Trial & Error (2016) s01e12 Episode Script

The Defense Rests

After discovering there was an outside chance that Summer was the one who killed Margaret because she couldn't remember the events the night of the murder, I only had two options One, I could help Larry's case by putting his daughter on the stand as a suspect.
Or two I could lose his only viable character witness by keeping her out of it all together.
Larry found a third option.
I killed Margaret! Ye-e-e-e-s!! No.
- [Cork pops] - Whoo! [Gavel bangs] Mr.
Henderson, are you prepared to change your plea in front of the jury? - Yes, I am.
- No, he's not! - Hah! I heard it! - You heard it.
Now, you bring in that jury so they can hear it.
Drinks on me at the Salty Pecker.
Not top shelf Let's not go crazy.
Good by me I could use a stiff drink.
Your Honor, my client is clearly not of sound mind, and he only made this confession to save his daughter! It's true, because I'm the one who killed Margaret Henderson.
- Summer! - Summer! What the hell is going on? Your Honor, the people are willing to do a two-for-one Henderson fry.
Not so fast! I killed Margaret Henderson! Together: Dwayne, what are you doing? Are you [bleep] me? Mr.
Segal, I will not allow my court to turn into a circus.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I had to get a flu shot, and now I can only walk backwards.
It's a temporary condition known as "Backwards Cheerleader Syndrome," which is a form of Dystonia.
You can find it online and see that it's real.
Oh, shoot! I got to get to court.
[Chuckles] Excuse me.
What's going on? We're all claiming we killed Margaret Henderson in order to stick up for each other.
- You in? - No, I'm good.
Your Honor, I beg you Please, give me a moment with my client and his daughter and my investigator.
We have three confessions pick one, bring in the jury, Salty Pecker, drinks on me, top shelf is now on the table! - None of them did it.
- Except me! I did! - [Door opens] - She's lying.
Aunt Josie, what are you doing here? I was at an undisclosed island in the Mediterranean spending my husband's fortune and cruising for [bleep] Summer did not kill Margaret, and I have pictures that prove she was with me partying all that night at Jessup Farm.
Well, look at that! Summer didn't do it! Well, then, neither did I! Uh, ditto for me.
You can't take back a confession! This isn't church.
It's not official because the jury didn't hear it.
Segal's right, although I caution you to not waste the court's time like this again.
We will recess until tomorrow so you can wrap up what's left of your case.
Thank you, Your Honor, and I can assure you my team will be in line moving forward.
All right, let's go.
I'm here with an anonymous source who claims to have inside information about the defense's star character witness, Summer Henderson.
In order to protect this witness' identity, we have distorted her voice or his.
So, thank you so much for joining us.
[Distorted] The pleasure is all mine, Heidi.
You claim to know why the defense has yet to call up Summer Henderson.
That is correct.
According to my sources, there is disturbing video of her raving at the Jessup Farm.
That is shocking.
Thank you so much, anonymous source.
Thank you, Heidi.
Carol Anne Keane for District Attorney.
Listen, we have one day left to put someone on the stand, and Carol Anne effectively just destroyed our only character witness.
God, she is so dirty.
- Nothing is beneath her.
- You were, weren't you? Larry, come on.
If you're looking for a character witness, wh-who's more credible than I am? We are not putting you up there.
Carol Anne will rip you to shreds.
- So, what's our next move? - Reasonable doubt Jeremiah did well under cross, plus he gave the jury cigarettes, so he's not going to help us.
And Josie's no longer a suspect.
That leaves Rutger.
We need a way to refocus the trial on what a bad guy he is.
Like a reverse character witness.
We just need to find someone to talk badly about Rutger.
And I think I know one person that Carol Anne won't be able to break.
The defense would like to call Carol Anne Keane.
[Spectators murmur] Objection I'm an attorney, not a witness.
Segal is clearly speaking out of his anus.
Your Honor, I intend to prove the testimony given by Rutger Hiss was inaccurate, and Ms.
