Trial & Error (2016) s01e13 Episode Script

The Verdict

1 So it all comes down to this.
I've given everything I have to his case.
How do I feel? I'm literally sick right now.
11 minutes of deliberation.
It takes eight minutes to get to the jury room, and that's if you run, and at least four minutes to pick a foreman.
[Exhales] But then again, who knows? I mean, East Peck is actually west of North Peck, so anything's possible in this town.
[Sighs] Carol Anne: I feel relaxed.
I did everything in my power to convict Larry Henderson.
Now it's in God's hands.
And if the good Lord wants to use me as the instrument to kill him, I will humbly submit to His plans.
And if Jesus is unsure, he should just ask himself, "What would Carol Anne do?" All rise! [Camera shutters clicking] Be seated.
I understand the jury has reached a verdict.
We finally did, Your Honor.
[Paper rustles] I think this is your lunch order.
Flip it over.
I thought "barbecue" was a little flippant.
Judge Horsedich: Will the defendant please stand? Remember, even if the verdict doesn't go our way, we still have the appeals process.
Josh, I'm completely at peace with whatever happens.
On the charge of murder in the first degree Darn it, I do not have my reading glasses.
Oh, here.
I-I'll do it.
I'll do it.
Okay, here we go.
"We, the jury, find the defendant, Larry Henderson" "guilty as charged.
" [Camera shutters clicking, spectators murmuring] See ya! Man: He's making a run for it! Unbelievable.
Now I'm a flight risk.
In all fairness, you ran out of court and were on your way to the airport.
[Voice breaking] Hey, Dad.
You're gonna be okay.
Oh, my God, Josh, what the hell do we do? First of all, take off your sunglasses.
- They're disrespectful to the court.
- Okay.
Oh, my God.
Put your sunglasses back on.
- Okay.
- Let's not panic.
It's not over.
Just don't think about the guy in the black hood that came in the back door.
- Wh - Or the bear that came in with him.
I'll be right back.
You come over to congratulate me? Why? You're not pregnant, are you? [Laughs] Seriously, are you? Relax.
I don't have a bagel in the oven.
Offensive, but reassuring.
I know how badly you want a death sentence, but I also know that you are a kind person deep down.
Please, show some mercy.
[Spectators murmuring] Bailiff: All rise! - You're gonna be okay.
- You're gonna be okay.
Judge Horsedich: Be seated.
Henderson, before you are sentenced, would you like to address the jury? Yes.
To the men and women of the jury, I know you had a tough decision to make, so in considering the sentence, I beg you to keep in mind, if you execute me I will haunt each and every one of you for all the days of your life! You will hear me rollerskating in your attic! Pennies will float across the room! Try lighting a match.
See how that goes.
Spoiler alert [Imitates match striking] [Gavel slams] If that is all, I will now instruct the jury on sentencing.
Your Honor the people would like to amend its recommendation from death to life in prison without parole.
- Wait, what? - Seriously? You've been trying to kill this man for six months.
Maybe I was bluffing.
Man: Dang! No execution today? Woman: I can't believe it! [No audio] Mr.
Henderson, you are sentenced to life without parole at the maximum-security facility on Peck Island.
Wait, an island?! Josh, get me sunscreen! - [Door slams] - Larry: I don't wanna go! [Buzzer] Summer, my little girl, if you ever get married, promise me you'll do it in this prison.
[Crying] Oh, my God, Josh, my dad's in jail.
- Summer.
- And I'm gonna have the worst wedding ever! Summer, I know this is hard, but we have to be strong for Larry.
Josh, I want to give you this.
Something to remember me by, in case we never see each other again.
Goodbye! [Voice breaking] It's his skate wrench.
[Both crying] [Cell door closes] Josh: Yup, I'm back in New York.
I've got my old job, my old office.
and yet, I can't stop thinking about the case.
There's got to be a reason that Carol Anne didn't go for the death penalty.
She must know something.
I have to figure out what that is and quickly because, frankly I'm worried about Larry.
[Larry clears throat] - [Dial tone] - I've been going over these crime-scene photos like 1,000 times.
Look what I just found this morning.
This was taken at 10:00 a.
in Larry's garage the day after the murder.
This was taken an hour later.
No rake.
No rake! That got me thinking about the unexplained scratches on Margaret's head.
You know, maybe this is the missing murder weapon.
Maybe this is the smoking rake.
Harawitz: Seags! Hey! Me, Gouldy, Cream Cheese, the Douche, going to Brooklyn to get weird.
You want in? Oh, so bad, but, like, I got some stuff I'm wrapping up here that You still working on the Henderson case? No.
Dude you're obsessed, dude.
I'm not obsessed, dude.
I'm not obsessed, dude! [Chanting softly] Murder board.
Murder board.
Larry: What do I miss the most? Summer, Josh, and my routine, but they're having gang tryouts this weekend.
Hopefully, it's a Jets-Sharks type of thing.
