Tricky Business (2012) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

What do you reckon? Will you marry me? No.
The government declared it will permanently scrap all plans to build a fast train service between Sydney and Melbourne.
Mario, these are the business accounts.
The money's not really mine.
You see? If you look hard enough, it's amazing what you find.
What? We've been robbed.
Someone's hacked into our business accounts.
I made those withdrawals.
What? Mario McGuire was gonna gut me like a fish.
You stay away from me, stay away from the business and you stay away from my Emma! Mum and Dad wanna see me.
Do they know? Let Rick know that he's the executor of the will.
Rick? You love each other, don't you? It's not that simple.
Yes, it is.
Why don't you give up your place and volunteer to look after Mum and Dad's while they're away? I've got a proposition for you.
What is he doing here? He's working on a case.
He's arrogant and opinionated.
He is cute.
Lily! Everything's a mess, Dad.
Every week I'm, like "I have seen everything.
Nothing else could possibly surprise me.
" And then the next job comes along and I am floored and I'm left thinking, "What next?" People can be very unpredictable.
Look what I found in the garage.
Oh, they must be left over from Lil's 21st.
No way.
We'll crack one of those open as we sail out the harbour.
What, just the one? Mmm.
Look at you, hey? Monkey, how beautiful does your grandmother look? How lucky am I, surrounded by beautiful women.
We have to get wet-weather gear.
Well, this patriarch Bye.
You have to tell them.
How? Dad brought Rick into the agency.
It'll break his heart.
And do you know how long they've waited for this trip? I don't want them sailing away, worrying the business that Dad built over two decades is close to ruin because of my boyfriend.
You still have to tell them.
Have to tell who what? It's just work stuff.
Here, have a good day.
Say hi to Rick? Sure.
Bye, Em.
Don't give me the evil eye, alright? The longer you keep a secret, the harder it is to fess up.
- Thanks for this.
- No worries.
Enjoy being right last time? How are you? Hi.
So, um, where should I put my stuff? Just over there.
Are you sure? It looks taken.
No, it's fine.
Not at the moment.
Statements of claim.
I need your affidavits of service after each delivery.
I do my paperwork at the end of the week.
No, we do it at the end of each day.
Up-to-date record keeping means no-one forgets a detail.
Yeah, I never forget a detail.
Steel trap.
In case of rust.
You're here.
Well, where else would I be? Hi, Lily.
Matt, isn't it? Yeah.
Rick, right? Yeah.
So what's on today's case list, hey? Can we have a talk, please? Before you say anything, think.
There's nothing to think about.
Let me come back to work.
It'll help you.
It'll help me get arrested for assault.
I don't want you here.
Since when have we been employing freelancers? I really don't have time for this.
I've got an appointment.
Don't be here when I get back.
OK, Matt, let's go.
We've got a case meeting with a lawyer.
You want me to come? Mmm.
She puts a lot of work our way.
It'll be good for you to meet her.
Yeah, I don't really like lawyers.
"I don't like lawyers"? Nah.
I suppose you don't like broccoli either.
I like it more than lawyers, 'cause you can drown broccoli in sauce.
See youse.
Get out of here.
I mean it.
Matthew Sloane, eh? What have you done with Rick? Oh, he's working on another case.
Oh, a new gem for Sapphire.
I take it back.
She's nicer than broccoli.
Can we talk about the case, please? You know, she used to be like this in school, too.
Complete goody-two-shoes.
Jean and Lloyd Sheldon.
Married for two years.
Killed in a car crash last winter.
My client needs to find out which of them died first.
You said they were both killed.
My client needs to establish the order of death.
Who died first, who died second.
Why do they want to know that? That's all I can tell you.
Come on, Frankie.
Is it an insurance thing? That's the condition of taking the case.
Kate, this isn't a trick.
It's all above board.
I prefer full disclosure, you know that.
Yeah, well, all you need disclosed is this is what they're paying.
Alright, then, hospital, paramedics, witnesses, site visit.
Start at the hospital, eh? Excuse me.
Go from there to the paras.
Then review the witness statements.
What are you doing? My job.
Well, don't.
Well, that is, do, but do it the way I say.
The way you say.
Yes, the way I say.
I'm actually in charge here, OK? I might not want to start investigating at the hospital.