Keane is the only one who can testify to that.
I normally wouldn't allow it, but technically, it's legal and I've been advised by my life coach to say yes more so yes.
That was scary but it felt right.
If Carol Anne is going to play dirty, so am I.
Carol Anne: I make no apologies for my tactics during this trial.
The pressure is intense, so much so that I've developed a tiny rash.
But I will not back down.
As a woman, I have to be 10 times the man any man would be.
I don't see her as a woman anymore.
Mitchell, less yapping, more wrapping.
Keane, you were in a three-year romantic relationship with Rutger Hiss, correct? - Reminder You're under oath.
- And you're underfed.
Objection I'm in the 60th percentile for boys my height.
Keane, answer the question.
[Clicks tongue] Yes.
Hiss and I were in a relationship.
Isn't it true that Rutger Hiss kept his relationship with Margaret Henderson a secret from you? Yes.
Excuse me, I don't think people can hear you.
- Oh, no - Oh, no.
I-I heard it.
- Oh, it's clear as day - Guys! Counselor? Yes.
So, Ms.
Keane, if he had you in the dark about his secret relationship and the entire town believing he was in a coma, isn't it possible he was keeping other secrets like the fact that he murdered Margaret Henderson?! Ms.
Keane, I'll repeat the question.
Do you think Are you okay? My relationship with Rutger stirs up a lot of shame.
[Sniffles] As a child, I was raised to make good choices, but as a woman, struggling to survive in a male field, my self-esteem has taken some blows.
The ladies here know what I'm talking about.
[Sniffles] [Voice breaking] After a while, I started to believe that I didn't deserve any better than Rutger.
So in loving him I lost myself.
I see what's going on.
I I think you should give the jury a little more credit than to fall for your obvious theatrics! [Gasps] [Gasps] [Clears throat] Your Honor, I have a hostile witness who is clearly trying to manipulate the court - and should be ashamed of hers - Oh, I have shame, Mister.
[Crying] I have shame.
[Sobbing] No further questions.
I'm sorry.
[Sniffling] Thank you.
I'm sorry, Larry.
She keeps one-upping me.
I've got to find a way to turn the tables on her.
- Put me on the stand! - No! Defendants who remain silent always appear guilty.
It's true.
I think he did it.
Anne: I keep going back and forth.
It's like a roller coaster I'm assuming.
I can't go on roller coasters because I have no inner ear.
Summer: You know, I think this is a good idea My dad is really persuasive.
He convinced you to stay here, even though it's probably completely ruined your career.
You make a valid point.
My wife died.
I'm wrongly accused.
Let me finally tell my side of the story! What other options do we have?! Okay! But you need to let me know if there is anything else you haven't told me.
There isn't.
Wait Have I told you I was born with an extra testicle? - Too many times.
- You mean you got four of 'em? Before you take the stand, we're gonna have to find you a good witness coach.
[Gasps] I know someone Sebastian Rappaport.
How do you know him? He's legit.
He's a behavioral psychologist.
You know, this may come as a surprise, but I've been the subject of a bunch of studies.
Let me see if I have his number.
Dwayne: My brother-cousin said we only have the courtroom for an hour.
[British accent] Well, I need a year, but I can do it in an hour.
Okay, Larry, let's start with the vocal warm-up that we discussed.
I didn't diabolically dispose of my distant darling during that dark day's dispute.
Excellent! Excellent! Now, remember The jury will believe you if you believe you.
Read this.
"8 times 8 equals 1,000.
" Liar! Try again.
- "8 times 8 equals 1,000.
" - Guilty! Daughter's an orphan.
I c can I try? "8 times 8 equals 1,000.
" Oh, oh yes.
Did you see that? Did you see that? I believed that he believed it.
Young man, what is your secret? - I carried the two in my head.
- Well, congratulations You could kill anybody in this town and get away with it.
Sit down.
I'm done with you.
Larry, again.
