Tricky Business (2012) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 You went behind my back in some stupid deal.
For us.
It's not fair.
Try to understand.
We can't afford it at the moment.
I hate you! No wonder Rick's staying away from us.
He's arrogant and opinionated.
He is cute.
Is it that bad? You better find a way of putting things back the way they were.
The trip, it's off.
I couldn't enjoy myself, knowing we'd left you with this mess.
I feel absolutely awful.
This is all my fault.
If anyone's to blame, it's Rick.
Your debt is to me now.
Missing persons.
Wow! That's never straightforward.
Most people disappear 'cause they're running away from debt, say.
Others are running away from family, partners, that kind of thing.
You know, they want to start afresh, reinvent themselves.
And we have to make sure the missing person is OK about being found.
If not, well, we have to inform the client, which they don't always want to hear, which is understandable.
I mean, who wants to be rejected? Have we met? No.
But we have sent several letters.
I brought another one for you to look at.
Me? Yes.
Leslie Saunders.
About what? Your credit card.
Oh, that.
Oh, you're with them.
Um, yeah.
I didn't really bother with those.
Um, have you sorted it all out? No.
I-I wouldn't say that.
Oh! That stupid credit union.
I guess when it got too hard for them, they sent it over to you, I suppose.
And? And what? How are you going with it? Well, we're waiting for you to pay it.
Pay it? I'm not gonna pay it.
It is your credit card.
Does it look like I wouldn't be able to afford to pay it if I'd spent it? Notice it was missing? That's how I know that the credit union stuffed up.
It's your security number with all your details on every transaction.
So, if your card hasn't been stolen You're accusing me of lying? No.
Uh, yes, you are.
You think I'm a liar.
I don't.
You do.
She is.
You think so? Gotta be.
Now, do you want a hand squeezing some money out of her? No.
I can manage.
Don't try and be everyone's friend, Katie.
You're running a business, remember? Really? It's not a charity? Oh! Cheeky chops.
You are talking to your short-term saviour, young lady.
What's Mum agreed to? She isn't seriously gonna let you come back to work, is she? Well, if I can pull some dollars here, we'll get our money back quicker, won't we? That was my argument.
But I'm just a worker, no late nights.
You're the boss.
That was hers.
G'day, guys.
Won't be long.
G'day, Mr Christie.
Uh, yeah, Chad.
How's it going? Good, mate.
How are you? Yeah.
Real good.
I was just about to go have a shower.
Won't be long.
Go for it.
Good to see you.
How's he going, the young bloke? Pulling his weight? Uh he's a good kid.
But, um, between you and me, I've had to give it a lot of thought after you said you were coming back.
You know, I've looked at the books.
And given that there's only so much work and Rick's technically still a partner Yeah.
And now someone with your experience, Chad's sort of Hmm.
What - unsustainable? We'd do better without him, financially.
What about, uh this bloke, Matt? I mean, he was the last one on.
He's brought work with him, for starters.
And you brought him on, whereas Rick brought Chad on.
It's not that.
There's lots of reasons.
Matt works for commission, so he doesn't strain the overhead.
There's nothing wrong with Chad.
He's he's fine.
It's just I can't see that we need him.
It's right, though, isn't it? No.
It's right.
We're in a crisis.
Survival is a priority.
I'm just gonna go and do it.
Hang on.
Hold your horses.
You can't sack a man in the shower.
He won't know where to put his hands, for a start.
Look, I tell you what.
Why don't you leave it to me? Send us out together on some jobs today.
And when the moment's right, I'll have a quiet word with him.
So, what's her name? Alysia.
And when was the last time you saw her? About three or four months ago.
She came home for a few days.
Any fights, arguments, disagreements? Not really.
Just usual brother/sister stuff.
About what? Uh, food mostly.
She's got some eating issues.
She's anorexic? No.
We're just so close, you know.
And then she I mean, the whole family, we're all close.
Mum wrote her this letter.
I just want you to find her so I can give it to her, OK? OK.
Chad, can you get the car for us? Yeah.
Be down in a sec.
Sure I shouldn't do it? No.
Much easier for me to do.
Plus, one less thing for you to worry about.
I'll get him a present.
I'll call you when the deed is done.
Have you signed off on that credit card job? Uh, no.
It's a Mexican stand-off.
Miss Leslie Saunders is adamant they've messed up.
That's not a Pacific Credit Union card, is it? Yep.
