Tricky Business (2012) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

If you look hard, it's amazing what you find.
What?! We've been robbed.
Someone's hacked into our accounts.
I lost a lot on that land, Hugh.
We all lost out, mate.
What if council rezoned it? Leave it with me, huh? I've got a proposition for you.
- What is he doing here? - He's working on a case.
He's arrogant and opinionated.
He is cute.
Would you be interested in regular work? What, here? Yeah.
We need you to sign power of attorney, love.
Yeah, in case we come back vegies.
Dad! Rick's not reliable, and he's not sensible, and he certainly isn't any good at numbers! What do you mean, Kate? I've lost all the agency's money.
You've what? He lost it on some stupid get-rich-quick scheme.
I should probably leave.
OK, the best part about the job is, um we meet a lot of people who aren't quite coping and sometimes something that we say or do or discover can help them cope.
It doesn't always work out like that, but no matter what happened yesterday, I start every day thinking, "This'll be a good one.
" Rick, seeing as dinner ended on a somewhat abrupt note last night, I think it's best if we have a little chat, so if you could call me back ASAP I'd appreciate that, thank you.
Hey, Nan, what's this? Oh, that's my sextant.
It's a navigational tool, hon.
It's completely superfluous these days, but it does bring me luck.
And don't we all need a bit of that? Here.
What's this? It's a basketball skills camp in Canberra next month.
OK I need 600 bucks.
Hey, Nan, what are you wearing to the farewell party tomorrow? Oh, I thought something a little nautical perhaps.
See ya.
How are you, alright? Yeah, been a while.
Yeah, been busy.
Still towing? Nah.
No, I got out of the trucks.
Sick of sitting on freeways, huh? Yeah, something like that.
So you're on the hunt? No, man.
I'm I'm a mercantile agent now.
You're a what? Look, Brett, did you get our letters and notice of repossession? Letters? From Sapphire Mercantile Agency.
Is that you sending them? Not me personally, but that's us.
Yeah, I got 'em.
All three of them.
Brett, if you don't meet the payments we'll have to take away your tools.
Look, this is just a mate's heads-up, OK? You have 24 hours.
Where do you reckon I'm gonna get the cash? It's the same as any hire-purchase - you have to keep up the payments.
Look, Brett, I'm sorry.
Look Hi, this is Kate Christie calling from Sapphire Mercantile Agency.
Can I have a word to Jessica Hartford, please? OK.
Yeah, no worries, I'll call back.
Thank you.
Should have left your number.
Solicitors never call back, better to catch them at the office.
Better to leave your number and call back.
Cover your bases.
I know how to cold call.
Can I have that stapler back, please? Do you always put your name on everything? Things go walkabout here, you'll learn that.
Thank you.
OK, I've gotta head off.
I'm meeting a client who has a husband with a secret bank account.
That's more common than you think.
You're a glutton for punishment.
Matt, we don't turn away business at this agency.
Plus, hourly surveillance is great cash.
So your operator's licence is up to date, then? Mm-hm.
How many hours surveillance have you clocked up? Enough.
So you'll be fine out on your own, then.
Well, if you wanna come and see how it's done, you're very welcome.
Lily, we're going to a client meeting.
Both of you? Yes, Mr Surveillance Expert here wants to hold my hand.
Not hold, gently guide.
- Gambling? - Yep, gambling.
Drink? Drugs? There it is.
Top three reasons a bloke will hide money from his WOG.
WOG? His wife or girlfriend.
Hey, look, can you please let me lead this, alright? I'm the face of this business and I think, in this instance, it's very important to have a compassionate, professional Damn it.
Professional woman leading the Oh! It's preferable to some strange man.
It's not funny.
You can do all the talking.
Nathan puts all our household expenses on the joint credit card but I found a statement for an account I didn't know about.
It didn't show anything other than he withdraws $500 in cash every week.
I don't know where it goes.
The day after he withdraws it, it's never in his wallet, his jacket.
Have you asked him? If he wanted me to know, he would have told me.
I can completely understand that money can be an issue, especially when you're raising a child.
That is your baby? Yes, our son, Josh.
He's lovely.
How old is he? Six months.
Is he sleeping? Yes.
Um, so what happens now? Ah, if you're happy with the terms of the contract that I emailed you then it'd be great if we could get a recent photo of Nathan.
Why? So we could identify him.