Where do you want to start, then? I'd already thought of it, OK? Before you'd said anything.
Sure you did.
Sheldon, you said? Yeah, Jean and Lloyd Sheldon.
They died in a car accident about six months ago.
You signed both their death certificates.
You wouldn't have a dollar, would you? Uh, sure.
And I was hoping to get some more information from you about their deaths.
If you want to check it out.
Oh, yes, yes.
I remember them.
Massive thoracic injuries.
What I call war-zone trauma.
Bits everywhere.
What condition was Mrs Sheldon in when you saw her? Dead before I had the pleasure.
What about Mr Sheldon? By the time we arrived at the scene, both victims were deceased.
What happened in the accident? They'd gone through a give way sign, hit another car with their front end, bang.
And I mean bang.
And, look, was there anything to suggest that either Mr or Mrs Sheldon could have survived the impact? No-one survives that kind of impact.
So whose injuries were worse? Hmm, let's see.
He had head injuries, ruptured spleen, internal bleeding.
Couldn't have lasted very long.
Whereas she, on the other hand, had two pulmonary oedemas.
Both lungs.
Was there anything to indicate who passed away first? Oh, frankly, considering that they they both died within minutes of each other, I can't possibly see what difference that would make.
It was a pretty standard MVA.
Both victims were found in their seats, heads tilted back.
We attempted resuscitation but it was no good.
Was there anyone else at the accident site? Rubberneckers, if anything? Don't remember.
We were busy with the woman in the other car.
And how was she? Alive.
Weird way for the Sheldons to end up.
Weird how? Well, after a collision, bodies are usually either bent forward or twisted.
Upright, heads tilted back, that's the recovery position.
The recovery position? Yeah.
What, you think someone tried to clear their airways before the ambulance got there? Looks that way to me.
Well, the police didn't record anyone at the accident and the 000 call was anonymous.
Whoever made that 000 call will be the same person that cleared the Sheldons' airways.
You don't even know that happened.
They could have been thrown into the recovery position by the accident.
Yeah, that's really likely.
Good thinking.
Statements of claim.
Impress me.
Well, what are you going to do? Whatever I want - I'm the boss.
Hey! There's a bankruptcy on your desk.
Yep, just getting organised.
What's that? Lily wrestling with her filing cabinet again? Nah, nah, she's at uni.
That's just Rick.
I'll leave you guys to it.
You're still here.
Kate, I've been figuring out a game plan for repaying the accounts.
I reckon we can trade out of this.
We'll have to make a few cuts, like not employing freelancers.
Are you doing this deliberately to annoy me? I employed Matt to get through more work, to get Sapphire out of the hole you put us in.
He is another mouth to feed, right? If I take minimum wage Minimum wage, are you kidding me? Goodbye, Rick.
I don't pay myself overtime and we discharge insurance and rent quarterly, it should be doable.
I'm a merc, Kate.
I'm a good one.
I can pay off this debt, but I can't You can't, because I won't let you.
You can't actually kick me out, you know? Your father made me a partner in Sapphire, remember? And hasn't that been an error in judgement? 49%.
If you want me out, you buy me out.
Yes? G'day.
Is that Mr Tony Disher? Who wants to know? So, is that Mr Disher that I'm Down, boy! Talking to? Disher's not here at the moment.
OK, do you have any idea when he'll be back? This isn't over.
I'm telling you, it was like Scooby-Doo on steroids.
And the house - talk about carbon footprint.
My entire apartment could fit on the guy's balcony.
One thing I don't get is how does someone with everything in the world end up in such massive debt? - Bad luck.
- Bad judgement.
Bad judgement and shirking responsibilities.
Speaking of which, have you served Minnesota Smith yet? Uh you know what? I haven't been able to nail her down yet.
Oh, I thought you nailed her good and proper.
No, I I haven't.
Can you hurry up? She's got a lot of outstandings.
Come here.
If she posts, I'll find her.
Hey, mate.
How's it going? Statements of claim, done and dusted.
Already? Well, it's not rocket science.
Listen, I had another thought about why order of death might be important.
What if one of the Sheldons had a pre-existing medical condition that could void out the insurance claim? Yeah, could have.
I spoke to the driver of the second car.
Beth Horler, right? Yeah.
She'll meet with us this afternoon.
Do you want something? BMW four-wheel drive.