Also, I put on five pounds of muscle, and ironically, learned how to kill someone.
Summer: Yeah, I stayed in East Peck to be closer to my dad.
He made me promise to try to sell the house, but [Sighs] I don't know.
I keep holding out hope he's coming home somehow.
So I hired a broker that makes a sale a little less likely.
I got my real-estate license! It's not nearly as fun as I had losing a murder case with my best friends, but I don't have a ton of options.
I'm dyslexic, and I can't recognize faces.
Bright side, I get to be at Larry's house in case any clues come up.
Plus, I got my face on a bench.
What has two thumbs and is back on the EPPD? I am! Reinstated, on probation.
Like middle school all over again.
The good news is, since I'm not "field ready," I can, uh, tool around the station looking for any missing clues in the Henderson case.
Uh [Telephone rings in distance] Case closed.
[Chuckles] Bad boys, bad boys, watch you gonna do? What you Josh! Hey, listen, I need another favor.
There's no rake here.
Can I interest you in shards of glass, Larry's phone, a baggie of long, gray hair? Hold on.
I-I don't remember any gray hair being submitted as evidence.
Says it was found in the kitchen area, evidence number 85.
I would've remembered that.
[Suspenseful music plays] Oh, my God! You are not gonna believe this.
It goes 83, 84, 86! - Then what? - 87.
- Then what? - Dwayne! Somebody stole this page out of the murder book! They didn't want us to know about the hair! Which means? I'll tell you what it means.
It means I'm catching the next flight to East Peck.
[Tires screech] [Door opens] We need to talk.
Well, look who came back.
Kitten still smitten? Why'd you get rid of the hair? Some men like it that way.
Not what I meant.
But yes.
I'm talking about the gray hairs found at the crime scene.
Anything found at the crime scene was in the murder book.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Because that page is conveniently missing from my murder book.
How dare you come in here, fully aroused, accusing me of such awful things.
- I'm not aroused at all.
- Then you're of no use to me.
Okay, maybe you didn't take the page, but I do think that you think Larry might be innocent and that is why you didn't go for the death penalty.
I know this was a tough loss for you, but I've moved on.
If I Keane, you Keane.
Well, guess what? I Keane't.
So, you'll note that the backyard is murder-free, even though technically, half her body was found here.
Dwayne: Anne! Josh reopened the case! We're getting the team back together! Josh! - Oh, my God! - Oh! - [Laughter] - We're back! Ohh.
- [Seagulls calling] - [buzzer] - Summer: Oh, hey! - Josh: Hey! You're all here! Oh, I wish I'd known I was having company.
I would've made a bowl of toilet raisin wine.
- Oh, don't worry about it.
- Aw, shoot.
Oh, I can't believe Josh is back.
Summer, you look fantastic.
Oh, hey, wh-where's Anne? Josh: Uh, she came in with us.
We're going to get you out of here, but you can't kill any more guards.
Anne, that's not Larry.
That's why he asked me to press my chest against the glass.
Shame on you.
Anne! Come on over here! Hi! - Larry, we have some news.
- Yeah? Dwayne: I got your phone out of evidence.
It's one of the great things about being a cop you can take anything you want.
I keep it with me 'cause it reminds me of the end of our limited data plan [Clears throat] Thank you, Dwayne.
Josh: We also have a new lead.
You finally unlocked Margaret's phone? Oh, no.
I keep trying, but no luck.
- Y-You found my rake? - No, not yet.
Well, for [bleep] what have you been doing with your time? I'm sorry.
I spent two days in the hole.
I lost my people skills.
Josh: I found three gray hairs.
It's the stress.
Wait'll you get them downstairs.
Then it's a wake-up call.
Larry, there were three long, gray hairs found at the crime scene.
How come we didn't know about the hair until now? [Sighs] There was a page ripped out of the murder book.
We think someone broke into the office and stole it.
Unless it's an inside job.
Well, the only people who had access to our office are [Grunts] You found your killer.
Oh, my God.
Anne, you have the right to remain silent.
- Oh.
- Dwayne.
Dave! Dave? Okay, so what are we looking for exactly? Anything that links Dave to the crime.
Oh, my gosh.
[All scream] I'm sorry.
It was just a moth that landed in that jar of animal eyeballs.
Ugh! Guys, look! This is Larry's missing rake.
I think Dave killed Margaret.
- [Siren wailing] - Here I am Rock you like a hurricane [Tires screech] Stay in the car, Josh.
This is police business.
- Oh, my! Put the gun away.
- Just stay in the car.
Dwayne, seriously, put the Give me Get back here! - You son of a bitch.
- EPPD! Open the door! No! Oh, my God.
Get on the [bleep] floor, you piece of [bleep] - [Gunshots] - No! No! God damn it! What the hell are you doing, jackass?! You got the wrong house! Oh, my bad.
[Dog barking in distance] The six looked like an eight.
Wrong house.
[Barking continues] Dave, open up.
