.
I want to see where this is going.
And I e - I Will always love you I Will always love y-o-o-ou - Ms.
Flatch, you truly are delightful.
- Thank you.
And you have some wonderful things to say about Mr.
I do.
So you contend the man in this photo could've never, ever, ever murdered his wife.
Is that right? It is.
Let the record show that the witness was referring to Juror #1.
I question the validity of a witness who cannot recognize faces.
No further questions.
What a bitch.
Do I feel good about the case I presented? Yes.
Yes, I do.
But I'm not ready to celebrate.
There's still plenty of trial to go.
Keane, this is all the champagne East Peck Liquor had.
- Not now, Mitchell.
- Okay.
Also, is the victory party a surprise or not? Aah! What'd you find out, Dwayne? Before I tell you, I need you to grant me full immunity.
Well, that's, like, not really a legal Full immunity, or he walks.
I grant you full immunity.
Now I need you to grant Anne full immunity for threatening you.
Oh, my God.
You both have full immunity.
I went deep undercover as a drug enthusiast, and Verton Jessup's daughter, Barrel, showed me this.
Whoo! Aaaaah! Aaaah! I'm gonna go get my jewelry back! Aaaaaah! Well, I mean, obviously, I didn't kill Margaret.
Summer, n-no one thinks you killed her.
Why don't we put a pin in that one? But obviously now I can't call her up as a character witness, no matter how bad it looks.
Then we rest, which is perfect timing, because I'm exhausted.
Or I put her on the stand as a suspect.
W-what does that mean? We bring up your history with Margaret, we show the tape, and we drop a bombshell of reasonable doubt.
This will actually be the first thing that Carol Anne can't counter! That's right, she can't, because I forbid it! You didn't even ask how Summer feels about it.
- I think it's a great idea.
- No one asked you.
Dad, come on.
Josh is right.
This could be the one piece of reasonable doubt that sets you free.
And what if she decides to come after you? You've seen her in court.
Her stamina is legendary.
Then I will hire the best legal team there is.
- And I'll even defend her for free.
- We'll see.
What do you mean? You wouldn't use me? We'll just cross that bridge when we get there.
Okay, fine.
Then guess what.
I quit! You just lost the best client you ever had.
Have fun sitting in court by yourself! I-I don't think he understands how this works.
He does, okay? He just gets a little emotional.
And I Will always love I always knew this case would hinge on Summer.
I just I didn't think it would be this way.
Segal so, are we gonna wrap up this dog and pony show today? I only ask because I have tickets to the East Peck dog and pony show, and I want to know if I should give them to my sister.
I'll be calling my last witness Summer Henderson.
Josh! No! I can't let her take the fall for a crime she didn't commit! I'm sorry, Larry.
I-I have to be your lawyer, not your friend.
- But I - Dad, it's gonna be okay.
Bailiff, get the jury.
Yes, ma'am.
W-W-Wait! I did it! I killed Margaret! - Y-e-e-e-e-e-e-es! - Y-a-a-a-a-a-h! Yes! - Ugh! - Ow! No.