Tribal (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Two Out of Fifteen

Check this out.
Chief of the Tribal police have made an arrest in the tragic shooting death of eight year old Chloe One for one not bad, Chief.
Should'a seen the look on Buke's face, when I brought that little puke back in cuffs.
He almost shit himself.
You know Connie called and said what a great job I did? Really? Yep.
He said The Post wanted a quote from me, but he took care of it himself.
Of course he took care of it.
What's that supposed to mean? It's their new Tribal Not yours.
We'll see about that.
All I'm saying is you're not on the reserve anymore.
Oh, so I can't handle myself in the big, bad city? Come on you see how those guys are.
You work in their world.
No matter what the optics are, it's still the old boys club White boys.
You think I don't know that Connie's angling for mayor? And Lucas who even knows about that guy.
Buke's a cautionary tale lost in yesterday.
Man, that dude can barely keep up.
He's definitely phoning it in.
I probably would too if I was shot and medically dead for two minutes.
How do you know about Buke? Babe, come on what do you think I do all day? Guys talk.
Oh so, uh, you got the inside on Justice Department dirt? Yeah, I'm just sayin' Oh and Metro Police detectives? You wanna go? You wanna go me? Huh? Come on boy, whatchu got? Hey-hey-hey-hey.
All I'm sayin' is, I'll watch your ass, okay? At the courthouse.
You got my back counsellor? I got your back.
Find out what you can about Buke.
Tribal police have made an arrest in the shooting death of eight year old Chloe McMillian.
Tribal's pilot partnership is just another example of how Justice can unite police of diverse jurisdictions to be effective in solving difficult and challenging cases.
Chief, are you saying it was the Justice Department, that found the little girl's killer? Look, what I'm saying Allana is that Tribal, with the guidance of Justice, is instrumental in solving this case.
Any more questions? Well, now that Justice is running Tribal, are you going to do more about missing and murdered indigenous people? Look it, let's be clear, Justice not running Tribal.
And furthermore, we're planning a sub-committee to examine the situation.
Statistics reveal that missing and murdered indigenous boys and men are greater in number than girls and women with higher rates in this city.
Why is that not a priority? Look it, every missing or murdered person is of great concern to this department and let me assure you, it is a priority that we work together to understand the systemic factors causing violence in any community or any people group.
Okay? Come on man, watch where you're going! She kneed the kid square in the balls.
He could barely walk after.
Where was Buke? He was following in the car.
And he could still barely keep up.
Why doesn't he just quit? Working with Tribal's not gonna help him.
Well, as long as they keep making Connie look like a genius, he will be.
You mean, she keeps making him look good? Okay, pretty boy.
Who has the most arrests and successful prosecutions in this department? Um Woodburn.
Oh, I'm sorry, who? Chief Woodburn.
Hey, hey! Enough of the grab-ass.
Lucas, we got a situation down at the inter-continental pipeline building.
Send a team tac, forensics.
Buke, you get over there too.
Well, I thought I was supposed to babysit Woodburn.
Just get over there.
Fine I'll head over right away.
What about the body at 12th and Mercer? We'll get to it when we get to it.
It's, uh, Joe Smallbone.
Where is everyone? I don't know busy, I guess.
Are they on their way? Nobody told me anything.
I mean, I'm sure they'll come when they can.
Hey, Mitch did you get the call on the body in the alley off 12th and Mercer? Yeah but there was a hit and run involving some pipeline protesters.
Was someone killed? No, but it got pretty ugly and Connie wants a full detailed report.
So you just expect me to wait here? Yeah that's how it works in the city, Sam.
So where's Buke? I don't know.
Looks like it's just you and me.
And Joe.
So how's Woodburn and Bukansky working out? How could you partner him with her in Tribal? We needed someone to get Woodburn up to speed.
And besides, the optics are making us look good.
The optics? He thinks he's babysitting.
I mean, it's just what he needs.
You know a shake up.
It'd be good for him.
Besides, she's a bit of a firecracker.
Yeah, but to run Tribal.
She's no dummy.
She passed the bar, but she decided to become a cop rather than a lawyer.
'Cause she's young, she's good looking, she's one of them.
Yeah, she hits all the right buttons.
Yeah, well, it's everywhere, so get used to it.
But just remember, this is our new Tribal, not theirs.
That's dangerous water.