It's Dwayne and Josh.
What the hell? Maybe we should call for backup.
Nobody move.
[Bleep] I left my gun next door.
What are you doing in my cottage? We found Larry's rake in your office.
Your hair was at the crime scene.
I bet if we search your ridiculously tasteful house, we'd find that missing page of the murder book.
- I did it.
- [Exhales sharply] The guilt has been killing me.
Why'd you do it, Dave? [Chuckles] She was the one trophy I didn't have.
Oh, you sick bastard! I've got a question.
Can I eat those cookies, or are they just for show? They're for show.
[Scoffs] You sick bastard! Why did you kill her? Oh, no.
I didn't kill her.
I just found her and stuffed her.
I mean, do you have any - What? - edible cookies on premises? Isn't she beautiful? So what happened was, Dave - Killed Margaret.
- No.
Dave went to Larry's house because his friend Roger Bentman, the cable guy - Killed Margaret.
- No.
Accidentally killed an owl.
Dave wanted to stuff the owl, which is illegal, and he used the rake to - Kill Margaret.
- No! To scoop up the owl.
So, who killed Margaret Henderson? We don't [bleep] know.
We don't [bleep] know.
God, Margaret was a terrible speller.
Look at this.
Please take out the trash.
This says, "Please teak tou the tarsh.
" Not to me.
But I'm dyslexic.
Was Margaret? She never said she was.
Well, maybe she was ashamed.
I have some disorders that would freak you out.
Sometimes my left hand does what it wants.
- What? - What? You know what, Anne, can you write "Larry" up on the board? Yeah.
[Gasps] It worked.
Anne! You did it! Whoa.
Margaret has an unsent video in her outbox.
[Cellphone vibrates] Your phone keeps buzzing.
That's not my phone.
That's Larry's.
[Slurps] He just got a video from Margaret.
Ha! Hi, Larry.
I'm making my first video on my smartphone.
I hope it's working.
Summer said to hold it up high for a more flattering angle.
She went to the Jessups, by the way.
Please don't get mad at her.
Josie's with her, so I'm sure she's safe.
Oh, Alfonzo called.
Please call him back.
He gets so emotional.
And the cable guy came.
He's on the roof, so, please, keep your pants on when you come back from skating.
What else? You know, I really wish that we would've put the door back here.
I hate this window.
Anyway, I love you, sweetie.
- Aah! - [Glass shatters] [Owl hoots] Margaret Henderson was killed by an owl.
I think an autopsy will prove that the marks on her head were caused by talons.
Oh, bravo.
Your Honor, please.
Seriously, please.
I need this.
In light of this new evidence, I order Larry Henderson to be released, pending a new trial.
Unless the state would like to drop the charges.
[Sighs] Fine.
The state will drop the charges.
Thank you.
Oh, shut up.
I should've killed him when I had the chance.
[Seagulls calling] [Cell door opens] Josh! I don't need your skate wrench anymore.
Turns out we're gonna be seeing a lot of each other.
Oh, Josh, no.
Who did you kill? [Chuckles] No one.
And neither did you.
You're coming home.
Henderson, Mr.
Henderson? Man: Give us something.
[Indistinct shouting] - Josh? - Excuse me.
Excuse us! - [Shouting continues] - Please.
Feels like a dream.
Larry back home.
I won my first murder trial.
[Chuckles] - Hey, there he is! - [Door closes] Josh, I wrote a poem for you in prison.
"He gave me hope when hope was gone, he gave me strength to journey on.
Who am I? Who am I? I'm Larry Henderson.
" That's from Les Miz.
Oh [bleep] I knew it came too easy.
My point is, no one would've stuck with me like you did.
You're more than my lawyer.
You're like a son, and I Me, too.
So, what am I gonna do, Josh? Go back to your life.
You're free.
[Scoffs] Am I? [Sighs] I don't know.
There will always be a cloud over me.
What about you? What's next? God, honestly, I don't know.
I guess, I go back to New York.
You're gonna want to see this.
Uh, wait.
This is Heidi Baker with a WPFK exclusive.
Goodbye, Josh.
More shocking news for the citizens of East Peck.
While this once sleepy town reels from the release of former murderer Larry Henderson, a body has been found in a suitcase near the Peck River.
We may have a murder! [Telephone rings] Not much is known about the victim Anne: Law Office Taxidermist.
[Gasps] Someone wants to hire the lawyer who got off the murderer Larry Henderson.
Now, it is safe to say we have a 50/50 chance either the victim is male or female.
Erase the board, Anne.
- Yes! - We're back in business! Hello? but in the meantime, we will be looking for justice You know what? Let me take this call in my office.
Well, I'm the last man who came on board so, I'm calling my shot right now bird.
I'm gonna go not bird.
Dang, I guess I'll have to take suicide again.
Goodbye, Larry.
All: [Chanting] Murder board! Murder board! Murder board! Murder board! Josh Segal and Associates.
Murder board!