Same thing happened to me last week.
Same area, Gwynneville? Uh, no.
A Diane Jones.
It's unlikely they know each other.
What transaction got yours going? 850 bucks for MC Holdings.
Same company, MC Holdings? Yeah.
My girl had 1,200.
She also said she hadn't spent it.
What? You reckon they're both lying? Well, I thought mine was.
Me too.
But same card, same company, could be a bank glitch.
Well, if MC Holdings hasn't heard of a Jones or a Saunders, it will be.
So, where's MC Holdings? I remember when I was about 18, I made a list 30 things to try before I was 30.
And top of the list, number one, was playing first grade football.
Then the Steelers got a spot in the premiership.
I'd been working as a merc for a few years.
But I sometimes thought, "Be brave.
Chuck it in.
Chase your dream.
" Well, it was probably a good thing you didn't.
Or is it? This guy is never home.
Yeah, who is he? Jack Peters.
He's a bloke that walked out on his missus and hasn't paid one cent in child support.
Pop that under his windshield wiper.
"Free beer for a month.
"Present this flyer at the bar "between 2:30 and 3:30 this afternoon.
" Nice.
Hang on.
Only wine bottles.
Judging by his empties, he's not much of a beer drinker.
Oh, we'll have to come back later.
See, this job can be actually quite boring, can't it? I suppose you've noticed that already, have you? Oh, no.
Not really.
No? Come on.
Young, fit bloke like you.
Surely you OK.
If someone gave you a magic wand, what would be your ultimate dream? Stay employed.
I mean your ultimate vocation.
Oh, um sorry.
Um Oh, well Mum always wanted to go to Hawaii.
So yeah.
Ask a silly question There's nothing online or in the White Pages.
Try a company search.
What's happening? Fraud case.
Anything I can do? No, thanks.
Who's your missing person? A country girl moved here to go to uni.
Brother's lost track of her.
Well, at least he says he's her brother.
Aroused your suspicions, did he? Stalker? Boyfriend? A bit stupid if he is, 'cause he knows I'm gonna call her mother.
Well, he wouldn't be the first ex-boyfriend to act before he thinks.
Not the first ex-boyfriend or brother who wants to patch up a broken relationship either.
Here it is.
MC Holdings in Corrimal.
What do they do? Doesn't say.
Address? Yep.
You gonna go over there? Yeah.
May as well.
Don't give anything away just yet.
If they are involved and they realise we're investigators, we'll be out in the cold.
Do I look like an idiot? I'm just saying.
Well Bluebird, bluebird sitting on my windowsill Singing sweetly out into the morning Pouring your heart out like words on the page And those blow away to the sky There's a song in your heart There's a spring in your step Hi.
For you, it's a pleasure.
Can I help you, Miss Christie.
Kate Christie.
I'm Melanie.
Welcome to Magnolia.
Thank you.
So, you're a We're here for the modern woman.
Most of us girls don't really want to waste our time leaning on a bar and hearing about football, do we? We know what we want.
And we know what you want, Kate.
We offer a variety of satisfying experiences, ranging from an introductory orientation hour to a coordinated companionship package.
Wow! Can I ask how you discovered us? Oh, just an acquaintance.
Oh, lovely.
She was actually Well, she was very complimentary about her companion's Services? Services.
And I was kind of hoping Oh, yes.
Yes, of course.
Did she say who? No.
No, she didn't.
And, um Her name's Leslie Saunders.
I'll look.
Uh, yes.
You'll enjoy Carlos.
Carlos? As a matter of fact, you just met him.
Oh, that was? So, how shall we do this? What level of attention would you? Oh, just the, um you know, the introductory level.
Introductory hour? Yeah.
Or two? Why not? OK.
Two hours with a male escort? It was the shortest time I could book.
I've GOT to see him.
We'll arrive separately.
I'll be at the next table, completely anonymous.
Lily, this is business.
It's not business.
Yes, it is.
It's sex.
No, it isn't.
It will need very skilful conversation.
I know why Leslie Saunders doesn't want to admit she spent the money.
And Carlos will be a man of complete discretion.
He's not just gonna voluntarily identify them.
Which is why you need to find a more subtle way of getting him to confirm it involuntarily.
So as you can see, it's all about sex.
I mean it's all about business.
I have no interest in sex at all.
With him, I mean.
Not in general.
In general I'm Alright.
Let's just get on with it.
It's sex.