Please don't lose it.
Amanda, are you sure you wanna pursue this? Sometimes the things that we find can be harder than not knowing.
These last few years have been really hard for me.
Sometimes I think Nathan's the only reason I'm still here.
But if he's keeping something from me, then You need to know.
Are you married? Sorry? Phone on the blink today, is it? How'd you find me? Huh! Yeah, well, I have had a little practice at that.
Now I'm sure she'd tell you otherwise, but Kate has not had the easiest life.
She's worked harder than anyone I know to gain her independence and for some semblance of security for Emma.
I know that, Jim You don't talk! While her friends were out partying, backpacking all around the world, being kids, she was raising one.
That's called taking responsibility for your actions.
Now, you and I both know that if it wasn't for me you'd still be pushing paper in that dead-end job.
I know that, Jim.
Don't you think I know that? All I can do is think about how good you've been to me, how much I've let Kate down.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry - it's too bloody late! Rick, have you got any idea I thought I was doing the right thing.
I know that.
I know that.
You better find a way of putting things back the way they were.
That poor, poor woman.
Seriously, what's wrong with you? Me? No, not "you" as in you.
"You" as in blokes.
Here we go.
Amanda's home half the week trying to manage a six-month-old while Nathan's putting his you-know-what in who-knows-where.
I'd hate to be the accused on your jury.
First rule of investigation, assume nothing.
What? Amanda's clearly a control freak.
Nathan's probably just trying to get some peace, away from her.
Just because a person likes a bit of order in their life and advocates the use of coasters, doesn't mean they're awful to be around.
Come on, there's no kids' toys left out.
There wasn't a speck of dust.
It's not exactly a house full of love and fun.
So she's driving him away, is she? Nathan's the one being secretive.
He's keeping his home-office locked, gets mail delivered to a postbox He could be at the casino three days a week or chasing his dealer, boozing, playing the markets - anything.
Alright, put your money where your mouth is, Christie.
I'll bet you 100 bucks it's not another woman.
Yeah? Make it 20.
And, um, you need to see someone about this.
I'm going to Nathan's depot, I'll track him when he's in the city.
But when he heads out of town, he's all yours.
Stay close and sit in the passenger seat when you're stationary.
What? Why? So it looks like you're waiting for someone - you gonna stuff this up? No.
Remember, that's gonna be your best friend.
Come on, Nathan.
Show me something.
Rick people will start to talk.
What have I done to deserve this? Have a seat.
I know you said to leave things with you and, uh I know you said the council might not be open to rezoning but, look, I detailed some of those ideas we talked about the other day.
I reckon we can win 'em over.
Would you take a look over them? Sure, I can do that.
What, now? It'll only take a minute.
I've got a lot on my plate, mate.
What's the problem? Why the urgency? I need money.
Have you tried the bank? Look, I'll pay you back with interest.
My rates aren't competitive, mate.
It is what it is.
I'll call you when it's done, alright? How much do you need? Chad, Kate would like us to collate all the general files so we each get our own for personal stuff.
Can you empty out your old one? Then I'm gonna take off all my clothes and rub myself with a raw chicken.
OK Chad! What?! Sorry.
Rough morning.
Details? Brett Kinsela, he's a carpenter overdue on payments for his power tools.
So? He's a mate.
It's a small town, it's bound to happen.
You got his tools in your lockup? You have to get them.
The form guide - really? How many women you ever seen reading that? And next time you're in a bar, order a drink.
Do you have a drink before every handover? It's light beer.
How much money did he take out? I couldn't tell.
A lot.
He's on the move.
Grab that, would ya? Just as Amanda said.
Now let's see what he does with it.
You get anything today? I got four deli's, two grocers, and a post office hardly incriminating.
There you go, gambling.
Told you.
No, he just put in a fiver.
It wasn't from the money he withdrew.
Punters always start off small.
He's still standing, it's not like he's setting in, Sloane.
Don't use my real name and you owe me 20 bucks, Pocahontas.
One flutter does not a gambler make.
See, just waiting for his meal.
Back to square one.
I gotta go.
I'll stay with him.
You're already losing the bet.
Don't lose him too.
Christie takes it to the hoop for two.
You moved your pivot foot, that's a travel.
Did not.
Fake it to the left, roll off the screen next time.
Fake to the left, roll off the screen.