Yeah, well look what happened the last time we let them run it.
They ran it into the ground.
It's embarrassing.
Are you really gonna keep Crowchild on as a consultant? We need him.
He's the only one who knows the truth.
Do we have to work out of Metro too? Well, we don't have any choice.
Hey he's got nothing.
Nobody really saw anything.
Okay check the local stores street and traffic cams, and we'll get more when forensics gets here.
Hey, when was the last time you saw Joe? Three years ago.
It was the last time I arrested him.
Didn't didn't you, like, date him or something? His brother older brother.
It was a long time ago.
Okay, so what do we do now? Chase down the footage and I'll wait here.
Joe Hey, Doc.
How's it going today? Pill's not working again.
Hurts like hell.
Same kinda pain? Dull, stabbing, then sharp.
All day, all the time.
Have you been going to rehab? I'm not giving you anymore oxy 'til you go to physio and start exercising.
I'm kinda goin'.
Look, I told Connie that I was fine.
If he finds out I'm going to rehab, he might think I'm not.
I'll be finished this time.
You know they have access to your file.
Come on, Jerry just write down that I'm here for my routine check-up and that all is good.
Well, maybe we can try CBD oil.
No, it works on some people.
Pot oil? What, you want me to get stoned? It's non-intoxicating.
It doesn't have psychoactive effects.
Forget it.
Well, maybe we can look at the spinal surgery again.
No way.
Well, maybe you can go back to Cynthia.
She helped, didn't she? Yeah, not with this kind of pain.
Just give me 30 more oxy and we'll go from there.
What's up Woodburn? I was over at the band office and I thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing.
Come on, Chief.
Couldn't a phone call work? Thought I'd come out.
Spit it out.
Tawnya It's Joe.
Dead? Yeah.
Really thought he was out of the woods this time.
He was down working with Pete at Raven Restoration.
Is there anyway he would have gotten back - into the gang world? - I don't think so.
Pete took him in made him a foreman.
Did more for him than his old man ever did.
How was he for money? Pete paid him damn good.
Pays all his workers more than fair.
Joe probably made more with him than he did bangin'.
Why would he go back? I'm just trying to understand who would want to kill him.
He's been outta that shit for years.
You saw.
I know how hard it is to get out.
That's because you were never in.
Hey, Chief.
I'm here about Joe Smallbone.
He was found dead in an alley off 12th and Mercer.
How? We're not exactly sure yet, but he had a severe head wound.
In an alley? How long has Joe worked here? About three, four years.
And what kinda worker was he? He was a good kid hard worker.
I knew he was in a gang for a few years but he got out.
You think? Raven Restoration works to provide opportunities to at risk youth.
We give them opportunities that no one else will, and that's a chance to work.
So I'm not about to ask to see their gang tattoos at the door.
Well, did you ever see Joe involved in anything suspicious or out of the ordinary? No not that I saw.
I was training him to be a foreman here, so He had a lot of responsibility.
I kept him pretty busy.
What kind of duties? Supervisor type things.
Scheduling, overseeing the new employees, closing the place down.
Our whole goal here is to empower these kids give a sense of self-respect.
And so when they see each other leading, they become the lead example.
Do you know of anyone that would want to kill him? Can't say.
Two out of 15 make it out of these gangs alive now I mean, I'm here doing what I can but the hard hard reality is for the other 13.
There's really only one other way out.
Blood in, blood out.
Okay, I'll get you the job.
But you've gotta show up, do the work.
No pissin' around.
Pete's a solid dude, but he ain't no stupid Indian.
What's his deal? What you need to know about Pete is he's rich, he's a softy, but once you're in, you're in.
Where's he from? That guy's Blackfoot.
Used to be one of us.
You believe that shit? Now he's some type of a crusader type shit helping out us misdirected youth.
Thanks, Tyler.
I owe you, bro.
Yeah you're welcome.
Yeah, Mitch.
I need you to follow up with me on that dead Indian.
Eh right.
I mean, indigenous Indian.
No, don't call Woodburn.
Nah, I'll let her know.
Where are you? Woodburn Quit with the Woodburn, got it? Detective.
I'm on my way.
Yeah, I got hung up at that uh pipeline thing.
Sure Buke.
Where are you? I didn't really know Joe, but he was a decent foreman, heard he was a good guy, people liked him.
Did you ever see him with anyone outside of here? Some of these guys are connected to some pretty dark shit.