Well, maybe you're just not cut out for this kind of work.
Look, I'll deliver summonses all day.
I don't really mind.
And I just look at a lot of the blokes that I went to school with, and they'll work on something for about two, three months and they'll either walk out or get fired or whatever and spend the rest of the year drinking grog.
So, you know, for me, getting this job was It was pretty amazing.
Really? He isn't here.
G'day young fella.
Is this where Ken Raymond lives? Yes.
But he isn't here.
Well, he's not at work.
He isn't here.
I'll tell you what, young fella.
Could you just wait there, just for one sec? Good on you.
We'll be right back.
Can you believe him, leaving that little fella by himself? Yeah.
Well, he hasn't, has he? What, you think he's still in there.
Of course.
This is where a good merc thinks fast, Chad.
You need a chip kick.
A what? Well, you need to play what's in front of you.
You need to get behind the defensive line, pick the gap, throw the dummy, put yourself through.
So, young man, what's your name? Harry.
Gee, that's a really good, strong name, Harry.
I love that.
How old are you, Harry? Six.
Six?! I would have sworn you were seven, wouldn't you? Mm.
Gee, you're really grown up, aren't you? Grown up for a six-year-old.
Your parents must be really proud of you, are they? Letting you open the door and talk to people and shoo away unwanted guests.
You are a very grown up six-year-old.
Now, before we go.
Could you just do us a favour? We know your dad's not home but could you go and ask him when he will be? Hey, Dad, they want to know when you'll be home.
Oh, Harry! OK.
Help me with this.
The credit card girls.
So far, the only link we've been able to find is Bistro Nouveau on Wednesday evening.
But they paid separately.
Different amounts, 47 minutes apart.
So, they weren't there together.
But the following week, both cards were used at MC Holdings.
So, when are you hooking up with Carlos? I'm meeting him tonight at Pinot's for a conversation.
Change it.
Book a table at Bistro Nouveau.
If one of the wait staff there nicked the girls' credit card details, then they'll probably recognise Carlos.
And you'll see something.
There'll be a look, a hesitation, some kind of giveaway.
That'll nail it for us.
Or if you'd rather employ a different strategy, you're the boss.
It's a good plan.
Pardon? I said it's a good plan.
Lily, can you book a table? Mm-hm.
Shot! Good on ya.
That's how it's played.
Yes, indeed.
Thank you.
Hey, question.
About this whole, you know, free beer for a month if you present this at the bar between 2:30 to 3:30 ploy.
It's not for real, is it? No flies on you, mister.
Well, I mean, but isn't this like entrapment? If we were using it to try and disprove an insurance claim, yes.
But for process serving, all bets are off.
Process serving is one of the greatest blood sports in this country.
Apart from trespassing, almost anything goes.
Yeah, see, a couple of hours ago, you were trying to tell me this job's boring.
Yeah, well, it can be.
And that's what I said.
It can be.
But you you need bucketloads of rat cunning.
No good just being enthusiastic.
You've got to see things 'cause you can't take advantage of an opportunity unless you see things.
Like earlier today, with that young kid, Harry.
Just ask yourself the question honestly, "Do I have that? "Have I got that? Can I really make it in this world?" So, you think putting that flyer in Gary Carter's windscreen, he's going to fall for that? But it says so right here.
I think he already has.
No-one told me about it.
"Today, in person, between 2:30 and 3:30 to win free beer for a month.
" Hey, Jim, do us a favour, will you? Be as loud as you can when you're telling this bloke that you're a mercantile agent.
What? Just go with it.
This is your letterhead, correct? Yeah.
Have you got a manager? Uh, look, excuse me.
I know all about this.
Start pulling, darling.
Oh, go pull yourself, mate.
Is your name Gary Carter? Yeah.
Congratulations, Gary.
Here's some papers for you.
What? My name's Jim Christie.
I'm a mercantile agent and a process server.
Jack! Jack Peters? Yeah.
Happy reading.
Family Court wants a 'please explain'.
Just had to make sure we had the right guy.
That was Jack Peters.
Found the child support bloke that wouldn't answer his door this morning.
Uh, so you saw the car when we got here.
I remembered the plates from when we saw them in the driveway.
So, I knew you would too.
Well, that was pretty obvious, I suppose.
This was fun.
You did good.
You did very good.
You see more than you let on, don't you? Hey.
How was school? Good.
What about work? Good.
Very busy.