Needs a repo, it's a valuable job.
Off you go, then.
See you later, then.
- See you, Rick.
- Have a good one.
Aha! "Minnie likes Best Bodies.
" Best Bodies? What, the gym? She looks the type who enjoys gazing at her own bum Oh, don't act like you've never done it.
Thanks, Lil! Tributes of gold and vodka are acceptable.
So, Matt, let's take this tranquil moment to get to know each other.
Um take a guess.
Astrology's not guesswork, it's pure science.
You have got this whole confident, blokey thing going on, so I'm thinking Aries.
Yep, well, I do have a thing for sheep.
Right, and goats.
Look at those cool horns, you know? Capricorn? I have been known to walk sideways.
"Hello and welcome to Best Bodies Gym and Fitness Dreammakers.
"Our focus is on helping you achieve your body dream.
"My name is Krista.
"How may I facilitate you achieve your body dream?" Um yeah, a friend of mine that comes here reckons I'm getting a bit of a beer gut.
Bit of a pot.
Yeah, she's been challenging me to do a session with her.
Reckons I won't be able to make it through.
So I just wanted to rock up and surprise her.
Only thing is, I don't know what session she does.
I could look her up on the database.
I think I know the system.
Yeah, that'd be great.
Her name is Minnesota Smith.
Here's to your luck turning around.
Actually, that's kind of why I'm here.
I've been thinking about our land.
Our not-so-very-fast-train land? It's currently zoned 'rural', right? Right.
What if council rezoned it? Rezoned it.
Yeah, 'rural residential' or 'light industrial', something that raises the value of it so we don't have to sell it for peanuts.
You and me, we could take our case to change to council.
You've got a bit of pull there, right? Unfortunately, not with this council.
This lot are very sensitive about transparency in zoning issues.
I don't think they'd take too kindly to me trying to influence due process.
Well, what if we built something on it ourselves? The trouble is, you'd have to have rezoning for that, as well.
Back to square one.
Look, I lost a lot on that land, Hugh.
I've got to find a way to make it back.
We all lost out, mate.
Tell you what, I know you're doing it tough leave it with me, huh? Thanks for agreeing to speak to us.
Uh we're trying to find out if there were any witnesses to the accident you were in.
Um If you're OK to talk about it.
Yeah, just I can't remember that much.
Well, anything you can give us is great.
I, um Yeah, I remember there was this massive thud and my car started spinning.
So what happened when the car stopped? Um I was stuck, my legs were trapped.
It must have been really scary just waiting there for help.
Do you remember seeing anyone around, like on the street? Nah, I didn't see anyone until the ambos started shouting at me.
Shouting? Yeah, screaming, almost.
Was it a man or a woman? A man.
Well, what did he say? Um"Are you alright? Are you alright?" And, um I said something naff like, "I don't wanna die.
" So the paramedic stayed with you? Um no, he went away.
A few minutes later I heard the sirens coming.
And that was it, they shot me full of morphine and I woke in hospital with my legs smashed up like a china vase.
So, Beth, you're saying you heard the paramedic ask you if you were alright? Yeah, he leaned in the door.
And then you heard the ambulance sirens approaching? Right? Definitely in that order? Yeah.
I was so relieved.
When I heard the sirens coming I I thought I wasn't gonna die anymore.
Paramedics don't scream at accident victims.
Someone was here before the ambos and the police arrived.
Whoever it was might have checked on the Sheldons.
Check if either of them were alive.
But who was it and why didn't they come forward at the time? Let's you and me find out tomorrow.
Yes, we will.
And next time you speak to someone clearly suffering from post-traumatic stress, adjust your bedside manner.
What bedside manner? Exactly.
I'll do that.
Did you repo the beemer? I couldn't track it down.
Where have you been, then? Just checking out a few things.
You've been chasing that fast train thing, haven't you? I had an idea how to make some money back from that land.
Let it go.
It's left the station.
If it was there to begin with.
The fast train project was real, Kate.
It was a red-hot goer.
Where'd you get this from? A bloke at the Transport Minister's.
He just gave it to you on the quiet? And then you organised buying up land in the proposed stations.
It was a sweet deal and it was gonna make us a fortune.
No, it's insider trading.
And that could ruin this business.
I didn't do an I didn't do anything dishonest, I just saw an opportunity and I took it.