Yay, good girl! Can I go for another swim? Yeah, just a quick one.
Where did those athletic genes spring from, I wonder? Has Kate spoken to you? Oh, just to reassure me that she's doing perfectly fine.
Right! Hey, Pop, would this get me into the Olympics? Guaranteed gold! Whoo! She's a big girl, love.
We brought her up well enough to be able to cope with times like this.
She'll be alright, we just have to leave her to it.
Oh, no.
You right? Where's Nathan? Uh, back home.
He should make his deliveries same time tomorrow.
You OK? Yeah, I just wish everyone would stop asking me that.
Sorry, it's just a bill.
Rent's due and our landlord insists on annual upfront payment.
We're in a competitive area, apparently.
It's just really bad timing.
I'm sorry to hear it.
So, you'll be at Nathan's tomorrow? OK.
Night then.
No basketball camp? It's not fair! I know, Em, and I'm really sorry.
Mum, everyone will be there.
Some of the Opals might be there.
I have to do it, I'm starting five.
Try to understand we can't afford it right now, OK? Kate, don't be silly, she has to go.
Nan will pay.
Nan! Please, can we borrow some money? No.
We'll pay you back, I promise.
I hate you! No wonder Rick's staying away from us.
Cheeky monkey.
What's going on? Oh, for goodness sake! Just leave it, OK? I can take care of it You don't understand.
Why do you have to be so single-minded? It's not Emma's fault that Rick's gone and acted like a fool.
Why do you have to punish her? I'm not punishing her! I just have to deal with the rent first, OK? The rent? What rent? Just forget about it, it's nothing.
Katie? I wasn't gonna mention it.
It's that time already, huh? I didn't even think about it.
Oh, that is a big ask up-front.
I'll talk to the agent.
I tried, Dad, he won't budge.
Look, please, please, don't worry about it, OK? I'll sort it all out.
I'm just gonna go get changed, then I'll come back and help with dinner.
Mum, have you heard of knocking?! Sorry.
Sorry, Em! I want my own room back, I'm sick of this! That makes two of us.
Hang in there.
They'll be gone soon.
The cruise of a lifetime.
Didn't realise all-nighters were part of the Sapphire charter.
Should have read the fine print.
Yeah, sorry about that.
Don't worry about it.
Well, this is cosy.
Isn't it? I've gotta hunt a witness.
So, and Rick there's an owe and subpoena.
These'll keep you busy.
They're from Kate.
Oh, wow, she loves sending me to the best neighbourhoods, doesn't she? Enjoy.
You! Files.
Gimme! Oh, get off my case, Lil.
You didn't get the tools? Yes, I did.
Well, where are they then? Ergh.
It's down payment.
What's the story? He was meant to repo a carpenter mate's power tools.
I can't do it, it'll stuff him.
He won't be able to work.
Seriously, are you a mollusc? Grow a spine, Chad.
Did he sign a contract? Yes.
Then he's legally bound, and so are you, to the client.
This sucks! Yeah, it's the job.
If he's really a friend, he'll forgive you.
Guess who is in the florist right now? Our Mr Jackson, and he just bought a very large bunch of flowers.
Hang on.
And I bet they're not for Amanda, so he's a lying cheat and I guess you backed the wrong horse.
Are you eating a great big piece of I'm-so-wrong-it-hurts pie? I'll eat the pie when I see those flowers in the hands of another woman.
I'll see you soon, he's on the move.
We used to go to school together.
We used to be mates.
No, go on then.
Can you believe it? That's alright, I'll remember this, man.
He returns triumphant! Not now.
Hail the conquering hero.
Give it a rest, Lil.
How would you like it? OK, two words - tough love.
If it wasn't us, it would have been someone else someone who might not have given him so many warnings.
Yeah, that still doesn't stop me from feeling bad, does it? Look, you're helping Brett face up to the situation.
That's what friends do when their mates are in trouble.
I'm I'm helping him? Just tell me, Lil, where did you spin that one from? Well, it would have been better than letting him dig himself in deeper.
Why didn't she tell us that yesterday? I don't know, you saw her.
Too hard, too messed up.
But it's a pretty important piece of information.
My husband's got a secret bank account, oh, and by the way, our son's dead.
I wouldn't launch straight into that with two strangers.
The second rule of investigation we don't get full disclosure, we're stuffed.
She apologised, OK? Do you reckon Amanda knows he does this? No idea.