Rick, it's me.
Hello, you.
Do you want to come and see a movie tonight? You got the all-clear? Yeah.
I just need to finish some history.
As long as your mum's cool with it.
But give me a call if she's not.
Otherwise, sure.
G'day, guys.
How are you? OK? Yeah.
I'm fine.
Come here.
I just want to let you know I haven't told anyone else yet.
So, I thought we could have a private chat first.
Uh, Katie.
In case you wanted to If you had any questions.
No, no, no.
Get something off your chest.
That's all fine.
All fine.
What? What? Oh, thank you.
That's really kind.
I wasn't expecting something like this.
A welcome back present.
Thank you.
Much appreciated.
He's a cunning old fox, your old man.
What happened? Well, it was difficult.
Every time I had a quiet moment, something popped up.
He's actually got quite a spark.
I was surprised, to tell you the truth.
Dad, don't worry about it, alright? I'll do it.
Chad, what are you doing? I've got to do all the paperwork on the people we served today.
Should have all the invoices ready by about six thirty ish.
Just carry on then.
I'll probably do it tomorrow.
Just Dad, stop it.
It's not funny.
Mum! I'm sorry, honey.
And I'll say it again.
But I never promised anything.
Can you take me to the movies on Wednesday? That was the question.
And you said, "I think so.
" And then something came up.
I can't help it.
I can take you tomorrow.
Training tomorrow.
The weekend? Weren't there other promises made about helping me fold the laundry and put it away tonight? I'm sorry, Mum.
It's work.
Listen, Em, I can give you a lift.
I've got a lift.
Em, you ready to go? Two minutes.
Wow! That's a nice dress you're nearly wearing.
You, folding duty, please.
I was going to be sitting on the deck, watching the sun set over Nambucca Heads by now.
She just asked me to the movies.
That's all.
Nothing about me going too? Not a word? Hmm.
And you didn't think for a moment that might be part of her cunning plan? It wasn't my idea, OK? But you were happy to let it unfold, knowing there was a good chance it might end up with us all going to the movies together.
I'm sorry, you know? But is it really that bad? I don't know.
Don't look at me like that.
Can I say something? And I'm just saying it, alright? I'm not planning anything.
But, uh, you look particularly beautiful.
I don't know why you do this.
Have a good night, sweetie.
You too.
See you later.
Wow! Who's the lucky bloke? Carlos.
Mmm! He's in for a nice surprise.
Hello, there.
Food or folding? Fooding.
Thank you.
So, Carlos.
I hear he's an interesting gentleman.
It's work.
So, you're not paying for it? Of course not.
It's getting billed back to the client.
Well, it's good to see you're taking advantage of it, Katie.
I'm not.
Well, I've never seen you dress like that for work before.
Mum, I'm role-playing.
He doesn't know I'm there for work.
He thinks I'm there for him.
Oh, please, darling.
Come on.
We're all women here.
And given everything you've had to cope with, I'm just saying don't be afraid to relax if it feels good.
I have to go.
It's OK to have fun, Katie.
I'll be home as soon as I can.
You're terrible.
I know.
Right this way.
Thank you.
Um, Miss Christie? Carlos.
Water? Sparkling or still? Uh, sparkling.
So, you couldn't possibly have worn that just for me.
You like it? I like it on you.
Whether it's good or bad depends on the body inside.
Luckily it's found its perfect partner tonight.
Shouldn't perfect partners be for a lifetime? Not always.
Sometimes people can be perfect for each other one year and not the next.
Sometimes they can be perfect for a week or a a night.
Or the time it takes to kiss.
Menus? Thank you.
Thank you.
If one of the wait staff there did nick the girls' credit card details, then they'll probably recognise Carlos.
You'll see something.
There'll be a look, a hesitation, some kind of giveaway.
The wine list.
Ah, thank you.
I'll see you soon, hey? Thanks, Rick.
Love you.
I love you too.
Hi, honey.
How was it? Good.
Right, well, this is awkward.
Look, if you want to yell at me, just go for it.
I've ruined your daughter's life.
I've nearly wrecked the family business.
So I've got it coming.
Well, there's no point in me saying it if you know it already.
I know helping keep the business going meant you had to cancel your trip.
I know how much that meant to you and I want to apologise.
It doesn't change anything, you know? But I didn't want it to look like I wasn't aware of what it cost, or that I didn't care or anything like that.
Is Kate home? Not yet, no.
