Tribal (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

I'll Show You Chief

I repeat all patrols be on the look out, for poachers on the northwest quadrant Good afternoon, everyone.
Now, the Federal Justice Department would like to announce that we are entering a new era in police partnership for the city and the four surrounding Indian reserves.
The Tribal Police Force, which operates for the Plains Cree, the Arapaho, the Blackfoot, and the Dakota Nations, will be overseen and directed by Justice.
Uh, Chief, can you tell us what propagated this aggressive third party takeover of Tribal? Tribal Police Force has always been under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.
However, this is an effort to move forward with intentional integration, inclusion, and collaboration.
- Hey, it's a cop! - Only a Tribal cop.
We are making an attempt to break down all the systemic barriers, and uh disconnects, which existed by dividing those cases involving cultural designation and regional boundaries.
This is Officer Woodburn in pursuit of two suspected poachers on quads Let's have some fun, go, go, go! Piss-off Indian Pig.
Come here princess! Let's go! Does this have anything to do with the suspension of Tribal Police Chief Crowchild? Well, that is an ongoing internal investigation.
So, I'm unable to comment at this time.
Sir, over here Shit.
I forgot flowers.
- I'm sure he won't hold it against you.
- No.
He's not even in that ground, anyhow.
I don't understand why you insist on coming out here.
It's morbid.
I miss you.
Thanks for coming, Mom.
It means a lot to me.
No problem.
Yeah? Yep.
Now? Okay.
I've gotta go downtown.
Why now? The chief of the Justice Department wants to talk.
Hey, Buke.
Buke, tell 'em how it used to be.
You know, when there was a lounge in the station? - Mm, mm-hmm.
- And the guys used to bring in their own booze and strippers.
These guys know the stories.
Not your stories, Buke Come on.
Just give us one from the good 'ol days.
Okay? How about the one where the cop got hammered at the station, took a squad car, drove it a block, and smashed it into a power pole? Come on, Mitch.
You're full of shit.
No, no.
It's true I remember that one.
And um his own buddies had to arrest him.
And then he puked all over the booking desk.
- You boys want another round? - Thank you.
That's it fellas.
I'm done.
Hold all my calls.
The suspension is complete bullshit, Connie, and you know it.
Is it?! Is it? Do you even realize how much this department has covered for you? I've had to suppress most of it so I don't look bad.
Not to mention, if the reserves ever find out.
They can't prove anything.
It's my ass on the line here.
Not 'they'.
A speeding ticket, that's one thing, but let this go, let that go Then some Tribal Police case files go missing.
Now, who really knows what you've tainted or buried? We had to suspend you, Daniel.
Actually, I had to.
The fact remains that no one, including you, can prove anything.
I don't have to.
Those files on the missing evidence were from reserves that were your responsibility.
What if the evidence somehow turned up? It's too late.
No, we've we've already appointed a new interim Chief of Tribal.
Really? Well, I guess we're done here.
You're clear.
Hey, Sam.
Chief? What brings you downtown at this hour? Um, sorry.
Yeah, I'm busy.
I'll meet you later.
You know where.
So what are you doing here so late? Connie just asked me to come in.
Really? What for? I don't know.
He literally just called me.
I just talked to him.
He didn't mention you.
See ya later.
So Connie just called you out of the blue, to meet tonight? Yeah.
And you don't know why? Nope.
Going up.
Ah! Dude! Ah, I think I'm bleeding.
Come on.
You dick! These cost $200 bucks each.
All right.
I don't know what you're laughing at, Cody.
You're the one that just got roasted by a dirty rotten nasty.
Oh, no.
Don't tell me she did it again.
Oh yeah.
Steinhauer nailed her at Duncan's last Friday.
It's practically going viral.
Here wanna see? Yeah.
I broke up with her weeks ago.
Holy shit.
She's got nice ones, man.
Who took this? That wild man Steiny posted it yesterday.
Hey! Dude.
I thought you broke up with her you big bitch.
That is so good, Chloe.
- Hey, Dad.
I'll see ya later.
- What? Where do you think you're going, young lady? I already told you I'm going to Eric's.
Eric Steinhauer's? I thought you were gonna watch Chloe tonight? That's tomorrow, right, Mom? Okay.
But tomorrow for sure.
No problem.
In the door by nine.
- Nine.
- Sure.
Bye, Chlo-bear.
Bye, Candy.
Oh, shush.
Whatchu got? Ahhhhh.
How unfortunate.
Let's get some meth or somethin'.
Uh let's not.
Let's do something then.
There's a party at Melissa's.
Let's grab a bite.
Lame! Here we go.