- "8 times 8" - Stop! Yeah, you don't even need to finish.
I could feel that you were willing to go there.
- [Exhales sharply] Yes.
- Now, next question Did you kill your wife? - No.
I absolutely - Stop.
Are you happy with what your hands were doing there? W-What were they doing? Just telling the world that you're a cold-blooded killer.
H-Hold on! I-I don't need to take this abuse! Yeah Sebastian, maybe back off a little.
The guy's under a lot of pressure.
He goes on the stand tomorrow.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I will back off.
In fact, I will get into my fully loaded Toyota Avalon with my rear-view camera, and I will back the [bleep] right out of here into my mansion, which has a swimming pool - [Door slams] - with a diving board and a slide! Wait! Sebastian, please don't go.
I'm really sorry.
End scene.
[Gasps] Josh, this man's a genius.
W-What do I do with my hands? You keep them steady by putting the caramel over the apple.
You try.
Did you kill your wife? I did not kill my wife.
That just gave me chills.
Now, finish with a smile.
Man, that caramel-over-the-apple thing makes me think he may not have done it.
[Birds chirping] [Spectators murmur] [Clears throat] Counselor, I'd like to pass on some advice.
What is going on with you? You're redder than normal.
I have a minor rash due to a food allergy not at all related to the stress of the trial.
[Clears throat] Besides, would you ask that question to a man? Part of that man's neck just flaked off in front of me.
I would advise you not to put your client on the stand today.
It will not go well.
This verdict is inevitable, but your reputation is still salvageable.
Why would I believe a word you say? You shouldn't, and that's by design.
Which way am I coming from, Josh which way? I literally just saw that rash jump on your ear.
- Call a doctor.
- Which way? Which way? Good afternoon, Mr.
Can you tell me what this is? It's a poem I wrote to Margaret on the morning she died.
Would you mind reading it for us? "An angel sighs, an angel flies" - [Sighs] - "an ang" I can't finish.
Oh, I will.
You'll betray the words.
"An angel lies next to me.
" Those are beautiful words.
And to anyone who finds it suspicious that you would write her a loving poem on the day she was killed, can you tell me what these are? That's the other 317 poems I wrote to Margaret one for every Friday, because that was the day we met.
You two were lucky to have each other.
I am so sorry for your loss.
No further questions.
[Clears throat] Mr.
Henderson, would you consider yourself to be an honest man? Well, of course.
And what about Harrison Weeks? Is he an honest man? Wha I'm sorry.
What was the question? Objection.
Irrelevant There's no one named Harrison Weeks - involved in this case.
- Overruled.
But, Ms.
Keane, I suggest you get to your point and some calamine lotion.
Henderson, you claim to be an honest man, but in truth, your whole life has been a lie.
Your name is not even Larry Henderson.
Your birth name is Harrison Weeks, and you changed it after your mother mysteriously died when you were a boy, isn't that true? That is true.
[Camera shutter clicking, spectators murmuring] I'm gonna take off.
No further questions.
[Imitates explosion] This is definitely bigger news than his third ball.
Do you understand how bad it looks for this gigantic revelation to come up right before closing arguments?! Well, Josh, you have to look at things like Take the caramel off that apple! I have heard the testicle story six times.
How did this never come up? Because it's too hard to talk about.
Plus, the testicle story is a home run.
[Sighs] It all started with my mom's death.
I was 12 years old, and I became depressed and went to a dark place.
Then one day, I imagined that I was someone completely different, and suddenly, everything seemed better.
When I turned 18, I decided to legally become someone else, and that dark place became a distant memory [Sighs] until Adelaide died.
And then Margaret.
I thought of changing my identity again, but what I did instead was to create a world in my head I can step into when things are difficult.
Some people think that's me being aloof, but it's the only way I can make it through the day.
- I I hope this makes sense.
- It does! And if I had known about it first, I could have made the jury understand it, but Carol Anne used it to reveal you as a liar.
She is a piece of work.