You got involved in a dodgy scheme and took our money.
I'd call that dishonest.
Just do the mail-out, Rick.
I'm going home.
'Snu' is not a word, Pop.
Yes, it is - a perfectly good word.
Ask him to use it in a sentence, Em.
In a sentence? Uh "Go on, get away, snu.
" Snu.
Sorry I missed dinner.
It's beef rendang.
Tried a bit of fennel tonight.
Turned out quite nice.
Ooh, it smells great.
What you got there, honey? Oh, house brand? It still comes from a cow, Mum.
Oh, you got the cheap tomatoes, too.
I thought you liked the posh Italian ones.
Are you seriously analysing my groceries? You need to get out more.
Is, uh, Rick coming over? He could try the beef rendang.
Plenty there.
He's just really busy.
Well, we haven't seen much of him lately.
Well, you should go easy on him.
I hear he had a bit of a knock-back recently.
Like I said, we've been flat out.
Any homework? Hi.
Just maths.
Do you want me to check it? Nah.
Rick's better at numbers than you are, I'll get him to check it.
Is he alright? I've texted him but he hasn't replied.
Yeah, I think his, um his phone's had a flat battery.
So, we'll do a recce of the accident site check all the streets, see if there's any schools or shops about.
They might have seen something.
Maybe do a doorknock.
Do you wanna pin a hanky to my jumper, as well? I have done this before, you know? When I was little I used to call her Policewoman.
YOU were the pampered baby, I was the pressured first child.
And you didn't wanna grow out of it? Thanks.
I'll see you at the site.
I've got some summons to deliver.
Yes, boss.
Matt, mate, you right to handle this one? What is it? Repoing that BMW four-wheel drive.
I thought you were chasing that.
Well, I'm flat chat, that's why I'm putting you onto it, yeah? The owner's insistent it gets brought in today.
Today? Kate's got me on this MVA with her.
Yeah, and now I'm putting you onto the beemer.
I'll just let Kate know.
No, I'll tell her.
You just get after it, yeah? Are you kidding me? What are you doing here? Where's Matt? He's repoing that beemer.
I made a judgement - me on this case is best for the agency.
That wasn't your call.
You're unbelievable.
This MVA investigation is reaching a very delicate interview stage.
I'm not sure Sloane's approach is gonna set people at their ease.
49% doesn't give you the right to overrule every decision I make.
We're wasting we're wasting time.
Why don't you take that side, I'll take this side? Fine.
Tony Disher? Yes.
I'm from Sapphire Mercantile Agency.
This is a notice of Skitch him, King! Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen! Now circle those hips, guys.
Come on.
Circle, circle! Oh, yes! Yes! Whoo! Waggle those hips.
Waggle, waggle.
Yes! Shimmy, shimmy.
Whoop! Sorry.
A little shimmy, yeah? Whoop! Shimmy.
Come on! You, too, sir.
Shimmy those pecs! Whoop! Hey, Minnie.
Whoop! Chad? What are you Statement of claim.
I believe it's yours.
What does this mean? It's in the courts now.
Whoop! Court? Minnie.
If you can't pay in a lump sum, then they'll take regular instalments.
OK, I know what to do.
I'll get a credit card with another bank.
What? I haven't had one with South Coast Credit Union yet, and so that won't be a problem.
Life's not one big aerobics class, Minnie.
You're out of credit.
These are real debts and you have to pay them.
OK, Chad.
Chill out.
You know what? I'll chill out when you do the right thing for a change.
That includes not treating me like you treat your creditors.
I thought the other night was more than a one-off, but you used me and then ran away.
I need more than that.
This could be a chance for something good in your life.
But not unless you get real and do the right thing first.
Oh, I know that look.
That's the 'get me a sauv blanc immediately' look.
Five 'not at home's, one old dear who was deaf as a post, one bloke who just moved in and another that was home on the day of the accident but he's a shiftworker, so he slept through the whole thing.
Well, I can top that.
The only guy on my side home the day of the accident is an agoraphobe and hasn't left the house in 15 years.
So much for your people skills.
This might need the both of us, eh? Right.
Let's get it done, then.
- Fix yourself up.
- Hang on.
If you're selling something, you're gonna be wasting your breath.
We're just inquiring about a car accident that happened at that intersection there about six months ago.