Half of them were in some kinda jail or juvie.
Who did he hang out with outside of work? I don't know.
Was Joe in a gang? Of course he was a banger.
I don't know why Pete hires 'em.
What makes you think he was still in? Look, I liked Joe.
Definitely turned a corner when he first first started, I saw him going at it with some scary dudes.
Things got pretty heated and they tore off in an older red Camaro.
Looks like she's got another one on you, Buke.
What? Woodburn she's got one in the box.
Already? Who? Some banger.
She just had him picked up.
- Indian? - Yeah.
Looks like he's connected to the West End Possy.
You were supposed to be with her.
Who said that? Well, Connie says you're partners now.
She is not my partner.
Listen, you gotta get on side with this new deal, 'cause it's not goin' away.
Or what, I'll be fired? I mean, who the hell do I even work for? Metro, Justice? What, Connie thinks he's his own department now? No, but technically, you actually work for Tribal now.
Mmm right.
And my Indian name is 'Runswithagun'.
Listen, listen, you've gotta stop calling them Indians, okay? 'Cause apparently it's not acceptable.
- Duly noted Hey - Okay? you really buyin' into all this? Do we have a choice? Seriously? I never took you for a government suck ass.
Well, the time's are changing.
Okay 'Runswithagun'? Hey.
Yeah? Did you tell Sam where I was? No, she didn't ask.
But you were at the pipeline thing right? Yeah.
Yeah? You must've been on the east side of the building because you definitely weren't on the west side where everyone else was.
What box is she in? Idiot.
Hey, Buke.
Were you at that pipeline thing? Yeah, I got there late.
All right.
I'm not saying anything else to you.
I wanna talk to Chief Crowchild.
I'm Chief now.
Come on, princess.
Go get me Chief Crowchild.
Want me to call him? Gimme back my phone.
When's the last time you saw Joe? So I have a red Camaro and I killed Joe? I knew Joe.
Joe was a friend.
What was the fight about? I don't even remember a fight.
So when did you see him last? Just get me Chief Crowchild.
You want Crowchild? Maybe I should call your parole officer.
Think she'd be interested in our little discussion? Crowchild can't help you anymore.
I'm not helping you out, man.
Come on, bro.
Those mountain bikes sell for like, 5-6 grand a pop.
It's 25 of them, that's like 100k.
Split it, 50-50.
Dude, no.
Pete's just helped me out so much.
It's not cool to put him in a place like that.
Well, it won't be Pete's responsibility.
Somebody broke in, how are they gonna suspect you? Cameras are everywhere.
Oh, we can deal with that.
Shit happens during renovations.
These bike shops have insurance up the ass.
I'll bet you they'll make more on their insurance settlement than actually selling these damn bikes.
Moy-ya Da-guy, gimme the keys then.
I'll do it.
I thought Pete was your friend.
Da-guy, like I said before, used to be one of us.
Now, he's not.
Where's your loyalty man? He's helped so many of us get out.
Look at me.
You think you're out? Remember where you came from.
I don't wanna go back to jail.
Da-guy, who got you dis gig? Who rescued you from that shithole reserve? You're either in or you're out, homie.
Hey, Daniel.
Woodburn's got a little bastard in lock-up asking for you.
Tyler won't say anything.
Trust me.
Did he kill that kid? - Let me talk to him.
- You better talk to him.
I'll handle it.
That little prick should'a already been in jail but now he's gone and killed someone.
What does she have on him? I don't know.
I'll have Buke look into it.
Does Buke know? What? That we arrested him two years ago and that you let him go because his daddy beat him, or he's your cousin or whatever the bullshit excuse was? Deal with it.
You know, you're lucky you only hit a gang banger.
Okay, you fix it.
You mean just another gang bangin' Indian? So where are we on the Smallbone case? I'm chasing a few things down.
Who's in lock-up? A suspect.
What do you got on him? It's in my preliminary report.
All right look enough of the pissy little girl routine.
What do you got? Yeah? Okay, I'll be right down.
Good work then.
You chase down that suspect and then I'll read your report.
Hey, Mitch.
What do you got on the Smallbone case? Cause of death Traumatic brain injury caused by blunt force trauma to the skull.
A violent blow resulting in severe contusions and massive subdural or intercranial hemorrhaging.