She must be really good at sex for you to be interested in her.
Larry, come on.
Josh, I don't know about the law, but - do we get any do-overs? - No.
All right, the only way to have something struck from the record is if it was obtained illegally.
Who else knew about this? Well, not a soul The court records were sealed.
The only place the name Harrison Weeks even exists is on my baby pictures I keep in my top drawer.
What are you doing? I'm just stretching, Counselor.
Don't get any ideas.
I won't, but you're lying in my client's bed.
Oh, my God.
There's nothing in here but loose change, loose joints, and a ton of hotel toiletries.
No They want you to take them.
- Larry, there are no pictures here.
- What?! Carol Anne must have taken the baby pictures during the jury visit.
There's just no way to prove it.
- Or is there? - Why, what have you got? Nothing.
I'm just asking a question.
Wait a minute Maybe there is a way to prove it.
Everything we do is being recorded.
Anne, you're a genius! [Car horn honks] Members of the jury, you are instructed to disregard all evidence relating to Mr.
Henderson's previous identity, as it was obtained illegally.
[Spectators murmur] Psst! Bad news I talked to that camera guy who's always rolling his eyes at me.
Apparently, they don't have footage of Carol Anne going through that dresser.
I know.
I totally got her.
I was bluffing.
The The cameras don't catch everything.
Oh, good, 'cause I I stole one of Larry's doobies.
Oh, it's all right.
- I grow weed in my garden.
- Guys! Can you Judge Horsedich: Ms.
Keane, if you violate the rules of evidence again, I will hold you in contempt.
Again, Your Honor, I am so sorry.
Sometimes, being a woman in a male field Do not even.
Yes, ma'am.
Segal, you may continue.
Actually the defense rests.
[Clicks tongue] And wipe that smirk off your face.
Closing statements start tomorrow, and you both better be professional.
This is my court.
[Crowd chanting "Larry sucks"] The day is finally here Closing arguments in the Larry Henderson murder trial.
Tensions are high as both sides have their last chance to appeal to the jury.
And this is my last chance to showcase my talents to our larger affiliates.
How you feelin', Shreveport? You've heard testimony from many people about Larry Henderson.
But I want you to focus on the two people that you didn't hear from his daughter Mnh-mnh [Exhales sharply, giggles] who must suspect that he is not the loving family man the defense would have you to believe Mnh-mnh-mnh! And his dead wife, who knows that for a fact because he killed her with the same cold-blooded stare that he wears on his face to this day! It shook me.
Mm! [Clears throat] He keeps saying how much he misses Margaret.
It is your duty to reunite them.
[Groans] Thank you very much.
I just got to Yeah.
Judge Horsedich: Counselor? Yeah.
Got it.
[Sighs] [Exhales sharply] Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, over the past several weeks, you have witnessed the prosecution launch a relentless, scathing, oftentimes personal attack against my client.
And all she could come up with was baseless, worthless speculation.
But speculation isn't good enough! You need facts, and the fact is that there is nothing linking my client to the death To the death [Scoffs] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[Camera shutter clicks, spectators murmur] I need to speak from the heart.
Over the past six months, I have gotten to know the real Larry Henderson.
As his lawyer and friend, I can assure you he is no monster.
He is a victim of unspeakable tragedy.
And while the prosecution has painted him as cold and detached, that's just his way of coping with unbearable pain.
So before you judge him ask yourself how you would act if everything you ever cared about was taken away.
Now, I know that I couldn't do as good of a job as he has.
Larry Henderson did not kill his wife.
I know it it my heart and I think you do, too.
Thank you.
I love you, Josh.
It's so powerful when you speak from the heart.
Josh: How do I feel? Fantastic.
Now all that's left is to wait for the jury to reach a verdict.
The longer it takes, the better.
It means that I've given them plenty of reasonable doubt, and in a case like this, I'm guessing it will take a few weeks, maybe a month.
Josh! Good news! The jury reached a verdict! Whoo!