But at least that child's not forgotten.
You coming round to him, are you? No, this jury member is still deliberating.
OK, he's moving.
Come on, let's go.
But we're supposed to do the handover.
There's no time.
Come on.
Come on.
Is he heading home? He's supposed to be finishing his run.
And south it is.
What? No, we can't.
What if it's hours away? Come on, go.
No, we can't.
Go! Third rule of investigation, expect the unexpected.
I just I'll pull over, OK? You can take the car.
I'll catch a bus or something.
No, no, no.
Not gonna happen.
I have to pick up Emma.
I promised to take her go-karting after school.
Get your parents to do it.
They're on the boat.
I promised her.
You're on the freeway, you can't stop.
I can't, Matt.
I promised her.
Keep your eyes on the Sorry.
You're right, just keep going.
I've known Brett since we were kids.
We used to do Nippers together.
What can I do? I know something that'll take your mind off it.
Actually, there is something you can do.
Call that hotel manager I was telling you about, he needs staff.
I don't need you to run my life, Chad.
I don't wanna be the one to take your Moke.
You won't be, just trust me.
I wouldn't be talking to him about trust.
I'll be back in a sec.
Sorry about today.
Yeah, are you? Yeah, I am.
Mate, you know the builder that contracted us, he went bust.
So none of us have been paid for months.
Why didn't you say anything? Well, would it have made a difference? No, but listen, there are other ways to get the cash.
Yeah, I know - send the boys around with a couple of bats.
No, dude, you have rights.
Go to your union.
The Department of Fair Trade can advise you guys Mate, it's gonna take weeks.
Well, go to him direct.
Confront him.
And say what? Tell him you've spoken to us.
Show him the letters.
Do it today.
What have you got to lose? Is Lily there? Are you here? No, sorry, she's gone to destroy the poor soul of some unsuspecting male.
Damn it.
I need her to pick Emma up after school.
Well, I can pick her up.
I'll do it.
No, Rick, I don't think so.
Ah, please, Kate.
Look, I want to.
OK, if you could, that'd be really good.
I'm surveilling with Matt right now.
On, so we surveil in pairs now, do we? I have to go.
What's he hoping to find other than his missing chromosomes? What does he even do in the day apart from 300 ab crunches? Oh, Rick, you're actually on Mr 'I Was In The Army'.
I'm on speakerphone, aren't I? Hey, buddy.
Hey, you.
Just tell Emma I'm really sorry.
I'm sure he didn't mean any of that.
Don't worry about it.
Where is he going? He shouldn't even be leaving town today.
Well, welcome to surveillance.
What are you doing? I really need to go to the bathroom.
What are you, four? What's up? Transitional urinal.
Are you kidding? Nuh.
I'm not going in that.
Come on.
No! It's anatomically unsuitable.
No, it's not.
You use it.
Don't! Don't! I was just kidding.
Don't be stupid.
There you go, drug deal.
All his other orders are invoices.
Dodgy cash deal.
Unless there's drugs in the box.
He doesn't fit the dealer profile.
Oh, he has got a girlfriend.
That looks like His wife - but it's not.
Now, the farewell.
What do you think? It's our farewell.
Should wear something with long sleeves.
Wear the blue linen one.
Blue linen Yeah.
Yes! You're not ironing all of that for them, are you? No.
Oh, well, just this once.
Kate's so busy and Yeah.
Well, the good news is, no iron on the boat.
You're kidding.
I stand corrected.
You can keep the money, I don't want it.
One child's in the ground and he gets another to replace it just like that.
How could he do that to Amanda? I don't reckon Amanda's the only one in the dark.
Her name's Rachael Fletcher.
She's been seeing Nathan for about a year, according to the locals.
A year? It's not his kid.
It's hers from another relationship.
They seem so close.
What makes you think they're not? He loved Josh and he loves this kid too.
So you're saying it's OK to have two families and to lie to people? No.
But it can't be easy raising someone else's kid.
I mean, you'd know that.
You're not defending him? No, but grief does strange things to people.
We don't know what's driving Nathan.
Yeah, you're right, he's a liar.
But haven't you ever tried to protect someone you care about? Come on.
The worst part of the job.
The unpleasant reveal.
Hey let me do it.
I can be gentle.
Are you kidding me? It should come from me.
Rachael Fletcher, I don't know her.