What? No nookie.
Not even a close and intimate hug with waxed and tanned Latin pecs? Lily, I'm not completely deaf.
Sorry, Dad.
But get this.
The person he has a connection with is a bloke.
Sometimes I wish I was deaf.
Aha! There he is.
John Meakin, the wine waiter.
Matt and I are gonna follow him and Carlos and see if they are on together.
Morning! Right.
Where's Chad? Chad is out.
Out? Yeah, he's serving all the people that he didn't get to do yesterday.
How's your missing person? Very missing.
Her mother hasn't returned my calls and she was lying to her brother about the courses she's taking.
Not enrolled? Not under the name I was given.
What are you eating? Vegan muesli.
Did you pass around her photograph? Yeah.
I drew a complete blank.
Her driver's licence is still registered to her home address and her phone is prepay.
But, uh, serious question where would I go in Wollongong to get vegan muesli? Why? This it? Well, if she's a true vegan, she would have come here at some stage.
Show me your photo.
Oh, well, that's her.
Uh, where? Clearing the table.
One of us needs to get their eyes checked, Lily.
So, she has a few dreadlocks and some extra metal.
But look at her face.
I'm telling you, that is Alysia.
Over to you, Special Agent Taylor.
This is my fave.
It comes with organic soy cheese and rocket.
One of those then.
You been working here long? A couple of months.
You like it? Sure.
Pays your way through uni, I suppose.
Well, it did.
I've deferred.
Travelling overseas? Maybe.
I don't know.
I better get your order in.
Before you go, I'm looking for a girl.
Where did you get that? There's no need to be worried.
I'm a mercantile agent, private investigator.
Your brother asked me to find you.
Tom? No.
Oh, God.
Has he followed you? No.
He just asked me to find you.
But he's here.
He's in Wollongong.
I have to quit my job.
Well, don't do that.
You don't know who you're dealing with.
He will do anything to find me.
They had a one-week fling and then she called it off.
But he kept calling her, coming around, texting her.
In the end, she had to take out an AVO, leave her home town, change her appearance, cut off her family.
He wasn't following you, though, was he? Well, he has got pretty good at stalking over the last couple of years.
And, uh, she was gonna text me if he fronted her, and she hasn't.
Do you think we have a perfect partner? Like, you know, long-term, permanent? Where did that come from? I was just wondering, hypothetically.
Should we be happy with a string of perfect moments or just wait for the perfect partner? God.
Why are you laughing at me? Who would your perfect partner be? Oh, God.
Go on.
Tell me.
Well Uh I like organising my own life.
So, I guess I expect that in a woman.
I don't want to organise her life for her.
Uh But I would like to know that she'd let me drive the ship occasionally, and vice versa.
I think that'd work.
Here they come.
The wine waiter and Carlos just look like mates to me.
Not enough to say we know it's happened, is it? Well, if it is the wine waiter, he would have had to book online as a girl.
Although the names on the cards are D.
Jones and Leslie.
So, where does it leave us? You're sure it, um it wasn't one of the waitresses.
Yeah, I think it's time we asked for help.
Asked for help? Great minds.
That's not Alysia.
She'd want to see me.
She doesn't.
I'm paying you to do a job.
You paid me to try and find her.
I never guaranteed a meeting.
You lied about who you are and you never declared the AVO.
There is no way I can tell you where she is, mate.
I'm sorry.
At least give this to her.
It's from you, isn't it? Mate, even that breaches the AVO.
So, how long have you strung me along for? You talked to her yesterday, you should have saved me a night at the motel.
I found her today, alright? I haven't cost you anything.
You talked to her personally? Yeah.
I did.
She's changed a bit since you last saw her, believe me.
The girl you're trying to find doesn't really exist anymore.
That's the sad bit.
Goddamn it! Damien! Wait! Alysia? Don't! Let me talk to you for a second.
Damien, what the hell are you doing? I want to see her.
You're an idiot.
You want the cops here? She's gotta hear me out.
I just want to say I'm sorry! I'll change! If you want me to change, I'll change.
I'm sorry! It's too late, mate.
She doesn't want you anywhere near her.
We've gotta go back.
You've just gotta let me try again.
One more chance.
Don't be a fool, alright? She knows you're sorry.
She just doesn't care.
What do you know about it? You don't know how it feels.
You want to bet? The more you carry on like this, the further away she wants to be.