It's about time.
I'm Ryan.
Sorry, I'm late.
Well, I'm just gonna have to deduct it from your fee.
You'll have to take that up with the agency.
If you like, I can leave.
Come in.
It's a nice place you got here.
Live all alone? - So how much is an hour? - Hmm.
What about two hours? $800.
What about the whole night? Uh, uh, uh not yet.
How much? Ah Looks like you've gotta case of little-bitch-itis.
Shut up.
Okay Here we go.
This one's for the money.
I'm gonna trick shot it off of there.
Go, go, go.
Let's have some fun.
What the hell, man? Mm.
Ryan! You're supposed to say $2000.
What? I'm sorry I forgot that part.
It you just look so hot tonight.
Come on baby.
I can go out, come back in.
We can reset.
You ruined it.
I'm not gonna play these games if you're gonna get mad at me all the time.
Okay See ya.
Is any one home? It doesn't look like it.
We shoulda brought more beer.
Where's the vodka? Whoa.
What are ya doin'? Come on put it back.
Let's just toss some beer bottles at the house.
Does that look like fun, Cody? Nope.
Honey, did you hear anything? No.
She's not even home yet? I told her, in the door by nine.
I thought I heard laughing and a bottle smashing outside.
I didn't hear anything.
Come on, what are you gonna do, shoot the house? Yeah good idea.
I'll rip one right into her house.
That'll show her.
Don't piss around.
Let's just go.
Hey, come on.
I dare ya.
Whatever it's not even loaded.
It is now.
Come on, Cody.
Just shoot.
Show that nice titted bitch who's boss.
as they all flew away.
Well, it is bed time.
Can we have another story? Could we have another story? No! Blake! Blake, call 9-1-1! Chloe Chloe come here.
What the hell was that? It was a gun it was a gunshot.
Someone's shooting at the house.
Yeah, I got the text.
I'll be right there.
What's up? I gotta go.
What's goin' on? You know I can't tell you.
I'm not asking for the details.
Why do you think work.
Is it bad? Sounds like it.
Are you sure you want this? Yeah.
Go get 'em.
Seems really weird.
Like, why do they even want us here? Nate, just do me a favour and listen to everything you can.
And watch your back.
All right.
So, what do I do? Do what they tell you until I find out.
All right.
What the hell are they doing here? Get used to it.
Tribal's now in charge of anything that even smells like Indian.
In charge? I thought they only had jurisdiction on the reserves? Not anymore.
Why was Tribal called onto this? Well, Sam, a witness said that an Indian Oh! Sorry A native person.
or, sorry Is it aboriginal? No no.
That's right.
Now, it's indigenous.
Any way, witness described the shooter as, and I quote, "A little bastard Indian with black braided hair down to his ass".
Okay! So the alleged shooter had long hair and looked indigenous.
Where's the scene? Upstairs in the house.
Don't ever call me Sam like that in front of anyone in a uniform.
You got it? What do you wanna be called? How about Chief? Hey, Buke.
We found one of the bullets in the wall over there.
I'm Chief Woodburn of Tribal and I'm running point on this one.
Mitch Wheeler, forensics.
What do we got? And then I I heard laughing and a bottle smash, so I went over to the window to try and see what was happening.
His name is Cody Whitecloud.
He was dating our daughter Candace, but maybe they broke up or something.
They did.
MacMillan did you see anyone else? Was anyone else around? I don't know.
It was in the alley.
I'm sorry, it just happened so fast.
I'm pretty sure it was Cody.
Did you actually see Cody shoot the rifle into the house? She already told you he did it.
I just wanna make sure I have all the facts straight.
What's going on? Something happened to Chloe.
What do you mean? What what happened? Oh my, Chloe.
Where are we at? It's still early, but I'll show you what I got.
Anyone see the kid yet? No.
This just finished rendering.
It's a mock-up wire frame only, but it should give you a good idea.
The bullet that proved to be fatal was found lodged in the wooden frame of the victim's bed.
It came off the street, ricocheted off the steel windowpane, and hit the victim while she was hiding under the bed.
She was killed instantly.
Was it a hunting rifle? Technically, it could be a military or hunting rifle.
Most likely a hunting rifle.
The two bullets we found were thirty-aught-six.
What is surprising is the amount of kinetic energy that the bullet retained after it ricocheted.
It's actually incredibly coincidental that the victim was hit.
So it was an accident? The evidence would suggest so.
Shooting a rifle into a house is no accident.
And everyone please remember, this is a high-profile case, so all info is extremely privileged.
Any movement yet? We haven't found the kid.
Why are you assigning this to Tribal? This happened in the city to a white family.