A young lady was seriously injured and an elderly couple were killed.
We're just wondering if you happened to see anything.
Do you know her name? The young lady? No, the older lady.
Jean Sheldon.
Jean Sheldon.
So that's who she was.
I came out and there was two cars just here, just pulverised.
Steam coming up.
And then you called 000.
Uh, yeah, as I walked over there.
Which car did you go to first? The one with the girl.
Yeah, I said to her well, I shouted, "Are you alright?" And I mean, she was smashed up but she was alive, she spoke to me and so I went to the other car Hey.
God, I don't know what's up with you today, huh? I've changed him, I've fed him.
Oh, he's probably just bored.
Do you mind if I have a try? Please.
Hey, little guy.
Come here, eh? Hey, hey, hey.
Come on.
That's the way.
Nice and easy.
So, you were saying you went to the second car? Yeah, I'd never seen anything like it.
The blood, glass, the smell of petrol.
The old guy was crushed up against the steering wheel.
I pushed him back and I lifted his chin so that he could breathe but he was he was already gone.
What about Mrs Sheldon? She was bent over and I just thought that she was dead, too.
But I pushed her back and she opened her eyes and she looked at me.
She was alive? Are you sure? She smiled at me.
I said, you know, "It's OK.
Help's coming.
" And she actually smiled.
And then she, um She wanted to hold your hand? And so I so I did.
I held her hand and I I felt her die.
Her pulse stopping.
Then, uh I heard Ben and I realised I'd left him here alone and so I came back to the house.
So why didn't you go back when the police and the ambulance were there? There was no point, was there? Nothing more you could do.
No, no.
There was nothing.
I mean, you know, although I You what? I really wanted to know who she was.
You know, the old lady? I rang the hospital, but they wouldn't tell me anything 'cause, you know, I'm not a relative.
It's privacy laws and She's just a nameless old lady.
A nameless old lady that I've thought about practically every day since.
OK, I often don't know what I'm talking about and drivel just pours out.
It's, like, "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
" This might be incredibly corny, but it's not drivel.
You were right, Chad.
You were right when you called me a user and a moron I didn't call you a moron.
Yeah, well, that's what I am for leaving a guy as hot as you in my bed.
As hot and as nice and really decent.
It was a low act and I'm sorry.
And it won't happen again.
And, just so you know, I won't get another credit card, either.
How are you going to pay off your debt? Either cocaine importation or extra shifts at work.
At the moment I'm favouring the cocaine.
You actually have a job? A real job? Yeah, a real job.
This is my stuff.
You use these in your job? Well, I couldn't really do it without them.
I just I didn't know you were into that kind of stuff.
It takes all different Eugh! I'm not a dominatrix, you perv, I'm a dog walker.
You know, poodles, staffies, westies.
I walk dogs for people.
Yeah, no, cool.
Right, dog walks.
I love dogs.
They don't care how much money I owe.
Neither do I, as long as you pay it back.
I will.
I swear, I'll pay back my debts.
You really love dogs? They love me, too.
You wanna work off what you owe me? Here he is.
Oh! He's so cute! Oh, yeah, like a psychotic grizzly bear is cute.
You ready for this? I love his little ears.
Here, boy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Come on.
Come on.
Good boy.
Good boy! OK, you go do your thing.
We'll hang out here.
Good boy.
Good boy! You?! What the hell Mr Disher.
This is a notice of bankruptcy.
How did you get in? What have you done to my dog? King?! Uh your dog's fine, Mr Disher.
And you have just been served.
Well, hey there.
What you doing? You actually served her? Respect, buddy.
So that's it, case closed.
You never have to see her again.
I don't have to, no.
So you actually saw my mother die.
It was very peaceful.
And she passed after her husband? But she wasn't alone.
I was with her until the end.
My mother outlived my stepfather.
That's grounds to dispute the estate, right? Stop the evil stepsisters getting their hands on her stuff.
Presumption of survivorship no longer applies in the distribution of your mother's estate.
I should think not.
Presumption of survivorship? In a case where there are no wills and it's not clear which member of a couple died first, the law deems that death took place in order of seniority.
Mrs Sheldon was a few years older than her husband.
Her assets went to him, from him to his daughters.
But not anymore.