Can't you see that? Trust me, no-one has ever suggested We are totally above board, albeit discreet.
Exactly - your company has acted with complete discretion, which is why it's in your interests and our interests to get to the bottom of things.
So to speak.
We really need your help, Melanie.
As it happens, they have made another online booking this morning.
They? Miss Leslie Saunders and D.
What does that mean? Either he's entertaining two women.
Or a woman and a man.
Or perhaps one person split the cost on two cards.
But I don't get it.
Well, whoever made the booking asked for Carlos.
So, we got Magnolia to say Carlos was on leave.
Now the client's expecting the charming, gorgeous, and youthfully gymnastic Paulo.
And who is that? One of us.
And, actually, Kate, it shouldn't really be me, should it? What? Why not? If it really is Diane, she already knows who I am.
I can't send Dad in.
Yes, you can.
No, I can't.
Why not? Are you joking? No.
Done! All served.
A few little dicey moments here and there.
But no-one wants to be boring, do they? Matty, how are we? Hi.
What? Chad, I need to have a little chat with you.
Kate, I strongly advise that you have a bit of a rethink on this.
Chad's a good kid.
Do not jump the gun.
Dad, it's fine.
Forget about that.
Alright, Chad.
Take a seat.
Why? I have a job for you.
Are you manscaped? Are you OK? Great.
The photos will need to be reasonably explicit to back up any potential court action.
So, I'm gonna need to leave you with whoever it is for a few minutes at least.
Thank you.
Good luck.
I was wondering if you were still on duty.
I am.
And what are you on? Some new drug or? No, I was looking for a guest you have staying here.
Um, Miss Diane Jones.
Miss Jones.
It's Minnesota from reception.
I Uh, no.
I don't think so.
Haven't changed your name, have you? Yeah.
I'll send him right up.
It's work.
Is it? Yeah.
I'm undercover.
No, you're not.
It's room 416.
Be good.
I'll go past level 4, then come back down.
Have a good day.
Are you OK? Let me give you a hand.
Come in, handsome.
Excuse me.
I'll just Won't be a moment.
Make yourself at home.
Are you right? Yeah.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Shh! What the? We're with Sapphire Mercantile Agency, investigating credit card fraud on behalf of the Pacific Credit Union.
Oh, no.
God I was just trying to have a bit of fun.
There's no law against it.
You paid using other women's credit cards.
Well, that was the only way I could afford it, wasn't it? So, what did you do? Write down their credit card numbers when they paid for their meals? Are they the only people you've stolen from? I'm not a crook.
I'm a single mum.
I work bloody hard.
I don't have time to go out and meet a man.
Well, it's still theft.
All they ever talk about is their rich husbands and their overseas holidays.
I didn't think they'd notice.
They did.
Look I just wanted to feel special.
So, what happens now? We refer it to the credit union and they take it from here.
Can I have a word? What are you doing here? Just a quick chat.
I've been thinking about us.
I think we should keep some separation.
At work, not partner up.
And assign ourselves to other cases.
At work.
Separate cases.
Yeah, I just wanted to let you know I'm backing right off.
That's that's fine.
I can't keep saying sorry.
No more apologies.
I meant them.
I've done them.
But I'm moving on.
Seems, uh reasonable, sensible.
It's all settled then.
I'll see you back at the office.
Hey, babe.
I was just coming to return the key.
Why? Why? My shift's just finished.
And check-out's not till 11.
Did you know these doors are soundproof.
It's a privacy initiative.
Are you gonna see Carlos again? He's not my type.
Uh, he's male.
No, Carlos is searching for a string of perfect moments.
I want a perfect partnership.
Oh, is that all, is it? Because for a second there, I thought you were gonna be fussy.
Hey, Lily.
JP's here.
Do you mind if I? It's fine.
Get yourself a drink.
Play the room.
I'll see you in the morning.
Are you following me? Oh, hi, Kate.
I come here occasionally.
You never know who you're gonna meet.
Well, I doubt you'd bump into Kirsten Dunst or Anne Hathaway.
C'est la vie.
I got your text, by the way.
So, it was one of the waitresses.
Excuse me! Do you want me to go away? No.
What DO you want? I want you to to buy me a drink.
What would you like? Hmm.
Not too many calories.
Not too much fruit.
Maybe something vodka-based, or just very dry white wine, but not a New Zealand sav, 'cause it tastes kind of Can we just try this again? Sure.
What would you like? Surprise me.