There are no clear ties to any reserve.
Woodburn, if you wanna go back to the reserve, I can make that happen in a heartbeat.
Things are gonna be run differently around here.
Tribal is now under the direct command of Justice, which is me.
Now, are you police or just Indian police? Because the shooter was identified as indigenous and that constitutes Tribal Police involvement.
And that means you.
The alleged shooter.
Look, you question me once again and I swear, I will have you shovelling shit back on that dinky little reserve of yours.
Yes, sir.
Now, the bottom line is that anything indigenous it doesn't matter if it's reserve or city is now Tribal's.
You and Bukansky will be operating under the full support of Downtown Metro.
Now go out and find that kid.
I'll meet ya out there.
What? How long do I have to put up with this - ridiculous publicity stunt? - As long as I say so.
She doesn't know what the hell she's doing.
Well, that's why you're here.
You got a sec? Ya, hold on.
Hey, what's goin' on? Did you hear what happened? You okay? Ryan she was eight years old.
Yeah, it's everywhere.
It's been all over the news this morning.
Did you actually see the body? What did I get myself into? Hang in there.
Do you know who did it? We're working on it.
Well, try to stay positive.
I love you.
Thanks babe.
I gotta go.
Let's take my car.
I'll drive.
What's that funky smell? It's sweetgrass.
Smells like weed.
It's a wild grass that people use for smudging.
What kind of people? Come on, Buke.
You telling me you've never heard of smudging? It's not like I'm dying to know.
It's like an incense.
We use it in ceremony and prayers to cleanse and bring good energy.
Sounds wonderful.
Well, have you ever been to a res? Nope.
So, do you know this kid, Cody? I know some of his family, but not him.
Mitch, get anything else from the bedroom? How about the alley? Tire tracks? Okay.
Call me when you know.
Come on, what are you doing? I gotta make a call.
A call.
To who? I just got a text.
Now I've gotta make a call.
Are you scared? Just don't look anybody in the eye.
You should be fine.
Besides, you've got a gun.
Really, you're not coming in? Just make sure you get the new address.
You coming in or did you get another text and now you've gotta make a call? Huh.
No service.
Well, I know his parents so let me ask the questions.
Good I'll wait here.
No, you get your ass out of the car and you come do some police work.
Besides, I could use your help.
Hey, pup.
I'm not sure where he is.
He hasn't been home in a few days.
Has he contacted you? Yesterday.
He said he was okay, but I don't know where he is.
How was he doing in school? Any problems? Decent grades.
No big problems.
You know, he's a teenager.
How many times has he been arrested? A few times, but never convicted.
Just small stuff anyways.
What small stuff? Public mischief, vandalism, theft.
But like I said, he's never been convicted.
I think he was innocent, anyhow.
How was he handling the breakup with Candace? I never did like that white girl.
But we knew he did, so we didn't say anything.
They've been going out for a few months but I didn't even know they broke up.
What kind of rifles do you have? Just a couple of 22's and three shotguns.
His dad shares the rifles with our cousin.
They go hunting all the time.
Uh, what cousin? The Makawis, Penny and Walter.
They live on the Blackfoot Reserve.
I think you know them.
Of course.
What about his friends? He hangs out with two white boys from school, Derek and Ricky.
White? Uh Do you know where they live? In the city.
Somewhere in the west end.
Why does he go to school in the city? Well, you know it's better and safer.
Do you have their last names? Derek Trent and Ricky Gray.
So Derek Trent and Richard Gray have no criminal records? No, by the looks of it, they both have clean records.
No problem.
So, why'd you ask her questions to answers you already knew? To test to see if she was lying.
So what's the story about you being shot? What the hell does that have to do with anything? Whoa I'm interested.
Something I don't talk about.
I don't even know you.
Well, that's kind of the whole point.
I mean, what do you wanna know about me? It's okay, thanks.
Oh, come on.
I mean, if we're gonna be working together, I think it's better we at least have some conversation.
Really? How long do you think that we're gonna be partners for? What does that mean? You're a face, and an ass, and an Indian.
That's what they need right now but trust me, as soon as you screw up, you're going right back to the reserve.
How's that conversation for ya? Ah, actually I'm half Indian.
But more importantly, we should be asking how long your busted-up ass is gonna be wearing a badge? All that and a mouth too, huh? Damn straight.
Let me take this one.
Why? Trust me on this.
Two spoiled white boys Okay.
But I'm coming in.
Sure you don't have to make a call? It's a nice place.
So your parents are away and left you alone? No, my older sister's here.
Ricky's staying over too.