She lives in Ulladulla.
What does she look like? I can get the camera from the car, if you like.
I thought that might be the case.
Nathan and I haven't been intimate for a very long time.
Amanda, there's something else.
There was a child.
Not Nathan's - hers from a previous relationship.
And Nathan was, uh was very familiar with him.
They seem really close.
I know how awful this is and I'm really sorry.
Was he happy? Who, Nathan? No.
The child.
Was he happy with Nathan? Yeah.
Yeah, he he was happy.
He's a good man.
He's still a good man.
Should be in there.
This century, Chad.
Oh, yeah, righto.
Do you want 'em or not? Oi.
Think you're gonna like what's in here.
No way! You got the money.
Oh, by the way, that's Lily.
Hi, Lily.
I told you, man.
What did you tell your boss? I just gave him those magic words, man.
'Fair Trade, legal action.
' Good stuff.
Tools are in lockup.
Cheers, Chadwick.
Chadwick? Thanks, man.
Chadwick You tell anyone about this, anyone, and I'll kill ya.
Some things are worth dying for, Chadwick.
She's meant to do her homework first, Rick.
It's done.
And I suppose she's been eating junk food all afternoon.
We had fruit smoothies.
She asked me for the basketball money.
Great, I don't need to be undermined by you, OK? I said no.
Thank you.
Hey, babe.
I'm so sorry.
Em, I'm really sorry.
Leave me alone, Mum.
This was supposed to be our date.
I know.
I'll make it up to you, I promise.
Tell you what, why don't we race for it? You go-kart? Yes, me, go-kart.
If I win, you have to talk to me.
And if you win, I'll do your chores.
How long? A week.
And we'll find a way to get you to your camp.
Really? Yep.
Yes, OK.
Kate it's dangerous.
It could get stuck in the wheels and choke you.
We can't have that, can we? Whoo-ee! Whoo-hoo! Argh! Did you see that? Yes, I saw.
Did you see that? I saw.
Are you sure? Bag.
You look gorgeous on wheels.
It's good to have the A-Team back together, eh? Come on, Mum.
Don't We gotta get to Nan and Pop's farewell.
Thank you so much for turning up.
We'll see you in there.
The last time we'll be dolled up for a while.
Yes, I suppose so.
Ah-ha! - Here come the sirens.
- Hi.
Don't you look gorgeous! You can't open it till you leave, Nan.
Thank you, darling.
Thank you.
How are you? I think we should make a grand entrance.
Let's go.
The red carpet awaits.
Come on.
Claire, come on.
What? We can't go.
I beg your pardon, what are you talking about? The trip.
It's off.
We're gonna stay here.
Mum, please don't do this.
Oh, it's done.
Leave it alone.
I can't.
It's all my fault.
If anyone's to blame, it's Rick.
This is your dream, Mum.
Oh, it still is, hon.
I couldn't enjoy myself knowing we'd left you with this mess.
I can handle it, I promise.
I know you can, I know.
I'm still your mum.
Always your mum.
You'll always come first and I think the money is better spent Oh, yes! So you wanted to see me.
I'm putting things back the way they were.
Oh, yeah.
And how so? I'm taking out a loan with Hugh Goodman.
Isn't he the one that got you into this in the first place? I got myself into this, Jim, and the money's gonna give Kate a bit of breathing space here.
You know, I could always buy your share of the business.
But I won't.
Now the trip is off, we're staying put.
Claire seems to think, and I'm inclined to agree with her, that the money we were going to spend on the trip is best returned to Sapphire.
Call your mate and tell him you've come to your senses.
Your debt is to me now.
They're not going.
They're not going, they're staying.
Right here.
And I I sleep in bunk beds.
And, no, even better, I'm an excessive labeller who nearly peed in a bottle today.
I'm such a loser.
Affirmative, you are a loser.
You're a great, big, tragic loser.
Cheers to losers.
Cheers to us.
Look, if you want to yell at me, just go for it.
I've ruined your daughter's life.
I've nearly wrecked the family business.
Well, there's no point in me saying it if you know it already.
Next Monday, the heads of the family have had enough and they're taking back control.
G'day, guys! Won't be long.
How's he going, the young bloke? After you said you were coming back, Chad's sort of Unsustainable.
They'll stop at nothing to turn their family's life around.
Is this the end for Chad? New Tricky Business next Monday.