With what? It's hard to say exactly, but it was something heavy and solid, most likely metal.
Did he die before he was left in the alley? It's tough to know right now if he died in the alley or not.
D was between 9 and 11 pm.
Whoever dumped him had to leave something.
We found foreign traces of hair, his blood, metal drill dust, boot prints, industrial grease, and small fragments of paint chips on his skull.
All possibly related to a restoration shop.
Or a city alley.
How much blood would he have lost from the blow? Well, because of his thick hair and rapid coagulation, there was minimum blood loss.
- Thanks Mitch.
- Yeah.
But enough the traces could be linked to someone's red Camaro.
I already read your preliminary report.
Hey, Nate.
Can you get a CSI team out to Tyler Samson's car? Yeah, check it for blood, hair, and prints.
You're gonna want me to call Judge Kelly before you do that.
Don't worry I'll get the warrant myself.
Yeah, can you hold on a sec? Hey, Sam.
Why don't you chase down that angle on Tyler and the Camaro, and I'll follow up with Pete at Raven.
All right, you do that.
Okay, I can make that.
Crowchild, even when you're not chief, you're a problem.
I didn't realize you stopped caring about what's right and wrong.
Spare me the political bullshit.
No camera's in here.
You sure about that Connie? So what do you got goin' with this Tyler Samson? Why was he askin' for you? He was arrested on assault and battery charge a few years ago.
So? He was arrested in the city and it ended up on my desk at Tribal.
Why isn't he in jail? We're related.
Ah, why am I not surprised? Did he kill Smallbone? Maybe.
Does it look like a gang hit? Eh what does it matter? Anyway, I thought Samson was small time.
He was.
I don't know about now.
You better let him go, or it could make Tribal look incompetent.
What it will do is make you look like the criminal you are.
It's all gonna blow back on you and the corruption allegations will be confirmed.
It'll still make Tribal look bad and that means you.
So, how are you gonna handle this? If you let him go I'll find a way to shut him up.
Can't do that.
Woodburn's building her case even as we speak.
Now, if he's guilty, it's gonna come out that you and the old Tribal were at fault.
The new Tribal, which I'm running, will be seen as the good guy.
Yes? How's the Smallbone case coming? I got your cousin in lock-up.
I heard.
Did he do it? Working on it.
Thank you.
Okay, what now? I wanted to ask you how long I need to let Buke do his own thing? What's he done? Mostly, he's MIA.
He doesn't answer his phone, he's not sharing information, now he's off on his own somewhere.
I never took you as a complainer.
One, Buke is out of a hospital bed after he was shot.
Two, before he was shot, he was the most effective investigator in this department.
Three, he was gonna retire after his wife left him.
But there's no way that I'm gonna let that happen.
There's a lot of 'was' in that monologue, Connie.
Police like Buke are difficult to replace unlike you.
Why is everything moving so slowly on this case? There's no support.
Now it seems like I'm doing this by myself.
You have the audacity to be so self-entitled, you think this department revolves around you? Well, it's clear that there's no urgency in solving this case compared to the MacMillan one.
Every case is important to this department, whether it's the death of a young, innocent, Caucasian girl, or a violent indigenous gang member.
Well, I need the chopper to go to the Blackfoot Reserve.
It's tied up.
'Scuse me.
'Scuse me.
I'll get the next one.
Yeah, Mitch.
Buke, from the photos taken at the scene, we've found another boot print behind the dumpster.
You mean a second boot print? Yeah, it's a partial but it's definitely different.
What makes you think it was there already? The position and skid pattern are parallel to the first boot print, which would suggest that there was more than one person dumping, handling the body.
Probability? High.
Did you tell Sam yet? I called you first.
Why don't you let me tell her? Nate Why isn't the Tribal database linked up to the Justice National database? Tyler Samson's not coming up on the Tribal one.
Well, Tribal didn't really have the need to access the Justice database before, right? Because the policy was just to call Justice if it wasn't on the res.
Well, Daniel said they were linked up years ago.
Can you look up Joe Smallbone and Tyler Samson on the Justice database? Yeah.
Um Yeah, just a few arrests.
Minor stuff, though.
No convictions, all charges dropped.
Huh so Daniel never really had any accountability.
Hey, Ms.
Lookin' good.
Thank you, Officer Nate.
What's this? Oh, thought you could use a new scarf.
It's still chilly at night.