Where's your sister? I think at a friend's.
You're friends with Cody Whitecloud? Not really.
I mean, we kinda hang out at school sometimes.
He's in my math class.
What about after school? Well, sometimes.
But he's gotta drive into town, so Did you know his girlfriend, Candace? Yeah.
When they broke up, he was really shaken up about it.
Called her names, said he hated her.
He said he was gonna get back at the bitch.
When was the last time you talked to him? I don't know a few days ago.
I talked to him yesterday.
Did he say where he was? Yeah, at his cousins on the Blackfoot Reserve.
Thank you.
Nate It's Sam.
Can you get over to Penny and Walter Makawis? We're looking for Cody Whitecloud.
He may be there.
Also, search the house for hunting rifles.
Uh, thirty-aught-six.
You've got it.
We'll take the chopper, we'll be right out.
You comin'? You go.
Let's go! Remind me why we are taking the chopper? That end of Blackfoot Reserve is over an hour and a half by car.
You're not looking too good there Buke.
I'll be fine.
She was only eight.
Candace and I would take her to the park.
She likes the swings.
You mean she used to.
How can you think that I would do this? If you didn't do it, you need to tell us what happened.
Do I need a lawyer or something? Right now, we just wanna know what happened.
I'm not sure exactly what happened.
I was really drunk.
What do you mean? Look, we already know that you and Candace were dating and that she broke up with you.
We have a witness describing you and your truck at the crime scene, pointing a rifle at the house.
Did you fire the rifle into the house? Gimme that gun, ya retard.
Don't, Cody! Come on, chicken shit.
Just shoot.
She's not worth it, man! Maybe you need to see the video again! You saw her riding Steiny.
Don't listen to this asshole.
Wah-hoo! Ride 'em, cowgirl! Come on, Cody! Just shoot! Show the bitch who's boss.
One more time, Cody.
Did you fire the rifle into the house? I didn't do it.
All right, Woodburn, enough is enough.
It's over.
You're gonna need a lawyer now, kid.
You're under arrest in connection with the death of Chloe MacMillan.
Connie! Cody's story isn't matching up with the original police reports.
Come on, Woodburn.
It's open and shut.
No, no let her finish.
The DNA and the finger print evidence found from the beer bottles from the crime scene don't match Cody's.
So, they could've been there already.
Well, how do you know? The mother said she heard laughing and the sounds of bottles smashing.
I don't think he's telling us everything.
Of course not.
He's lying to save his own ass.
We don't have a murder weapon.
The mother was a complete mess during her statement.
There's conflicting evidence at the crime scene.
Look, he shot at the house and a bullet hit the little girl.
Don't complicate this.
You afraid you have to do some more police work, Buke? I'm sorry, how many homicide cases have you been involved in? - Oh yeah, none.
- All right.
Easy, Buke.
I don't believe he did it.
Then who did? - What about his friends? - Oh, come on.
Maybe they know something.
- Maybe they don't.
- Look, you two figure it out.
Find that murder weapon.
I'm going back to the friends.
Maybe we get their prints match with the beer bottles.
Yeah, well We've gotta make some sort of a statement.
Come on.
Chief, have you found the killer yet? On behalf of the Justice Department, I would like to say that we have made an arrest in the tragic death of young Chloe Annabella MacMillan.
Now, it's a result of some excellent investigative police work by our newly designated Tribal Police Force.
Can you tell us the specifics of who was charged? Well, as it is an ongoing investigation, at this time, that information will not be made public.
Is it true that the person under arrest is a minor and indigenous? Like I said, it's under investigation.
Why is Tribal involved, then? What I will say is this.
Now, many cases cross over.
From Justice, to Metro, to Tribal, and vice versa.
Integration, partnership, and cooperation.
You should take a hit.
Gets you super hard, dude.
Trust me.
No more.
It makes you too crazy.
Come on let's just have fun with these two.
My parents get home tomorrow.
But you have to take, just one.
Hey, you wanna see who that is? It's the cops.
What do we do? - Cops, dude.
Cops! - What? The cops are at the door.
That little Indian bitch must have told them.
They're not real cops, they're Indian cops.
Call backup.
Obviously they're in there.
Already on it.
What are you doing? Shots fired! Shots fired! 2248, Thomas Street! Hey! Suspect on foot.
Woodburn is in pursuit.
Stop, you little shit! Make me chase you like that, huh? Ah! I didn't do anything.
Come on Cody, just shoot! I'll do it, then! Holy shit! Chloe, no! Shit, man! Come on, man.
I didn't do anything! Looks like you took a good one.
Nice work Chief.
I'll show you Chief.

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