So you're prepared to repeat what you've said in court, aren't you? Uh, I um Thank you for coming in today and giving Mr Forbes a chance for closure.
Yeah, yeah, cheers.
Those two thought they were getting my inheritance.
Now, thanks to you, they won't.
Repoed that beemer.
The finance company was so impressed they said they'll push some more work our way.
Get a result with the MVA? Yeah, for what it's worth.
It was a good earn.
This is, too, and Chad serving that Smith girl.
It's been a good day for the agency.
For the agency.
Alright, well, I'll be off, then.
I'll mail these on the way.
OK, see you later.
So, the MVA not a happy ending? Mrs Sheldon's son wanted to know the order of the deaths so he could contest her estate.
Tear what's left of their family apart.
Eh, poor bugger.
Well, he's missing the big picture, isn't he? Missing what's important in life.
You almost sounded human.
Yeah, it's your bad influence.
On the day, as requested.
Sloane, um Would you be interested in regular work? What, here? Yeah.
As long as you're not in love with the whole mobile merc image.
Look, I'd like things pretty simple, Kate.
Simple? What's not simple? Last couple of days, the chain of command around here's been kind of murky.
You and Rick, you're a bit We're not a bit anything, we're partners.
I own 51%, he owns 49%.
That's it.
The chain of command stops with me.
2% boss, eh? Mmm.
Look, you and I, we do things very differently.
What if we clash? We won't.
You'll do things my way.
What do you say? See you in the morning.
Is that you, Kate? Yep.
Hello, darling.
Could you get that for me? The gravy's just started to boil.
Tell me you're doing a lamb roast.
Mmm, and apple crumble for dessert.
Oh, that is so what I need right now.
A yummy family meal and some peace and quiet.
Not late, am I? You cannot be serious.
I wouldn't have come, but Jim invited me.
You shouldn't be here.
He said he and Claire wanted to talk about something serious.
Serious? What sort of serious? I don't know.
Have you told them about the agency's accounts? No, of course I haven't.
Is that the man himself? Don't you tell, either.
G'day, mate.
Come in.
G'day, Jim.
Oh! Lovely to see you, Rick.
That was delicious.
Just like Mum used to make, eh? Er, my mum's a bit more of a Pot Noodle kind of cook.
Well, Emma will be so sorry she missed this.
She'll be back a little bit later.
She wants you to go through her maths homework.
Sure, I'm happy to.
She's lucky to have you around, mate.
As Kate would be the first to admit, she's no Einstein with numbers, are you, darling? Speaking of which, that is the reason we called you here tonight, Rick - numbers.
That is not why we asked him, Jim.
You are part of the family.
Can I clear the table? Any more champagne? That's a first, Lil! So, Jim, you were saying numbers? Yeah, not exactly numbers.
Did Kate mention that Claire and I are updating our wills? Uh, no.
Oh, I thought I'd asked you to word him up, darling.
Must must have slipped my mind.
I know.
It's OK.
That's what we're doing, anyway.
Yeah, we'd like you to be our executor.
Me? Yep.
I can't think of anyone that I would trust more to do the right thing.
You're sensible, got your head screwed on right.
And you're already part of the family business, so you know all our dirty secrets.
Or not so dirty.
Look, I'm honoured and everything, but I'm not sure I'm the best man for this.
Oh, no, you are.
Believe me, mate.
What we really want is someone who has our family's best interests at heart, and we know you wouldn't do anything to hurt our girls.
We're really lucky to have you, Rick.
If only that were true.
Kate! I can't stand this anymore.
Rick's not reliable and he's not sensible and he certainly isn't any good at numbers.
What do you mean, Kate? She means I've, uh I've lost all the agency's money.
You've what? That's right.
He lost it.
On some stupid get-rich-quick scheme.
All of it.
That's why I'm living here buying house-brand groceries.
I should probably leave.
Yeah, hang hang on a minute.
Hey, thanks for dinner, Jim.
What the hell was that all about? I'm sorry.
I didn't wanna tell you like this.
You know what? We should maybe have another one of these.
Might as well drink it while we can, right? Lily? I'm surveilling with Matt right now.
What's he hoping to find other than his missing chromosome? I'm on speaker phone, aren't I? Next Monday after 'The Voice' Your debt is to me now.
The boss is back to save more than just the business.
It's good to have the A-team back together, eh?