So, I heard Joe Smallbone was clipped.
I should be able to speak gangster in here.
Right, Nate? I got work to do.
Have you talked to Tawnya? Yes.
I haven't seen her in years how's she doing? Why don't you call her? You know, I remember when you were dating Joe's brother.
He was a piece of work.
Glad that didn't last.
Thank you for the scarf.
I'll talk to you tonight.
Your dad didn't like him either.
Mom, enough.
He wouldn't say anything to you.
But he would say it to me.
You know, even into law school, he would gently steer you into better things so that you wouldn't drift into other things.
Other things? Criminal element, the bad boys He was very protective of you, in his own way.
I'll talk to you later.
We're trying to identify some other friends who were associates of Joe.
Who else did he hang out with after work? I already told you guys everything I know.
I got over 60 guys working for me sometimes.
It's hard to keep track.
And you said the uh security cameras are focused mostly on the office and the equipment lockup.
What about the main yard? Yeah, you can check them out.
The hard drives automatically deletes and refresh after every week.
You think it was someone from here? Just looking into some possibilities.
Hey, are are you on Instagram? No, Nate.
Are you? Well, yeah.
But you know who's also on Instagram? - Yeah.
- Tyler.
And there's an "alive" Joe with some chick Er, sorry, I mean woman.
Mmm! Stop it.
We're gonna get caught.
You worry too much.
You should friend up Joe.
Pretend you like him or somethin'.
Pretty sure he likes you.
He won't help steal the bikes.
He fricken' loves Pete.
Get it done.
We need him to help.
Camera and security is everywhere.
Come on.
Be a whole lot easier with keys in and out.
Don't Frank's coming.
Kelly, Pete wants to see you in his office.
Where's my kiss? Up your ass.
Hey, Pete.
Ah, shit.
Do you, uh, know where Kelly Daniels is working at today? Why? I have some questions to ask her.
I'll go check downstairs.
Hey, can you give us a minute? Well, what brings you back here partner? Mitch called me, let me know that he found a second boot print.
Didn't he call you? Hmm I guess he forgot to.
Or, he thought that you would call me and let me know.
I'm gonna have to talk to Mitch about more communication.
Kelly Daniels? Her, Joe, and Tyler were in a photo we found online.
They looked like they were pretty cozy and it was recent.
Lovers spat? Could be.
Any more on the murder weapon? Searched the equipment lock up.
Saw a lot of heavy tools but nothing to link it to the paint chips.
Mitch is still working on the lab report from the CSI scrub of Tyler's car.
Let's find out who was working security that night.
So when I first talked to you, you lied.
We know you were working that night and so was Joe.
There were other people working that night, too.
We've already talked to them.
They weren't carrying flashlights.
And they have solid alibis.
You don't.
So what happened that night? Did you kill Joe? No.
Yeah, Mitch.
The paint chip fragments found in Joe's hair matches the brand of flashlights that are standard issue for security of Raven Restoration.
We have a match on the flashlight used to kill Joe.
Frank, do we need to search your house or do you wanna tell us what happened? Joe and I were just finishing up for the day.
He was locking up Pete's office.
So whatcha up to for the weekend? Not much.
I think I might come in tomorrow.
I got a lot of catch-up to do.
Ahh, Pete's golden boy.
You're such a kiss-ass.
No one else is here, eh? Then it got weird.
Kelly showed up with Tyler.
Hey, Joe.
I think she was high.
What are you doing? Just give me the keys.
We'll lock it up when we're done.
Come on, man.
I'm not stealing from Pete.
The camera's are gonna see everything.
Frank are the camera's gonna see anything? Nope.
Kelly, go get the keys.
Frank, you get the keys.
I'm not getting anything.
Watch him.
Get over here.
You get the keys! Okay.
I'll get the keys.
Am I in trouble? - Where's Kelly? - She's in with her lawyer.
Okay, thanks.
Good night! Is this how it's gonna be? What? We got the bad guy.
I mean, bad girl.
Woman person.
Where were you today? Oh, here we go.
Look, let's get one thing straight here, okay? I don't work for you.
Actually, you do.
I spoke to Connie about you.
Oh, yeah? What did Connie have to say? Well, he used a lot of 'was' when he described you and your storied history.
"Buke was this, Buke was that".
"Buke was a good cop".
Sounds like you used to be a lot.
Anything else?
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